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Yippie Yi Yo Cafe

450 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10024

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(212) 501-8121


  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 10:15 pm
  • Monday: 12:00 pm - 10:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 12:00 pm - 10:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 12:00 pm - 10:30 pm
  • Thursday: Closed
  • Friday: 12:00 pm - 10:45 pm
  • Saturday: 12:00 pm - 10:45 pm

Cuisine: Cafes, Thai Food Restaurants

4.8 of 5.0 from 138 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY
  • Yippie Yi Yo Cafe in New York, NY

Yippie Yi Yo Cafe Reviews

Add your review for Yippie Yi Yo Cafe.

  • Marta MThe 11 usd menu is perfect for a ligh lunch. Pee see ew really really good

    55555 by Marta M

  • Christina ChinDecent uws thai place, not too big, tight seating.pad see ew was good and curry puffs were small but still tasty

    55555 by Christina Chin

  • marcus LA bit too much sugar in many of the dishes. Green chicken curry my personal fav!

    55555 by marcus L

  • Park CCheap lunch for only $9 but delicious!

    55555 by Park C

  • Karen DBest Pad Thai anywhere and delicious curry dishes in a relaxed, elegant, albeit small space, full of authentic touches.

    55555 by Karen D

  • Lee H.Very good Thai

    55555 by Lee H.

  • Kristina RudicDon't skip on the Shrimp Lemongrass Soup. Mains are easy to share, like the duck, which was great!

    55555 by Kristina Rudic

  • Ric CAwesome food honest price

    55555 by Ric C

  • Mark LombardiGood Lunch Specials, Drunken Noodle, and Tofu.

    55555 by Mark Lombardi

  • Diego LThe Pad Thai was delicious. Very nice for lunch.

    55555 by Diego L

  • Scott Murphy tThe Shrimp Parcels are AMAZING.

    55555 by Scott Murphy t

  • Henrik O.Their dumplings are fantastic. Really nice wine selection too.

    55555 by Henrik O.

  • Chris EvansSolid Thai fare, bright dishes that go really well with their custom cocktail selections - the grapefruit spritzer is really refreshing.

    55555 by Chris Evans

  • Jeven WBrooklyn Heights needs a location

    55555 by Jeven W

  • Maisa VO Woki tem ótimo custo benefício

    55555 by Maisa V

  • Lauren DGreen curry

    55555 by Lauren D

  • Lina DWok Cashew Nut with Shrimp

    55555 by Lina D

  • Juan DDrunken noodles!

    55555 by Juan D

  • Sam SThe curries here are stand out. Pad Thai also quite good. That said, stay away from the tofu. Typically it's fried but flavorless. Just order extra veggies. Great service, great food.

    55555 by Sam S

  • Datrianna MeeksDrunken Noodles are so good! Judging from everyone else's table, I'd say you can't go wrong here.

    55555 by Datrianna Meeks

  • Sahil K.Pretty good. The lunch special is a great deal, get the pad see ew and calamari

    55555 by Sahil K.

  • Venus T.The lunch special here is a awesome!!!!

    55555 by Venus T.

  • alison zimmermannSteamed vegetable dumplings and chicken pad Thai is everything! Spring rolls are great too. Neighborhood staple.

    55555 by alison zimmermann

  • 💎T ChoiThey have a $9 lunch special that includes an appetizer and an entree from a preset list.

    55555 by 💎T Choi

  • Rafi RomeroThe food is meh. Does not stand out.

    33333 by Rafi Romero

  • Michael M.Crowded, but definitely the best Thai on the UWS for dining and take out. The vegetable dumplings are a good start.

    55555 by Michael M.

  • Karla SosaDrunken noodles are to die for! Everything else is also delicious. I love their Thai iced tea

    55555 by Karla Sosa

  • Morten BGreat lunch concept - pick a starter + dish for $9 - high quality food!

    55555 by Morten B

  • DUDUI didnt like this place. There r only 2 vegetarian options (meaning no animal derived sauce) and the waiters are not helpful to explain the menu. It's possibly the worst Thai restaurant I've been to.

    33333 by DUDU

  • Myer NGreen curry chicken was fantastic!

    55555 by Myer N

  • Jeremy CThe pad thai noodles melt in your mouth.

