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Tony Luke's

39 East Oregon Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19148

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(215) 551-5725


  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Monday: 6:00 am - Midnight
  • Tuesday: 6:00 am - Midnight
  • Wednesday: 6:00 am - Midnight
  • Thursday: Closed
  • Friday: 6:00 am - 2:00 am
  • Saturday: 6:00 am - 2:00 am

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Cuisine: Coffee and Tea, Italian Restaurants, Sandwich Shops, Steak Restaurants

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4.5 of 5.0 from 209 reviews

price range:Less than $10


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Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
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  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
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  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tony Luke's in Philadelphia, PA

Tony Luke's Reviews

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  • MarinaFor someone who doesn't eat meat you can get a massively great sandwich. I ordered the Uncle Mike Sandwich and added mushrooms, onions, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese.

    33333 by Marina

  • Ellen S.Roasted pork sandwich is delicious! Sharp provolone and broccoli rabe make it a meal!

    55555 by Ellen S.

  • Marc JCheesesteak sandwiches !!

    55555 by Marc J

  • Sree Ibest cheesesteak

    55555 by Sree I

  • Aman LVery juicy steak. One of the best in Philadelphia !

    55555 by Aman L

  • Bryan NCheesteak wit wiz is delicious

    55555 by Bryan N

  • Hamid A.Great place for Phili steaks.. gotta try the chicken as well 👍🏽

    55555 by Hamid A.

  • Louis H.Roast pork w sharp provolone & broccoli rhab

    55555 by Louis H.

  • Mary DBest cheesesteak I've ever had

    55555 by Mary D

  • FoodiesprVery tasty, I think they use Flank Steak for their famous #Philly #Cheesesteak #sandwich original with the Whiz!

    55555 by Foodiespr

  • Andrew RamseyCheesesteaks. Pork and broccoli Rabe.

    55555 by Andrew Ramsey

  • Donte' PThe best sandwich I have ever had know what you want when you get to the window because they don't like to help but welll worth it!!

    55555 by Donte' P


    55555 by Robb A

  • Ed C.Unless you're one of those dopes that still goes to Chipotle, you're eating here and ordering the Italian roast pork sandwich

    33333 by Ed C.

  • Cheryl CI ride there just for the Italian with spinach! Yummmm

    55555 by Cheryl C

  • toluFavorite Philly Cheesesteak place. Whiz Wit

    55555 by tolu

  • My Lists SCheesesteak 😋

    55555 by My Lists S

  • Robert A.On our trip to Philadelphia we ate at Tony Lukes and Jims, Tony Lukes had the better cheesesteaks but they only have Pepsi products to drink. You can get a Coke at the gas station next door.

    55555 by Robert A.

  • Jake AClassic steak and cheese

    55555 by Jake A

  • Bee W.Very great steaks, be prepared for a line on the weekends! Wasn't a long wait at all to get your order in. Not many seating options either so bring it home or eat in your car 🚗

    55555 by Bee W.

  • John JCheese steak with onions peppers and mushrooms

    55555 by John J

  • A Victor (SU-1) M.Every ting is good here

    55555 by A Victor (SU-1) M.

  • Chris R.The cheesesteaks are to die for

    55555 by Chris R.

  • Prashanth OCheesesteak

    55555 by Prashanth O

  • Stephanie HartleThe cheesesteak was BY FAR the BEST I've ever had!! Great...now I want one :)

    55555 by Stephanie Hartle

  • Elizabeth MCheesesteak, wiz, mush

    22222 by Elizabeth M

  • Sandra H.Go for the cheeseteak with sharp provolone. It's all you need!

    55555 by Sandra H.

  • RussellSandwich was dry

    11111 by Russell

  • Caren ACheese steaks are good!

    55555 by Caren A

  • Lance L.Roast Pork Italian after a ballgame is excellent

    55555 by Lance L.

  • Jon DGreat taste, but almost 9 dollars for THIS?

    33333 by Jon D

  • Nancy Lafontant-WhitingTheir pork and spinach sandwiches are REALLY good!!

    55555 by Nancy Lafontant-Whiting

  • Christopher NChicken Rabe

    55555 by Christopher N

  • Follow F.Roast pork with broccoli rabe and sharp provolone, chicken cutlet sandwiches, roast beef sandwiches, and excellent cheesesteaks, it is hard to go wrong at the famous Tony Luke's!

