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Vapiano Union Square

113 University Pl
New York, NY 10003

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(212) 777-9477


  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 12:00 pm - Midnight
  • Thursday: 12:00 pm - Midnight
  • Friday: 12:00 pm - 1:00 am
  • Saturday: 12:00 pm - 1:00 am

Cuisine: Italian Restaurants

4.3 of 5.0 from 212 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Vapiano Union Square in New York, NY
  • Vapiano Union Square in New York, NY
  • Vapiano Union Square in New York, NY
  • Vapiano Union Square in New York, NY
  • Vapiano Union Square in New York, NY
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  • Vapiano Union Square in New York, NY
  • Vapiano Union Square in New York, NY
  • Vapiano Union Square in New York, NY
  • Vapiano Union Square in New York, NY
  • Vapiano Union Square in New York, NY
  • Vapiano Union Square in New York, NY
  • Vapiano Union Square in New York, NY
  • Vapiano Union Square in New York, NY
  • Vapiano Union Square in New York, NY
  • Vapiano Union Square in New York, NY
  • Vapiano Union Square in New York, NY
  • Vapiano Union Square in New York, NY

Vapiano Union Square Reviews

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  • Tara YGood quality pizza and pasta. Very reasonably priced given the portion size. If you are going as a group however, do not expect food to arrive at the same time. The pizza takes a while.

    55555 by Tara Y

  • Ilker CLoved the shrimp scampi.

    55555 by Ilker C

  • Leanne DGood for a casual group! Not the best food but great for what it is.

    55555 by Leanne D

  • Selina PGreat vibe, love the tap card system!

    55555 by Selina P

  • Kara T.An interesting mix of gourmet-cafeteria-made to order pasta/pizza place. Good at what it does and great for groups!

    55555 by Kara T.

  • Natali RBig choice of macs🍝 tasty soups and salads. Pizza 🍕 here is very tasty

    55555 by Natali R

  • Hany Y.Great food & seating, cool vibe

    55555 by Hany Y.

  • Vincent M.Great pizza and pasta - very reasonably priced 😄😄😄

    55555 by Vincent M.

  • Laura HReally cool nice place good menu and good service

    55555 by Laura H

  • Anastasia YVery good!) but it's too hot inside

    55555 by Anastasia Y

  • Dennis EThe pasta, obviously.

    22222 by Dennis E

  • Lauren AEasy and quick place for excellent Italian food.

    55555 by Lauren A

  • Natalie V.Good pasta and pizza - not the best you'll have in the city but good for a quick bite or for large groups

    55555 by Natalie V.

  • Avinash SalgamReally neat concept using cards to keep record of what u order

    33333 by Avinash Salgam

  • Sanam TThis is my go to place for great and well priced pasta with a comfortable ambience. Not too loud and great for dinners.

    55555 by Sanam T

  • Sanam TLove the ambience! I go for the spinach pesto pizza :-)

    55555 by Sanam T

  • Rocia K.Simply a great concept! For having been to the one in Paris and Stockholm. This one remains my favorite

    55555 by Rocia K.

  • Emmanuel GalvanI love this place !

    55555 by Emmanuel Galvan

  • San BVery casual Italian place. Great for lunch and casual dinner

    55555 by San B

  • TeresaGreat place for a variety of pasta, pizza and salad options. The price is very reasonable too.

    55555 by Teresa

  • Natalia TPasta and pizza are incredible. Worth the wait.

    55555 by Natalia T

  • Raphael LangenscheidtItalian deliciousness and German efficiency. What's not to love? Fusilli with beef, arugula and white wine sauce are great. Perfect for groups. Skip dating here - it's too loud and too fast.

    55555 by Raphael Langenscheidt

  • Lily BLove that you can customize your pasta as you would like it but choose your line well, some cooks are incredibly slow and don't use enough ingredients. Try and find the lead chef to cook your pasta.

    55555 by Lily B

  • Sharat PotharajuThis was as bad as pasta can get. It was undercooked and flavorless. The frozen pasta that is microwaved tastes seriously better than the pasta I had today. Perfect way to ruin an otherwise good wknd.

    22222 by Sharat Potharaju

  • Daniel H.Eh. The pasta ain't bad.

    33333 by Daniel H.

  • Roniel TesslerA great choice if you're looking for a non pretentious, lively place to get food with a large or small group and have alcohol with your meal. Still a bit pricey considering you're your own waiter.

