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75 101 75 West
New York, NY 10001

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(212) 362-7518


  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 4:00 am
  • Monday: 5:00 pm - 4:00 am
  • Tuesday: 5:00 pm - 4:00 am
  • Wednesday: 5:00 pm - 4:00 am
  • Thursday: Closed
  • Friday: 2:00 pm - 4:00 am
  • Saturday: 12:00 pm - 4:00 am

Cuisine: Bars

4.5 of 5.0 from 93 reviews

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Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY
  • Dive in New York, NY

Dive Reviews

Add your review for Dive.

  • Karl B.Great spot and conveniently located next to Central Park West.

    55555 by Karl B.

  • Danielle HaynerThe perfect place to get snowed in

    55555 by Danielle Hayner

  • Dan L.The 1st time we came here, we stumbled in after reading reviews, looking for a nightcap at 2 am. We walk in, a guy is playing a trumpet, and the entire bar is having an epic singalong. Yup, come here.

    33333 by Dan L.

  • Caroline RubinNice vibes, bar games, and solid pickle backs

    55555 by Caroline Rubin

  • George MaierThis used to be my favorite bar in the city! They had 4 Square long before it was trendy to have games at bars. Cool neighborhood vibe!

    55555 by George Maier

  • Fai GMany domestic drafts and very good music. The best idea after walking across Central Park!

    55555 by Fai G

  • Fai GA lot of kinds of beer and very good music!

    55555 by Fai G

  • Diane SGreat place to grab a drink and play a few games before a show at the beacon

    55555 by Diane S

  • Alex F.Beer, Jenga, connect 4!

    55555 by Alex F.

  • Casey MFeel like a kid again!

    55555 by Casey M

  • Lisette RCool local bar, but service is terrible.

    33333 by Lisette R

  • Andrew C.Why is there a fish tank in a bar!!?!

    33333 by Andrew C.

  • Kelly BEmpire Afro White on tap!

    55555 by Kelly B

  • Matt S.Cheap booze on the Upper West - who knew? Solid board game selection for those in the know. Stake out a spot in the old, worn lounge area and stay a while.

    55555 by Matt S.

  • Anastasia LGreat atmosphere. Had rhe Ace soace blood orange and it was ahhhhhmazing

    55555 by Anastasia L

  • Sara YBoard games!

    55555 by Sara Y

  • Tyler S.The bartenders and doormen shake you down for tips. Avoid this bar at all costs.

    22222 by Tyler S.

  • Brandon TortoraCool low key UWS locals bar with some good beers on tap.

    55555 by Brandon Tortora

  • Sara T.Yes they have board games. But it's crowded, full of jerks, and always overheated. Nothing special. Go somewhere else.

    33333 by Sara T.

  • Lindsay ToussaintLove that you can drink like an adult, chat people up like a teen, and play like a kid in this place.

    55555 by Lindsay Toussaint

  • Ryan McMahonGreat beer selection and nitro tap

    55555 by Ryan McMahon

  • JP F.Very nice selection of popular and more obscure beers, but leave your appetite at home because there's no kitchen.

    55555 by JP F.

  • Lori K h.This place has a beautiful fish tank, friendly staff, and great happy hour: MY kind of bar!

    55555 by Lori K h.

  • Dave CummingsTrivia every Wednesday at 7:30

    55555 by Dave Cummings

  • Sarah TierneyGood happy hour--lots of teachers here, unwinding after managing their little hooligans all day.

    55555 by Sarah Tierney

  • Kosha S.Fun place! They have board games on the aide of the wall. Gets a little crowded on Saturday nights though!

    55555 by Kosha S.

  • Piper F.It's always post-halloween at Dive 75, grab some leftover candy (instead of nuts)

    55555 by Piper F.

  • Ben R.Connect 4.

    55555 by Ben R.

  • Mark LombardiDecent beer menu. They have games at the tables. Great place for happy hour.

