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Sushi Yasuda Limited

204 E 43rd Street 3Rd Avenue
New York, NY 10001

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(212) 972-1001


  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Thursday: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Friday: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Saturday: 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Cuisine: Bars, Japanese Restaurants, Sushi Restaurants

4.7 of 5.0 from 210 reviews

price range:more than $50

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Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY
  • Sushi Yasuda Limited in New York, NY

Sushi Yasuda Limited Reviews

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  • srttrs reviewGreat

    44444 by srttrs

  • SAIKAT reviewgood

    55555 by SAIKAT

  • Andrew GOne of the best sushi spots in New York. Fish is very fresh and great service. I recommend lunch for those who do not want to spend a fortune.

    55555 by Andrew G

  • Ted YOmakase!!!!!

    55555 by Ted Y

  • Marc NBest high quality sushi in town for the price!

    55555 by Marc N

  • Marc NBest high quality sushi in town for the price!

    55555 by Marc N

  • Karolina TSea urchin, tuna belly, scallop or eel.. Everything is just so special, beautiful place and omacase experience!

    55555 by Karolina T

  • Jeff L.Lunch prie fixe menu is a bargain.

    55555 by Jeff L.

  • Marc NSake, omakase with japanese uni... what else should I say! Quality price better than nakazawa!

    55555 by Marc N

  • Ruby A.The most traditional sushi experience I've had in NYC. Every flavor was classic. The sea scallop was definitely our favorite.

    55555 by Ruby A.

  • Richard J.Amazing sushi.

    55555 by Richard J.

  • Reet H.Great, fresh sushi + sashimi omakase matched by friendly, attentive service. Appreciated inclusive tip as well in a surprisingly reasonable bill.

    55555 by Reet H.

  • Mike the ElderBest sushi in town. Sit at the bar and ask for the Omakase. Let the chef pamper you. Pricey, but an incredible culinary experience. Simplicity at its best!

    55555 by Mike the Elder

  • Nicholas JTop shelf omakase. Very calming interior space.

    55555 by Nicholas J

  • Edmund BoeyThe scallion sushi is a specialty! Very unique! But really just get the omakase and you can't go wrong.

    55555 by Edmund Boey

  • Rick ALucky enough to walk in and find a seat. Highest quality sushi. Unagi was delicious! Do try some of the less common vegetable makis like daikon sprout and Japanese sweet potato.

    55555 by Rick A

  • James J.Getting the omakase from a table isn't quite the same but still delicious and amazing. The 3 types of eel, out of this world.

    55555 by James J.

  • Teddy L5 piece sushi and 2 roll lunch set is a bargain for $28 with tip included

    55555 by Teddy L

  • Sarah S.Sit at the bar for the omakase. You can let the chef know things you like/don't like, but be adventurous and try it all! The uni trio and king salmon were my favs.

    55555 by Sarah S.

  • Brodie WDon't be a fool - always order the omakase. Sushi for the purists.

    55555 by Brodie W

  • Andres WOmakase was great!!!

    55555 by Andres W

  • Nate B.UNI UNI UNI

    55555 by Nate B.

  • Trevor K.Omakase... Do it.

    55555 by Trevor K.

  • Kyulee NBest omakase in NYC imo, every single piece is really special and catered to your taste. Also had an abalone appetizer (more like an entree size) and it was divine

    55555 by Kyulee N

  • Andraz R.Make sure you sit by the bar and order omakase, if you are a sushi snob this is as close to perfect as it gets!

    55555 by Andraz R.

  • Kimberly mmust sit at the bar!

    33333 by Kimberly m

  • Amber ACaro mas vale cada centavo.

    55555 by Amber A

  • Ivana L.Favorite sushi restaurant in the city because the menu has many unique sushi pieces I can't find at other sushi spots!

    55555 by Ivana L.

  • Anya KolbaskoEverything done accordingly to Japanese traditions. Tip is included to your bill. Your regular spicy tuna and other rolls from "sushi places" will not be served here. However, very fresh sashimi!

    55555 by Anya Kolbasko

  • Anya KolbaskoAuthentic Japanese sushi and sashimi

    55555 by Anya Kolbasko

  • Lauren JNot what it used to be!

