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Serendipity 3

225 East 60th Street Frnt
New York, NY 10022

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(212) 838-3531


  • Sunday: 11:30 am - Midnight
  • Monday: 11:30 am - Midnight
  • Tuesday: 11:30 am - Midnight
  • Wednesday: 11:30 am - Midnight
  • Thursday: 11:30 am - Midnight
  • Friday: 11:30 am - 1:00 am
  • Saturday: 11:30 am - 2:00 am

Cuisine: American Restaurants

4.3 of 5.0 from 280 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Serendipity 3 in New York, NY
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  • Serendipity 3 in New York, NY
  • Serendipity 3 in New York, NY
  • Serendipity 3 in New York, NY

Blogger Reviews of Serendipity 3

  • Solo Travel Girl on Aug 14, 2013

    I had read about hour wait times and long lines just to be seated in Serendipity 3. Reservations are only accepted for meals and not desserts. On a Wednesday afternoon around 3 p.m., I rolled the dice and showed up...

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  • The Hungry Sprout on Jul 30, 2013

    Serendipity III is a tourist staple in New York City and there are plenty of tourists wandering around New York this time of year- so here are my two cents...

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Serendipity 3 Reviews

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  • ChefMozGood dessert, but RUDE staff ruined my whole experience. Wait was 1.5 to 2 hours on Sunday afternoon. Staff yelled at me for not being there when my name was called. Told me to get out of the way. I was shocked, angry, upset. I think having open heart surgery with a rusty fork would be more enjoyable.

    11111 by ChefMoz.org

  • AlAnoud GA masterpiece on its own. Everywhere you turn, you'll be wowed by their decor❤️ friendliest staff, great food (Julia's chicken salad, Cheese Ravioli).. and the queen of them all, frozen hot chocolate!

    55555 by AlAnoud G

  • Altuğ EFrozen hot chocolate

    55555 by Altuğ E

  • Allison JGreat for the kids!

    55555 by Allison J

  • Loredana KDon't bother...touristy place

    33333 by Loredana K

  • Bahia MPlace and food are great! Service and reception just Ok!

    55555 by Bahia M

  • Inma JDemasiado fama para lo que es. El local es bonito pero por lo demas bastante normal

    55555 by Inma J

  • Michelle LBack in the 90's as a teen, this was my first " Manhattan" restaurant date.

    33333 by Michelle L

  • Sarah JAmazing three cheese ravioli!!

    55555 by Sarah J

  • Ali HEl curry almendrado es maravilloso 😍 de postre strawberry fields 💕

    55555 by Ali H

  • Nathan R.Really busy/crowded much of the time, expensive for what you get.

    33333 by Nathan R.

  • Annanaansn CGood food hot chocolate is bar

    55555 by Annanaansn C

  • Eliza AThis place is overrated. Waiting for an hour for a regular coffee place. Fruit bowl not fresh and tasty at all. All the food we tried was of mediocre taste. The prices were ridiculous. Good service.

    33333 by Eliza A

  • Kv BForbidden Broadway sundae is simple divine 😍

    55555 by Kv B

  • Christian REverything here is amazing! Specially the deserts thought. Nom

    55555 by Christian R

  • Ana M.Desserts were amazing but the club sandwich was even better

    55555 by Ana M.

  • Eathar TChocolate fudge cake with Ice cream and whipped cream. Many layers of chocolate! To die for 😭

    55555 by Eathar T

  • Jesse L.Friendly, understanding staff. Great knowledge of their extremely large menu.

    55555 by Jesse L.

  • Jeffery W.A crap ton of food, must be hungry in order to eat here… Also really expensive, but really good!

    55555 by Jeffery W.

  • Caitlin SakdalanI think Serendipity is something that every curious tourist or new "New Yorker" has to experience. Overpriced and usually busy but necessary

    55555 by Caitlin Sakdalan

  • Pam H.Wait was ridiculously long at just about two hours. If you can, plan ahead and call to make a ressie. We killed time at Dylan's candy shop and Bloomies so it worked out.

    33333 by Pam H.

  • Jessica PThe frozen hot chocolate is the star of the show here. With this place's blossoming reputation, expect there to always be a wait.

    55555 by Jessica P

  • LaShorage CJarlsburger was tasty! And of course the Frozen Salted Carmel Hot Chocolate

    55555 by LaShorage C

  • Cory SThis was on my must do list, and I finally did. Food was delicious and I consider this dessert heaven.

    55555 by Cory S

  • WejdanFrozen hot chocolate = Frozen nesquik.

    55555 by Wejdan

  • Lisa RFrozen hot chocolate is a must. The shrimp salad sandwich is great,but it's not Irish soda bread. It's more like fruit bread😊. Also, the bi sensual burger is awesome but it's a bit piggy🐽🙈.

    55555 by Lisa R

  • Fumiko SFrozen hot chocolate and other fruit frozen drinks were amazingly delicious.

    55555 by Fumiko S

  • Mariana SGigantic portions! Frozen chocolate is the best!

