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Ippudo Ny Inc

65 4th Ave
New York, NY 10003

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(212) 388-0088

  • Sun - 11:00am - 10:30pm
  • Mon - Thu 11:00am - 11:30pm
  • Fri - Sat 11:00am - 12:30am

Cuisine: Japanese Restaurants

4.5 of 5.0 from 299 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Ippudo Ny Inc in New York, NY
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  • Ippudo Ny Inc in New York, NY
  • Ippudo Ny Inc in New York, NY
  • Ippudo Ny Inc in New York, NY

Ippudo Ny Inc Reviews

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  • J. I.G.The ramen was delicious.

    55555 by J. I.G.

  • Abdulelah DIf I could rate this place greater than 10/10 I would. Everything here is just amazing. Fried chilli peppers, spicy ramen, ichriraku ramen, and wagyu rolls.

    55555 by Abdulelah D

  • Steven NVegetable buns are my favourite.

    55555 by Steven N

  • DensBartender may try to upsell you on the "frozen beer" -- you don't need such tomfoolery in your life! (plus it tastes like the inside of a freezer-pack-thing)

    33333 by Dens

  • Maxwell TKaraka ramen is damn good. Can get xtra ramen for an additional $2

    33333 by Maxwell T

  • Eduardo JNot a Ramen expert, but this is the best I've ever had

    55555 by Eduardo J

  • S GLunch set includes salad and and rice bowl!

    55555 by S G

  • Jonathan L.Asian cuisine is on a whole other level here in New York and Ippudo confirms it either it's steamed buns or okonomiyaki and ramen 🍜 everything is awesome 👌🏻! Hats off 😜

    55555 by Jonathan L.

  • YN KAkamaru ramen lunch set (mentai mayo rice and mini salad)

    55555 by YN K

  • Karolina PowęzkaEasily living up to the hype. When you take ramen, pick Shigureni topping - wonderful sweet and juicy pork.

    55555 by Karolina Powęzka

  • Joslyn H.The classic pork buns are probably the best I've ever had.

    55555 by Joslyn H.

  • Ryan G.Always good ramen.

    55555 by Ryan G.

  • Niko BLoved the pork buns! Try the modern ramen.

    55555 by Niko B

  • Drew 5.obviously if you don't get the pork buns, you're missing out

    55555 by Drew 5.

  • Jenko HEverything is delicious, but there aren't as many vegetable only options as some other places. If you like pork, it's amazing!

    55555 by Jenko H

  • Jastine K.The service was amazing and the ambience was great. The ramen was good; however, I still prefer Toto ramen. Oh, be prepared to wait!

    55555 by Jastine K.

  • Burcu DVery tasty

    55555 by Burcu D

  • Rami HaykalWorth the wait, add pork if need be to your ramen

    55555 by Rami Haykal

  • Elena MOne of my favorite ramen spots. I love the Akamaro Modern with soft boiled egg and the pork buns are a must!

    55555 by Elena M

  • Vi TRamen and the staff shouting in japanese

    33333 by Vi T

  • Taylor M.ramen, pork buns

    55555 by Taylor M.

  • Jillian SerokaPork buns for the table! Get the ramen to share, little goes a long way.

    55555 by Jillian Seroka

  • Christine DBest tonkotsu ramen. Good pork buns & baby octopus salad. Sometimes long wait--leave name on list & go drink elsewhere. 🍜

    55555 by Christine D

  • Ryan A.Maguro tartar, octopus, buns, and wings. Solid ramen but I prefer the thicker noodles.

    55555 by Ryan A.

  • Aditi K#2 pork buns in NYC

    55555 by Aditi K

  • Emiliano ViscarraAkamaru Modern with Nitamago. Waiting for large groups is always about an hour. I don't like waiting but this place is worth it.

    55555 by Emiliano Viscarra

  • Na Hyun EBeats all the other ramen spots in the city!

    55555 by Na Hyun E

  • Christina ChinHard to go wrong here. Akumura is the way to go. Pork buns are a must. Get there early or plan on waiting

    55555 by Christina Chin

  • Florencia 🦄 jFANTASTIC !

    55555 by Florencia 🦄 j

  • Justine JGet the vegetarian ramen with wasabi. You can add meat if you like. But rest assured, the vegetarian broth beats all the other broths, Hands Down.

    55555 by Justine J

  • Afi JBest ramen in NYC

    55555 by Afi J

  • Tabi TDefinitely get the pork and chicken buns to start! Their special ramen with dipping sauce this month was UNREAL. Get it with an egg!

    55555 by Tabi T

  • Marg1eInteresting, I think it's over rated. Long wait. Soup is ok. Noodle is ok. Service is very good compares to any ramen shop. 9.4 is too high I will rate around 8.5.

    55555 by Marg1e

  • Ting ARamen, shoyu ramen, tonkotsu ramen. ❤️

    55555 by Ting A

  • Samuel TPerfect ramen

    55555 by Samuel T

  • Jin M.The handmade noodles really makes this place special. They have really good broth and lovely meet. Also... They usually have a wait time of 30-45 minutes. Be prepared.

