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Apricot J J Limited

172 Thompson Street
New York, NY 10012

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(212) 777-9346


  • Sunday: 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Monday: 5:00 pm - 10:45 pm
  • Tuesday: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm - 10:45 pm
  • Wednesday: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm - 10:45 pm
  • Thursday: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm - 10:45 pm
  • Friday: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm - 10:45 pm
  • Saturday: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm - 10:45 pm

Cuisine: Bars, Sushi Restaurants

4.6 of 5.0 from 196 reviews

price range:$26 to $50

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Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
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  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
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  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
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  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
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  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY
  • Apricot J J Limited in New York, NY

Apricot J J Limited Reviews

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  • djabuka reviewFresh Fish! Good value. Just make sure you bring enough cash if you don't have an AMEX. Oh, and be there at 5 min. before 5:00PM for dinner or you are going to wait outside the restaurant for a while. 10 min. before 5 on Fridays. If you are a UNI (Sea Urchin) lover, you have to go there for lunch (Ends at 3:00PM) or be very early for Dinner (starts at 5:00PM). UNI ROLL is very good. I like sushi more than sashimi so I usually go for Sushi Deluxe but my friends like Sushi Sashimi Combo or Sashimi Deluxe. One female said that the Tomoe's sushi is too big and hard to eat. It doesn't bother me. More fish, the better. Tomoe is one of the best in NYC. Other good choice is Sushi Sei at 51st street between Park & Madison Aves (You won't find it in map but it's there). This one is more expensive but very close to Japanese style sushi.

    44444 by djabuka

  • lgoodman15 reviewthis is a must eat in nyc, the heart & soul of the place are the people,Ken-san is the greatest!!! the sushi the sake the whole experience is like heaven, at least for me!Toro! Uni! Akimo ! King Crab!Musumi,Otoko-Yama & kiku-azumi Sake. Plus for the price it can't be beat.

    44444 by lgoodman15

  • cordeiro71 reviewThe salmon skin handroll is a must.. Worth waiting on the line that forms every evening (starting at 5pm)

    44444 by cordeiro71

  • Kayleigh H.Really cool look to this place, but the sushi was just alright.

    33333 by Kayleigh H.

  • Ahuva RAuthentic sushi, everything is fresh, tasty and simple

    55555 by Ahuva R

  • Ozgur TSushi Sashimi platter is one of the best value food in the city. 10/10

    55555 by Ozgur T

  • Uri Jworth waiting in line !!the tuna maki is perfect.

    55555 by Uri J

  • Amalia Very casual and unpretentious. Totally worth waiting in line. Food is phenomenal and quite cheap.

    55555 by Amalia

  • Susan S.Get the sashimi deluxe with the tempura veggies as an appetizer! And save room for the dessert- the tempura fried banana and ice cream was so good!

    55555 by Susan S.

  • Ale DExceptional value for the quality, which is very high. Possibly my favourite spot for sushi in town.

    55555 by Ale D

  • Mark M.Great food!

    55555 by Mark M.

  • Ethan JThe ocean trout is surprisingly great! Fresh fish - all thick cuts with lots of flavor. Got the sushi re

    55555 by Ethan J

  • Zack CThe best sushi for the price in NYC if you like the real thick fatty delicious piece of fish over the thin sliced $50 delicacy crap

    55555 by Zack C

  • Shanna KSurprisingly... the best California roll I've had.

    55555 by Shanna K

  • Trevor K.Fatty tuna 🍣

    55555 by Trevor K.

  • Ashley JIf you're looking for sushi at a good value, this is the place. A filling meal costs under 50 pp and the slices of sashimi are abnormally large. It was disappointing that they ran out of uni though.

    55555 by Ashley J

  • Karina KMy fav place to go when I want the best sushi in the city. Always outstanding fish and the matcha ice cream!

    55555 by Karina K

  • Maria BTotally recommend it!!! Noodles and sushi was delicious!!

    55555 by Maria B

  • Christine AThe Sushi Lunch Special was the perfect portion and really fresh. The prices seem to have gone up from the listed prices on the website. Cash & Amex only.

    55555 by Christine A

  • Ryan G.Real good small sushi spot in the west village. Cash only.

    55555 by Ryan G.

  • ju j.perfect!!!!

    55555 by ju j.

  • Michelle W.Don't leave without the nameko soup!

    33333 by Michelle W.

  • Robin MSushi and Sashimi combo is amazing. Remember to bring cash tho!