    55555 by Roniel Tessler

  • Cole K.The BBQ chicken pizza was a better-than-expected lunch; relatively inexpensive too.

    55555 by Cole K.

  • Kaitlyn Pezikgets super crowded during lunch and dinner but definitely worth it, always do the pasta line!

    55555 by Kaitlyn Pezik

  • Sandra MChicken Alfredo ❤❤❤

    33333 by Sandra M

  • WinnieThe pasta is deliciously flavorful

    55555 by Winnie

  • Danny P.Vapiano es excelente en todos lados, y la mejor opción en Little Italy... Lindo, limpio, rico, pastas caseras, precios muy accesibles, dispenser de aguas saborizadas gratis, gente linda. Amo Vapiano

    55555 by Danny P.

  • Fahmida AI LOVEEEE this place! For halal eaters, I recommend the shrimp scampi & ravioli ricotta e spinaci. Very good. I love their service.

    55555 by Fahmida A

  • Nate F.baby changing table in the women's bathroom only

    22222 by Nate F.

  • Nate F.sit and watch the fake fireplace in he lounge upstairs

    55555 by Nate F.

  • Nate F.full bar with liquor and wine upstairs and on main floor

    55555 by Nate F.

  • Nate F.side salad with balsamic vinaigrette

    55555 by Nate F.

  • Nate F.classic margherita pizza - tomatoes and mozzarella

    55555 by Nate F.

  • Nate F.fusilli bolognese with Italian sausage, medium spicy, a little minced garlic, and shaved parmesan cheese

    55555 by Nate F.

  • Nate F.fruit medley tea has a bunch of actual fruit in it

    33333 by Nate F.

  • Nate F.cafe americano - all the coffee drinks are made with espresso

    55555 by Nate F.

  • Meghan SimonLike an upscale food court where noodles and ingredients are fresh and delicious. Also the bread is heavenly

    55555 by Meghan Simon

  • Bonnie FahyTea is awesome. Great ambiance

    55555 by Bonnie Fahy

  • Liz M.The lines for a bowl of pasta are sometimes ridiculous. Last time we went and stood in line for 20 minutes while the idiot in front of us ordered 4 meals. PASS!

    22222 by Liz M.

  • Manasi GandotraMy most favourite italian spot in the city! Try the scampi with spinach(has an italian name) and also the pesto! Delicious!!!

    55555 by Manasi Gandotra

  • Maksim A.~14$ lunch

    55555 by Maksim A.

  • Thaynara MunizAdorei o conceito do restaurante. Muito gostoso, mas vem muita comida, não consegui chegar na metade

    55555 by Thaynara Muniz

  • RRStellarLate night Arabians.

    55555 by RRStellar

  • AGFGLovely Place and The Food Is Great. It's Definitely A Great Place To Hang With Co Workers

    55555 by AGFG

  • Daland PLove this place. Great atmosphere, great food with great company.

    55555 by Daland P

  • Irene K.Terrible service, long wait, soggy pizza, water in shot glasses, rude staff. Very poor experience.

    11111 by Irene K.

  • Chelsea AGood food. The pasta is very good

    55555 by Chelsea A

  • Chelsea AI actually had the shrimp pasta with penne. It was covered in a nice creamy sauce. Delicious! Plus it's a great serving.

    55555 by Chelsea A

  • Tony MottolaLove pasta

    55555 by Tony Mottola

  • Júlia CastellóGUMMY BEARS

    33333 by Júlia Castelló

  • Gonzalo FiorinaNice place overall, but it was hard to get a table and the lines were crazy. Make sure of what to order and mind the lines to make it quicker.

    33333 by Gonzalo Fiorina

  • Fee ONice pizzas. . Cozy seating. . Drinks etc. Great for after movie sit down.

    55555 by Fee O

  • Matanya LasagneGreat made to go, made to specifications, al dente pasta

    55555 by Matanya Lasagne

  • Robert AChicken Alfredo is my favorite. But everything looks delicious.

    55555 by Robert A

  • Tania Lo AlMe encanta la dinámica de consumo que tienen y todo esta riquísimo, aparte de precios muy accesibles

    55555 by Tania Lo Al

  • PopeChicken salad and all the pasta dishes. . Over all this is a wonderful place to have dinner

    55555 by Pope

  • Allison D.This place is dumb. Go to Eataly.

    33333 by Allison D.

  • RRStellarArrabiata and an Aperol Spritz.

    55555 by RRStellar

  • Diana N.Cheap and tasty

    55555 by Diana N.