    55555 by Jin M.

  • Eric H.Best Ramen in NYC!

    55555 by Eric H.

  • Rachel PCame with party of 11 fantastic booths to accommodate, traditional ramen fantastic, enough to share!

    55555 by Rachel P

  • I-yen Spork buns! ramen is over rated for its price

    33333 by I-yen S

  • Marlon BrysonAwesome ramen experience. If you are in the East Village this is the place to be.

    55555 by Marlon Bryson

  • Hector T.Long wait, worth it. Pork buns, and get the spicy ramen. Great ambiance.

    55555 by Hector T.

  • Savannah Zspicy ramen

    55555 by Savannah Z

  • Hannah MPork buns and spicy chicken bowl!

    55555 by Hannah M

  • Jack HolmesThe best ramen you will have in your entire life, bar none. Fans of spice should get the karaka men.

    55555 by Jack Holmes

  • Taylor Akamaru modern, pork buns, green tea

    55555 by Taylor

  • Ed DThey know how to make ramen!😍😍😍

    55555 by Ed D

  • Faryan JPork bunsssd

    55555 by Faryan J

  • Alejandra ASopa Ramen

    55555 by Alejandra A

  • Gabriela Mamazing ramen to get when in NY!

    55555 by Gabriela M

  • VoiceStreetYou're actually at an advantage if you're dining alone here, for your wait will undoubtedly be shorter.

    55555 by VoiceStreet

  • Nick JohnsonThe chicken buns are also pretty great and a little bit different. Try the yuzu soda, it's a little like mountain dew but tastes like fruit rather than chemicals.

    55555 by Nick Johnson

  • あかり 神岸Akamaru Ramen very satisfying. Try both fish and pork buns.

    55555 by あかり 神岸

  • JwowThe Akamaru Modern ramen with egg and extra garlic oil will warm your spirit any day of the week! Put your name in and wander around the neighborhood while you wait.

    55555 by Jwow

  • Sam B.Level up your ramen with the pulled pork chashu topping (Shigureni). It comes on the side, but fire that deliciousness straight in on arrival!

    55555 by Sam B.

  • Kristen PeiranoThe modern ramen is the perfect ramen (if you prefer spicy do not get this one). Skip the pork buns. They are not even close to the hype

    55555 by Kristen Peirano

  • Tarik HartGroup of 4 and we ordered: Hirata Chicken, Hirata Pork Buns (2x), Umami Mekyabetsu (Brussel Sprouts), and then each got our Ramen (I got Akamaru Modern w/toppings). Perfect amount, amazing as always!

    55555 by Tarik Hart

  • lindai s.Try the tuna tartar as appetizer and green tea crème brûlée as dessert! Can't go wrong with the ramen dishes as main. I did like the vegetarian one a lot.

    55555 by lindai s.

  • Robert StewartAkamaru Modern or bust

    55555 by Robert Stewart

  • Eric P.Pork buns. Wings. Ramen. Sake. Finger guns shooting into the air.

    55555 by Eric P.

  • hitgirli have had such bad experiences with the services here in the past that i can't bring myself to come here again. its way overrated!

    33333 by hitgirl

  • JorisGo solo. Get ramen within 15 minutes. Eat like a Japanese emperor. Great success!

    55555 by Joris

  • Robert StewartAkamaru Modern ramen, Pork Buns to start.

    55555 by Robert Stewart

  • Longfei Xing2 hours wait? Not worth it to me

    22222 by Longfei Xing

  • Albie CPork buns!! And everything else.

    55555 by Albie C

  • Marisa M.Everything was good. Get the paper buns and ribs for apps

    33333 by Marisa M.

  • Dina RughaniThe modern and the spicy ramen are both delicious

    55555 by Dina Rughani

  • MashkaSamurai ribs app! Wow

    55555 by Mashka

  • David L.Best Ramen in NYC we found on our trip. Might be the best period. Get the Shishito peppers!

    55555 by David L.

  • Mike M.Unfortunately not as good as Minca or Ivan Ramen. (I prefer thicker noodles - these are very thin).

    55555 by Mike M.

  • cupkeykAkamaru Ramen with their special egg was awesome. One of the best authentic ramen restaurants in Japan now in other countries. I also like their tea and bean sprouts appetizer free on the table.

    55555 by cupkeyk

  • cam JGood pork buns, nice bar to wait at before table ready. Buzzing place. Young and mixed crowd. Best ramen I've had in ages.

    55555 by cam J

  • Jeff KaoCome in the middle of the afternoon (after 2) and avoid the lineup!

    22222 by Jeff Kao

  • Jeff KaoPoached Egg. Amazing.

    55555 by Jeff Kao

  • Alissa RotbergSouppppps and pork bunz

    55555 by Alissa Rotberg

  • Clara BayarriGreat ramen, though the wait is really long

    55555 by Clara Bayarri

  • Jeremy K.One of NYC's cult ramen spots. Try their famous pork buns to start your meal and then get your slurp on with some amazing ramen!

