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Shake Shack

691 8th Ave
New York, NY 10036

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(646) 435-0135

Cuisine: Burger Restaurants

4.5 of 5.0 from 296 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Shake Shack in New York, NY
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  • Shake Shack in New York, NY
  • Shake Shack in New York, NY

Shake Shack Reviews

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  • Freddy VanegasThe double hamburger is great. The restroom code is 10143

    33333 by Freddy Vanegas

  • Felipe TThe lines are long but fast. Always worth waiting for great food.

    55555 by Felipe T

  • Chloe LEat your veggies this way! The shroom burger is unbeatable !

    55555 by Chloe L

  • Erdem KNyc'nin en iyi hanburgercilerinden times sqaure ve madison square güzellerinden

    55555 by Erdem K

  • David Z.Chicken shack. Duh.

    55555 by David Z.

  • Paulo NLanche muito bom e batata incrível

    55555 by Paulo N

  • Rafael JLotadasso porém o mais saboroso!!!

    55555 by Rafael J

  • Abdallah AlemranJust go with the peanut butter shakes, get burgers from somewhere else!

    33333 by Abdallah Alemran

  • DrewskiNothing special about this location, but Shake Shack is just delicious.

    55555 by Drewski

  • Mauricio EEl lugar es rico, pero no creo que sean las mejores hamburguesas que he probado. Siento que está algo sobrevalorado y por lo mismo es caro. De todas formas, vale la pena al menos ir y probar...

    55555 by Mauricio E

  • Vanessa MMelhor hambúrguer da minha vida, com batatas é claro!

    55555 by Vanessa M

  • Simmie VVery busy, but amazing tasting food! Expensive but worth it!

    55555 by Simmie V

  • Solu BThe smokeshack is delicious, but if you don't like spicy food you might want to skip the red pepper. Delicious fries, good prices and free drink refills.

    55555 by Solu B

  • PaddyThe double shack burger is delicious. Had a strawberry milkshake too and it was excellent. Best fast food shake I've had. Bit expensive though, dbl shack burger, fries and shake for almost $20

    55555 by Paddy

  • Steph AThere's a magic hour around 2 PM where the line is shorter.

    55555 by Steph A

  • Precious CoxThe chicken sandwich is a must. I hope it stays forever. I love the shack stack. Those delicious fried portobello tops and that sauce are a match made in heaven.

    55555 by Precious Cox

  • Kelly CMuy rico! Y con vino mejor 👍🏻

    55555 by Kelly C

  • Michele FOnly time is when there's no line is when it's closed

    33333 by Michele F

  • Lisa S.By far the best burger I've ever had! No line at 5pm

    55555 by Lisa S.

  • Fabian JWorth the wait in the line

    33333 by Fabian J

  • Ricardo BA must go! Excellent Sakes! The double burger is a must!

    55555 by Ricardo B

  • LeeAmazing, dirty but amazing!

    55555 by Lee

  • Alejandra UFrench fries 😍😍😍

    55555 by Alejandra U

  • Laddy GThe best burgers I've tried in New York 🍔🍟🍺

    55555 by Laddy G

  • Sam DGreat shakes and burgers

    55555 by Sam D

  • Sam SThe line is always atrocious but how can I not love Shake Shack? Delicious burgers, delicious shakes.

    55555 by Sam S

  • Drew W.Still love Shake Shack, this one is always busy though... Good luck finding a seat.

    55555 by Drew W.

  • Bruce LThe shake surprised me. It was amazing

    55555 by Bruce L

  • Renato KBurger is surprisingly good for a burger chain. Actually it has nothing to do with a burger chain. Just do it.

    55555 by Renato K

  • Jerome JPlace is open late at night. Lines are super long all day so go here at around 11pm if you don't want to line up

    55555 by Jerome J

  • Bommy ChaWhoa long line but moves super fast. Crowded so keep a lookout an open table while waiting for your # to be called. Burger is just ok but worth a try. Crinkle cut fries are a must.

    55555 by Bommy Cha

  • Emiliano SThe best fast food.

    55555 by Emiliano S

  • Liz EWe had to queue up quite a while to get these burgers. Burgers were worth to wait (but not the best), their French fries were yummo!

    55555 by Liz E

  • Gal AmirBurgers are great! Take the weekly milkshake

    55555 by Gal Amir

  • AidaKriztell G.Esperaba mas pero están buenas

    55555 by AidaKriztell G.

  • Daniel SanzOne of the best burgers in NYC

    55555 by Daniel Sanz

  • Miguel R.This one has the curse of being crowded ALL OF THE TIME, so be pacient while you hunt for a seat. And remember, there's a water station right next to the restroom.

    33333 by Miguel R.

  • DonTonTingoCan't go wrong with shake shack. Huge line but actually moves pretty quick!