  • Christine W.pasta is so good here!

    55555 by Christine W.

  • Monti B.Their (free) water is deliciously ice cold and has fruit soaking in it 😁

    33333 by Monti B.

  • Angela IsabelLong lines for pasta

    55555 by Angela Isabel

  • Josh B.Made to order pasta, cafeteria style. Get a glass of the house red (montepulciano) as well - cheap and tasty.

    55555 by Josh B.

  • Ebtesam LScampi E Spanich pasta 👌 , but the pizza so bad, and try the teramisio

    33333 by Ebtesam L

  • Marina VukmirovicGreat place, food is amazing and its cool watching while they prepare it for you.

    55555 by Marina Vukmirovic

  • Noha IYammmy foood and nice experience😍

    55555 by Noha I

  • Air MKatie is the worse manager .... quote " if you are not happy with the service, you can always pay the check and leave" In 6 years in this city, that is the first time that I have ever heard that!!!!!

    33333 by Air M

  • Air MNot a good place food is terrible staff is soooooooo impolite

    33333 by Air M

  • Romain D.Wait in line forever to order and wait for your food when you already have a table... what's the point! Stupid... plus waitresses are rude... avoid!

    22222 by Romain D.

  • Julia🍔Get there at 12 to beat the lunch time rush!

    55555 by Julia🍔

  • Maddie C.Really cool set up!

    55555 by Maddie C.

  • John C.It's the modern-day flight attendant approach to service: "We're here primarily for your safety."

    33333 by John C.

  • Marlee G.Specifically informed chef allergic to mushroom what's the 1st thing I see when I sit down to eat mushroom. Had to go back n get another meal 😒

    22222 by Marlee G.

  • Danielle SPay attention, because on busy nights, the lines are long and very disorganized!

    33333 by Danielle S

  • Jane EyreThe pasta is cooked before you, great concept. The setting is community-like with a modern atmosphere. You will love it!

    55555 by Jane Eyre

  • N L.This really topped my list of NYC rip offs. All the worst parts if Europe (expensive and slow) packed into a place with quick American eaters.

    33333 by N L.

  • Elizabeth D.Silly concept. You may as we'll go to a cafeteria.

    33333 by Elizabeth D.

  • Konstantinos P.Do not stay here. There is not good food nor WiFi.

    33333 by Konstantinos P.

  • MariaI'm here again! A nice place, i love it ^^

    55555 by Maria

  • MariaNice place, nice food and nice price ^^

    55555 by Maria

  • Danna R.The Koyal Group Journals: Darwin in the Dock

    33333 by Danna R.

  • Kira F.interesting concept but my carbonara was really salty.

    33333 by Kira F.

  • Fiordaliza T.Beautiful place in Union Square with delicious food at an affordable price! Best pasta in town! Love the nice cooks and the innovative concept. This place is a Must!

    55555 by Fiordaliza T.

  • Isabel E.Free sparkling water. Amazing. The foods pretty good also ;)

    55555 by Isabel E.

  • Vincent M.Great Pasta and Pizza

    55555 by Vincent M.

  • Sonny D.fresh food. great for groups. herbs (plants) are by the wall next to the bar. also head to the bar to get free soda refills. lastly, no trash bins- they clean up after you.

    55555 by Sonny D.

  • Kasper R.Good food, lousy service. Cooks more busy with serving their fellow colleagues and friends than YOU

    33333 by Kasper R.

  • Lauren M.The Caesar salad is to die for and only $2.50

    55555 by Lauren M.

  • Jeanise C.I'm so glad they finally have their A grade now I can start eating here again... I love this place!

    55555 by Jeanise C.

  • Johan K.Great concept. Nice to pick your own chef and see him/her create your order.

    55555 by Johan K.

  • Vanessa Y.Took a while for the food to be ready, but it's a really fun place for groups! I had the Verdure Panini and it was great.

    55555 by Vanessa Y.

  • Yana R.Delicious dinner – Arrabiatta and Pomodoro pasta with seasonal cocktails. Taste it ;)

    55555 by Yana R.

  • Maria K.One of my all time favourite restaurants. GREAT food to a good price! I usually get the pesto e spinaci with scampi! Yuuuum

    55555 by Maria K.

  • Michelle W.fun place for a girls dinner. Good pizzas, better wine specials !

    55555 by Michelle W.

  • Daniel K.Just a great every day spot. Love this place

    55555 by Daniel K.

  • Terry C.One of my favorite bars in the city- they actually know how to make a proper drink!