    55555 by Follow F.

  • FrankI know your thinking lunch or dinner sandwich. But I'm telling you their breakfast sandwiches are really good on s long roll. Can't go wrong w/ any combination of eggs & meat.

    55555 by Frank

  • Brett G.In my top 3 of cheesesteak joints.

    55555 by Brett G.

  • Travis B.About as close as you can get to a genuine philly cheese steak as you can get at the airport.

    55555 by Travis B.

  • Lonnie FMy fav is the chicken Parmesan with sharp provolone and extra gravy. Yum!!!

    55555 by Lonnie F

  • John S.Excellent cheesesteaks with an authentic Philly flair.

    55555 by John S.

  • Brett p.Amazing options for vegetarians

    55555 by Brett p.

  • Jeff KCheesesteak, roast beef, pork Italiano are all amazing. This place kills Pats and Genos

    55555 by Jeff K

  • James C.Great cheese steak.

    55555 by James C.

  • Jason K.Best cheese steak in Philly. Way better than Pat's, Geno's, or Steve's

    55555 by Jason K.

  • Christie BSweet Potato Fries- AMAZING!

    55555 by Christie B

  • KulinaryMafia JReal deal South Philly Cheese Steaks! KulinaryMafia approved..

    55555 by KulinaryMafia J

  • Erik T.WHIZ WID. Anything else = Poser

    33333 by Erik T.

  • Olivia POnly order the Uncle Mike if your ready to eat a sandwich the size of a small child

    33333 by Olivia P

  • Alex TomasikGet the roast pork with rabe and provolone. But if john's is closed.

    55555 by Alex Tomasik

  • Alexandria CaponeGet the Chicken Cutlet Italian. There's like 8 cutlets in there and it is incredible.

    55555 by Alexandria Capone

  • Rick PEVERYTHING,,,but seating lol

    55555 by Rick P

  • Brandon M.Skip this if you're looking for some cheesesteak in a pinch.

    33333 by Brandon M.

  • Arthur F.I never had a real Philly cheese steak before. I told this to the woman at the counter and she suggested her favorite. She made an EPIC Philly. One of the best sandwiches I have ever had.

    55555 by Arthur F.

  • J. I.G.Good for an airport cheese steak

    55555 by J. I.G.

  • Chrystie M.This place shits on Pats and Genos in authenticity. Best cheesesteak in Philly. Get yours whiz wit. Cheese fries are swimming in whiz. Limited seating but tables open fast.

    55555 by Chrystie M.

  • Andrew C.Off the beaten path, but worth it. Best cheese steak I've ever had.

    55555 by Andrew C.

  • Nicky SThe roast pork Italian and the chicken cutlet are amazing. What a big sandwich

    55555 by Nicky S

  • Mick CToday pork Italian

    55555 by Mick C

  • D GheebsConsistently good steaks with just the right amount/cut of meat

    55555 by D Gheebs

  • John H.Make sure you order the cheese steak with h extra sharp provolone.

    55555 by John H.

  • Mark C.Tony Lukes sucks! Unless you like extra thick steakums on some good bread....never again...

    33333 by Mark C.

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Tony Luke's as seen on Best Thing I Ever Ate , Food Feuds , Food Wars , Man vs Food , Throwdown with Bobby Flay

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Andres RCheese steaks!!!

    55555 by Andres R

  • Candice N.Cheesesteak with onions provolone and hot peppers

    55555 by Candice N.

  • Alan KnightGood cheesesteaks...wiz wit is the way to go.

    33333 by Alan Knight

  • Alexandria JCheese steak with wiz and fried onions!

    55555 by Alexandria J

  • Kenneth R.Cheesesteaks are on point! Get the sharp provolone!

    55555 by Kenneth R.

  • Rj S.Cheesesteak with white cheese!

    55555 by Rj S.

  • Chris SRoast pork Italian with sharp and rabe. If you order anything else, you're doing it wrong.

    55555 by Chris S

  • Richard M.Slow service today!

    22222 by Richard M.

  • Mitchel RExcellent cheesesteaks at a great price! A must go!

    55555 by Mitchel R

  • Victor C.Awesome Cheesesteak

    55555 by Victor C.

  • Philly.comServing what some consider to be the city's best cheesesteak.

