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Grand Central Oyster Bar

Grand Central Station
New York, NY 10017

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(212) 490-6650


  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: 11:30 am - 9:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 11:30 am - 9:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 11:30 am - 9:30 pm
  • Thursday: 11:30 am - 9:30 pm
  • Friday: 11:30 am - 9:30 pm
  • Saturday: 12:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Cuisine: Bars, Seafood Restaurants

4.6 of 5.0 from 236 reviews

price range:$26 to $50

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Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
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  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, NY

Grand Central Oyster Bar Reviews

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  • jmezzullo reviewI have been going to the Oyster Bar Restaurant for several years, and this past year I find the service has gone down. I also find the food not as good, and have been feeling like I've been ripped off. I will try other seafood restaurants, and will not be going down to the Oyster Bar again.

    11111 by jmezzullo

  • stefanielynjones reviewPopped in on a Thursday noon w/o reservation and was immediately seated and waited. Instead of the requested 6x1 oysters - leaving the selection up to the waiter - I was served 3x2. Tasty and fresh. Coquilles St.Jacques as main course was a pleasant surprise regarding taste+size. Service moderately attentive. Otherwise good value for money. Will go back and can't understand why they close on Sat+Sun.

    22222 by stefanielynjones

  • Jason W.Old school excellence. Great oyster selection with staff that know their stuff.

    55555 by Jason W.

  • Soo Young AhnBar side is very casual and friendly. Don't bother to drop by for oyster snack!

    55555 by Soo Young Ahn

  • Nastya AThe price doesn't match the quality. (I tried oysters Rockefeller and dessert, didn't like both). Plus the staff wasn't really amiable, as I expected from other reviews

    33333 by Nastya A

  • Jay ALove this oyster place 😍👌

    55555 by Jay A

  • Frances A.Oysters & martinis

    55555 by Frances A.

  • watanabe Dクラムチャウダーとfresh clams

    55555 by watanabe D

  • Mike M.Can be in and out in 10 minutes if you want the chowder. Or stay a while for oysters, fried fish sandwich and a few beers. Counter seating first-come, first served.

    33333 by Mike M.

  • Marius NWhat great spot in NYC! Oysters are really fresh, nice selection of local beers as well!

    55555 by Marius N

  • Tom J.Two words, Oyster Shots!

    55555 by Tom J.

  • Fernando CEvery single dishe was delicious. Lobster increable fresh. Norway salmon tasteful as the tuna and salad. The Oyster deserve five stars by far. The dessert ok, not memorable. Nice place to discover NYC

    55555 by Fernando C

  • Andrey DВ городе есть более интересные места где можно поесть устриц. Дешевле и вкуснее

    55555 by Andrey D

  • Eric CIt is a seafood restaurant. It opened along with the terminal itself in 1913 and has been in business ever since. In 2016, Zagats gave it a food rating of 22/30, meaning Very Good To Excellent.

    55555 by Eric C

  • Eug NHappy hour $1.25 oysters (Very good) and 1/2 price drinks (not quite bad, surprisingly) is what you sometimes need in this city.

    55555 by Eug N

  • Jorrit CLove it! Have to go when in NY!

    55555 by Jorrit C

  • Jack JGood food good venue

    55555 by Jack J

  • Nick MA Manhattan institution, this place is the perfect spot to impress a date with your New York-ing skills. After you eat, grab a couple tall boys in brown bags and sit on the steps and people watch.

    55555 by Nick M

  • GothamistTell all your Boston transplant friends to give up their white paste-soup and head to Grand Central Oyster Bar, set of many a contemporary literary scene for a retro gone trendy-chic vibe.

    55555 by Gothamist

  • Ebee Dbar tender is the star of this iconic ever lasting place.

    55555 by Ebee D

  • Ela JThe drinks are ok, the place is nice tho

    33333 by Ela J

  • EaterThe oyster pan roast is made with clam juice, Worcestershire sauce, paprika, Heinz chili sauce, celery salt, and half & half. It contains six Blue Point oysters from Long Island Sound.

