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292 North Glassell Street
Orange, CA 92866

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(714) 633-3900


  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

Cuisine: American Restaurants, Dog Friendly Restaurants

4.8 of 5.0 from 180 reviews

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Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA
  • Bruxie in Orange, CA

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  • SLC Food Radar on Aug 12, 2013

    I felt it was time for my first venture outside the Salt Lake City area. Many of us will be thinking of family vacations and trips, and a favorite place for all Utahns to visit is of course the most magical place on earth...

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Bruxie Reviews

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  • Mic BReally good and interesting food with some fairly aggressive birds. Had to make a straw blowgun to keep them at bay. The chicken waffle was great though.

    55555 by Mic B

  • Beth AAsk for a side of the buffalo sauce - yum!

    55555 by Beth A

  • KENDRICK K.Menu options 👍👌

    55555 by KENDRICK K.

  • KENDRICK K.Crembulae waffle

    33333 by KENDRICK K.

  • KENDRICK K.Holy chicken sandwich, looks good

    33333 by KENDRICK K.

  • KENDRICK K.More info on menu items

    55555 by KENDRICK K.

  • KENDRICK K.Located near Chapman university campus, very short walking distance

    55555 by KENDRICK K.

  • Sarah TI love their chicken and waffle sandwich and their homemade black cherry soda. They also have delicious cream soda as well.

    55555 by Sarah T

  • Erica EAnything with pesto. The turkey roast is also great.

    55555 by Erica E

  • Nat H.The chocolate covered banana milkshake (ask for peanut butter too!) tastes exactly like drinking a chocolate covered frozen banana. Uh-maz-ing

    55555 by Nat H.

  • Ray RWaffle cut fries!! The best. Nice place to stop for late nite nosh.

    55555 by Ray R

  • Chris EFood might be cool, ask for it to be hot. ... it's near a college ...there can be lines. Irvine location better seating, and better food quality. Just sayin'

    55555 by Chris E

  • Forest RWho doesn't love waffle sandwiches!

    55555 by Forest R

  • Ray RAwesome place, great service.

    55555 by Ray R

  • Lucas RWaffle sandwiches! My favorite is the Lemon Cream and Berries

    55555 by Lucas R

  • Lillian RCustard is great

    55555 by Lillian R

  • Norm JCreme Brulee and Irish Nachos

    55555 by Norm J

  • Beverly A.Salmon Lox and the stacked pastrami with over easy medium egg on top....YUM!

    55555 by Beverly A.

  • Justin O.The green eggs and ham is excellent especially if you love pesto. Only outdoor seating so when it rains dining becomes a challenge. They have free wifi and the patio is dog friendly.

    55555 by Justin O.

  • Kailee HWaffle sandwiches

    55555 by Kailee H

  • Kat CI had a tuna melt & the waffle fries; fries were yummy! Tuna melt could use some more cheddar, but the tuna was fresh & tasty.

    55555 by Kat C

  • Johnny-Rey JEverything:-)

    55555 by Johnny-Rey J

  • Stella P.Fried Chicken and Waffles and Irish Nachos

    55555 by Stella P.

  • Jason P.Turkey club is bomb.com

    55555 by Jason P.

  • Sanna A.Best savory waffle, hands down: mushroom and goat cheese. I'm a bit of a carnivore, but this is still amazing. Best sweet waffle: creme brûlée. Like heaven in your mouth.

    55555 by Sanna A.

  • Meredith MaimoniThe holiday bruxie waffle is delicious!

    55555 by Meredith Maimoni

  • Eric M.Awesome waffle sandwiches. Green eggs and ham was terrific.

    55555 by Eric M.

  • Nichelle CoreyEverything

    55555 by Nichelle Corey

  • Yawen Y.Frief chicken waffle is good!

    55555 by Yawen Y.

  • Jennie KingThis place is so good. The waffles are made to perfection!

    55555 by Jennie King

  • Ryan B.Espresso in their iced coffee. I'm not complaining.

    55555 by Ryan B.

  • Liana M. P.Clean single restroom with changing table for those with little ones.

    33333 by Liana M. P.

  • Danielle S.Irish nachos!

    55555 by Danielle S.

  • Ryan B.Really really really good iced coffee.

    55555 by Ryan B.

  • Peter A.Get the s'more sandwich!

    55555 by Peter A.

  • Mark S.Roasted mushroom and goat cheese bruxie with waffle fries.

    55555 by Mark S.

  • Isaac LienThis is one of my favorite restaurants of all time. Food is great, service is amazing. The iced coffee is my favorite.

