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75 9th Ave
New York, NY 10011

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(212) 989-6699

Cuisine: Bars

4.7 of 5.0 from 243 reviews

price range:$26 to $50



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Buddakan in New York, NY
  • Buddakan in New York, NY
  • Buddakan in New York, NY
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  • Buddakan in New York, NY
  • Buddakan in New York, NY
  • Buddakan in New York, NY
  • Buddakan in New York, NY
  • Buddakan in New York, NY
  • Buddakan in New York, NY
  • Buddakan in New York, NY
  • Buddakan in New York, NY
  • Buddakan in New York, NY
  • Buddakan in New York, NY
  • Buddakan in New York, NY
  • Buddakan in New York, NY
  • Buddakan in New York, NY
  • Buddakan in New York, NY

Buddakan Reviews

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  • Ja_Moi_IGreat dim sum! And service!

    55555 by Ja_Moi_I

  • Josh F.Better food than Tao

    33333 by Josh F.

  • Paula B.The decoration is so gorgeous!! The service is impeccable. Ask for the Edamame Dumplings as appetizer and then Glazed Black Cod, both are delicious.

    55555 by Paula B.

  • Rahul G.One of the best rock shrimps 🦐

    55555 by Rahul G.

  • Rahul G.Best dumplings in the city and rock shrimp

    55555 by Rahul G.

  • Paige C.Service was excellent. My friends and I dined for my birthday and we were very happy with the food and ambiance. The edamame dumplings, lobster fried rice, and pretty much everything were delicious!

    55555 by Paige C.

  • Michael C.The cod entree and Chinese sausage fried rice will change your life.

    55555 by Michael C.

  • Phyllis DThis place is always a surprise. Came here several times and I'm amazed at the size of the restaurant + quality control in the kitchen. Every dish has been very good. Would highly recommend Buddakan.

    55555 by Phyllis D

  • Amy M.The tasting menu was amazing, specifically the edamame dumplings, cashew peanut noodles, cod, and short ribs. It was also way too much food!

    55555 by Amy M.

  • Desiree NComing with a large group? Just do the tasting menu. Family style dining.

    55555 by Desiree N

  • Fernanda HA little too touristy for my taste, but the food is excellent. One of my favorites: the OXTAIL DUMPLINGS and the CHOCOLATE PISTACHIO CREMOSO is my favorite dessert of all times!

    55555 by Fernanda H

  • Elizabeth B.Loved their cauliflower lollipops and ginger glazed lamb. The clarity cocktail is delicious too. The lobster rolls and rice were mediocre.

    55555 by Elizabeth B.

  • Lina LTry the edamame dumplings, the sizzling short rib & the pork buns. They're delicious!

    55555 by Lina L

  • Christopher MLoved the vegetable fried rice and rock shrimp

    55555 by Christopher M

  • Ben W.Open late for all your pot sticker craving needs.

    55555 by Ben W.

  • Neil cTasting menu was great. Waiter was very helpful and avcommodating.

    55555 by Neil c

  • Rashid JBlack code ❤️

    22222 by Rashid J

  • Michael SDim Sum Taste for 2 and black pepper beef

    55555 by Michael S

  • Emily LAmazing food and atmosphere!

    55555 by Emily L

  • GhaidaTry the tuna tartar spring rolls, sweet and crispy shrimp, and the Glazed Alaskan black cod.

    55555 by Ghaida

  • Daniel MThe jumbo shrimp as well as ribs are the best I have ever had and at a decent price at that. Just incredible. Service was truly exceptional. Definitely among the best dining experiences in the city!

    55555 by Daniel M

  • Sara DOverrated.. Bad service and food

    22222 by Sara D

  • Léna Le RollandAmazing food, great service! Gorgeous place and love the ambiance!

    55555 by Léna Le Rolland

  • Christa L.😘: Edamame dumplings, rock shrimp, pork belly buns, king crab legs, short ribs. Could live off those dumplings tho.

    55555 by Christa L.

  • Daniel CDelicious food and a dark, intimate environment. The chili king crab had a delicious sauce and the black cod was like butter. The doughnuts were served with a cup of delicious jelly/cream.