    55555 by Jeremy K.

  • Sue YeeRamen, pork buns

    55555 by Sue Yee

  • Alex C.Dat ramen. Brooklyn makes a beer for Ippudo that's incredible. And of course the pork buns.

    55555 by Alex C.

  • Karen L.You can always walk around the block while waiting for your table! Plenty to see/do

    55555 by Karen L.

  • Tom S.Pork buns.

    55555 by Tom S.

  • VoiceStreetSpice-lovers should go for option number three, the bowl with spicy meat sauce that you stir into the broth, rendering it brick red and incredibly tasty.

    55555 by VoiceStreet

  • Samir ChainaniThe spicy paste goes so well with the Akamaru modern.

    55555 by Samir Chainani

  • J L.If one can stand the 1 hr plus wait while eating the delicious pork buns, the ramen is good. However, the wait time diminishes the tastiness of the ramen. Other quality ramen shops around the area.

    55555 by J L.

  • Olof CarlsonGreat pork buns. Best ramen I've ever had. Quite crowded so be prepared to wait for a little while in the bar.

    55555 by Olof Carlson

  • david l.Go. Leave ur name/number. Go get a drink. Come back. Eat manhattans best ramen.

    55555 by david l.

  • Kris C.You want the Akamaru Modern. I'll sit back and wait for you and your stomach to thank me for my advice.

    55555 by Kris C.

  • Vansi V.The pork buns were meh. But the Karage Men with a poached egg was really good!

    33333 by Vansi V.

  • Katherine M.I won't be joining the Ippudo cult, but do concede that the pork in my bowl of ramen was the best I've had yet, and the pork buns were better than Momofuku Ssam's. Come alone to avoid waiting forever.

    33333 by Katherine M.

  • Victoria NatenzonThe pork buns are to die for an the ramen is 🙌. Go REALLY early if you want to avoid a 2+ hour wait

    55555 by Victoria Natenzon

  • Victor IWorth the wait

    33333 by Victor I

  • Alp OzcelikWasabi shoyu ramen is my fave! Be sure to get nitamago in it! (Also, mix well; the wasabi oil floats to the top.) definitely get the pork buns as well: best in the city!

    55555 by Alp Ozcelik

  • Lanaa C.Best pork buns, ramen is just ok.

    55555 by Lanaa C.

  • LucyAkamaru Modern ramen

    55555 by Lucy

  • Steve C.Aggressively hip, trendy noodle playground.

    33333 by Steve C.

  • Sean R.My mouth waters every time I think of their Akamaru Modern.

    55555 by Sean R.

  • Kelsey LeeWell worth the wait for some of the best ramen and pork buns in the city. #protip get the extra spicy sauce for your ramen.

    55555 by Kelsey Lee

  • Vanessa EExpect to wait 1-2 hours. The food is not worth the wait

    33333 by Vanessa E

  • Brian CantrellAkamaru modern ramen.

    55555 by Brian Cantrell

  • Greg F.Be prepared to wait, but totally worth it.

    55555 by Greg F.

  • Marc B.give ur name/# to hostess, go nearby to get a drink, buzztable app then tells u when u should come back. Order pork buns, Kirin draft, any ramen. Add kakuni and spicy paste. Rub tummy!

    33333 by Marc B.

  • Vivian C.The wait is normally long if you have more than 1 person (it could be a 2 to 3-hr wait). But I went there alone last time, and I was seated immediately.

    33333 by Vivian C.

  • Vivian C.Pork buns are the best!

    55555 by Vivian C.

  • Andrew P.What to Order: Akamaru Modern ramen, with miso paste, pork chashu, cabbage, sesame kikurage, mushrooms, scallions, and fragrant garlic oil.

    55555 by Andrew P.

  • Flora T.Omfg...the pork buns!!! They are not at all like the Chinese pork buns. It's almost like a mini soft doughy taco/burrito shell with chunks of succulent pork! The order comes with 2 of them.

    33333 by Flora T.

  • Grace Z.Akamaru is the best and most popular ramen. Veggie buns are absolutely delicious and I prefer them over pork buns. Ika Isobe (fried squid) and Samurai ribs are my favorite appetizers.

    55555 by Grace Z.

  • Nicole C.If you get the veggie option make sure to thoroughly stir in the wasabi topping first. Yum!

    55555 by Nicole C.

  • Yixin L.Yum yum yum

    55555 by Yixin L.

  • Adam F.I will marry this restaurant.

    55555 by Adam F.

  • Jhocef M.The pork bun is a must try and the Akamaru modern ramen is to die for! Their pork bun is better than momofoku based on my unbiased palate

    55555 by Jhocef M.

  • Stan B.One of the top 5 Ramen spots in the city. You will wait 1-2hrs during the evening dinner rush. But it'll be absolutely worth it. Make sure to try the pork buns, too.

    55555 by Stan B.

  • Jhocef M.The pork bun and the Akamaru modern is a must! #todiefor

    55555 by Jhocef M.

