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Harlem Tavern

2153 Frederick Douglass Boulevard
New York, NY 10026

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(212) 866-4500


  • Monday: 12:00 pm - 2:00 am
  • Tuesday: 12:00 pm - 2:00 am
  • Wednesday: 12:00 pm - 2:00 am
  • Thursday: 12:00 pm - 2:00 am
  • Friday: 12:00 pm - 2:00 am
  • Saturday: 11:00 am - 2:00 am
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 2:00 am

Cuisine: American Restaurants, Bars

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4.4 of 5.0 from 233 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY
  • Harlem Tavern in New York, NY

Harlem Tavern Reviews

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  • Desevi HThe sauce for the pasta was so heavy, it was inedible and their hamburger had nothing special about it

    22222 by Desevi H

  • Chad H.tons of burger options

    55555 by Chad H.

  • Julie Kcan get loud / feel more like a club, but the outdoorish seating area is nice

    55555 by Julie K

  • Cristina JSitio con mucho rollo en pleno Harlem. Música en directo, retransmisión de deportes. Buena comida. Tienen un menú de Brunch por 17$ con muchos platos para elegir.

    55555 by Cristina J

  • Marius NBurger are ok and a bit pricey. You'll find better one in Harlem.

    55555 by Marius N

  • James EWhen it's good, it's a great normal spot in Harlem. When it's bad it takes me a loooong time to return. Service is inconsistent. Food is a safe bet. Drinks are good but also inconsistently made.

    55555 by James E

  • Tatiana KVeggie quesadilla

    55555 by Tatiana K

  • Victor MMelhor bar do harlem, bom e barato

    55555 by Victor M

  • MJOverall a pretty average place. Don't come here looking for anything special from the food or drinks; it's the porch that brings everybody by.

    55555 by MJ

  • Shamira LIt is loud. You have to try to talk over the music. The music is great though.

    55555 by Shamira L

  • Emily CharltonIt's huge!

    55555 by Emily Charlton

  • Shyam BYes lively but meals are over priced

    55555 by Shyam B

  • Camilla RStrawberry daiquiris? Yes pleeease! Get 'em love 'em and try the sliders as well ;)

    55555 by Camilla R

  • Carmen Gloria NReally SLOW service, we had to wait a lot for the check. They did a mistake with my burguer, they didn't say sorry. BAD SERVICE

    22222 by Carmen Gloria N

  • Ryan DSolid local establishment

    55555 by Ryan D

  • AnthonyA must visit if you are in the area. My all time favorite turkey burger in all of NYC. It is ~that~ good. DJ Apryl Fresh's set on Saturdays is on point!

    55555 by Anthony

  • Alex F.Burger sliders are awesome. During the summer a cool hang out spot uptown

    55555 by Alex F.

  • Cassandra P.Good beer selection and great food.

    55555 by Cassandra P.

  • Nandi AndersonBeautiful "Outdoor Seating" and Delicious Food.

    55555 by Nandi Anderson

  • DevontaOne Item: Short Rib & Mozzarella SLIDERS are to die for. So delicious.

    55555 by Devonta

  • Sammy CWatch the game (or games) and have some beer! Food is also pretty good here.

    55555 by Sammy C

  • Worrell DSpinach dip

    55555 by Worrell D

  • JP P.Don't love the service but the restaurant and the food were delicious. Burger and fries, can't go wrong

    55555 by JP P.

  • CCnycGood crowd and good place to watch games

    55555 by CCnyc

  • Jae WatkinsGood selection of seasonal beers

    55555 by Jae Watkins

  • Nai LOrder the mac and cheese if you like watery velveeta sauce. Actually velveeta tastes much better. Was super disappointed

    33333 by Nai L

  • Marina AÓtimo ambiente e atendimento! Sábado à tarde tem jazz na área externa...

    55555 by Marina A

  • Julia KGreat place to watch the Mets!

    55555 by Julia K

  • Clare MunzurStale bread, stale chips, over cooked mussels and the tartest white wine and garlic sauce. Awful.

    22222 by Clare Munzur

  • Lisa L.Sort of generic bar with decent craft beer selection

    55555 by Lisa L.

