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Chino Bandido

15414 North 19th Avenue Suite K
Phoenix, AZ 85023

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(602) 375-3639

Cuisine: Mexican Restaurants

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4.7 of 5.0 from 181 reviews


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Chino Bandido in Phoenix, AZ
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  • Chino Bandido in Phoenix, AZ

Chino Bandido Reviews

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  • ChefMozWow! Where do I begin? I had the pleasure of eating at Chino's over the last 10 years. Each time I eat here, it's like the first time. It's like a little slice of heaven. Frank, Eve, and Eddie make me feel like I'm part of the family! Of you want the most incredible dish this side of the I-10, stop on by.

    55555 by ChefMoz.org

  • ChefMozRecommended by a co-worker from Phoenix. Thought for sure it was a joke when we pulled into a tiny strip of dirty storefronts and saw "Chino Bandito Takee Outee". Luckily was NOT a joke - fun experience and great food. May need help with the order form, but staff is very friendly and helpful and generous with the food samples. We shared Jade Chicken (awesome), Jerk Chicken, a bean and cheese burrito, rice, spicy black beans (excellent) and a snickerdoodle (great). Where else could you get this mix of foods? And where else will you see the statue of a giant panda statue with a "poncho" mustache, wearing a sombrero and a pistol? You can even prove it to your friends, as t-shirts are available.

    44444 by ChefMoz.org

  • ChefMoz Chino Bandito is by far my favorite restaurant. Jade Red Chicken is the best. Everything else is awesome, but like all places to eat... ...you have your favorite. Forget Valentine's Day and go to Chino's!!

    55555 by ChefMoz.org

  • ChefMozWhen I was on a project there last year (only 2 months) I believe we ate there at least a dozen times. It's by far my favorite restaurant in the area. Very unique, extremely flavorful.

    55555 by ChefMoz.org

  • ChefMozI love Chino Bandito; I've been going there for years. I don't live in Phoenix. anymore but when I visit I make it a point to eat there. The Jerk Chicken with Jade Red Chicken is the best!

    55555 by ChefMoz.org

  • ChefMozThe food, service, ambiance is superb. I have gotten to know the owners and they are very good personages. They did my husband and me a huge favor not too long ago and I am still thanking them for it.

    55555 by ChefMoz.org

  • ChefMozChino Banditos is the best place to eat in the valley. Their combination of Mexican food and Chinese food is awesome. I have been eating there for years and still have the same great food and customer service. They are a really great place.

    55555 by ChefMoz.org

  • ChefMozOne of my favorites when I'm visiting Phoenix, this place is great. I walked in after a year absence, and the guy behind the counter remembered my name and what my favorite dish was! And I live 1600 miles away, and have only visited there a few times! You can order light stuff, or not-so-light. The food is fresh, the service is quick and the help is friendly. The prices are very reasonable, and your meal comes complete with a snickerdoodle cookie baked fresh. Additional cookies can be had for a modest fee, or by staring intently at them while drooling.

    55555 by ChefMoz.org

  • ChefMozMy dad took my mom, sister and I here years ago. I now live in Southern California and still have cravings for Jade Red Chicken. First timers can try many of the favorites before selecting what they want from the menu. The snickerdoodle cookies that come with each meal are always fresh and yummy.

    55555 by ChefMoz.org

  • ChefMozChino Bandito is has some of the best food in phoenix they serve a unique combination of Mexican and Chinese dishes. It is a small place but the food is outstanding.

    55555 by ChefMoz.org

  • Jetz G.Go to Los Taquitos Mexican Grill instead

    33333 by Jetz G.

  • The Dad REverything's good here. Sorry about the photo. Can't ever remember to take one before I'm finished. Soooooo Good!

    55555 by The Dad R

  • Jetz G.Besides the Black Beans & Low Prices Every Item I had tasted was Nothing But Onion .....I found myself having to pile on condiments for taste

    33333 by Jetz G.

  • Cosmo S.I have eaten at 4 other restaurants that Guy Fieri featured on his show and they were all pretty disappointing. Chino's is a great exception. Everything I have had here is 👌

    55555 by Cosmo S.

