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Carmine's Restaurant

200 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036

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(212) 221-3800


  • Monday: 11:30 am - 11:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 11:30 am - Midnight
  • Wednesday: 11:00 am - Midnight
  • Thursday: 11:30 am - Midnight
  • Friday: 11:30 am - Midnight
  • Saturday: 11:00 am - Midnight
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Cuisine: Italian Restaurants

4.7 of 5.0 from 264 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY
  • Carmine's Restaurant in New York, NY

Carmine's Restaurant Reviews

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  • Clarice BAsk for Veal Parmigiana and house wine. It is delicious and serves 4

    55555 by Clarice B

  • Pastel JPlatillos muy bien servidos recomendado

    55555 by Pastel J

  • Darren BOne salad one main with pasta feeds four people. Chicken parmigiana is beautiful. Service was excellent too. Quick, busy but not rushed.

    55555 by Darren B

  • midnight EHuge servings! Home style Italian with good simple cooking...fresh seafood...

    55555 by midnight E

  • Sambuka APasta + shrimp + red salsa. Spectacular. Humongous. Like everything in this place: it is for three-four people.

    55555 by Sambuka A

  • Tatiana KThe penna alla vodka is amazing! The pizza bread is great also.

    55555 by Tatiana K

  • Ernesto G.Enormous portions! Service was good and fast. Too bad the portions are so big because a lot of food is wasted when there's so many people outside begging…

    55555 by Ernesto G.

  • Rubens EA comida é muito boa e os pratos são gigantes. Se estiver somente em 2 pessoas e não tiver onde esquentar o que sobra, vá para outro lugar. Para família é ótimo, os pratos servem no mínimo 3 pessoas.

    55555 by Rubens E

  • Cristina JComida italiana. Platos gigantes, para compartir entre 3-4 personas.

    55555 by Cristina J

  • Bill MChicken Parm was excellent. Seems like it was enough for 3 or 4. Every portion is HUGE! Right thru desert....

    55555 by Bill M

  • Maite ECada ración es aproximadamente para 3 personas!

    55555 by Maite E

  • Gigi T.Try the Carmines Salad - (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Gigi T.

  • Denise MMelhor lasanha de Nova York.

    55555 by Denise M

  • Liany VillacisHuge portions. Good for groups.

    55555 by Liany Villacis

  • Nouf aNot as expected, average food

    33333 by Nouf a

  • Nancy GPenne a la vodka is the best Ive had!! Portions are monstrous. 1 appetizer or dish can feed 4 generously, beware!

    55555 by Nancy G

  • Angelo JClassic Italian old school... Busy and full of atmosphere to go with it...........

    55555 by Angelo J

  • Jenny BMala la comida y abundante

    55555 by Jenny B

  • Jorge EAsk for the Portobello Parmigiana. Best entree, so tasty.

    55555 by Jorge E

  • Jorge EFood is HUGE, whatever you ask for is for a group of 3/4. This is just a part of the Ragu pasta. Very good.

    55555 by Jorge E

  • Cinthia MPerfeito para ir com uma galera! Os pratos e entradas são enormes , não pedimos sobremesa pq vimos e serve mais de 4 pessoas! Pela quantidade vale a pena o valor cobrado!

    55555 by Cinthia M

  • José S.Comida farta e gostosa

    55555 by José S.

  • erica f.Great place

    55555 by erica f.

  • erica f.Great group experience, the family style plates are a great party idea. The gnocchi is amazing! The manicotti was a bit of a let down. The coffe with sambuca is superb.Make reservations, crowded.

    55555 by erica f.

  • DJ G.MAC!Come with your appetite! Best bet is for everyone in your group to agree on a dish and share! The portions are HUGE! The chicken marsala, and the angel hair pasta with garlic is delicious!

    55555 by DJ G.MAC!

  • Miguel SExcelente el lugar!! Buena relación precio calidad. Bien atendidos. Personal habla español. No dejar de ir!! Pedir shrimp parmigiana acompañado por pasta. COMEN TRES!!!

    55555 by Miguel S

  • Dan S.A parade of food at a great location for a meal before or after a Broadway show. The steak was some of the best I've ever had.

    55555 by Dan S.