    55555 by Jeremy C

  • Samantha T.Great food and an excellent lunch special!

    55555 by Samantha T.

  • Jorge KEl te de flores de crisantemos y la comida excelente

    55555 by Jorge K

  • Thomas PajorI had the Atlantic Salmon and loved it! So good.

    55555 by Thomas Pajor

  • Mark C.Vegetable dumplings and those damn shrimp puffs on the appetizer sampler. Crazy good! Oh and drunken noodles. Hell yes.

    55555 by Mark C.

  • geo daniellAMAZING food,not a fan of vegetable dumplings till now! Basil beef = delicious,order food fast and efficiently,good customer service, sampler appetizer is a must get,3 star restaurant w/ 2 star price

    55555 by geo daniell

  • Brian B.Green curry

    55555 by Brian B.

  • BeeThe chicken green curry was delicious, but the basil beef wok dish was just okay.

    55555 by Bee

  • Patrick BaskinPad Thai is delicious, but drunken noodles use an odd noodle

    55555 by Patrick Baskin

  • Arjun ModakThe 2 course pre fixed meal is awesome and just $9... Very good value for money... Loved the lettuce chicken wrap...

    55555 by Arjun Modak

  • Mike H.$9 Prix fixe lunch!

    55555 by Mike H.

  • Jencey MMixed appetizer is delicious!

    55555 by Jencey M

  • Rohini J.Their 2 course lunch special is a very sweet deal! Great food!

    55555 by Rohini J.

  • Rohini J.Drunken noodles and galagang soup

    55555 by Rohini J.

  • Clara AGreat food, little prices!

    55555 by Clara A

  • Jessica A.Thai iced tea, mixed appetizers and shrimp pad thai! Everything was amazing. Great atmosphere and good prices too. :-)

    55555 by Jessica A.

  • sosa MGreat food !

    55555 by sosa M

  • Quinton M.Found a piece of plastic in my "special" grilled calamari salad.

    33333 by Quinton M.

  • Sabina B.Best Thai on the UWS. Everything is good, particularly the mixed appetizers, jungle curry, and crab fried rice

    55555 by Sabina B.

  • Phoenix 💥💥💥Go for the shrimp pad Thai..

    55555 by Phoenix 💥💥💥

  • Luciano jDe los mejores thai de manhattan

    55555 by Luciano j

  • Abbie W.For me, this place does not live up to the hype. Choose another one of the excellent restaurants in the area.

    33333 by Abbie W.

  • tanya r.Cute place! Prices are good, I had pad tai, it was great!

    55555 by tanya r.

  • Sometimes I.Love the spicy drunken noodles...yum!

    55555 by Sometimes I.

  • Brian EricksonI don't know! But it seems good probably

    33333 by Brian Erickson

  • Adam ClewleyThe green curry was enjoyable with a good amount of chicken. Interior space was a bit cramped though.

    55555 by Adam Clewley

  • Ben R.Not as good as it once was, but serviceable in an area lacking in good thai. They don't use the right noodles for the drunken noodles, but green curry is tasty and not too sweet.

    55555 by Ben R.

  • Laura BMassaman Curry

    55555 by Laura B

  • Patrick TLunch menu is an awesome deal here

    55555 by Patrick T

  • Tim RChicken curry 90%. Shrimp pad Thai, meh. Takeaway reasonable.

    55555 by Tim R

  • Jillian NicholsFavorites: vegetable dumplings and salmon with caramel soy sauce.

    55555 by Jillian Nichols

  • Mijael FeldmanHreat pad thai and coctails!

    55555 by Mijael Feldman

  • Bethany MarzewskiBest spicy thai food in the city. Although they deliver, it's better to dine in. Other perks: They've got a fantastic lunch special.

    55555 by Bethany Marzewski

  • Emery LaiBest calamari I have ever had.

    55555 by Emery Lai

  • Kenny VermeulenThais dat niet alleen lekker is maar ook mooi geserveerd. Aanrader!

    55555 by Kenny Vermeulen

  • Deb F.Great food, love coming here but just came here with someone with an allergy and were told not only could they not accommodate... People with allergies were recommended not to eat here.

    33333 by Deb F.

  • Emma H.I had the land juice, root vegetable spring rolls, and chicken pad Thai. Everything was delicious!

    55555 by Emma H.