    55555 by Daniel C

  • Emel JMekan ve lezzet acisindan cok basarili... Mumkunse alt katta rezervasyon yaptirin derim...

    55555 by Emel J

  • CarolineGreat service and cocktails. The edamame dumplings and sizzling short rib are absolutely delicious. Top it off with the chocolate pistachio cremoso, yum!

    55555 by Caroline

  • MikaelNice well made fusion food. Not sure about the value for money?

    55555 by Mikael

  • Rachel L.Gorgeous dining room where Sex and the City was filmed

    55555 by Rachel L.

  • Nabeela AkhtarLove the bar area :-)

    55555 by Nabeela Akhtar

  • Natacha VAmazing! Great setting, nice waiters, good music vibes, and the food! I had the tuna tartare spring rolls and they were to die for! Lobster eggrolls are for big eaters. Bigger place than expected.

    55555 by Natacha V

  • Neha FAmbiAnce!!!

    55555 by Neha F

  • Alex G.Surprisingly large space underneath Chelsea Market; a nice escape from the riff raff above.Great ambiance and perfect for large parties.

    55555 by Alex G.

  • Anna LGreat food but terrible acoustics. Very noisy place.

    33333 by Anna L

  • Hee Jung MFish dish is fantastic as well as the atmosphere!! ❤️

    55555 by Hee Jung M

  • Melissa ChaiBeautiful decor and presentation. Everything was delicious. One of my favorite restaurants in New York

    55555 by Melissa Chai

  • Saleh Sالبطة خياااااال 😋

    55555 by Saleh S

  • Saleh Sجربو الروكي شرمب 😋

    55555 by Saleh S

  • Roberto TLa comida increíble y el lugar con muy buen ambiente

    55555 by Roberto T

  • Carl-Adam BDesserts were very nice - Chinese doughnuts. Also drinks and appetizers

    55555 by Carl-Adam B

  • Eva HEverything!!

    55555 by Eva H

  • Ifutbol Agents (.Love the peking duck. Dumplings are really cool too!

    55555 by Ifutbol Agents (.

  • Rewan P.Good for dates and trendy! Get tables at the below level, order the soup and shrimp dumplings. The rock shrimps are a must have. The Monkfish is definitely the best item on the menu.

    55555 by Rewan P.

  • Ashley GrossettGreat service and great food. Great for after work, date night or birthday celebration.

    55555 by Ashley Grossett

  • Paulo WUma hora para servir o prato principal, 15 minutos para colocar as colheres na mesa...

    33333 by Paulo W

  • HenaliTuna tartar spring rolls!!!! 👍👍

    55555 by Henali

  • Mariela GLa comida riquísima. La ambientación perfecta. Un poco ruidoso

    55555 by Mariela G

  • Daniela APrice is totally worth it

    55555 by Daniela A

  • Taisiia I.Try their dim sum with edamame!

    55555 by Taisiia I.

  • Joann Athe edamame dumplings are like eating healthy little green clouds

    55555 by Joann A

  • Mauricio D.Try all sort of dumplings. Good music.

    55555 by Mauricio D.

  • Greg BoullinDefinitely try and get a seat downstairs in the main dining room

    55555 by Greg Boullin

  • Kim HTry the king crab hot pot!! It's amazing! 👍👍👍

    55555 by Kim H

  • Ralph MNeeds no introduction, Buddakan is a restaurant with excellence.

    55555 by Ralph M

  • sh abThe food is so yummy

    55555 by sh ab

  • Sleepy B.The Chilli Chicken was amazing and the Black Pepper Beef is to die for.I must recommend the Rock chilli shrimp for starters and the drink of choice the longevity.

    55555 by Sleepy B.

  • Kimberley S.Szechuan pork dumplings & general tso's dumplings

    55555 by Kimberley S.

  • Roberto MExcelent! Good place and great food 👌👌👌👌

    55555 by Roberto M

  • TAMMY GIAEdamame truffle dumpling and pork with mustard!!!!

    55555 by TAMMY GIA

  • Kadu MLocal da moda, com gente bonita e boa comida.

    55555 by Kadu M

  • Kimberly AginWe were a group of 8, went family style, and enjoyed every single dish. Some favs: Jumbo Shrimp, edamame dumplings, scallion pancakes, green beans, potstickers, and tuna tartar. Can't wait to go back!