  • Burcu LCarmine's is good for crowded groups because their service Style is like say something for everyone

    55555 by Burcu L

  • NC CFoods are fine and keep in mind portions are at least 4 people so don't come here if you are 2 -3 people;)

    33333 by NC C

  • Victoria EHuge portions! Lovely salads!!! Cheesecake from heaven!!!

    55555 by Victoria E

  • Julie SAMAZINGLY meatballs + angel hair pasta!!!

    33333 by Julie S

  • Dany APedimos penne con ragú y estaba muy rico. Lo único raro es que nos salieron spaghetti en medio de la pasta :S. Será que reutilizan la pasta y/o la salsa??

    55555 by Dany A

  • Da7oomExtremely huge portions, crowded place, Caesar salad is good, lasagna is delicious, and the seafood pasta platter is awesome,

    55555 by Da7oom

  • Maureen O'Connell MVisited the place about a week back and the first thing that you'll notice when you enter the restaurant is the atmosphere and the ambience. It's just amazing!

    55555 by Maureen O'Connell M

  • Fidele CPasta with seafood was nice. Plates are big enough for a whole family! And the service is friendly

    55555 by Fidele C

  • Maíra CJesus take the leftovers because there's no way two people can eat this much.

    33333 by Maíra C

  • Arturo CFamily-sized plates, delicious!

    55555 by Arturo C

  • Leann KEggplant parmesan!!

    55555 by Leann K

  • BennettFamily style food

    55555 by Bennett

  • Nina P.The penne alla vodka is amazing!

    55555 by Nina P.

  • Suellen NPreço excelente e comida farta.

    55555 by Suellen N

  • David TPlatos para 3 personas mínimo, bonita decoración. Recomendable

    55555 by David T

  • Duygu CÇok çok leziz yemekleri. Yalnız family size dışında yemek satmıyorlar. 5 kişi falan gidilmeli konsepti de bu zaten ama o zaman da barda oturma ihtimaliniz olmadığı için 1 saat beklemeniz muhtemel

    55555 by Duygu C

  • Alisher AAwesome lasagna, must try! Good service.

    55555 by Alisher A

  • Atu Big portions decent Italian

    55555 by Atu

  • Pame DFood is good and abundant, however the service is bad and slow.

    33333 by Pame D

  • Joey M.Dinner special was great fandango good value.

    55555 by Joey M.

  • Gonzalo PPortions are huge!

    55555 by Gonzalo P

  • Cesar L.Massa com camarões, red sauce, maravilhoso !

    55555 by Cesar L.

  • Adriana PAtendimento horrível! Ficamos 40 min para o garçon trazer a bebida. Falta de consideração com os clientes. Não recomendo!

    33333 by Adriana P

  • Julyane KCantina italiana no meio da Times e que gosto muito! Os pratos são bem servidos

    55555 by Julyane K

  • Zé Renato KLotado. Há que esperar.

    33333 by Zé Renato K

  • Ankita SOrder only one dish for two people even you are very hungry

    33333 by Ankita S

  • Mauricio DComida italiana com porções para 3 a 4 pessoas...

    55555 by Mauricio D

  • Anirudh BFOOD IS FAMILY SIZE, so be careful when you order! But it was all amazing. Bartenders and vibes were brilliant.

    55555 by Anirudh B

  • AFNAN Mالمكان هذا يكفي حموله😂😂💔🏃 بس ابدا ماحبيت المكان ضيق وزحمه الاكل كثير وحلو بس بالنسبه لي اهم شي المكان مريح قبل الاكل التقيم الاكل ١٠/٧ و

    55555 by AFNAN M

  • Alexandre KArmadilha para turista. Fuja. Barulhento, serviço ruim, comida sem graça, talheres sujos.

    55555 by Alexandre K

  • Patrick M.Great food. Fresh and taste great. Large portion. Think it's a good price for portion size. Nice atmosphere. Friendly staff.

    55555 by Patrick M.

  • Geo DReally large meals

    55555 by Geo D

  • Tom M.The lemon chicken is an excellent choice

    55555 by Tom M.

  • Flo Janice BConcurri en la cena de noche buena con mi familia. Quedamos muy conformes con la atención y la comida. Lugar familiar, cálido y hogareño.el tiramisú es espectacular hecho con Real mascarpone. P/volver

    55555 by Flo Janice B

  • Gustavo KReally nice place! Very good food and cheap! The recipes are really big (4 people). I will go back many times!