  • Tony DuranHell Yes! Delicious food because it's an awesome concept to combine two of the world's best flavors. Easy way of ordering but if it's your first time the staff are very friendly and helpful!

    55555 by Tony Duran

  • Ben SChinese food, rice bowl

    33333 by Ben S

  • Monte T.Great staff. The free cookies are good enough to make you want to go back just for the cookie.

    55555 by Monte T.

  • Paul WatkinsTry everything once. All is good!

    55555 by Paul Watkins

  • Brent M.The best part of Chino Bandido is that you get to chose 2 different meats, and a rice and beans for your sides.

    55555 by Brent M.

  • Michael B.Awesome & fast food. Grabbed lunch here and loved it.

    55555 by Michael B.

  • Shelly RRed jade chicken!

    55555 by Shelly R

  • Tim A.Jade red chicken, black beans, jerk fried rice, emerald chicken, snickerdoodles, chocolate volcano cookies — everything is amazing!

    55555 by Tim A.

  • Delete WThe food was amazing! The Chinese/Mexican twist is perfect for our family. I love Chinese, husband loves Mexican.

    55555 by Delete W

  • Gilbert EFirst time visitor but the staff was friendly and helpful. Jade chicken was good, not too spicy. The wife would have hoed the place was a little cleaner but all and all very pleased.

    55555 by Gilbert E

  • Chris L.Pollo Diablo with pork fried rice!

    55555 by Chris L.

  • Doug FAs always the food was GREAT!!! A neighborhood hole in the wall place that has never disappointed.

    55555 by Doug F

  • Anne A.Mexican Chinese was never better! And you get a cookie for dessert.

    55555 by Anne A.

  • Ashley NSuch a different concept- awesome food!

    55555 by Ashley N

  • Robert D#7 in a quesadilla

    22222 by Robert D

  • Cecil D.If you're feeling particularly hungry, get the two sides plus one of the rice flavors and beans! There's so much to mix and match.

    55555 by Cecil D.

  • Erik SEmerald chicken quesadilla

    55555 by Erik S

  • CeCe HCarnitas quesadilla with black beans and jerk fried rice! Emerald chicken is legit. Snickerdoodle cookies are to die for.

    55555 by CeCe H

  • Craig M.Chili relleno is fantastic! Black beans are a must.

    55555 by Craig M.

  • Quynh RJerk chicken on everything

    55555 by Quynh R

  • Moe B.I have a new favorite! The ginger chicken with jerk fried rice

    55555 by Moe B.

  • Brough TLove it! More combos than you can think of!

    55555 by Brough T

  • Melissa H.The Emerald chicken is so yummy and flavorful! That ginger & green onion sauce! ♡

    55555 by Melissa H.

  • Frank D.One of my favorite places to eat in Phoenix.

    55555 by Frank D.

  • Craig M.Best chile relleno and Cuban black beans you will ever find... everything else is also great.

    55555 by Craig M.

  • Taylor OrtliebAll I ever want in life is a supply of jade chicken quesadillas and snickerdoodles.

    55555 by Taylor Ortlieb

  • Tim BBest dive food ever - friendly staff!

    55555 by Tim B

  • Alyssa SBeen going here since I was a kid and I've never been disappointed. My favorite things are the jade red chicken and their quesadillas.

    55555 by Alyssa S

  • Kali EzellThe food is amazing, my favorite is jade red chicken, emerald chicken quesadilla, and black beans, no rice. Sooooo good!!!!

    55555 by Kali Ezell

  • Eric HenningsenBlack beans are amazing! No place like Chino's anywhere I've travelled. I get here at least once whenever I'm in Phoenix. It's a hole in the wall that's been there for 20 years, with the same menu.

    55555 by Eric Henningsen

  • Ron W.the Diablo isn't that hot TRY it ☺️

    55555 by Ron W.

  • Tyler GobleAmazing quesadillas and chicken! Best Chinese/Mexican Place around!

    55555 by Tyler Goble

  • Ed H.Try the Hengrenade Chicken & Carnitas (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Ed H.

  • AGVSMGreat food, even better service! Fantastic synergy of Chinese & Latin American cuisine (merging the owners' worlds). The person taking our order was more than helpful and gave us plenty of samples.