    55555 by Philly.com

  • Chely NHorrible service! Only porter potties place sucks

    11111 by Chely N

  • Nancy R.Remember to look at the menu on the wall if you are a first timer. There are a lot of varieties & the folks behind you don't like to wait any longer than they have to!

    55555 by Nancy R.

  • Gemima P.Don't be in a rush. It took a while, but the cashier did let me know that it would. Literally nothing on here but meat and cheese...i didn't read the tips before ordering. Still tasty though.

    22222 by Gemima P.

  • Brandon H.If you want anything other than cheese and meat you have to ask. Then check before you leave.

    33333 by Brandon H.

  • Tracy R.Open early for breakfast! Amazing steak and egg sandwiches. Don't forget the napkins!

    55555 by Tracy R.

  • Avery C.I don't care what anyone says Tony Luke's has the best Cheese Steak not only in Philly but in the world!

    55555 by Avery C.

  • Babs D.All their sand is off the chart!!! They have diff flavor fries n sweet potato fries too

    55555 by Babs D.

  • Dave D.It's not on the breakfast menu, but they'll serve you a cheesesteak if you ask:)

    55555 by Dave D.

  • Terri E.The wait is worth it (and your flight has probably been delayed, so you're in no hurry). Great sandwiches.

    55555 by Terri E.

  • Taylor F.Had never been to Philly before so of course I wanted a cheese steak. So glad I chose Tony Luke's. It was delicious. Get it with cheese whiz!

    55555 by Taylor F.

  • Chris P.The food is really good!!!

    55555 by Chris P.

  • Milan Eoverall service is horrible as it took forever to get my sandwich although the counter girl was very pleasant. Also long shot side (2) $1.99 same amount added to sandwich is $.99.... ?

    22222 by Milan E

  • Johnny O.Good Cheesesteaks, bad service. Your going to need extra time.

    33333 by Johnny O.

  • Simon P.Wow every good be blessed Tony

    55555 by Simon P.

  • Antonio D.Good food all the time

    33333 by Antonio D.

  • Erik C.Come here if u want to stray away from the norm. Great prices, cool venue and free parking. The meat was tender a few options but the original is the best. Messy and all loved every bite. No booze :(

    55555 by Erik C.

  • Cara F.Credit card minimum is $12

    22222 by Cara F.

  • Ray P.Did the tour today of all the "must have" cheesesteaks in Philly (Jim's, Geno's, Pat's, and Tony Luke's) and Tony Luke's is the best!!! HANDS DOWN!!! The others are just "also rans".

    55555 by Ray P.

  • VanessaWe ate at Tony Luke's in the Borgata. It was good but kind of greasy. I wonder if the one in Philly is the same?

    33333 by Vanessa

  • Tony M.Get the steak Italian with rabe and sharp prov

    55555 by Tony M.

  • Prentice S.Great sandwich and Tony Luke III is mad cool.

    55555 by Prentice S.

  • Chicago I.Saw these guys on Food Network, and thought it was gonna knock my socks off. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed. The meat was poorly seasoned, & my spinach was cold. Will not return.

    22222 by Chicago I.

  • Trudy O.Best breakfast sandwich ever!!

    55555 by Trudy O.

  • Shane E.The cheese steak is unbelievable and their iced coffee is the best I've had in awhile.

    55555 by Shane E.

  • Ed P.Eh, not bad. Not worth raving about

    22222 by Ed P.

  • Karen E.Favorite place for Philly cheesesteak! Unique sandwiches--chicken with broccoli rabe, pork Italian and even sweet potato fries drenched in a sweet glaze! Worth the trip!!

    55555 by Karen E.

  • C E.It's good if you like cheesesteaks. Much better than Pat's or Geno's.

    55555 by C E.

  • Mykl W.Always ask for sharp provolone and broccoli rabe with your cutlet and roast pork. Don't forget a small container of gravy on the side.

    55555 by Mykl W.

  • Giorgio V.Chicken Cheese steak

    55555 by Giorgio V.

  • Allison G.This is the best cheesesteak I've had in my life! And the people that work here couldn't be nicer. Great place to come.

    55555 by Allison G.

  • Wanderlei L.Delicioso Cheese steak na Philadelphia !!

    55555 by Wanderlei L.

  • Jake B.CHEESE STEAK !!!!!!!

    55555 by Jake B.

