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Shake Shack

215 Murray Street
New York, NY 10282

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(646) 545-4600


  • Monday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Thursday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Friday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Saturday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Cuisine: Burger Restaurants, Ice Cream

4.4 of 5.0 from 236 reviews

price range:Less than $10

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Shake Shack in New York, NY
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  • Shake Shack in New York, NY

Shake Shack Reviews

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  • Tash ConcepcionThey allow dogs in the inside restaurant area though their sign says no dogs allowed. Beware if you have allergies or are scared of dogs.

    33333 by Tash Concepcion

  • Hannah L.It's best to order the fries "well done" so they are extra crispy for dipping in the cheese sauce

    55555 by Hannah L.

  • Axel RL'endroit est incontournable. La qualité est au rendez vous.

    55555 by Axel R

  • Abel BShroom burger is pretty damn good. Fries dipped in a shake too

    55555 by Abel B

  • Michael LThey were originally called "Love Shack" but were sued by the B-52's. They still have "Love Shakes" on their secret menu. It's soooooo good!

    55555 by Michael L

  • Josue CShack Burger and Strawberry Shake before or after a movie at Regal next door. 👌

    55555 by Josue C

  • Kelsey MLove the burger, but not a fan of the fries. Of course, as a native Californian girl, I am comparing this to In n Out.

    55555 by Kelsey M

  • Ben G.Smokeshack if you're hungry stack shack if you're ravished. Special custards and burgers are worth looking out for. Try them! This location doesn't do breakfast.

    55555 by Ben G.

  • Larisa GrollemondThis location is always hoppin' with tourists and local office workers. They have some decent outdoor seating that's covered if you're looking for a place to relax and have some cheese fries.

    55555 by Larisa Grollemond

  • Jordanne SHamburger végétarien au top !! Pané de fromage et champignons, un délice !

    55555 by Jordanne S

  • Karen LHamburguesas

    55555 by Karen L

  • Fifi KGood burgers, best cheese fries ever.

    55555 by Fifi K

  • Evan SYou haven't lived until you've had a Shake Shack burger.

    55555 by Evan S

  • Amanaci G.Tem roupa de nenê

    55555 by Amanaci G.

  • Kelly AShackburger, cheese fries, and lemonade is where it's at.

    55555 by Kelly A

  • Brian M.Beware the piping hot cheese sauce that squirts out of the Shroom burger!

    55555 by Brian M.

  • Jeffrey KThe outdoor seating.

    55555 by Jeffrey K

  • CarbZombieGrab a shack stack and root beer float to go and eat along the river if it's crowded.

    55555 by CarbZombie

  • Şakir IVallaha çok büyük bir fark yok Burgerlerde. Peynirli patates ama güzel. Amerika'da sifondan içecekler çok kötü. Değişik bir tat bırakıyor.

    55555 by Şakir I

  • Cameron MTry to snag a table before you order

    55555 by Cameron M

  • Erik C.This has the shortest line of any Shake Shack. The lines move quick.

    55555 by Erik C.

  • Jean-Élie FLe fromage sur les frites, dingue :-)

    55555 by Jean-Élie F

  • Paul M.Double Smoke Shack burger and fries with a side of shack sauce to dip them in!

    55555 by Paul M.

  • Randy N.Good burger

    55555 by Randy N.

  • Rene SGreat shakes. Burgers are somewhat small but filling

    55555 by Rene S

  • summer daidoneBest burger ever! This place is amazing and the milkshakes are awesome.

    55555 by summer daidone

  • Olivia Z.The wait for this shake shack isn't as bad as the others in the city.

    33333 by Olivia Z.

  • Jeffrey double shack burger with fries

    55555 by Jeffrey

  • Paige C.Has outdoor seating. Also, staff was friendly and food came out quick!

    55555 by Paige C.

  • Trizzl CWho doesn't love Shake Shack !!!

    55555 by Trizzl C

  • Jacques DWallnut street ice cream is acceptable but too sweet

    55555 by Jacques D

  • Virgínia RHambúrguer delicioso! As batatas também! Imperdível.