    55555 by Isaac Lien

  • Anthony M.Salmon and cream cheese waffle sandwich is great on a hot day

    55555 by Anthony M.

  • BJ O.Free agave syrup. Mix it with sriracha and ketchup and dip your fries. Party like there's no tomorrow.

    33333 by BJ O.

  • OC WeeklyBruxie makes a waffle similar, if not identical, to the one cooked on the cobblestone streets of Brussels.

    55555 by OC Weekly

  • Angel C.You have to try the creme brûlée if you have a sweet tooth

    55555 by Angel C.

  • Mondo S.Great concept with an even better taste. I'll gladly make the drive from Ventura county. Parking is difficult at times but worth it.

    55555 by Mondo S.

  • Nat H.Ask for a chocolate covered banana & strawberry shake.

    55555 by Nat H.

  • Sandra P.Chicken & waffles = yum!!!

    55555 by Sandra P.

  • Wesley F.Everything is the bomb! Very solid sammiches wrapped up in a good ol' waffle!

    55555 by Wesley F.

  • Kacey I.When at the bold fold, go bold. I got the s'mores with a side of strawberries and my husband had the prosciutto, his won. Strawberry lemonade was awesome.

    55555 by Kacey I.

  • Ahmed A.برقر وساندويش وافل فقط، شي جميل ولذيذ جدا. Patty melt, tuna and grilled chicken هن الافضل. الوافل الحالي كريمة الليون والتوت ونوتيلا موز. صحه وعافيه.

    55555 by Ahmed A.

  • SW K.It's Bruxie Time 🎶 love it!

    55555 by SW K.

  • KilayDefinitely get the Nutella with strawberries

    55555 by Kilay

  • Ashley NicoleThis place is AMAZING! Who knew everything on a waffle could be so wonderful.

    55555 by Ashley Nicole


    55555 by Sonam K.

  • Wesley C.The Original! Best food. Period. Just park in downtown and walk up Glassell. Be sure to get the Turkey Club! Unreal.

    55555 by Wesley C.

  • Jase L.The Fried Chicken and Waffle Sandwich... so good! The chicken had the spicy honey sauce and cider slaw. I don't even like slaw. Get the little bottle of pure maple syrup and it's crazy good!!!

    55555 by Jase L.

  • Lara H.Great service! Very friendly and helpful!

    55555 by Lara H.

  • Kathy W.Be sure to get the real maple syrup for your chicken & waffles.

    55555 by Kathy W.

  • Akiko I.Waffle wasn't good. Chicken was bland. Syrup doesn't cover the flaws. Terrible.

    22222 by Akiko I.

  • Anthony H.It was all delicious, it was my 1st time and the burger was awesome and I also tried the pulled pork sandwich and got a strawberry milkshake. Get the shake while its in season. Try sumin new each time

    55555 by Anthony H.

  • Abdulaziz NIf you want the best and most unusual burger, then order the bruxie burger. And if you have a sweet tooth like I do and love shakes then you have to try the dulce de leche shake

    55555 by Abdulaziz N

  • Quinn RichardsonFor Lunch: Try the Pulled Pork sandwich. A mouthful of awesomeness. Good food all around. Highly recommended

    55555 by Quinn Richardson

  • Valentino L.Lemon Creme & Berries is dee-lish.

    55555 by Valentino L.

  • Rebecca W.Bruxies is my favorite little spot in Orange! I take all my visiting guests here; you can't go wrong with anything on the menu! If it's your first time, order a savory and a sweet waffle to share!

    55555 by Rebecca W.

  • Terrin DProbably the best pastrami I've ever had. We got one of everything and everything was good.

    55555 by Terrin D

  • Nat H.Pumpkin. A Bruxie became a sandwich between two Belgian waffles, but with Orange County Weekly’s vote as the best milkshake of 2012, the kid-friendly joint has another claim-to-fame.

    55555 by Nat H.

  • BarretCherry soda is delicious.

    55555 by Barret

  • KrisDon't miss the New England Lobster Bruxie served only on July 4th weekend. This is a great twist on the traditional lobster roll and comes with waffle fries. Well worth the $17.76 price tag.

    55555 by Kris

  • An D.The creme brule waffles is a must.

    55555 by An D.

  • Phoebe T.Add an egg over easy to your hot pastrami bruxie 👍 soo yummy!

    55555 by Phoebe T.

  • Tim L.Great breakfast spot

    55555 by Tim L.