    55555 by Gustavo K

  • Jin mif you don't have a reservation, prepare to wait for an hour.

    33333 by Jin m

  • Lari ALos platos son enormes.

    55555 by Lari A

  • David JExcelente comida y muy bien servido.

    55555 by David J

  • Marcello PereiraA comida Eh excelente ! O prato da pra dois ! Uma dica a salada Carmine's e a lasanha ! Ambiente agradável ! Atendimento impecável $$$

    55555 by Marcello Pereira

  • AurélienThe place to go if you're hungry. Mains are really big.

    55555 by Aurélien

  • Hector T.Perfect Italian spot for large group, offering family style dishes. Prepare to take some home. Try the lasagna!

    55555 by Hector T.

  • Jennifer W.Eggplant parmigiana with angel hair pasta, mixed salad, broccoli and a bottle of wine. Mix in good company and fun staff. Instant fun.

    55555 by Jennifer W.

  • Eduardo bBoa comida. Ambiente OK

    55555 by Eduardo b

  • Eduardo MaiorHorrible experience. The service is horribe, the waiter had the guts to offer the four pasta special to me and my girlfriend and lied when asked if it was to big (3x). And the food wasn't great. Cold

    22222 by Eduardo Maior

  • Eduardo MaiorHorrible experience. The service is horribe, the waiter had the guts to offer the four pasta special to me and my girlfriend and lied when asked if it was to big (3x). And the food wasn't great. Cold.

    22222 by Eduardo Maior

  • Liliane ESea food mixed... Perfeito!!!! Com um vinho então..!!!!

    55555 by Liliane E

  • Rodolfo Não perca tempo. Não vale a pena. Bastante comida mas sem gosto. Só viria de novo se não houve-se nenhuma opção ou com um grupo de 40 pessoas.

    55555 by Rodolfo

  • T B.Try the Strawberry Lemonade - So fresh (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by T B.

  • S. L. Armstead & CompanyVery nice staff

    55555 by S. L. Armstead & Company

  • Bruno VComida deliciosa, atendimento muito rápido, preço muito justo e os pratos gigantes. Aprovado!

    55555 by Bruno V

  • Mariana S.Everything here is VERY big! Come in groups. :)

    55555 by Mariana S.

  • Rafael GaleaPratos deliciosos e enormes. Pedimos uma carne com massa que deu para servir 4 pessoas muito bem!!

    55555 by Rafael Galea

  • Harriet RushAll of the pasta dishes are great.

    55555 by Harriet Rush

  • Tara SpachThe portions are HUGE!!! Try the calamari and fried zucchini as an appetizer!

    55555 by Tara Spach

  • Denize Jlasanha sensacional. os pratos servem até três pessoas.

    55555 by Denize J

  • Luis ShimabukuroÓtima comida, a vitela é sensacional e os pratos dependendo servem 3 pessoas tranquilamente!!!

    55555 by Luis Shimabukuro

  • ChristinaI love Carmine's, but definitely prefer the food and atmosphere of UWS location much better.

    55555 by Christina

  • Kathy L.You have to try the fried zucchini! Best family style Italian food in a casual atmosphere. Bring your appetite and a few friends!

    55555 by Kathy L.

  • Brebbles BMassive portions, quality food

    55555 by Brebbles B

  • Michelle Martinez SoldevilaReal italian food, huge portion but, worst service ever, even the host, the server: a bunch of pissed off I hate my patron state of mind employees!!

    22222 by Michelle Martinez Soldevila

  • Ane FLugar agradável, preço justo e pratos enormes que podem servir até quatro pessoas. A sobremesa titanic é uma perdição, mas cuidado para não afundar nesse barco!

    55555 by Ane F

  • Iñaki NGran lugar, porciones súper abundantes, hay que hacerle caso a los camareros en este punto los cuales son muy atentos, comida riquísima y una ubicación privilegiada

    55555 by Iñaki N

  • Gabriela AraujoOs pratos são enormes, dão para 04 pessoas com folga! Todas as massas são maravilhosas, parece que você está comendo na Itália! O spagheti com almôndegas é imperdível !