    55555 by Virgínia R

  • Anat G.Long lines but they go quickly

    55555 by Anat G.

  • Jacques DAfter trying all items in the menu, I can confidently say Shake Shack is a burger joint great for people that don't know any better.

    55555 by Jacques D

  • Jacques DToday I tried the dogs and the beer. I am not impressed. Except by the price.

    33333 by Jacques D

  • Jacques DTheir fries are bad. With cheese they are horrendous.

    22222 by Jacques D

  • Jacques DThe mushroom burger and floats are mediocre. There is simply nothing to salvage.

    33333 by Jacques D

  • Jacques DI tried again and unsurprisingly its just as outrageously expensive and taste is just ok. Like yestestay.

    33333 by Jacques D

  • Raphael LangenscheidtAny time of day is shake time. Single with Cheese, fries and a concrete - and then a nap.

    33333 by Raphael Langenscheidt

  • Silas VThese are NY's #1 fries!? New Yorkers are easy to please, I guess (world's best pizza LOL). The burgers though—as good or better than In-N-Out, and pressurized ketchup dispensers.

    55555 by Silas V

  • Gabrielle TThe burgers are amazing, must have them every time I'm in NYC! The concretes are worth it too!

    55555 by Gabrielle T

  • Diana S.Shake burger and peanut butter shake!!! I could go for 5 more!!

    55555 by Diana S.

  • Jenn MShack Burger, Shackmeister burger, fried chicken sandwich (why only in Brooklyn in Brooklyn though??)

    55555 by Jenn M

  • RyanGreat location to avoid the crowds

    55555 by Ryan

  • Jonathan GHad the Shackburger, fries and a vanilla shake (I'd ordered chocolate and received the wrong flavor). Food was great. Crowded on a Wednesday @ noon, however we had a table before our food was ready

    33333 by Jonathan G

  • Mark 🔰Food is really my type of food at shake shack. And they do a really good job. Took a while to find a seat and for them to finish the order

    33333 by Mark 🔰

  • Fanny MLas mejores que he probado !!!❤️

    55555 by Fanny M

  • Julia LThe burgers and fries are exceptionally good, and the shakes are thick and tasty

    55555 by Julia L

  • Danny JIf you are in NYC you must have a shake shack burger.

    55555 by Danny J

  • Patricia L.Good food but go to DUMBO for the same quality and better views

    55555 by Patricia L.

  • Stephasahiro C.it was a total shakedown... half the burger, half the drink, and twice the price. but the crispy crinkle cut fries were incredible!

    33333 by Stephasahiro C.

  • Leatrice J.Okay food. This place needs a veggie burger option.

    33333 by Leatrice J.

  • Samantha H.I don't care how many times they've gotten my order wrong, the burgers always make up for it

    33333 by Samantha H.

  • Moses N.Burgers are pretty good, but it's always packed

    55555 by Moses N.

  • Todd D.Cheeseburgers!

    33333 by Todd D.

  • Jordanna O.Don't get fooled by the line it goes by fast! Find a seat first :)

    33333 by Jordanna O.

  • Priscila RMuito bom assim

    55555 by Priscila R

  • Luke .H.The ham burgers

    33333 by Luke .H.

  • Lee LawrenceIt's great, "but it's no In-n-Out"

    55555 by Lee Lawrence

  • Jmin Dgood quality meat and fresh veggies. It's somewhere between fast food and fine burgers.

    55555 by Jmin D

  • Creighton G.Smoke shack burger is awesome. Get it with a shake or concrete. Stack up the calories... It's too good not to.

    55555 by Creighton G.

  • Creighton G.Black and White shake is awesome.

    55555 by Creighton G.

  • Sandra RubinchikOnce you go Shack Stack, you never go back.

    33333 by Sandra Rubinchik

  • Andrew S.Way less busy than the others. Score.

    33333 by Andrew S.

  • Abigail A.This outpost is always overflowing with families and tourists. Come late night.

    55555 by Abigail A.

