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700 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

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(215) 223-5663

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4.8 of 5.0 from 149 reviews

price range:$11 to $25



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Jones in Philadelphia, PA
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Jones Reviews

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  • Courtney DFrench Toast or Chicken & Waffles

    55555 by Courtney D

  • Chelsea H.mac & cheese is amazing but if you want a good salad the MTO Market Salad is HUGE and delicious - I got both!

    55555 by Chelsea H.

  • Emily CThe food isn’t too pricy. Start off with the Mac & Cheese and the Grilled Chicken Sandwich and finish it off with the Key Lime Pie.

    55555 by Emily C

  • JP M.The ALT sandwich with side salad is an incredible vegetarian option

    55555 by JP M.

  • Matthew RKid friendly & a nice place for parents

    55555 by Matthew R

  • Ryon C.Love the shoestring fries

    55555 by Ryon C.

  • Purposedrivelife L.Food is great

    55555 by Purposedrivelife L.

  • Laura JExcellent, simple food, and the service was friendly (and helpful).

    55555 by Laura J

  • Michael L.Cheddar cheese fritters!!

    55555 by Michael L.

  • Jessica JGood place to catch up with friends and family for classic American family food

    55555 by Jessica J

  • Stephanie JBroccoli and cheese quiche!

    55555 by Stephanie J

  • Edgar TPierogies kicked it off and then chicken and waffles closed it down! Waffle was soooo good.

    55555 by Edgar T

  • Dave J.$4 coffee?!?! Yikes!

    33333 by Dave J.

  • Egor Z.Классное заведение :) Порции салатов велики, бургеры великолепные, идут с вкусной картошкой фри. После 18 свободных столиков остаётся совсем

    22222 by Egor Z.

  • Sabrina DetzelMac and Cheese is amazing! Grilled cheese with tomato soup is also delicious.

    55555 by Sabrina Detzel

  • Ryan CMonkey Bread

    55555 by Ryan C

  • Gideon O.The fish tacos are incredible

    55555 by Gideon O.

  • Ashley JALT sandwich is amazing and healthy!

    55555 by Ashley J

  • Cyril S.Good place, good food and good service. Take the monkey bread and crispy apple pie : delicious!!

    55555 by Cyril S.

  • Chris E.Duncan Hines Chocolate Cake. Do it.

    55555 by Chris E.

  • Stan H.The Thanksgiving turkey platter here is amazing! A nice size portion of succulent white meat with mashed potatoes and baby carrots was perfectly prepared and served. It is on the menu year round.

    55555 by Stan H.

  • Shelly A.So Delish - grilled cheese add avocado and tomato #ftw

    55555 by Shelly A.

  • Natalie NMac and cheese to die for. Meatloaf incredible and a wonderful atmosphere and staff. A must go to in Philly.

    55555 by Natalie N

  • Brandon H.Pancakes are big as hell

    55555 by Brandon H.

  • Adventures in Red & BrownGreat for brunch. The monkey bread and build-your-own Bloody Mary are non-negotiable.

    55555 by Adventures in Red & Brown

  • Chris B.Mac and cheese is the best ever.

    55555 by Chris B.

  • Tiff L.Boozy brunch and I had the huevos rancheros. They bring you champagne and juice in little mason jars for the table

    55555 by Tiff L.

  • Rebecca KThe Thanksgiving Dinner was so good. Tasted similar to what mom makes! Mashed potatoes were awesome, as were the onion rings.

    55555 by Rebecca K

  • Nathan WilsonPulled pork is fantastic!!!

    55555 by Nathan Wilson

  • Allison L.Comfort food at its finest! Only bottled beer, though.

    55555 by Allison L.

  • JessicaFood is delicious, but I highly recommend the old fashioned milkshake.

    55555 by Jessica

  • Raisa FernandoBuild your own Bloody Mary! You pick they build

    55555 by Raisa Fernando

  • Rodney B.Everything is good but please do yourself a favor and start off with Sangria. Atmosphere is always lovely.

    55555 by Rodney B.

  • Serg P.Nice place! Meatloaf is great! Turkey is not the best.

    55555 by Serg P.

  • G R.Great comfort food...Mac & Cheese, Meatloaf, Chicken Potpie.

    55555 by G R.

  • Sandra RubinchikIf you're not feelin' the chicken and waffles, order the seared tuna and don't look back.

    33333 by Sandra Rubinchik

  • Jorge Díaz LargoGreat burguers!

    55555 by Jorge Díaz Largo

  • Brittany KYou have to get the Chicken and Waffles! Love the theme and everything! !!!

    55555 by Brittany K

  • Ricky S.Great options if you are a comfort food fan.

    55555 by Ricky S.