    55555 by Eater

  • Basry Basri AAgain Grand Central Oyster Bar 🍽🐟🍸🍾👌🏻

    55555 by Basry Basri A

  • Lauren D.Food is excellent; service sloooooow- took, at best, 25 minutes to order!

    33333 by Lauren D.

  • Ryan H.Oyster po boy from the takeout window!

    33333 by Ryan H.

  • Brisy Cbest oysters ever! they change the menu everyday and very small words to read so the easiest way is let the staff recommend something good!

    55555 by Brisy C

  • Anna A.atmosphere. didnt have time to eat but will make an effort next time

    33333 by Anna A.

  • LilyAlways packed, but quick turnover. Great bartenders.

    55555 by Lily

  • prstmhlzt SDie Tagesspecials beachten. Der Fisch war echt lecker. Die Garnelen dagegen ein trockener, fader Reinfall. Für recht viel Geld besondere Location. Man erwartet vom Essen vlt bisschen mehr...

    55555 by prstmhlzt S

  • Nazli OguzReally good service, fresh and delicious seafood.

    55555 by Nazli Oguz

  • Greg M.Great atmosphere, very classic New York!

    55555 by Greg M.

  • Tracy ALove the vibe and food. Cocktails were too strong but not necessarily a bad thing for some. Please know this place is not for service, it's face paced.

    55555 by Tracy A

  • ZubinYou're here for the huge oyster selection & the historic design, but all the fish is pretty good. It's not cheap (many filets $30+) but it's extremely casual which may appeal to some more than others

    55555 by Zubin

  • Trae F.Um, oysters of course! The NE clam chowder is delish.

    55555 by Trae F.

  • NikaУстрицы👍😋👌😍😍😍

    55555 by Nika

  • Heléne CSeafood, shellfish lovers - don't miss this. Everything and every taste is possible.

    55555 by Heléne C

  • Curtis S.Oysters all very good quality. Excellent brine and freshness.

    55555 by Curtis S.

  • Zé Renato KTípico bar de rodoviária do País. Com direito a saloon e tudo. Excelente variedade de ostras.

    55555 by Zé Renato K

  • Melissa R.What was once a classic is now a bit worn down. Go during the holidays for a bit of nostalgia and stick with the basics.

    55555 by Melissa R.

  • Lodovico JOstriche doblon great!!!

    55555 by Lodovico J

  • Rez A.Overpriced Seafood version of Denny's.

    22222 by Rez A.

  • JM PLas almejas Rockefeller están de 10!

    55555 by JM P

  • Amber VittoriaAmazing oysters, but not a huge fan of the lobster roll.

    55555 by Amber Vittoria

  • Fabio MIl misto di ostriche è ottimo.

    55555 by Fabio M

  • Marcos A.Incredible variety of oysters at a fair price. If you don't know which ones to choose, just ask a dozen at the waiter's choise. Nice place at early night with a glass of white wine.

    55555 by Marcos A.

  • Anna VladauYou'll find a lot of see food. It's a bit pricey but it's good.

    55555 by Anna Vladau

  • Louis PFiletes de trucha ahumada. Sopa Bouillabaisse. Cuarteto de ensaladas del mar. Hamburguesa de atún sellado estilo oriental. Flagship seasonal brew, de aquí mero, New York !!!

    55555 by Louis P

  • Jose TamayoNY + Oysters = this place. Good seafood, but slow service

    55555 by Jose Tamayo

  • Debora CMuito bacana. Ostras imensas😍

    55555 by Debora C

  • Renee T.Plenty of oysters, beers, and a comfortable atmosphere. Classic.

    55555 by Renee T.

  • Peter CThe oysters were phenomenal. The bivalve platter was uneven, though. The garlic mashed potatoes and the kale sprouts were great, and "Hoptical Illusion" and Ballantine IPA were the perfect matches.