    55555 by Mariana S

  • Munirah EFrozen hot chocolate 😍💞

    55555 by Munirah E

  • Debra W.S3 is NY institution! This is a small establishment, with a menu decadent ice cream concoctions as unique as the restaurant itself. Go early to avoid the wait. Bring your camera and your appetite.

    55555 by Debra W.

  • 🏄Dimitris JGo there only if you are very hungry, don't expect gourmet cuisine!

    55555 by 🏄Dimitris J

  • Janet CheungI know this will be an unusual tip, however ask for the perfume! It's really warming and toasty and reminds me of the happy memories of New York when I am not in the city!

    55555 by Janet Cheung

  • Mike H.Get the white chocolate frozen hot chocolate ♥️

    55555 by Mike H.

  • Ines ParodiAunque la espera es larga, la comida es muy buena y los postres espectaculares! Ideal para compartir. Excelente decoración y buena atención

    55555 by Ines Parodi

  • Catherine MyintVery good place to have frozen hot chocolate! Will come back for another sooner or later. :)

    55555 by Catherine Myint

  • Nora KSoooo overrated! It's like a chocolate milk blended with ice!! Nothing special :( not worth the 45 minutes wait ..

    33333 by Nora K

  • AdnaHad the frozen hot chocolate and french toast. Giant serving size. Frozen hot chocolate tasted like a chocolate slushie.

    33333 by Adna

  • Paulina L.Gotta have Frozen hot chocolate on a trip to NYC!

    55555 by Paulina L.

  • Erin K.Go there for the desserts and atmosphere. Don't bother with the food.

    33333 by Erin K.

  • Madonna MHI didn't try the food here, I just had the amazing Frozen Hot Chocolate and it was spectacular!

    55555 by Madonna MH

  • Steffanie CamiloFrozen hot chocolate! Delicious!

    55555 by Steffanie Camilo

  • Daniel V.Delectable treats for the sweet tooth fanatic! Lengthy lines for seating but do try the Frozen Hot Chocolate!

    55555 by Daniel V.

  • Natalie LThe peanut butter tart was really good. But didn't really enjoy the frozen hot chocolate.

    55555 by Natalie L

  • Ronna MWhat's good? Not the ftozrn hot chocolate. Wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy. Over priced and overrated.

    22222 by Ronna M

  • DimeChuchin HLlama para reservar, ya que siempre esta lleno y la espera es hasta de 3 horas. Las malteadas de chocolate son tradición

    55555 by DimeChuchin H

  • Josh MVery nice place and friendly staff, however to food is nothing special. The sundae made me feel sick.. More like a desert.

    55555 by Josh M

  • Marcela SemioneLoved the place, it felt like time traveling. I had frozen hot chocolate and cheesecake (both very good). It's better to split, as everything is very big.

    55555 by Marcela Semione

  • Colin BrownDefinitely get the Insanity Sundae if it's on the menu!

    55555 by Colin Brown

  • Catie CatFrozen hot chocolate!

    55555 by Catie Cat

  • Zara KhanOf course, this is the perfect little dessert place. Their frozen hot chocolate is divine! However, Serendipity is great for lunch too. Must try: The Haight Ashbury sandwich! It's absolutely fantastic

    55555 by Zara Khan

  • Marion FCinnamon fudge sundae

    55555 by Marion F

  • Annie K.The portions are large I came for the dessert and just couldn't do it. Save some room!

    33333 by Annie K.

  • Anna OhareYou'll wait a long time for your food, be told they don't have half the items on the menu, and then be asked if you are enjoying your meal, approximately 15 times. Cute place all the same though.

    33333 by Anna Ohare

  • Reem A.Frozen hot chocolate!

    55555 by Reem A.

  • Sofie AFrozen Hot Chocolate. :)

    55555 by Sofie A

  • Numwan WannieIt's famous for Frozen hot chocolate but I like banana split more. French toast is too dry

    55555 by Numwan Wannie

  • Adnan IV RThe Forbidden Broadway sundae!! It's sooo good! I didn't get the chance to try their dinner entrees I always go their for their lovely sundaes 😋

    55555 by Adnan IV R

  • Rie S.Best frozen hot chocolate in the city! Try the peanut butter and chocolate!

    55555 by Rie S.

  • Heejung NamForever signature frozen hot chocolate♥️ I wouldn't recommend sundaes though

    33333 by Heejung Nam

  • Audrey O.Frozen hot chocolates. Enough said.

    55555 by Audrey O.

  • Feras S.Try "Can't Say No Sundae."

    55555 by Feras S.

  • Lina JLong waiting list but really worth it

    55555 by Lina J

  • Rami Al-KhowaiterMust order the "Can't Say No" Sundae. Trust me!

    33333 by Rami Al-Khowaiter

  • Çiğdem ÖzerFrozen hot chocolate denilen şey bildiğin buzlu nesquik,hiçbir özelliği yok.ama yemekleri güzel Hamburgerler 15dolar civarında,bir de chicken nachos baya güzeldi,porsiyonları da çok büyük.