    55555 by AGVSM

  • Jeremy K.Is it more of a Mexinese... Or is it a bit more Chinexican? Honestly I can't decide. But it's good food and a divey atmosphere. Perfect.

    55555 by Jeremy K.

  • Julia EstreborImagine chinese cuisine mixed with mexican cuisine. Good idea. Good turnout.

    55555 by Julia Estrebor

  • Laine WymanLove the Red Jade Chicken! It is a fun place with a lot of character. The ordering can be a little overwhelming but staff are happy to help.

    55555 by Laine Wyman

  • Brent M.The jade red chicken is the best

    55555 by Brent M.

  • Mikayla b.The carnitas are fantastic!

    55555 by Mikayla b.

  • Nick C.The black beans are incredible!

    55555 by Nick C.

  • Anita M.Carnitas are the bomb!!

    55555 by Anita M.

  • Chris SiegwaldAn Arizona icon. Enough said. No matter what you try, somehow it always appeals to your taste buds. A must visit at least once, then you are hooked!

    55555 by Chris Siegwald

  • Matt N TreglownEverything at chino is bomb. My favorite place to eat.

    55555 by Matt N Treglown

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Chino Bandido as seen on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Alec L.The obvious standouts are the ever-popular Jade Red chicken and sweetly delicious Snickerdoodles, but there isn't much on the menu not worth sampling. Great service, impossibly good food.

    55555 by Alec L.

  • MACRODONWhat's not to love? Such an amazing wreck of Asian and Latin cuisines all together on the same plate. I love it.

    55555 by MACRODON

  • Ryan S.Cheap and delicious

    55555 by Ryan S.

  • Chris B.The menus are a confusing pain in the ass to fill out but the food is epic. EVERYTHING is delicious!

    55555 by Chris B.

  • Kirby L.This place is the bomb.com!

    55555 by Kirby L.

  • Brad B.Double jade red chicken, refried beans, and rice - it's been my only order for 15+ years!

    55555 by Brad B.

  • Alexandra L.If you're new thy will give you samples, there's so many options it's nice to narrow it down!

    55555 by Alexandra L.

  • www.PetFinder.com -.Fresh brewed tea New art Chinos.

    55555 by www.PetFinder.com -.

  • www.PetFinder.com -.Fresh brewed tea here now. Awesome.

    55555 by www.PetFinder.com -.

  • www.PetFinder.com -.Fresh brewed tea here now.

    55555 by www.PetFinder.com -.

  • John R.Jade red chicken burrito. Diablo chicken quesadilla. Jerk fried rice. Black beans. Done.

    55555 by John R.

  • Sara Z.My combo of choice...Jade Red Chicken, Carnitas Burrito, fried rice & beans. Mmm!

    55555 by Sara Z.

  • Sara Z.Been wanting to try this place for years! Lived up to my expectations. Kind of a hole in the wall, but the people are incredibly friendly and helpful and the food was good. We'll definitely return!

    55555 by Sara Z.

  • Kim S.Yummy! Be sure to ask for the samples to help you decide what you like. I liked the black beans, Carnitas, and BBQ pork. But the ginger chicken sample was really good too (will get that next time!)

    55555 by Kim S.

  • Matthew D.Fusion!!!! Do red Jane Chicken in a burrito. Then Emerald Chicken in a quesidilla. Do the fusion for the real deal

    55555 by Matthew D.

  • Filbert W.They had to tear the wall down to install this custom 6ft Bandito-panda statue

    33333 by Filbert W.

  • Tony G.Jerk rice & carnitas

    55555 by Tony G.

  • Traclyn P.Disappointed. Majorly.

    33333 by Traclyn P.

  • Jennifer N.Get a combo with a quesadilla. I prefer the Chinese pork in the bowl and the jerk chicken in the quesadilla. And the pork jerk fried rice is delish!

    55555 by Jennifer N.

  • Ashish G.Try the Pollo Diablo, it's heavenly!

    55555 by Ashish G.

  • Connie W.probably better for carnivores!

    55555 by Connie W.

  • Josh A.Awesome food. Definitely lives up to the hype. I will be coming back again.