    55555 by Robin M

  • Jennifer S.really fresh sushi for the price!

    55555 by Jennifer S.

  • Emre tThe sushi was fresh

    55555 by Emre t

  • Ina LiAffordable price, fresh ingredients, good cuts, good service, explains the long waiting line. (Cash/American Express only)

    55555 by Ina Li

  • EMBFresh sushi!!

    55555 by EMB

  • Dayton L.Ask for the FRESH WASABI, keep it a secret else they will start charging

    55555 by Dayton L.

  • Annie K.The sashimi here is perfect.

    55555 by Annie K.

  • Lindsay CFresh delicious sushi & sashimi. No reservations. Prepare to wait in line. It's worth it!

    55555 by Lindsay C

  • Paul L.Go early to avoid lines. Like, early-bird-senior-discount early.

    55555 by Paul L.

  • Logan HeadSushi is fresh and I recommend carry out which is extremely fast during the busy wait times

    55555 by Logan Head

  • JadeEasy, go to, better than it should be for the price

    33333 by Jade

  • Fran HFresh, authentic, worth the wait. Come as party of 2 or 3--it's easier to get a table at this tiny restaurant.

    55555 by Fran H

  • Quan N.Incredible pricing for equally incredible deliciousness. Line is a bit slow, but once you're in, service is great.

    55555 by Quan N.

  • Leslie JUnexpectedly cozy inside. Very good sushi; the fish is fresh

    55555 by Leslie J

  • Rebecca E.Amex or cash only. Don't let the decor fool you, it's the best sushi

    55555 by Rebecca E.

  • Diana S.Salad given to all customers

    33333 by Diana S.

  • Diana S.Mixed tempura was delicious!

    55555 by Diana S.

  • Diana S.Sushi deluxe with a side of Toro fatty tuna and a roll of fatty tuna sushi. Our omakase came with a piece of Toro fatty tuna! Totally fat and totally melts in your mouth.

    55555 by Diana S.

  • Shiri ATomoe is a staple. The fish is fresh and plentiful. Go for lunch to get the best deal, little to no wait and sashimi or sushi combo for $20.

    55555 by Shiri A

  • Joshua CStill excellent, though no longer what it once was.

    33333 by Joshua C

  • Dayton L.Ask for the "Fresh Wasabi...."

    55555 by Dayton L.

  • Zero Lordered the Sashimi lunch and the Calamri for appetizer. The sushi quality was average. The calamari was crispy, and less greasy compared to cheap calamari, but nothing special.

    55555 by Zero L

  • Paula MGood sushi, sashimi, etc. but definitely not two dollar signs. I would go in expecting to pay three.

    33333 by Paula M

  • Jamis MDefinitely *not* 2 of 4 dollar signs. Just spent $70/ea.

    22222 by Jamis M

  • Carol F.The quality of the fish is amazing. Fresh and large pieces of sashimi taste like heaven and the hands rolls are just too delicious, I tried the spicy tuna , perfection. I found the price very fair too

    55555 by Carol F.

  • Ruby A.Nothing to rave about.

    33333 by Ruby A.

  • Nous M.Fresh and great value sushi. Usually there is a wait and you can't just put your name down and come back. Worth the wait! Cash or Amex only.

    55555 by Nous M.

  • Diana S.Yummm! Great service and such friendly people there

    55555 by Diana S.

  • Barton S.Solid sushi but I wouldn't line up for too long to wait for it.

    33333 by Barton S.

  • Agueda CThe line is INSANE!!! I'm reviewing been standing out here for 50mins!! Don't come in heels. Getting into this spot is a sport so bring comphy shoes This place better be worth it.

    33333 by Agueda C

  • Celena GBest value sushi-- large slices and really fresh (try the sashimi/sushi platter for around $30). The hamachi kama and hot dishes are great too! Cash and Amex only.

    55555 by Celena G

  • Melody H.Salmon skin roll is the bomb. Great value for quality of fish. Show up right at open to avoid line.

    55555 by Melody H.

  • Yan AExcellent sushi, worth the wait.

    55555 by Yan A

  • Michael AGreatest sushi in years! Lovely staff too.

    55555 by Michael A

  • Mona N.This place is another that's super popular and I just don't understand why.

    55555 by Mona N.

  • Melody A.The only and best thing that puts the place on top is how fresh their fish is.

    55555 by Melody A.

