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Courier Coffee

923 Southwest Oak Street
Portland, OR 97205

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(503) 545-6444


  • Sunday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Cuisine: Coffee and Tea

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4.9 of 5.0 from 72 reviews

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Courier Coffee Reviews

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  • Alex TAverage coffee, no wall outlets, meh atmosphere.

    55555 by Alex T

  • Rob WBest cold brew I've ever had.

    55555 by Rob W

  • Chris MearsEspresso is fancy and top notch.

    55555 by Chris Mears

  • Joe rGreat iced latte. Dunno if it's intentional, but has kind of a DIY warehouse vibe to it

    55555 by Joe r

  • Timothy J.Simplicity and excellent cup of pour over

    55555 by Timothy J.

  • Emily LCoffee and espresso. Great fresh pastries--they go fast!

    55555 by Emily L

  • Micki DGood coffee, terrific cannele

    55555 by Micki D

  • Ben D.Great coffee, quiet vibe. Good place to read!

    55555 by Ben D.

  • Alejandro ETried the latte, it was good, not great. BUT I tried a muffin with yoghurt, it was more than great.

    55555 by Alejandro E

  • Morgan AThis is a very Italian-style set up and the coffee is SUPERB. The baristas new just as much about the bean as they did on how to make good drinks.

    55555 by Morgan A

  • Emily K.Great coffee, even better cannele.

    55555 by Emily K.

  • Michelle L.I just died and went to latte heaven.. Beats stumptown by a mile now that peets bought them out. Iced latte comes with a giant ice cube and is perfect and not watered down, GO HEre!

    55555 by Michelle L.

  • Taylor EdmistonTry the Columbia La Illusion for something weird: tastes like mixed berry jam & honeydew.

    55555 by Taylor Edmiston

  • Jay L.Whole beans at whatever size you want

    55555 by Jay L.

  • Rohit G.Amazing pour over

    55555 by Rohit G.

  • Christopher Langmuir_Really_ good cortado. Solid third wave stuff.

    55555 by Christopher Langmuir

  • Christopher LangmuirTry the canelé. One of the best I've had. A French patisserie that is hard to make.

    55555 by Christopher Langmuir

  • Miguel L.Great espresso, great place to go and have a cheer up coffee, people is very friendly

    55555 by Miguel L.

  • Alide DKleines Café, nicht sehr ausgefallen, aber sehr guter Kaffee, besser als Stumptown!

    55555 by Alide D

  • sheela t.Be sure to get a baked good with your coffee- a muffin or canelle

    55555 by sheela t.

  • Stuart C.This is the kind of coffee shop I would open. The staff know their stuff without being pretentious. Every surface could use cleaning though.

    55555 by Stuart C.

  • Genki U.The cold brew is good. Was surprised by the hand cut ice for it...!

    55555 by Genki U.

  • 한나 Aice americano is good

    55555 by 한나 A

  • Calvin MultanenFriendly service and great coffee. Trendy but chill

    55555 by Calvin Multanen

  • Travis R.Good cap and cookie

    55555 by Travis R.

  • Butch C.Great coffee!

    55555 by Butch C.

  • Benjamin C.Delightful small shop. Yummy snacks and coffee.

    55555 by Benjamin C.

  • Léo GrimaldiTHE CANELÉS!!!

    11111 by Léo Grimaldi

  • Mu-An 🐝CANELÉ!!!!!! ❤️

    55555 by Mu-An 🐝

  • Andre WyattStumptown's younger, hipper little brother

    55555 by Andre Wyatt

  • Kelly McCarthyFavorite coffee in all of the coffee filled land

    55555 by Kelly McCarthy

  • Jacob JCanelé and any coffee is amazing here. This is a quintessential Portland coffee shop -- eccentric and genuine. Coffee may take a while to come out but gives the opportunity to chat up the baristas.

    55555 by Jacob J

  • Rob A.All of their baked goods I've ever had have been delicious. Definitely get one with your coffee.

    55555 by Rob A.

  • Travis L.Lots of effort taken to make a good coffee or drink.

    55555 by Travis L.