  • Sophia FFood is okay but the portions are small. I would not go out of my way to eat here.

    33333 by Sophia F

  • regine jeromeAmbience is great. Very hip vibe. 😎

    55555 by regine jerome

  • Myer NLamb burger is great, gumbo and pulled pork sandwich are not. Service is terrible!

    55555 by Myer N

  • Kelsey GFrozen margaritas are strong and delicious!

    55555 by Kelsey G

  • Julius T.Nice outdoor spot but if it's breezy the covering up top is real noisy

    55555 by Julius T.

  • Domenica MTavern burger is to die for and so are the fries

    55555 by Domenica M

  • Afi JGreat burgers and beer. Sometimes, there's also awesome live music: I saw a killer jazz band there

    55555 by Afi J

  • Myer NLamb burger

    55555 by Myer N

  • Ness JonesLebron Bron time

    33333 by Ness Jones

  • Lindsay ToussaintSolid neighborhood option for any meal. I've been here several times. The only thing I wouldn't recommend is the Bloody Mary.

    55555 by Lindsay Toussaint

  • Elena lSteak Sandwich!

    55555 by Elena l

  • AllisonCeviche 🍴

    55555 by Allison

  • Burger W.Despite the fun atmosphere and great beer selection, the burgers are not good. The patties were burnt, and to top it off, the waiter seemed to be having a bad day.

    33333 by Burger W.

  • Charlie SteltonI have to say that the Banana Colada is very,very good. #firsttime

    55555 by Charlie Stelton

  • Tasha MarieA nice spot to catch a game or grab some drinks with friends. The food is good too

    55555 by Tasha Marie

  • Brigitte P.I love eating here. Everything I've ordered has been delicious. Steak sandwich is AMAZING. Garden pasta, chicken skewers, grilled chicken sandwich, ceviche all good. Shock top on tap :)

    55555 by Brigitte P.

  • chiaraNon turistico e piatti ottimi

    55555 by chiara

  • Leo LGreat atmosphere. Just heard music and definitely got in. Amazing prices and food!

    55555 by Leo L

  • Chris EvansAwesome brunch and pretty solid bites. Only thing is the service can be really slow, so don't come if you are in a rush.

    55555 by Chris Evans

  • Daniel GiganteFood is slightly above average. Good beer selection, nice atmosphere -- if you're in the neighborhood, stop in. Otherwise, there are probably better options closer to your location.

    55555 by Daniel Gigante

  • ellen r.Come with someone you really hate, as you can not speak or hear in here its so loud all over a dam foitball game..

    33333 by ellen r.

  • Ladysocrates2Burgers are good. The shrimp and grits is pretty tasty too.

    55555 by Ladysocrates2

  • Cherie D.Great turkey burger and sweet potato fries. Service is ok but not amazing.

    55555 by Cherie D.

  • Micah CDecent food. Stay away from short rib sliders and ceviche. Great wings and dope atmosphere

    55555 by Micah C

  • Marjorie W.Good place to come for a beer. They have a good selection, but if you come late they may be out of most of the specials.

    55555 by Marjorie W.

  • PeterI love this place. Eat, drink and be merry. Excellent food and drink. Try one of their sandwiches.

    55555 by Peter

  • Ron A.IPA and burger

    55555 by Ron A.

  • Daniel S.Great atmosphere and good drinks and food. One of the best joints in the neighborhood.

    55555 by Daniel S.

  • Alexandra Lubenskyoutdoor seating

    55555 by Alexandra Lubensky

  • Phyllicia PhillipsWith my fav Ashley Blackmon

    55555 by Phyllicia Phillips

  • Bárbara CaparrozDelicioso restaurante no Harlem. Longe do circuito, mas em uma região que vale a pena ser visitada. Peça os mexilhões, são deliciosos!

    55555 by Bárbara Caparroz

  • Parker S.Lamb burger!

    55555 by Parker S.

  • Rayner Ama Cadoro este lugar

    33333 by Rayner Ama C

  • Morris TThis place has great music good food and great views of harlem

    55555 by Morris T

  • Wendy P.3 of a kind sliders and you can't get one of each. That is dumb! Whoever heard of that?

    55555 by Wendy P.