    55555 by DonTonTingo

  • Wen Seng BThe famous burger of course. Price is slightly higher than McD, but way better quality. Always packed with lines

    55555 by Wen Seng B

  • Laura ShumLineup and no where to sit and it was only 11:25AM!

    33333 by Laura Shum

  • M7mmd_sززحممممه غير طبيعيه وفي الاخير البرقر بارد والبطاطس ابرد ، نصيحه رح للفرع الثاني احسن

    55555 by M7mmd_s

  • 김형래 T쉐이크쉑, 이렇게 맛있는 햄버거는 처음이다. 배가 고팠기 때문일까?

    55555 by 김형래 T

  • Alanoud AlsuhibaniTry to come here early cause it gets soo crowded at night! But DELICIOUS!

    55555 by Alanoud Alsuhibani

  • Gonzalo FiorinaTry the Shack burger with mushroom. Heaven.

    55555 by Gonzalo Fiorina

  • Ángelo CGrandes hamburguesas y malteadas. A la hora de almuerzo encontrar donde comer es toda una odisea.

    55555 by Ángelo C

  • The Brew NoobWash down the world-famous burger with a Shackmeister Ale, custom brewed for Shake Shack by Brooklyn Brewery!

    55555 by The Brew Noob

  • Andrew MA little greasy, and they refused to add certain topping to my burger (ketchup? REALLY?) but otherwise the place was fine, and they had my food prepared in good time.

    33333 by Andrew M

  • Flavio AGreat burger!

    55555 by Flavio A

  • Hande DGreaaaat!!

    55555 by Hande D

  • Vinícius ADip your fries in the vanilla shake!

    33333 by Vinícius A

  • Tao JasonSo many people! But the food worth waiting. My puppy love the dog treat there.

    55555 by Tao Jason

  • Julienne FurquimMuito gostoso!! Mas tem fila e é difícil conseguir uma mesa. Mesmo assim, vale a pena!

    55555 by Julienne Furquim

  • Armagan KBest Burgers in the world.. Must be tasted double Shack burger😍😍

    55555 by Armagan K

  • Erik BrokTry the black and white shake

    55555 by Erik Brok

  • Cristiano ZSimplesmente o melhor!!

    55555 by Cristiano Z

  • Luz M PLas mejores hamburguesas que me he comido en toda mi vida y el servicio excelente lo amo

    55555 by Luz M P

  • Winson WongShack Stack!! Portobello mushroom with fried cheese. The cheese oozes out whilst you bit into the burger. So delicious. The concretes are good too! Just super long lines :(

    55555 by Winson Wong

  • Ziyad A.Excellent!

    55555 by Ziyad A.

  • Marina ToconUn auténtico hot dog en pleno NY. Las hamburguesas no desmerecen. Buen sabor y más si las acompañas con unas cheese fries

    55555 by Marina Tocon

  • Антон RОтличные недорогие бургеры

    55555 by Антон R

  • MartinaYYTasty and cheap burgers. Go for a burger, not for a hot dog. Fries are good. Beer too. If you are two, one should cur for seats coz it is crowded.

    55555 by MartinaYY

  • nolm comixAfter you eat you can grab some ice cream!

    55555 by nolm comix

  • nolm comixMm mm, shake shack is my favorite. Definitely check this place out

    55555 by nolm comix

  • ALI ALAMEERnormal taste and not recommended for burgerholic 💪

    33333 by ALI ALAMEER

  • Rachel SPlace should be bigger, but I loooved it! Delicious

    55555 by Rachel S

  • Jane D.Be prepared to fight for a seat. Just know that when you bite into the Shroom Burger and its cheesy filling oozes out, it'll all be worth the trouble.

    55555 by Jane D.

  • sevinc cNothing special. Worth ti try other local burger places. Plus,long queues and difficult to find a place to sit.

    55555 by sevinc c

  • Ephrain TPues un drink nadamas!!!! Jajaja great time!! Here we go....

    55555 by Ephrain T

  • ®yka- 승.a *must if u r in NY. best burger ever!!! extra shack sauce n cheese fries♥ - have fun finding a seat n guard ur seat ;P

    55555 by ®yka- 승.

  • SpotlightIn the heart of midtown Manhattan, this place has a quick service. For a quick bite, try the shack burger.

    55555 by Spotlight

  • Natalia BakerWorth the half hour queue? Absolutely.

    33333 by Natalia Baker

  • Donatella DamianoHo preso un shakeshack burgher davvero ottimo...qualità prezzo ottima

    55555 by Donatella Damiano

  • Kevin MagneBon, mais les meilleurs burgers sont chez Five Guys !

    55555 by Kevin Magne

  • Arthemis WhitakerGreat burgers. Amazing fries. Stay away during meal times if you want to avoid a HUMONGOUS line.