  • Lauren Rshorter queue than other branches. NY-must burger place!

    55555 by Lauren R

  • Jorge ChavezLugarcito de hamburugesas

    55555 by Jorge Chavez

  • Nikolas Schriefer#burger #shake

    55555 by Nikolas Schriefer

  • CCnycShack burger, strawberry milkshake

    55555 by CCnyc

  • Amy J.Shroom burger is where it's at.

    55555 by Amy J.

  • Caroline Albrechtfirst shake shack experience ever and I now know why there is so much buzz. very non crowded location which was a HUGE plus to the experience. smoke shack burger was the bomb!

    55555 by Caroline Albrecht

  • GuilhermeIf you come to NY and can only choose I burger joint. Choose the shake shack. This one is less busy than others.

    55555 by Guilherme

  • Karan TamhaneDouble hamburger with shack sauce.

    55555 by Karan Tamhane

  • Avin N.Love this location, rarely longer than a 5 minute line. Also you can get your food to go and head down to eat along the Hudson

    55555 by Avin N.

  • MarthaMeyer does it right. can't go wrong with any of the choices, frankly.

    55555 by Martha

  • Jack Si love shake shack it's so good the cheese fries are so good it's not even funny and they have good milkshakes and it's a good place to eat with your friends. #shakeshack

    55555 by Jack S

  • Katerina AnnaVery tasty fast food style burgers!

    55555 by Katerina Anna

  • Calvin MultanenTry the shake meister burger. Comes with fried crispy onions

    55555 by Calvin Multanen

  • Arman PapFrench fries with extra cheese is a must!!!

    55555 by Arman Pap

  • Damianos ChronakisBest burger chain of the world!

    55555 by Damianos Chronakis

  • Marcello PereiraOs sanduíches são bons demais um melhor que o outro ! Naum adianta essa loja tem fila de dia e de noite ! Mais vale a pena ! E de comer chorando kkkk

    55555 by Marcello Pereira

  • Stéphane Voleur2voixSimply the Best Burger in the World !!!

    55555 by Stéphane Voleur2voix

  • Oscar T.Perfect place to hang out and grab a bite after a movie. For best results, get a Smokeshack, fries and whatever IPA they have on the menu.

    55555 by Oscar T.

  • Thea R.Long line? Meh who cares! As long as I get my shack burger, cheese fries, lemonade and of course my hopscotch! ❤️❤️❤️

    55555 by Thea R.

  • Jacqueline M.OMG. I'm in heaven!!

    55555 by Jacqueline M.

  • Léna Le RollandNo crinkles here... Good old fries. I love it anyways !

    55555 by Léna Le Rolland

  • Erin MurphyThis location rarely has a line. Get your food to go and head to the river or park to eat.

    55555 by Erin Murphy

  • j kirklandAll shake shacks are incredible. This one still has the old fries until November 2014 though. 😞

    55555 by j kirkland

  • vinxshackburger with bacon!

    55555 by vinx

  • Daniel PorterThe burgers and hotdogs are both great. The shakes are the best going around!

    55555 by Daniel Porter

  • Erin MurphyLess crowded than other Shake Shack locations. Both indoor and outdoor seating. Yum!

    55555 by Erin Murphy

  • Jacques LDelicioso hambúrguer, cuidado com a pimenta! O molho é incrível!

    55555 by Jacques L

  • Renvie R.Finally got to see what all the hype is about ! Burger is good, fries are meh !

    33333 by Renvie R.

  • James AThe food is worth the wait / weight.

    55555 by James A

  • Lori L.This Shake Shack probably has the shortest wait of all the locations in the city. Find a solid burger, milkshakes, and cheese fries here.

    55555 by Lori L.

  • Hersal MBest burger I've ever had. We need one in Tampa stat.

    55555 by Hersal M

  • Alan M.Check for the special custard of the day. Get a shake with it.

    55555 by Alan M.

  • Christopher D.The smoke shack burger and their shakes are amazing.

    55555 by Christopher D.

  • Richard D.There's lots of outdoor seating and you can bring your dog!