    55555 by Mark Lombardi

  • MarkNice chill atmosphere with a bar you can sit at (not too many people crowding it) and a mix of standing room, high tables and couches. Decent beer selection and small Halloween candies FTW.

    55555 by Mark

  • Lesley N.Kristy. The best.

    55555 by Lesley N.

  • Emily SpearGreat bar! Board games galore and good beer selection.

    55555 by Emily Spear

  • Katie ReesComplimentary candy won me over immediately. Trivia night has a PowerPoint

    55555 by Katie Rees

  • Morgan Clarkmy sister goes here a lot

    55555 by Morgan Clark

  • Christy MommsenAwesome local beer and great people...not to mention fun board games! Anyone say Yahtzee?

    55555 by Christy Mommsen

  • Sean B.Great draft beer selection.

    55555 by Sean B.

  • Brendan J.Everything you need to know is in the name.

    55555 by Brendan J.

  • Greg A.There are tons of games on the back wall. Try connect four!

    55555 by Greg A.

  • Michael RGreat weekday beer!

    55555 by Michael R

  • Jessica P.Sundays are nice and quiet!

    55555 by Jessica P.

  • Brian S.Waaaaay too many people ordering Budweiser products in bottles. They have Founders Porter and Magic Hat on tap, people! I recommend you go somewhere lame to drink your stupid drinks.

    55555 by Brian S.

  • Brad E.There's no food service, which makes this place nice and laid back. There's better beer selection close by at Amsterdam Ale House, but that place is usually slammed with people trying to eat.

    55555 by Brad E.

  • Caitlin C.Board games, free candy, and a baller fish tank. What's not to love??

    55555 by Caitlin C.

  • Tom A.Fish tank. Loud birthday. Craft beers. And some Bud Light. Could be worse.

    33333 by Tom A.

  • Andrew C.Don't let some random girl answer your phone when your GF calls to check up on you.

    22222 by Andrew C.

  • Pietro F.Hoard all the free Twix they go fast

    55555 by Pietro F.

  • Maribel C.Free Candy

    55555 by Maribel C.

  • John T.Oh the joys of a dive bar with a fish-tank, board games and which opens past 10pm on the UWS.

    55555 by John T.

  • Margaret C.No food served but they'll let you bring it in. Shake Shack is up the street.

    33333 by Margaret C.

  • DevontaConnect Four and drinks with friends! I love the vibe!

    55555 by Devonta

  • Jareth dDive 75 is a great place for a first date. Have a drink or two over a game of connect four or Janga. Just make sure you eat before you head to this pub, they don't serve food.

    55555 by Jareth d

  • Jamie G.tender twin is my fav!

    55555 by Jamie G.

  • Brynn S.Delirium on tap, jars of candy, and board games!

    55555 by Brynn S.

  • Ashley W.I really wanted to like this place but I couldn't. We noticed the air pumps weren't working on the fish tank and informed the bartender she said it was ok. Maybe she'll get it when all of the fish die

    22222 by Ashley W.

  • Kristina M.Not very exciting. Bring your own candy.

    55555 by Kristina M.

  • Marco G.Great place with great beer selection, although it can get a bit crowded on weekends.

    55555 by Marco G.

  • Sven J.Board Games, Candy, and a quality beer selection. This place rules

    55555 by Sven J.

  • Romeo LopezThey have outlets underneath the bar for you to charge your phone or laptop. They also have free wifi.

    33333 by Romeo Lopez

  • Men's Health MagDon’t be misled by the name. It’s called Dive because it’s aquatic themed, and well, because honestly it’s 75% dive beer. Great beer selection, and a rare Upper West Side bar with character.

    55555 by Men's Health Mag

  • Romeo LopezThey have battleship behind the bar. Ask the bartender on duty. It's real fun.

    33333 by Romeo Lopez

  • Romeo LopezDon't feed Joseph after midnight.

    33333 by Romeo Lopez

  • Romeo LopezAsk for Battleship. They have it behind the bar.