  • Ashley L.Definitely a must try! Get the fried chicken waffle sandwich

    55555 by Ashley L.

  • K P.roasted mushroom & goat cheese with the sundried tomatoes and the strawberry creme brulee!

    55555 by K P.

  • Daniel p.Bruxie hash if you can get up that early!

    55555 by Daniel p.

  • Mortgage Capital AssociatesEverything on the menu is great, but try one of the specials - they're always creative, and always delicious.

    55555 by Mortgage Capital Associates

  • Jon L.Crowded and trendy. I betcha the Omega Drive-in has better pastrami.

    55555 by Jon L.

  • Sarah CTurkey club and Irish nachos! So unbelievably good!

    55555 by Sarah C

  • Chris C.Delicious, and I'm not usually a waffle fan. Enjoyed the goat cheese, mushroom and sun dried tomato sandwich. Good stuff!

    55555 by Chris C.

  • Dan K.Bomb waffle bun. But more of a novelty than anything

    55555 by Dan K.

  • Darrell S.Everything is good here. Try something different every time you visit. Parking is horrible and its right across the street from Chapman college.

    33333 by Darrell S.

  • Kristie H.The pulled pork here is ALWAYS amazing, just be sure to order an extra sauce on the side as one just isn't enough!

    55555 by Kristie H.

  • Roger M.Creme brûlée!

    55555 by Roger M.

  • Emily F.Lemon cream and fresh strawberries and black berries! Amazing!

    55555 by Emily F.

  • Rebecca C.Seriously amazing!!! The food is good and great quality for the money. They had someone standing outside just to help explain the menu then bring the food to you. I will definitely be back!!

    55555 by Rebecca C.

  • Megan L.Liege waffle is just ok

    55555 by Megan L.

  • AndreaWaffles and meat? Waffle sandwiches? Amazing. Lots of food and good drinks too.

    55555 by Andrea

  • Michelle ATry the Bruxie Burger and a Mint Chocolate shake! Delicious!

    55555 by Michelle A

  • Jody C.Awesome food...

    55555 by Jody C.

  • Rebecca M.Thank you to the one who first brought me here. It stands its reputation to all my friends. Definitely he best cream soda I have ever had--made of real cane sugar so it's "healthier"

    55555 by Rebecca M.

  • Bryan C.Green Eggs and Ham.. Delicious! Had the candy cane shake too.. That was also very delicious!

    55555 by Bryan C.

  • Alba A.The mushroom and goat cheese waffle was amazing!! The staff super friendly

    55555 by Alba A.

  • Chad A.Amazing service, food was great. I can't believe how full I am. On Sat morn they have a hash & eggs special, I highly recommend.

    55555 by Chad A.

  • Jonathan T.At first I was annoyed at the no-name sodas, but as a certified Diet Coke and Coke Zero fanatic, I have to say the diet cola isn't bad, don't be afraid to try it.

    33333 by Jonathan T.

  • Steven R.Get the Strawberry Lemonade. It's the best lemonade ever.

    55555 by Steven R.

  • SaraEat here and love it. If you don't love it, then you need help. Strawberries, Nutella, bananas. The best!

    55555 by Sara

  • Cheryl M.Try the Frozen Custard

    55555 by Cheryl M.

  • Cheryl M.Try the Fried Chicken & Waffles

    55555 by Cheryl M.

  • Ashley AAmazing! S'more waffle and Irish nachos, bomb!! My sis and I shared these, they were amazing!

    55555 by Ashley A

  • Jih W.Chicken n Waffle may be most popular, but the Turkey Club won be over.

    55555 by Jih W.

  • Kamry S.Pulled BBQ and then the Nutella and Banana sammiches for dis pup. :9 *wags and window begs*

    55555 by Kamry S.

  • Shawn R.Get the braised short ribs if they have them. Super good.

    55555 by Shawn R.

  • Phuc P.No restrooms here! Be prepared to walk around in order to find one.

    33333 by Phuc P.

  • Chapman UniversityChapman University grads, take your family and friends to Bruxie to show them what a Gourmet Waffle Sandwich is all about!

    55555 by Chapman University

  • Nikita S.Nutella Banana Waffle is very tasty

    55555 by Nikita S.

  • Peggy G.Try the Corned Beef & Cabbage Waffle

    55555 by Peggy G.

  • Victoria L.Their cane sugar cola is kind of flat...

    55555 by Victoria L.

  • Tony B.Team Insomnia approved!

    55555 by Tony B.

  • Daniel S.The shakes here are so sinfully delicious.

