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Hard Roll Cafe

172 Main St, Ste 2
Norwalk, CT 06851

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(203) 846-8009

  • Sun - 8:00am - 8:00pm
  • Mon - Tue 6:00am - 3:00pm
  • Wed - Fri 6:00am - 9:00pm
  • Sat 7:00am - 9:00pm

Cuisine: Cafes

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4.7 of 5.0 from 142 reviews


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Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT
  • Hard Roll Cafe in Norwalk, CT

Hard Roll Cafe Reviews

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  • Alex KLove the outdoor seating

    55555 by Alex K

  • Ricky EThe arepas are truly special.

    55555 by Ricky E

  • Tyler E.Everything

    55555 by Tyler E.

  • Rob P.Mixed meat platter is insane - bring your appetite!

    55555 by Rob P.

  • Rob P.Chipotle chicken burrito - solid. Not the best nor the biggest, but solid.

    55555 by Rob P.

  • NatalieDelicious arenas. Get a few, split them in half and share!

    55555 by Natalie

  • Patrick MSuch a gem, try the nutella & peanut butter empenada

    55555 by Patrick M

  • Justin O.There is a wide a selection of empanadas and arepas, there are a lot of savory and sweet options. The tostones, fried plantains, are better than the fried yuca. There is outdoor seating.

    55555 by Justin O.

  • Jaime ATry the Pernil, it's awesome

    55555 by Jaime A

  • Stephen S.Like a beach café. Enjoy an outdoor table if it is not too hot.

    55555 by Stephen S.

  • Bennett AThe passion fruit juice was amazing!

    55555 by Bennett A

  • Brad D.They were out of a bunch of things when I was there. Make sure to ask before getting your hopes up for something on the menu.

    33333 by Brad D.

  • Robert MReally authentic ceviche, arepas, pernil

    55555 by Robert M

  • Darcie SAll the food is great. I love the condiments. I don't know what the green sauce is but it's great on almost everything.

    55555 by Darcie S

  • Elysia M.Plantains and green sauce

    55555 by Elysia M.

  • John D.Great Cocktails. Love that they focus on new flavors and new age mixology.

    55555 by John D.

  • Lucia ICome ahead of time

    33333 by Lucia I

  • Glen BischoffArepas and enchilada specials. Really great place.

    55555 by Glen Bischoff

  • Stephen LGet the arepas grilled not fried likewise for the empanadas. But any stuffing is great

    55555 by Stephen L

  • Nadia S.Everything. Love arepas, best desserts ever.

    55555 by Nadia S.

  • Dave NEverything.

    55555 by Dave N

  • Bridget DGreat selection. Great food. Great atmosphere.

    55555 by Bridget D

  • Alex H.Can't go wrong with any of the arepas, smothered in green sauce. The pernil is phenomenal. Brunch options are delicious, albeit a little insane

    55555 by Alex H.

  • Karl B.Love the food and service here, though know that it gets crowded here on the weekends. Also, try the empanadas cubano and the arepas as well!

    55555 by Karl B.

  • Simone MEverything!

    55555 by Simone M

  • Michael JAsk for a side of green sauce with your to-go box!

    55555 by Michael J

  • Roy HThis place is awesome- great empanadas, arepas, burritos, perfect for Sunday brunch.

    55555 by Roy H

  • Rhianna J.The Aphrodite arepa is AMAZING. Great vegetarian option, I love getting it as an arepa combo. Both sauces are awesome too!!

    55555 by Rhianna J.

  • Quentin B.We love the laid back beach vibe.

    55555 by Quentin B.

  • Adam Becker"Real deal" arepa (chorizo & mozzarella), "cubano" empanada were delicious!

    55555 by Adam Becker

  • Adam Becker"Real deal" arepa (chorizo & mozzarella) & "cubano" empanada were delicious.

    55555 by Adam Becker

  • Kingsley YoungerFeatured on Unique Eats. The Arepas (best seller is Carne Machada) are corn crepes stuffed clam shell-like with chicken, beef or pork and look rather good. They are like Venezuelan version of tamale.

    55555 by Kingsley Younger

  • Kingsley YoungerThe sauce Guasacaca looks like an amazing sauce to be used on the arepas. Made of blend of vegetables, cilantro, lime and olive oil.

    55555 by Kingsley Younger

  • Carol-Ann DOMG Yums on Yums on Yums. Get the Carlo Arepa. And the Cubano Empanada. Make that a combo with the rice and beans and platanos. Pair that with the expatriate drink. Life is now complete.