    33333 by Lauren J

  • PureWowShima Aji: Most of the fish at this Midtown sushi oasis is imported from Japan. Kon’nichiwa, perfectly sliced sliver of jack fish.

    55555 by PureWow

  • Carl Lu CThe toro and mackerel here is very very good. Defiantly try the omakase. It worth every penny you spent, although it would be a remarkable amount of pennies lol.

    55555 by Carl Lu C

  • Benjamin MBest traditional sushi in the city

    55555 by Benjamin M

  • Tim ROmakase is some of NY's best

    55555 by Tim R

  • Daniel dMe siento estafado. Me dijeron un precio por el omasake y luego me cobraron el doble. 570$ por 4 personas. No hemos podido hacer nada ni reclamar. No pienso volver a ir.

    22222 by Daniel d

  • Zach N.They only had one nigori sake when we dined

    55555 by Zach N.

  • Augusto AEven the cheaper combination sushi for lunch is superb. Don't miss this place.

    55555 by Augusto A

  • Josh B.Sublime sushi. - the foodie magician

    55555 by Josh B.

  • Leandro L.The sushi is excellent and amazing. I couldn't help thinking how pretty and delicate it was. Almost a shame eating it. Almost.

    55555 by Leandro L.

  • Dr AThe beat authentic sushi & sashimi in NYC 🗽🍣🍣🍱

    55555 by Dr A

  • Minhee EOne of my favorite sushi places, must sit at bar and let the chef decide what to feed you. You won't be let down! Best eel ever!

    55555 by Minhee E

  • Tash ConcepcionFor one of the alleged best/top sushi restaurants in NYC, I expected this place to be top notch. It wasn't. The sushi just wasn't very fresh.

    55555 by Tash Concepcion

  • Leslie JFood is worth every penny. Sushi matsu gives good variety for reasonable price. Uni is creamy. Sea scallop is shiny and fresh. Eel is plump and tender. The shrimp is sweet and firm.

    55555 by Leslie J

  • Whitney F.Make sure you set up a seat at the sushi bar in advance. Even if you don't do omakase you can ask the chefs what they recommend and make your own omakase Magic.

    55555 by Whitney F.

  • Whitney F.Make a reservation in advance so you can sit at the sushi bar it's the only way to go!

    33333 by Whitney F.

  • Jennifer Y.The uni nigiri here is amazing.

    55555 by Jennifer Y.

  • Dani AsquiExcellent sushi! Sit at the sushi counter for the best experience!

    55555 by Dani Asqui

  • Rishav jOmakase by the sushi bar is the way to go for some of the best sushi in New York

    55555 by Rishav j

  • Jeffery W.Must obey the chef!

    33333 by Jeffery W.

  • Jastine K.Omakase all the way

    55555 by Jastine K.

  • Emily Pdon't get the omakase - it came with 35 pieces for us and turned out super $$$$ ugh

    33333 by Emily P

  • Jess RTruly fantastic. Only downside is that you will never enjoy sushi as much as you did.

    55555 by Jess R

  • Matt RIf you're not a sushi fan, this place may change your mind.

    55555 by Matt R

  • Christine WuIncredible sushi. The freshest eel (sawani and anago), scallop, and uni. Call ahead and get a seat at the sushi bar and do the omakase!

    55555 by Christine Wu

  • Michael O.Amazing sushi!! Great place!

    55555 by Michael O.

  • Zero LOne of the best sushi restaurants in NY. Their rice and Seaweed comes from Japan. There is no taste of bitter oil in Tuna, and every ingredient is exceptionally fresh.

    55555 by Zero L

  • Kit&kafoodle MBeautiful fresh fish. Omakase is around $150pp for 15 or so pieces. Perfect service and lovely atmosphere.

    55555 by Kit&kafoodle M

  • Barbara MBest sushi outside of Japan!

    55555 by Barbara M

  • Emily K.Solid omakase - they give you a flight of the same fish, different cuts, which makes for a great tasting experience. Nice atmosphere that isn't too stuffy either. You WILL leave very full.

    55555 by Emily K.

  • Yoni RBetter when Yasuda was still at the helm but still a solid option for omakase

    55555 by Yoni R

  • Venice C.Overrated and not worth the hype. There are much better omakase sushi restaurants in NYC.

    33333 by Venice C.