  • Frank D.Wasabi ramen is excellent. Make sure you mix it well since they use real wasabi stems

    55555 by Frank D.

  • Neilson A.The prices are kind of outrageous for ramen, they encourage you to order extra toppings and they add up. But damn if it wasn't worth it. The Karaka Men was the best bowl of ramen I've had in years.

    55555 by Neilson A.

  • Nali K.ippudo plays the worst music ever

    22222 by Nali K.

  • Nali K.Waited for two hours. I don't know why ppl are crazy about ippudo.I'Ve been to so many better places in NY that don't have this long line. Definitely not the best ramen in the city!

    33333 by Nali K.

  • Howard L.Come at 11 when it opens. There's no wait.

    33333 by Howard L.

  • Jack O.Patiently waiting on your meal? Pass the time by poking the squidgy wall.

    22222 by Jack O.

  • MaximilianoAkamaru modern: smooth, delicious and addictive pork soup with tasty ramen.

    55555 by Maximiliano

  • Alex R.This place is a gem if you're in the neighborhood and want a quick delicious meal for one. While there's always a line outside, if you're solo they'll almost always get you in immediately.

    55555 by Alex R.

  • Hằng A.my come here

    55555 by Hằng A.

  • Sam S.I wanted to lick the bowl clean. Is that frowned up??

    33333 by Sam S.

  • Art J.If you like ramen, you'll LOVE this place. Just get here real early to avoid the lunch rush.

    55555 by Art J.

  • Christian D.Best buns in town! :-)

    55555 by Christian D.

  • Ameya P.The best ramen I've ever had in NYC. Great atmosphere for a group; sit at the bar if you can. Definitely get the pork/chicken buns too.

    55555 by Ameya P.

  • Josh B.Akamaru modern broth is layered, silky and savory.

    55555 by Josh B.

  • Jade B.Amazing spicy karaka ramen! Great service and ambiance. One drawback is that they do not allow to go service. Tip: you can get in almost immediately if you're dining solo.

    55555 by Jade B.

  • Cassie P.Beware to wait in a long line though sometimes it's a hit or miss. Try the KARAKA MEN with pork belly if you like spicy, otherwise get the Akamaru Modern.

    55555 by Cassie P.

  • Murat C.3 hour wait. Ah worth it?

    55555 by Murat C.

  • Valentina M.I ate at Ippudo. It was very yummy. I was underwhelmed.

    55555 by Valentina M.

  • Jeong Sun P.Try the Akamaru Modern Ramen

    55555 by Jeong Sun P.

  • Jeong Sun P.Try the Pork Bun

    55555 by Jeong Sun P.

  • Melissa K.Delicious ramen, but I was disappointed that Ippudo doesn't have the perfect tiny little gyoza like they do in Japan. No free tea and pickles like in Japan, either.

    55555 by Melissa K.

  • Jin J.Best pork buns of my life!

    55555 by Jin J.

  • Tom A.Waited an hour. as we were about to leave were called. Regretted staying. Pork buns ok but overall you can get better noodles with less wait 4 less $ 2 blocks away. Immitating Buddakan shouts annoying

    22222 by Tom A.

  • Ashley T.Pork buns are amazing and the ramen is good too. Make sure you don't come hungry because it can take up to an hour to seat 4 people.

    55555 by Ashley T.

  • Steven V.The best ramen I've ever tasted in my whole life

    55555 by Steven V.

  • sam p.Everything is delicious. Best Ramen noodles in NYC by far. Try the Akamaru Modern with Nitamago (soft boiled egg) and a side of Bakudan (spicy paste.) You'll be glad you did.

    55555 by sam p.

  • Scott W.The hype for this place is justified.

    22222 by Scott W.

  • Hayang L.Ask Noah to make you a drink while you wait... the New plum wine cocktail is sublime with just the right amount of spice.

    55555 by Hayang L.

  • Thomas C.Pork buns... Holy moly.

    55555 by Thomas C.

  • Samson N.It's always just as good as the last time I came here! You can't go wrong with the Akamaru Ramen with the pork belly.

    55555 by Samson N.

  • IanPork buns or GTFO

    55555 by Ian

  • Madam W.Don't overlook their appetizers. Special: Shrimp and tomato salad ($10) and the Agedashi tofu and eggplant ($10) were both some of the best I've had in a Japanese place!

    55555 by Madam W.

  • Dan K.Maybe I'm spoiled from LA but I found it to be overrated and overpriced. Solid ramen but at the price and the length of wait? I'm sure there's other ramen places

    33333 by Dan K.

  • Lu B.Come at 5pm ( right before they open the store for dinner ) is the shortest wait u could possibly get.

    33333 by Lu B.

  • Lu B.Best ramen in the city, pork bun is amazingggggggg but hate the hours line ...

    55555 by Lu B.

  • Michael M.In the winter, the Kogashi Miso ramen is my favorite in the city. In the summer they dont have it :(

    55555 by Michael M.

  • Carlos R.Try the Miso Ramen - Just too good (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Carlos R.