  • Mark S.Better than Pat's and Geno's! Located near the airport, so it's a great first or last stop in Philly.

    55555 by Mark S.

  • Chuck T.Officially addicted to TL's roast pork w/sharp provolone and broccoli rabe!

    55555 by Chuck T.

  • Aimée J.Honestly....I don't get all the hype. Ehh....it was just mediocre. I've had better in Seattle. And the people working there are RUDE! No outdoor seating, no restroom and cash only unless over $12.

    33333 by Aimée J.

  • Natalie H.Best place in Philly to get a great cheese steak!

    55555 by Natalie H.

  • Titan K.If you want shity cheasesteak's go to Pats or Gino's!!!!

    33333 by Titan K.

  • William H.Best cheese steak I ever had!

    55555 by William H.

  • Alberto P.Great cheesesteak! Glad we got the lowdown from a friend.

    55555 by Alberto P.

  • Kevin H.Greatest food but the worst service ever. Had people getting there food that ordered five people after me ? Really ??

    22222 by Kevin H.

  • Brian P.Try the Steak Italian. Cheesesteak with Brocolli Rabe.

    55555 by Brian P.

  • TV Food MapsA Food TV powerhouse, having been on 5 different shows including winning on Food Feuds and Throwdonw with Bobby Flay.

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Christana M.If you are following a navigation system, it will take you past the store. It is located on the side of the underpass... There is a parking lot. Btw... Great cheesesteak!!!

    55555 by Christana M.

  • TanyaThe restaurant closed, so you'll have to wait in line at the sandwich stand. Worth it if you don't have to wait over 30 mins.

    33333 by Tanya

  • Caitlin R.It's so nice down here, under I-95.

    55555 by Caitlin R.

  • Jeff R.Best cheesesteak in Philly.

    55555 by Jeff R.

  • Ashley B.If you go anywhere else for a cheesesteak in Philadelphia, you are doing it wrong.

    55555 by Ashley B.

  • Michael S.While justifiably famous for the pork sandwiches and cheesesteaks, their breakfast sandwiches are excellent as well. Try a steak egg & cheese!

    55555 by Michael S.

  • Joey S.ROAST PORK ITALIAN, always.

    55555 by Joey S.

  • Andrew B.So worth the suicide turn necessary to enter the parking lot

    55555 by Andrew B.

  • Lou C.Gonna eat and crap my pants. Merry Xmas

    22222 by Lou C.

  • Kim G.Dont forget to get some of those amazing hot peppers!

    55555 by Kim G.

  • Fast F.Fast Food Coupons will save you lot of money at http://bit.ly/FastFoodCoupons

    33333 by Fast F.

  • Mike C.Try the Cheesesteak - With whiz and onions (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Mike C.

  • Rickina C.Nasty, overpriced chicken cheesesteak. Not sure it qualified as chicken though

    22222 by Rickina C.

  • Matthew V.Tony and his crew make an excellent veal or chicken cutlet sandwich. They have a cheesesteak, and it ain't bad. But why not drive basically around the corner to John's Roast Pork if it's lunch time?

    55555 by Matthew V.

  • jasonGive it up if there are more than 30 in line you will be waiting forever

    33333 by jason

  • Clay W.Hard to get to without a car, but they serve the definitive Roast Pork. Get with raab and sharp provolone if you can take the bitterness.

    55555 by Clay W.

  • kristina n.Got the Steak Italian and Pizza Fries. Gluttonous, gooey, and delicious. Worth the wait! (3 of 4 petals via Fondu)

    55555 by kristina n.

  • Tony L.Best cheesesteaks around! We also have locations in Sicklerville, NJ, Bryn Mawr Acme, Springfield Mall, CBB, LFF, Wildwood Crest, and the Borgata in Atlantic City.

    55555 by Tony L.

  • Visit PhillyTony Luke battled on Throwdown with Bobby Flay, pitting his South Philly namesake restaurant's famed aged rib eye cheesesteak against Bobby's sirloin version.

    55555 by Visit Philly

  • Eli S.Cheese steak: wiz wit.

    55555 by Eli S.

  • Amy W.Go for the classics.

    55555 by Amy W.

  • PhillySteakOut.comThe Papa Luke is a sleeper favorite.

