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Bollywood Theater

2039 NE Alberta St
Portland, OR 97211

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(971) 200-4711


  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Monday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Thursday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Friday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Saturday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

Cuisine: Indian Food Restaurants

4.8 of 5.0 from 79 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Bollywood Theater in Portland, OR
  • Bollywood Theater in Portland, OR
  • Bollywood Theater in Portland, OR
  • Bollywood Theater in Portland, OR
  • Bollywood Theater in Portland, OR
  • Bollywood Theater in Portland, OR
  • Bollywood Theater in Portland, OR
  • Bollywood Theater in Portland, OR
  • Bollywood Theater in Portland, OR
  • Bollywood Theater in Portland, OR

Bollywood Theater Reviews

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  • Danika CKati Roll was killer! Everything was SO good!!!

    55555 by Danika C

  • root Sチキンの火入れ加減、スパイスの加減、量の加減、味のバランス全部が絶妙◎これなら毎日行きたい!

    55555 by root S

  • Mary BDelicious Indian food and really cool atmosphere! Ordered the Chicken Curry Dinner and was very satisfied!

    55555 by Mary B

  • Andrew C.Consistently alright by somehow underwhelming.

    33333 by Andrew C.

  • Rene RGet here a bit earlier to avoid the line! Chicken Curry is a classic and very delicious!

    55555 by Rene R

  • Wondering SNice outdoor seating area, pretty authentic food! Saffron rice was amazing, vada pav as well.

    55555 by Wondering S

  • Sara MIndian street food. Fun environment, delicious food... not your typical "americanized" indian food. They have another location down on Division.

    55555 by Sara M

  • QuinteinGreat Indian food bowls. Some of the portions may look small but they are very filling.

    55555 by Quintein

  • Varadh JPaneer Kati Roll + Vada Pav were fantastic 🤗

    55555 by Varadh J

  • James BI have no problem with spicy...as long as I'm advised that it's going to be. Too many burning surprises at this place.

    33333 by James B

  • Nadia RThe small plate of chicken curry is delicious. And a side of okra for appetizers. Definitely pair with a hot chai, mmmmm!

    55555 by Nadia R

  • Razor SDahi papdi Chat was spicy but tasty - 7/10... Vada pav was very good - 8/10.... others ate pav bhaji - 5/10... paneer Kathi roll - 4/10... chicken kathi roll 5/10

    55555 by Razor S

  • Nikhil SVada Pao is 👍

    55555 by Nikhil S

  • Anna JThe lamb samosas were fantastic, as were the cocktails.

    55555 by Anna J

  • Trent SJust go. You'll be glad you did.

    55555 by Trent S

  • Connie ChiuOh my jeebus I'm all about this spot. Not exactly the authentic style it's damn delicious. Highlights: beets, okra, lamb samosas, and pork vindaloo.

    55555 by Connie Chiu

  • Pavan CLove the ambience and chaat here.

    55555 by Pavan C

  • Vilok V.Pav bhaji and vada pav are to doe for!

    55555 by Vilok V.

  • Omkar KurodeWonderful experience

    55555 by Omkar Kurode

  • matthew ZFried okra

    55555 by matthew Z

  • Brook ShelleyThe food was tasty enough, but the portions were very small for the price.

    33333 by Brook Shelley

  • John EPaneer Mahkni

    55555 by John E

  • MLO84Beets here are the best in the city. Anyone who tells you differently can beat it!

    55555 by MLO84

  • ZubinGreat fast casual Indian. All the best stuff I had was from the specials list (kale pakora, sweet potato chaat, watermelon masala gin, etc) Lamb samosas were great. Skip the curry chicken.

    55555 by Zubin

  • Cameron M.The samosa sincerely rocks. Get the spicy chili by the utensils. Combined w/ bites of the sweet tomato + raisin chutney = Mouth winning. (The kati rolls are rather Americanized.)

    55555 by Cameron M.

  • Ritika IVada pao, tea, okra, dahi bada

    55555 by Ritika I

  • Mike TDon't go here with people who don't like indian food, although it is street food it isn't different enough from typical Indian food to win them over.

    55555 by Mike T

  • Hillary BurkhardtPork vindaloo was great, busy on the weekends but worth the wait!

    55555 by Hillary Burkhardt

  • Dietra EvansPimm's cup

    55555 by Dietra Evans

  • Zivit Katz-TsameretGood vibes, atmosphere and food.

    55555 by Zivit Katz-Tsameret

  • Sunil J.Decent Indian chaats

    55555 by Sunil J.

  • Sylvia F.Best Indian chaat aka snack place I've been to in the USA. Definitely worth a stop here. Order all on the menu if you can!

    55555 by Sylvia F.

  • Benton B.Outstanding pork vindaloo.

    55555 by Benton B.

  • Chefs FeedMark Gordon, chef of Terzo, eats here on his nights off. He loves the Okra.

    55555 by Chefs Feed

  • Sarah S.We loved all of the street food snacks! Don’t miss the Pork Vindaloo, Goan Style Shrimp, & Okra!

    55555 by Sarah S.