  • Brian T.Order 4 sets of pork buns and then ask for Mel, twice. A person names Bo will come out and escort you to the basement. Go to the corner of the room and pull out a red brick. There you will find a map

    33333 by Brian T.

  • Lynh N.I have a gastronomic romance going on with Ippudo. Typically pork buns, your favorite ramen with pork belly, and that thousand layered cake.

    55555 by Lynh N.

  • Michelle W.Akamaru Modern is one of the best dishes in the city. Go by yourself to recharge, and skip the long wait as the waitstaff will place you wherever there is an opening

    55555 by Michelle W.

  • Elizabeth L.Everything was awesome. Servers are very on point. The host and hostess are wonderful. Tip them well people! (:

    55555 by Elizabeth L.

  • Melissa C.trick to not waiting: go at 11:30am for an early lunch.

    33333 by Melissa C.

  • HelenGo after 10 pm on a weeknight to avoid the lines.

    33333 by Helen

  • Rebecca S.Best place to go for lunch during the week when dining solo! Get the Akamaru Modern and iced green tea. The. Best!

    55555 by Rebecca S.

  • Brad P.the akumaru modern is way too greasy/느끼해. Opt for something like kakara(?) The spicy one

    55555 by Brad P.

  • jon n.Try the Akamaru Modern - as anyone else who has eaten this would say...it was an awesome bowl of ramen...no if, ands, or buts about it (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by jon n.

  • Ifutbol Agents (.Good Ramen. Spicy and sweet

    55555 by Ifutbol Agents (.

  • Abraham A.Pork buns, pork buns, PORK BUNS!!!!!!

    55555 by Abraham A.

  • Marcos M.They call you to be here in 5min because your table is ready then make you wait a half hour... Other than that the noodles and pork buns are good but Momofukus pork buns are better.

    33333 by Marcos M.

  • Michael U.Guard your napkin, because the servers will steal it at any and all opportunities.

    22222 by Michael U.

  • Amanda K.Went around 11:30am and we barely got in! Delicious ramen and incredibly friendly service. Points for playing Daft Punk the entire time we were there.

    55555 by Amanda K.

  • Carlos S.Sensational - cannot recommend strongly enough. On par with the best ramen places in Japan

    55555 by Carlos S.

  • Jen L. 👓Still the best. Worth the ludicrous wait. (Just pop around the corner for a drink at Black & White.) Warning: don't over-do it on starters bc you cannot take home items you're unable to eat!

    33333 by Jen L. 👓

  • Alissa W.Pork buns or bust

    55555 by Alissa W.

  • Time Out New YorkIppudo was brought to NYC by Shigemi Kawahara, who is known as "the Ramen King" in Japan; his rich, cloudy tonkotsu broths draw the longest lines the city's ramen-ya, and they're well worth the wait.

    55555 by Time Out New York

  • Patrick McKowenThe pork buns are insanely good.

    55555 by Patrick McKowen

  • Mike C.Try the Gindara Saikyo Yaki - Grilled black cod with miso

    55555 by Mike C.

  • Rose C.The BBQ Tonkotsu ramen special is amazing. A definite must try. It's pulled pork in ramen, what's not to like?

    55555 by Rose C.

  • Hannah M.If you like spice, get TE karaka men!

    55555 by Hannah M.

  • Francisca T.It is really worth the wait; the hype about this place is legit!!!!!! Trust me these pork buns are friggin amazing. I only wish I can eat them everyday!

    55555 by Francisca T.

  • Christine C.If you don't like spicy food, get the Akamaru Modern. It's delicious!

    55555 by Christine C.

  • Samuel S.Pork buns pork buns pork buns. Their pork buns are to die for

    55555 by Samuel S.

  • Anthony L.Don't forget to order some pork buns!

    55555 by Anthony L.

  • anthony t.The music here is from Really Shitty Techno Volume 3.

    33333 by anthony t.

  • Paulget the pork buns

    55555 by Paul

  • Sangria W.go early if you don't want to wait! try their pork bun and miso ramen with braised pork!!!!!!!!!! delish!

    55555 by Sangria W.

  • Kushal D.Best vegetarian ramen in NY. Thick and salty and wasabi spicy.

    55555 by Kushal D.

  • Madam W.The 'Modern' was delicious. Funky interiors and quick service. No wonder it's so popular!

    55555 by Madam W.

  • Isabella L.Ramen house. Price: $$

    55555 by Isabella L.

  • Hendy T.No to go policy is bad, its unpleasant to not know about it and having to finish/toss all the food

    22222 by Hendy T.

  • Doug L.Go there early in the day to make a same-day reservation. Suckers just show up and put their name on the list

    33333 by Doug L.

  • marcelakani croquettes with bechamel sauce are an absolute must

    55555 by marcela

  • RJ C.Try the Akamaru Modern Ramen (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by RJ C.

  • RJ C.Try the Hikata Buns (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by RJ C.

  • Sheila M.Don't show up at 11 because a waitress will say that the whole staff is drunk and they don't have shisito peppers even though your server promised they did.