    55555 by Kimberly Agin

  • Esther AImpresionantes los Edamame dumplings, como pescado el cod fish y postre crying chocolate. No words. Awesome! Buena relación calidad-precio.

    55555 by Esther A

  • Monibru IEl lugar es bellísimo. Pero son desordenados para la atención. Se come bien y los tragos son muy ricos. Promedio entre U$S 50 y 70. Tiene wifi.

    55555 by Monibru I

  • Lauren U.Wonderful service. Get the Kung Pao Monkfish if you like spice!

    55555 by Lauren U.

  • Thomas CAwesome food. The black cod and the mixed starters are great!

    55555 by Thomas C

  • Marcela BEverything

    55555 by Marcela B

  • Joe MSo the atmos is good. Beware the edamame dumplings - they explode in your mouth and fill it like truffle flavoured cotton wool. Food above average but no more

    55555 by Joe M

  • Joe MBook a table and turn up an hour late and you'll still be on time

    33333 by Joe M

  • DonnaFantastic experience! Lychee martini, rock shrimp, mushroom chow fun & lobster fried rice...YUM!

    55555 by Donna

  • Idealogie CGreat space - enjoy drinks and food

    55555 by Idealogie C

  • Maryam pThe food and its so romantic

    55555 by Maryam p

  • Darnel T.Have a party of 6 or more... Inquiry about the tasting menu. You will not be disappointed!

    33333 by Darnel T.

  • Abby FinkelEverything is delicious

    55555 by Abby Finkel

  • Urvashi NThe carrot dumplings are incredible!

    55555 by Urvashi N

  • WendyGet the crab sticky rice and Peking duck!!!!!

    55555 by Wendy

  • Kar MariscalMy Favorite @ NYC ! Lettece wraps and rock shrimps are the best !

    55555 by Kar Mariscal

  • Rafael MNão deixe de provar as sobremesas!

    33333 by Rafael M

  • Melisa LoyzaExcellence! Best place ever. Amazing seafood and sushi. Deserts are outstanding.

    55555 by Melisa Loyza

  • Robert CIf you have a large party, do not hesitate to get the tasting menu! Well worth it! Everything is amazing.

    55555 by Robert C

  • Grayson LTrendy places can serve up good food too. I try not to be suckered by the Buddhist theme but Tao & Buddakan have impressed me with their food & ambience. The food, the attitude - worth every Benjamin.

    55555 by Grayson L

  • Nikki BogopolskayaThey offer a family-style tasting option for parties of 6 or more. It's a ton of food, but a great choice for hungry diners or special occasions!

    55555 by Nikki Bogopolskaya

  • ReRi RTuna tartar spring rolls!! Amaze

    55555 by ReRi R

  • Veronica CSesame shrimp toast. Just delicious. Everything. Exquisitely cool.

    55555 by Veronica C

  • Ali PFind a place place in the long table, under 4 big chandeliers, great high sealing, try king crab, delicious...

    55555 by Ali P

  • Eric APlayed out and boring. great for tourists. eric kuvykin.

    55555 by Eric A

  • Khaula R.It's a-no-conversation kind of restaurant! Very loud music. Anyways i liked Wild mushroom chow fun noodles and Vegetable rice, it comes with coconut & curry foam, very delicious.

    55555 by Khaula R.

  • Joseph V.Awful service. The kind of place where they go out of your way to make you feel insecure for not liking the mediocre stuff they serve you. So many better restaurants in NYC with half the attitude.

    33333 by Joseph V.

  • Meghana D.Even if you aren't vegetarian, get the edamame dumpling...truffle oil makes filling phenomenal. Veggie dishes to order: pineapple tofu, greens. And don't hold back: order the crying chic dessert

    55555 by Meghana D.

  • Marley J.Some of the best food I've ever eaten. The edamame dumplings (filled with whipped edamame) and chocolate fondant were amazing.

    55555 by Marley J.

  • Tore F.Wow! Fusion food heaven!

    55555 by Tore F.

  • Kazem E.Worth. Every. Penny.

    55555 by Kazem E.