    55555 by Daniel S.

  • David L.Most things are good, but chicken waffle is great. And banana/nutella sandwich? Out of this world.

    55555 by David L.

  • orangecounty.comBruxie a gourmet waffle sandwich spot in Old Towne Orange.

    55555 by orangecounty.com

  • orangecounty.comThis food is worth standing in line for 20 minutes!

    33333 by orangecounty.com

  • Hillary iWear your stretchy pants!!!!!!

    55555 by Hillary i

  • Kezia B.You gotta try the Bacon, egg and cheddar waffle ! (: so worth it ! And if you want some sweet waffles, get yourself the strawberry crème brûlée.

    55555 by Kezia B.

  • Andre B.Have someone stand in line while you look for parking... Hella people!

    33333 by Andre B.

  • Thu-Hong N.Smoked salmon waffle with some pineapple hot sauce! Mmmmm.

    55555 by Thu-Hong N.

  • April M.Yuuuuummy!!! I always leave with a happy tummy!

    55555 by April M.

  • Alan V.Gotta try the savorys...

    55555 by Alan V.

  • Lisa N.S'mores waffles sandwich is amazing!!!!

    55555 by Lisa N.

  • jennifer w.I don't see what all the hype is about. It's alright.

    22222 by jennifer w.

  • Christine K.Seasonal items are a must!

    55555 by Christine K.

  • Zach M.OMG the food is incredible. The Nutella and Banana is delicious!!

    55555 by Zach M.

  • Lindsay B.Pastrami special was absolutely amazing!!!!

    55555 by Lindsay B.

  • N M.strawberry creme brûlée ftw

    55555 by N M.

  • Jesus N.Hot girls here mmm better than the waffles slurp

    55555 by Jesus N.

  • OC WeeklyVoted Best Ice Cream in OC Weekly's Best Of 2011 Issue! Order the delicious Strawberry Vanilla Shake! Click the link to download the Best Of app and view more winners!

    55555 by OC Weekly

  • Jessica P.Hurry & get the pumpkin shake!

    55555 by Jessica P.

  • Nguyen D.Take advantage of the braised beef short rib whenever it's available.

    55555 by Nguyen D.

  • Starry K.While the burger is a easy "go-to", we thinks the Prosciutto+Gruyere & Soft Serve Frozen CUSTARD FTMFW.. no kidding!!

    55555 by Starry K.

  • Jordan DAsk for the green eggs and ham!

    33333 by Jordan D

  • Zach M.The Banana and Nutella Waffle is a ridiculous experience. With a Grape soda chaser too!!

    33333 by Zach M.

  • FrancesCarolina BBQ Pulled Pork FTW!

    55555 by Frances

  • Luan STheir pastrami kills it. For real. Also the mushroom and goatcheese. So good. Fig creme brule if you can get it will save your soul

    55555 by Luan S

  • Irina @.Nutella and banana waffle is always a hit. Ask them to cut it in half - easier to eat and take to go. And, try their strawberry lemonade. Yum!

    55555 by Irina @.

  • Sasha-www.EdgiePic.com N.Order their chocolate kiss float and fried chicken Belgium sandwich with a substitution of BBQ sauce and gruyere cheese instead of the sauce that comes with it!

    33333 by Sasha-www.EdgiePic.com N.

  • James P.Date shakes are my favorite!

    55555 by James P.

  • Marina Z.Try the creme brûlée waffles!

    55555 by Marina Z.

  • Lee Y.Try the Pulled Pork Sandwich

    55555 by Lee Y.

  • Terri A.They are opening another bruxie in brea at the birch street promenade

    55555 by Terri A.

  • David L.So good! Get the pastrami if they have it. Strawberry lemonade is great too.

    55555 by David L.

  • Daniel A.Chicken and Waffle samich da bomb

    55555 by Daniel A.

  • Francis R.Perfectly. Seasoned. Waffle fries.

    55555 by Francis R.

  • Joseph WTalk to Dan...he'll tell you abt all kinds of great stuff that isn't on the menu...like a PB Creme Brule

    55555 by Joseph W

  • Dave E.Chicken & waffles hands down beat ever better than Roscoes

    55555 by Dave E.

  • Sheila S.Choc shake to die fir

    55555 by Sheila S.

  • Julie K.Ogura Bruxie (red bean and sweet cream).

    55555 by Julie K.

  • Randy B.Never have gone wrong with anything yet, quite tasty.

    55555 by Randy B.