    55555 by Gabriela Araujo

  • Seth KEnjoying first stop in NYC for lunch

    55555 by Seth K

  • Devi IglesiasGreat food! Small plates are enough for two! I tryed Linguini Pomodoro and Linguini Olio... Awesome! Its near to broadway's theaters so its full around 6 and 11 pm (before and after the shows)

    55555 by Devi Iglesias

  • Bruna RHere's the best Chicken Parmigiana that I ever had!! ❤️

    55555 by Bruna R

  • Bernardo DVen en grupo, ya qur losnplarillos son como para 4 persona. Muy rico el lugar, pidan el chiken a la parmegiano.

    55555 by Bernardo D

  • Giles EThe chicken parmigiana is very good. The portions are huge and you need to bear this in mind when ordering. The calamari starter was very good too.

    55555 by Giles E

  • PatríciaFamily sized meals. Delicious pasta.

    55555 by Patrícia

  • Wanda W.Everything was great. Hanging with Marc Clarke for his welcome to NY lunch...

    55555 by Wanda W.

  • Anastasia CLove it! Food is delicious. But portions are really huge

    55555 by Anastasia C

  • Rodrigo KExcelente opção para um final de noite bem servido de massa de primeira qualidade. Os pratos servem facilmente 3 pessoas. Experimente o espaguete com almôndegas. Molho na medida sem ser ácido.

    55555 by Rodrigo K

  • Maurio FioreGreat for big groups. If you aren't doing a big family style dinner go elsewhere to get more bang for your buck.

    55555 by Maurio Fiore

  • Flávio BComida muito boa e um atendimento diferenciado, mas reserve antes de ir, pois o restaurante é cheio o tempo todo, principalmente por Brasileiros.

    55555 by Flávio B

  • Marcelo PAmigo, os pratos são muito bem servidos. A quantidade é suficiente pra duas pessoas.

    55555 by Marcelo P

  • TERESA CarrubbaStuffed arties and penne a la vodka

    55555 by TERESA Carrubba

  • QTCDN 🌻Lunching before the Matinee

    33333 by QTCDN 🌻

  • Sergio Morilo R.Love the ambiance. Energetic. The food is not outstanding, but tasty and with a lot of memories...

    55555 by Sergio Morilo R.

  • Ceren BalkanayHuge pasta portions. No pizza's. Don't forget to make a reservation if you don't want to wait for 45 minutes. House wine is a point 3/5.

    33333 by Ceren Balkanay

  • Sellyna D.Veal with lemon and butter sauce is good! Veal is tender no need for a knife.

    55555 by Sellyna D.

  • Vitor AUm prato serve 4 pessoas.

    55555 by Vitor A

  • Dani MPorções pra grandes fomes! E delicioso !

    55555 by Dani M

  • Crystal HarrisonIf you only have a party of 2, skip the salad, bread, and anything else because the portions are huge!

    55555 by Crystal Harrison

  • Rell R.Make a reservation!!

    33333 by Rell R.

  • Sebastian DChicken Parmigiana a must! With your choice of pasta!

    55555 by Sebastian D

  • Toby M.Great quality - try a few things and share - don't get pasta with each dish. The Caesar salad is wonderful.

    55555 by Toby M.

  • Paul C.You better like garlic! Dishes are well seasoned!

    55555 by Paul C.

  • Olya MMost lovely and busy place! Great Italian food! Don't forget to get the book!

    55555 by Olya M

  • Camila Narciso ChavesWonderful!

    55555 by Camila Narciso Chaves

  • Andrea JCold antipasto, spaghetti with shrimp and tiramisu!

    55555 by Andrea J

  • Leila MA comida é boa, os pratos servem 4 pessoas e os preços são bem acessíveis. Não saia daqui sem experimentar o tiramissu... É uma delícia!!! O único ponto negativo é o atendimento.

    55555 by Leila M

  • Lily SThe pastas are amazing but the chicken parm is overrated. The garlic bread is a must though :) get it parmed cuz there's no such thing as too much parm

    55555 by Lily S

  • Denis N.Sensacional! Comida excelente, atendimento de primeira linha e o preço justo

    55555 by Denis N.

  • Berta A.El manager es tapatío 😉

    22222 by Berta A.

  • Jessie M.Be prepared to be stuffed!!

    55555 by Jessie M.

