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7000 Northeast Airport Way
Portland, OR 97218

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(503) 282-2630


  • Sunday: 5:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Monday: 5:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 5:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 5:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Thursday: 5:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Friday: 5:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Saturday: 5:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Cuisine: Bars

4.2 of 5.0 from 63 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Rogue Reviews

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  • Robin BertelsBottles to go! Much better than the usual crappy airplane beers.

    33333 by Robin Bertels

  • OwenThe kobe burgers are superb. The hazelnut brown nectar ale is wonderful.

    55555 by Owen

  • Colton G.Same cost as the one downtown (no upcharge at the airport!). Join Rogue Nation for $0.75 off each beer. This location is right near the D gates.

    55555 by Colton G.

  • Amelia H.If you are a vegetarian your options are tater tots or the hummus plate appetizer :P

    55555 by Amelia H.

  • Tim H.Decently priced beer for an airport.

    55555 by Tim H.

  • Dri SChocolate Stout and Spinach & Artichoke Dip! Is to die for...

    55555 by Dri S

  • Michael P.They sell beer and are open late, why are you still reading tips?Knowing this would be open after arriving from JFK is what kept me from giving up on life and rushing the cockpit.

    33333 by Michael P.

  • Calvin MultanenRogue for the road. Not bad for some pre-flight prep

    33333 by Calvin Multanen

  • Morgan R.Good selection of Rogue tap and bottled beer. One of the only places to grab a late-night beer at PDX.

    55555 by Morgan R.

  • Sam W.Excellent selections, fairest of prices

    55555 by Sam W.

  • Kevin W.This breakfast greatly exceeded my low airport food expectations. Delicious artery-clogging toast.

    55555 by Kevin W.

  • Bethany ChildersThe fi $ h and chips paired with a pale ale ROCKS!

    55555 by Bethany Childers

  • Chris A.Don't waste your money on anything with "Kobe" in the name. Either all their burgers are made with Kobe beef, or they don't know what "Kobe" means. The regular burger and the Kobe burger taste same.

    33333 by Chris A.

  • Bryan R.As far as airport restaurants go, this one is pretty good.

    55555 by Bryan R.

  • Brenda Murray CortezThe Blue Balls here as not as good as at other Routes. Couldn't even see any blur cheese in the middle.

    33333 by Brenda Murray Cortez

  • Brenda Murray CortezNot owned by Rouge; it a franchise and the only sell growlers, not fill them.

    55555 by Brenda Murray Cortez

  • Michelle M.delicious garden burger

    55555 by Michelle M.

  • Amin BGreat beer. So so food.

    55555 by Amin B

  • Darcy G.Yes! They have a full bar!

    55555 by Darcy G.

  • ViVica V.The side of chips is probably lays chips. The Kobe bleu ball sub was tough and chewy meat w no blue cheese inside that I could speak of. Incredibly disappointing

    22222 by ViVica V.

  • DeanThe mead is a little hoppier than I expected and obviously not as malty. Still good and very light.

    55555 by Dean

  • JoeYou're eating airport food you moron. What do you expect

    33333 by Joe

  • Will VMake sure you order the right burger. I ordered a regular burger and got a Kobe burger for $6 extra by accident :/

    33333 by Will V

  • Amber S.Good food...but I paid $13 for the smallest portion size I have ever seen.

    22222 by Amber S.

  • Kate P.Mmmm morning mimosa.

    55555 by Kate P.

  • Joe Y.Rogue Dip sounds great!! A French Dip Beef Sandwich and chips!!!

    55555 by Joe Y.

  • Stephanie G.Service on a Sunday usually sucks, set your expectations low and they'll be met

    33333 by Stephanie G.

  • Jake S.If you want an interesting beer, get the XS Imperial IPA. 9.5%, 75 IBUs

    55555 by Jake S.

  • Dianah D.Double Bloody Mary's on tap! Haha! And its not HRD vodka!

    55555 by Dianah D.

  • JoeBleu balls with ketchup were delightful. Then again I'm partial to balls in my mouth.