    55555 by Peter C

  • Zac Z.get some raw oysters to start (ask your server to pick some out from the daunting list) before ordering your favorite fish on a dish

    55555 by Zac Z.

  • Caitlin DickerboomI love picking up friends at Grand Central and heading here for a bite. It's the perfect immersion into NYC

    55555 by Caitlin Dickerboom

  • Kimberley S.Order the Oysters with Roasted Garlic Asiago Butter

    55555 by Kimberley S.

  • Alfred M.super busy. but high quality

    55555 by Alfred M.

  • Sandra F.Bewildered by the variety of fresh raw oysters? Our waiter helped pick out an East meets West platter with succulent bites from Massachusetts, Virginia, and Oregon.

    55555 by Sandra F.

  • karlaClam chowder the best!!! Sea Bass and oysters

    55555 by karla

  • karlaClam chowder espectacular!! Sea Bass delicious!!! Great place!!!

    55555 by karla

  • Ravi M.Smoked brook trout filet was sneaky great. Light smoke pristine flavor.

    55555 by Ravi M.

  • SKLV TЛобстер тема

    55555 by SKLV T

  • Andrew ONGGreat food + good location + best service provided

    55555 by Andrew ONG

  • Guilherme UmedaOstras, ostras e mais ostras! Varios pratos diferentes e todos muito bons!

    55555 by Guilherme Umeda

  • Carolina BorbergTry the Long Island oysters. I tried them all. I was surprised these were the cheapest and tastier of the all. Might be the freshened.

    55555 by Carolina Borberg

  • Chris T.I remember having gone here about a year ago with my family, not expecting much. I was blown away by the salmon, clams, and all of the other fresh and delicious seafood they have to offer. Try it out!

    55555 by Chris T.

  • Maxim Bat. Koysters - "otters cove" is a must

    55555 by Maxim Bat. K

  • Susan L.go for the oysters only. main fish dishes were meh.

    55555 by Susan L.

  • Elena PI like to be here with my Mark!!!!!

    55555 by Elena P

  • Minh L.Oyster po boy at lunch from the takeout menu is bomb. Ask for extra lemon wedges

    55555 by Minh L.

  • Wein LI am near grand central too ! Lol

    55555 by Wein L

  • Vittorio ViolaВсе хорошо! Устрицы гуд! Но очень наглые официанты!!! Берут на чай сразу максимальный процент и вас особо не спрашивают (

    55555 by Vittorio Viola

  • Jade L.Come here and feel a little Mad Men.

    55555 by Jade L.

  • Ximena D.Really good! Clam chowder is a must!

    55555 by Ximena D.

  • Ol EgУстрицы. По доллару. Дороже нет смысла брать.

    55555 by Ol Eg

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Grand Central Oyster Bar as seen on Best Thing I Ever Ate

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • VoiceStreetHere you can try 14 or 15 varieties at one time. Few culinary pleasures can match the chance to compare several from far-flung locales. Or opt for a bowl of delicious clam chowder.

    55555 by VoiceStreet

  • Emilia AllonsoMartha's vineyard oysters

    55555 by Emilia Allonso

  • Joe F.For a quick lunch at this legend, order at the take out window. They have an assortment of their excellent dishes to go, including the delicious chowders.

    55555 by Joe F.

  • Brendan L.This place is like a time machine into old-school New York. Keep it going by ordering the Clams Casino and don't forget extra bread to sop up the garlic butter

    55555 by Brendan L.

  • Renee SHappy hour 4:30-7

    55555 by Renee S

  • Jessie A.Nom? Nom!!

    55555 by Jessie A.

  • Gerard RafieDon't miss the bouillabaisse

    55555 by Gerard Rafie

  • Katia RekhoHortible service. I came very thirsty. After five minutes I started to call any server to ask just a bottle of water but they started to tell me wait that is not their table.

    22222 by Katia Rekho

  • Urban CompassChow down on oysters, chowders, and other crustacean deep within Grand Central Station.