    55555 by Arthemis Whitaker

  • Helloise MThe best burger ever!

    55555 by Helloise M

  • Maria B.Best burger in NYC!

    55555 by Maria B.

  • Juliana AmorimFat and good.

    55555 by Juliana Amorim

  • Suzy FGente, viciei nos hamburgueres. O suco de lemonade é bom demais, e a batata?

    55555 by Suzy F

  • Wael H.Really crowded with a long queue, try to let one of your party reserve a seat in advance while you order. Burgers were really good and worth the queue.

    55555 by Wael H.

  • Tyler MVs. "In n Out"... 3x the price, 3x the wait, twice as good.

    33333 by Tyler M

  • Sara TBest burguer ik NY!

    55555 by Sara T

  • Martin JenningsDouble shack burger is incredible. Add some cheese fries and your good !

    55555 by Martin Jennings

  • Marco GalantinSuper Burger! Wenn man nicht alleine ist sollte jemand für Sitzplatz Ausschau halten während der andere in der Warteschlange fürs Essen steht

    55555 by Marco Galantin

  • Tom W.The vegetarian burger is good

    55555 by Tom W.

  • ZenFoodster EatsShack'ago Dog as legit as any from the "Windy City"..but less the sesame seed bun.

    55555 by ZenFoodster Eats

  • AllisonDip your fries in a Vanilla Shake!

    55555 by Allison

  • CONNAY CShack stack all day.

    55555 by CONNAY C

  • Khalil ibitefoodA good burger for a great price . Great job on the bun

    55555 by Khalil ibitefood

  • Joe F.Check the Shake Shack web site before you head over. This location has a live Shack Cam video feed that shows you how long the line is.

    33333 by Joe F.

  • Joe F.The line is very long so order two burgers if you're hungry. They go down fast.

    33333 by Joe F.

  • David ADecepción. Tuvimos que comer depiés porque no habia sitio. Hamburguesas no muy grandes y bastante ricas. Bien de precio, pero hay otros sitios que merecen más la pena.

    55555 by David A

  • Mark LombardiSmoke shack is the sleeper choice here. Definitely worth trying.

    55555 by Mark Lombardi

  • Leigh Anne Z.Don't overlook the milkshakes - strawberry is fantastic!

    55555 by Leigh Anne Z.

  • Eduardo SExtraordinário!! Muito saboroso o hambúrguer. Show!

    55555 by Eduardo S

  • HoDa NThe burgers are a bit small but with fries u r gonna be full

    55555 by HoDa N

  • Philo4ThoughtAn interesting park experience with a view of the #FlatIronBuilding -- a NY Fave.

    55555 by Philo4Thought

  • Julia GLow priced, great burgers & fries!

    55555 by Julia G

  • renato Emuito muito bom.

    55555 by renato E

  • Kim M.Mmmm burgers

    55555 by Kim M.

  • Julia NewmanСесть негде. Гамбургер как гамбургер, ничего необычного.

    55555 by Julia Newman

  • David JIf @jeff brown comes dear make sure he pays he's a crook!

    22222 by David J

  • Meryem M.Cheese burger all the way

    33333 by Meryem M.

  • hasan Stavsıye ederım mukemmel cesıtlerıyle sız halkımıza halkımıza lezzetlı menulerınız sunuyorlar

    55555 by hasan S

  • Ahmed A.الزبده انه يجيب العافيه ،، بلا ان ان اوت بلا هم 😝

    55555 by Ahmed A.

  • Fredrick L.They have this thing called the 'Shroom Burger for the vegetarians," Miss USA tells us in her NY Diet. "It's just cheese inside a fried mushroom. Oh my God."

    33333 by Fredrick L.

  • Jason P.awesome burgers

    55555 by Jason P.

  • alexis g.Boaf boaf. Pain tout mou et frites horribles. Ce resto ne mérite pas sa réputation.

    55555 by alexis g.

  • Ryan G.During the winter it seems they never have the daily frozen custard.

    55555 by Ryan G.

  • Kaitlyn O.Good quick food!

    55555 by Kaitlyn O.

  • Thomas S.Um, this may have passed in n out.

    33333 by Thomas S.

  • James C.Best Burger, ever. Period.

    55555 by James C.

  • Florian A.Le Shak Stak est pour moi THE burger de NYC. Une galette panée de champignon et fromage... un délice pour les papilles ;)

    55555 by Florian A.

  • HanBi K.I like how they dont use pesticide and all that but Burger's Priest (Toronto) is more tasty haha. But a must try place if you're in NYC.

    55555 by HanBi K.

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    33333 by Escort A.

  • Ariela B.Sempre cheio, mas o lanche é maravilhoso. Peça para viajem e coma no hotel! Não deixe de experimentar ;)

    55555 by Ariela B.