    55555 by Çiğdem Özer

  • Gloria ZThe frozen hot chocolate is good, but the less famous desserts are actually better.

    55555 by Gloria Z

  • Lucretia B.Not actually a fan of their frozen hot chocolate. Other desserts looked good though. Chicken nachos were amazing. Cheese ravioli was pretty good.

    55555 by Lucretia B.

  • Taylor CThe chicken pot Pie is really good!

    55555 by Taylor C

  • Abdulrahman AlmehiziaIf you are in NYC, u must try their famous hot chocolate

    55555 by Abdulrahman Almehizia

  • Gilberto CGo for the frozen hot chocolate

    55555 by Gilberto C

  • Hamster JЛимонный пирог тут восхитителен! Я не люблю лимонные пироги, но этот объедение!

    55555 by Hamster J

  • ann k.while waiting shop at bloomingdales

    33333 by ann k.

  • ValeriaFood here is not that great. Stick to the burgers & sandwiches if you must eat here. But the desserts are delicious!

    55555 by Valeria

  • Chanel C.Almost no wait if you're alone! Table for one! :)

    33333 by Chanel C.

  • Erin H.Get the strawberry sundae!! It's so good!

    55555 by Erin H.

  • Meg M.Sand Tart Sundae is Amazing! Definitely not advertised enough for how good it is!

    55555 by Meg M.

  • Mary Claire AFrozen hot chocolate is amazing!

    55555 by Mary Claire A

  • Brian C.Portions are big! Split your meal and your frrrozen hot chocolate. Or at least split your meal.

    55555 by Brian C.

  • 'Tarkan SMuhakkak gelinmesi gereken bir yer ;)

    55555 by 'Tarkan S

  • Jonathan M.My tip? Order anything. Seriously. EVERYTHING is amazing!

    55555 by Jonathan M.

  • Monika G.Frozen Hot Chocolate is to die for. Carrot cake was delicious too!

    55555 by Monika G.

  • Kiefer R.Leave room after dinner - the sundaes are massive and quite rich. But delicious and wonderful.

    55555 by Kiefer R.

  • Vero R.Si venís a NY .. Parada obligada‼️Chocolate Caliente o Frrrrozen Chocolate 🙀🙀

    55555 by Vero R.

  • Fernando A.Just don't have a carrot cake. Nice way to throw away $10 in a just regular tiny piece of cake as shown below.

    33333 by Fernando A.

  • Katie C.Great fun for children and adults alike.

    55555 by Katie C.

  • Xristina X.Desserts only! Unique! Good prices!friendly staff!

    55555 by Xristina X.

  • Madison B.The frozen hot choc is worth the hype.

    33333 by Madison B.

  • JackieSplit the Can't Say No sundae--it's amazing! There's always at least an hour wait--put your name in and eat somewhere else for dinner.

    33333 by Jackie

  • Madiha A.Besides the 'Frozen Hot Chocolates' which are amazing, I absolutely LOVED the 'Pink Ice' on the menu. Hands down the best dessert place to go to in New York.

    55555 by Madiha A.

  • Spooky S.One of the co-founders, Stephen, was in signing books. A little history, several recipes and a splash of celebrity.

    55555 by Spooky S.

  • Dave KersKnown for creating the original frozen hot chocolate, New Yorkers shouldn’t miss this dessert haven. Frrrozen Hot Chocolate is served in a large glass, topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings

    55555 by Dave Kers

  • Elina ✈Super crowded packed with tourists.The frozen hot chocolate lives up to the hype. Its good place for lunch too, try the Catcher in The Rye sandwich,BLT and Madame Butterfly pasta. Good coffee also.

    55555 by Elina ✈

  • Prateek R.Don't come here only for dessert. The food is phenomenal.

    55555 by Prateek R.

  • Turki A.Don't miss it , u will never forget it 👌❤️

    55555 by Turki A.

  • Jessica G.If you see this manager RUN. He screamed and yelled at a dozen people waiting inside for tables, made everyone wait outside in 30 degrees & the hostesses are scared of him. Say he "yells a lot"

    11111 by Jessica G.

  • KayUnique in very aspect! Put in on your list and come down the next time you visit the city.

    55555 by Kay

  • Todd S.Three words... Frozzzen Hot Chocolate!

    55555 by Todd S.

  • Melissa R.Duh. Frozen hot chocolate.

    55555 by Melissa R.

  • Madhumanti S.I think the place is totally hyped, to be honest, their deserts are nothing great or to die for. Their frozen hot chocolate is horrible. Starbucks mocha cookie crumble is million times better.

    55555 by Madhumanti S.

  • Philo4ThoughtA very amusing collection of knickknacks to browse through while you wait to be seated. The food is good, but these get you to smile before you even get to the table.

    55555 by Philo4Thought

  • Courtney B.Frozen Hot Chocolate. Simply a must

    55555 by Courtney B.