    55555 by PhillySteakOut.com

  • meniscuszine.comThis cheesesteak giant was featured on the TV show “Man vs. Food” and is often mentioned as Philly’s best. –SM http://bit.ly/OFCqno

    55555 by meniscuszine.com

  • The Expendables 2The Chicken Cutlet Italian is LEGENDARY! Ask Tony Jr to recite a scene from The Nail. Brought to you by THE EXPENDABLES 2 opening August 17!

    55555 by The Expendables 2

  • Hiroshi F.Might be the best Philly Cheese Steak place, but a bit far.

    55555 by Hiroshi F.

  • Nicole D.Unless you like butter, don't get the cheesesteak. Chicken cutlet well done with prov and broccoli rabe, all the way.

    33333 by Nicole D.

  • Justin Y.For Inexpensive Quality books check out All_Media_FL At WWW.half.com a trusted eBay website.

    55555 by Justin Y.

  • PhillySteakOut.comThe sharp provolone cheese can be overpowering. Caution when ordering.

    55555 by PhillySteakOut.com

  • Mike K.I don't think many people get the chicken cutlet, but they really should. The supreme sandwich is amazing!

    55555 by Mike K.

  • ManbqueAlways get the whiz with your cheesesteak!

    55555 by Manbque

  • ManbqueAlways get the whiz over the provolone!

    55555 by Manbque

  • Niels M.Try the cheesesteak with Provolone.... good stuff!

    55555 by Niels M.

  • Shawna C.An absolute must!!

    55555 by Shawna C.

  • Ben R.Jimmy The Bartender looks young but he's the last of the bar man poets!

    33333 by Ben R.

  • Bill A.Philadelphia may have invented the cheesesteak, but Baltimore perfected it.

    55555 by Bill A.

  • Andrew G.Get the roast pork italian. It's so good!

    55555 by Andrew G.

  • Jared H.Very good cheesesteaks

    55555 by Jared H.

  • Joseph W.Often I get the roast pork italian with sharp and rabe, but every now and again I change it up with a cheesesteak or a chicken cutlet hoagie. You cant go wrong with anything here

    55555 by Joseph W.

  • MikePut it through the fence, like Tony does.

    33333 by Mike

  • SpotDashSo Tony Luke's makes our SpotDash list. Hmm, I wonder why?! Find out how Tony's takes the classic cheesesteak recipe and makes it pop. Play SpotDash:

    55555 by SpotDash

  • Rich D.If this is the "best" cheese steak in Phily then Philadelphians have a bad misconception of what a good cheese steak is.

    55555 by Rich D.

  • betsy von awesomeThe garden salad is timidly and iceberg mixed. You can request only romaine. But you'll get a bowl of only lettuce. No tomatoes, onions, cucumbers. Just lettuce.

    33333 by betsy von awesome

  • MJCheesesteak provolone with cheese fries

    55555 by MJ

  • TailgateJoe.comThe steak italian with broccoli rabe as featured in Throwdown with Bobby Flay is the thing to get here! Will be stopping by when the Jets play in philly!

    55555 by TailgateJoe.com

  • Catherine B.Eat at the takeout place rather than the sit-in restaurant for better steaks

    55555 by Catherine B.

  • Garick G.For those not from Philly: Don't be a square - just say "wiz wit." You'll sound like you know what your talking about.

    55555 by Garick G.

  • Rachel B.Love the pizza fries !!!

    55555 by Rachel B.

  • Brian W.Sorry for all the haters that like they dry steaks slapped together in like a min ova @ those otha "famous" spots. Here its worth the wait to get fresh cuts with fresh baked bread. Can't be beat!

    55555 by Brian W.

  • Tracy R.Try the Beef Buster! It's a monster!

    55555 by Tracy R.

  • J P.Good place to get a bite if your goin to the asylum arena. Its worth the long line waiting time

    33333 by J P.

  • Carlos S.If you don't want the Cheese Steak, you can try the Roast Pork as an alternative.

    55555 by Carlos S.

  • travel42Amazing cheesesteaks. Try the broccoli rabe.

    55555 by travel42

  • RemyGo to Jims.

    55555 by Remy

  • John D.Great food just don't try to go when thear is a CZW show and the Army/Navy game

    55555 by John D.

  • Travel ChannelTry Tony Luke's Ultimate Cheesesteak Challenge -- 2 1/2 lbs. of beef over 1 lb. of cheese, fried onions and a 20-inch roll. As seen on Man v Food.