  • David RosenbloomAwesome comfort food at this retro style diner. Matzoh ball soup is solid as well as the ALT sandwich. Chicken and waffles is a big item and the chocolate cake and milk is decadent.

    55555 by David Rosenbloom

  • Hugh MThe chicken and waffles are yummy. Put some syrup on the waffles then take a bite with chicken and the gravy. Super fantastic!

    55555 by Hugh M

  • KellyGrilled cheese and tomato soup is the way to go, especially on a cold day :)

    55555 by Kelly

  • genavieve f.Our food took a bit longer than expected, not that we minded, but Joe took great care of us and we were treated to dessert! Great food, great service!! Thanks joe :)

    55555 by genavieve f.

  • Leanne J.Get the mac n cheese!! It's delicious. And the ALT (avocado, lettuce, tomato) is a great vegetarian sandwich

    55555 by Leanne J.

  • Andrew C.Chicken waffles were crazy good! Neat style

    55555 by Andrew C.

  • tom p.Chicken & waffles. Good....but Federal Donuts Fried Chicken is better. Just sayin...

    55555 by tom p.

  • Emily S.Order the fried chicken and waffles and you will not be disappointed! Cool atmosphere and great menu!

    55555 by Emily S.

  • Frank N.Meatloaf and Thanksgiving dinner.

    55555 by Frank N.

  • Todd C.Can't help but get the breakfast burrito whenever I visit for lunch

    55555 by Todd C.

  • Teri R.Great for brunch!! Tater tots in a bloody Mary .. what?!?!

    55555 by Teri R.

  • Leonard HansonTasty breakfast burrito, complete with tater tots. Coffee options limited though.

    55555 by Leonard Hanson

  • Rostislav K.Bloody Mary and monkey bread.

    55555 by Rostislav K.

  • Philly.comStephen Starr re-envisions American comfort food in a handsome, '70s-style living room with cultured stone columns, a fireplace, and servers in Izod shirts.

    55555 by Philly.com

  • Major GGet the Mac & Cheese. 💯

    33333 by Major G

  • Michael W.Protein platter was awesome. Monkey bread was decadent. However the Turkey Burger my wife got stole the show!

    55555 by Michael W.

  • Kenneth H.Salmon is good , along with glazed carrots and sweet corn.

    55555 by Kenneth H.

  • Elizabeth R.Definitely get the Monkey Bread and the Bottomless Bellinis. Everything was delicious.

    55555 by Elizabeth R.

  • Laurent B.Kids will LOVE the monkey bread (maybe adults too :-))

    55555 by Laurent B.

  • Felicia M.Waitress is nice, music is catchy, but too loud whilst eating. Turkey club not my favorite, but good proportion, and pulled pork was just okay. hipster spot w/heavier price tag due to the location.

    55555 by Felicia M.

  • Maxim S.Exceptional service. Friendly staff. Good food for a quick bite to eat. Recommended!

    55555 by Maxim S.

  • Christy E.The turkey burger is awesome!!

    55555 by Christy E.

  • J N.FRIED CHICKEN IS A MUST!!!! Service is friendly, place is clean, decor is casual and cool. YES PLEASE!

    55555 by J N.

  • Sandra F.Try the Duncan Hines Chocolate Cake - Nice touch: a glass of milk comes with the chocolate cake. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Sandra F.

  • Sandra F.Try the Jamba - Spicy stew with shrimp, chicken, and Tasso ham on a bed of rice. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Sandra F.

  • Sandra F.Try the Chicken Pot Pie - Chicken and vegetables in a cream sauce, baked with a puff pastry crust. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Sandra F.

  • Hank H.Steven the Manager was the Nicest guy in the restaurant biz. It was Barb/Ken & Jake/Linda Anniversary. As well as my 64th B-Day celeb. We all loved the food, service was excellant. <3 <3 <3 <3.

    55555 by Hank H.

  • Miss GraceTheir calamari is perfectly seasoned, perfectly crunchy... It's just amazing!!!

    55555 by Miss Grace

  • DAN A.Very good food nice staff reasonably priced

    55555 by DAN A.

  • Marquita B.Recently changed the menu. Looks good.

    33333 by Marquita B.

  • Tiona H.The turkey burgers are amazing! Great with a side salad and a Bellini.

    55555 by Tiona H.

  • NatalieTry the Chicken and Waffles (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Natalie

  • Nicolë W.If you don't get the Mac n Cheese, you're making a big mistake!

    33333 by Nicolë W.

  • Mark D.Get the Chicken & Waffles, all white, gravy on...you won't regret it. Quite possibly the best fried chicken in the city...especially when you get tired of all the Korean style double fried.

    55555 by Mark D.

  • Melissa V.I kinda expected more from this place and its menu...it was just kind of o.k. i got the reuben which was too greasy...pulled pork was average. Drinks and sandwiches are expensive.