  • Marta C.Porções enormes, pedimos um filé a parmegiana, quatro pessoas comeram bem e ainda sobrou, só n achei tão barato quanto falavam! Sobremesa Titanic imensa e gostosa, optamos pela versão q é metade.

    55555 by Marta C.

  • Kiwi_birdWe ordered only Veal Parmigiana and Penne Alla Vodka pasta for five very hungry people. And that was too much! Delicious! Deserts are huge too! Very good restaurant!

    55555 by Kiwi_bird

  • Alexsandro D.Great Place!

    55555 by Alexsandro D.

  • Domicio L.Fantástico! Vale muito!

    55555 by Domicio L.

  • Christian S.Monster portions. Family style son. If you order an entree you get a pasta for $10 extra....otherwise it's all a la carte

    55555 by Christian S.

  • Annika O.Classic family style Italian pasta!!! Delicious with tons of extras!!! Great on a stormy day

    55555 by Annika O.

  • nerajana m.New Year's Eve 2014 Party at Carmine's - New York, NY early @ Tuesday December 31, 2013.Grab Your Tickets @ http://tinyurl.com/oebycwm

    55555 by nerajana m.

  • dnlpcVery generous portions. The food is spectacular. Very friendly and knowledgeable wait staff.

    55555 by dnlpc

  • Rodrigo L.Ótima comida e preços.

    55555 by Rodrigo L.

  • Autumn C.Good food but waitress had a bad attitude after I asked politely for the garlic bread to be canceled after it had taken too long and we were finished eating. She ignored us afterwards

    11111 by Autumn C.

  • Vladimir C.Happy our perfeito

    55555 by Vladimir C.

  • Vladimir C.Restaurante de ponta que todo prato e excelente

    55555 by Vladimir C.

  • John D.Huge plates Yum

    55555 by John D.

  • Stephen D.Three of us ordered a Carmine salad and a chicken parmesan to share. It could have fed 10 people. Portions are enormous not just large. Order with care and an appetite.

    55555 by Stephen D.

  • Kathy B.Delicious food! Huge portions!

    55555 by Kathy B.

  • Claudio T.Qualquer prato serve 4 pessoas , Comida Italiana Sensacional.

    55555 by Claudio T.

  • Spotted by Locals - city guides by localsYou simply must try the stuffed mushroom appetizer and the Manicotti main dish!

    55555 by Spotted by Locals - city guides by locals

  • George I.My favorite place to eat!

    55555 by George I.

  • Berta A.Stuffed Artichoque & vodka Sauce 😋

    55555 by Berta A.

  • Stephanie V.One of the best Italian spots I've ever been to. Fine, family-style dining and it's just blocks from Time Square. Make reservations!

    55555 by Stephanie V.

  • Paul P.El salmón es muy bueno!

    55555 by Paul P.

  • André F.Restaurante italiano, com refeições compartilhadas entre os comensais. Bom atendimento e comida farta e de boa qualidade. O veal parmegiana com pasta serve 2 pessoas que comem muito e 1 que come pouco

    55555 by André F.

  • Marcio G.Penne com almondegas e molho de tomate... E tudo isso a parmegianna !!! Muito bom !!!!

    55555 by Marcio G.

  • Jeremie G.So good meatballs! A must taste in Manhattan Theater District

    55555 by Jeremie G.

  • LinkinOk service. Only average food. But very dirty. Dirty flatware, and glasses. Gross.

    22222 by Linkin

  • Ifutbol Agents (.Italiaaaaannnn!!! Love it!

    55555 by Ifutbol Agents (.

  • Ramon R.Great service, huuuuge portions (4 to share), super busy but respect the time reservations sharp.

    55555 by Ramon R.

  • BECKY C.Chocolate Torta very rich but delicious!

    55555 by BECKY C.

  • BECKY C.Beef special! OMG!!!!

    55555 by BECKY C.

  • Angel M.The most delicious italian food of my life

    55555 by Angel M.

  • CC @.Try Chicken parm & penne ala vodka, The best Italian, will blow you away.The food is really great and the portions are huge. Make sure you have a group of people. -but service always sucks!

    55555 by CC @.

  • Meliha T.Seafood pasta is awesome. Huge plates and delicious ;)

    55555 by Meliha T.

  • Aaron V.Best Italian food I have EVER had

    55555 by Aaron V.

