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1221 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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(215) 320-7500

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Cuisine: Vegetarian Restaurants

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4.9 of 5.0 from 124 reviews

price range:$26 to $50


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Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA
  • Vedge in Philadelphia, PA

Vedge Reviews

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  • Zachary DThe Pickpocket is a great non alcoholic drink for those more sober types. The stuffed avocado is an exquisite dish...and thats an opinion develoed over 2 night of coming here within a week!!!

    55555 by Zachary D

  • Garrett D.Great cocktails and vegan food that will even make a meat eater happy.

    55555 by Garrett D.

  • Heidi MProbably the most gourmet meal I've ever had and lived up to the reviews. Even my meat-eating friend who came along was beyond impressed. If you find yourself in Philly, check this place out!

    55555 by Heidi M

  • Andrickson LI never feel so good in my life like today. Amazing food. The app that recommends me this place is amazing and free. Here is the link guys. https://share.serviceempire.com

    55555 by Andrickson L

  • Damon MTrendy atmosphere and posh vegan food. Dishes are very small and pricy for 100% veggie. The best was the eggplant "sausage". Cocktails were nice but the martinis were not good

    55555 by Damon M

  • Lauren MacEVERY dish is impeccably paired, seasoned, & served. Quality ingredients shine through. One of the best in the city/country, not just for vegans. Go for happy hour & prepare to be amazed!

    55555 by Lauren Mac

  • carla b.Amazing service & wonderful cocktails. Ask to sit by the fireplace when it's cold outside.

    55555 by carla b.

  • Sara WRutabaga fondue is a must! They'll bring you out more bread if you just ask.

    55555 by Sara W

  • Leanne J.Everything is amazing! Even meat eaters enjoy this place. Try the stuffed avocado!

    55555 by Leanne J.

  • Shannon EaganTempeh Korean tacos.

    55555 by Shannon Eagan

  • Garrett KGreat vegetarian food that non vegetarians will enjoy

    55555 by Garrett K

  • Danielle L.Rutabaga fondue, grilled seitan, shaved Brussel sprouts, any cocktail, and blueberry cheesecake = incredible! Also, they gave us a few on the house items. Awesome place.

    55555 by Danielle L.

  • TrixieVegetables are the tasty stars of this restaurant. Omnivores, you won't even miss meat, seafood or dairy ingredients. Trust me. This is not just a great vegan restaurant but a great restaurant.

    55555 by Trixie

  • Jonathan B.Fantastic vegan food AND drinks

    55555 by Jonathan B.

  • Courtney KleinWonderful seasonal variety and truly vegetable forward options.

    55555 by Courtney Klein

  • Candace S.Get the fondue! The fondue is amazing!

    55555 by Candace S.

  • EaterPlainly stated, Vedge is the best meat-free restaurant in America — and a fantastic restaurant, period.

    55555 by Eater

  • Tara CThe desserts and cocktails are definitely the highlights at this restaurant!

    55555 by Tara C

  • angela gaylorThis is maybe the best vegan restaurant I've ever been to. Everything is great, but get the wood roasted carrot!

    55555 by angela gaylor

  • Reserve AThe Fancy Radishes are thinly sliced and tossed with shishito pepper, avocado, pickled tofu, smoked tamari and nori.

    55555 by Reserve A

  • Chris B.The fancy raddishes!

    33333 by Chris B.

  • Raj S.Get a few friends together, come here on a date or come by yourself, your culinary experience here will always be good. Food and service here are top notch. Get the eggplant dish.

    55555 by Raj S.

  • Katherine W.You really, really need to try the pierogies. You can thank me later.

    55555 by Katherine W.

  • Carolyn SFabulous food, and the best tofu dish I've had anywhere.

    55555 by Carolyn S

  • Ashley TEverything is GREAT

    55555 by Ashley T

  • Emma BEverything is wonderful! I have never been disappointed in any way. I only wish I could visit more often. Some of the most creative and flavorful vegan food I have ever had.

    55555 by Emma B

  • Stéphanie NamHave brought many meat eaters here, and they have all left satisfied and impressed. Everything is intricate and unique. Try the rutabaga fondue and all of the desserts.

    55555 by Stéphanie Nam

  • Larisa GrollemondGreat happy hour menu, plenty of their signature cocktails and snacks!

    55555 by Larisa Grollemond

  • Eric VDelicious cocktails and vegetarian treats

    55555 by Eric V

  • DianaEverything!

    55555 by Diana

  • Brian M.The rutabaga fondue is insane. Get it. The sour cherry empanadas are excellent for dessert.

    55555 by Brian M.

  • Zach SteinerWorld class vegan.