    33333 by Melissa V.

  • Madison B.Awesome make-your-own salad option with unlimited add-ins! There's something for everyone here.

    55555 by Madison B.

  • M Lauren H.An early Starr but still a goodie! Enjoy dining in the Brady Bunch living room with adorable hipster wait staff. Leave room for cookies and milk at the end.

    55555 by M Lauren H.

  • Keith M.Love there potato pancakes.

    55555 by Keith M.

  • Lou C.Turtle poppin my poopshoot

    55555 by Lou C.

  • Michele D.Love the nachos! Every chip is loaded!!!

    55555 by Michele D.

  • Lou C.Almost fell In turlet. And last one in dropped a. Major deuce

    22222 by Lou C.

  • BKGurlFresh made comfort food. Yum!! Highly recommend the pulled pork sandwich!

    55555 by BKGurl

  • Michael C.Limited "mid-day" menu 3-4 on Sundays.

    55555 by Michael C.

  • Andrea B.Try the no meat cheeseburger - so yummy!

    55555 by Andrea B.

  • Tony S.Good food and decent service, but for the same money, there are better places to eat in Philadelphia.

    33333 by Tony S.

  • Michela D.Def get the Mac and cheese and chicken and waffles!

    55555 by Michela D.

  • Russ K.Check Yelp and read the review about the chicken sandwich and butterscotch shake.

    55555 by Russ K.

  • Chris K.Enjoyed JONES so much, I came back for a second visit! Try the Roasted Salmon, it is fantastic! Highly recommend. Expect to spend $35-$50 for two. WELL WORTH IT!!!

    55555 by Chris K.

  • Kelly E.Went there for my brothers birthday (which happens to be April Fools Day). Chicken and Waffles = to die for. Also, they have an awesome April Fools dessert special. Check it out to find out!

    55555 by Kelly E.

  • Beatrice R.The spicy jambalaya is excellent

    55555 by Beatrice R.

  • Van H.Best place ever!!!!! I used to work here years ago and the food is always made fresh!!

    55555 by Van H.

  • J'nelle C.The fried calamari salad is amazing!!! You will not be disappointed!!!

    55555 by J'nelle C.

  • Wesley M.The pot pie is amazing!

    55555 by Wesley M.

  • Lillian T.Try the $9 Bloody Mary's for brunch on weekends. You get to pick the alcohol, spice and garnish!

    55555 by Lillian T.

  • Diana B.Found Avacado lettuce and tomato as Yum Yum. Try it and dish on it at http://dishonit.com

    55555 by Diana B.

  • Matt D.Don't eat here. Got served raw chicken dumplings. Plus food isn't all that great either

    22222 by Matt D.

  • Dining Out for Life PHLMake your reservation now! Jones is participating in Dining Out for Life 2012 by donating 33% of every meal sold on Thursday, April 26. Dine Out, Fight AIDS! To learn more about the cause:

    55555 by Dining Out for Life PHL

  • David R.Fried chicken and waffles - OK to die for...very good

    55555 by David R.

  • Falon B.Try the purple people eater drink ; )

    55555 by Falon B.

  • Barry M.Monkey bread!

    55555 by Barry M.

  • Zayne S.Adults can enjoy the baked mac n cheese too. ;)

    55555 by Zayne S.

  • △Bloody Mary + Grilled Cheese + Tomato Soup. So good , it's so good.

    55555 by △

  • Christopher M.Brisket was always my favorite.

    55555 by Christopher M.

  • Amy S.Tomato soup and grilled cheese = perfection.

    55555 by Amy S.

  • Raul R.Turkey Burger is a MUST!!!

    55555 by Raul R.

  • Kristie F.Best grilled cheese, tomato soup and deviled eggs I've ever had. Plus what's not to love about 70's retro décor?

    55555 by Kristie F.

  • Foobooz PhiladelphiaCool 70s living room vibe complete with toasty fireplace.

    55555 by Foobooz Philadelphia

  • Dara H.The pancakes are HUGE!! They're good but it's a lot. Get the fried chicken. It's awesome!

    55555 by Dara H.

  • Albert G.Best grilled cheese and tomato soup ever!!

    55555 by Albert G.

  • Meg T.I had the grill cheese with tomato soup, deviled eggs and a lemonade. Everything was great. I tasted the pulled pork, mac & cheese and the meatloaf from friends..also great!!!!

    55555 by Meg T.

  • Kristina D.Crispy Calimari Salad

    55555 by Kristina D.

  • Tasha N.You have to have a Jones soda while at Jones

    55555 by Tasha N.

  • Johnny H.Oh goodness. The mac and cheese was perfect on a rainy Philadelphia night. The apple pie was delicious too.

    55555 by Johnny H.