  • Lamar M.Don't come for the food or service you will be disappointed!!!

    55555 by Lamar M.

  • Hani AlawadiHighly recommended for watching NBA games.

    55555 by Hani Alawadi

  • Duskizm NDon't waste your time and money.

    11111 by Duskizm N

  • Federico DIl brunch!

    55555 by Federico D

  • Kai F.Lamb burger is a must!

    55555 by Kai F.

  • Miss ButterflyTheir Mac n Cheese with Buffalo Chicken is amazing!

    55555 by Miss Butterfly

  • Kay D.Brian = BEST Bartender

    55555 by Kay D.

  • Eddie MYou got to try their calamri. Banging

    55555 by Eddie M

  • Marcia C.Live jazz on Saturdays and Sundays

    55555 by Marcia C.

  • Karlita C.Second time I've been here and it was Wednesday night. The food is really underrated, everything is delicious. Although the spin dip and steak flatbread is amazing !!

    55555 by Karlita C.

  • Krystan H.Short rib sliders melt in your mouth

    55555 by Krystan H.

  • Deep G.Brunch special here is a fantastic deal. I highly recommend the steak and eggs with extra bacon on the side

    55555 by Deep G.

  • Ashley B.Their gumbo is surprisingly good and spicy plus a small cup of yellow rice! The cornbread needs some help...

    55555 by Ashley B.

  • Will L.Must have the crispy semolina calamari.

    55555 by Will L.

  • Michael K.always a good time

    55555 by Michael K.

  • Michael K.There is a lot of great EYE Candy here for "anyone" looking, good food and friendly staff

    55555 by Michael K.

  • ellen r.They always mess up the orders and have busboys serve sooo annoying

    22222 by ellen r.

  • Kaitlin H.They have one of the tastiest lamb burgers I have sampled! And delicious affordable weekend brunch.

    55555 by Kaitlin H.

  • Melinda A.Delicious food. Fantastic vibe and service. Will be regular stop whenever I'm in NYC!

    55555 by Melinda A.

  • Jonathan L.I feel fat after eating here. Mimosas should be unlimited.

    55555 by Jonathan L.

  • tiffanyShort ribs...pretty darn yummy.

    55555 by tiffany

  • Mitch G.FYI, there is WIFI just have to ask for the password.

    33333 by Mitch G.

  • Mitch G.Great food, drinks, ambiance/music... And the staff is super helpful and friendly. Love the outdoor seating on a nice day too.

    55555 by Mitch G.

  • Carmen '.good atmosphere to meet friends, people watch & watch games! service has gotten better, food not awesome (friend got food poisoning a few weeks ago). i tend to find myself here at least once a week.

    55555 by Carmen '.

  • Serious EatsIs this a burger worth making a special trip for? Not on its own. But add a decent beer selection, reasonable prices and a different scene to the mix, and you've got something pretty special.

    55555 by Serious Eats

  • Stephanie Y.The DJ is fire.... great place to catch up with friends & have appetizers / drinks.

    55555 by Stephanie Y.

  • Bill F.Service was a little slow, but the atmosphere and food were pretty good. Would be a great spot to eat and watch sports.

    55555 by Bill F.

  • Andreea O.Good food, awesome atmosphere - loved it!

    55555 by Andreea O.

  • Nia M.Love the spicy lamb burger medium was well done enough for me.Any more well done would have been too dry.I choose the sweet potato fries every time.This burger is great piping hot with juices running!

    55555 by Nia M.

  • Tiffani N.SHORT RIBS (omg) Delicioussss!!!!

    55555 by Tiffani N.

  • Victoria JumpponenGreat veggie quesadilla

    55555 by Victoria Jumpponen

  • Craig R.Good bar food

    55555 by Craig R.

  • Nicholas S.Awesome food. Amazing atmosphere and decent service. Anything on the menu is amazing. Try their HT burger and fries!

    55555 by Nicholas S.

  • Andy R.Great garden! Brunch menu for $15! Good for a sunny Sunday!

    55555 by Andy R.

  • Justin B."Lobstah" Tuesdays are great! 1.25 lb Lobster for around $18 includes corn and loaded baked potato. Patio area large and is really nice during the summer time. Mixed crowd, white people friendly :)

    55555 by Justin B.

