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Bibble & Sip

253 West 51st Street
New York, NY 10019

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(646) 649-5116


  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

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Cuisine: Bakeries, Coffee and Tea

4.8 of 5.0 from 196 reviews

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Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY
  • Bibble & Sip in New York, NY

Bibble & Sip Reviews

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  • Jerry NAwesome matcha latte!!

    55555 by Jerry N

  • Heba-I-am LThe black sesame and white chocolate cream puff is delicious. It's not overly sweet and the black sesame gives an interesting flavor, never tasted anything similar. Look at how much cream is in there

    55555 by Heba-I-am L

  • Thelocaltripper RThe line was pretty long and moved slowly... maybe that's why the matcha jasmine latte didn't blow me away. The baked goods all looked amazing though. I'd come back and give the lavender latte a go.

    55555 by Thelocaltripper R

  • Nathan YuenSolid cream puffs

    55555 by Nathan Yuen

  • Gizem V.If you're visiting this lovely cafe you shouldn't miss eating Matcha Cream Puff and coffee is also delicious!

    55555 by Gizem V.

  • Holly Acream puff is ok - oozing with matcha cream. but great service & coffee !

    55555 by Holly A

  • Alan NVery very good coffee shop 9.5/10

    55555 by Alan N

  • Tommy ChenIf they're not out by the time you order, try the green tea creek puff!

    55555 by Tommy Chen

  • Greg C.Teas are awesone

    55555 by Greg C.

  • Greg C.Make the Hong Kong tea and Summer Love tea iced! And get an alpaca bar

    55555 by Greg C.

  • Nicholas EVery crowded but pastries are amazing.

    55555 by Nicholas E

  • Sarah CMatcha 🍵 Cream Puff

    55555 by Sarah C

  • Sarah CProduct is good (coffee and cream puffs are delicious) #service is #horrible. Place is dirty and not kept clean. A shame for a place with such potential.

    33333 by Sarah C

  • Sarah CWiFi password: bsallday [no caps]

    55555 by Sarah C

  • Juliana FTry the everything bagel croissant or the english muffin. They're both delicious! Good coffee. ☕️

    55555 by Juliana F

  • Kim BGet the lavender latte for something different. Yummy pastries, even the banana bread is great!

    55555 by Kim B

  • Mayank LLavender latte and earl grey cream puff are so good!

    55555 by Mayank L

  • asli PMatcha tea!

    55555 by asli P

  • Bero AThe cream puff and the coffee was great!

    55555 by Bero A

  • Stephanie RThey don't start selling cream puffs until noon

    33333 by Stephanie R

  • Tricia T.The lavender latte is divine!! The Earl Grey cream puff is also delicious. You can't go wrong here!

    55555 by Tricia T.

  • Chelsea D.#FabuLIST #dubiDO Loved their matcha latte. All of their home made baked goods look amazing. If you can't decide go for a cream puff! Only negative is that it can get crowded so best to grab and go.

    55555 by Chelsea D.

  • Marcia L.Obviously come here for all things matcha- don't miss the matcha cream puff.

    55555 by Marcia L.

  • Balmukund MBest cream puff in NYC

    55555 by Balmukund M

  • Mubarak KTry all desert. Try them all.

    55555 by Mubarak K

  • Sandra R.Cream puff flavors

    55555 by Sandra R.

  • Renbo IThe lavender latte tastes...interesting

    55555 by Renbo I

  • J PVery good coffee. A little pricey

    55555 by J P

  • Alex Knice little place. enjoyed the window seating and nitro coffee. I imagine at certain times in the day it might become inhospitably crowded for its size

    55555 by Alex K

  • Samantha RAlways bustling in here. For good reason especially in this part of town. Serving up Parlor coffee and delish cream puffs. Not the best for large groups as seating is limited.

    55555 by Samantha R

  • Connie ChiuA little overhyped but still tasty. Favorite cream puff was the earl grey. Lavender latte is pretty good too.