  • Ernesto GutierrezWords fail to describe what i've experienced here. You will not be able to eat sushi anywhere else. Sit at the bar and order omakase. You can thank me later.

    55555 by Ernesto Gutierrez

  • Sibel AkcekayaDon't order Omakase as they will bring you bunch of extra expensive appetizers like -cooked catfish -that you don't care..Select pieces that is recommended that day ..Way cheaper

    55555 by Sibel Akcekaya

  • Cristo L.El shashimi es brutalmente bueno

    55555 by Cristo L.

  • angela gaylorPretty much everything is amazing and doesn't need any extra condiments. Don't sit at the bar if you're trying to save $!

    55555 by angela gaylor

  • Ina LiTrust the omakasa menu if you are not sure. But definitely get Uni, Freshwater Eel, Toro, Tamago and Salmon! We for okamasa with several pieces extra, 120 per person. No tipping here

    33333 by Ina Li

  • J MWorth making the trek for the lunch deal. Amazing quality sushi.

    55555 by J M

  • Renin BiriGet the omakase from Chef Mitsu

    55555 by Renin Biri

  • Sara HSushi, sashimi, rolls

    55555 by Sara H

  • Alice Eunjin EI found hair in my sushi.

    11111 by Alice Eunjin E

  • ZenFoodster EatsNew room w/ additional seating + sushi bar in the back.

    55555 by ZenFoodster Eats

  • Alice Eunjin EOrdered omakase for lunch, and found a piece of hair in my sushi. And I personally don't like too much salt on my sushi (esp when it already comes with sauce). Uni from Korea tasted too bitter.

    33333 by Alice Eunjin E

  • Madam W.Sushi sashimi entree $28, choose 4 sushi, 1 roll and receive 9 pieces of chef's choice of sashimi. Mixed seaweed salad with nutty dressing $9. Serene atmosphere

    55555 by Madam W.

  • DesireePerfect bites of the freshest nigiri. Wide variety of fish. One of my favorites.

    55555 by Desiree

  • Sharon C.Get the omakase here!

    55555 by Sharon C.

  • Andrew GargisoIncredible. Omakase is really the only option here.

    55555 by Andrew Gargiso

  • Sherry L.Super yummy and authentic sushi. Lots of variety. Specializes in tuna and shellfish.

    55555 by Sherry L.

  • Wendy QiuThe sea scallop, fatty tuna are not to be missed!!

    55555 by Wendy Qiu

  • Jennifer RBest sushi I've had in NYC, def get the omakase. Fish literally melts in your mouth!

    55555 by Jennifer R

  • Alex SimonNot sure where to begin. Order everything

    33333 by Alex Simon

  • Ricky S.Let the chef order order for you. You will not be disappointed.

    33333 by Ricky S.

  • Daron YondemBest sushi place in NYC.

    55555 by Daron Yondem

  • Jesse AngelinoIncredible sushi with really really nice seating and service!Atmosphere is off the hook,prices for a place of this caliber are not bad at all.Anthony Bourdain approved😍😍😍😍😍

    55555 by Jesse Angelino

  • Juan POnly go if its at the sushi bar. Omakase is the way to go

    55555 by Juan P

  • Su Ann L.clean, classic, fresh - one for the purists. love the uni here, always plump and delicately presented, never with nori which takes away from the lightness of the uni

    55555 by Su Ann L.

  • Johanna BChirashi: best decision you'll make all day.

    55555 by Johanna B

  • Denise LSit at the sushi bar for omakase and taste the freshest catches of the day. Standouts: shimaaji, oyster, scallop, arctic char

    55555 by Denise L

  • Luis S.Sit at the bar and order omakase.

    55555 by Luis S.

  • Boris P.Undoubtedly the best traditional Japanese restaurant in the city - notoriously hard to get into at any reasonable hour without reservations - but so so soooo worth it

    55555 by Boris P.

  • Melissa C.Anago & sawani. Will change your perspective & standard for eel sushi.

    55555 by Melissa C.

  • LorenAmazing sushi! Pricey but worth it.

    55555 by Loren

  • jon f.The pinnacle of sushi omakase in NYC. Sit at the bar and prepare to be wowed.

    55555 by jon f.

  • Roger S.Outstanding traditional omakase at a serious and wonderful bar.