  • Carl-Michael H.Loved it. Environment super cool.Very good service. Dumplings where very nice. Try their carrot cake, may sound boring but the whey it was served and tasted; Epic.

    55555 by Carl-Michael H.

  • Marina B.Hoisin pork belly and Mongolian lamb chops were absolutely delicious!

    55555 by Marina B.

  • Stephanie L.The lobster rice!!

    22222 by Stephanie L.

  • Marina T.Black cod is amazing!!!!

    55555 by Marina T.

  • DailyCandy"Stephan Starr opts for shock-and-awe tactics at this immense dining palace (think Versailles meets Ming Dynasty). Try upscale takes on standard fare like lobster egg rolls or wild mushroom chow fun."

    55555 by DailyCandy

  • Ryan G.newsroom restaurant

    55555 by Ryan G.

  • AlexThis place rocked. Pretty people everywhere and the food was great too. The charred fillet was amazing, as was the lobster, asparagus, black cod, lamb chops, and so on and so forth. Great achievement.

    55555 by Alex

  • Daniel M.El servicio es pesimo, cada plato aparece a un tiempo diferente, y con la intencion que te levantes lo antes posible. Mucho mejores por el precio que pagas. Tipico sitio de moda basura.

    33333 by Daniel M.

  • Rick G.Duck is very delish

    55555 by Rick G.

  • DAMstyleCarrot cake. Yum

    55555 by DAMstyle

  • Selma T.Restaurante fantastico... Comida maravilhosa.... Ambiente magico.... Decoracao perfeita..... Adorei!!! Indico muitooooooo!!!!!!!!!

    55555 by Selma T.

  • Tom B.Amai ik e vree goe gegeten

    33333 by Tom B.

  • ErinThe tuna tartare spring rolls are the perfect starter!

    55555 by Erin

  • Lore R.Pésimo servicio por parte de los meseros , mala cara , cero atentos y lentos. ches gringos caen gordos , nada como la gente latina , cálida !

    33333 by Lore R.

  • Eduardo C.Muito bom.. Vale a pena o jantar! Ambiente e comida fantasticos

    55555 by Eduardo C.

  • Geri C.I'm probably the world's biggest edamame fan and thought they were perfect on their own, but whatever these guys do to make edamame dumplings is just magic. You won't be sorry.

    55555 by Geri C.

  • Diva t.The space is beautiful! Great place to have a party.

    55555 by Diva t.

  • Paul C.Try their edamame dumplings and pork belly buns!

    55555 by Paul C.

  • ReemzGo for the scallion pancakes and tuna spring rolls for appetizers.

    55555 by Reemz

  • Cortney K.Lobster rolls, wok noodles, boneless spare ribs, general tso dumplings, crying chocolate.......no matter what you get, it's amazing!!!

    55555 by Cortney K.

  • Ashish S.MUST try dishes: Rock Shrimp and the Pork Belly

    55555 by Ashish S.

  • FarahIts where Carry and Big had their rehearsal dinner.. I liked the lobster egg rolls and the crying chocolate. The bad thing is you have to wait at least 35 mins even if u had a reservation a week ago!

    55555 by Farah

  • Cristiano A.Edamame Dumplings é uma decepção, já comi melhores em festa de casamento, servido aos montes. O peixe em algumas partes não era bem temperado. Li tanto sobre o edamame... Nada demais.

    55555 by Cristiano A.

  • Abhinav K.The bread pudding dessert is to die for!!

    55555 by Abhinav K.

  • Pascal B.Buddakan is just a loud, overrated and soulless food factory for tourists... Do not waste your time on the restaurant if you want good food.

    22222 by Pascal B.

  • Seph A.THE DAMN PORK BELLY IS TO DIE FOR!!! Ugh I DIED and gone to heaven! I literally moaned as I ate! Lol

    55555 by Seph A.

  • Gabriel أ.Awesome food, unique drinks..:-)

    55555 by Gabriel أ.

  • Mohammad SThe shrimp is awesome

    55555 by Mohammad S

  • sam p.The space itself is super impressive and quite massive for New York City. The food is also top notch. Try as many things as possible and share, that's the only way to do it here!

    55555 by sam p.