    55555 by Zach Steiner

  • Cary L.Everything is amazing, but the best is the rutabaga fondue with pretzel bread -- to die for. If you're sharing, ask for spoons to make serving easier.

    55555 by Cary L.

  • DerickCame here to kick off #veg4feb and was not disappointed. The stuffed avocado was amazing!

    55555 by Derick

  • EaterNational Eater 38 member: In a dish inspired by flavors of a Reuben, smoked carrots stand in for brisket, with cabbage bridging the gap between sauerkraut & kimchi & a strip of pumpernickel crumbs.

    55555 by Eater

  • Philadelphia MagazineIf you haven’t yet experienced what this kitchen can do with something as simple as a radish or a carrot, you owe it to yourself to go right now.

    55555 by Philadelphia Magazine

  • Karl HewlingThe Braciole is amazing!

    55555 by Karl Hewling

  • DianaAmazing food! The best dinner of my life!

    55555 by Diana

  • JulieHave been here 3 times and have never had a bad bite. Don't pass up on the delicious cocktails! The grilled seitan and the shave Brussels sprouts are my favs. The fingerling potatoes are also yummy!

    55555 by Julie

  • Seth B.An experience. Simply phenomenal vegan / vegetarian cuisine. You'll find yourself asking after every dish, "how did they do this?"

    55555 by Seth B.

  • justin d.Vegan happy hour from 5-7 Monday - Friday is one of the best deals around. $6 cocktails and $4 or $5 plates are a steal.

    55555 by justin d.

  • Jennifer KraftThis is one of those rare places where the menu not only lives up to the hype, it's one step better. I live almost 6hrs away and it would be well worth the drive to come again. Amazing.

    55555 by Jennifer Kraft

  • Dave WalkEverything is good here

    55555 by Dave Walk

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Vedge as seen on Chopped , Unique Eats

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Colleen KEverything!

    55555 by Colleen K

  • Sara F.Everything is amazing here. My boyfriend and I were almost licking the plates, fighting over the last bite. 😃

    55555 by Sara F.

  • EaterFrom Bill Addison's review: "Grill zucchini hollowed out, stuffed with chopped hearts of palm, and glossed with herbaceous green harissa was substantial in a way that any omnivore could appreciate."

    55555 by Eater

  • Anne EThe cauliflower and peas may be the best dish I have ever eaten anywhere.

    55555 by Anne E

  • Jim CabralSmall portions and very pricey. But tasty.

    55555 by Jim Cabral

  • Brendan R.You can't go wrong here (this coming from a heavy meat eater). Landau will blow you away with his skills. I loved the portabella carpaccio, sweet potato pate, grilled Seitan and fingerling potatoes!

    55555 by Brendan R.

  • Adam AverayIt really does live up to the hype. If you're still hesitant about the whole "vegan" thing go with the seitan, looks and tastes just like grilled chicken!

    55555 by Adam Averay

  • Sarah S.We never thought we'd LOVE a vegan meal which is why we should never say never. We LOVED every morsel of every dish we tried on our visit to Chefs/Owners Richard Landau & Kate Jacoby's restaurant.

    55555 by Sarah S.

  • Sarah S.If you don't make a reservation, arrive early (and by early we mean 5pm sharp) and grab a seat at the bar. Do not miss the Grilled Seitan – we couldn’t believe it wasn’t chicken!

    33333 by Sarah S.

  • Rebecca J.Everything is stellar

    55555 by Rebecca J.

  • CaseyAmazing vegan restaurant. Make a reservation if you want dinner. Or just stop by the bar for great cocktails.

    55555 by Casey

  • Neysha MelissaCouldn't snag a reservation? Head to the bar from 5pm-7pm for happy hour and you'll still be able to order from the regular menu! The earlier the better.

    55555 by Neysha Melissa

  • Mike M.Golden Beets, Fancy Radishes, Roasted Carrots, Portabello Carpacio. And the cheesecake. Figure that one out.

    55555 by Mike M.

  • Mike M.The super-secret recipe vegan cheesecake is, in fact, worth the trip.

    55555 by Mike M.

  • B. CampbellThis place has amazing food--blew my mind!

    55555 by B. Campbell

  • Scott H.BYOB - Bring your own bacon.

    55555 by Scott H.

  • Michael Seymour B.Portions are on the smaller side, but everything was delicious. Specifically, I'd recommend the roasted maitake mushroom. Also, their vegan cheesecake is great.

    55555 by Michael Seymour B.

  • sara MHave a gluten free menu

    55555 by sara M

  • Antonio C.Really good vegan place. Definitely changed my mind on vegan food. Will return.