    55555 by Roger S.

  • Michael M.Best sushi in the city - seriously. Sit at the sushi bar if you can and just go omakase (like prix fixe), the chefs are a great part of the experience. Always finish with the toro-scallion roll.

    55555 by Michael M.

  • Fanny C.Absolutely amazing quality. Do your best to get omakase at the bar and ask to have wasabi on the side so that you can control wasabi portions in your sushi (mine came a bit strong). Still an NYC fav!!

    55555 by Fanny C.

  • Amanda G.Sit at the bar and enjoy this no-frills, beautifully prepared sushi (omakase of course). The uni and eel are both superb.

    55555 by Amanda G.

  • DesireePerfect bites of the freshest nigiri. Wide variety of fish.

    55555 by Desiree

  • Joanna Wan$28 prix fixe is a big-time bargain and there’s now a no-tipping policy.

    55555 by Joanna Wan

  • Eryn B.You have to order omakase style. It's really the best way to experience the phenomenally fresh fish. Every single bite was delicious particularly the white king salmon, the fatty tuna and the oyster.

    55555 by Eryn B.

  • Anna D.No words. Best sushi of my life. Fish is absolute butter. Sit at the bar and just let them create! Well worth the money.

    55555 by Anna D.

  • Francesco BThe best sushi ever

    55555 by Francesco B

  • Nael JOmakase for days.

    55555 by Nael J

  • Westin Hotels & ResortsIf you can't go Japan for traditional sushi, New York has the answer: Sushi Yasuda. Discover more tips at http://westinfinds.com/

    55555 by Westin Hotels & Resorts

  • Westin Hotels & ResortsIf you can't go Japan for traditional sushi, New York has the answer: Sushi Yasuda.

    55555 by Westin Hotels & Resorts

  • Monica TBest sushi and sashimi in NY....so far

    55555 by Monica T

  • Amy L.Hands down the best and freshest sushi I've had in NYC. Trust me, I'm Asian 😁

    55555 by Amy L.

  • Claudia EIf you love sushi thi is the place

    55555 by Claudia E

  • ZenFoodster EatsIf u can't splurge, get $28 sushi+sashimi combo (5 pcs of sushi+2 maki rolls)-incl some of starred fish in omakase. $23 chirashi's also a deal: 4-6 pcs of 5 diff fish & they'll leave out ur dislikes

    55555 by ZenFoodster Eats

  • DailyCandyThe twenty-piece omakase menu doesn’t skimp on quality: Rice takes a bath in Japanese charcoal-purifed water, and fish is scrutinized for quality before being served.

    33333 by DailyCandy

  • John B.matcha age (flash fried shrimp), mochi w/green tea powder

    55555 by John B.

  • Nancy CEnjoy the sushi/sashimi-avoid the rolls. This place fills up but takes reservations.

    55555 by Nancy C

  • Jane M.Great sushi! Great omakase experience!!! uni is my favorite;)))

    55555 by Jane M.

  • AndreaSushi heaven. An experience you won't forget.

    55555 by Andrea

  • TanyaSit at the bar. Get the Uni.

    33333 by Tanya

  • Alex C.One of the most amazing sushi spots in NYC. Though it could be a bit pricey but go for the omakase at the bar. Do not be afraid to ask the chef questions they are always very knowledgeable.

    55555 by Alex C.

  • ZenFoodster EatsReservations needed for I've-died-&-gone-to-heaven sushi! No creative rolls here. All about fresh, raw fish & for sushi purists. Order Chef's starred daily fish & definitely splurge for the Omakase!

    55555 by ZenFoodster Eats

  • Jimmy D.Best sushi I've ever had. Eat here NOW!

    55555 by Jimmy D.

  • Chris P.Omakase is an other worldly experience. Yoshii is a great guide if you can get him. Uni, toro, & scallop were some personal favorites.

    55555 by Chris P.

  • Ifutbol Agents (.The best Sushi in t city.... No question about it. Order anything.... They r all great . My favorites the obes w/mango n shrimps

    55555 by Ifutbol Agents (.

  • Mandy R.UNBELIEVABLE!. Run don't walk here. Make a reservation weeks in advance.

    33333 by Mandy R.

