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Chipotle Mexican Grill

854 8th Ave
New York, NY 10019

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(212) 757-4312

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Cuisine: Fast Food Restaurants, Mexican Restaurants

3.5 of 5.0 from 30 reviews

price range:Less than $10

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Chipotle Mexican Grill Reviews

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  • ImSo_BrooklynVery small in my opinion.

    33333 by ImSo_Brooklyn

  • Jackson G.Skimpiest proportions here of any Chipotle I've been to.

    33333 by Jackson G.

  • Kelly NHGood but strong $6 margaritas!

    55555 by Kelly NH

  • Lauren C.If you're here for lunch M-F don't waste your time. The one on 48th handles lunch crowds much better.

    22222 by Lauren C.

  • Tristan T.I love chipotle! We should have those back in Quebec!!

    33333 by Tristan T.

  • Justin Z.Bathroom Code is 3915

    22222 by Justin Z.

  • Brian D.Best one in midtown.

    55555 by Brian D.

  • Rick M.They finally have spoons here. It's about damn time.

    33333 by Rick M.

  • Rob R.Walk the 6 extra blocks North to 57th Street Chipotle. The food is fresher, warmer, and your serving size is more acceptable. They skimp you on food here.

    33333 by Rob R.

  • Jana M.Worst Chipotle I've ever been to! Avoid!

    11111 by Jana M.

  • Alissa S.don't bother ordering online unless you don't mind them ALWAYS forgetting your rice.

    22222 by Alissa S.

  • Marshall Ryan B.if you're asking for extra cheese, then requesting additional cheese, and then asking for a side of cheese.. guess what you are?

    22222 by Marshall Ryan B.

  • Geoffrey MNo line but they sure were in a hurry to throw some slop in a bowl for $10. My least favorite chipotle.

    33333 by Geoffrey M

  • Tyler I.Ask for double meat.

    33333 by Tyler I.

  • Mash BAsk them for the code to the bathroom before you get your food.

    22222 by Mash B

  • Anthony P.Chicken Burritos are worth the money.... They are f#@k'n massive

    55555 by Anthony P.

  • Dillon F.Guac on burrito and side of guac are same price. But you get more guac when you ask for it on the side!

    55555 by Dillon F.

  • Anthony R.Order via app or online to beat the long lunch lines and go straight to the register to pick up your order.

    33333 by Anthony R.

  • Jhoana O.The brown rice isn't so good :(

    55555 by Jhoana O.

  • Vincent M.Got vegetarian burrito but staff couldn't advise if cheese was vegetarian

    33333 by Vincent M.

  • Evandro F.Skip the rice, the sauces and the meat... Too much salt in it. Your blood pressure can go as high as 220/100...lol

    33333 by Evandro F.

  • Erik W.Why don't they have spoons?

    33333 by Erik W.

  • Allison M.What's not to love. And noe they have brown rice!!!

    55555 by Allison M.

  • Natasha B.Yo! Try the quesadilla!! So cheap and delicious! Also, add a margarita! :)

    55555 by Natasha B.

  • Andre S.Skip the white rice rice -- it's just filler with no texture, flavor or nutritional value.

    22222 by Andre S.

  • Anil N.This is without a doubt the friendliest chipotle around!!

    55555 by Anil N.

  • Timothy R.Scratch that. Chorizo is only for breakfast. Sucks.

    55555 by Timothy R.

  • FanychachiI love the food, one of my favorite places in NYC but the service is shitty!!!!

    55555 by Fanychachi

  • juliet s.Quesadillas!!!"

    55555 by juliet s.

  • DietsInReviewTo keep your meal healthy try ordering what restaurants have labeled “burrito bowl” or “naked burrito,” which means no tortilla. Also, specify no cheese, no sour cream, and get guacamole on the side.

    33333 by DietsInReview

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