  • Sibel R.Order the wings! Perfect blend of spicy and sweet!

    55555 by Sibel R.

  • Ariel J.Really good. Def make RSVPs. Really recommend it. Frozen hot choco the best.

    55555 by Ariel J.

  • Joseph G.tourist trap

    11111 by Joseph G.

  • Cristiane P.Perfeito.. Tem comida tb!!!

    55555 by Cristiane P.

  • Fitz B.Salted caramel frozen hot chocolate is awesome but not as good as the regular. + I can't speak for the ladies but the men's bathroom here is amazing ah ah amazing

    55555 by Fitz B.

  • Глеб И.It's chocolate cake with ice cream.

    55555 by Глеб И.

  • Majeela K.The food is absolutely horrid, service sucks, desserts are good, but it's not really worth all the money you pay.

    33333 by Majeela K.

  • Becky H.I used to come here when I was younger and loved their FHC. Returned as an adult and very disappointed. Don't get the salted caramel HC very artificial tasting. The can't say no sundae was good

    33333 by Becky H.

  • Roxana D.It's a nice place to drink a chocolate, but be careful, don't ask for a chocolate and for a dessert, you could have a heart attack! So much sugar!

    55555 by Roxana D.

  • Lucy M.Love the drugstore sundaes here! They always hit the spot!

    55555 by Lucy M.

  • Ellison S.Yes, the Frozen Hot Chocolate is great, but you MUST get Forbidden Chocolate Sundae. I do suggest making a reservation.

    55555 by Ellison S.

  • Diane N.My tip ~ don't waste your time or money!

    11111 by Diane N.

  • Kick'em JennyMom won't pay the $1,000, so trying the frozen hot chocolate

    33333 by Kick'em Jenny

  • SamWorth the wait!!!

    33333 by Sam

  • TaylorTook 2 hours to get a table on a Saturday...but the frozen hot chocolate was worth it!

    33333 by Taylor

  • Alicia 🍓☀ B.Amazing, Simply Amazing! 😍Try the Frozen Pineapple Lemonade, the Frozen Hot Chocolate, Chicken Livers, Chicken Pot Pie, Heck, Try Everything! LOL! So Delicious! ❤🗽👏🍧🍨

    55555 by Alicia 🍓☀ B.

  • Jean C.Make reservations ahead and save yourself some time. If you did not make reservations, have one person in your party stay inside. the line moves faster than they say...

    33333 by Jean C.

  • Terena D.Awful service. Run away as fast as you can!

    22222 by Terena D.

  • Jasmin T.The Frrrozen Hot Chocolate is amazing! Well worth the $9.00

    55555 by Jasmin T.

  • Isabel E.Frozen hot chocolates are a must!

    55555 by Isabel E.

  • Kat K.Definitely worth the wait...

    55555 by Kat K.

  • ConradFrozen Hot chocolate is very good but not if u have to wait 2 hours its not worth it then.

    33333 by Conrad

  • Aundrea E.Their AC is out in the middle of a NYC heat wave. They should've posted signs or called those with reservations about this. My frrrrrrozen hot chocolate melted away ASAP!

    33333 by Aundrea E.

  • Claire T.After telling us there's a 1.5-hr wait we were able to get in after 15 mts so make sure you check back often. Lots of empty seats inside. Food was mediocre. Frozen hot chocolate was tdf!

    33333 by Claire T.

  • DevinaLong waits. Overcrowded, overpriced, and overrated. Tried the frozen mocachino and it honestly wasn't that special. Just cold and big.

    22222 by Devina

  • Nelson D.Put your name on the waiting list (1 hr wait) and then go eat elsewhere. Try Patsy's Brick Oven Pizza across the street, then go back to S3 just in time for dessert.

    33333 by Nelson D.

  • Kara C.BIGGEST. LETDOWN. EVEEEEEERRR! Frozen Hot Chocolate was watered down chocolate milk!!

    22222 by Kara C.

  • Kara C.Chicken sandwich was dried up, tasteless, hard and overall terrible rotisserie chicken leftover from 3 months ago. Hopefully desert is better.

    22222 by Kara C.

  • Ayeshah A.Make sure u call ahead to make a reservation. Or u may not get a table. We didn't ... So we didn't !

    33333 by Ayeshah A.

  • Kate I.Just come here for dessert. The frozen hot chocolate is good, but the hot dishes aren't that good.

    55555 by Kate I.

  • Mayur P.The Frozzzen Hot Chocolate was great. The steamed dim sum appetizer was really good too.

    55555 by Mayur P.

  • Khaula R.Frozen hot chocolate is good but extremely overrated!

    33333 by Khaula R.

  • Meir S.Summer Bries "samdwich" was okay, Frrrozen Hot Chocolate is an overglorified instant chocolate drink.

    33333 by Meir S.

  • Nancy L.Come with a large appetite for the cold delicious ice cream that is made to perfection

    55555 by Nancy L.