    55555 by Terry C.

  • Elena G.Interesting system, where you order everything on one card and pay on your way out! The food is ok.

    33333 by Elena G.

  • Daniel K.It's one of those places you know you're coming back to

    55555 by Daniel K.

  • JohnnieCareful taking a shit in the bathroom you may be off balance wit half a seat.

    33333 by Johnnie

  • Anthony T.Pizza is great...

    55555 by Anthony T.

  • Sarah K.Dense and delicious cheesecake. The whole wheat spaghetti was a bad idea.

    55555 by Sarah K.

  • Mark L.The good quality pasta is NOT worth the aggravation of the dreadful service and poorly executed workflow of this place.

    22222 by Mark L.

  • Patrick W.You'd think that of you had decor at eye level that you'd clean it every now and then. Eat at the bar, it's cleaner.

    33333 by Patrick W.

  • Melanie A.Add a sprinkle of rosemary

    22222 by Melanie A.

  • Ricardo T.What's so amazing about this place is that Vapiano takes care of every tiny detail to keep all their locations on the same concept. From their menu to the gummy bears! It's always a great experience.

    55555 by Ricardo T.

  • Stephanie M.the cabanara pasta is so yummy

    55555 by Stephanie M.

  • Lauren O.Don't get the aperol spritz. It's pretty distasteful.... You won't want a second one even if it is free.

    33333 by Lauren O.

  • Kira T.As usual, great atmosphere, but long wait. The plants all over the place are cool (and edible... tchhhh!) Fair portions, fair prices. Very packed in the evening. Overall - very cozy!

    55555 by Kira T.

  • Pamela F.The fresh pasta dishes are fantastic

    55555 by Pamela F.

  • Brad B.Super Fresh & Super Fast. Talented staff & great flavor!

    55555 by Brad B.

  • Anthony T.IM the mayor come see me

    33333 by Anthony T.

  • Marinka Y.Simply the best pasta place!!

    55555 by Marinka Y.

  • David S.Interesting place for some good pasta. Really shocking how good the food was. But whatever you do, avoid the aperol spritz!

    33333 by David S.

  • Jason M.The deal for the buy one get one aperol spritz would be awesome but it is the worst drink ever made by man

    33333 by Jason M.

  • THÜNDERHORßE X.Cheap disgusting poorly executed buffet style food that still can't be hidden by dance music or "fancy" lighting. I walked in looked around, and walked out.

    33333 by THÜNDERHORßE X.

  • Samantha O.Start with menu item and adjust to your liking, just make sure it's BEFORE they start cooking!

    55555 by Samantha O.

  • KarinaIf you want pasta, expect a long wait. Not for people who are really really hungry

    55555 by Karina


    55555 by Meg D.

  • Alyssa B.The pesto e spinache is amazing!!!! :)

    55555 by Alyssa B.

  • Mario P.I felt like I was in a German student cafeteria on an Italian nightclub theme night

    33333 by Mario P.

  • Amy H.Unfortunate failure on an interesting concept. Nice atmosphere and hip, fun décor, but more like a cafeteria or buffet.... Everything is self-serve (sorry but I'm not tipping anyone). Food was just ok

    33333 by Amy H.

  • Cindy C B.Everyone pools the tips so don't forget to leave it when you settle your charge card with the cashier.

    22222 by Cindy C B.

  • Hanne L.Pasta a l'arrabiata is a great choice. Card system is confusing.

    55555 by Hanne L.

  • Yesenia A.I think this place is perfect place for a first date...reasonable prices...pasta is def good...and the lines move pretty quick on a busy day..however goose luck with finding a seat !

    55555 by Yesenia A.

  • Serena W.Don't forget to grab a few gummy bears at the front after your meal.

    33333 by Serena W.

  • Flavia S.My favorite pasta place in NYC! Really! It's delicious and they prepare it fast! When you're in a hurry but wants to sit down and eat, that's the place. I recommend pasta with Alfreado sauce <3

    55555 by Flavia S.

  • Pamela F.Always had the pizza or a salad. Today I had a fresh made pasta dish. Scampi e Spinach. You choose which type of pasta. I went with tagliatelle. Delish!!! Great lunch.

    55555 by Pamela F.

  • Jessica S.Freshly made in front of you, very socialable atmosphere

    55555 by Jessica S.

  • Daniel H.The pasta servings could be bigger, but it's good stuff one way or another. A cool environment.

    55555 by Daniel H.