  • Chase C.Burgers are great, but the fries are plain crinkle cut and nothing special.

    55555 by Chase C.

  • Ariel V.Definitely get the Shack Stack, it's cheesy goodness.

    55555 by Ariel V.

  • Rachel L.The food is delicious, the tricky part is getting a seat. It can be a stressful experience!

    55555 by Rachel L.

  • E S.Furthermore, walk around the corner and go split a 5 Napkin burger. You'll get just as much burger, with gruyere, caramelized onions, and better fries for $8 each. We did. Literally right after.

    33333 by E S.

  • E S.Those looking for a competitor of the great west coast burger joint In N Out, this isn't it. There is no comparison. This is a glorified BK that costs $6. Nothing tasted "fresh". Just greasy.

    33333 by E S.

  • Michael J.Eat all the things!

    33333 by Michael J.

  • Natalia P.The most delicious hamburgers I've eaten in my life!

    55555 by Natalia P.

  • Sally T.Go with a friend and while one orders, the other scouts for a table. Hard to find a seat otherwise.

    33333 by Sally T.

  • Michael Z.It's no In-N-Out but it's edible food.

    22222 by Michael Z.

  • Angélica R.Ótimo milk-shake preto e branco com malte, mas a batata foi decepcionante...

    55555 by Angélica R.

  • Nick P.Best burger place hands down. Get the double shack and don't miss out on the fries.

    55555 by Nick P.

  • Melisa R.Smoked Stack burger is unbelievable

    55555 by Melisa R.

  • Thalia K.Try the Pumpkin Pie Frozen Custard Concrete (fruit dessert) - I liked this concrete the best of all the ones I've tried here. Too bad it's only available during the holidays. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Thalia K.

  • Hằng A.tks for you

    55555 by Hằng A.

  • Christian T.Smoked shack with 50/50 with fries was delish.... seat situation is insane... while you wait online have someone secure seats.... way to go

    55555 by Christian T.

  • Cecilia C.Falando mal do bianchini com o marciok kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk e, claro, comendo um kidoguinho

    33333 by Cecilia C.

  • Beni M.Don't wait in line if you are getting a custard. Read the signs.

    33333 by Beni M.

  • Eric S.Not the best Shake Shack around (what do you expect, it's Times Square)... but still the best burger in the area. Perfectly cooked burgers and delicious shakes. Hard to find a seat in this place.

    55555 by Eric S.

  • Zenita DThe caramel shake is a must. Best thing ever.

    55555 by Zenita D

  • NAZLI FShake burger, cheese fries & milk shake... :)

    55555 by NAZLI F

  • Parrillat PLas malteadas son a prueba de fuego, llevo dos y de lo mejor. Las hamburguesas para algunos están sobrevaloradas, para mi no, están cabronsísimas y valen cada centavo de dodgie que pagas. ¡Atascad!

    55555 by Parrillat P

  • Thomas CheungShacktoberfest is on. Go get your $10 bierstein

    33333 by Thomas Cheung

  • JoseUna hamburguesa cojonuda. Un poco pequeña para lo que puedes esperar en usa pero realmente sabrosa. Siempre el local lleno pero merece la pena.

    55555 by Jose

  • Levon C.If you come with someone, find a place to sit before you order. Seating can be limited at times.

    55555 by Levon C.

  • Pedro JBest burgers in town!!

    55555 by Pedro J

  • Sadaf H.Try the black and white shake! So good ---vanilla with fudge!

    55555 by Sadaf H.

  • Isadora B.Shroom burger! Best veggie burger in NYC, best veggie burger I've eaten in my life <3

    55555 by Isadora B.

  • Victor D.O melhor hambúrguer de NY! Sempre peça as "fries with cheese" para acompanhar!!

    55555 by Victor D.

  • Danylo H.Take a machete with you to make your way faster through the line to get faster to this divine food.

    55555 by Danylo H.

  • Ana V.La mejor hamburguesa que me he comido en mi vida!!'

    55555 by Ana V.

  • Ziyad A.Best burger ever but u have to guard ur seat

    55555 by Ziyad A.

  • Mazen A.The best burger ever 😍

    55555 by Mazen A.

  • Adnan M.Ok... All the hype is god good reason. The smokshack burger with bacon and chili is to die for. It was soo good I didn't want to finish it... Fantastic! (Minus the jungle crowd)

    55555 by Adnan M.

  • BenjaminAdresse incontournable pour manger des burgers et des cheese fries à NY ! Attention, il y a parfois une queue interminable dehors ! Mais ça vaut le coup !

    55555 by Benjamin

  • ZorayaI got the chicken dog and strawberry shake (2 out of 5 stars). If your type of food is plain American food, then this is it. Good luck finding a spot to eat on a Wednesday afternoon in the summer.