  • Andreea O.Unimpressed... I really wanted to like this place. Tried the frozen hot chocolate - I would never have it again. Maybe other stuff on the menu is better...but I probably won't be back.

    33333 by Andreea O.

  • Brian P.Not worth it. Food is mediocre, service is way too slow. Servers just go missing at times. People that work here just don't care.

    33333 by Brian P.

  • Lisa H.It's just like the movie.. :)

    33333 by Lisa H.

  • Xixia W.frozen hot chocolate. order it. <3

    55555 by Xixia W.

  • Pablo G.Have the frozen hot chocolate

    33333 by Pablo G.

  • Alisa B.Sometimes you just get lucky! We got right in- no wait. Was a Wednesday at 9pm.

    33333 by Alisa B.

  • Zachary R.Stay away from them when traveling w family of kids!! No stroller allowed. I walked 3 miles to go there and found out no stroller allowed at all!!!

    33333 by Zachary R.

  • Jennifer T.Oh my god... Their Frrrozen Hot Chocolate has sent me straight to heaven! :)

    55555 by Jennifer T.

  • Rj S.Good, but not worth a long wait.

    33333 by Rj S.

  • Social N.The Frozen Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate is incredible and something you won't be able to find anywhere else! The apple pie is also a delicious sweet treat if you prefer your desserts warm.

    55555 by Social N.

  • Lisa RThe Salted Caramel Frozen Hot Chocolate is to die for!!!

    55555 by Lisa R

  • Doug EDidn't think it was worth the wait and price

    33333 by Doug E

  • StageBuddyTry the Strawberry Fields Forever Sundae with vanilla ice cream instead of strawberry.

    55555 by StageBuddy

  • CalilaI love it. The brownie with chocolate fudge incredible!

    55555 by Calila

  • Lauren M.The frozen hot chocolate is amazing. It's even great in the peanut butter flavor. Bring a datw though, because it's definitely big enough for sharing!

    55555 by Lauren M.

  • Dianne S.Try the Frozen Hot Chocolate

    55555 by Dianne S.

  • Marissa D.If I ever lived in New York, I would be horribly obese from drinking the delicious frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity all day, every day.

    55555 by Marissa D.

  • Steven E.The food here was absolutely amazing! Below is their mixed grill! I had nachos lemon custard cake and the frozen hot chocolate! I highly recommend this place!

    55555 by Steven E.

  • Joey B.Best way to consume the frozen hot chocolate is to first put a dollop (1 dollop!) of the whipped cream in ya mouth then drink it. But that's just me..

    55555 by Joey B.

  • Jannie V.Haute Dog is a must even at $69. Cooked in truffle oil, the fresh bread, flown in from Germany is smothered with truffle butter and fleur de sel, and smeared with foie gras. Magnifique!

    55555 by Jannie V.

  • Vik P.Be prepared to queue for up to two hours when it's busy.

    33333 by Vik P.

  • Vik P.Ffffrozen Hot Choolate, what better way to meet the minimum charge!

    33333 by Vik P.

  • Aysem E.it's no Christmas in NYC without a visit to Serendipity cafe. Superb hot chocolate....

    55555 by Aysem E.

  • Gerilyn M.The Frrrozen Hot Chocolate is nothing special. Topped with something that looks like but doesn't taste like whipped cream, it's like a bad attempt at a chocolate shake. #Overrated

    33333 by Gerilyn M.

  • Elizabeth O.If you order the Banana Split "Coward" be ready for a huge portion...absolutely yummy :)

    55555 by Elizabeth O.

  • CarolOur party had a little bit of everything. Breakfast--French toast to die for, Lunch--burger ummm good, Dinner--Lemon Sole was rich and delicious. Save up your calorie count for this place!

    55555 by Carol

  • Luiz B.Try the Forbidden Broadway Sundae - 3 weeks of spinning twice a day to recover from it (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Luiz B.

  • Birtan E.It's stupid that you have to order a minimum of $8.50. You can not just come and have frozen hot chocolate for 2.

    33333 by Birtan E.

  • Ashton W.Sit in the table down stairs next to the funky mirror across from the ladies bathroom.. The waiter said Justin Bieber sat there last thanksgiving! Ha:)

    22222 by Ashton W.

  • Jordan T.The frozen hot chocolate is over rated. Go with the broadway Sundae. It's where it's at.

    33333 by Jordan T.

  • Norman E.Get a table upstairs. Less crowded and more Intimate. Split a Shepard's pie or an omelette and you'll still have room for the treats. Froz hot chic is to die but try the apricot smush as well.

    55555 by Norman E.

  • El PresidentteTry the White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake Icecream - This is how u satisfy a "Sweet Tooth" Baby!!!! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by El Presidentte

  • Justin RyanSERIOUSLY, don't bring your children. You're going to have a wait time, there's no kid's menu, and absolutely no room for babysitting inside.