  • Alfredo Aponte"Monte de Oro Farm" Pour Over is the jam! Smooth, earthy, and less acidity.

    55555 by Alfredo Aponte

  • Benjamin C.Good coffee and delicious pastries.

    55555 by Benjamin C.

  • prima filiI've had both americanos and cappuccinos and both are great. Art exhibitions are nice to look at too. Some strange patrons occasionally.

    55555 by prima fili

  • Matthew Riley M.Adorably hip and tiny, this place will make you a solid cappuccino.

    55555 by Matthew Riley M.

  • Thomas OhashiGood coffee with good cookies

    55555 by Thomas Ohashi

  • Ryan HoweyThis cappuccino is legit.

    55555 by Ryan Howey

  • Rian v.Not the nicest ambiance (or the friendliest crew), but man they make a mean cappuccino. Definitely worth it.

    55555 by Rian v.

  • Chris C.Their pour over coffee is some of the best in the city, and sometimes very unique.

    55555 by Chris C.

  • Geoff R.Big coffee fan here (I've been called a coffee snob) and Courier just served me the best cup of black coffee I've had in recent memory. Ask them for a recommendation-- you can't go wrong!

    55555 by Geoff R.

  • SvenExcellent espresso drinks, bike messengers inflating their tires, baristas spinning vinyl from a huge collection behind the bar, and the tastiest yogurt muffin I think I've ever had.

    55555 by Sven

  • Alex B.Courier is great at coffee, less great at aesthetic appeal.

    55555 by Alex B.

  • Toby B.Cold brew, one cube, Mason jar.

    55555 by Toby B.

  • Colin W.Quality coffee makers. Low key atmosphere. Chill vibes. Heavy beards.

    55555 by Colin W.

  • Brent DSuperb coffee in an unfussy setting served by resell nice people.

    55555 by Brent D

  • John H.Best pour over in town, and the caneles are awesome.

    55555 by John H.

  • David C.The pourover is the best coffee deal around at $2 for a delicious cup.

    55555 by David C.

  • Esther B.Try the salted chocolate chip cookie

    55555 by Esther B.

  • Karolina S.Wi-Fi: couriercoffee

    55555 by Karolina S.

  • Chris M.What to Order: A cup of pour-over drip coffee.

    55555 by Chris M.

  • Yuki Tカプチーノよりラテが良いチョイス

    55555 by Yuki T

  • irishboyinlondonGreat place, great coffee, friendly staff! Definitely visit!

    55555 by irishboyinlondon

  • Ben L.They bake a delicious canele. Crispy on the outside, custardy on the inside.

    55555 by Ben L.

  • Peter L.Definitely the best espresso I've had in Portland.

    55555 by Peter L.

  • Brandon O.Iced coffee is delicious . And buzz-worthy!

    55555 by Brandon O.

  • Tammy G.Fantastic latte, but don't miss whatever just came out of the oven. The fresh baked cookies and muffins are delicious.

    55555 by Tammy G.

  • Heather B.Had too much coffee already? Try their house-made cream soda or ginger ale.

    55555 by Heather B.

  • TarvoGreat coffe, great place

    55555 by Tarvo

  • Eli T.Great business cards.

    55555 by Eli T.

  • Kavan B.I'm going to step down as mayor, it's been lovely being your sovereign 2.29.12

    55555 by Kavan B.

  • Nick Ttry chocolate chip cookies w/ salt

    55555 by Nick T

  • Sera F.good art, good baked goods, good coffee. cozy up to the bar and stay for a chat.

    55555 by Sera F.

  • WhyGo Travelget a chocolate chip cookie

    55555 by WhyGo Travel

  • atomHave a vegan (no honey) granola bar with your hand poured coffee

    55555 by atom

  • Grant RThe best in town.

    55555 by Grant R

  • JoeGiant ice cubes!

    33333 by Joe

  • Dave K.nicer baristas than at stumptown, and better coffee to boot

    55555 by Dave K.

  • Brennan N.In a town of good coffee Courier distinguishes itself by being magical!

    55555 by Brennan N.

  • Drew BAsk for the MoHDI mugs when having coffee to stay in!

    33333 by Drew B

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