  • Terry C.Über friendly manager (tall blonde guy) who really monitors the place and always says hi. A true asset!

    55555 by Terry C.

  • Rony C.Ze Germans sure do know how to cook pasta

    33333 by Rony C.

  • Ariel M.The specialty cocktails here are to die for. My favorite is the Hugo which is a wonderful mix of prosecco, lime, and mint with a splash elderflower syrup that adds the right amount of sweetness.

    55555 by Ariel M.

  • Jesse K.the pizza's better than the pasta (but beware: it takes about 20 minutes longer).

    33333 by Jesse K.

  • Erin B.Foursquare Specials are retroactive here - charge the item to your card as usual and they'll apply the deal/discount at the register.

    33333 by Erin B.

  • Jason N.Kind of pricey drinks, but overall nice place

    55555 by Jason N.

  • Sasha S.Tuesday is a martini night. $5.99 . Yammy

    55555 by Sasha S.

  • dbstoliTry the strawberry salad.

    55555 by dbstoli

  • Bart v.Brilliant concept, brilliant location, great vibe and great food.

    55555 by Bart v.

  • Dev A.The Aperol Spritz tastes like robitussin cut with with seltzer and a splash of melted crayon. Don't do it bro.

    22222 by Dev A.

  • Sweet J.My pasta was drowning in overly oily pesto sauce when it said "light sauce" (1 of 4 petals via Fondu)

    22222 by Sweet J.

  • Alyssa Y.Customer service was awful. Don't go near closing time because you will be completely disregarded.

    22222 by Alyssa Y.

  • Petra S.Great concept and tasty food but I wish they'd sort the bar out - you're always waiting there for ages.

    55555 by Petra S.

  • Jaclyn G.This place is so good, but beware on crowded nights! The lines can be long. Try to go on an off hour.

    55555 by Jaclyn G.

  • Jon L.Nice space, pretty average food.

    55555 by Jon L.

  • Anthony T.I ment pasta

    33333 by Anthony T.

  • Anthony T.Come eat some pasra

    55555 by Anthony T.

  • Ansley H.Gorgeous inside!

    55555 by Ansley H.

  • Janeen B.Don't lose your card! It's the only way you can pay....don't firget to grab some gummy bears before you go.

    33333 by Janeen B.

  • Annie Y.Don't forget the gummy bears!

    33333 by Annie Y.

  • Milo A.I just love their pasta cognac with fusilli

    55555 by Milo A.

  • Noah S.Good carpaccio!

    55555 by Noah S.

  • Sebastian G.The minestrone soup is fantastic as are the almond cookies at the bar.

    55555 by Sebastian G.

  • Nora N.Yummy European style pizza...reminds me of back there

    55555 by Nora N.

  • Anthony T.come try our pasta and drinks.

    55555 by Anthony T.

  • Hetal V.Awesome freshly made pastas. Whole wheat pastas are equally good! A very stylish ambience as well!

    55555 by Hetal V.

  • ErnieKilledBert 2.EAT THE GUMMY BEARS

    33333 by ErnieKilledBert 2.

  • Thu T.Such a cool place, you order something they put it on a card then when you're done you pay at the end.

    33333 by Thu T.

  • Jim C.There's a free small dessert check-in special, but staff seems to have no clue.

    33333 by Jim C.

  • Stoic O.Great Bar oh and Free dessert for checking in

    55555 by Stoic O.

  • The Blaq GroupAnother easy way of ordering food is ordering online!

    33333 by The Blaq Group

  • Leon Alv Alvstrawberry salad, if you like to do diet.

    55555 by Leon Alv Alv

  • Clyde F.Best pasta spot ever

    55555 by Clyde F.

  • Basar A.Probably the longest wait for a pizza in NYC.

    55555 by Basar A.

  • Christina K.Cool concept but on a sat night it was hot and crowded making it hard to find a table...however the food is outstanding! The bread is a must!

    55555 by Christina K.

  • Greg A.Probably the least comfortable stool evert.

    33333 by Greg A.

  • Becca J.Happy hour until 8!

    55555 by Becca J.

  • Justine D.My bff and I have dubbed this spot "adult cafeteria"! REMEMBER TO TIP!!!

    55555 by Justine D.

  • Archana R.Great atmosphere...loved the mushroom pizza with truffle oil I once had here

    55555 by Archana R.

  • Karolin B.Very disappointing! Not like the original in Germany!

    22222 by Karolin B.