    55555 by Josh A.

  • Jennifer S.Food and service were great. We got to sample before we decided what to order

    55555 by Jennifer S.

  • Damon M.Best Asian-Mexican-Carribbean Fusion food on 19th Ave by far.

    55555 by Damon M.

  • Frances M.Fried rice and pollo diablo. Very delicious.

    55555 by Frances M.

  • Jim N.9Q 1Q BLK JFr

    11111 by Jim N.

  • Sue W.Awesome food

    55555 by Sue W.

  • Seth T.Jade red chicken straight up with fried rice is the way to go!!!

    55555 by Seth T.

  • Cris W.I like the black beans. I like the everything.

    55555 by Cris W.

  • Kristi K.The jerk chicken is delicious!

    55555 by Kristi K.

  • Stephen M.Everything is great on the menu trust me I have tried it all

    55555 by Stephen M.

  • Stephanie H.#7 & #11 with CFR!

    33333 by Stephanie H.

  • Ashleigh K.Went here on 4/1 and honestly the food was a joke. I love this place and I have never bad a complaint but the jfr was bland and not even spicy, and my friends pfr was so greasy. Black beans were runny

    33333 by Ashleigh K.

  • Becky G.The complicated ordering process is more than made up for by the delicious food.

    55555 by Becky G.

  • Jonathan L.Jade Red Chicken is the BEST. Also, best fried rice ever.

    55555 by Jonathan L.

  • Elizabeth M.Basically the best place to eat.....ever. Red jade chicken quesadilla all day everyday.

    55555 by Elizabeth M.

  • Jessie K.Confusing menu, but everything is delicious!

    55555 by Jessie K.

  • Maddie L.My family and I have been going here for over 20 years.. Almost since the day they opened! Great food! You will get addicted. Try jade red in a quesadilla too!!

    55555 by Maddie L.

  • Rodney M.Great food! Don't be fooled by the outside, the food you find inside is incredible. Try the vegetable quesadilla. Healthyish and yummy!!

    55555 by Rodney M.

  • James W.I ate the leftovers today, this food is really, really good!

    55555 by James W.

  • James W.The food was fantastic! We will be back!

    55555 by James W.

  • Alex J.3Q & 10 or 9 with PKFR and refried beans. always get it like this.

    55555 by Alex J.

  • Kati R.I love getting the Jade Red Chicken or the Machaca in a quesadilla! The cheese balances out the spice very well. Yum!

    55555 by Kati R.

  • allie b.An impeccably unorthodox mix, this place meshes mexican and chinese food and creates delicious meals like jade red chicken quesadillas with black beans and rice. Don't knock it 'til you try it!

    55555 by allie b.

  • Jace G.This place is amazing! Great service and awesome food. I recommend Jade Red Chicken and BBQ Pork Quesadilla (have to eat it with plum sauce though).

    55555 by Jace G.

  • Kelly N.My boyfriend LOVES this place! He dragged me here & I fell in love. Atmosphere is ok, but the food is great "pig out" food! Enchiladas & fried rice in one entree! I'm vegetarian & I was able to eat.

    55555 by Kelly N.

  • Jason W.Get the jade red chicken and anything else.

    55555 by Jason W.

  • Erin C.So good, but somewhat pricey depending on what you order. Their volcano cookies are amazing!

    55555 by Erin C.

  • Kelly B.Everything here is good! And the black beans are to die for!

    55555 by Kelly B.

  • Jacquie M.told her it was my first time and she bombarded me with yummy samples! emerald chicken tastes like ginger and green onion, and jade chicken is sooooo good! jerk fried rice yummmyyy! dont judge!

    55555 by Jacquie M.

  • Amanda P.Make sure to do a chinese/mexican combo.... Dont just get all of one or the other like a rookie. The chile relleno is great and the machaca beef is great too.

    55555 by Amanda P.

  • Paul H.If you've never eaten here before, be sure to ask for help ordering from the staff.

    55555 by Paul H.

  • .:Jerm:.Don't eat the JIZZZZZERK!!! HAHAHA!

    22222 by .:Jerm:.