  • Amélia C.Muito bom!

    55555 by Amélia C.

  • Carlos M.Los platos son todos enormes, para compartir (de un plato comen 3 personas)

    55555 by Carlos M.

  • Cristina S.The Chicken Scarpariello is absolutely fantastic

    55555 by Cristina S.

  • Shawn D.Excellent food, chicken saltimbocca on angel hair is a great option if you're not feeling chicken parm or a cream sauce. One order feeds about 3. $10 extra to put it on pasta.

    55555 by Shawn D.

  • Vanessa P.A lasanha eh maravilhosa e serve ate 3 pessoas!!!

    55555 by Vanessa P.

  • Beverly M.Great food

    55555 by Beverly M.

  • clarissa g.It's too much food! But don't worry because you can take home the leftovers. So delicious!

    55555 by clarissa g.

  • Renay H.Awesome food & Awesome service

    55555 by Renay H.

  • Thiago G.AWESOME calamari! The biggest serving of ANYTHING I've ever seen. Quick, cheap, tasty, and plentiful!

    55555 by Thiago G.

  • Ricardo C.Fantastic! Escolha ser atendido pelo James!

    55555 by Ricardo C.

  • Julliano B.A comida é excelente e farta, o atendimento é muito bom e os preços são ótimos!

    55555 by Julliano B.

  • Ezequiel S.Raciones inmensas con un plato para dos personas es más que suficiente. Lasagna es imprescindible.

    55555 by Ezequiel S.

  • Tamara J.Family style eating! Great food! Calamari always hit the spot!

    55555 by Tamara J.

  • Jose G.Great food!!

    55555 by Jose G.

  • Markos G.Nice size servings. Enough for two.

    55555 by Markos G.

  • Hudson C.Restaurante já foi bom! Fui super mal atendido no restaurante, tudo demorou muito e as pessoas que me atenderam são bem mal educadas!!! Sinceramente sai de lá indignado!!! Não volto lá e não indico!

    55555 by Hudson C.

  • Annarose F.Titanic -- for at least four people!

    33333 by Annarose F.

  • Karen M.My family loved Carmine's! I would highly recommend the Calamari as an appetizer and Penne Vodka, both were delicious.

    55555 by Karen M.

  • Scot H.Well worth the wait, food is excellent

    55555 by Scot H.

  • Karan G.Side of meatballs is a great sub for a second entree for a small group. Large portion!

    55555 by Karan G.

  • Iris A.Linguine and clams is phenomenal! Enough for 3 girls to share...bonus.

    55555 by Iris A.

  • Snow KatzIf you aren't from NY - put this on your list of NYC things to do. Chix parm that won't quit.

    55555 by Snow Katz

  • Sarah EIt's amazing! Definitely get the Spiedinie Alla Romana appetizer.

    55555 by Sarah E

  • Caitlin C.Great for a pre-theatre meal. HUGE portions, so go with a group and prepare to share.

    55555 by Caitlin C.

  • Simran J.Old School Italian American goodness. touristy, but better in quality than most tourist trafficked little italy joints.

    55555 by Simran J.

  • Kevin P.12 customers in from San Diego and Denver. No better place to take them than family style at Carmine's

    55555 by Kevin P.

  • Marisa R.Order the Chicken Alla Romana... Yummy!!!!

    55555 by Marisa R.

  • Francine SPenne a la vodka!! You need to try it!!!!

    55555 by Francine S

  • Cristol BBread, appetizers, dessert are better than entree

    55555 by Cristol B

  • Kelly McAteerThe servings here are for 4... For real. Way to much for even2 people to share do try to split something! Food is delicious and the decor during Christmas is amazing.

    55555 by Kelly McAteer

  • Maurizio F.Nessun consiglio.. mi sono veramente trovato male.... se magna da schifo

    55555 by Maurizio F.

  • Katie T.We come here all the time but to our dismay they DON'T take reservations so they say... Yet we go in today to find that they're only taking reservations. It makes no sense

    33333 by Katie T.

  • Chrystal M.Best bartender, wait staff, carmine salad & carbonara pasta. Smooch!

    55555 by Chrystal M.

  • MichelleDecorated for Christmas I love it! Foods amazing too!

    55555 by Michelle

  • Clio B.Doesnt taste the best reheated when you take home leftovers :-S

    33333 by Clio B.