  • Kezia JLove this place

    55555 by Kezia J

  • Insiya D.The crying chocolate ganache is way better than bread pudding and I never miss bread pudding if its on the menu :)

    55555 by Insiya D.

  • Anna L.Best thing I ever ate: Peking Duck

    55555 by Anna L.

  • Gina JEdamame dumplings are the BESSSSSSSSST!!

    55555 by Gina J

  • Carolina R.There is no words to describe it!!! Just come!! You won't regret it. Try the alaskan cod and the edamame dumblings :) :)

    55555 by Carolina R.

  • Rana A.The edamame dumplings were simply amazing! Also order the creamy rock shrimp for appetizer, u wont regret it!!

    55555 by Rana A.

  • Melissa H.For Dim Sum & Apps, don't miss out on the Edamame dumplings, Chili Rock Shrimp, and Scallion Pancakes. Also, the Charred Filet of Beef is delicious-- so flavorful and tender!

    55555 by Melissa H.

  • Prina Z.Echt geweldig gegeten!!!! Een echte aanrader!!!

    55555 by Prina Z.

  • Matthias TThe Chili Rock Shrimps are awesome!

    55555 by Matthias T

  • George W.They should make their items order-able from a smart phone by adding them to the app "appay biz" for free! That way, I can order ahead using the app "appay"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    33333 by George W.

  • BetsyWe liked the first level tasting menu and were absolutely stuffed. In retrospect, if we had done the second or third menu, we would have had waaay too much food, and of course you need to try it all.

    33333 by Betsy

  • Omkar SRockin shrimp is mouth watering. Edamame dumplings are really good. Lobster fried rice is a must. And to sum it up, Crying Chocolate was one of the best desserts that I have ever had!!

    55555 by Omkar S

  • Madam W.Best dishes-Appetizers: tuna tartare spring roll, oyster & foie gras; Entrees: roast duck pancakes, ma po crispy fish, steak with parsnip chips; Dessert: Crying Tiger was the best!

    55555 by Madam W.

  • Milena G.Charm cocktail will get you

    55555 by Milena G.

  • Katie B.Everything on the Bo Bo Plate is amazing! Perfect app for 2 ppl.

    55555 by Katie B.

  • Kevin RThe bread pudding is bananas!

    55555 by Kevin R

  • Yanina C.Definitely order a few appetizers and share with a small group. They are all amazing, you can't go wrong, especially the Edamame Dumplings and the Tuna Tartar Spring Rolls.

    55555 by Yanina C.

  • R*One of my favorite fusion restaurant. Perfect spot to start the night in the meatpacking.

    55555 by R*

  • TracyThe food is fairly good but making you wait in the lounge fir what feels like eternity is ridiculous! They always show you to the dumb lounge for a good half hour wait!

    33333 by Tracy

  • Amol K.Get a bunch of apps for family style dinner.

    55555 by Amol K.

  • Gülden B.the best rest.in nyc..<3

    55555 by Gülden B.

  • BlackBook MagazineStephen Starr's sixth-borough export catering to overflowing MePa mobs scarfing down fusiony dim sum, chow fun, and crispy pork belly cubes. Stunning, mansion-esque space, and service is aces.

    55555 by BlackBook Magazine

  • Wander K.Very good!!!

    55555 by Wander K.

  • Kristen M.Dim Sum is delicious--just saviour the flavour

    55555 by Kristen M.

  • (TIM BETA) Nete S.Owww :))))) )) )))

    55555 by (TIM BETA) Nete S.

  • Victor S.Gorgeous. I so enjoyed garlic lobster. Amazing desserts. I had a magical anniversary night.

    55555 by Victor S.

  • TIM BETA R.maravilha de lugar

    55555 by TIM BETA R.

  • Chelsea D.My favorites were Rock shrimp, edamame dumpling, pork buns, black cod, and pork lo mein

    55555 by Chelsea D.

  • jin j.go to dongying shandong

    55555 by jin j.

  • Caty M.Do not sleep on the bread pudding. So good.

    33333 by Caty M.

  • Tomokazu L.The service was great, the food came out fast and delicious. It's is a little pricey but it's definitely worth it. Edamame dumplings and the lobster fried rice is recommended to all! Oh and desserts!