    55555 by Zoraya

  • Ozge Z.Can't decide what to eat. All of 'em r awesome...

    55555 by Ozge Z.

  • Joe G."With or without the hype and the lines, the frozen custard at Shake Shack is pretty awesome; thick, satisfying, and sweet. Flavors change monthly."

    55555 by Joe G.

  • Glossyvonne K.Ask for the smash sauce on the side for your fries!

    33333 by Glossyvonne K.

  • Meir S.Sure, you need to fight a bunch of 12 year olds who eyed the same table as you at exactly the same time, but then you get to eat what you ordered and you're like "Yay! I love everybody!"

    33333 by Meir S.

  • Jesús F.Shackburger, fries and a Vanilla Shake. Delicioso.

    55555 by Jesús F.

  • Geoffrey M.Fast, good food and Friendly staff! A must try!

    55555 by Geoffrey M.

  • Urban CompassShake Shack opened its Upper West Side outpost in 2008, and the lines have been around the block ever since. If you go for an afternoon snack, you should be able to waltz in for their shroom burger.

    55555 by Urban Compass

  • Shannon E.Worth the wait. Burgers to die for and the blueberry lemonade is superb

    55555 by Shannon E.

  • Karina V.La mejor comida chatarra, las malteadas muy ricas y en general "a must" en NYC

    55555 by Karina V.

  • Tim M.Best. Burger. EVAR!

    55555 by Tim M.

  • Beste S.Everything is delish👌

    55555 by Beste S.

  • Thomas B.Pide la shake stack. Las mejores hamburguesas en todo nueva york.

    55555 by Thomas B.

  • Paul M.Very crowded around 6:15 but the shack sauce on the burger was great... Fries were very bland.

    33333 by Paul M.

  • Thomas B.McDonalds is 100% better

    22222 by Thomas B.

  • Julia H.Feelin claustrophobic from all the people in this place!!!

    33333 by Julia H.

  • Deeلا تغرك زحمته من برا.. يمشي الدور بسررعه ترى 😂

    55555 by Dee

  • Spencer F.Best burger and fries I think I've ever had! Get the cheese fries!

    55555 by Spencer F.

  • Emmy G.Fried mushroom burger, strawberry milkshake - get it to go and eat in Bryant Park. That's pretty much the perfect day right there.

    55555 by Emmy G.

  • Sandra F.The secret to getting a table at the Shake Shack is to divide & conquer.

    55555 by Sandra F.

  • Karen E.Absolutely the best hamburger in NY. Shack Stack is by far the better choice!!!

    55555 by Karen E.

  • geekhanShack stack (beef burger+Shrooms burger) with cheese fries then chocolate truffle cookie dough concrete to finish. Sedap gila tahap dewa which basically translates f**king delicious.

    55555 by geekhan

  • Albi The-AzizVisiting from Toronto and we decided to try it! Did not disappoint, burgers were juicy with fresh toppings. Simple and delicious. Make sure to pick up condiments as they do not come dressed!

    55555 by Albi The-Aziz

  • Greg F.The shake shacks brew taste like an IPA

    33333 by Greg F.

  • Merve AHer şey mükemmel =)) Shaya Grup getiriyor Türkiye'ye... Bakalım aynı lezzette olacak mı?

    33333 by Merve A

  • B C.'Shroom Burger (cheese inside a fried mushroom) - soo good ! expect to queue

    55555 by B C.

  • Jarrad B.Good luck getting seating at te busy times.

    33333 by Jarrad B.

  • Serious EatsGrab a Shack Burger before curtain! This Shake Shack location is a great spot for a quick yet totally delicious pre-theater bite.

    55555 by Serious Eats

  • Christine Y.If your a coffee drinker, definitely try out their Fair Shake! It's pretty good! ^_^

    55555 by Christine Y.

  • Danny M.Eh, not impressed. Burgers and fries were just ok....the line out the door made it seem like it must be great. I guess NY people just need to try Whataburger.

    33333 by Danny M.

  • Sarina W.The vanilla shake is the best ever vanilla shake ever!! So delicious! Not overly sweet either.

    55555 by Sarina W.

  • Priscil L.all u have to do is get a shake burger and a black n' white shake... good luck getting a seat!

    55555 by Priscil L.

  • Trisha E.Shroom burger is amazing for a vegetarian option

    55555 by Trisha E.

  • daniely v.O hamburger vegetariano é uma delicia!!!

    55555 by daniely v.

  • Uri L.I'm at Milford hotel and I would like to go to dinner to Shake Shack, is a good idea???

    55555 by Uri L.

  • Vishnu P.Another one on the must try list. Best burgers.

    55555 by Vishnu P.

  • Fatima A.The burger is so greasy and salty! and it's not even well done. Could not eat it!

    22222 by Fatima A.