  • Stephanie S.Great post race brunch!

    55555 by Stephanie S.

  • Zing W.Try the chicken, shrimp and sausage jambalaya......its spicy and crap but its sooooo goood...,the nachos are good too

    55555 by Zing W.

  • Bullfrog & BaumHead to Jones when you're in need of serious comfort food. Try the southern classic chicken and waffles, and the always good grilled cheese and tomato soup.

    55555 by Bullfrog & Baum

  • Catherine P.I really wanted to try their custom-made bloody mary, but we had too much stuff to do...

    55555 by Catherine P.

  • Bill S.Mac and cheese app is excellent. Try the lobster roll - small but satisfying.

    55555 by Bill S.

  • Heather C.Blood Orange cosmo is great. Hummus is fabulous, briskit entree and chic n waffle are awesome. Apple pie is average. Coconut sorbet rocks.

    55555 by Heather C.

  • Dale W.The ALT (avocado, lettuce, and tomato) is great.

    55555 by Dale W.

  • Daniel B.Grab any specialty drink; you can't go wrong.

    55555 by Daniel B.

  • Katie B.Loved my chicken & waffles!

    55555 by Katie B.

  • Minteng C.They have the best fried calamari I've ever had IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!! Anyway, great place with nice cozy atmosphere. We sat next to the fireplace, it was awesome!

    55555 by Minteng C.

  • STARR RestaurantsBlending childhood favorites and a few ethnic specialties Jones mixes and matches the very best in feel-good food.

    55555 by STARR Restaurants

  • Dennis B.The "Thanksgiving Dinner" is a must-order, with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and some of the best cranberry sauce I've had the pleasure of eating -- and I'm a cranberry sauce connoisseur.

    55555 by Dennis B.

  • Felix B.Grilled cheese and tomato soup is awesome!

    55555 by Felix B.

  • Adam K.The beef brisket dinner is fantastic.

    55555 by Adam K.

  • Adam K.All beers are bottled. $6.50 for a bottle of beer is obscene.

    55555 by Adam K.

  • Visit PhillyThe mac and cheese, meat loaf and fried chicken wreak havoc with diets, but the taste is worth every calorie.

    55555 by Visit Philly

  • James Steven B.You have to try the key lime martini!!! It will change your life!!!!

    55555 by James Steven B.

  • Onycha J.When we went today, my mother received a little metal pitcher for her coffee cream. There was mold caked to the sides of the container, I literally got sick to my stomach when I saw it. Ew. Just ew.

    11111 by Onycha J.

  • Linda SKey lime martini! Shiznit!

    55555 by Linda S

  • Jen KThose pierogies are what dreams are made of.

    55555 by Jen K

  • The Notorious K.I.AThere's not a lot of options on the menu. I had the crab cakes, they were okay at best. Definitely wouldn't come back again

    33333 by The Notorious K.I.A

  • Tim P.The beef brisket melts. Ungodly.

    55555 by Tim P.

  • Philadelphia MagazineKids can enjoy baked macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, and standard burgers; parents can choose between pistachio-crusted tilapia or Bubbe’s beef brisket.

    55555 by Philadelphia Magazine

  • FoodspottingTry the lady grey cocktail

    33333 by Foodspotting

  • Regan C.Cocktails/environment are nice, food is pretty mediocre

    33333 by Regan C.

  • Philadelphia MagazineGreat place to bring your kids for brunch! And while you're here try the gooey monkey bread, chicken and waffles, and the cheese-steak omelet.

    55555 by Philadelphia Magazine

  • Ånika G.Best Matzoh Ball Soup!

    55555 by Ånika G.

  • amanda w.Amazing fried chicken.

    55555 by amanda w.

  • Erin S.Potato pancakes are out of control good.

    55555 by Erin S.

  • Nicholl MHoly crap! I'm getting TOTS with my breakfast. Amazing!

    55555 by Nicholl M

  • Stephanie JTotally kid friendly.

    55555 by Stephanie J

  • Jen B.Cheddar Sandwich is amazing!! Fries are delish!

    55555 by Jen B.

  • JaniseBaked mac and cheese crab cake and 1 fish 2 fish what more can a woman ask for :)

    33333 by Janise

  • Gino DBaked mac and cheese great. Main meals orecchiette pasta and pistachio crusted tilapia must have. Derby = best drink in the house

    55555 by Gino D

  • Holly RThe grilled cheese+tomato soup for $10 is amazing and massive! The baked mac+cheese is bigger than it sounds.

    55555 by Holly R

  • Kate R.If you're at Jones for brunch, the monkey bread is a must have!

    55555 by Kate R.

  • Peter Cthe seared tune on coconut rice and wasabi = outstanding! Great value restaurant,cool ambiance. They do not take reservations.

    55555 by Peter C

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