  • Lauren Mac$27 for a hearty miso and a colorful, flavorful platter of fish & rice -- sushi this good isn't normally this cheap! It smells funny inside but don't let it turn you away, it's good value. Moist rice!

    55555 by Lauren Mac

  • Marisa WongBest uni I've had in NYC this far! Can't go wrong with the sashimi here, it's amazingly fresh

    55555 by Marisa Wong

  • Emily SThe cuts of fish are larger than usual, but taste super fresh. Order less than more. Yellowtail, unagi, and ikura are all good choices.

    55555 by Emily S

  • mcky trsconsistently the best $20 sashimi lunch in the city

    55555 by mcky trs

  • Raheem M味、接客、悪くないですがチト高いですかね…

    55555 by Raheem M

  • Tiffany ZhongSashimi Regular && sweet shrimp were delicious 😋🔥

    55555 by Tiffany Zhong

  • Tarik HartThe sashimi-sushi combo and an appetizer or two is enough food to split between two people.

    33333 by Tarik Hart

  • barbeeAuthentic sushi, no frilly rolls

    55555 by barbee

  • barbeeWas here over 20 years ago and still amazing.

    55555 by barbee

  • Tomo SBest sushi in NYC.

    55555 by Tomo S

  • NancerellaWow!!! It's been over a decade since I've been there... Went back with great expectation since it's a well reviewed spot... All I can say is do people know what fresh sushi is??? HORRIBLE!!!!

    55555 by Nancerella

  • Jeanne ChoSashimi cut sloppy but generous and FRESH so it's a steal of a deal

    55555 by Jeanne Cho

  • Dance P.Only at Lunch you get a seat or book weeks ahead!

    55555 by Dance P.

  • Julia M.Sushi-sashimi combo, sushi deluxe, uni (mmmmm!), hamachi-kama (fish collar)

    55555 by Julia M.

  • Edward Lufried chicken good. yellowtail collar DRY. agedashi tofu ok. sushi sashimi combo good.

    55555 by Edward Lu

  • Emiliano ViscarraOne of the best sushi I ever had. Truly authentic (no Philadelphia rolls).

    55555 by Emiliano Viscarra

  • İpek A.I usually prefer Blue Ribbon but Tomoe is also great! Cheaper & delicious. And ask for the special rolls which are not on the menu.

    55555 by İpek A.

  • Melissa R.Excellent sushi and sashimi. The pieces are pretty large and the quality is exceptional.

    55555 by Melissa R.

  • Marthatiny place. not fancy by any means and service is fast and to the point. always a line but i often go solo and sit at sushi bar. sashimi is very fresh...melts in your mouth.

    55555 by Martha

  • Lynn HuangI love their sashimi deluxe. Very fresh and delicious. Highly recommended.

    55555 by Lynn Huang

  • Sam HaskelIncredible sushi...but be ready to wait outside on line

    55555 by Sam Haskel

  • Tom S.The uni is amazing

    55555 by Tom S.

  • Irem E.Wonderful salads and must try spicy rolls

    55555 by Irem E.

  • DUDUNo visa/master accepted

    22222 by DUDU

  • DUDUReally good ramen and rolls. The line was very quick and people are nice.

    55555 by DUDU

  • Sarp E.Great sushi place. Try the salads. Salmon salad with onions is my favorite :)

    55555 by Sarp E.

  • Alex CalderonTodo es muy rico! Muy recomendable, sushi del bueno!

    55555 by Alex Calderon

  • Joshua RosenstockToro is amazing

    55555 by Joshua Rosenstock

  • Meredith BlechmanThe freshest, most delicious sushi in a modest, cozy atmosphere. No frills At this place. Worth the wait (no reservations). Get the toro and yellowtail.

    55555 by Meredith Blechman

  • K@te ☤Get their Sashimi lunch special, the sake nigiri, the toro nigiri and the spicy tuna rolls which are fantastic. No reservations, need to queue, but it's worth the wait. Always great value.

    55555 by K@te ☤

  • Emilie FuttermanWorth the long wait to get in (bring a beer). They only serve items if it's fresh. The rolls are great, the sushi is incredible. Get one fatty tuna and two baby yellowtails.

    55555 by Emilie Futterman

  • Pamela C.Worth the wait! The sushi is always fresh and delicious, there's ankimo when its in season and its reasonably priced. Cash & Amex only!

    55555 by Pamela C.