    22222 by Sheila M.

  • Erica C.Avoid the wait: put your name on the list, then go kill some time at the pool hall around the corner. They'll call you when your table is ready.

    33333 by Erica C.

  • JenniferTry the Akamaru Modern Ramen With Kakuni - Holy amazeballs. I'm in heaven. The noodles, the broth, the pork belly... I'm full, but I can't stop eating. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Jennifer

  • Corinna P.No longer taking afternoon-of reservations... :(

    22222 by Corinna P.

  • Lynn T.The pork and shrimp buns alone are worth the wait

    55555 by Lynn T.

  • Theresa G.worth the wait! start with the steamed pork buns and then try the the spicy miso ramen.

    55555 by Theresa G.

  • Edlyn Y.Show up around 10:30-11 on a weeknight if you want to avoid the lines

    33333 by Edlyn Y.

  • Mingyi B.Won't go twice

    33333 by Mingyi B.

  • Ben K.Worth the wait. Akamaru Modern ramen is some of the best I've ever eaten. Creamy, rich, umami.

    55555 by Ben K.

  • Denis S.I don't know if it's better than Momofuku, but the wait sure is longer.

    33333 by Denis S.

  • Amy L.You can save by ordering one ramen and then adding additional noodles once you finish.

    33333 by Amy L.

  • Concert Ticket AgencyHeaded to see a show at nearby Webster Hall, Mercury Lounge, or Irving Plaza? Hit up this place for crazy good ramen and out of this world pork buns.

    55555 by Concert Ticket Agency

  • Nicole C.Specials that includes a free bun. Also a fantastic selection of quality sake. Cheers!

    55555 by Nicole C.

  • Nicole C.Per the suggestion of a ramen and sake aficionado. If you can't stand the wait at this trendy spot, this is a great alternative. From his point of view the food is better and has great happy hr ...

    55555 by Nicole C.

  • Billy H.Order pork buns as your appetizer. Ask for extra flavor in your ramen. Thank me later.

    55555 by Billy H.

  • Andy C.Ask for the off-menu osso buco

    55555 by Andy C.

  • Alex N.Go for lunch and avoid the wait!

    33333 by Alex N.

  • Zach M.Akamaru Modern all day. Kaedama that sh*t, too!

    55555 by Zach M.

  • Gail H.Competitor to momofuku but I love the Akamaru Modern ramen. On a rainy day, what could be better? All about the ramen here.

    55555 by Gail H.

  • Leandro L.Try the Akamaru Modern Ramen - http://www.foodnomad.net/2012/09/ippudo.html (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Leandro L.

  • Leandro L.Try the Hirata Pork Buns - http://www.foodnomad.net/2012/09/ippudo.html (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Leandro L.

  • Monica T.The wait is worth the time: went back for the 5th time and still the best IMO. Try the wasabi soyu ramen (vegan): really nice! The soup is not pork broth, just clear soup but very nice.

    55555 by Monica T.

  • Carlos V.Food is terrific but service is terrible. Almost vomiting because the waiter was removing plates while eating and kicking us out

    22222 by Carlos V.

  • Lyndsey E.of course you're coming for the ramen, but the black cod appetizer is fantastic.

    55555 by Lyndsey E.

  • Eugenia S.Try the green tea creme brulee with green tea ice cream!

    55555 by Eugenia S.

  • Jesse K.chicken rice bowl is to die for. (and the akamaru modern is obviously delicious.)

    55555 by Jesse K.

  • Cassie D.The wasabi shoyu ramen leaves much to be desired. Overpriced and overrated. At least my waitress was nice, but the busser was too pushy and asked to take my bowl 4 TIMES before I finished.

    22222 by Cassie D.

  • Pavel B.Get the spicy ramen with pork. Also get the pork buns. You will never want a slider ever again.

    55555 by Pavel B.

  • www.GardnerHamilton.com W.Its not quiet... But you will be too busy shoveling goodness into your face to worry about conversation

    55555 by www.GardnerHamilton.com W.

  • Chris D.If you don't order two orders of pork buns you've made a mistake

    22222 by Chris D.

  • Gloria C.Akamaru Modern Ramen, cheese ramen, pork belly buns and the japanese fried peppers

    55555 by Gloria C.

  • Bin Y.Possibly the best ramen in NYC but personally, I can't stand the lines. Great ramen and fantastic pork buns.

    55555 by Bin Y.

  • COOLHAUSThe chosen hiding spot of COOLHAUS staff during the winter. There's always a line, however after one sip of that tasty ramen soup, you'll know it was well worth the wait.

    55555 by COOLHAUS

  • Yael S.great spirits in the place. every customers gets cheered by the open kitchen staff when entering :D great food. <3

    55555 by Yael S.

  • Valerie S.Skip shishito peppers this week. I had a bitter, soapy tasting batch, 7/12. When asked for an alternative, the manager called me "spiteful" & claimed they were "perfect." So much for my rave reviews.

    22222 by Valerie S.

  • Will F.Randomly easy to get a table at lunch with 3 ppl. 2 or 4 ppl? No Ramen For You!