    55555 by Richard D.

  • Eugene N.Can never go wrong with the double shack burger and frozen custard. They changed the fries (disappointing)

    33333 by Eugene N.

  • Maria L.You can find a shake shack just everywhere! Yummy burgers!!!

    55555 by Maria L.

  • Brent CNo line downtown!

    33333 by Brent C

  • Tony W.One of the best burgers I've ever had in the city... and I've had a few

    55555 by Tony W.

  • Dasha I.Peanut butter chocolate shake! ;)-

    55555 by Dasha I.

  • Dustin L.New fries are terrible. The "You spoke. We heard." statement on the new fries posters is BS because the only thing customers are saying is BRING BACK THE CRINKLE CUT

    22222 by Dustin L.

  • Ade JPlace is always busy and the seats are a free for all, so go with at least one friend, one person gets a seat while the other orders, or you may not get a seat!

    33333 by Ade J

  • J M.Crazy crowded at noontime - ordering easy, but not enough tables & be prepared for lots of people swarming, waiting for their orders. High stress financial center vibe.

    33333 by J M.

  • Sonia 💋.No lines... like it should be (looking at you Madison Square Park)

    55555 by Sonia 💋.

  • Daria P.What's happened with fries? :/

    22222 by Daria P.

  • Sasho N.The seasonal winter ale is a great beer, get it while they have it. Also, not too busy for dinner, unlike many other shake shacks.

    55555 by Sasho N.

  • antonette j.a really must try! especially their shakes!!! 😋😋😋

    55555 by antonette j.

  • Enzro G.love their french fries

    55555 by Enzro G.

  • Nick C.No lines, get some after you see a movie next door.

    55555 by Nick C.

  • Ifutbol Agents (.Top burgers in t City. Shakes r spectacular too.

    55555 by Ifutbol Agents (.

  • Olivier K.Good luck finding a seat. At least this one is not full of tourists.

    33333 by Olivier K.

  • Wainer T.Try the SmokeShack with fries. Delicious!

    55555 by Wainer T.

  • NellyThe Shack Stack is a must! If you like burgers and deep fried mushrooms then you'll love this!

    55555 by Nelly

  • Lisa T.Lunch time brings a lot of customers but not a valid reason for undercooked burgers.

    22222 by Lisa T.

  • Ikai L.No line at this one

    22222 by Ikai L.

  • Nataliya Y.Great customer service: they lost my order and when I complained about 30 min wait they apologized profusely, my meal was ready in 5 min and it was free.

    22222 by Nataliya Y.

  • Anna L.Best thing I ever ate: Corndog

    55555 by Anna L.

  • Julie K.Hit up the FiDi location for shorter lines. I had their shroom burger and I didn't feel cheated at all! I would order it again over a regular burger.

    33333 by Julie K.

  • Joe G."With or without the hype and the lines, the frozen custard at Shake Shack is pretty awesome; thick, satisfying, and sweet. Flavors change monthly."

    55555 by Joe G.

  • JeneeQuick service, hard to get a seat outside. The Regal is on the same block. Pet friendly.

    55555 by Jenee

  • IrinaShroom burger is kind of amazing

    55555 by Irina

  • Cecilia S.Double cheese shack burger + custard shake = can't be beat. Share the fries, the portions are huge!

    55555 by Cecilia S.

  • Erik K.The best burger(single shack burger) I have ever had!

    55555 by Erik K.

  • Casey S.One of the best burgers I've ever had.

    55555 by Casey S.

  • Avin N.I still prefer Five Guys, but every once in a while a Shack burger hits the spot. And the fries here are amazing. Not to mention they have beer and wine

    55555 by Avin N.

  • Rodrigo B.Cheeseburger duplo e batatas fritas! Imperdível!

    55555 by Rodrigo B.

  • VoiceStreetThis famous shack probably has the best downtown burger, and the Wall-nut Street shake (chocolate truffle cookie dough, walnuts and cherries mixed into vanilla custard) is a force to be reckoned with.