    55555 by Urban Compass

  • Ravi M.Still the king of all oyster bars in variety and freshness. But service was a little shady at last happy hour with double charges and overcharges. Will chalk that up to a fluke event.

    33333 by Ravi M.

  • Ivan Mجيد، جيد. الطازجة وديليش. يوصى بشدة

    55555 by Ivan M

  • Cooper S.Get some starters, then split a a 2-3 lb lobster between 2 of you

    55555 by Cooper S.

  • Valerie S.Sandwiches live at the reopened Oyster Bar (March 2014). Ask for the list, if not given with the main menu.

    33333 by Valerie S.

  • Lala cЖутко шумное место.

    55555 by Lala c

  • Pam C.Get the oyster pan roast, an NYC endangered food.

    55555 by Pam C.

  • Untapped CitiesThe anchor restaurant of the Grand Central Terminal serves, in addition to oysters, 140 seafood dishes (and 5 non-seafood plates) under the famed and magnificent ceiling.

    55555 by Untapped Cities

  • Mariko N.Closed for renovations from January to March 2014!

    55555 by Mariko N.

  • Fernanda E.El servicio está de la chingada. La comida rica pero nada espectacular. Vale mucho la pena conocer el edificio, que es muy bonito.

    55555 by Fernanda E.

  • АндрейМог ли я, обычный ленинградский школьник, предположить, что устрицы бывают 20 сортов? В те годы встреча с живыми устрицами, вообще казалась с

    33333 by Андрей

  • Torunn S.Deep fried oysters with tartare sauced just amused my palate immensely.

    55555 by Torunn S.

  • ClearРесторан на территории Вокзала, но... каков "вокзал" таково и заведение))) Всем советую!

    55555 by Clear

  • ClearMarry Christmas !))

    55555 by Clear

  • Carol Ann K.The perfect ending. Wine and clam chowder.

    55555 by Carol Ann K.

  • Sergey M.Обязательно к посещению

    55555 by Sergey M.

  • Andres S.The best clam chowder ever!

    55555 by Andres S.

  • Jenifer K.I just paid $24 for a piece of broiled fish.... I feel very slighted :( However, I've been told it's all about the oysters (which I did not sample this time). Very cool atmosphere!

    33333 by Jenifer K.

  • David M.The tuna burger (only available at the bar or counter before 6pm) is freakin' huge and quite good. But in all honesty, if you want a tuna burger go to Lure. Their tuna burger is better.

    55555 by David M.

  • Jonathan R.Not on the menu, but they always have Whale's Tale Pale Ale- a great taste of Nantucket...

    55555 by Jonathan R.

  • Alfredo D.Sobre valuado, el servicio es malo, la comida no es muy buena y el precio no va con lo demás, hay muchos lugares mejores, yo no lo recomiendo

    33333 by Alfredo D.

  • Kev M.Unreal bouillabaisse worth the splurge.. Pass the biscuit bread

    55555 by Kev M.

  • Rebecca P.Do not make bookings or turn up at 9pm, kitchen wants to close and they make sure you know it, maybe better for a lunch venue. Oysters are excellent, king crab overpriced and bland.

    33333 by Rebecca P.

  • Dutch E.Belly up to the bar, and enjoy the Master Shuckers work it...order up (and don't forget a pint of suds).

    55555 by Dutch E.

  • Jeff O.Just get oysters, forget the other stuff. Have a great time!

    55555 by Jeff O.

  • Untapped CitiesThe anchor restaurant of the Grand Central Terminal serves, in addition to oysters, 140 seafood dishes (and 5 non-seafood plates) under the famed and magnificent ceiling.

    55555 by Untapped Cities

  • La B.Didn't have any oysters. But the saloon is pretty neat to have a drink in. Sit at the bar.. Grab a beer... Enjoy.

    55555 by La B.

  • Serious EatsA New York classic and a great place for oysters (of course) and plenty of other fresh seafood options.

    55555 by Serious Eats

  • Chris B.Happy Hour: Sat 1-4pm, M-W 4:30-7pm

    33333 by Chris B.