    55555 by Tomokazu L.

  • Selim Tomur S.Probably one of the best restaurants in town. An incredibly delicious Chinese cuisine with a modern touch. Good food, nice looking waiters and waitresses, fast service and nice atmosphere.

    55555 by Selim Tomur S.

  • Rachna K.General Tsos Dumplings, Mushroom Chow Fun & Chargrilled Beef-- lastly Crying Chocolate with Vanilla Ice Cream are the best on the menu!!!

    55555 by Rachna K.

  • peter d.This is a very happily place : a scene. The service us excellent. Come early tho to get seat in the downstairs room or else you will be in restaurant Siberia.

    55555 by peter d.

  • JoyceThe edamame dumplings taste a bit like mashed potatoes - but they're really good!

    33333 by Joyce

  • Jota A.I hate garlic but here it works, I hate cilantro but here its fine, my wife hates peppers but here it is fine. Somebody knows how to really match the food here!

    33333 by Jota A.

  • Natalia Q.The best part of Buddakan is the decor, the food is pretty good, the service is alright.

    55555 by Natalia Q.

  • Chris C.Very good, kinda fancy, asian fusion restaurant near the High Line. To be safe, call ahead and make reservations.

    55555 by Chris C.

  • karen s.best things here: cocktails are always delightful here, as are the edamame dumplings. the rest of the dinner fare has definitely dropped in quality, sadly.

    55555 by karen s.

  • MOHAMMEDDelicious! Highly recommend!

    55555 by MOHAMMED

  • ascalixGet the Edemame dumplings, mouthwatering.

    55555 by ascalix

  • Troels N.One of the most exquisite restaurant experiences I've ever had. Great decor, mood lighting and especially the food. Tip: Let the chef put together your menu. Superb!

    55555 by Troels N.

  • Niels Christian M.Probably the best asian restaurant in NYC. It is a absolute MUST!

    55555 by Niels Christian M.

  • Chris C.this place is great. get the edamame dumplings! (4 of 4 petals via Fondu)

    55555 by Chris C.

  • Nameet P.When you make the reservation, ask to be seated downstairs. Much nicer vibe! Just to be sure you don't make the mistake I made! :)

    33333 by Nameet P.

  • Talia F.Edamame dumplings are the best thing in this world. Alaskan black cod and lobster fried rice are pretty amazing as well. For a drink, get the Tranquility.

    55555 by Talia F.

  • Bøzidäar P.good food nice atmosphere, strongly recommanded. and nice selection of wine. just go for it

    55555 by Bøzidäar P.

  • Omar K.One word: divine. Amazing food, service, decor, amazing everything. The charred fillet of beef is incredible. I still have dreams about it. (4 of 4 petals via Fondu)

    55555 by Omar K.

  • VicVery swish interior. Very long lines.

    55555 by Vic

  • Branimir D.Amazing space. Delicious food.

    55555 by Branimir D.

  • brigitte g.Desserts are killer. Come to the bar, get a drink and order the desserts, you won't be sorry!

    55555 by brigitte g.

  • Jessica S.Their Peking Duck was on The Best Thing I Ever Ate

    55555 by Jessica S.

  • Eddie K.Highly suggest getting the "Dream" cocktail and the Edamame dumplings!!! So goooood.

    55555 by Eddie K.

  • Anders H.Edamame dumplings, hoisin glazed pork belly and chili rock shrimps are all to die for.

    55555 by Anders H.

  • Brian A.For a cocktail... order the Fever. Probably one of the best cocktails I've had since getting the Calle Fresca at Dos Caminos.

    55555 by Brian A.

  • Mikkel K.The large (95 dollar) tasting menu is to die for!

    55555 by Mikkel K.

  • Taylor A.The scallion pancakes are so delish it's ridiculous! And try the frog legs!

    55555 by Taylor A.

  • Omar K.The filet mignon tasted like god sent down the angel Gabriel from heaven, whom the chef then butchered and served to me on a plate.

    55555 by Omar K.

  • Nathan B.Pork belly app is siiiiiick

    55555 by Nathan B.