  • Jenny Y.Vibrant and hip atmosphere. But more importantly, food that is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Focusing on super-authentic Indian street food, if you like Indian food or exotic spices, this is a can't miss.

    55555 by Jenny Y.

  • David P.You can't go wrong. The shrimp Goan is killer.

    55555 by David P.

  • Sagar A.Must try Vada Pav and Mango Lassi!!

    55555 by Sagar A.

  • Ellen F.It's the Indian-themed ¿Por Que No?

    33333 by Ellen F.

  • cu chullainIt was delicious

    55555 by cu chullain

  • Jay HastingsNot enough masala in the dishes, had to spice it up with the hot chillies

    33333 by Jay Hastings

  • Damao ChuPork Vindaloo! Pork is well cooked moist with vindaloo spices and the roasted bun man, superb!

    55555 by Damao Chu

  • Damao ChuChai with spices and ginger, wow beat the chai I had in Boulder CO yesterday!

    55555 by Damao Chu

  • Michael P.Everything here is amazing, including you for deciding to come here. Pro tip: Go to Salt & Straw for dessert!

    55555 by Michael P.

  • Victoria HallTry the Train to Mysore, delicious :)

    55555 by Victoria Hall

  • Vinh Nikki NguyenGoan-style Thaili meal!

    33333 by Vinh Nikki Nguyen

  • ConorThey're fried okra made me fall in love with okra

    55555 by Conor

  • EaterThe high-energy spot offers one of Portland's most unique menus by focusing on less-discovered spices: fried vada pavs, refreshing yogurt-topped papri chaat, spicy Goan-style shrimp. [Eater 38 Member]

    55555 by Eater

  • Matt H.A bit expensive for the small plates but the portion sizes are right on. The vindaloo wasn't super ultra fiery -- perfect for my taste.

    55555 by Matt H.

  • Pam B.Might have to stand in line but its totally worth the wait!!!

    55555 by Pam B.

  • Vittal RMust visit..

    55555 by Vittal R

  • Annie F.The Kati rolls with paneer are so delicious.

    55555 by Annie F.

  • Vishal MatamA great place to hangout and binge on Indian snacks!! :)

    55555 by Vishal Matam

  • Amanda R.Ginger Limeade is ridic. Get the beets and grilled corn too! And the poppadoms!

    55555 by Amanda R.

  • Betsy M.The had me at Bhel Puri.

    55555 by Betsy M.

  • Maggi P.Kati roll with pander is outrageously good. Side of beets with cumin seeds and yoghurt also delicious.

    55555 by Maggi P.

  • Bryan D.Get one of each!!!

    55555 by Bryan D.

  • Ann W.Awesome food and outdoor seating.

    55555 by Ann W.

  • Jeroen V.Great pav bhaji and vada pavs :) !! Lassi is not that good....OK

    55555 by Jeroen V.

  • Peter T.Sit by the open wall for a delightful cross-breeze in the summer!

    55555 by Peter T.

  • Sandy W.Best. People watching. Ever!

    55555 by Sandy W.

  • Alex MFried okra is delish.

    55555 by Alex M

  • Abhishek M.Used to be good, but not anymore. Liked the bombay sandwhcih and the vada pav.

    33333 by Abhishek M.

  • Abhishek M.Used to be good, but not anymore.

    33333 by Abhishek M.

  • Terrill T.Try the KATI Roll!!

    55555 by Terrill T.

  • Chris Z.The Samosa's are excellent!

    55555 by Chris Z.

  • Daniel B.Omg kati roll is to die for.

    55555 by Daniel B.

  • Kristi K.Loved the crispy, zingy Bhel Phuri and the Pav Bhaji's grilled buttery rolls topped with tomato-based mash. Delicious!

    55555 by Kristi K.

  • Heather D.You order first, then sit. Line moves pretty fast though. Food is def worth it!

    55555 by Heather D.

  • OliviaThe paneer kati roll is a meal in itself!

    55555 by Olivia

  • Derrick J.The playlist here is killer

    55555 by Derrick J.

  • Peter Y.Anything with potatoes rocks.

    55555 by Peter Y.

  • Sushant BhosaleWhoa! This place is the closest to Indian taste I have had in the US! Totally feels like India in here. Try the Goan Shrimp Curry.

    55555 by Sushant Bhosale

  • Raksha RathnamA must MUST!! This is the closest to Indian street food that I have eaten in the US. And I was not disappointed. The bhel puri is good. Papdi chaat is awesome and Kati rolls are the best!

    55555 by Raksha Rathnam

  • Divya A.Vada pav is amazing!

    55555 by Divya A.

  • Adrienne CThe Pimm's cup is deelish!

    55555 by Adrienne C

  • Sue V.The Papri Chaat with the Pork Vindaloo is a nice combination. and the beets are must do

    55555 by Sue V.

  • Michelle B.Vindaloo is lacking heat and no Naan on the menu. Otherwise tasty.

    55555 by Michelle B.

  • joahna k.The chai is perfect on a rainy day. And the beets are a must - creamy and with just the right sour and spice!

    55555 by joahna k.

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