  • Geoffrey B.Oyster. Pan roast = always great, never disappoints

    55555 by Geoffrey B.

  • Rosie S.Large pan fried scallops are delicious !

    55555 by Rosie S.

  • Juno S.Scallops are amazing.

    55555 by Juno S.

  • Alex M."Thank God the developers haven't yet discovered the Saloon in the basement of Grand Central Station. It's hiding behind the Oyster Bar -- don't tell anyone."

    55555 by Alex M.

  • Sai L.order the shooter!

    22222 by Sai L.

  • Jairo P.Try the Assorted Oysters - Bliss comes in pairs. Dozen of assorted oysters. Komamoto are still my favorite (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Jairo P.

  • PocohantusClosing time

    33333 by Pocohantus

  • Steve-OVery yummy. Can't go wrong with the selection of east and west oysters. They really ALL were delicious.

    55555 by Steve-O

  • Jack H.Walk in and turn right. Sit at the counter in front of the guys shucking the oysters. Order a couple of dozen with an ice tea and enjoy!

    33333 by Jack H.

  • Corinne K.One of the best places for a variety of oysters! The Maine lobster is great too.

    55555 by Corinne K.

  • Landmarks Preservation CommissionOpened in 1913 in Grand Central Terminal’s lower concourse level, the restaurant features a particularly impressive series of thin shallow terra-cotta vaults, or Guastavino vaults. Landmarked in 1980.

    55555 by Landmarks Preservation Commission

  • Kristof P.Must-do lunch location when visiting NY

    55555 by Kristof P.

  • GuilhermeTry beavertail oysters and the haddock

    55555 by Guilherme

  • George W.They should make their items order-able from a smart phone by adding them to the app "appay biz" for free! That way, I can order ahead using "appay"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    33333 by George W.

  • Evelyn G.The tuna steak burger with miso and wasabi is out out of this world!

    55555 by Evelyn G.

  • Jason B.Terrible service and food at top prices. Venue and architecture is awesome. Lets hope a Michelin Chef buys this place one day. So much potential.

    33333 by Jason B.

  • Katie S.Oyster Bar specials include Blue Point oysters ($1.25/each) and fried oyster sliders ($8.95) in the lounge and saloon only. Monday-Wednesday 4:30-7 p.m.; Saturday 1-5 p.m.

    55555 by Katie S.

  • Griroriy N.Touristic attraction, food is absolutely average.

    55555 by Griroriy N.

  • Valentin L.Too pricey for a less than average service, but God I like oysters!

    55555 by Valentin L.

  • The Tiny TieRantTry the Medley Of Shellfish (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by The Tiny TieRant

  • Eynat E.Get a clam chowder and sit on the bar.

    33333 by Eynat E.

  • Andrew F.Fried oysters and vodka martinis are perfect choice here.

    55555 by Andrew F.

  • Yasuhiro D.家族で食事に行きました。

    55555 by Yasuhiro D.

  • Brian H.Tuna is prepared well!

    55555 by Brian H.

  • Patrick F.The Oyster Pan Roast

    55555 by Patrick F.

  • Ben T.Worst service in a bar I have ever experienced, hands down. Rude, aggressive, crazy. Her manager came over and apologised, said she was having a bad day, but still told us to leave. Unbelievable.

    11111 by Ben T.

  • Andrea M.Foursquare says it's closed, but it's not.

    55555 by Andrea M.

  • Jon W.The seafood combination pan roast and lobster roll we shared were both fantastic. They even split them so we could share. Great service, thanks!

    55555 by Jon W.

  • Mark H.Tasty chowder and oyster platter, if a bit more than a tad pricey

    55555 by Mark H.

  • anzu K.Great way to compare East and West coast.

    55555 by anzu K.

  • Matt K.Try Bloody Oyster Shooter with Skyy Vodka!

    55555 by Matt K.

  • Carlos Eduardo S.Excellent clam chowder and a great variety of oysters.

    55555 by Carlos Eduardo S.