    55555 by Connie Chiu

  • Michael F.Fantastic Japanese desserts, the most famous ones are that for a reason :)

    55555 by Michael F.

  • Zeba DLoved it! Cute spot for coffee, do try their hot chocolate , earl grey cream puff and lavender latte :)

    55555 by Zeba D

  • Sylvia TWas not a fan of their macha latte - VERY macha-y and tasted chalk-y. Their banana bread however was DELISH.

    55555 by Sylvia T

  • Laura CLavender soy lattes are so good!

    55555 by Laura C

  • Jag JGreat place to relax to reflect, in one of the most busiest areas in the city. Great pastries every time. The also have a small amount of tables to work from.

    55555 by Jag J

  • JessecaTheir creamy hot chocolate is delightfully bold and one of the best in the city. Don't be a prick and add the extra $$$ for a jumbo marshmallow. Throw in a pastry too, like the matcha cream puff.

    55555 by Jesseca

  • Jiafang SMatcha puff!!! Matcha latte and lavender latte are also awesome!

    55555 by Jiafang S

  • Sam DLavender Latte, Cream Puffs and the Panna Cottas! Must try!

    55555 by Sam D

  • Luk As FNice little coffee in theater district with great hot drinks and really good pastry. Florentine muffin was over the top 👌🏼

    55555 by Luk As F

  • Alejandra DSmall cute coffee shop in midtown. Try the "earl grey banana bread" together with a cafe americano

    55555 by Alejandra D

  • Salim A.Wifi passwd: bsallday

    55555 by Salim A.

  • Theresa R.Good mocha...and they have giant cream puffs!

    55555 by Theresa R.

  • León SLos matcha y earl gray puffs son buenísimos, el latte con lavanda también es imprescindible

    55555 by León S

  • Karina KOmg these puffs!!! I'm going crazy over them!

    55555 by Karina K

  • Tatiana SCrazy delicious matte puff cake!!!!

    55555 by Tatiana S

  • Chad H.so many excellent pastries, you can't go wrong

    55555 by Chad H.

  • Sabrina BEarl grey pannacotta, Creme brûlée egg tart, lavender latte are all good. Creme puffs have too much Creme. Might be better to share if you want it.

    55555 by Sabrina B

  • Paul TTry a cinnamon croissant or the big white cookie with brownie bits in it... yum!

    55555 by Paul T

  • Paul TMatcha latte and hot chocolate are very good

    55555 by Paul T

  • Eric H.Great latte and matcha cream puff. Follow my food adventures on instagram @EricHoRaw

    55555 by Eric H.

  • Terence C.Decent coffee and nice selection of desserts including the cream puffs 3.5/5

    55555 by Terence C.

  • Jacques JExcellent cream puffs and pana cottas. Lattes are good. Great place.

    55555 by Jacques J

  • Kate Y.Opens at 10 am on weekends, try the lavender latte with coconut milk.

    55555 by Kate Y.

  • Victoria LEarl Gray crème puffs.

    55555 by Victoria L

  • Megan TThe matcha puffs and lavender latte are delicious. And the alpaca theme is so cute! Awesome little Japanese cafe.

    55555 by Megan T

  • Shelly GuptaThe matcha cream pufff is amazing

    55555 by Shelly Gupta

  • Audrey KI order latte lavendel and was looking really forward for the taste. But it was with coffee. Latte means milk...🤔 So I order a hot chocolate almond milk which was delicious.

    55555 by Audrey K

  • Burcu LGood for Cofee and croissant

    55555 by Burcu L

  • Francesco POttimo posto per la colazione! Croissant e dolci buoni, così come caffè e the. Ricordatevi di non lasciare le tazze sporche sul tavolo, dove non c'è il servizio bisogna liberare il tavolo da sé.

    55555 by Francesco P

  • Kim CChocolate black out cake. A picture says more... ;)

    33333 by Kim C

  • eifeh sDelicious cream puffs. Both the matcha flavor and earl grey are great. Good coffee. Love the alpaca logo. Shop is small, but has decent amount of seating. Closes at 20:00.