    55555 by Carol-Ann D

  • Carol-Ann DSomeone below said this is cash only. That is NOT true.

    33333 by Carol-Ann D

  • Michael JTry the Works to get some sides with an arepa and empanada of your choice. Pick anything that sounds good, you can't go wrong! I like the Cheeseburger empanada and the Reina (chicken salad) arepa.

    55555 by Michael J

  • Michael JNoon-1pm and 6-7pm are extremely busy, and reservations are only accepted for parties of 6 or more. I strongly recommend an early or late meal.

    55555 by Michael J

  • Doris H.The empanadas are better than the arepas! Pass on the guacamole with crab meat. Fun location, great vibes.

    55555 by Doris H.

  • Jessica P.Friendly staff, many great choices and good variety.

    55555 by Jessica P.

  • Nicole PencolaArepas and empanadas are really good from here. So many choices. The one I didn't like was the pork with ginger and soy, it was a little harsh, nothing to make it more palatable.

    55555 by Nicole Pencola

  • Andrew GargisoThe arenas and the empanadas are cheap and delicious. Get a fruit juice with your meal

    55555 by Andrew Gargiso

  • mark f.Just had amazing dinner from specials - Brussel sprout leaves with chorizo, beets, toasted almonds. Lentil and chorizo soup. Crab and lobster cake with roasted corn obviously from the cob. Delicious.

    55555 by mark f.

  • John D.#1. You must eat here. #2. Eric was an amazing bartender who made the experience just as great as the arepas and the empanadas. Just to warn you, you will want to come back!

    55555 by John D.

  • Bri FlanGreat authentic food. Arepa and empanadas pictured. Our waiter was only okay, but the food made up for it. A lot of cocktails to choice from and a huge beer list. Burritos are huge.

    55555 by Bri Flan

  • Alex MPay 10 dollars for a margarita, but the amount of ice is at 2 thirds versus the drink. Also empanadas are the best they offer

    55555 by Alex M

  • Amy W.Arepas, empanadas, Bloody Mary bar

    55555 by Amy W.

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Valencia's Luncheria as seen on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives , Unique Eats

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Iuliia SCuban sandwich to die for! And chilled avocado soup is great for summer

    55555 by Iuliia S

  • Jared JEverything is delicious. First timers should get "the works" which allows you to choose multiple things. Drown everything in the green sauce too

    55555 by Jared J

  • Charles G.Arepas are so good!

    55555 by Charles G.

  • Fresh PrinceGreat place for lunch and dinner. Everything fresh. Their smoothies are the best in town.

    55555 by Fresh Prince

  • mark f.Always good. Everything is delicious.

    55555 by mark f.

  • Natasha L.Sundays feature a build your own Bloody Mary bar. Brunch come hungry and order the Hey Little Piggy. Salad de Casa and Margarita Salad. Classic pernil platter. Steak quesadilla. Expatriate to drink.

    55555 by Natasha L.

  • Natasha L.The food is good 90% of the time but the service is an absolute disorganized mess 100% (a clear cut management issue)

    22222 by Natasha L.

  • Kevin K.Killer chocolate plantains

    55555 by Kevin K.

  • Adam B.Everything here is good. Seriously.

    55555 by Adam B.

  • Tatiana mDelicious black beans soup. Wasn't fond of sangria.

    55555 by Tatiana m

  • Nancy P.Try the banana chocolate chip bread pudding or the flan for dessert. Both were delicious.

    55555 by Nancy P.

  • Nancy P.Come here with a good appetite. Food is great. Place is crowded a lot so you may want to plan out coming here

    55555 by Nancy P.

  • Felipe G.Coffee is so burnt. Arepas should make up for it though.

    33333 by Felipe G.

  • Kelvin R😄. Love it

    55555 by Kelvin R

  • CorinneHibiscus Margarita - not on the menu, but soothing A.M. Cocktail!

    55555 by Corinne

  • Gigi R.Not a big place. Standing room only sometimes. Best dining experience when weather permits outside seating.

    55555 by Gigi R.

  • Annie M.A fiesta in my mouth like whoa! Arepas make my taste buds pop bottles ♥

    55555 by Annie M.

  • Andrew K.Everything was awesome especially the Oaxaca Cheese Steak that I ordered with the yucca fries!