  • 💣Michael E.The oyster pan roast is New York's most perfect dish according to Adam Platt from the NYT. Get wine, eat shellfish.

    55555 by 💣Michael E.

  • Ryan W."Head underground for the freshly shucked East Coast Oyster Platter (eight for $21.35), the Bivalve Platter (four oysters, four clams for $14.35) or the Medley of Shellfish (ten oysters, two clams..."

    55555 by Ryan W.

  • JenniferTry the Assorted Oysters - 3 kinds, all delicious. Old school NYC, check. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Jennifer

  • Sarah H.Closes before 10PM on a Friday. Psshh! Lame.

    33333 by Sarah H.

  • Kasey B.Some of the best oysters I have we had!! The Kumamoto are delightful, as is everything on the raw menu.

    55555 by Kasey B.

  • Nick G.Manhattan Clam Chowder

    55555 by Nick G.

  • EricaAmazing food as always

    55555 by Erica

  • Adam P.Favorite 12 oyster combo: 2 Discovery Bay, 2 Moonstone, 2 Naked Cowboy, 2 Samish Bay, 2 Wianno Bay, 2 Wellfleet mostly East Coast with a little West Coast thrown in.

    55555 by Adam P.

  • Jason M.I prefer to sit at the serpentine counter. If not the raw delicacies (clams/oysters), get the manhattan clam chowder and the fried oysters.

    55555 by Jason M.

  • Alfred T.Grab a fried oyster sandwich for lunch at the bar.

    55555 by Alfred T.

  • Price P.An absolute classic. Be prepared to shell out a few $$, but well worth it. A top 5 must do in NYC for me, venue wise.

    55555 by Price P.

  • sandra s.WORST RESTAURANT EVER. FOOD DISGUSTING. They should be ashamed to serve this shit. Even my cat would not eat their fish.

    11111 by sandra s.

  • Jake S.Get the Oyster Pan Roast.

    55555 by Jake S.

  • Steve E.Reenact that one Mad Men episode by hitting this place for a weekday lunch of bomb oysters and martinis. Don't puke in front of your clients though.

    33333 by Steve E.

  • Ed L.Great place, try the lobster gespacho

    55555 by Ed L.

  • BradfordDon't get the fried clams. They are the frozen kind! Very disappointing.

    33333 by Bradford

  • James B.Really good oysters if you go local..oh nd Amazing cocktails!! especially at happy hr. :)

    55555 by James B.

  • Kristel v.Dutch herring: available only for two weeks when the new season is there, somewhere in June. Lovely (and huge!) herring salad!

    55555 by Kristel v.

  • Madeleine R.Classic, retro, steeped in tradition and they've got a vast selection of delicious bivalves. Also, I got engaged here, so it's extra wonderful.

    55555 by Madeleine R.

  • Thomas K.Favourite Oysters: Discovery Bay & Kumamoto.

    55555 by Thomas K.

  • Megan B.Oyster panroast is amazing!!

    55555 by Megan B.

  • Filipp C.Ouster panroast is great. Not so much the clam panroast

    55555 by Filipp C.

  • Pia M.Yummy oysters, the menu has an extensive list of fresh seafood, and the wine is good. They don't do HH but this landmark is worth checking out. Service is friendly as well. (3 of 4 petals via Fondu)

    55555 by Pia M.

  • Jannica C.Oysters, she crab soup, and fried clams!

    55555 by Jannica C.

  • Siobhan Q.Mad Men Season 1 episode "Red in the Face" Don & Roger have a few dozen oysters and several rounds of cocktails here.

    55555 by Siobhan Q.

  • Zvi E.Kumamoto oyster are great!

    55555 by Zvi E.

  • Ayu M.Architecture of the building so beautiful....

    55555 by Ayu M.

  • Nikolay D.bouillabaisse is totally awesome!!!

    55555 by Nikolay D.

  • Max A.been craving the oyster pan roast all weeeek

    55555 by Max A.