    33333 by Romeo Lopez

  • Chirag P.Good taps and nice feel for Upper West Side

    55555 by Chirag P.

  • Romeo LopezThey ha trivia night every Wednesday night @ 7. The winner or winners get a $25 gift card for use at any of the dive bars.

    55555 by Romeo Lopez

  • Romeo LopezDrink more beer.

    55555 by Romeo Lopez

  • Jamie P.The beer here is skunky and gross.

    22222 by Jamie P.

  • Lev G.Beer on tap is skunky

    55555 by Lev G.

  • Rich G.Drink or Treat - this neighborhood bar does what you wish your neighbors did every day growing up...give away candy. Help yourself as you mull your choices from their consistently strong tap lineup.

    55555 by Rich G.

  • Sean M.Cool neighborhood joint with a nice beer selection. It's Halloween for adults with free candy. And play time with Connect 4, Scrabble, Jenga, Yahtzee, Battleship, etc.

    55555 by Sean M.

  • MikeyBonesBoard games and a wonderful mellow atmosphere.

    55555 by MikeyBones

  • Joe N.I'm usually wary of any bar that has to put "Dive" in its name to lend itself some cred, but this one wasn't too bad. Look out for the meatheads ordering PBR tall boys. Stick to the good beers they ha

    33333 by Joe N.

  • Ben L.You have to play ruthless Jenga!!! Either do what the block says or buy a round of shots!!

    33333 by Ben L.

  • Nader K.Check out the free miniature chocolate bars on the tables-no chips, just chocolate.

    33333 by Nader K.

  • Barry H.Post your check-in to Twitter and @DiveBarNYC may just buy you a drink =)

    55555 by Barry H.

  • Keith B.Board games and drinking? Yes.

    55555 by Keith B.

  • NabeelCome here for an intense board game match!

    55555 by Nabeel

  • Jillian A.Good happy hour. $4 domestic drafts $3 bud. Heads up... no food here.

    33333 by Jillian A.

  • Lindsay K.There's bowls of fun-size chocolates free for the taking. ABORT MISSION if dieting.

    55555 by Lindsay K.

  • John H.There's candy on the bar! Plus eight bucks for a tall pbr and jamie shot? Magnificent!

    55555 by John H.

  • Michele RBeware of Columbia nights... Half price drinks for students...

    55555 by Michele R

  • Nadeem APlay Apples to apples, Jenga or more to your heart`s content. Tip the bartenders nicely and they often give you a drink on the house!

    55555 by Nadeem A

  • Lindsey WojcikFind an empty Jenga piece and write down a dare. Show off your skills and have a riot laughing at what is written on the wooden blocks. Some game pieces are missing but fun-sized candy makes up for it

    33333 by Lindsey Wojcik

  • Chris LTake a growler of your favorite drink home with you.

    55555 by Chris L

  • amy s.there's always candy at the bar & board games :)

    55555 by amy s.

  • daniel c.drink all 20 beers and play and win 6 games of battleship

    55555 by daniel c.

  • Pilar M.Jukebox, games, candy, and alcohol. Hearts all around!

    55555 by Pilar M.

  • dara lynnemmmm, bowls of candy, connect 4, and drinks!

    55555 by dara lynne

  • Scott F.Good variety of micro brews

    55555 by Scott F.

  • Britten Bplay Connect Four and Battleship while you drink.... amazing!

    55555 by Britten B

  • Ashley P.Play Connect 4 or Hungry Hungry Hippos, eat free candy, drink a cider

    55555 by Ashley P.

  • Ari G.play Hungry Hungry Hippos

    33333 by Ari G.

  • Jessica GGo to Dive 75 and play Jenga, Scrabble and Yahtzee with game-loving patrons. Down a gimlet.

    55555 by Jessica G

  • Tom🐳 L.find Krackel bar in the bowls on the bar

    33333 by Tom🐳 L.

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