    55555 by Will F.

  • ShoptiquesBest pork buns in #NYC!

    55555 by Shoptiques

  • Lindsay B.Amazing and completely worth the wait! Get the modern ramen with pork belly on top!

    55555 by Lindsay B.

  • Gerard M.Go during lunchtime to avoid a long wait. Order the pork buns as an appetizer.

    55555 by Gerard M.

  • Joan M.Add mustard leaf to you ramen. Savory, rich, tasty, and not too heavy like an added egg.

    55555 by Joan M.

  • Joan M.At lunch, add on the cod roe over rice. Extra umami, so tasty!

    55555 by Joan M.

  • Seth T.Snap! The Miso Ramen might be my new favorite - get it with the added pork belly and you're in for a rich and filling treat.

    55555 by Seth T.

  • Dianne S.Try the Akamaru Modern Ramen - On this beautiful Sunday in NYC...let us say, "RAMEN!" (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Dianne S.

  • Dianne S.Try the Pork Buns (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Dianne S.

  • MariHirata Pork Buns, Akamaru Ramen and the daily special ramen are amazing. Definitely better than Momofuku. Went twice around 12:15/12:30 on a weekday & didn't have to wait for a 2-top.

    55555 by Mari

  • Matt H.They don't allow doggie bags because they don't want people to ever try their food as leftovers.

    33333 by Matt H.

  • Matt H.Although the signature ramen is awesome, my favorite two dishes are the Hirata Buns, which rival those at Momofuko, and the Yamitsuki Goma Kyuri, cucumber in an amazing sesame sauce.

    55555 by Matt H.

  • Anthony C.Great broth, pork buns and service.

    55555 by Anthony C.

  • Liz Z.The pork bun is fantastic!!

    55555 by Liz Z.

  • JessieShishito ==> awesome; Hirata (pork) buns --> also fantastic. The Wasabi Ramen special needs to be brought back.

    55555 by Jessie

  • Valentina S.Only place where I'll gladly wait one hour to get seated, period.

    22222 by Valentina S.

  • Evon N.Must get the pork buns!

    55555 by Evon N.

  • John G.Green tea creme brûlée: "I'll have what's she's having"

    55555 by John G.

  • Corinna MThe Hirata (pork) buns are a must! Yuuum!

    55555 by Corinna M

  • Kevin L.John Lymn eats his noodles in the bathroom.

    22222 by Kevin L.

  • Danny Z.The Akamaru Modern with a poached egg is the way to go. Simply delicious!

    55555 by Danny Z.

  • Rachel S.I don't know why everyone neglects the veggie buns. I'm telling you they're unbelievably great.

    55555 by Rachel S.

  • Senator John B.You cannot go wrong. Everyone will point you to the Akumaru Modern, but karaka-men or if available the wasabi-tonkatsu specials are incredible. Eat!

    55555 by Senator John B.

  • JennVery hip, modern, Japanese atmosphere, great music and delicious Ramen noodles! Don't come here on a weekend during prime lunch/dinner hours unless you want to wait 3.5 hours for a table.

    55555 by Jenn

  • Nouras H.great karakamen, slightly outclassed by Totto Ramen in my opinion though..

    55555 by Nouras H.

  • Mark C.Very overrated. The spicy miso ramen is really pretty mediocre.

    33333 by Mark C.

  • Richard J.Go to the bar and grab some hirata buns and cold beer. Your typical 40-minute wait will shorten considerably.

    55555 by Richard J.

  • Sito Alvina .Omg make sure u try the tako wasabi soooo good

    55555 by Sito Alvina .

  • Audrey C.Akamaru Modern and Karaka Miso Ramen (Spicy) are BOTH delicious! The pork buns are tasty too. As for the wait to get in be prepared to wait an hour or more, maybe go to a bar near by in the mean time.

    55555 by Audrey C.

  • Kim Akani and avocado with wasabi mayo is delicious! very creamy; i wish they gave you more chips though...

    55555 by Kim A

  • Ava L.a good least 30 mins wait time, noodles = so so, soup base = very flavorful ( I got the wasabi ramen. its okay) wasabi octopus and pork buns = A MUST. SERIOULY. $2 hot paste a must if you like spicy,

    55555 by Ava L.

  • Camilla C.best ramen ever. though the wait here is ridiculous.

    55555 by Camilla C.

  • Sapana S.Ask for fresh garlic to crush directly onto your noodles. You won't regret it.

    55555 by Sapana S.

  • Jocelyn L.Make sure you're getting the size noodles you want. This is the second time I mistakenly got the really thin noodles.

    33333 by Jocelyn L.

  • Chanse A.The best noodles around, but be sure to experiment with their appetizers as well

    55555 by Chanse A.

  • Timothy J.pork buns are amazing.

    55555 by Timothy J.

  • Cathy L.Get here at 11am opening to skip the wait

    33333 by Cathy L.

  • Chris H.Be prepared for a long wait but great ramen.

    55555 by Chris H.