  • Jillian Z.Buttermilk chicken with maple syrup is yummy! But even more delish with the spicy hot sauce! Same with their pastrami! But either way.. The pastrami super flavorful all on it's own (:

    55555 by Jillian Z.

  • Judy N.Definitely try the waffle fries... so crisp! I love the chicken and waffles! It's on the crispy side so watch the top of your mouth ):

    55555 by Judy N.

  • Jeff C.For an old guy like me, half a waffle sandwich is big enough. Split the green eggs and ham with your wife and each enjoy a Belgian hot chocolate.

    55555 by Jeff C.

  • HemangCome back more than once to enjoy all the delicious food!

    55555 by Hemang

  • Edmond W.Everyone in line just got mooned by a car full of Chapman College kids from across the street. Gotta love this place. Hope the Liege waffles are the original. Almost our turn.

    55555 by Edmond W.

  • Maria Rosa V.You gotta try the Proscuitto and Gruyere waffle!!! Absolutely the best!!! Coffee's ok.

    55555 by Maria Rosa V.

  • Kyle RProsciutto and gruyere. Yes.

    55555 by Kyle R

  • RicThe pastrami sandwich was good, but next time i'll stick to the burger or chicken sandwich.

    33333 by Ric

  • Matt J.On a hot day, make sure you get misted!

    55555 by Matt J.

  • Kris P.Get the Irish Nachos whenever they're available

    55555 by Kris P.

  • CakesGet something sweet & something savory!

    55555 by Cakes

  • Suzanne C.The chocolate mint shake is delish! Be prepared for lots of mint and chocolate flavors, but no chips...

    55555 by Suzanne C.

  • Luiz Antonio ALemon cream and berries waffle with vanilla creme soda looks wonderful

    55555 by Luiz Antonio A

  • Kris P.30 min parking spots right on palm for Bruxie peeps

    33333 by Kris P.

  • Adrian A.They had a special PULLED PORK sandwich when I went. It is a MUST try if they have it.

    55555 by Adrian A.

  • Lisa B.Strawberry creme brûlée!

    55555 by Lisa B.

  • Suzanne C.Try the sundried tomato and goat cheese. Love the fact that they have Peet's coffee. Natural sodas are great too!

    55555 by Suzanne C.

  • ila n.green eggs and ham!!!

    55555 by ila n.

  • Christine K.The specials are bomb. Get them while you can, its for a limited time. The fried chicken and waffle is pretty bomb too.

    55555 by Christine K.

  • Jon V.Bruxie burger, waffles fries and a California Strawberry Shake. Great lunch combo if you ask me.

    55555 by Jon V.

  • BriceTry buttermilk fried waffle is a must. Chocolate Mint shake was delicious.

    55555 by Brice

  • Jon R.You gotta have the Smore's!

    55555 by Jon R.

  • Denise C.Get some maple syrup to go with your chicken and waffles. Delish!

    55555 by Denise C.

  • Randi KPB&J is one of my many favorites!

    55555 by Randi K

  • FoodspottingTry the Bacon, Egg & Ham Waffle

    55555 by Foodspotting

  • Nathan A.The frozen custard is a must get item, make sure to save room.

    55555 by Nathan A.

  • Randi KBest chocolate shake I've ever had!

    55555 by Randi K

  • t.n.t.Sun dried tomatoes & goat cheese waffle'wich paired w smooth chocolate milkshake! YUM!

    55555 by t.n.t.

  • Jane S.Prosciutto and Gruyere Waffle Sandwich for breakfast- starting the day right!!:-) Thank heavens they have Peets Coffee, and the soft custard is soo delightfully yummy!

    55555 by Jane S.

  • David R.Soooo good! Can't go wrong here.

    55555 by David R.

  • StephanieI am in <3 with this place! I have been twice this week. Try the smoked salmon & fried chicken waffle sandwiches

    55555 by Stephanie

  • ProfessorSalt TFrozen custard. Trust me.

    55555 by ProfessorSalt T

  • Peter T.Chicken & waffle sandwich is a must!

    55555 by Peter T.

  • Joel M.I would recommend u start with pb n j or fried chicken n waffle sandwich. Smores dessert is bomb!

    55555 by Joel M.

  • iicolsandersiimake sure you have enough time... the line is long, and the wait for food is longer. Really tasty though!

    55555 by iicolsandersii

  • Zach C.Amazing food. Waffles. 24/7

    55555 by Zach C.

  • Michael Ashley S.Bruxie is spelled with an 'x'

    55555 by Michael Ashley S.

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