  • Nicholas F.Friendly staff, delicious food.

    55555 by Nicholas F.

  • Rahul U.Veggie Dumplings are the best here

    55555 by Rahul U.

  • Chris G.Drunken Noodles are pretty good. A bit spicy but not too bad. Enjoyable little joint for some Thai

    55555 by Chris G.

  • Marita LLos dumplings de vegetales y una carne picante al wok (me dijeron que era lo más picante) viene con arroz al jazmín. Todo x US$ 20

    55555 by Marita L

  • Adrián AEl mejor Thai que hemos ido

    55555 by Adrián A

  • Dmitry KVegetable dumplings are a must!!!

    55555 by Dmitry K

  • DaQuan LSo good and that lunch special was on point. Two courses for $9 is just too awesome.

    55555 by DaQuan L

  • Felicia M.Good thai fusion restaurant.

    55555 by Felicia M.

  • Ramon BurtonThe food was delicious and the prices are reasonable.

    55555 by Ramon Burton

  • Tom Y.Thai food better than Thailand... Hands down the best in the city.

    55555 by Tom Y.

  • Xian X.Pad Thai w shrimp is good but a bit too sweet

    55555 by Xian X.

  • Xian X.Shrimp parcels are nom nom

    55555 by Xian X.

  • Xian X.Raspberry Mojito!!

    55555 by Xian X.

  • Luis G.The Duck Consommé here is really good!

    55555 by Luis G.

  • Myriam S.Order the vegetarian dumplings. They are sumptuous!

    55555 by Myriam S.

  • Kalim Alcover-PabónGreat food....ok service

    55555 by Kalim Alcover-Pabón

  • Kevin SoongTry green curry and papaya salad.

    55555 by Kevin Soong

  • Rachael W.Really delicious Thai food. Tiny little restaurant, lovely staff who didn't seem to mind that we were still in there after they closed!

    55555 by Rachael W.

  • Courtney E.Very delicious, filling but light on the stomach.

    55555 by Courtney E.

  • Dave H.Their beef salad is wayyyy too saucy. Love everything else there, though :)

    55555 by Dave H.

  • Michal K.Not worth it, terrible service

    11111 by Michal K.

  • Markus F.Go for the mixed appetizers and the Massaman curry

    55555 by Markus F.

  • Mike C.Try the Salmon Fried Rice - Stir-fried grilled salmon with brown rice, string beans and scallions (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Mike C.

  • Mike C.Try the vegetable dumplings - Shiitake mushrooms, sweet corn, tofu, spinach, peanut, garlic chips, sesame soy sauce (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Mike C.

  • Mike C.Try the Drunken Noodles With Chicken - Second course in lunch prix fixe (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Mike C.

  • Joshua B.Mixed appetizers and mint/pomegranate/lemon drink!

    33333 by Joshua B.

  • Alexandra L.Best salmon I've ever had

    55555 by Alexandra L.

  • AkshayGet the massaman curry, even if it's not what you usually order. It's delicious.

    55555 by Akshay

  • Nathan S.People of Israel, this is the Abu Hasan of Thai food.

    55555 by Nathan S.

  • K@rTh!kk R.Worth $$:Drinks(Lychee Margarita), Appetizers(Soft Shell Crab, Crispy Calamari, Shrimp Parcels, Vegetable Dumplings, Chicken Curry Puffs), Entrees(Wok Chilli Pepper w/ Chicken), Wheat Drunken Noodles.

    55555 by K@rTh!kk R.

  • Kim H.Best Thai by far!!!

    55555 by Kim H.

  • Kim H.Best restaurant ever :)

    55555 by Kim H.

  • Marilyn a.Kick-butt shrimp lemongrass soup. Downside: Only two shrimp in the soup. Broth is satisfying on a cold night, though.

    55555 by Marilyn a.

  • Kim H.Best lunch menu for 9 dolla :)

    55555 by Kim H.

  • Elyte B.Try the drunken noodles... incredibly spicy, incredibly awesome

    55555 by Elyte B.

  • ThePurplePassport.comThis colorful, bite-sized resto on the Upper West Side serves up swell Thai treats from Thai-born chef David Bank. The food is consistently tasty and very reasonably priced, too

    55555 by ThePurplePassport.com

  • Austin S.Order take out and have a pint next door at Dead Poet while you wait!