  • Indhira F.Me encanta

    55555 by Indhira F.

  • KostaLamb burger is a must!

    55555 by Kosta

  • Scott G.try the harlem shake

    55555 by Scott G.

  • Sheika B.Love the food. Cool vibes here

    55555 by Sheika B.

  • Mike M.Um... The calamari tastes like it was fried in old grease. The hot wings are hot but a bit rubbery. I don't want to be disappointed with mixed drinks So Im sticking to beer.

    33333 by Mike M.

  • Candise J.Nice atmosphere!

    55555 by Candise J.

  • Maria D.Great food, music, and outdoor dining.

    55555 by Maria D.

  • Jerome M.Very eclectic atmosphere and energetic

    55555 by Jerome M.

  • Terry O.The wings are very good. Definitely recommended.

    55555 by Terry O.

  • Time Out New YorkThis Harlem spot offers plenty of room: Its 3,000-square-foot patio accommodates hundreds around communal picnic tables. Stop by for happy hour (weekdays 4–7pm) for beer, wine, cocktails or pub grub.

    55555 by Time Out New York

  • William M.Lame boots. Cold food. Weak drinks. Tired service.

    11111 by William M.

  • Jill W.Mushroom seafood ravioli and beet salad....yum!

    55555 by Jill W.

  • Jill W.Cobb salad...lots of food!

    55555 by Jill W.

  • Elena K.Service is the worst every time I come here. Make sure to allocate extra hour for your meal.

    33333 by Elena K.

  • Aj P.Lots of outdoor seating options on a warm day. Typical bar food, but the cocktails are decently priced.

    55555 by Aj P.

  • Marcelle Y.Service isn't the best, food isn't the best. Good luck!

    55555 by Marcelle Y.

  • amNewYorkSpacious inside and outside, this bar, grill and beer garden is a hot spot for Harlemites and Manhattanites alike. There's live music on Tuesdays and Thursdays and on Saturdays and Sundays at brunch.

    55555 by amNewYork

  • robyn d.lasted longer than i thought, i've been happy with each meal, great on quiet nights and event nights GO

    55555 by robyn d.

  • Betsy H.Black chocolate velvet drink.

    55555 by Betsy H.

  • Kayleigh B.This place can get crazy, but the service and food is awesome!

    55555 by Kayleigh B.

  • HectorShort ribs are a good choice.

    55555 by Hector

  • ZxaviersNaturalHairCareHaving a good drink

    55555 by ZxaviersNaturalHairCare

  • Nicholas W.Took foooooorever to get drinks.

    22222 by Nicholas W.

  • Simran N.Love it. Great atmosphere. Good people. Wonderful bartenders & good food.

    55555 by Simran N.

  • Yannick R.One of the best bars in Harlem. Beer selection is awesome.

    55555 by Yannick R.

  • Donovan X. R.I mean...it's open usually. Not much else to speak of.

    33333 by Donovan X. R.

  • Paw V.Really nice service! Delicious food

    55555 by Paw V.

  • 88-KeysTheir sliders are pretty good.

    55555 by 88-Keys

  • Lilit K.Great pedple. Amazing food! Nice vibe on game nights and music nights. Try the gumbo!

    55555 by Lilit K.

  • Nick D.Riazul Tequila kicks ass!!!! Do it!!!

    33333 by Nick D.

  • Alina P.Great food and atmosphere! Highly recommended!!

    55555 by Alina P.

  • Tom R.Awesome as usual

    55555 by Tom R.

  • Ashley B.Having a beer cocktail called Black Raspberry Velvet mixed with Guinness, raspberry liquor and champagne. Yum!

    55555 by Ashley B.

  • MahletWhite wine and garlic mussels are excellent!

    55555 by Mahlet

  • Anthony M.Pretty good baleys brulee,

    55555 by Anthony M.

  • Marissa C.If you're going to watch a game, get there early because it fills up quickly!

    55555 by Marissa C.

  • Dan D.Wifi is puny but the football coverage is awesome! Get here early to snag a prime seat.

    55555 by Dan D.