  • AlexisVery no nonsense place for true sushi lovers. Sashimi is a great plate of fish. Incredibly fresh and tasty.

    55555 by Alexis

  • Amanda HimmelstossIt's basically all top notch and super fresh. Menu changes a bit depending on the market that day. Cute hole in the wall vibe too.

    55555 by Amanda Himmelstoss

  • Berk K.One of the best and most affordable sushi restaurants in the village. Fatty tuna is legendary. It's a small space so you might end up waiting for a seat.

    55555 by Berk K.

  • Israel GarridoYou really need to wait the line. You won't regret!

    55555 by Israel Garrido

  • Shesh NagEl sashimi es un must, buenisimo

    55555 by Shesh Nag

  • Melvin LaraPide el Sashimi Deluxe!

    55555 by Melvin Lara

  • DariaBest sushi I tried so far - you can say how fresh the components are. Nothing fancy, just quality.

    55555 by Daria

  • Tin KadoicOne of the best sushi places I've been to in New York City. Messy, honest, fresh and tasty. Absolutely love it.

    55555 by Tin Kadoic

  • Sebastián Behar PiqueroThe spicy king crab is great!

    55555 by Sebastián Behar Piquero

  • Alice W.Miso soup isn't great, but the salmon is like butter and the scallop sushi is like nothing you've ever tasted. Amazing

    55555 by Alice W.

  • Debbie C.They only accept amex card and cash. Food here are terrible. Have no idea why this place has a good reputation!!!

    22222 by Debbie C.

  • Oz L.This place never disappoints. It feels like being in a super authentic sushi restaurant in Tokyo. Incredibly fresh and delicious. If there's a line, it's worth the wait.

    55555 by Oz L.

  • Douglas EllimanA small, laidback and casual downtown restaurant. We love how fresh and delicious all the pieces of sashimi are. The line can get a bit crazy, but come with less then 5 people and order away!

    55555 by Douglas Elliman

  • Junebug SquashbugsYes please. Can i have another

    55555 by Junebug Squashbugs

  • Alex L.Some of the best sushi I've ever had

    55555 by Alex L.

  • Andrew C.The $29.50 sashimi platter will leave you feeling full and delightful.

    55555 by Andrew C.

  • Sebastián Behar PiqueroBest sushi for ever and ever 🍣

    55555 by Sebastián Behar Piquero

  • Peter S.Freshest sushi in NYC. Also recommend the seaweed salad (pictured).

    55555 by Peter S.

  • Karen Z.Fan of the vegetable edamame shumai!

    33333 by Karen Z.

  • Alan H.mehhhhhhhhhh pieces are way too huge. gross

    22222 by Alan H.

  • Steve K.Some of the best sushi I've had, for a reasonable price.

    55555 by Steve K.

  • Steve K.This place only takes cash and American Express. How strange.

    33333 by Steve K.

  • Ian G.The Toro TarTar is incredible.

    55555 by Ian G.

  • Mike W.Looking for a deal on extraordinary sushi? Head to Tomoe from 1-3 and don't miss the sashimi lunch special. Read all about my visit on WinstonWanders below!!

    55555 by Mike W.

  • DailyCandy“Crowded” is an understatement. Once inside, find what you’d imagine a wooden shack on the Japanese coast to be: strangely cozy and stocked with fresh fish of every variety.

    55555 by DailyCandy

  • Eugenia K.Fish lacks flavor and rice is overlooked for the price. May have had its heyday but feels sloppy and tired.

    33333 by Eugenia K.

  • Simon B.Everything is good!

    55555 by Simon B.

  • Alex JFish soup and Tuna belly in sweet sauce were great! Focus on the non-sushi items.

    55555 by Alex J

  • Young MGet sashimi deluxe with uni! Cash and amex only.

    55555 by Young M

  • Erin C.I guess I should've gone with the sashimi, because my rolls were horrible. I have never seen a tuna roll or a yellowtail roll that had ground up fish!! Worst rolls I have ever had - very disappointing

    22222 by Erin C.

  • Peter hBest california roll anywhere

    55555 by Peter h

  • Lele S.Best sushi and sashimi i've had in a long time. Simple, fresh and crisp.

    55555 by Lele S.

  • Claire W.Agedashi tofu is legit

    55555 by Claire W.

  • goldielocksLovely sushi, nice cozy place, expect waiting 'cause the place is very small but popular. Bring cash with you, they don't accept visa or mastercard, only amex.