  • New York HabitatThis place is perfect for trying all kinds of Oysters! Don't leave without tasting the famous Manhattan Clam Chowder

    55555 by New York Habitat

  • Tom F.Shrimp Pan Roast - ta dye four!

    55555 by Tom F.

  • chris p.The she crab soup on Tuesdays and Thursdays is unbeatable! Say hello to Alex in the back saloon ...mention JD

    55555 by chris p.

  • Lukkate B.Cherrystone :)))

    55555 by Lukkate B.

  • Brandon F.The biscuit/ rolls are mad good

    55555 by Brandon F.

  • ThePurplePassport.comIt’s a landmark–we love the sense of history. Plus, it gives us an excuse to pass through Grand Central even if we don’t have a train to catch. Note: the menu here changes daily.

    55555 by ThePurplePassport.com

  • Kris K.The pan roasts are the best things on the menu. Skip the sandwiches.

    55555 by Kris K.

  • Shane M.Service was very good, oysters were great. Entrées were not. My suggestion is go for the oysters and enjoy dinner elsewhere.

    55555 by Shane M.

  • Thom P.Look out for the whisper corner

    33333 by Thom P.

  • Luca DLKumamoto & Bluepoint oysters to start, then try the amazing New England clam chowder.

    55555 by Luca DL

  • Inman NewsGreat seafood, the little kneck clams are the best!

    55555 by Inman News

  • Manuel G.Come here if you are a tourist and want to be ripped off for mediocre food and bad service.

    22222 by Manuel G.

  • Patricia G.Servicio pèsimo

    33333 by Patricia G.

  • Catherine B.Skip the clam chowder: too runny and milky

    33333 by Catherine B.

  • Santiago HEl mejor scallop stew

    55555 by Santiago H

  • Sarah H.I've never had a bartender I didn't love. Very sweet and attentive- I almost always get a freebie when I'm waiting for someone alone.

    55555 by Sarah H.

  • DensHoly cow, the oysters are delicious here! Don't miss the clams casino w/ thick slab bacon.

    55555 by Dens

  • Munier ASit at a communal table or in the Saloon ...

    33333 by Munier A

  • Meredith B.Check out the herring festival. Yum.

    55555 by Meredith B.

  • Tiffany & CoThe Whispering Gallery, just outside the Oyster Bar door, invites lovers to whisper their secrets from one corner of the vaulted ceiling to the other. You must try it.

    55555 by Tiffany & Co

  • Interni MagazineGrand Central terminal's historic seafood restaurant and raw bar, evoking reminders of Old New York.

    55555 by Interni Magazine

  • KristyLove the oysters here :)

    55555 by Kristy

  • CheapismSit at their meandering lunch counter and get some raw oysters that start at $1.95. Their menu changes daily, so stop in and check out the catch of the day from both coasts.

    55555 by Cheapism

  • YvesBloody mary und Oyster Po 'Boy oder Cajun fried Clams

    55555 by Yves

  • Brian G.Oysters Rockefeller! Ask for extra biscuits. Service always excellent.

    55555 by Brian G.

  • Mike O.Sit at the rightmost side of the oyster bar and watch the cook finish soups in steam jacketed pots.

    55555 by Mike O.

  • FangFang KGREAT! seafood restaurant

    55555 by FangFang K

  • VoiceStreetGet the New England clam chowder-dotted with chopped clams plus cubed potatoes and a whiff of bacon. The broad bowl comes sided with oyster crackers in unlimited numbers, in addition to a biscuit

    55555 by VoiceStreet

  • untung Aget some of the freshest seafood in town underground at a train station

    55555 by untung A

  • Augie W.Note to self - try oyster pan roast

    55555 by Augie W.

  • Sho EThe fredhest seafood in town.

    55555 by Sho E

  • Dmitriy S.Get the New England clam chowder, the Naked Cowboy oysters, and a weisbeer. Leaves happy.

    55555 by Dmitriy S.

  • Christopher C.closed Sundays

    55555 by Christopher C.