  • Dan K.This'll put a dent in your wallet but so worth it. Omakase is the only way to go

    55555 by Dan K.

  • Katsunori K.Their appetizer maguo tatsutaage or fried tuna with seasoning is great with beer.

    55555 by Katsunori K.

  • Agata B.Si mangia bene, ma puzza come locale

    55555 by Agata B.

  • ZenFoodster EatsMartha Stewart's in the house.

    33333 by ZenFoodster Eats

  • ZenFoodster EatsMartha Stewart's in the house!

    33333 by ZenFoodster Eats

  • Martial B.As a first-timer here, was a bit puzzled by the way things go here. The nice thing when you sit at the bar is that you can order your sushi "a la carte" one by one... Urchin is a truly special treat.

    55555 by Martial B.

  • Brad G.Pricey but good

    55555 by Brad G.

  • Andraz R.Incredible :)

    55555 by Andraz R.

  • VoiceStreetGet a seat at the beautiful, L shaped bar and make sure you try the unique blowfish.

    55555 by VoiceStreet

  • Léna Le RollandBest sushi ever, you have to seat at the bar...

    55555 by Léna Le Rolland

  • Phil N.Closest thing to multiple orgasms in your mouth.

    55555 by Phil N.

  • Amber R.The most amazing sushi in NYC! Very expensive, but the fish is so fresh that it melts in your mouth!

    55555 by Amber R.

  • Milena A.One of the best sushi places in NYC. in fact very Californian quality of the sushi (fresh and great selection of the fish) with NYC-paced service and Japanese politeness. Strongly recommended!

    55555 by Milena A.

  • Serious EatsSome of Manhattan's most highly acclaimed sushi.

    55555 by Serious Eats

  • Premshree P.Get yourself a seat at the sushi counter, ask for omakase, open your senses and experience some of the best sushi in the city. The minimal yet warm space contributes just as much as the food.

    55555 by Premshree P.

  • Halstead PropertyEvery roll was spectacular; yet the uni roll was the frontrunner. The uni was memorable with its sweetness wrapped in exceptionally tasty nori, finished off with the perfect hint of soy sauce salt.

    55555 by Halstead Property

  • michelleRed bean ice cream 😋

    55555 by michelle

  • Korinne M J.Great place!! Quiet atmosphere and attentive service. Food was fantastic. Brought a client here for working lunch and it was perfect. Highly recommend it!

    55555 by Korinne M J.

  • Allen .omfg that was good!

    33333 by Allen .

  • david ' dj shakez ' t.No tip? No problem!

    11111 by david ' dj shakez ' t.

  • Time Out New YorkReserve a seat at the bar of this bamboo-clad space to watch Tatsu and Mitsu—as they’re called by regulars—dispatch purist renditions of nigiri onto wooden trays in elegant, efficient movements.

    55555 by Time Out New York

  • Marlo OvallesGreat Place

    55555 by Marlo Ovalles

  • Danielly JGreat attendance with traditional Japanese food!

    55555 by Danielly J

  • Marc E.THR says: A&E President Robert DeBitetto says "Hands down the best sushi I've had in this country." He warns that walk-ins have no shot.

    55555 by Marc E.

  • Travel + LeisureThe sushi here—arctic char, ebi (shrimp), uni (sea urchin), and ikura (salmon roe)—is an essential New York bite. More places to eat like a local: tandl.me/12ufz7c

    55555 by Travel + Leisure

  • JordanUgh my favorite thing ever!

    55555 by Jordan

  • Paul S.One of the best sushi restaurants in NYC. Make it happen.

    55555 by Paul S.

  • Serginho MBest sushi in NYC bar none. Enough said.

    55555 by Serginho M

  • Raki L.Menu is confusing. Look up what the deal is before you come to avoid having to ask a million questions.

    33333 by Raki L.

  • cynthia w.Scallops were delicious. Prawn and monkfish appetizers were also amazing. Questionable if this place needs to be this fussy though.

    55555 by cynthia w.

  • Jessica C.Melt in your mouth sushi. Just do it. All of it!

    55555 by Jessica C.

  • Alex Z.Yasuda is for sushi purists. Not the place for rolls. The variety of different fish is incomparable to any other sushi place in NYC. Red miso soup w clam is fantastic. Amazing!

    55555 by Alex Z.