  • Malik M.This place is awesome! Great music (by pandora), great drinks (ciroq summer celebration is amazing!) But the kitchen is a bit slow! Sit back and enjoy the eye candy tho, its worth the wait!

    55555 by Malik M.

  • Neuzinha T.A carne mais consumida no local é a suina e, as bebidas variadas, vale a pena investir no local.

    55555 by Neuzinha T.

  • Neuzinha T.Sanduiches maravilhosos, peça maionese que é a melhor opção. Não se esqueçam de experimentar o vinho que é divino

    55555 by Neuzinha T.

  • Elishia C.Beer was delicious. Service was poor.

    33333 by Elishia C.

  • Dan D.Lots of big TVs to watch Football. Decent food, great beer selection and attractive wait staff!

    55555 by Dan D.

  • Charlie W.Come for atmosphere not food

    55555 by Charlie W.

  • Fati C.N'ounliez pas votre ID!

    33333 by Fati C.

  • MetroFocusTalk politics the third Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m.

    55555 by MetroFocus

  • Sara G.Love this place! Live music & super #kidfriendly... One of our new faves in #harlem!

    55555 by Sara G.

  • Luz C.I love this place. It was much needed in this neighborhood

    55555 by Luz C.

  • danielle p.Happy hour 4-7, Red Sangria is good!!

    55555 by danielle p.

  • Enzuccio M.The chicken sand here is terrible. I don't know what it was, but it was not chicken. It looked like flattened cheese breaded and fried.

    11111 by Enzuccio M.

  • Tasha N.Brazilian Splash and Pink Grapefruit Cosmo must order cocktails!

    55555 by Tasha N.

  • Tasha N.Order the Cedar Plank Salmon its absolutely delicious!

    55555 by Tasha N.

  • ParisJillian the tall sexy waitress is the business . Her and the slim black guy with Corn rows give great service !

    55555 by Paris

  • Jasmine F.Great brunch atmosphere, yet mediocre food and service. Take your pick.

    55555 by Jasmine F.

  • Justin T.Worst service of all time. I live on this block and hate how incompetent management and staff are.

    33333 by Justin T.

  • NeslihanI hope you'll not have the waiter Satya. He made us felt terrible.. I'll not come here again. Terrible service. Nice food. Who cares the food if they act rude..

    22222 by Neslihan

  • Makeda J.The red sangria is yummy....

    55555 by Makeda J.

  • ChristopherBest patio in Harlem. Great people watching.

    55555 by Christopher

  • tre/Great spot for brunch. Corn flake crusted French toast is amazing. (+ they do have TURKEY bacon)

    55555 by tre/

  • H.Karim W.For the best service experience ask for Hamid Karim :)!!!

    55555 by H.Karim W.

  • Nick D.Great place! Try the riazul tequila!

    55555 by Nick D.

  • Lisa E.I like the white sangria... quite refreshing ;)

    55555 by Lisa E.

  • Linsey B.Riazul Tequila is amazing!!! TRY IT!!!!

    55555 by Linsey B.

  • Spencer A.Service is HORRIFIC

    11111 by Spencer A.

  • ellen r.They had a great thing going. Its a great scene and lively. BUT the service is awful in peak hours and they screw up half the orders. You leave annoyed.. I do love it here but its annoying

    33333 by ellen r.

  • Monet S.Try the Brazilian Splash!!

    55555 by Monet S.

  • SistaharlemGo here to drink NOT eat.

    22222 by Sistaharlem

  • Alicia S.The UFO beer is awesome!

    55555 by Alicia S.

  • Soul Society 101Great place for fun times. Just got a complimentary Grey Goose cherry noir drink!!

    55555 by Soul Society 101

  • Kelly B.Starlite Karaoke is here on Monday nights!! Come down and sing and dance with us.. We have over 380,000 songs to choose from!!

    55555 by Kelly B.

  • Krs D.Coctails watered down and overpriced, food mediocre. Ambience great.

    22222 by Krs D.

  • Natasha V.Slider is dry like sand paper! Urg!

    22222 by Natasha V.

  • Josh B.I dropped a Collectivus Pint of Irish Thingie here. Look for Thingies near here too.