    55555 by goldielocks

  • Halstead PropertyWant to try it all? Order a Sashimi-deluxe for dinner to get a generously cut, 16 piece assortment of some of the thickest and freshest fish around. It is well worth the expense.

    55555 by Halstead Property

  • Luiz R.Muito divertido ótimo atendimento!!

    55555 by Luiz R.

  • Trifectainvest SWorth every cent!

    55555 by Trifectainvest S

  • Martina CAbsolutely the best! Sashimi Is the king

    55555 by Martina C

  • Danny H.Bug in my food. Awesome.

    33333 by Danny H.

  • Jenna B.Great find in the village! Awesome sushi and good service

    55555 by Jenna B.

  • Veronica R.They only accepted AMEX and cash so just keep that in mind. Cash is a must if you don't have AMEX.

    55555 by Veronica R.

  • Andy D.Very fresh sushi.

    55555 by Andy D.

  • Mira JThe sushi deluxe is worth every penny! Add the spicy king crab appetizer for a perfect dinner.

    55555 by Mira J

  • Luciano T.Great sushi spot if you like Japanese style sushi (which focuses on fish quality rather than rolls with lots of ingredients). They do have rolls, but I go for their excellent sashimi :)

    55555 by Luciano T.

  • Saif D.Good value, although standards are dropping.

    55555 by Saif D.

  • MoRizaTry the Simmered Tuna Belly - Kinda sweet and big for an appetizer. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by MoRiza

  • Elyse E.Prepare to wait in a long line but totally worth it. Stick with sashimi because the fish is so buttery you can't appreciate it in the rolls. Cash or AMEX only.

    55555 by Elyse E.

  • CREATETHEGROUPBeen around for years, small and a bit pricy but a nice place to catch really fresh fish. -John W.


  • Tom S.Soft shelled crab and eel are amazing.

    55555 by Tom S.

  • Vivian C.Sushi + sashimi. Orgasm in your mouth. Tuna & Salmon were amazing!!

    55555 by Vivian C.

  • Nicole M.This explains everything. Simply the best Suhi in town!

    55555 by Nicole M.

  • Daniel N.the sashimi deluxe is great and so are california rolls.

    55555 by Daniel N.

  • Ava L.Sea Eel Sashimi is the bombbbbb the wait is a bit long though

    55555 by Ava L.

  • Yuri K.Sushi deluxe - best part : scallop, sweet shrimp, toro, and salmon

    55555 by Yuri K.

  • Reeve H.Order the "super fatty tuna". It isn't always on the menu, and it could very well be the most money that you have ever spent on a bite-size morsel...but daaayummmmm

    33333 by Reeve H.

  • AndreaHorrible shit sushi and service. What they call Ramen is disgusting but if you're starving then...Plus it's dirty.

    22222 by Andrea

  • Suzanne E.Really amazing! Second time here and it's been great both times! Try the sushi -sashimi combo. All the rolls are really great too!

    55555 by Suzanne E.

  • Kenny S.Good sushi, not great, but the portions are huge. No reservations accepted, cash and Amex only

    55555 by Kenny S.

  • Elaine C.Fresh and delicious. Perfect for a casual dinner or when craving sushi alone. The bar conversations can get interesting.

    55555 by Elaine C.

  • Leonardo U.Choose the sushi bar over a table. Get the fried oysters. Get the sashimi instead of sushi.

    33333 by Leonardo U.

  • nich o.No visa or MasterCard, Amex or cash only

    33333 by nich o.

  • nich o.Don't order too much food!

    33333 by nich o.

  • Christian B.Go there for lunch, from 1-3. Still crowded, less expensive, same fish.

    33333 by Christian B.

  • Alfredo P.No visa, no master, no strollers, no more than 5 per party. Only Amex & cash.

    33333 by Alfredo P.

  • HiGhLiGhTxTheir oven grilled oysters with enoki mushrooms is a must try.

    55555 by HiGhLiGhTx

  • Gary A.Miso soup w mushrooms, cold buckwheat noodles, grilled salmon neck, sushi, green tea, salmon skin hand rolled, extra fatty toro, miso ramen

    55555 by Gary A.

  • ThePurplePassport.comThe freshness of the fish, at these prices, is pretty amazing. Especially in this city, where sushi of equal caliber can (and usually does) go for pretentiously sky-high rates.