  • Michele C.Best burgers in midtown! 5/5 stars it's amazing! The only problem is the long line to order...

    55555 by Michele C.

  • Robert T.They serve Abita root beer, though it comes in a regular soda cup rather than the standard Abita bottles.

    33333 by Robert T.

  • Robert W.We eat here every visit to NYC, beat burger around!

    55555 by Robert W.

  • Miles Marshall L.this place is total hype. go to cozy's soup n' burger in the village, it's way superior.

    33333 by Miles Marshall L.

  • Keith L.It's always packed, I feel pressured to eat fast when sitting here.

    55555 by Keith L.

  • New DramatistsYou can smell the grease before you emerge from the subway...and then you want a burger for breakfast. Will do!

    33333 by New Dramatists

  • Paul A.Molly the Malamute loves "The Pooch-ini"

    55555 by Paul A.

  • Alışveriş CiniVery very cheap and tasty! Get there early if you wanne get rid of long lines.

    55555 by Alışveriş Cini

  • bitchvilleShake Shack burgers is up there with In N' Out, pricey and yummy.

    55555 by bitchville

  • Mehmet SencerIt was the best cheeseburger and fries I have ever eaten in my life!

    55555 by Mehmet Sencer

  • Roque S.Sorry but i couldn't see the value on these burguers... They're small, but they're very standard and expensive. Hype place for now.

    33333 by Roque S.

  • Patrícia M.Gostoso e barato!

    55555 by Patrícia M.

  • Emily B.The caramel shake changed life

    55555 by Emily B.

  • Sparks Wolverine M.This restaurant chain reminds me of Magnolia's. There's always a line and I can't pinpoint why?!

    55555 by Sparks Wolverine M.

  • Maya T.No sitting space, everybody's all over each other trying to find seats, and when they do, people keep eying them in order to get their spot. the food's not worth the hassle. don't go

    33333 by Maya T.

  • Or C.I came here to eat a burger, not to chase down an available chair. Fix your customer flow handling or only sell burgers to-go. Fuck this.

    22222 by Or C.

  • Henry H.Make it happen

    55555 by Henry H.

  • Clem C.Cheese Fries!!! With a double shack burger. Mmmm

    55555 by Clem C.

  • Joao Luiz P.Very delicious hamburguer!! But i wait 20 minutes for my order arrived!! That's makes me pretty upset!!!

    22222 by Joao Luiz P.

  • RandallThe Figs & Coach Farms Goat Cheese Custard is rich and tasty, but no taste of figs at all. Disappointing!

    55555 by Randall

  • Chanel J.They are playing Pinback!!

    33333 by Chanel J.

  • Flip Flap M.Get cheese fries with cheese on the side to avoid the fries to become as mushy as melted jell-o. Thank me later. Actually no. Thank me now.

    33333 by Flip Flap M.

  • Justin W.Try the Shakeburger & Fries - Can't deny the awesomeness of the Shakeburger... (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Justin W.

  • Albertine W.No long wait on Sunday Mornings!!

    55555 by Albertine W.

  • StoreHourz ..Here are the store hours for Shake Shack: bit.ly/PmReYs (Provided by StoreHourz.com)

    33333 by StoreHourz ..

  • André P.O hambúrguer mais famoso de NYC, mas as lojas são lotadas e difícil de se encontrar lugar para sentar, mesmo assim vale a pena.

    55555 by André P.

  • Kevin R.I read all of the reviews saying this place had the best burgers, and after eating here I couldn't agree more. It honestly is delicious. Hoping we get some in St. Louis.

    55555 by Kevin R.

  • Steph S.Shack stack!!! (Combo of cheeseburger and 'shroom burger.) Absolutely DELICIOUS, no exaggeration. Raving and thinking about it hours later!

    55555 by Steph S.

  • Anna E.Yummy burgers! Skip the fries and double up on burger and shake!

    55555 by Anna E.

  • Omar A.On my top 5 in the whole world. So full! Hard to get a place. Have someone look for a seat while you order.

    55555 by Omar A.

  • thecoffeebeanersDon't save room for desserts. Stuff your face with good a--burgers!

    55555 by thecoffeebeaners

  • Kristina R.Getting a seat here is like the Wild West...but divide and conquer. One person waits for food while another hovers, and you'll get a table in less than 10 minutes.

    33333 by Kristina R.

  • Jeff R.It gets busy! IF you are just ordering Bevereage or shake use the c-line its faster!

    55555 by Jeff R.

  • Deniz OzisitmezIt's a must if you're in NYC. Have the ShackBurger, milkshake and fries. It's literally the BEST

    55555 by Deniz Ozisitmez

  • Seven M.They always have huge lines for a reason, I think it is the bread :)

    55555 by Seven M.