  • Marina CisnerosMy favorites: Black Cod, Mongolian Lambchops, Tuna Tartare Spring Rolls, and the Boneless Spareribs!

    55555 by Marina Cisneros

  • Julie CNever ceases to amaze! Great food in a great setting.

    55555 by Julie C

  • Pomme L.The food is over rated, but again I'm Asian and the majority of these dishes I grew up with, so I might have a higher expectation. Also portion are small, order double of anything you want.

    33333 by Pomme L.

  • Angela S.Edamame dumplings are the best thing ever

    55555 by Angela S.

  • Mark T.The boneless ribs are amazing!!!

    55555 by Mark T.

  • Maddy STry the pepper beef and the tuna spring rolls! Delicious!!

    55555 by Maddy S

  • Griz Cmake sure to try the Charm drink

    55555 by Griz C

  • Jay W.Service is slow. Food is fast and underwhelming. No water people but no shortage of front desk people.

    33333 by Jay W.


    55555 by Daniela G.

  • Kaitlin H.Check out the communal table downstairs. Look familiar? It played host to Carrie Bradshaw's rehearsal dinner before her wedding-gone-awry in the first SATC movie!

    55555 by Kaitlin H.

  • Lynn P.Amazing! Get the hoisin glazed pork belly and glazed black cod. Oh and save room for the chocolate sesame fondant. It's really a fancy pb&j dessert and so yummy!

    55555 by Lynn P.

  • Morgan JThe black cod is divine. Like butter in the mouth. The filet is the same. Delicious and sensuous place to eat.

    55555 by Morgan J

  • Maria S.Great lounge & bar area & main dining area is stunning. My favorite dishes are the dim sum, lobster fried rice, rib eye & crispy shrimp and the crying chocolate & the coconut creme brulee for dessert

    55555 by Maria S.

  • Natalie CDelicious! Highly recommend!

    55555 by Natalie C

  • Ayse Ruya ATurkish dj playing soo good!

    55555 by Ayse Ruya A

  • Emily JCarrie and Big's engagement dinner! #SATC

    55555 by Emily J

  • Vance A.Take the tuna tartare. Delicious. And the edamame toppings. Miam.

    55555 by Vance A.

  • Jamie S.Simply delicious. One of the best restaurants in NYC, in my opinion

    55555 by Jamie S.

  • Michelle S.I heart the edamame dumplings - need to learn how to make them at home!

    55555 by Michelle S.

  • Dario M.If you arent super hungry, grab some small plates in the lounge and sip Prosecco.

    55555 by Dario M.

  • Rebecca E.Get the Fate cocktail and the duck salad!

    55555 by Rebecca E.

  • Felipe JInfelizmente nao conseguimos entrar pois no dia a cozinha pegou fogo!

    33333 by Felipe J

  • HBOSex and the City happened here. "So here's to the groom, who finally got Carrie-d away." Carrie and Big had their wedding rehearsal dinner here.

    33333 by HBO

  • Citizen New York CEdamame dumplings... original and unique!

    55555 by Citizen New York C

  • Justine M.Buddakan was AMAZING! My bf& I were celebrating our anniversary & the ambiance, food, drinks & wait staff was great..Try the lobster fried rice & the wrapped sea bass for appetizer.

    55555 by Justine M.

  • Jennifer P.The edamame dumplings are to die for!

    55555 by Jennifer P.

  • Ashmi Elizabeth D.Start with little puffs of heaven, Edamame Dumplings.

    55555 by Ashmi Elizabeth D.

  • Jonavennci DivadThe space is gorgeous and exciting, first off. But while some restaurants rely solely on appearances, Buddakan rises to the occasion with delicious food

    55555 by Jonavennci Divad

  • Susan L.Drink: fate. Eat: edamame dumplings.

    55555 by Susan L.

  • Ryan H.great dumplings and drinks

    55555 by Ryan H.

  • Damien TTriumph cocktail is worth a try!

    55555 by Damien T

  • Brian C.Lobster egg rolls!!

    55555 by Brian C.

  • STARR RestaurantsWe have to thank our interior designer, Christian Liaigre, for creating a sensual space that is both inviting and surreal. Enjoy our fabulous modern Asian cuisine!