    55555 by VoiceStreet

  • Jenny L.Cold drinks like root beer & lemonade cool you off on a summer day.

    55555 by Jenny L.

  • Sonia 💋.Great burger but in no way worth the hour wait. If you live in CT go there, you'll never see a line :)

    55555 by Sonia 💋.

  • Steve L.The most overrated burgers in New York. Don't waste your time.

    22222 by Steve L.

  • David C.If the weather is great on the weekend best avoid. Weekday lunch times also best to avoid. Best time to go? Most weekday nights after 7pm especially if weather is bad.....

    55555 by David C.

  • Lorraine S.Some cool and some disappointing parts.

    33333 by Lorraine S.

  • Mimi A.If you go on a weekday, go mid afternoon, no line at all.

    33333 by Mimi A.

  • Margot V.Best burger ever! Juicy, but not undercooked. Great fries.

    55555 by Margot V.

  • Craig M.Shack stack and Smoke shack were AMAZING! Worth the trip to NY alone :)

    55555 by Craig M.

  • Monica H.If I'm ever on death row, my last meal would probably be shake shack. No joke. Smoke stack, fries, and a downtown butter brown for me please...

    33333 by Monica H.

  • Rebecca T.Best shroom burger!

    55555 by Rebecca T.

  • Andrew W.Try the pad thai and gyros

    55555 by Andrew W.

  • Malcolm D.The place is pretty expensive. $18 dollars gets you the provided meal below. Fries are quality. The shakes are average. Burgers are superior though.

    55555 by Malcolm D.

  • James K.This place is dangerously close to my apartment so swing by and have a shot!

    55555 by James K.

  • Domi J.Best Fast Food I've ever eaten, for a very good price. Try Shack Burger and Cheese Fries.

    55555 by Domi J.

  • ali g.Great food yummy shakes!!!!

    55555 by ali g.

  • Serious EatsHome to some of our favorite burgers in the city, cheap and otherwise.

    55555 by Serious Eats

  • Mike O.Get the shack burger and a fair trade shake, delicious combo and the fries are crinkle cut!

    55555 by Mike O.

  • ReALTOThey have the BEST cheese fries!! Also you have to try a signature concrete they are flavorful and delicious!

    55555 by ReALTO

  • IrinaShroom burger. BYO coffee.

    55555 by Irina

  • Katelyn LarkinLooking for a future hubby in a business suit this is the place to go!!!

    55555 by Katelyn Larkin

  • Moataz M.The fries with cheese on top is a must

    55555 by Moataz M.

  • Craig B.Warning: not a burger joint. This is a stroller parking lot.

    33333 by Craig B.

  • Frank C.Sunday = Chocolate Hazelnut Custard. Taste like Nutella Ice Cream.

    55555 by Frank C.

  • Kate F.Don't be fooled by a short line at the counter. It will take forever to actually get your food after you pay.

    22222 by Kate F.

  • Brian B.Order pickles on your shack burger, it's like a celebration of life.

    55555 by Brian B.

  • Sasha S.ShackBurger is delicious. Meet is very juicy, yummy stuff

    55555 by Sasha S.

  • Sharron L.The few times I have been here the line moves rather quickly. And yes, the very brief wait is well worth the wait. I recommend the Shack Shake Double burger. Yummiest burger I have ever eaten!

    55555 by Sharron L.

  • Salvatore C.Go to the one on Murray street there's almost never a line.

    33333 by Salvatore C.

  • Edrele 0.Burgers have a nice homemade texture and are not too dry. Crinkle cut fries are lightly crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside. At $7.29 for a plain cheeseburger and fries, it's a good deal!

    55555 by Edrele 0.

  • Arts B.Noodlepalooza is tomorrow! Come ready to eat oodles and oodles of noodles! Check out this fun food fest at the World Financial Center Winter Garden from 11am - 2pm.

    55555 by Arts B.

  • Steven D.Not worth waiting in long lines, but if there isn't one you should definitely pop in for a ShackBurger

    33333 by Steven D.