  • Burcin T.Try the Shack Burger - +cheese fries+coke! Vazgecemiyorum!! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Burcin T.

  • Beatrice B.the burgers are pretty good but the cheese fries and vanilla shake - oh my god, heaven

    55555 by Beatrice B.

  • Megan B.Love this place, hate the wait!! But luckily now there's Shake Shack Cam (@shakeshackcam) http://shakeshackcamera.com/ so I can check & see if there's a wait before I go!! :)

    55555 by Megan B.

  • Kellie B.Crap. So many better burger places in the city. Don't waste half your day on a line.

    33333 by Kellie B.

  • Matador.ksa K.من أشهر مطاعم البرقر بنيويورك حلو الواحد يمرة ويجربة

    55555 by Matador.ksa K.

  • Times Square NYCWe cannot get enough of these burgers! And have you tried the concretes? Don't skip em!

    55555 by Times Square NYC

  • Mike C.Try the Jelly's Last Donut Concrete With Coffee & Doughnuts Custard (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Mike C.

  • Desmond C.Try the Fair Trade Shake - Damn this is a strong tasting coffee shake! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Desmond C.

  • Rachel S.Unbearably crowded even at 11 at night. Just don't even try.

    22222 by Rachel S.

  • GrubwithusWe can't decide which is better: getting fries drenched in cheese sauce, or getting regular fries and then dipping them into one of the thick, creamy shakes. Mmm...

    33333 by Grubwithus

  • Sue W.Awesome food. Super nice ppl working there.

    55555 by Sue W.

  • valbona p.Omg ...... Just do it

    55555 by valbona p.

  • Emmanuel C.Simply the best burger you've ever had. Don't bother with hot dogs or shrooms or whatever, it takes valuable space in your stomach, go straight for the cheeseburger, it's to die for.

    55555 by Emmanuel C.

  • Enes A.Fantastically delicious burgers and fries! Mmmm yuummi!

    55555 by Enes A.

  • Ryan M.Best burger place in manhattan in my opinion! For sure worth the wait!!

    55555 by Ryan M.

  • Elvio H.Las mejores hamburguesas que he probado en la ciudad

    55555 by Elvio H.

  • Alyse P.Try the Olive Oil Cake ice cream.

    55555 by Alyse P.

  • Arun M.I have friends who don't like cinnamon and nutmeg. If you are one too, stay away from the Mexican fudge brownie custard. It's actually spicy. The burger though - love it love it love it!!!

    55555 by Arun M.

  • Pang*(●ω●)/What a ling queue! แถวยาวมากกกก

    33333 by Pang*(●ω●)/

  • Jorge G.Try the shack stack, it is amazing!

    55555 by Jorge G.

  • Elan H.Best spot in Midtown:)

    55555 by Elan H.

  • The Negotiation InstituteIf Shake Shack encouraged customers to negotiate their way through the line, where would you be?

    33333 by The Negotiation Institute

  • Charo O.Ummmm so good!!!! Yummy!!!

    55555 by Charo O.

  • Camp BroadwayIncredible burger and authentic NYC feel even in the heart of Times Square. Don't skip the custard concretes and prepare for *long* lines, especially in summer.

    55555 by Camp Broadway

  • Shinya S.僕はなんだかんだいっても、ここのハンバーガーが好き!

    55555 by Shinya S.

  • Kristan Z.Eat slowly! Otherwise you'll decide to eat another burger and feel like you will explode! Wow! Awesome!!

    55555 by Kristan Z.

  • Nadyne R.Overpriced and inferior In-n-Out knock-off.

    11111 by Nadyne R.

  • Milo A.Shake Shack burger double!

    55555 by Milo A.

  • The Hungry Cat REven with massive lines outside you'll have no problem finding a table inside. Plus, their concrete shakes are a thing of beauty!

    55555 by The Hungry Cat R

  • Camille BautistaTheir Schroom burger is absolutely delicious!

    55555 by Camille Bautista

  • Robyn P.The best french fries I've ever had. Seriously. The best.

    55555 by Robyn P.

  • Nicole B.Avoid the hostess/ doorman wanna-be. crazy, rude, tired - may ruin your appetite

    22222 by Nicole B.

  • Richard D.Custard! Hard to find seating

    55555 by Richard D.

  • Midtown LunchVoted Best Hamburger in the Midtown Lunch 2011 Reader's Poll.

    55555 by Midtown Lunch

  • Kha T.Best friggin burgers!!!

    55555 by Kha T.

  • Social Business Solutions Group L.Cheese fries, Black and White hand spun shack delicious

    55555 by Social Business Solutions Group L.

  • Patricia D.Come prepared to wait if u come during lunch or dinner time. But its worth the wait. The specials are always great

    55555 by Patricia D.

  • Ben P.If you find a table first, you won't be able to order; if you order first, you won't find a table! Shake-Shack Blues!

