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Buccaneer Den Motor Lodge

1884 Port Austin Road
Port Austin, MI 48467

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(989) 738-7175

Cuisine: American Restaurants

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Business Profile for Buccaneer Den Motor Lodge

Buccaneer Den Motor Lodge is located at 1884 Port Austin Road in Port Austin, Michigan. Ken Ruth is the manager of this location. Buccaneer Den Motor Lodge generates about $40,000 in income.

Buccaneer Den Motor Lodge Reviews

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  • ChefMozI DO know what to write, and it ought to be crystal clear! I don't know who will read this, but I'll feel better writing it out! My wife and I and our two daughters, (ten and 2 1/2) stopped in for dinner, about 6P.M., Saturday, 8-18-07. The place was jumpin'; A man and woman were seated at the bar... That's it. That should have been the first clue... The dining area was clearly NOT identified; a woman, presumably an employee, directed us there after we asked her where it was. She sat us. So she was an employee after all. As is the custom here in America, (and, I presume, the world over), the females all went to the bathroom. While looking at the menu, and noticing the over-priced meals, I took a sip of the water that had been provided... WELL WATER!!! At these prices, surely they could provide diners with at least bottled water, and not this! Any way, we placed our orders. The childrens' salads arrived first. Midway through them, the same woman,(bleached blond hair, red blouse and black pants; I surmised she must have been the "hostess" arrived with the little one's entree. She shoved aside the salad plate she was eating from, put the plate in front of her, and announced: "This plate is pretty hot",(real smart move), and quickly removed the bread plates;(no bread was ever brought out). I told her to leave the plates, and that if the one was too hot for the 2 1/2 yr. old, I would feed her from a small bread plate. The woman seemed put out with my request. I had requested coffee with my meal. The coffee, weak and having no discernable flavor whatsoever, was made with the SAME GODDAM WELL WATER!!! So, do you think cream, or even half-and half could have been brought out? No, it was, I think, 2% milk!!! Not even whole milk, at least!!!Asking what types of salad dressing were available, we were told: "Ranch, honey-mustard, and EYE-talian."Being Italian, I was upset there were no EYES at all in the EYE-talian dressing; I had to settle for the hair I found in it, instead... After a holder of the 3 types salad dressing were used once, said holder was whisked away. My older daughter and I both like Ranch on our potatoes, so I had to walk across the room to retrieve it. Woman was no where to be found. After we had used dressing for our potatoes, she whisked it away AGAIN!!! Geez, lady, get a grip! At one point, the woman came over to look at our table from several feet away...not to ask if everything were alright or see if we needed anything; just to look. For an overpriced menu of sub-standard food, a rude, ignorant hostess/server and ZERO atmosphere, you all know where to go! To say the overall rating is POOR is too good a term!

    11111 by ChefMoz.org

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