    55555 by Antonio C.

  • Haeji O.Everything was good. Great spot!

    55555 by Haeji O.

  • Chris S.The house ginger beer is delicious!

    55555 by Chris S.

  • Angela J.There is nothing here that isn't the most delicious thing you've ever eaten.

    55555 by Angela J.

  • Wim G.Yesterday I had excellent food here. Even for non-veggies the food is great.

    55555 by Wim G.

  • Jacob L.Everything was good but left hungry

    22222 by Jacob L.

  • halalbiteDessert looks and sounds fancy but not good

    55555 by halalbite

  • EaterThis isn't a great vegan restaurant, it's one of Philly's best restaurants, period. Don't sleep on this one. [Eater 38 Member]

    55555 by Eater

  • Palmer E.Everything is amazingly delicious!!! You can not go wrong!

    55555 by Palmer E.

  • Krystal B.Favorite restaurant in Philadelphia, hands down. Eat everything.

    55555 by Krystal B.

  • vegansaurusDownright maniacally good vegan food. Very upscale. The environment is as un-hippie as can be. The chocolate uber chunk is out of control!

    55555 by vegansaurus

  • vegansaurusDownright maniacally good vegan food. Very upscale. The environment is as un-hippie as can be. The chocolate pot de creme is out of control!

    55555 by vegansaurus

  • DailyCandy"Order dishes such as Hawaiian hearts of palm with lemon grass corn puree or saffron cauliflower soup with fennel pollen and green olive persillade. Make a reservation; this place gets packed."

    55555 by DailyCandy

  • Philly.comAt this veggie haven, chef Rich Landau simmers three kinds of young turnips and charred broccoli in a kimchee broth and garnishes it with black vinegar cucumbers and menma (preserved bamboo).

    55555 by Philly.com

  • Joe C.The stunning Salt Roasted Golden Beets, a play on lox and bagels with the beets supplanting the salmon. Midway through the dish you forget that it is vegetarian.

    55555 by Joe C.

  • Robert (#TJ)Both the Eater 38 badge & Philly Local badge can be unlocked here.

    33333 by Robert (#TJ)

  • Kelly M.Everything was amazing! The elder sage is one of the best drinks that I have ever had. The corn and fingerling potatoes are to die for. You can't go wrong!

    55555 by Kelly M.

  • Philly.comRich Landau and Kate Jacoby's polished Washington Square West gem just so happens to be vegan. Order the portabella carpaccio or funky kimchee stew. Don't forget about the "dirt" list.

    55555 by Philly.com

  • Anne S.Killer happy hour. Great price on cocktails and a few food samplers. The desserts are so amazing and rich you'd never know it was vegan. Pricey after Hhour

    55555 by Anne S.

  • Cheryl H.The best restaurant I have been to in along time!

    55555 by Cheryl H.

  • Rob R.I love meat and this place was unbelievable. Best meal I've had.

    55555 by Rob R.

  • Kristin F.All veggies. All amazing. And filling! Salted beets, Brussels sprouts. Corn salad. Sweet potato pâté. Everything.

    55555 by Kristin F.

  • Hathor S.This place is ridiculously good. If you are a carnivore, the menu may seem intimidating... But relax. The food is so good, you'll forget there's no meat involved!

    55555 by Hathor S.

  • Kristie M.Great happy hour. Not crowded either.

    55555 by Kristie M.

  • Kim Tumaini J.Go for the small dishes. The bigger ones are too heavy (and almost meat-like) and you're much better off just trying out different yummy stuff. Do not miss their fingerling fries!! And the heirlooms!

    55555 by Kim Tumaini J.

  • David B.Awesome food for any restaurant period. Get the Fancy radishes cold plate and Kimchi creamed corn, it will have you thinking about vegan food in a whole new way.

    55555 by David B.

  • Erika R.Best food ever

    55555 by Erika R.

  • Neel B.Everything was amazing. Saffron cheescake phenomenal but, again, all fantastic.

    55555 by Neel B.

  • Terry S.www.WouldJohnEatIt.com was here

    22222 by Terry S.

  • Richie S.Grab seats in the cocktail lounge and sit back, grab a drink from the happy hour list, and enjoy the starters before grabbing something from the dirt list (or those beets). You can't go wrong.

    55555 by Richie S.

  • Joel G.Get the golden beets! You won't be sorry!

    55555 by Joel G.

  • Talia G.The best veggie restaurant I've ever been to. And one of the best restaurants in Philly. Get the crispy cauliflower and eggplant braciole

    55555 by Talia G.