  • From The World B.Perfect sushi, fresh fish from Japan to Manhattan. Yasuda is considered one of the best NY sushis and you should find out why.

    55555 by From The World B.

  • Max B.sitting at the sushi bar is a must

    55555 by Max B.

  • Winston F.Best sushi in NYC. A purist will love it.

    55555 by Winston F.

  • Edward Duarte K.Make a reservation a few days early to sit at the bar. Omakase is a must (obviously). Uni is pretty damn good.

    55555 by Edward Duarte K.

  • Monica T.Worth the $$$$$, best uni I've ever had! Have to go to Jiro's in JPN next time and compare them ☺

    55555 by Monica T.

  • F-Factor N.Fish is so so fresh you dont even need the rice. Sashimi :) amazing. Def no need for spicy mayo and tempura flakes. Skinny and delicious #FFactorApproved

    55555 by F-Factor N.

  • Emily B.Don't miss the sea scallop guts, and the two preparations of eel.

    55555 by Emily B.

  • Travel + LeisureIn a city that eagerly embraces each successive wave of Japanese imports, Sushi Yasuda remains the ideal long-running, low-key place to celebrate sushi as it’s meant to be eaten.

    55555 by Travel + Leisure

  • Erin N.Best sushi ever...and ever. Get the omakase.

    55555 by Erin N.

  • Sally Y.best sushi in town...get omakase

    55555 by Sally Y.

  • MasterCardSit at the bar to get your very own personal sushi chef!

    55555 by MasterCard

  • Jon F.Amazing flavors, I never knew sushi could be so delicious. Must tries: Uni, toro, Spanish mackerel, razor clam, unagi. I recommend starting with the combination Matsu and going from there.

    55555 by Jon F.

  • Jane C.Best sushi I've ever had. Make reservations, read menu in advance, expect high prices and high quality. Great for business meetings and dates, but very busy.

    55555 by Jane C.

  • Dee M.They don't have any sauces or spicy mayo butt they don't need to. U have to try iit to understand. Deff a place if ur iin the city u MUST try to try sushi the way its actually meant to taste. Amazing!

    55555 by Dee M.

  • Christina Y.This place is a joke. Don't waste your $ here!

    11111 by Christina Y.

  • David H.Sit at the bar and order the omakase. The head sushi chef is the first position as you walk in.

    55555 by David H.

  • The Tiny TieRantTry the Yubowl - #healthy #tofu #greens #brownrice (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by The Tiny TieRant

  • M. Silver AssociatesSelected by Zagat Survey as best Japanese/sushi restaurant in NY for 2 yrs running. Offers intimate ambiance and sleek blond wood interiors put focus on excellent food and on your fascinating date.

    55555 by M. Silver Associates

  • TravelgoatEthereal and sublime. Possibly the best sushi in the city. (4 of 4 petals via Fondu)

    55555 by Travelgoat

  • M. Silver AssociatesIt doesn't offer the clichéd romantic restaurant trappings, but the intimate ambiance and sleek blond wood interiors put the focus where it belongs- on the excellent food and on your fascinating date.

    55555 by M. Silver Associates

  • Lungit Z.nice shushi

    55555 by Lungit Z.

  • Geoff K.Fine 1.4: High end sushi. Make sure you sit at the sushi counter & order omakase style. For a slightly cheaper option, I always liked Ushiwakamaru (on Houston/6th) - sit in front of Chef Hideo.

    55555 by Geoff K.

  • GabeGet the chef's choice. He knows best.

    55555 by Gabe

  • Travel Girl KЯB™Expect authentic japanese food, but the waitress will look at you badly if you ask for Spicy Tuna or California Rolls...(!) The setting is sober but a bit too quiet and cold for a nyc restaurant

    33333 by Travel Girl KЯB™

  • New York HabitatFor the best sushi experience in NYC, you've come to the right place. For the full experience get the Omakase, a personal dining experience with one chef who serves up piece after piece of pure bliss.

    55555 by New York Habitat

  • The New York TimesRecommended dishes: Sushi and sashimi, flash-fried shrimp, grilled fish liver and flash-fried eel bones.

    55555 by The New York Times

  • badgeunlock.comCheck in here and many other venue from our list to unlock and level up your Bento badge!

