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Raleigh Times Bar

14 E Hargett St
Raleigh, NC 27601

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(919) 833-0999

  • Sun - 12:00pm - 2:00am
  • Mon - Sat 11:30am - 2:00am

Cuisine: Bars, Dog Friendly Restaurants, Thai Food Restaurants

4.5 of 5.0 from 215 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Raleigh Times Bar in Raleigh, NC
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  • Raleigh Times Bar in Raleigh, NC
  • Raleigh Times Bar in Raleigh, NC

Raleigh Times Bar Reviews

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  • avid reviewgreat service.
    I went there using Lyft app free ride .
    just applied the code 902pi in the payment section of lyft app.

    55555 by avid

  • Triangle JTriangle House Buyer 5319 Collingswood Dr. Raleigh, NC 27609 (919) 473-6461

    55555 by Triangle J

  • Triangle JWe also help owners who have inherited an unwanted property and own a vacant house.

    33333 by Triangle J

  • Allan C.Becca Z is a great server. Incredible beer list and good burgers. Can't wait to come back and try some more.

    55555 by Allan C.

  • Amanda LThe burger is amazing and the fish and chips were on point. Very friendly bar tenders and a wonderful selection of beer and cider.

    55555 by Amanda L

  • Samantha T.Great beer selection! Had the street tacos and they were delicious! Burgers was tasty too... we will definitely go back.

    55555 by Samantha T.

  • Meredith d.They had a limited menu when I went. I had the chopped salad, It was very good!

    33333 by Meredith d.

  • Steve M.Great tap list, always interesting stuff. Really extensive bottle/can list--make sure you check it out.

    55555 by Steve M.

  • Josh D.Bad service, mediocre food... "Meh" place.

    22222 by Josh D.

  • Wade CThe sandwiches are good!

    55555 by Wade C

  • Kelly Z.Huge space. Craft beer. Cozy. Try the amazing Bloody Mary. It's like an appetizer & drink in one.

    55555 by Kelly Z.

  • John C.Cool vibe, great service, and food and beer also hit the mark. Definitely worth a stop for dinner and drinks.

    55555 by John C.

  • Jasmin BThe Kale Caesar salad is my favorite and they always have great Belgians and local beer on draft. Great for weekday lunch or happy hour.

    55555 by Jasmin B

  • BreGreat food!

    55555 by Bre

  • Justin B.Philly cheese steak is sub par, very dry.

    22222 by Justin B.

  • Madhu VulimiriRooftop is the move

    33333 by Madhu Vulimiri

  • Matt M.Great atmosphere and delicious food. Definitely worth a visit

    55555 by Matt M.

  • Ashley LGood selection of beer.

    55555 by Ashley L

  • Shannon Z.Haven't tried the food but the atmosphere is great and there is a lot of room between the three levels. One of which is outside.

    55555 by Shannon Z.

  • Kevan JAll about the El Guapo.

    33333 by Kevan J

  • Mike DoyleSt Pattys Crispin

    55555 by Mike Doyle

  • Richard B.The Main Floor Center Bar, Always

    55555 by Richard B.

  • Brandon C.Best nachos in Raleigh. No question.

    55555 by Brandon C.

  • Emilio C.Sit on the roof and get the nachos!

    33333 by Emilio C.

  • Sarah W.Awesome vibe. Best Kale salad with salmon

    55555 by Sarah W.

  • Conner H.A good draft selection but not as good as it has been in the past. They got rid of the hatachino, which was the main reason I came here.

    33333 by Conner H.

  • Paul P.The seasonal craft beer selection on draught is very good. Lots of local choices. Appetizers were tasty. Don't expect top notch service, though. The bartenders basically handle everything.

    55555 by Paul P.

  • Jason B.Candied bacon in the Bloody Mary's! You gotta try it!

    55555 by Jason B.

  • Phi TCome hangout with Patrick and Jack they will take care of you good people!!!

    55555 by Phi T

  • h dNice rooftop seating

    55555 by h d

  • Tatiana ZappardinoThis place is pretty chill but on numerous occasions the bouncers would violently throw people out right in front of you for little to no reason.

    22222 by Tatiana Zappardino

  • Balazs TimkoImpressive selection of good beers, but everything with a very good taste! Had a great time here.

    55555 by Balazs Timko

  • Jason B.Harvest Time!

    55555 by Jason B.

  • ElisaPork nachos and Bourbon selection.

    55555 by Elisa

  • Alex WatsonNachos and craft beers

    55555 by Alex Watson

  • Melinda JacksonA MUST for any of my trips home. Amazing beer selection. Great breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have homemade chips.

    55555 by Melinda Jackson

  • Pamela MPhilly steak is fantastic. Best I have ever had!