    55555 by eifeh s

  • Seth P.Tops!!! This Angeleno misses The Green Matcha Puff! Loved the coffee too.

    55555 by Seth P.

  • Hessao_ HLavender latte 💘

    55555 by Hessao_ H

  • Kate NThe ice cream is delicious and the cream puffs are oh my God . The hot chocolate and pretty much everything here is so good. Just amazing.

    55555 by Kate N

  • Sofia MIce cream and cream puffs

    55555 by Sofia M

  • Elisabeth SVery crowded during weekends, the space is very cramped and there was literally nowhere to sit or stand

    33333 by Elisabeth S

  • Jayna VMatcha cream puff is delicious

    55555 by Jayna V

  • Lisa vThe matcha green tea cream puffs are so good! Creamy and not too sweet! YUM!

    55555 by Lisa v

  • 🌸Nahla🌸التقييم في غير مكانه .. لا الطعم ولا و المكان يستحق لذلك .. يبدو لي ان الاسيويين و الأجانب يعشقونه و يناسب لهم اما انا لم يعجبني اللاتيه والمات

    55555 by 🌸Nahla🌸

  • Eric LubarskyCold brew, nitro brew, chocolate brownie chunk cookies, croissant muffin,

    55555 by Eric Lubarsky

  • Bob tmatcha puff

    55555 by Bob t

  • Justin ILove this busy shop, DON'T get the Spiced bourbon caramel latte iced, all the syrup was stuck to the bottom and not infused in the drink. I'm sure it's great hot though.

    55555 by Justin I

  • Tommy ChenCome here for the green tea latte (hot or cold) and their delicious pastries. The egg tart and green tea puff are my favs. Free wifi and comfortable ambience.

    55555 by Tommy Chen

  • Norah ESurprised they have Nitro coffee here.. It was pretty amazing

    55555 by Norah E

  • Cheryl KHome made pastries

    55555 by Cheryl K

  • Yuri BCold brew and the brownie chocolate chip cookie

    55555 by Yuri B

  • Julia M.Matcha jasmine latte. Earl grey panna cotta.

    55555 by Julia M.

  • John JBusy little cafe, not much seating but a good range of coffee.

    55555 by John J

  • nicole serratoreAvoid the banana-walnut "scones" that are greasy and not anything scone-like

    33333 by nicole serratore

  • Elsa NMatcha everything!!

    55555 by Elsa N

  • Carol MLavender latte and cream puffs!

    55555 by Carol M

  • Stephanie BHere's the thing about the green tea cream puffs: they don't come out until 12pm so if you're looking at a pre-work breakfast stop situation, it's a no go...

    33333 by Stephanie B

  • Alina Jdelicious coffee & cozy space

    55555 by Alina J

  • Ale DAttentively brewed coffees and some delicious cakes on offer. The only spot I can think of to get a good coffee in Midtown.

    55555 by Ale D

  • Natalie L.The teas are really good, perfect when iced for a hot New York afternoon. A

    55555 by Natalie L.

  • Adelyn Yeoh Jia HuiMatcha latte is well-balanced. Not too milky, matcha isn't overpowering, not too sweet either. Cream puffs are worth the rave - I love the early grey cream puff!

    55555 by Adelyn Yeoh Jia Hui

  • Vargha ACroissants

    55555 by Vargha A

  • Jen G.Matcha cream puffs are AMAZING. Must eat right away while still crunchy on the outside. Also enjoyed the matcha panna cotta. I do think I'd prefer the jasmine matcha latte to have no jasmine though.

    55555 by Jen G.

  • Samantha H.Earl grey and matcha cream puffs are so worth the trip and wait. Similar to Japanese pastries in which instead of relying on pure sweetness, there's good texture and richness in their pastries

    55555 by Samantha H.

  • Jin M.Their matcha and earl grey cream puff is out of this world. Its also picture perfect ;)

    55555 by Jin M.

  • Mary L.Matcha and Earl gray cream puffs are my favorite snacks here.