    55555 by Ben P.

  • Ben P.If you stand and stare next to someone that has already finished eating, they will leave and vacate their table.

    22222 by Ben P.

  • Amanda EGreat music

    55555 by Amanda E

  • Holden C.Best burgers ever. Is there crack in these things??

    55555 by Holden C.

  • Best DelegateGet your tasty burgers here; don't wait in line at Madison Sq Park!

    55555 by Best Delegate

  • Pelin K.regular fries are better than cheese fries.

    55555 by Pelin K.

  • Jenn S.The Shack-ago Dog and the Purple Cow. Just do it.

    33333 by Jenn S.

  • john l.In n out burger at twice the price. Welcome to NYC ....

    55555 by john l.

  • A Splintered Soul @ T.We are around this corner - so get yourself one of this amazing burgers, before checking in to see our show, A Splintered Soul. http://bit.ly/prYsAV

    55555 by A Splintered Soul @ T.

  • Guy K.I wish their fries were good

    55555 by Guy K.

  • Larry W.Burger nirvana...

    55555 by Larry W.

  • dara lynneI know people come here for the burgers, but the hot dogs are disappointing. Not worth the super long line.

    33333 by dara lynne

  • Erin C.Most amazing cheese fries, ever. Pb and choc shake Mmm Mmm.

    55555 by Erin C.

  • Mikey R.The line is worth the wait. You won't find a tastier, better-priced burger in all of Manhattan. Cheese fries? Yes, please.

    55555 by Mikey R.

  • Shaun AI was a skeptic with why anyone would wait in a line that long for a burger but was well worth the wait. Juicy tender and delicious. I am addicted now

    55555 by Shaun A

  • Shehaam F.Jelly donut dense - OMG

    55555 by Shehaam F.

  • Stephanie C.Get the fair trade milkshake!

    55555 by Stephanie C.

  • Jonathan T.Even if you're like me and don't like blueberries, give the Thursday blueberry frozen custard special a taste. It's delicious :)

    55555 by Jonathan T.

  • Daniel A.Extra shack sauce!

    55555 by Daniel A.

  • Ain P.Loove everything but the fair shake has no coffee flavor it just tastes like vanilla, what a bummer.

    33333 by Ain P.

  • J S.It usually crowded, table space in short supply, but if you're solo, and don't need to stay long, try the counter space around the water dispenser toward the back left

    33333 by J S.

  • DJ Justin R.Use the C line for "cold items" only and shorten your wait

    22222 by DJ Justin R.

  • Nicola T.Shack Stack it is!!!!

    55555 by Nicola T.

  • Christopher E.Order the 'shroom burger if you aren't feeling meaty. It's so good, so juicy, so cheesy! Who needs meat! ;) ps. the fries are super awesome, but next time I'll be sure to ask for no salt.

    55555 by Christopher E.

  • Emily Chentry "the great white way" concrete! vanilla custard, marshmallow creme and rice krispies!

    55555 by Emily Chen

  • Chris D.Double Shack Burger with Cheese Fries is the way to go.

    55555 by Chris D.

  • Vivek S.Love double shack burger!

    55555 by Vivek S.

  • AlvinLike jelly donuts? Get the Jelly's Last Donut concrete. Simply divine

    55555 by Alvin

  • Marc P.The Shackburger and Shack-cago Dog are delicious!

    55555 by Marc P.

  • Stacy A.Love that they have chicken hot dogs here! I've never been to a restaurant that actually carries them! The Fair Shake was amazing!

    55555 by Stacy A.

  • Larissa DHard to get seats but do a few loops around and stay behind a table that is about to finish eating. Or you can ask a couple if you can share their booth. The Shake Stack burger is all kinds of yum!

    55555 by Larissa D

  • Tina J.Shortest lines of any Shake Shack in NYC. So pleasing! And also the Great White Way concrete is exclusive here and AMAZING.

    55555 by Tina J.

  • rudy S.The Shake Shack on 23rd Street is better.

    33333 by rudy S.

  • Nadia L.Best Burgher in town :)

    55555 by Nadia L.

  • Luis G.Decent burger spot, slightly overrated. Very nice presentation though with fast-food restaurant like order service (think applebees, red lobster, fridays etc.). Five Guys win the burger battle however

    55555 by Luis G.

  • Ashley C.All I gotta say is two words: cheeeeeeeeeeese frieeeeeeesss!

    55555 by Ashley C.

  • Alex G.Grab a shack burger with extra shack sauce, cheese fries and get a concrete instead of a soda. Run the calories off on your way home.

    55555 by Alex G.

  • HuffPostThis new location just opened, so the lines will be predictably epic. Stop by in the late afternoon when the crowds thin out and order their famed frozen custard along with your burger.

    55555 by HuffPost

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