    33333 by Justin Ryan

  • Gene C.Host was a rude ass - when asked if they do to go, he yelled 'no' as if they don't need our business. And they didn't get it.

    11111 by Gene C.

  • Kelly P.Reminisce about some of your favorite movies being filmed here, and try to spot where they sat. Also the Brooklyn blackout cake is NOT GOOD, but the PB frozen hot chocolate never disappoints.

    55555 by Kelly P.

  • Matt S.Frozen hot chocolate always good... Make a reservation on weekends.

    55555 by Matt S.

  • Karen G.Crepes for lunch.. .perfect!

    55555 by Karen G.

  • Emily E.Go late at night to avoid the lines! Makes for an amazing midnight snack!

    55555 by Emily E.

  • Jeremy O.Try the Tuna (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Jeremy O.

  • Robyn B.Just ate the golden opulence sundae...definitely not worth $1000 but how many people can say they ate gold

    33333 by Robyn B.

  • H&MWe hear the frozen hot chocolate here is amazing! Satisfy your craving, then head to our store on 731 Lex Ave for FNO 2012 & hop a bus around town! Enjoy 30% off your favorite item from 6pm - 11pm.

    55555 by H&M

  • Aziz A.Frozen Hot Chocolate is a must!

    55555 by Aziz A.

  • Cathy C.The menu is BIG!

    55555 by Cathy C.

  • Affinia HotelsFrozen hot chocolate or bust! There are plenty of scrumptious delights to enjoy at Serendipity, but really: you must try the frozen hot chocolate!

    55555 by Affinia Hotels

  • Ashley K.Frozen Hot Chocolate is a must. This place gets packed so have a reservation or go there after 9pm to get seated quickly.

    55555 by Ashley K.

  • tre/try the Cinnamon Fudge Sundae: apple pie (warm), cinnamon ice cream, caramel topping w/ whipped cream #perfection

    55555 by tre/

  • BonobosWe're a huge fan of the frozen hot chocolate!

    55555 by Bonobos

  • Jeff W.Make reservations and you right in!

    55555 by Jeff W.

  • Peter M.Over rated tourist trap. Good luck if you have to use the restroom.

    22222 by Peter M.

  • Minyi S.best frozen hot chocolate. worth the wait.

    55555 by Minyi S.

  • Sigal M.Slowest service ever. Hours wait so hungry

    11111 by Sigal M.

  • FoodtoEatThought everyone raves about the Frozen Hot Chocolate, which is superb, the other food here is great too! Not to mention the beautiful decor and unmatchable coziness!

    55555 by FoodtoEat

  • Claire D.Get the frozen hot chocolate! Perfection!

    55555 by Claire D.

  • Jesse K.i don't get it. the frrrozen hot chocolate is disgusting.

    33333 by Jesse K.

  • Matt B.Seriously get the frozen hot chocolate as a BEVERAGE. Get the BLT if you need food. And DEFINITELY don't miss the "Can't Say No Sundae." I swear my mouth is in heaven right now OMG I might die.

    55555 by Matt B.

  • Catherine P.The frozen hot chocolate is a chocolate slushy. Youtube, make it at home for your tourist friends, will take less time than waiting in line at Serendipity 3.

    33333 by Catherine P.

  • Maryam K.The reason why everyone says the frozen hot choc its cause they never tried the frozen peanut butter hot choc which is waaaaaay better, trust me!

    33333 by Maryam K.

  • Hessa K.The frozen hot chocolate is so overrated.

    33333 by Hessa K.

  • Social N.Frozen Hot Chocolate is what it's known for. I would also recommend the "Big Apple" Pie a la mode with cinnamon ice cream - the best combination!

    55555 by Social N.

  • Bℓanca ß.Try to be sat upstairs and the original frozen hot chocolate is a MUST!!

    55555 by Bℓanca ß.

  • Arzu G.birgün burda saatlerce oturup tadını çıkarıcam ...

    55555 by Arzu G.

  • BrittanyPeanut butter frozen hot chocolate is the only thing I ever get.

    55555 by Brittany

  • Katherin S.Put your name on the list, then go to Dylan's candy bar down the street to kill time and eat sweets. Yes, sweets before sweets.

    33333 by Katherin S.

  • Clare S.It should be illegal to be eating frozen hot chocolate that tastes this good at this time of day :P

    33333 by Clare S.

  • April S.Go if u are ever in NY!!!

    55555 by April S.

  • emily w.hate to say it but the frozen hot chocolate tastes just like a Wendy's frosty....

    33333 by emily w.

  • Laura B.Frozen hot chocolate!

    55555 by Laura B.

  • Amanda P.If you want to share with friends order Frozen Hot Chocolate & Forbidden Brownie. And if you don't fulfill your sweet tooth- Dylan's Candy Bar is down the street.

    55555 by Amanda P.

  • Martin S.Divertido en serio!

    55555 by Martin S.

  • Mel H.Frrozen Hot Chocolate & splurge 4 World Record Gldn Op Sundae, $1000 made with 23k edible gld leaf, Tahitian van ice cream with Mad. van beans & chunks of rare Chuao choc from Venezuela. 48 hr res req

    55555 by Mel H.