    55555 by Mary L.

  • LukeTheir cups are covered in llamas. SOLD. Also the coffee inside the cup is good

    33333 by Luke

  • wuwumiThe cream puffs here are so good, but you can't get them for breakfast! They're only available starting at noon

    55555 by wuwumi

  • Andy TaoMatcha latte and matcha puff

    55555 by Andy Tao

  • James C.WiFi pw: bsallday

    55555 by James C.

  • ElizaEarl Grey Cream Puff but come after 12pm because that's when they're out of the oven and line starts at 11:30am.

    33333 by Eliza

  • Natalie V.Good coffee and nice to get away from all the chains in midtown

    55555 by Natalie V.

  • Michael L.Lavender latte

    55555 by Michael L.

  • Melanie W.The earl grey cream puff is 👌🏽

    55555 by Melanie W.

  • Chee Yi O.Great atmosphere, perfect for breakfast. Get the matcha latte and cream puffs!

    55555 by Chee Yi O.

  • David JI LOVE the valentine muffins With a good coffee, you start your day in the best way :)

    55555 by David J

  • Michelle L.Great breakfast sandwiches and quiches. Latte is decent especially for the price. Almond milk available. Iced comes in 24oz.

    55555 by Michelle L.

  • Jewels KCoffee connoisseurs must visit!

    55555 by Jewels K

  • Dina RughaniBanana bread, they also make their own English muffin sandwiches. Matcha green tea latte is good as well

    55555 by Dina Rughani

  • Cat L.The lines are frequently so long and service is pretty slow. Management needs to hire more people. The cashier is the one heating up food, filling coffee, and ringing someone up.

    33333 by Cat L.

  • Cat L.Amazing Matcha Jasmine Latte and Pistachio Cake with Rasberry Gelee is really great.

    55555 by Cat L.

  • BennettMatcha anything, also check out the ginormous cookies

    55555 by Bennett

  • Berta SMatcha latte (no jasmine syrup)

    55555 by Berta S

  • Joey T.Everyone loves the matcha cream puffs

    55555 by Joey T.

  • Diana S.Sweets menu

    55555 by Diana S.

  • Diana S.Panna cotta in a jar.

    55555 by Diana S.

  • Diana S.Earl grey and green tea cream puff, matcha latte and Panna cotta in a jar.

    55555 by Diana S.

  • Diana S.Inside where the line begins

    22222 by Diana S.

  • Jen G.The matcha cream puffs are amazing!

    55555 by Jen G.

  • Grace JThe cream puffs here have a really light filling and satisfying crunch. The matcha flavor is more subtle than the earl grey. Both 👌🏼

    55555 by Grace J

  • Zhenshuo FangNo matcha cream puff till 11:30 :(

    55555 by Zhenshuo Fang

  • Ting ICortado is good and strong. Ask for the matcha latte without jasmine sugar syrup, tastes much better!

    55555 by Ting I

  • Victoria ACoffee was very good. Cookies were aaamaaazinng

    55555 by Victoria A

  • Helena W.Lavender Latte & Matcha Panna Cotta

    55555 by Helena W.

  • Jai LInconsistent. Decent coffee one day, undrinkable the next. I'm breaking up with Bibble and Sip

    22222 by Jai L

  • Andrew KEverything

    55555 by Andrew K

  • NicoleHot chocolate with a (super sweet) jumbo marshmallow hits the spot on a cold day. Went with a group of 10 and had space in a corner to catch up. Friendly staff.

    55555 by Nicole

  • Soyun JeeLove the matcha cream puff and scones here. Gets crowded so you have to fight people for room on the narrow slab of wood.

    55555 by Soyun Jee

  • Heejung NamLavender latte, matcha jasmine latte, and a sinful scone - delish❤️

    55555 by Heejung Nam

  • Lori K h.Very tight space, not a lot of seats. Earl Grey cream puff is sublime.

    55555 by Lori K h.

  • Veronica PLavender Lattes are a must.