    33333 by Austin S.

  • Andre L.Good food chick samosa's were great. The thai coffee crem wasn't all that though

    55555 by Andre L.

  • Marieka J.I love this place because they have black sesame ice cream

    55555 by Marieka J.

  • New York HabitatGood prices with unique and tasty options. Start with the vegetable dumplings and then move on to the drunken noodle. Get it extra spicy!

    55555 by New York Habitat

  • Tim L.Green curry is great!

    55555 by Tim L.

  • Scott L.Love everything!

    55555 by Scott L.

  • Apurva C.hit or miss from what i've seen. cool atmosphere

    55555 by Apurva C.

  • Serious EatsUpscale Thai by a serious chef; it's not as boldly spiced as some would like, but the flavors are clean and focused

    55555 by Serious Eats

  • AaronGreat, cheap lunch special.

    55555 by Aaron

  • Enerria E.Order the wok vegetable medley for something filing but on the light side.

    33333 by Enerria E.

  • Barbara H.Try the papaya salad and the Thai iced tea.

    55555 by Barbara H.

  • Leila S.Veggie dumplings are amazing.

    55555 by Leila S.

  • NearSay NYCN-Sider love: On the search for the spiciest Thai food in NYC, we are happy to report that LTK serves up the spiciest dish of drunken noodles we've ever had! They are out of this world amazing!

    55555 by NearSay NYC

  • Brian B.Green papaya salad!

    55555 by Brian B.

  • Lindsay K.Ancient thai riddle: How can man eat awesome noodles and still squeeze into narrow, crammed seating?

    55555 by Lindsay K.

  • Claire S.Order the drunken noodles and green curry. Nice and spicy dinner for two.

    55555 by Claire S.

  • Christina B.Good food, lousy service! Better off getting it delivered

    22222 by Christina B.

  • FoodspottingTry the Thai Coffee Creme Brulee and spot it on Foodspotting!

    55555 by Foodspotting

  • ToriAwesome Thai Cosmo, drunken chicken, and chocolate cake+sesame ice cream. Will eat here again for sure!

    55555 by Tori

  • Rosemary A.Best pad Thai on the UWS. Also veggie dumplings are excellent

    55555 by Rosemary A.

  • Kristi E.Wonderful food and an amazing lunch special. $8 for 2 courses! Nothing in New York is that cheap anymore.

    55555 by Kristi E.

  • Christian SOrder the Green Curry Chicken. Yummy

    55555 by Christian S

  • Ian K.Pay cash and save 10% on your check!

    22222 by Ian K.

  • @AriannaVarellaReally delicious food and great service. Never had a bad meal. Can't go wrong with the Atlantic salmon- ESPecially If you are calorie conscious !

    55555 by @AriannaVarella

  • eija r.Lunch Specials: App + Entree for $8 = Awesome!

    55555 by eija r.

  • Scott H.This place is amazing! Eat here right now!

    55555 by Scott H.

  • The Wall Street JournalWorth trying at this posh but low-key place: the two-course prix-fixe lunch ($8) with vegetable dumplings stuffed with shiitake mushroom, sweet corn and peanut, plus steaming pad see ew with beef.

    55555 by The Wall Street Journal

  • Julie Q.If you like shrimp, try the Shrimp Parcel appetizer. It's a deliciously sweet three-biter, probably my fave starter.

    55555 by Julie Q.

  • YensGreat pad Thai and awesome veggie dumplings. Watch out for chicken wraps... Spicey.

    55555 by Yens

  • Jonathan ABest Lunch deal in the area. Land Thai Kitchen makes delicious and high end Thai food, beautifully presented.

    55555 by Jonathan A

  • Miriam Get the drunken noodles, but they are SPICY. Go for medium

    55555 by Miriam

  • Benton Y.get the drunken noodles with chicken and a land juice. black sesame icecream for dessert...

    55555 by Benton Y.

  • Barbara H.have a spicy papaya salad and a green curry! if you like it spicy...

    55555 by Barbara H.

  • Will PorteousChicken Green Curry is excellent if you like a spicy curry.

    55555 by Will Porteous

  • Lisa F.order the chicken pad Thai. (say extra spicy if you like that). Get a side of peanut sauce and add it to dish.

    55555 by Lisa F.

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