  • Mari R.Frozen hot chocolate

    55555 by Mari R.

  • Kirk M.Try the Frozen Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate - First time with the peanut butter. I approve! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Kirk M.

  • Josh K.Read the story on the front of the menu! Its pretty cool how this place got started and got it's name! Enjoy!!!

    33333 by Josh K.

  • Samantha P.Service here is TERRIBLE! Don't bother waiting an hour to be treated poorly.

    11111 by Samantha P.

  • Jphn D.Too many people in a very small place.

    33333 by Jphn D.

  • Joséphine C.well, the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate is a MUST !

    55555 by Joséphine C.

  • AmieTourist Trap. Minimum 8.50 charge per person. Hard if you just want dessert

    22222 by Amie

  • Niki K.Their shake, batter, and roll chicken (I believe that's the name or something similar) is amazing! Must have dessert there if you go!

    55555 by Niki K.

  • Giuseppe V.Il gelato è qualcosa di spettacolare.....

    55555 by Giuseppe V.

  • TariqueHave a frozen hot chocolate. Mention Tarique when you order and it'll be on the house!

    33333 by Tarique

  • Alyssa M.come during the lull before the dinner crowd for no waits

    55555 by Alyssa M.

  • Rong N.They say to get the frozen hot chocolate which I did but I thought it was ok it taste like a slushy hot choco. Enjoy the cheesecake very much prob next time I will try another dessert. Wait was 30 min

    33333 by Rong N.

  • Allie A.Not only good for dessert- its basic food but love the cheddarburger, fries and nachos. For dessert I've had forbidden broadway, can't say no, and fro ho of course. Always amazing

    55555 by Allie A.

  • Jessie E.Try the Peach Lemonberry Blitz Sundae, it's really good. But beware, the berries are semi-frozen.

    55555 by Jessie E.

  • Shawn F.it's about an hour wait even at 8pm

    22222 by Shawn F.

  • Tariq A.Best dessert spot in the city. Extremely long wait all the time, but completely worth it. Insanity Sundae is awesome.

    55555 by Tariq A.

  • Kaitlin H.The frrrrrozen hot chocolate is obviously a must have. If only you had John Cusack and 1/2 of a pair of gloves to share it with... [sigh]

    33333 by Kaitlin H.

  • Gela AGet the Bleu Burger with (of course) the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate! Major Yummmm!!

    55555 by Gela A

  • Ron B.Avoid going Sat. nights unless you're ready to wait at least an hour.

    33333 by Ron B.

  • Lily G.There's a minimum order per person so you have to get your own iced hot chocolate!

    33333 by Lily G.

  • Kjell-Morten CGreat hot chocolate, but had to ask three waiters and wait for 20 minutes to get the check... :(

    33333 by Kjell-Morten C

  • Philip Jtaking time but delicious

    55555 by Philip J

  • Sarah E.It's a classic place to go. I no doubt like to indulge in chocolate once in a blue moon, but go here for that. It's a good area to hit up in NYC.

    55555 by Sarah E.

  • Jay L.Have a frozen hot chocolate and a Blue cheese burger! They both rock!

    33333 by Jay L.

  • RadarOnline.comDon't forget to pick up some of Katie Holmes's favorite gummy candy

    55555 by RadarOnline.com

  • Lisha A.Everyone comes for the Frozen Hot Chocolate (it's mandatory!), but the Lemon Icebox Cake is AMAZING.

    55555 by Lisha A.

  • Radar O.Don't forget to pick up some of Katie Holmes's favorite gummy candy

    55555 by Radar O.

  • Erika A.Get a head start to put your name on the waiting list. Expect a half hour wait but drop by Dylan's on the corner to kill some time. The Frozen Hot Chocolate is the draw. Yum.

    55555 by Erika A.

  • Gerald H.Opens 1130am!

    33333 by Gerald H.

  • jcfrozen hot chocolate is a must

    55555 by jc

  • Fordcast TourMake sure to order the iced hot chocolate! It is incredible and cant be found anywhere else in the city!

    55555 by Fordcast Tour

  • Annette AThe "Chicken Not So Little Soup" is AMAZINGGGG !! (:

    55555 by Annette A

  • travel42Keep in mind there is an $8.50 minimum per person, and you're likely to wait an hour for a table. (Occupy yourself at Dylan's Candy Bar further down the block.) The Frozen Hot Chocolate is a MUST.

    33333 by travel42

  • Brittany H.the young chicken was a little dry but VERY good... share with a friend though, the picture was taken after I'd already eaten half!

    33333 by Brittany H.

  • Joe D.Every thing we ordered was HUGE and tasted great! We only had desserts.

    55555 by Joe D.

  • Terry S.They are known for their frozen hot chocolates. Their desserts take two or three to eat!

    55555 by Terry S.