  •  ℋugh ℳorris H.Hit the saloon up for a martini 

    55555 by  ℋugh ℳorris H.

  • Fitha kdelicious...

    55555 by Fitha k

  • keith b.Way overpriced for what it is - go with your parents and let them pay

    33333 by keith b.

  • craig l.panroasted oysters please.

    55555 by craig l.

  • Gansevoort Hotel GroupTry a Bloody Mary Oyster Shooter with double cross vodka

    55555 by Gansevoort Hotel Group

  • Scott PBluepoints are perfect right now.

    55555 by Scott P

  • ariv w.Clams casino and martini's in the sloone

    55555 by ariv w.

  • VoiceStreetInvariably, the oysters will be ice-cold and perfectly shucked, plunked down without ceremony -- a throwback to when oysters were an everyman food. All they need is a squirt of lemon

    33333 by VoiceStreet

  • Julie Q.Try their Totten Inlet Virginicas. Consistently good. Clam Chowder is splittable for 2.

    55555 by Julie Q.

  • Jose ZThe battered shrimp is the best...great seafood!!!

    55555 by Jose Z

  • Franco S.Fried Oyster Po' Boy off the lunch menu is a must. Raw little neck clams are simply delicious and always fresh

    55555 by Franco S.

  • Elijah Rthis is my favorite place

    55555 by Elijah R

  • Warren B.find yourself to the counter and smiling at the fair maiden next to you, order clam chowder, oysters from Maine and a Lobster Roll. They will split all orders without being asked to do so. Have Fun!

    55555 by Warren B.

  • Gigi T.New England Clam Chowder and fresh lobster is a must!

    55555 by Gigi T.

  • Christiane N.DO get the Shrimp Cocktail or Cherry Stone ClamsDO fill up on cocktail sauce butDON'T get the Red Grouper very dry.

    33333 by Christiane N.

  • Robin T.Heads-up, Oyster Bar lovers: The Grand Central Oyster Bar will soon be opening a "branch" in Newark Liberty International Airport's Terminal C!

    55555 by Robin T.

  • The Corcoran GroupOnly in New York could you get some of the freshest seafood in town underground at a train station. Find some of the best clam chowder and biggest selection of East and West Coast Oysters in the city.

    55555 by The Corcoran Group

  • Atom A.Clams casino and martini's in the saloon. Skip the main dinning room it's for the pikers

    55555 by Atom A.

  • Naomi R.Check out the Whispering Gallery right outside the Oyster Bar entrance. Eat in the saloon.

    55555 by Naomi R.

  • Debbie P.Honestly the best seafood joint in the city. Amean gin martini, too.

    55555 by Debbie P.

  • Rob H.This place is one of the old gems of new york. Get a beer and Fried Oyster po-boy for lunch off the bar menu.

    55555 by Rob H.

  • Alex S.They have oysters

    55555 by Alex S.

  • Breno MasiTenho que comer Ostras e tomar um ótimo Gin!

    55555 by Breno Masi

  • Robin T.Wonderful place! Lots of oyster options, but great alternative choices, too. Enjoy!

    55555 by Robin T.

  • Joshua RGet there before 9:30.

    33333 by Joshua R

  • derrick c.Sit at the bar and order from the lunch menu - especially on a rainy day (like today).

    55555 by derrick c.

  • Jeff M.get the manhattan clam chowder. not the new England.

    55555 by Jeff M.

  • Stephen L VAvoid days when there's a oyster seminar (bad sound)

    22222 by Stephen L V

  • Kevin S.Have an old school advertising Mad Men style lunch of oysters & martinis

    55555 by Kevin S.

  • Andrea R.Go to Oyster Bar alone, sit at the bar, and make nice with the staff. They slipped me a couple free Hama Hamas last time.

    33333 by Andrea R.

  • Tristan L.Stand in one corner in front of the Oyster Bar at Grand Central and have a friend stand on the other side and whisper. the other person can hear you...

    33333 by Tristan L.

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