  • Weng Hong C.Must try. Stack shack and shack burger

    55555 by Weng Hong C.

  • KristaNiniGet a shake with those fries!!

    33333 by KristaNini

  • Chelsea D.They have TVs at this location!!

    55555 by Chelsea D.

  • Megan V.the burgers were undone.. bloody in the center.. yuck!

    22222 by Megan V.

  • Christine A.Sunday at 5:30 not much of a line

    22222 by Christine A.

  • SMThe location makes it a convenient place to stop on the way to the Tribeca Whole Foods for South Cove residents.

    55555 by SM

  • Leo L.Get the Shack Stack. Cheese stuffed portobello added to the classic cheeseburger. Good stuff.

    55555 by Leo L.

  • Whitney F.The tables are made from old bowling alley lanes. Love it.

    55555 by Whitney F.

  • KendraHave you tried the shake shack wine

    55555 by Kendra

  • Vin L.Yummy.....

    55555 by Vin L.

  • Steve L.It's all good but the burgers. Way over-hyped.

    55555 by Steve L.

  • Joanne E.More seating options inside and outside then any of the other locations.

    55555 by Joanne E.

  • Tomás G.The best burguer I've never eaten!

    55555 by Tomás G.

  • Kurt B.Try the water it's great

    55555 by Kurt B.

  • Christina P.The line might be long but it moves fast, and the people behind the counter are beyond friendly. Worth the wait!!

    55555 by Christina P.

  • Elizabeth R.Shake Shack is good! A little $$ for the reg. American cholesterol filled foods but not easy to get outside seating from the herds of downtown hipsters. It's still a fun quick stop though.

    55555 by Elizabeth R.

  • Minjie L.Might have to stand in line for a while. The selling point is not the food but the shaking handle for ordering food. The burger is juicy, but not as good as Fat Cow in Louisiana!!!!

    55555 by Minjie L.

  • Dimitri C.Try the shakburger. Delicious but definitely not the best in town...

    55555 by Dimitri C.

  • Michael L.No big orders. The wait will be more than an hour. If you're getting 8 burgers, opt to get 8 single orders instead.

    33333 by Michael L.

  • Judith O.They play great music (important when you're waiting 20+ minutes for food).

    33333 by Judith O.

  • Ben Z.Black and white shake, better than the chocolate shake or the vanilla shake. Don't know how but go for the combo.

    55555 by Ben Z.

  • Pam G.Burger patty to bun ratio is just perfect. Get extra ketchup for your fries.

    55555 by Pam G.

  • Kittie C.Not impressed.

    22222 by Kittie C.

  • Michelle C.They even offer items on the menu for dogs for a legit doggie bag

    55555 by Michelle C.

  • Aaron T.Come on special weekends in the summer for the elusive corndog

    55555 by Aaron T.

  • The Negotiation InstituteIf Shake Shack encouraged customers to negotiate their way through the line, where would you be?

    33333 by The Negotiation Institute

  • manuelMalted pb or vanilla shake!

    55555 by manuel

  • Gabriel G.Little league is across the street. So it's Kidsville Crazytown on the weekends. Though the lines are shorter, the squeals are louder.

    55555 by Gabriel G.

  • Mike C.Try the Lower West Side Concrete (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Mike C.

  • Mike C.Try the Fries (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Mike C.

  • Caitlin M.Made me sick :( if the line is long definitely avoid.

    22222 by Caitlin M.

  • Lizzy C.Chocolate Shake!! Amazing!!

    55555 by Lizzy C.

  • Dany S.One of the best!

    55555 by Dany S.

  • Trisha S.Shake stack=amazing!!!

    33333 by Trisha S.

  • Jennifer C.Delicious Shack fare like all the other locations, but try to avoid weekends if you're not into dodging dozens of double-wide strollers while you try to maneuver around the place.

    55555 by Jennifer C.

  • Sharon J.Watch out for the after school crowds of teens and kids on school days. They overtake the Shack.

    55555 by Sharon J.

  • Kristen W.Not the best service, but food is great!