    55555 by Veronica P

  • Pelin K.What's up with the club music?!

    33333 by Pelin K.

  • Christine ACheck out the cream puffs (esp the earl grey).

    55555 by Christine A

  • Marc M.An oasis of good coffee in a desert of dark roast grit water. Try a cortado. You'll be happy.

    55555 by Marc M.

  • Nadya JMatcha latte 🍵

    55555 by Nadya J

  • Hannah AbdulVanilla latte!!

    55555 by Hannah Abdul

  • Jason CEverything is good here!

    55555 by Jason C

  • Diana FuLove the vanilla latte here! Very cute interiors as well.

    55555 by Diana Fu

  • Tessa VMatcha latte and matcha panna cotta are VERY matcha-y. Liked the latte. The panna cotta was a bit too sweet and made my tongue feel weird. Cream puffs arrive after 10 AM. Go for the lavender latte.

    55555 by Tessa V

  • Jamie BVariety over quality. Espresso shot was over extracted and bitter. --parlor coffee; counter culture nitro

    33333 by Jamie B

  • AdnaConveniently located in the theater district. Get the lavender latte. It's not too sweet!

    55555 by Adna

  • Gaby JDon't go in expecting to get a seat. Pretty small place

    33333 by Gaby J

  • Gaby JIf you want an unsweetened (but still delicious) latte, ask for the jasmine matcha latte without the jasmine

    55555 by Gaby J

  • Loris UzanLavender latte, Jasmin matcha and pastries

    55555 by Loris Uzan

  • Ting AMake sure you get designed Matcha Latter and green tea puff!

    55555 by Ting A

  • Lais TGet the cinnamon muffin croissant, amazing texture!

    55555 by Lais T

  • Nada AThe blackout cake and the cinnamon bun

    55555 by Nada A

  • Pilgrim 🐱👾One of the best iced coffees I've ever had and their baked goods are the 💣

    55555 by Pilgrim 🐱👾

  • nicole serratoreThe lavender latte may be expensive but it was delicious

    55555 by nicole serratore

  • Mansour A.Artistic coffee, full flavor and aroma. Go Lavender Latte, one of the greatest wonders of the world. The theme of the place is amazing.

    55555 by Mansour A.

  • Anna RLavender latte is delicious- earl grey cream puff huge and tasty

    55555 by Anna R

  • Gus BorrmannJalapeño cheddar scone.

    55555 by Gus Borrmann

  • Ronnie R.Get a llama latte!

    55555 by Ronnie R.

  • Matthew W.Great pastries

    55555 by Matthew W.

  • Lindsay ToussaintIced matcha latte

    55555 by Lindsay Toussaint

  • AntonioLavender. Latte. Ooooooooh baby babeh😅

    55555 by Antonio

  • Stacy Y.Lavender latte and matcha cream puff is LOVE!

    55555 by Stacy Y.

  • Haya A.The coffees are great, and the matcha latte as well

    55555 by Haya A.

  • Ma VSo cute this place

    55555 by Ma V

  • Fer CMatcha jazmine latte the best

    55555 by Fer C

  • Lais TMatcha Jasmine late and the banana bread are amazing!!! Didn't like the Matcha cream puffs

    55555 by Lais T

  • Janine B.Ridiculously good lattes and scones. And nice seating! A favorite place of mine in midtown

    55555 by Janine B.

  • Anna MIced lavender latte!!!! 🙌

    55555 by Anna M

  • Philip A. OTry one of those panna cottas! ;-)

    55555 by Philip A. O

  • Matt LewGet the yummy cream puffs and the pudding. You can also keep the glass jars it comes it. Good after a Broadway show or visiting the MOMA.

    55555 by Matt Lew

  • Indranil G.Pistachio cake!

    55555 by Indranil G.

  • Maya J.Nice iced coffee!

    55555 by Maya J.

  • Brian P.Get the matcha green tea cream puff

    55555 by Brian P.

  • Olivia SlutskyOnly good coffee shop in the area

    55555 by Olivia Slutsky

  • Hubert d.Latte is great

    55555 by Hubert d.