  • Shaun R.Great food and service

    55555 by Shaun R.

  • Adela M.Overpriced for mediocre food. Not inventive nor mind blowing classic dishes.

    33333 by Adela M.

  • JohnMake reservations! Enough food for an entire army! Don't try the Bolognese Sauce you get an garlic overdose... At least no vampires will going after you.

    33333 by John

  • Alex C.Very, very, very 

    55555 by Alex C.

  • Jennifer O.The chicken parm is great. Portions are family style.

    55555 by Jennifer O.

  • Butterscotch B.We are open tonight for business!

    55555 by Butterscotch B.

  • Roque S.Ah que legal que você veio! Aqui o "Spaguetti and Meatballs" é sensacional e dá pra duas pessoas, fácil. Não seja guloso, separe espaço para a sobremesa.

    55555 by Roque S.

  • Marc C.Upstairs for the first time, less commotion! Dinner was great as always. Catena 2010 Malbec drinking great!

    55555 by Marc C.

  • Sam J.They serve huge portions here so 1 plate is good for 4 people! Prepare to bring home left overs for the week!

    55555 by Sam J.

  • Emily P.The servings are HUGE

    55555 by Emily P.

  • Salma Z.The first item on the chicken menu is seriously biblical! Absolutely delish!!!

    55555 by Salma Z.

  • Tiantha F.This place is great for a LARGE family dinner. The portions are big... The food is awesome

    55555 by Tiantha F.

  • Larissa F.Best restaurant in NYC.

    55555 by Larissa F.

  • Carlos P.Excelente comida y precio

    55555 by Carlos P.

  • Sandro M.Grab a Rigatony Country Style and a chicken parmigiana!!!! Great food!!!!

    55555 by Sandro M.

  • Julie E.The portions here are enormous. One plate is more than enough for two people. Do yourself a favor and make reservations.

    55555 by Julie E.

  • DaniloAsk for the Spaghetti with Meatballs! Jesus, I've never felt so satisfied with a meal in my life! And for dessert a Tiramisu! So good and so cheap! Worth going at least three times when in NYC!

    55555 by Danilo

  • Kendra T.Staff is beyond helpful. The food is delish with healthy portions.

    55555 by Kendra T.

  • Steven D.This is one of my favorite places to eat in NYC! The Scarpiello wings are the best! Better bring a BIG appetite.

    55555 by Steven D.

  • Fabrício Z.Lembre-se: Os pratos são gigantes! Dá até para 4 pessoas. O "Veal Parmegiana" é muito bom.

    55555 by Fabrício Z.

  • Chip K.Eggplant Parm is UNREAL!!!! So so so soooooo good.

    55555 by Chip K.

  • YunjiSeafood mixed spaghetti and mussels and salad for 5 persons...

    55555 by Yunji

  • Nina G.forget about one of ordered dishes

    33333 by Nina G.

  • Stephen W.Lots of food! Very good!

    55555 by Stephen W.

  • NY WaterwayClassic place!

    55555 by NY Waterway

  • Chris L.All about the chicken parm.... Meatballs are pretty good too!

    55555 by Chris L.

  • Edgard B.Comida muito boa.

    55555 by Edgard B.

  • DanetteOldie but goodie! Been dining here for many years. Great salad, but I think the menu is due for an update.

    55555 by Danette

  • Alexandre M.Grandes porções é o forte deste lugar, o tempero é tradicional, vale a pena para conhecer.

    55555 by Alexandre M.

  • Julio P.1 prato serve 2 casais, a comida é maravilhosa.

    55555 by Julio P.

  • Felipe A.Comida decente em NY. Aproveitem.

    55555 by Felipe A.


    55555 by Jay G.

  • T. V.Best baked clams u will ever eat!

    55555 by T. V.

  • Carlos H M C.Excelente opção para almoço ou jantar. Pratos muito bem servidos, massas excelentes!

    55555 by Carlos H M C.

  • FreezeCrowdThe penne pasta is great, and you can expect a big family sized portion. The restaurant is nicely decorated with plenty of pictures. A fun filled atmosphere.

    55555 by FreezeCrowd

  • Wilde S.Recomendo, os pratos servem muito bem 3 pessoas , e os preços são justos !