  • Marissa M.The spicy tofu is to die for, and try some items of the 'dirt list'! This place is a vegan's dream, love my new favorite restaurant in Philly!

    55555 by Marissa M.

  • Amber S.Beet plate might be one of the best vegan dishes I have had.

    55555 by Amber S.

  • Rishee LThe best restaurant I've ever been too. The seitan is amazing!!!

    55555 by Rishee L

  • Philadelphia MagazineBy the sweet-potato pâté with grain mustard and toast, proof that smartly handled veggies can hold their own against proteins any day.

    55555 by Philadelphia Magazine

  • Austin S.Intergalactically good.

    55555 by Austin S.

  • SymbioticPhoto.com LGreat place to get a top notch meal. I was in town on business and found close parking ~$10 and walked over. Food * drinks were fresh, presented well, and delicious. Left full and great service.

    55555 by SymbioticPhoto.com L

  • 34th Street MagazineDon’t be put off by the vegan label — Vedge has some of the most satisfying food in town. Don't believe us? Try the cauliflower. Seriously.

    55555 by 34th Street Magazine

  • Ikai L.Get the cauliflower. Hearts of palm is also amazing, so is the tofu. Pass on the fries.

    55555 by Ikai L.

  • Thomas ADon't make a late reservation or you'll be rushed out the door. Delicious, but they even tried to take a drink before it was done, not to mention delivering dessert and the check at the same time!

    33333 by Thomas A

  • VegNews MagazineVedge’s delicious and beautiful Lemon Cheesecake is served in a perfectly cylindrical shape, adorned with lavender-lemon buttercream and toasted pistachios.

    55555 by VegNews Magazine

  • Philadelphia MagazineFrom 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. enjoy discounted food and drink specials at Vedge.

    55555 by Philadelphia Magazine

  • Ann M.Get the salt roasted gold beets, they are AMAZING

    55555 by Ann M.

  • EaterThis isn't a great vegan restaurant, it's one of Philly's best restaurants, period. Don't sleep on this one.

    55555 by Eater

  • Visit PhillySee if you can secure a high-top table so you can dine and observe chef-owner team (and husband-wife) Kate Jacoby and Rich Landau at work.

    55555 by Visit Philly

  • James L.Try the Toffee Pudding - Sticky Toffee Pudding with Salted Caramel and vanilla bourbon ice cream.

    55555 by James L.

  • James L.Try the Taco - Korean Seitan Taco with Kimchee Mayo.

    55555 by James L.

  • Allie H.So you're an herbivore? Vegan husband/wife team Richard Landau & Kate Jacoby prepare vegetables so exquisitely you might not want to eat any other way. The "dirt list" is a good place to start.

    55555 by Allie H.

  • James L.Try the Fingerling Fries - Fingerling Fries with creamy worcestershire.

    55555 by James L.

  • James L.Try the Fancy Radishes - Fancy radishes, roasted and marinated, smoked tamari, nori, avocado, and shishito.

    55555 by James L.

  • James L.Try the Grilled Seitan - Grilled Seitan with black lentils and mushrooms, creamy horseradish, and kohlrabi.

    55555 by James L.

  • James L.Try the Lizzy Taylor - Lizzy Taylor with Rothman & Winters créme de violette, Bele Casel prosecco, and lemon.

    55555 by James L.

  • HomeSpeakeasyWith an all-vegetarian menu that can satisfy even the most adamant carnivore, Vedge has also managed to put together a great cocktail list. Grab a drink and relax in the gorgeous cocktail lounge!

    55555 by HomeSpeakeasy

  • michele g.Happy hour is from 5 -7 now! Food is fantastic. Ambiance even better.

    55555 by michele g.

  • Philadelphia MagazineJust because you're a meat eater doesn't mean you won't enjoy Vedge.

    55555 by Philadelphia Magazine

  • Lindsay D.The crispy cauliflower small bite is to die for and the sticky toffee pudding is def the best dessert on the menu, as I have tried them all!

    55555 by Lindsay D.

  • Chris J.I loved everything on the menu and so did my mother-in-law who's not vegan. This place is so amazing so save room for dessert ;-)

    55555 by Chris J.

  • Sam .Good: Brussels sprouts, crispy cauliflower, bahn mi with sriracha, and eggplant wrapped eggplant.

    55555 by Sam .

  • ThrillistDon't worry, their vegan menu is prepped with non-vegetarians in mind. So don't be afraid of the actually-delicious steak spice tofu w/ parsnips & a walnut picada.

    55555 by Thrillist

  • Brett M.You must try the Elder Sage

    55555 by Brett M.

  • Michelle HTip the bartender, he's super cute!

    55555 by Michelle H

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