    33333 by badgeunlock.com

  • Travel ChannelRecommended by Travel Channel host, Anthony Bourdain.

    55555 by Travel Channel

  • Spencer F.Around $22 for their lunch special... 5 pieces of sashimi and 2 rolls (6 pieces each) + salad.

    55555 by Spencer F.

  • Jerry H.Tasmanian trout!!!! Go get it now!

    55555 by Jerry H.

  • amooliaSushi Yasuda is a mind-blowing party in your mouth. The fish is incomparable to that anywhere else. Service fantastic. Try everything.

    55555 by amoolia

  • pinsuda s.The fish... the rice... heavenly. Go if you're entertaining clients. Best when you're not personally footing the bill. Omakase style is the only way to go. P.S. The sea urchin is divine.

    55555 by pinsuda s.

  • A.J. B.for traditional japanese sushi, this place is on point! It is pricey, but I think it is worth it.

    55555 by A.J. B.

  • Greg M.Best Sushi in town

    55555 by Greg M.

  • Gary C.Go for the omakase.

    55555 by Gary C.

  • A.J. B.The best traditional Japanese sushi in New York City. If you have visited Sushi Seki or Sushi Gari, you will see the difference between traditional and avant garde.

    55555 by A.J. B.

  • Mira E.That's THE place to learn about different types and grades of tuna, salmon, yellow tail, clam, roe, mackerel & eel.

    55555 by Mira E.

  • Joanne AThe Sawani eel sushi is the perfect mixture of crisp, buttery, sweet, and salty. Mind blowing taste orgasm.. Seriously.

    55555 by Joanne A

  • Bruno LTry the very fatty blue fin tuna - worths the price!

    55555 by Bruno L

  • Daniela C.Best sushi! Just go and have the omakase and be amazed.

    55555 by Daniela C.

  • Olivia S.Amazing sushi..but it is very pricey. Also, the people here (employees & customers alike) are extremely pretentious and if you don't look even a little bit wealthy, you will be stared down.

    33333 by Olivia S.

  • Isaías KBest sushi in NYC, and much best than japan xD

    55555 by Isaías K

  • Jenn O.Definitely make a reservation and sit at the sushi bar. Ask for chef's recommendations and try the uni! Even the fruit fir dessert is delicious

    55555 by Jenn O.

  • Jason KleinOrder the sawani...it's a special form of eel that I've only managed to find at yasuda.

    33333 by Jason Klein

  • T cTry the Anago

    55555 by T c

  • BravoUni heaven. -Seth Caro, Top Chef Just Desserts

    55555 by Bravo

  • Yvonne EGet a reservation. It's worth it. Best sushi in the city.

    55555 by Yvonne E

  • Payman B.Reserve a spot at sushi bar and go omakase. If you look at the menu at the bar you're a fool. If you like your sushi chefs highly opinionated, request to be seated at Chef Yasuda's station.

    55555 by Payman B.

  • EaterYasuda regulars know their sushi chefs by name and send them Christmas cards. If you're not getting world-class omakase here, you're not at Yasuda. [Eater 38 Member]

    55555 by Eater

  • Natalie-Rosanna IAmazing sushi!!

    55555 by Natalie-Rosanna I

  • Hannah Cfor the purists.. THE BEST uni in the city..! sit at the sushi bar if you can - you may be lucky enough to be served by chef yasuda himself!

    55555 by Hannah C

  • Kevin B.Just the best in town. Pricey, but well worth it.

    55555 by Kevin B.

  • Xochitl JMake a reservation....

    33333 by Xochitl J

  • Corin L.best sushi in the city.. can't go wrong with anything!

    55555 by Corin L.

  • The Corcoran GroupTry the Sushi Matsu instead of the Omakase, it is much cheaper and if you ask for chef’s choice, you are essentially getting the same experience at a fraction of the price.

    55555 by The Corcoran Group

  • Dara H.Make a reservation at the bar and ask to sit in front of Yasuda him self so he can learn you something. Very very expensive but unforgettable experience. Don't waste your time if you crave rolls.

    33333 by Dara H.

  • Karen KBest. Sushi. In New York. If you go though, you must make a reservation to sit at the sushi bar in front of Yasuda and say omakase. Otherwise don't bother at all.

    55555 by Karen K

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