    55555 by STARR Restaurants

  • Nina B.Try the $65 set menu - everything is delicious. Includes the famous edamame dumplings and black cod.

    55555 by Nina B.

  • Melina V.Real good Tuna tartare.

    55555 by Melina V.

  • Bao MEdamame dumplings are to die for.

    55555 by Bao M

  • Jen14221Three words: Mother Fucking Dumplings.

    55555 by Jen14221

  • Steve C.Two words: Peking Duck.

    55555 by Steve C.

  • Ewa JDumplings are awesome. Dessert is okay.

    55555 by Ewa J

  • MelissaAtmosphere is awesome! Love it! food is amazing!

    55555 by Melissa

  • Jeff LGreat place to bring a date or for business related purposes. They just keep bringing on the food! Must try the Calamari, it's unreal and out of this world.

    55555 by Jeff L

  • Emily Punkimeowmeow d.One of my favorite places. Great place for happy hour and yes the dumplings are divine.

    55555 by Emily Punkimeowmeow d.

  • Carol R.The sweet and crispy shrimp is just amazing!!!!

    55555 by Carol R.

  • FoodspottingTry the Warm Banana Fritters

    55555 by Foodspotting

  • Gaby V.You cannot go wrong_ everything is incredible. My fave is the lychee martini

    55555 by Gaby V.

  • MazdaTwo words: edamame. dumplings. Fluffy dumplings with a touch of truffle oil, delicious!

    55555 by Mazda

  • BravoCrab Lo Mein - Wow! Flavors bursting in your mouth -Angelo Sosa, Top Chef

    55555 by Bravo

  • elise Esea bass spring rolls deeeeelish...short rib tender as it gets....tuna tartare melts in your mouth....BUT the edamame dumplings are orgasmic!! can't go wrong here with anything!

    55555 by elise E

  • The Corcoran GroupAwesome décor and architecture! And it doesn’t outshine the food! Try the chili rock shrimp, Mongolian lamb chops and lobster fried rice. It’s easy to overdo it here.

    55555 by The Corcoran Group

  • Courtney E.Edamame Dumplings all the way

    33333 by Courtney E.

  • Bill M.Hands down the best dining experience I have ever had! You can't go wrong with anything on the menu and the place is beautiful!

    55555 by Bill M.

  • Nine West MCome to the Meatpacking District (Hudson and Gansevoort Street ) on Aug 31st and be a part of a live photo shoot with fashion photographer Nigel Barker!

    33333 by Nine West M

  • Paloma C.This place is excellent! We ordered many different plates and all of them were divine! Edamame dumplings are delicious!

    55555 by Paloma C.

  • David JOrder edamame dumplings, chili rock shrimp, and Peking duck; wash it down with a Fever cocktail and the Belgian-style Brooklyn Brewery Local 1.

    55555 by David J

  • Eu RBest calamari ever

    55555 by Eu R

  • arik t.The Fever w Fidencio Mezcal

    22222 by arik t.

  • Josh GYou can't go to Buddakan and not try the edamame dumplings.

    55555 by Josh G

  • patrice t.Tempt "Fate" and try this DELICIOUS cocktail that includes pineapple juice, orange juice, elderflower liqueur and Prosecco. Simply delicious!

    55555 by patrice t.

  • Johanna F.Dim sum: Edamame dumplings, pork belly, duck spring rolls, general tso's dumplings. Entrees: Peking duck, cod, pork, short rib to die for. Coconut foam veggie rice for sure.

    55555 by Johanna F.

  • Richard L.Edmame dumpling!:-)

    55555 by Richard L.

  • Cassandra KGreat in winter. Sit upstairs for cocktails and order a few plates of the edamame dumplings. You won't be sorry!

    55555 by Cassandra K

  • Valerie B.My home away from home. Order the chili rock shrimp, edamame dumplings, black cod, short rib and feast..dont miss the crying chocolate and FATE cocktail. Still heaven after 4 yrs

    55555 by Valerie B.

  • Yaron MEdamame dumplings were terrific, as was the filet mignon. Beware of the paper sheets between the pancakes...

    55555 by Yaron M

  • Tineey NScallops the size of my fist!

    33333 by Tineey N

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