    55555 by Josh B.

  • Julien V.Ceviche is better now

    55555 by Julien V.

  • Will L.Sweet potato fries!!!

    55555 by Will L.

  • Eugene L.Friday happy hr is loud. Bitches b screaming and boyz b lurking & durking. gets packed quickly on wknds

    55555 by Eugene L.

  • cheena j.This place can be mad whack with be seating...and half the staff sucks

    33333 by cheena j.

  • A.J. B.This place is great 7 days a week. They've got something going on every day, great food, service, flat screens and beers on tap. Love the diverse crowd here too!

    55555 by A.J. B.

  • jenny m.Go here...but only if there are no sports, events, holidays, or special occasions. You'll rot in your seat before you get service

    33333 by jenny m.

  • Jennifer BSake Sangria is very good...

    55555 by Jennifer B

  • Will L.Get here for Happy Hour from 4-7. Not as much traffic.

    55555 by Will L.

  • Afrikyn V.Don't eat here....

    33333 by Afrikyn V.

  • Jeremy BDon't even bother

    11111 by Jeremy B

  • TeresaGreat beers, wonderful servers, cool local feel for those scared of the neighborhood. ..your missing out!

    55555 by Teresa

  • Barion jThe Honey Sea Breeze is their best cocktail...

    55555 by Barion j

  • Dja H.Try their cornflakes french toast its to die for <3

    55555 by Dja H.

  • TheMobileBrokerIf your meal comes with a side of sweet potato fries it's easily enough for 5 people

    55555 by TheMobileBroker

  • Brianna S.Pulled pork was great! The fries fantastic and the Neuske's bacon incredible! Nice atmosphere with live jazz too!!

    55555 by Brianna S.

  • Tiff JRude, unhelpful, slow staff. Sat people that came in after us while we waited and didn't care

    11111 by Tiff J

  • JOnZeEeeIf ur around early try the skirt steak n eggs...delicious, and if ur there in the evening go for the Fredericks steak frites or the cedar planked salmon....can't go wrong....mmmmmm

    55555 by JOnZeEee

  • Chris MStop by on Saturdays between 12-4 and you get to eat AND listen to live music provided by a trio of jazz musicians from the Juilliard School!

    55555 by Chris M

  • Cassaundra SpencerWaited 10-15 min to be served...left.. poor service

    11111 by Cassaundra Spencer

  • Stay UptownStop in to catch the latest game and stay for the upscale grub and energetic vibe. You may not know anything about the given sport on one of the many flat screens but you will leave a fan of the crowd

    55555 by Stay Uptown

  • NearSay NYCThe sweet potato fries are to die for!

    55555 by NearSay NYC

  • Ms. V JWaitress with blond hair is rather rude. Benches were like sitting ay a picnic. Very uncomfortable. Sweet potato french fries were yummy.

    33333 by Ms. V J

  • HI - New YorkNew beer garden that is great in the summertime! Great bands and lots of room.

    55555 by HI - New York

  • Herman S.This is the 1st real upscale bar Harlem has had since Lenox Lounge! This is the new Harlem!

    55555 by Herman S.


    33333 by Herman S.

  • Bruce K.Bloody Mary is banging!

    55555 by Bruce K.

  • Mansour H.Vraiment sympa cet endroit. Il y a toujours de bon petit concert et l'ambiance est très propice au rencontre

    55555 by Mansour H.

  • Delores H.Good beer and sliders. What more in life could you want! Ask for Eric! He's great!

    55555 by Delores H.

  • Abiola A.The service is AWFUL! The food is good & the venue is cool but on a Friday in NYC no one has to put up with a nasty waitress. We took our business elsewhere & had a fantastic time.

    33333 by Abiola A.

  • D. B.A stellar staff would compensate for an otherwise mediocre dining experience. Willing to give it another try once the kinks have been worked out.

    33333 by D. B.

  • Ju J.winter in Manhattan is my new drink luved it. beware all alcohol, smooth taste minor cough medicine aftertaste

    55555 by Ju J.

  • Kurt-Owen R.Sweet briney big tasty perfectly shucked OYSTERS!

    55555 by Kurt-Owen R.