    55555 by Wilde S.

  • Missie N.Pricey, but it is an experience!

    55555 by Missie N.

  • Shelley K.Enough food to feed the world! Share share share...

    55555 by Shelley K.

  • Jessica C.Food is awesome!!!!

    55555 by Jessica C.

  • JoannaMarsala, scarpiarello, lasagna, salads... All beyond amazing. But you can get better manicotti at the olive garden. When they used to have it anyway.

    55555 by Joanna

  • Jim F.The bread pudding is awesome

    55555 by Jim F.

  • Steven L.More food than you can attempt to finish. Great atmosphere

    55555 by Steven L.

  • Cori H.If you have four people or less don't bother with appetizers! Go for just an entree! SO much food!

    33333 by Cori H.

  • jim B.Ask for the nine inch Italian.

    33333 by jim B.

  • Llira L.Mozzarella ancorossa My fave appetizer. Amazing chicken parm

    55555 by Llira L.

  • Kaitlin H.A fantastic post-broadway show dining spot -- the portions are huge, so order with caution!

    55555 by Kaitlin H.

  • RozThe stuffed mushrooms might just be the best I've had in my life! :)

    55555 by Roz

  • Katherine IMake reservations!

    55555 by Katherine I

  • Carlos B.Best Place To Be when Dining in NYC!

    55555 by Carlos B.

  • Guilherme L.Great food. A dish serves a family (2 adults and 2 kids). So full of shit to get a table and the waiters suck in the other hand.

    33333 by Guilherme L.

  • Catia B.Depois de um show na Broadway é a melhor opção

    55555 by Catia B.

  • Bora DBest Italian food in the city!! Love it! Have the TiTanic at least once!!

    55555 by Bora D

  • Jim M.The chicken Parma sandwich is cheap and delicious. Skip the bread, you don't need it.

    55555 by Jim M.

  • Jim M.Don't let the long wait times fool you. You can often find bar seating if you can wait a few minutes, even at the busiest times.

    55555 by Jim M.

  • Daniel SRidiculously good food at ridiculously large portions.

    55555 by Daniel S

  • Brian B.chicken parm was out of this world as was the vodka rigatoni.

    55555 by Brian B.

  • Tsuyami CAmazing meatballs, so perfect. The Strawberry shortcake is perfect too.

    55555 by Tsuyami C

  • Terry S.One dish could feed two or three people!

    55555 by Terry S.

  • Examiner.comItalian food, just the way grandma used to make it. Recommended before or after a show.

    55555 by Examiner.com

  • Bonnie R.come here all the time and can never eat everything, so I share my plate with several others and for the price, awesome!

    55555 by Bonnie R.

  • Bruno S.Make sure you don't leave this place without getting their recipe book. It's amazing and definitely a must have!

    55555 by Bruno S.

  • Jim M.Hmmm. Lame?

    11111 by Jim M.

  • Kelly A.Best meatballs ever!

    55555 by Kelly A.

  • FernFern M.Great food, family style so don't crazy ordering one entree per person

    55555 by FernFern M.

  • Daniel d.Chicken masala over pasta... I was left speechless.

    33333 by Daniel d.

  • Shukki Tクラムがプリプリで美味しい♬ ホワイトソースのスパゲティで食すのがオススメです!

    55555 by Shukki T

  • Ricky P.Make sure you order pasta. Even if you get another menu item, it's only $10 as a side. The pasta is actually made from scratch per order, never boiled.

    33333 by Ricky P.

  • Mike I.Great Great Great Food!

    55555 by Mike I.

  • Stephen SThe music here is amazing!!!

    55555 by Stephen S

  • Bob C.All the baby seats we tried were broke

    22222 by Bob C.

  • Victoriaour waitress said chicken parm and caesar salad wouldn't be too much for two, but we left with 2 doggie bags.

    33333 by Victoria

  • Rachel DIf there is a long wait, you can sometimes sit at the bar instead. They have a full dinner menu.

    33333 by Rachel D

  • James S.The chicken parm is fantastic, but the garlic bread is amazing!

    55555 by James S.

  • Harris D.best italian food in the city, located in the heart of times square right across from Nokia Theater. Amazing Chicken Parm, Salads, Bread and Marsala. Family style but not too pricey.

    55555 by Harris D.

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