  • Prince Thow about chk-in

    22222 by Prince T

  • Caroline N.Get a Priscilla Sundae

    55555 by Caroline N.

  • LynnsterArgh. Make sure to get a table near the front and away from large tables... Full of screaming Tweens

    33333 by Lynnster

  • Diaиє ADELICIEUX!!!!

    55555 by Diaиє A

  • ALTAF G.Care your health it is a gift of God

    22222 by ALTAF G.

  • Sean MFroZen hot chocolate for 2 is just nice ! But remember to have it AFTER your main course, or it will spoil your appetite. Cheers from Singapore !! YNWA !!

    55555 by Sean M

  • Kimberly S.Put your name down than walk up the street to Dylan's Candy Bar while you wait!!!

    33333 by Kimberly S.

  • The Johnny PumpsWatch out for the sole, it's deep fried and no salad on the side as the menu says :(

    33333 by The Johnny Pumps

  • GarikTravels LFounded in 1954 by Stephen Bruce. A very friendly man who you can meet at the entrance chatting with his guests.

    55555 by GarikTravels L

  • gina Aonly for FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE!

    55555 by gina A

  • David L.Frozen mint hot chocolate is made for us mint chocolate fans...and the chicken pot pie is perfect for a wet rainy day.

    55555 by David L.

  • Joe S.If you're an ice cream lover, then you will want to opt for a sundae over the frozen hot chocolate...it was like a chocolate icee.

    55555 by Joe S.

  • Jill G.The meatloaf is so good. You'll leave there stuffed! The sand sundae is for coffee lovers. Delish!

    55555 by Jill G.

  • Warunee BJust Deserts

    55555 by Warunee B

  • Dani Y.Be aware that a scoop of ice cream--a la mode--is $4.50.

    33333 by Dani Y.

  • Emily P.frozen hot chocolate!

    55555 by Emily P.

  • Stephen B.Most of the desserts are HUGE! Sharing with a friend or date will still leave you satisfied.

    55555 by Stephen B.

  • Giona A.I guess you should try the very famous frozen hot chocolate! Am i the first one saying it? Lol

    55555 by Giona A.

  • Christine B.The wait is long to get in but it's worth it. Also, keep in mind they have a minimum $8 per PERSON. But yes, the Frozen Hot Chocolate is seriously incredible.

    55555 by Christine B.

  • Yoly R.Omg!!!!! You cannot come here and NOT TRY THE FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE!!!!! Yummmm...i wish there was a Serendipity3 in LA!!!!

    55555 by Yoly R.

  • jennifer MI so can't wait for frozen hot chocolate!!!

    55555 by jennifer M

  • Amy F.A sick sick sick dessert place! Two words, Food Coma! but also prepared for the bloody long queue

    33333 by Amy F.

  • Sexy P.The frozen hot chocolate is like sex in your mouth

    55555 by Sexy P.

  • Tatiana if you ever want to eat like a pig....

    55555 by Tatiana

  • julie r.the heights-ashbury sandwich is real good. the Russian dressing is delish.

    55555 by julie r.

  • Jessy Jhot chocolate

    55555 by Jessy J

  • Christie MThe Frozen Hot Chocolate is big enough to share. I promise.

    55555 by Christie M

  • Aleksandar GNice atmosphere...frozen chocolate ok but not a big deal at all service even worst...no tks!

    33333 by Aleksandar G

  • NYCDESIGNDOLLThe line was out the door and folks were sitting around waiting to get in.....we had to leave but will try to visit again soon!

    33333 by NYCDESIGNDOLL

  • Dessy R.what's not to love? Adorable, quirky, fun little place. Yes and the frozen hot chocolate is amazing!

    55555 by Dessy R.

  • Summer O.THREE WORDS: Frozen Hot Chocolate! (If you're a local or visiting, it's a must do!)

    55555 by Summer O.

  • Denise H.I could eat here every night, have them seat you in the back its a little better then out front.

    55555 by Denise H.

  • Milind ASo everyone I think agrees about the frozen hot chockate but in addition to that the black out cake is amazing as well....

    55555 by Milind A

  • Jeff G.Looong wait.. But the ice cream sounds amazing!

    55555 by Jeff G.

  • Rolando S.Frozen chocolate y postres!

    55555 by Rolando S.

  • Jennifer Layne CardonHave their famous frozen hot chocolate, and share it with a friend.

    55555 by Jennifer Layne Cardon

  • Samantha M.i hear frozen hot chocolate is the best

    55555 by Samantha M.

  • Matt M.Rightfully known for their Frozen Hot Chocolate, but the chili I had there was also excellent. the FHC is huge though so you may not have room for both.

    55555 by Matt M.

  • Ashley P.Frozen hot chocolate. Frozen pineapple lime. Enough said. Go late for dessert when it isn't as crowded.

    55555 by Ashley P.

  • Jacquelyn J.Had the best frozen hot chocolate ever! Delicious pear and turkey sandwich.

    55555 by Jacquelyn J.

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