    55555 by Andrew K.

  • H Q.Try the Coconut Rum Tres Leches (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by H Q.

  • H Q.Try the Batido de Mango (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by H Q.

  • Michael S.The Chef Arepa is awesome. The Lu is also pretty good.

    55555 by Michael S.

  • H Q.Try the Hot Chocolate (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by H Q.

  • Jeff H.Nutella and peanut butter empanadas are delicious

    55555 by Jeff H.

  • Brian M.I LOVE the curry cauliflower empanada and mango and brie arepa!

    55555 by Brian M.

  • ShivaniQuality has gone down noticeably since they moved down the street. And even worse, they changed their chimichuuri recipe!

    22222 by Shivani

  • Rob P.The pork dishes here are amazing - slow cooked for hours - melts like butter! Get anything with Pernil in the name - whether as an arepa or an entree. Pictured is the delicious Pork & Clams.

    55555 by Rob P.

  • Anyuli G.Margarita and Cheeseburger empanada are really great!

    55555 by Anyuli G.

  • Scott H.Get anything the food is great

    55555 by Scott H.

  • Alex H.Pernil arepa, green sauce

    55555 by Alex H.

  • Alex H.The arepas are delicious but don't overlook the Chi Cha-- basically a rice pudding milkshake; AMAZING.

    55555 by Alex H.

  • Tyler R.The Domino and Real Deal Arepas are amazing and great prices as well. the sauces are also a neccesity to be put on everything

    55555 by Tyler R.

  • Isaac R.Incredible.

    55555 by Isaac R.

  • Tori S.Great food every time! The empanadas and arepas.... Amazing! 😍

    55555 by Tori S.

  • Jerrod B.Sit outside on the picnic tables in the sand during a nice day.

    55555 by Jerrod B.

  • Cheri K.The arepas are sooooo good!!!

    55555 by Cheri K.

  • Jamie Z.The pernil, you'll never regret it. Also, empanadas will never do you wrong!

    33333 by Jamie Z.

  • RobHuge portions, cheap prices and the green sauce is incredible! One of the best breakfast spots you will find.

    55555 by Rob

  • Lauren E.The Beef Empanadas are awesome!

    55555 by Lauren E.

  • Phoenix E.Gone downhill . Over priced and headed more and more towards tex-'mex

    22222 by Phoenix E.

  • kat c.Special guacamole and crab, 2 die 4 !!! Robert, excellent service !!!!

    55555 by kat c.

  • Jim M.Josh is a great bartender. Try the Pernil Arepa!

    55555 by Jim M.

  • Luis G.Some Venezuelan food... Why not!!

    33333 by Luis G.

  • Matty B.Great food, great atmosphere. Steve is the BEST bar tender.

    55555 by Matty B.

  • pablo A.Get the Carlo

    22222 by pablo A.

  • Michaela V.Get the Josie Rose! Best drink I've ever had!

    55555 by Michaela V.

  • Chris M.Venezulan hot chocolate is amazing!

    55555 by Chris M.

  • Zach B.Ceviche arepa is amazing.

    55555 by Zach B.

  • Doug H.Green sauce is awesome, get two areas and maybe a side and you'll be full

    55555 by Doug H.

  • Marissa P.Always check the specials written on the back wall! I have yet to be disappointed by any of them.

    55555 by Marissa P.

  • mark f.Was cash only. But now they take cards.

    33333 by mark f.

  • Lenny G.Arepas are what's worth ordering on this extensive menu, but if you're here for Sunday brunch, you must try the eggs benedito's.

    55555 by Lenny G.

  • Michelle C.MSN Food names The Domingo Arepa (spinach, bacon, onion and queso) as one of the top 10 foodie reasons to visit the east coast

    55555 by Michelle C.

  • Chris D.The eggs benidito is amazing. Finally, a restaurant that knows how to consistently poach a good egg!!

    55555 by Chris D.

  • Susie B.Put the green sauce on everything!

    33333 by Susie B.

  • WillysOne of the best lunch places in the area, and with a much more spacious new location.

    55555 by Willys

  • Kathe M.Drinks are overly priced

    33333 by Kathe M.

  • Johnthe buffalo-style atlantic salmon tacos with citrus slaw was amazing! first time there, and definitely coming back. i also had chorizo empanada. also good.

    55555 by John

  • Ashley P.The AmEx deal is fake. They don't honor it as they shouldn't. Oh well. But the food still is amaaazing!