  • The Corcoran GroupFresh, made-to-order, pastas, pizzas and salads. Each diner has their own “chip card” to order and pay for their food. Don’t lose it. Try the Shrimp & Pancetta with White Wine Sauce.

    55555 by The Corcoran Group

  • The Blaq GroupMake sure to follow them on twitter!

    55555 by The Blaq Group

  • Paul BLunch special is awesome! Show up between 11 and 4

    55555 by Paul B

  • Curtis W.Get the sausage e verdure

    33333 by Curtis W.

  • Benny W.Really good pasta but on the expensive side

    55555 by Benny W.

  • Chloe R.This staff is so nice especially the hostess Sarah. She is one funny sexy beast

    55555 by Chloe R.

  • Chloe R.Amber is the best bartender you'll ever meet. Not only is she really hot, but she also makes a killer Sangria and a sweet tea vodka concoction. 15 out of 10!!!

    55555 by Chloe R.

  • mich s.Great space, lots of seating and the meals can easily be split between two girls. Love the basil potted plants throughout the place. For a light pasta, try the aglio e olio with wheat and no cheese

    55555 by mich s.

  • Sandra A.The Crema di Fragola is amazing!

    55555 by Sandra A.

  • N i c o l α sNice place but A.C. Pleaseeeee!!!!!

    55555 by N i c o l α s

  • Ashley GDrinks at the bar really good!

    55555 by Ashley G

  • Jamily G.the white pomegranate cosmo is the best

    55555 by Jamily G.

  • ginny h.Woohoo! Vapiano in new york. My favorite German owned pasta place

    55555 by ginny h.

  • Stephon Ramazing vibe and great

    55555 by Stephon R

  • Micheleget the white pomegranate cosmo, it goes down smooth and is refreshing

    55555 by Michele

  • Kane DEverything Delish but they had nil Bacon...... nooooooo

    55555 by Kane D

  • Jim F.Very creative concept - you order what you want at the different stations and they make it in front of you. Good food - reasonably priced - first outlet in NYC.

    55555 by Jim F.

  • Adam C.Random way on how to pay your bill, don't recommend

    22222 by Adam C.

  • Emily K.Cool concept that fails a weekend night. Don't sit upstairs unless you want to run up and down stairs with a cafeteria tray.

    33333 by Emily K.

  • Lior Y.this place is great. everything is fresh and made by order..! whole wheet fussili is so tasty.

    55555 by Lior Y.

  • Elisa RGreat food, great spot, friendly and nice staff, beautiful customers!

    55555 by Elisa R

  • Can JJust eat whatever u want everything is delicious!!!

    55555 by Can J

  • ilayda k.Great place for lunch and dinner!! Delicious food and great atmosphere!!!

    55555 by ilayda k.

  • Kim P.Hit up the pasta bar for the delicious Sausage E Verdure dish.

    55555 by Kim P.

  • Derek K.Great hh special awesome anti pasti dj carni and anti pasti

    55555 by Derek K.

  • Renee F.Ignore the menu and order pasta the way you want it. And then watch the cooks so you can tell them how to adjust.

    33333 by Renee F.

  • Camila S.Nice place, nice food and the price is not so expansive. A good place to hang out with friends or date.

    55555 by Camila S.

  • Aylin CA great place to get lunch! Cheap, but tasty ;)

    55555 by Aylin C

  • Niamh CBoth the Carbonara and bruscetta pizza are delicious! Great place for groups. cool concept - love that you can actually see what's being cooked. Staff are super friendly too!

    55555 by Niamh C

  • Josh A.Bolognese was good, just ask for them to leave out the carrots.

    33333 by Josh A.

  • Jason A.Small portions + big bill = :/

    33333 by Jason A.

  • Jenn Lsangria is good and the creme brulee drink (think thats what its called). very euro..good for groups

    55555 by Jenn L

  • Terry G.Interesting concept. Portions are a tad small and it take awhile to order.

    55555 by Terry G.

  • Kwame O.The chicken pesto panini is just so so

    55555 by Kwame O.

  • Autry DNothing special!

    33333 by Autry D

  • Wendy F.Apple & Fig Salad is yummy...Thin Crust Pizza is also good

    55555 by Wendy F.

  • aroozMediocre. Don't bother.

    11111 by arooz

  • Zhenya B.Don't get the pomogranate citron martini!

    33333 by Zhenya B.

  • Kai B.Get the Chicken Alfredo and a Peroni!

    55555 by Kai B.

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