  • Hector R.If you are a 1st timer at this place, go to there webpage to see how to other with there interactive online menu.

    55555 by Hector R.

  • William E.Went here during Spring Training and now am gonna make this the first stop after the airport!

    55555 by William E.

  • Robert F.I'm from Texas and I came here with a friend who lives here. If you wanna try something mind-blowing, GET THE EMERALD CHICKEN.

    55555 by Robert F.

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  • Keely V.If you're first-timer, ask them to let you sample their best dishes. They will excitedly do so.

    55555 by Keely V.

  • Heather12Q- it is a salad in a tortilla, but somehow it works. I suggest eating it there, though- it is not as good when it is not hot.

    33333 by Heather

  • Ryan C.I have been going to Chino for several years, Jade Red & Black Beans are always my standards. Recently discovered a Chile Relleno in a burrito... Pancho Panda you have blown my mind!

    55555 by Ryan C.

  • Jessica S.Jade Chicken all day everyday!

    55555 by Jessica S.

  • Casey S.9 & 11 with black beans & jerk fried rice

    55555 by Casey S.

  • AndrewOn thw weekends they have different cookie options: try the volcano cookie

    55555 by Andrew

  • Jason V.free cookie with your order, and the Snickerdoodles are legendary

    55555 by Jason V.

  • Bethany B.Jade red chicken, Cuban black beans and jerk chicken fried rice. Amazing!

    55555 by Bethany B.

  • Jon's B.Jerk fried chicken is so damn good mmmm

    55555 by Jon's B.

  • EuniceAsian-Mexican Fusion. Take time to understand the menu before you order because you'll be overwhelmed.

    33333 by Eunice

  • Paige D.The best thing about this place besides the food is the fact that people of all cultures, all ethnicities love eating here. It's amazing that this food appeals to such a broad spectrum of people! Woot

    55555 by Paige D.

  • Libby S.Don't get discouraged if the ordering system seems complicated. The friendly staff with walk you through it and even give you tasty samples. The great food is well worth the effort!

    55555 by Libby S.

  • Phoenix New TimesBest of Phoenix Winner 2011: Best Mexican Fusion. If you’re feeling for some Chinese and Mexican cuisines, Chino Bandido is the perfect combo.

    55555 by Phoenix New Times

  • Food NetworkGuy Fieri drove out to Phoenix, Arizona and sampled the inventive fare at this Chinese-Mexican fusion restaurant.

    55555 by Food Network

  • Gabbi H.Jade red chicken all the way! And try the black beans!

    55555 by Gabbi H.

  • Topher M.Q14 & Q7 w/ JFC and BLK beans. <3

    33333 by Topher M.

  • Nicholas C.Gotta try this place as it was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

    55555 by Nicholas C.

  • AndrewMy favorite is: combo 1 & 9 / BLK / JFR

    55555 by Andrew

  • Neil D.You win again Pollo Diablo

    55555 by Neil D.

  • Amanda M.Jerk chicken quesadilla with jade red chicken. Black beans and jerk rice!!!

    55555 by Amanda M.

  • Sathya K.try the jerk chicken and the spicy jerk chicken fried rice.

    55555 by Sathya K.

  • Jason F.7B+1Q+JFR = DD Tits

    33333 by Jason F.

  • Katherine V.I hear this is a great place. Sounds interesting and I would like to try it.

    55555 by Katherine V.

  • DebbieBest food ever! jerk fried rice!

    55555 by Debbie

  • DebbieJerk fried rice and emerald chicken

    55555 by Debbie

  • Adrian V.The chocolate chip cookie pales in comparison to the snickerdoodle.

    55555 by Adrian V.

  • Erica D.Perfect combo: jade red chicken or pork, jerk fried rice, jerk chicken, black beans! Ftw!!!

    55555 by Erica D.

  • David Y.Jade Red+Jerk Chicken= ultimate combo

    55555 by David Y.

  • Andrew E.Can't beat the pork fried rice and the jade red chicken!

    55555 by Andrew E.

  • CYNTHIA JYummy! Great food.

    55555 by CYNTHIA J

  • JSToGoBest DDD joint I've tried so far!