    22222 by Ashley P.

  • Matt S.Fantastic breakfast sandwiches, wraps, arepas, and drinks. Outdoor sandbox seating if you aren't getting it to go

    55555 by Matt S.

  • Kira P.The empanada cubano is awesome.

    55555 by Kira P.

  • Jennifer L.Baliadas are the best!!!

    55555 by Jennifer L.

  • Mark M.They close at 3.

    33333 by Mark M.

  • Jayant P.Lot more room and now with a liquor license!

    55555 by Jayant P.

  • Miriam M.New location a few doors down with plenty of tables and parking in the back! So happy to see their success!

    55555 by Miriam M.

  • Drew P.Pernil = delicious slow cooked pork

    55555 by Drew P.

  • Derek H.Best food in town. Hands down.

    55555 by Derek H.

  • Wil S.Cash only. Best arepas and empanadas. Get the Works for a taste festival of South America. Best to go off times due to its popularity and limited seating. Take out may be the best option.

    55555 by Wil S.

  • David N.Try the cuban!!! just remind them no mayo. There is no mayo on a cuban! look for the drunken mushroom soup too

    33333 by David N.

  • Ann F.Today's scallop and risotto dish is awesome!!

    55555 by Ann F.

  • Franco C.Healthy frittata was amazing. Healthy but very tasty especially with the green sauce.

    55555 by Franco C.

  • Robert C.Try the Batidos w/ guanabana & manga. Put there green sauce on everything.

    55555 by Robert C.

  • Daniel D.Maura, why is that!?

    55555 by Daniel D.

  • MauraOverrated and definitely not worth the long wait.

    22222 by Maura

  • Miriam M.The best brunch in Norwalk! Eggs Benneditos!

    55555 by Miriam M.

  • Brian B.Food was excellent! The service? Not so much. Took over 25 minutes to get a drink and order after waiting for a table. Staff may want to stop text messaging and wait on customers. Just order To Go.

    22222 by Brian B.

  • His Royal DudenessIf you don't know what to choose, try pork chops wrapped in bacon.

    55555 by His Royal Dudeness

  • Skip P.Venezuelan beach food that is not to be missed. Bring cash. Great stuff as seen on Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (it is actually non of those but that's ok).

    55555 by Skip P.

  • CTbitesGet here early, and order arepas, ceviche and the steak al parilla. If you're like me, you can also season liberally with the house chipotle sauce they put on every table.

    55555 by CTbites

  • Lisa IBB S.The special Coconut Shrimp & Guacamole arepa = heaven

    55555 by Lisa IBB S.

  • Lisa IBB S.*Mango & Brie Arepa*La ensalada de Casa*Yuca Fries....blunch of champions...don't forget to dip everything in the Guasacaca

    55555 by Lisa IBB S.

  • David G.Turkey club wrappp with avocado and a Lu arepa on the side

    55555 by David G.

  • Jeffrey M.The baby back ribs are amazing!

    55555 by Jeffrey M.

  • Terri Z.BYOB welcome! Stop by the package store down the street before dinner

    33333 by Terri Z.

  • Josh F.The Breakfast Burritos are delectable.

    55555 by Josh F.

  • Robert K.Fantastic empanadas and arepas. Lunch is great, dinner even better. Don't let the size fool you.

    55555 by Robert K.

  • Abel L.Awesome. Perfect lunch spot once you escape from the city. Chilaquiles and shrimp tacos at brunch were fantastic.

    55555 by Abel L.

  • Al S.Closed on Tuesdays for dinner? WTF?

    55555 by Al S.

  • Robyn G.Eat anything and come back frequently to eventually try everything!

    55555 by Robyn G.

  • Morgan J.I've yet to find something the Guasacaca sauce wasn't good on.

    33333 by Morgan J.

  • Jorge G.I tried the chocolate baby back ribs on the special menu. Ummmm very interesting combination of flavors. Liked it very much u have to try it

    55555 by Jorge G.


    55555 by Jessica D

  • Dana O.Arepas, empanadas, burritos so big it looks like there are babies inside.

    55555 by Dana O.

  • Jeffrey S.Nutella and Creamcheese Empanada

    55555 by Jeffrey S.

  • Philip W.Try the chocolate plantain empaneda!

    55555 by Philip W.

  • Tim R.Very busy. Try going a little before or after standard meal times.

    55555 by Tim R.

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