    55555 by Joe

  • EaterRogue Brewing is one of the state's highest-profile breweries. The food menu, has bites like Kobe beef sliders and blue cheese balls, with Rogue brews as key ingredients. Bonus: The bar opens at 5am.

    55555 by Eater

  • nicole c.The beer short stacks with bacon is a great choice for breakfast! The pancakes are an inch thick and you get 3 plus the bacon is thick as well. So worth the money!

    55555 by nicole c.

  • Jonathan H.Although the menu says the Kobe meatballs are stuffed with Rogue Creamery blue cheese, they actually contain little if no cheese inside. They are a good protein alternative, but no cheese.

    33333 by Jonathan H.

  • Don N.If you order a bl or stella, you're a tool.

    55555 by Don N.

  • Alexey BСоветую продегустировать все пиво, много интересных сортов ;)

    55555 by Alexey B

  • Rick-James S.Best service is before 10am :)

    55555 by Rick-James S.

  • Patrick T.They have breakfast and beer.

    55555 by Patrick T.

  • Patrick T.Next to last chance for bacon if you're headed for Saudi! Get you some!

    33333 by Patrick T.

  • SNOCRUCan never go wrong with a few rogue brews in your belly. Why eat when you're drinking Rogue. That'll fill you up

    55555 by SNOCRU

  • Joe W.They will only cook their burgers no less than medium well! Can ask for closer to medium, but forget anything in the rare category.

    33333 by Joe W.

  • Michelle B.The OLCC will allow you to drink before 7am if you are flying out not in.

    33333 by Michelle B.

  • B.J. N.Grab a 22oz to go...IPA's are solid choices.

    55555 by B.J. N.

  • Patrick T.I had the Reuben. It was good. I uploaded a pic.

    33333 by Patrick T.

  • Joel B.Take a cold one to go (growler or 22 oz.)! Great if you're flying through Utah!

    55555 by Joel B.

  • BGrowlers at the airport. Valhalla!

    55555 by B

  • Brad B.Have a beer (or two) at the bar! Personal favorite is the Hazelnut Brown Ale.

    55555 by Brad B.

  • Nicholas S.The bartender just told the bar the Hefeweizen does not have wheat in it. Fail.

    22222 by Nicholas S.

  • Nicholas S.Fair service, but they don't know a lot about their own beers. Bartenders need better training.

    33333 by Nicholas S.

  • Rich CThe Juniper is good.

    33333 by Rich C

  • oregonkatBeer cheese soup is way better then their chowder. Clam chowder's too salty. Really reasonably priced for airport restaurant

    55555 by oregonkat

  • Mark H.Paid $3 extra to make it "a double". I'd hate to see a single.

    33333 by Mark H.

  • Brian C.Pound a dead guy and head for your flight!

    33333 by Brian C.

  • Oregon C.Tip the bartenders! Also ..I wanna dedicate this 20oz rogue ale to rolf potts. Cheers buddy!

    55555 by Oregon C.

  • Michael SRachel the bartender was awesome, and especially nice to all delayed passengers

    55555 by Michael S

  • Travis PI know the mayor!!! Holla!!! How special am I!!?!?!

    55555 by Travis P

  • Brian Bkobe beef burger seemed like the regular burger to me. nothing special.

    33333 by Brian B

  • Bill M.The american amber is fantastic.

    55555 by Bill M.

  • Scot M.Great beer, but I've had better food at Denny's. The potato chips are just a single serve bag of Lay's...

    33333 by Scot M.

  • Mike W.Kobe burger is nice. If only they'd cook it medium rare...

    55555 by Mike W.

  • Jake K.Bit of a gimmick but <3 Chipotle Ale

    33333 by Jake K.

  • Shannon S.Received my beer and full meal in under 9 minutes. The Irish lager is great. The food is decent - and how can you not try something called Kobe Blue Balls?

    33333 by Shannon S.

  • Mike V.You would think a $13 Kobe beef burger would be pretty awesome. It's NOT. I think it might have come from Wendys across the hall.

    33333 by Mike V.

  • Jason M.Don't seem very knowledgeable about their own beer.

    55555 by Jason M.

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