    55555 by JSToGo

  • JK G.Be sure to tell 'em if it's your first time! Jade Red Chicken in a quesadilla is WAY better than it has any right to be.

    55555 by JK G.

  • Brad A7 7Q JFR Blk beans.

    22222 by Brad A

  • MollyCarnitas, its all about the carnitas

    55555 by Molly

  • Johnny8B 9Q, black beans and white rice!

    55555 by Johnny

  • Donny C.3Q-8Q, Blk beans, Cfr... Justsayin

    22222 by Donny C.

  • M.J. R.For those with island palates, try the Chinese BBQ, Emerald Chicken or the Carnitas (think Kalau Pork & Lomi Lomi intertwined). But in the end, it's *really* all about the Snickerdoodle.

    55555 by M.J. R.

  • Derek P.TRUST ME! 7Q - 7 - Blk - Jfr! Sooo amazing! I literally just finished!

    55555 by Derek P.

  • Jennifer PJade Red Chicken!!

    55555 by Jennifer P

  • Wes N.Vegan option: 23 BLK + 21, REF, W all with no cheese. Get lots of the hotsauce. Don't eat the nonvegan cookies.

    33333 by Wes N.

  • Rachel T.Try the emerald chicken. So amazing. Hengrenade chicken is good too. Try the hot sauc

    55555 by Rachel T.

  • Andrew K.play Jenga till your food is ready.

    55555 by Andrew K.

  • Aaron P.Try the Jade Red Chicken Rice Bowl

    55555 by Aaron P.

  • Dustin D.try the samples before eating if you have never been. My favorite is the jerk chicken burrito and Volcano cookies on the weekends! (alternating)

    55555 by Dustin D.

  • Erin M.Let them walk you through the samples... Lost on me as a vegetarian, but it always helps my carnivorous friends decide.

    55555 by Erin M.

  • Michael D.Like spicy? Try 9Q 13B BLK JFR FTW! And don't forget to pick up extra Snickerdoodles!

    55555 by Michael D.

  • Jim N.9Q 9Q BLK JFR

    11111 by Jim N.

  • Keith K.14B & 10Q CFR combo win

    55555 by Keith K.

  • IFC (Independent Film Channel)Phoenix: Meet Pancho Panda, the southwest's most lovable Mexican panda. If you ever have trouble deciding on stir fry vs. tacos, just come here! - IFC Staff

    55555 by IFC (Independent Film Channel)

  • Lindsay BThe best chinese and mexican food in arizona. Most amazing, yet interesting fushion you will ever try! Red jade chicken is the best.

    55555 by Lindsay B

  • Greg C.Excellent food...but eat in takes FOREVER to get your food. Even basic cheese quesadillas took way too long.

    33333 by Greg C.

  • travis n.7 & 7 BLK JFR with tortillas and extra jade red sauce on the side.

    55555 by travis n.

  • Christopher V.Try the Jade Red Chicken!

    55555 by Christopher V.

  • Jerry F.1B/7 BLK JFR.

    11111 by Jerry F.

  • Jeff H8B/8B REF JFR for life

    55555 by Jeff H

  • Cody S.8B/11Q JAR Lava cookie!

    55555 by Cody S.

  • Kathy Y.combo of 3 and 11Q with JFR.

    55555 by Kathy Y.

  • MollieFirst stop in PHX

    55555 by Mollie

  • Steven G.Sunday visit = Butterscotch oatmeal rasin cookies in addition to their very awesome snickerdoodles; Plan on checking them out on Sundays!

    55555 by Steven G.

  • Steven G.2 ppl order = 7, 8 rfb, jfr & veggy quesadilla - serious nom

    55555 by Steven G.

  • Bill M.Try something different.

    55555 by Bill M.

  • Jeremy H.3Q, 7B, BLK & JFR FTW

    55555 by Jeremy H.

  • Gregg S.Some of the best food in Phoenix. Not quite fine dining, but I have never had food like this ever.

    55555 by Gregg S.

  • Sheehan A.the original chino bandido. get the jade red chicken or gringo chicken. then take a huge nap

    55555 by Sheehan A.

  • Andrew K.Order a 10Q and 8B combo w/ PKFR

    33333 by Andrew K.

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