    55555 by Kristen W.

  • Paul B.Best burgers ever.

    55555 by Paul B.

  • Jess L.Any place that makes a Jeremy Lin shake is worth going 100 times!!!!!

    55555 by Jess L.

  • Eric H.Get the Shake Shack Jeremy Lin shake!!!

    33333 by Eric H.

  • Dora M.No wait on a Saturday for lunch, but seating was hard to find.

    33333 by Dora M.

  • DALong line and bratty fights for minimal seating

    33333 by DA

  • James M.Shack burger, fries, and a shake is a god send..

    55555 by James M.

  • Matthew B.Shakes overpriced.

    33333 by Matthew B.

  • Shaun BAbita Root Beer Ya'll!

    55555 by Shaun B

  • Ryan S.Get water out of the fountain and go for a shake.

    33333 by Ryan S.

  • Chelle 💃.It looks awful but the pumpkin pie concrete with cranberry compote is a Autumn-flavor party in your mouth!

    33333 by Chelle 💃.

  • Paul T.Don't look up the calorie count while eating... You might stop

    33333 by Paul T.

  • Gunner J.Try the caramel shake. Great taste - more filling.

    55555 by Gunner J.

  • Justin O.Season shakes are legit. Pumpkin & Apple Struedel

    55555 by Justin O.

  • Chelle 💃.Friday's special "Coffee & Donuts" custard is to die for: essentially coffee ice cream and pieces of classic wheat donuts

    55555 by Chelle 💃.

  • Lisa S.Shack burgers are the best!

    55555 by Lisa S.

  • manuel$1. 35 will get you a standalone serving of cookie dough

    55555 by manuel

  • Krystle J.Even better than In n Out.

    55555 by Krystle J.

  • Sarit M.Try the Caramel Shake

    55555 by Sarit M.

  • Jeff H.Enjoy no line waiting on weekends.

    55555 by Jeff H.

  • Larry L.Wall-nut street with fromage blanc raspberry swirl FTW!!!

    55555 by Larry L.

  • Barbara P. E.The line to order is one thing. The wait for food is another... Especially when empty!!!

    33333 by Barbara P. E.

  • Justin O.Shroom burger is good if you are eating too many burgers, which is unavoidable in NYC. Black/White shake epic

    55555 by Justin O.

  • Mit C.Nothing can make me wait on this line.

    33333 by Mit C.

  • Nataliya Y.The line is mile long during weekdays lunch hour 12 to 2 pm

    55555 by Nataliya Y.

  • Al S.Make sure to get your burger from the Goldman grill. Much faster wait.

    33333 by Al S.

  • Tiffany StrobelShack Stack is sooo good. Worth the 30 minute lunch time rush wait. Amazing!

    55555 by Tiffany Strobel

  • Larry L.Line from the end of the scaffolding during peak lunch: 15 minutes to order, 15 minutes to food.

    33333 by Larry L.

  • Downtown MagazineIf you have a gluten allergy you can ask for your food sans bun!

    55555 by Downtown Magazine

  • DistipsterGet here early or be prepared for long waits!

    55555 by Distipster

  • Dan B.Slow as shit

    22222 by Dan B.

  • AlexCome on the weekends when all the fidi workers are home. Short wait unless someone places a bulk order. I must say that I like the fries here better than msp

    55555 by Alex

  • Mikinzie S.Come on the weekend when the financial guys have all retreated uptown for shorter lines.

    33333 by Mikinzie S.

  • Annie Y.Drinking the lower west side shake is like chewing on a mouthful of glass with the cocoa nibs... Don't get it

    33333 by Annie Y.

  • Annie Y.The lower west side tastes like a melted fudgie the whale

    55555 by Annie Y.

  • Eelain S.double shackburger, cheese fries, milkshake.... FTW!

    55555 by Eelain S.

  • Janet C.Best news ever!!! Grab a meal before the movies is always a win!

    55555 by Janet C.

  • Christopher ADouble cheese fries and a brew. Doesn't get better

    55555 by Christopher A

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