    55555 by ThePurplePassport.com

  • Charles B.my favorite sushi spot downtown and probably in all of manhattan below the fancy tier. a little pricey, but the sashimi slices are large and in charge and will melt in your mouth.

    55555 by Charles B.

  • Jennefer S.Best Sashimi!

    55555 by Jennefer S.

  • Rachel T.biggest california rolls, no joke.

    33333 by Rachel T.

  • DishEnvyBe sure to try the melt-in-your-mouth spicy hotate.

    55555 by DishEnvy

  • MoRizaTry the Special Seafood Soup (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by MoRiza

  • New York HabitatWe just love the sashimi here! It's not cheap but you do get great value for your dollar here. Very fresh.

    55555 by New York Habitat

  • Ksenia S.It was bad bad bad , don't like it anymore

    11111 by Ksenia S.

  • Sten T.Get a sashimi selection and add extra toro + uni. Amazingly fresh.

    55555 by Sten T.

  • HURNo Visa no master. American express or cash only!

    55555 by HUR

  • sinemNumber 12 yummy

    55555 by sinem

  • Tom B.AMEX and cash only

    33333 by Tom B.

  • Alison W.Kaki foil Yaki. Done.

    55555 by Alison W.

  • Soup S.A bit overrated and the line is usually long, but the portions are generous and the fish consistently fresh. Go during or just after a rain storm to beat the crowd.

    55555 by Soup S.

  • Jamie Leigh F.The Negi-Toro roll (fatty tuna and scallion) is the best ever!

    55555 by Jamie Leigh F.

  • James T.My wife loved all the sashimi, especially the fatty tuna. The dark-meat teriyaki chicken is also delicious.

    55555 by James T.

  • Talia Z.One of my favorite sushi places in NYC! Definitely get the sashimi entree- you won't regret it!

    55555 by Talia Z.

  • Diego Z.Tuna belly cooked in sweet soy sauce.

    33333 by Diego Z.

  • Jessica W.Get the $20 lunch special! Well worth it and filling. The baked oysters are really good along with the sea bass.

    55555 by Jessica W.

  • Matt S.Fatty tuna and scallion roll is amazing

    55555 by Matt S.

  • Daniel O.B health grade from city. What the what?

    33333 by Daniel O.

  • kiramonkeyDon't stand in line if you're having dinner for one. Ask to be seated at the bar & watch the crowd outside wonder how you skipped the line! :-)

    33333 by kiramonkey

  • Emily L.Hands down the best sushi. Everything is amazing - and definitely try the specials!

    55555 by Emily L.

  • Ingrid O.their fish is always super duper fresh. so, go sashimi crazy.

    55555 by Ingrid O.

  • Andrew S.I saw Mary Kate Olsen here a year ago.

    55555 by Andrew S.

  • Brianna K.Plum shiso and mountain yam roll is delicious

    55555 by Brianna K.

  • Roger L.belly up to the hamachi

    55555 by Roger L.

  • hugo SFavorite place in NYC!! Only cash, Dont miss the eel avocado roll.

    55555 by hugo S

  • Charles B.The best. Worth waiting in line. Get the toro sashimi and the soft-shell crap app if they're in season.

    55555 by Charles B.

  • JordanAmazing food.

    55555 by Jordan

  • Cindy DSpicy toro app is surprisingly narly. Stick to soosh and sashimi. U can't go wrong

    55555 by Cindy D

  • Andrea B.Order the soft shell crab appetizer-it is fresh, unlike the previously frozen version in their rolls

    55555 by Andrea B.

  • Jeff S.Unreal Sushi, wallets beware!

    55555 by Jeff S.

  • Mimikinoko soup is a must!

    55555 by Mimi

  • rod IKinoko soup, Spanish Mackerel sushi and plum, mint & yam roll. Utterly wonderful.

    55555 by rod I

  • DAVID D.Sushi deluxe !!!!

    55555 by DAVID D.

  • rod IAs well as Vicky H's tips, which were all delicious, the eel & avocado roll was fantastic!

    55555 by rod I

  • Victoria H.The macke;rel and the tuna belly were spectacular! The crispy salmon was also really good. Service was slow but the food was worth it.

    55555 by Victoria H.

  • Miko M.Not the best in town for sushi, but excellent quality and an authentic Japanese vibe

    55555 by Miko M.

  • Joaquin (Kinney) M.Order the Hamachi Sashimi... best I've had in my life... absolutely orgasmic!

    55555 by Joaquin (Kinney) M.

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