    55555 by Travel Channel

  • Britt L.Chicken cutlet sandwich w/broc.rabe!

    55555 by Britt L.

  • Marta M.Service is a shit show. People returning drinks and sandwiches. Wait is forever. Overrated.

    33333 by Marta M.

  • Ed M.Roast pork!

    55555 by Ed M.

  • Melissa F.Roast pork broccoli rabe with sharp provolone. Hot peppers are sexy

    55555 by Melissa F.

  • michael b.Cheese wizz is a must have

    55555 by michael b.

  • Mark M.Have to stop by and pay homage to the best!

    55555 by Mark M.

  • wynTastes like fish....overrated.

    33333 by wyn

  • ShawnYou're thinking cheesesteak but you should get the roast pork

    33333 by Shawn

  • Harry RSickest chicken cutlet sandwiches in all if Philly!!! I'm a local. I walk here

    55555 by Harry R

  • Joe J.Excellent cheesesteak.. Line can be long but moves quick

    55555 by Joe J.

  • Ian AuldExcellent cheesesteaks & service. Always stop by whenever I'm in Philly.

    55555 by Ian Auld

  • Kevin JThe steak sandwich melts in your mouth. Pickles suck though.

    55555 by Kevin J

  • MikeBe careful when having a steak with wiz, its watery.

    33333 by Mike

  • Anti-sober samRoast pork italian w/broccoli rabe is the best in Philly!

    55555 by Anti-sober sam

  • Adam Furbeast C.Best cheesesteak I've had so far!

    55555 by Adam Furbeast C.

  • Robert A.with out a doubt the best place in Philly to get a cheese steak

    55555 by Robert A.

  • Will M.I've always loved their pepperoni pizza steak. I've only waited a long time when they have their shows nearby

    55555 by Will M.

  • Tracy B.Get the mottz sticks they're like giant leggos!

    33333 by Tracy B.

  • Lou C.Green samich leads to green poops!!!

    33333 by Lou C.

  • JaseOrder the cheesteak with sharp provolone. FTW!!!!

    55555 by Jase

  • Scott LPork and sharp, nothing else like it

    55555 by Scott L

  • Craiglist remains the same. pat's. Tony's. genos.

    33333 by Craig

  • Jason R.Pork Italian with broccoli rabe is the only way to go

    55555 by Jason R.

  • steve MLong wait, overrated food!

    22222 by steve M

  • Neil P.Have to say I like it better than Pat's! However the wait is stupid long! I waited oer 30 mins after ordering two sandwiches till I got them in my hands! This seems very excessive!

    22222 by Neil P.

  • BauzenService here is god-awful. Be prepared to wait 40 minutes AFTER you place your order to get a cheesesteak. Sure, it's delicious but def. not worth the wait when Jim's gets you in & out under 15 min.

    33333 by Bauzen

  • Matthew C.eat here often

    55555 by Matthew C.

  • Eleni K.What's up philly

    55555 by Eleni K.

  • Philadelphia MagazineThe Roast Pork! This old standby is a particularly juicy version, with more garlic than most. It works.

    55555 by Philadelphia Magazine

  • Patricia C.Is the best

    55555 by Patricia C.

  • BJ M.Roast pork italian with rabe.

    55555 by BJ M.

  • matt h.Don't make the mistake of getting sharp provolone! Mild is nice though.

    33333 by matt h.

  • Mark S.Chicken Italian with Rabe. Best cutlet in the game.

    55555 by Mark S.

  • Chris M.The roast pork Italian is great. Their broccoli rabe is some of the best you'll ever get.

    55555 by Chris M.

  • Yasmine M.The Italian Steak is my favorite thing on the menu - and the sandwich Tony Luke picked to beat Bobby Flay in "Throwdown"

    55555 by Yasmine M.

  • Showtime NetworkThe minute you land in Philly you must head over to Tony Luke’s for the best cheese steak sandwich in the city. - Nikki

    55555 by Showtime Network

  • David L.The chicken, provolone and broccoli rabe sandwich is amazing!!

    55555 by David L.

  • James C.after p90x

    22222 by James C.

  • Scott C.Try the Roast Pork Italian

    55555 by Scott C.

  • David B.Best cheesesteaks in Philly

    55555 by David B.

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