  • Jeff TPoor service, Bad food. Very unhappy with the experience.

    22222 by Jeff T

  • Abiola A.The customer service sucked when they just opened but it looks like they've got it ironed out. Good service tonight. Sweet potato fries were great.

    33333 by Abiola A.

  • Seb T.Music poor, food tasteless, beer choice unimpressive for a beer garden, noisy, subpar service.

    22222 by Seb T.

  • DawnI keep coming back even though the food is pretty bad. Awesome patio and some of the waitstaff are really nice. Hope the food gets better!!!

    55555 by Dawn

  • Rommel R.Nice, relaxed atmosphere. Just watch out from the Bees when sitting outside or they might just go swimming in your water or coffee.

    55555 by Rommel R.

  • Mikey R.I ordered the Harlem Steak Sandwich. The meat was supposed to be hanger steak, but it's not. It's thick-sliced, fatty roast beef. These people are shady.

    33333 by Mikey R.

  • Thomas C.Food took forever. Good beer selection though.

    33333 by Thomas C.

  • Marty M.Food good. Waitress's awesome. Just took a little longer to get my food on a slow afternoon, but good experience over all

    55555 by Marty M.

  • MTTNYC Dtry the pulled pork sandwich with sweet potato fries - forget the ketchup - ask for an extra side their yummy bbq sauce for fry dipping!

    55555 by MTTNYC D

  • Kristen M.Oysters are great & the price is good too

    55555 by Kristen M.

  • Starry T.Service sucks

    11111 by Starry T.

  • Lexx MFood was good but not great...nothin special. A lot of ambiance and mediocre food menu...overall, not impressed.

    33333 by Lexx M

  • Luke K.Awesome new spot in Harlem just down the street from Bier International. Grab a seat in the big outdoor courtyard and watch the world go by.

    55555 by Luke K.

  • Djuana S.Lively spot for a Saturday night.

    55555 by Djuana S.

  • Antonio M.Be aware the shrimp ceviche portion is extremely small. Good but tiny.

    33333 by Antonio M.

  • Vickki M.Service is slow as hell and don't come with a huge party. Splitting up tip is the worst when you have 4 different waiters

    22222 by Vickki M.

  • Sandrine C.Hit up HT any day of the week for tons of drinks and a good time. For a light drink, try the margaritas and every type of beer!

    55555 by Sandrine C.

  • Matt SeemanGreat wings. Turkey burgers has some room for improvement. Place is packed every night. Service was great, despite the other reviews I've read.

    55555 by Matt Seeman

  • Ann-Kathryne M.Not the best place for a vegetarian!

    55555 by Ann-Kathryne M.

  • AlexisYummy sweet potato fries...the youngest adult crowd I've ever seen in Harlem (+)

    55555 by Alexis

  • NabeelSit outside and watch Harlem World pass you by

    55555 by Nabeel

  • ThrillistHit up this spankin' fresh uptown beer garden for burgers topped with smoked Gouda, pulled pork, bacon, and crispy onions, plates of cedar-grilled salmon, a craft beer-focused booze program.

    55555 by Thrillist

  • Josh W.2 weeks after opening, service has massively improved--the kitchen, for example, actually had the food we ordered. Staff brought an Etch-a-Sketch for a kid patron! Hope to see more such improvements.

    33333 by Josh W.

  • Mike C.The service is sooo slow!

    33333 by Mike C.

  • janeeatsThis place sucks. Terrible service. Drinks. Take. Forever.

    11111 by janeeats

  • BrandieThe service was pretty bad, I'll come back in a few months to see if they've worked out the kinks.

    33333 by Brandie

  • Bernard V.This place is more hype then anything else, the service sucks big time, if you call yourself a tavern/beer garden you should always have food

    33333 by Bernard V.

  • Josh W.Opening night (7/1/11) was a bit of a clusterfuck--a victim of hype+the neighborhood's pent-up anticipation. Waitstaff were incredibly apologetic+kind, but the kitchen simply wasn't up to the crush.

    33333 by Josh W.

  • Aura the ExploraFail! During the opening, waited 90 mins to sit down then told that we couldn't order because they ran out of food. Should have been prepared!

    11111 by Aura the Explora

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