  • Matthew R.keep on top of your reservation or you WILL get skipped! check in every 20 or 30 min.

    33333 by Matthew R.

  • Mike dOkay so the bartender is giving half of his tips to relief in Japan. That's pretty damn cool

    33333 by Mike d

  • Teresa C.Best pork buns in the city!! Momofuku cannot hold a candle to these! Ramen is more than excellent obviously! Get the Akamaru or the Karaka Kogashi!

    55555 by Teresa C.

  • chaiwen NThey have vegetarian ramen now! With mushroom broth.

    55555 by chaiwen N

  • Jenny W.Pork buns. Modern ramen.

    55555 by Jenny W.

  • Jane D.pork buns are delicious

    55555 by Jane D.

  • Nicole T.Every time I come here I get the same thing...Akamaru Modern

    55555 by Nicole T.

  • TeresaThe miso ramens have the thickest noodles if you like more chewiness.

    55555 by Teresa

  • Richard R.Great food, but they DO NOT provide doggie bags. The waitress said "it's not customary in Japan". Funny, I thought I was in New fucking York. Ugh.

    33333 by Richard R.

  • Rich K.Get the cucumber and shishito peppers to start

    55555 by Rich K.

  • Kevin C.go here.. it's goood.

    55555 by Kevin C.

  • MoRizaTry the Ramen

    55555 by MoRiza

  • Clyde Erwin B.Good Ramen. But a little on the pricey side.

    55555 by Clyde Erwin B.

  • Jen N.Their pork buns are a MUST and they have the best tasting ramen that i've ever had.

    55555 by Jen N.

  • Helen L.KILLER TIP FOR LOCALS: they don't take rezos over phone but avoid lines if u swing by at least 2 hrs in advance and they'll let you reserve any timeslots!

    33333 by Helen L.

  • Connie TAkamaru Modern + Pork buns is soooooo amazing! Beats momofuku for sure!

    55555 by Connie T

  • jake f.Oh man oh man oh man. Definitely munch on the shisito peppers whilst waiting for your ramen. All the ramens are insane, and you can't go wrong adding the pickled egg situation to any of them.

    55555 by jake f.

  • Lang RBest ramen in nyc! Don't forget to go to chikalicious after! Its 2 blocks away!

    55555 by Lang R

  • Eelain S.the best ramen joint on the island of Manhattan. my recommendation is the Shiromaru Hakata Classic, spice it up by adding Kakuni.

    55555 by Eelain S.

  • Jon S.there is a delicious veggie ramen that's not on the menu.

    55555 by Jon S.

  • Kate MThe stemmed pork buns are awesome. They come two per order and you will want the whole order to yourself.

    55555 by Kate M

  • Dana D.Forget a table. Head to the corner of the bar, snag some of the excellent wings and a beverage. Then watch the people milling around outside waiting for their table.

    55555 by Dana D.

  • Dariago for lunch - little to no wait!

    55555 by Daria

  • Cece NI personally prefer Minca.

    55555 by Cece N

  • Mark C.You can't go wrong with the Shiromaru Classic ramen.

    55555 by Mark C.

  • Plwh MGet Ramen No.5, is my fave !!! Also the awesome Pork Bun =)

    55555 by Plwh M

  • The Wall Street JournalBeware: they only take same-day reservations, and the lunch crowd must wait five to 30 minutes in the front room. Complex $13 Ramen concoctions include the popular Akamaru and the Shiromaru.

    33333 by The Wall Street Journal

  • Mark NewtonDo NOT wear a white shirt here. Unless you're sober.

    11111 by Mark Newton

  • Daphne PBest raman I've ever had, EVER!!! Btw, the pork bun is amazing! A must go place in union sq.

    55555 by Daphne P

  • Jonathan JGet the pork buns!

    55555 by Jonathan J

  • Jill JMomo pork buns are still better, but Ippudo ramen wins.

    55555 by Jill J

  • diana BIf it's your first time there, make sure you try the Shiromaru Hakata Classic!

    55555 by diana B

  • Laurea d.Get a drink and be ready to wait!!!

    33333 by Laurea d.

  • Kaz N.Other ramen places need not apply. Also, I think the pork buns top David Chang's more famous Momofuku renditions.

    55555 by Kaz N.

  • MerryminnowService is great. No one rushes us. They are accomodating to kids.

    55555 by Merryminnow

  • Risha DAmazing Ramen! Best Ramen in the city!

    55555 by Risha D

  • Melissa H.Get the nitamago! Best ramen in town!

    55555 by Melissa H.

  • Niels B.Gotta try this place next time in NYC? Who want to join?

    55555 by Niels B.

  • Peter C.HOLY CRAP THIS IS GOOD! went on sunday at 11:30am, short 20 min wait, worth it!

    33333 by Peter C.

  • MoRizaThis place has great selection of small dishes, you can't go wrong with any. Have a couple of dishes before the ramen. I love the cucumber dish.

    55555 by MoRiza

  • Jason L.make sure to save broth and get the second portion of noodles

    33333 by Jason L.

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