  • Christine W.lavender latte is so nice :)

    55555 by Christine W.

  • Joshua LoryTry the nitro cold brew

    55555 by Joshua Lory

  • Tony StuckLavender latte is amazing.

    55555 by Tony Stuck

  • Scott S.Come early to get a cream puff. They usually sell out before dinner.

    55555 by Scott S.

  • Karissa DurlerSuper cute and cosy! Perfect matcha latte, and the Earl Grey pannacotta is divine. Try the cream puffs, too!

    55555 by Karissa Durler

  • Eunsun Changlavender latte

    55555 by Eunsun Chang

  • Sonia SBest matcha cream puff ever!

    55555 by Sonia S

  • Cynthia L.I love everything matcha so it says a lot that I prefer the lavender latte

    55555 by Cynthia L.

  • Jessica ACoffee here just isn't good. The matcha lattes though are fine, just a bit sweet.

    55555 by Jessica A

  • Catherine P.Great addition to the neighborhood! Great coffee & lattes!

    55555 by Catherine P.

  • SeanNujabes all day

    33333 by Sean

  • John AntosLavender latte.. Wow! Tastes great, looks beautiful, and the foam continues to cling to the inner rim even after the coffee has washed over it. Recommend: spiced pear scone.

    55555 by John Antos

  • estherMatcha latte is so guuddddd

    55555 by esther

  • Anderson D.Se você procura uma padaria para sentar, tomar um café e comer algo, aqui vale a pena. Não é lotado. Tente o Bibble Quiche.

    55555 by Anderson D.

  • Cynthia L.Matcha jasmine latte

    55555 by Cynthia L.

  • Alexandra W.Be sure to get the lavender latte or the matcha green tea latte. You won't find anywhere else in Manhattan that is quite this good for these specialties.

    55555 by Alexandra W.

  • April ZhaoLavender latte

    55555 by April Zhao

  • Sophie B.Such a cute little oasis in midtown. The lavender latte is great.

    55555 by Sophie B.

  • Carmen JuliaBest coffee!!

    55555 by Carmen Julia

  • winGreat ambiance. Macha jasmine latte and macha pistachio cake were delightful. Just a touch of sweetness to let the matcha shine through.

    55555 by win

  • Mika TakahashiVery nice staff! The pour over coffee is great and the jasmine matcha and lavender lattes are divine. Right across the street from Wicked!

    55555 by Mika Takahashi

  • Lauren HsuAlmond milk latte

    55555 by Lauren Hsu

  • lily m.What a cute lil oasis. The baked goods look perfect. I'm having a lavender latte. It has a nice lavender taste, but is a bit too sweet for me, akin to the sugar in Starbucks special flavors.

    55555 by lily m.

  • Kimberley S.Get their hot chocolate! It comes with a jumbo-sized marshmallow 😍. Get the brioche with bourbon pecans & cinnamon sugar, the earl grey panna cotta, & a cream puff. Latte art is super adorable too! ❤

    55555 by Kimberley S.

  • Srinivas VasudevanHad a jalepeno scone and their Mocha. The ambiance of the cafe is nice with a touch of Lama in places. Mocha could have been better. The scone was good to taste.

    55555 by Srinivas Vasudevan

  • courtney wDelicious quiche and macchiato. Very nice staff. Alpacas!!!

    55555 by courtney w

  • Paul H.Pistachio Matcha White Chocolate Mouse Cake

    55555 by Paul H.

  • Nët Š.Super cute llama decorated coffee shop with tasty desserts and lattes. Definitely grab a seat and get a earl grey banana bread! Everything is made at location. The lavender latte was delicious too!

    55555 by Nët Š.

  • Colleen M.Super friendly and delicious coffee

    55555 by Colleen M.

  • Harumi U.Bakery that has nice drinks. Using Counter Culture for coffee, excellent tea latte, and oh great munchies. Staff are really really nice too

    55555 by Harumi U.

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