    55555 by Pamela M

  • Penny A.The little glasses they serve the guacamole in are very cute but the chips don't fit.

    33333 by Penny A.

  • Lucy JBloody Marys and nachos c:

    55555 by Lucy J

  • LaKeesha F.Do not sit in their rooftop patio. Its hot as Hades. They are still waiting for permits for umbrellas so its not their fault! Everything else about this place is epic and I love the servers.

    55555 by LaKeesha F.

  • Robin BertelsAnother gem in downtown Raleigh, serving great food and Rochefort, Orval, Westmalle and Saison Dupont, to name only a few of their many Belgian beers. If only there was a bar like this in my hometown!

    55555 by Robin Bertels

  • Chris G.pork nachos

    55555 by Chris G.

  • Issam N.You'll need sunglasses if you sit on the roof. Silver reflective tables are blinding.

    33333 by Issam N.

  • Eric O.New menu and the food quality has taken a hit. If you are a fan of the nachos they used to have you are in for a surprise?

    55555 by Eric O.

  • Kiri M.Try the Samuel Smith Chocolate Stout, it tastes like a vanilla cigar, in a very good way!

    55555 by Kiri M.

  • David ColeGet the pork nachos

    55555 by David Cole

  • Anna T.It's okay, not great or the best but edible.

    33333 by Anna T.

  • Shelley C.FYI they kick you off the sidewalk in front of their building if you are holding outside food or drink. Evidently they expect you to walk in the street.

    33333 by Shelley C.

  • Bennie M.meatloaf sandwich is great !!!

    55555 by Bennie M.

  • Brittany A.The nachos are freakin' awesome!

    55555 by Brittany A.

  • MichelleThe artichoke and spinage dip & the fried pickles are so good!

    55555 by Michelle

  • RaeLoaded fries or pork nachos are the way to go

    55555 by Rae

  • Abdul H.There’s ample outdoor seating, a roof-deck for those who want a city view, and a sidewalk cafe for anyone who prefers to people-watch. There are plenty of microbrews available. - © 2013 BuzzFeed, Inc

    55555 by Abdul H.

  • Ryan H.Great fried pickles and burger

    55555 by Ryan H.

  • Mel J.Their hamburger is rated best in Raleigh - for good reason ! But today, I'm falling for the Buffalo chix sandwich - another winner. Just the right amount of heat & spice.

    55555 by Mel J.

  • Stacey M.Chip is a great bartender :)

    55555 by Stacey M.

  • Tessa M.Fish tacos are awesome!

    55555 by Tessa M.

  • Linda Craft  & Team R.Best pork nachos and sangria

    55555 by Linda Craft & Team R.

  • Bennie M.great food... cool staff

    55555 by Bennie M.

  • Debbie H.The rooftop is perfect!

    55555 by Debbie H.

  • Sherry P.Jay the bartender is the best!

    55555 by Sherry P.

  • Bridget K.Try the crispy chicken tacos; they're great. The loaded hand-cut fries are also super yummy.

    55555 by Bridget K.

  • Gleiver P.Very cool site!!!!

    55555 by Gleiver P.

  • Bryan H.Average and overpriced...once again. Great beer selection though if you don't mind paying $5-$7 for a 10oz. pour

    55555 by Bryan H.

  • Jim H.Four bars leave a lot of options. Be sure to check them all out!

    55555 by Jim H.

  • Jeremy G.Have Pat make you a margarita with Grand Marnier. Awesome.

    55555 by Jeremy G.

  • David B.Really really really small pours. Got a bourbon neat and got maybe an ounce. Quite disappointing. Stick to beer so you don't get screwed.

    33333 by David B.

  • Lauren W.POACH A TABLE.

    33333 by Lauren W.

  • Melvin D.Nice spot to grab a beverage or two.

    55555 by Melvin D.

  • DonnaExotic Beers! And BBQ Nachos!

    55555 by Donna

  • Justin M.The steak carnitas tacos are excellent! High quality steak and excellent salsa topping. A friend had the chicken tacos and she said they were excellent also.

    55555 by Justin M.

  • Jessica F.Bring back the Boston Bibb Salad!!!

    33333 by Jessica F.

  • Mike C.Rooftop lounge, a romantic hot spot in downtown Raleigh! Love you Yana!

    55555 by Mike C.

  • Kevin C.Pork enchilada! Real spicy! I'm not a fan but I was today!!!! My wife even tried to eat more than I wanted her 2 of mine lol, ate at th bar excellent staff great food

    55555 by Kevin C.

  • Sydney E.The fried pickles are just like a total of 2 pickles sliced long ways. Definitely not worth the price.

    33333 by Sydney E.

  • Ashley F.This place is fucking the tits!!!! RAGEEEEE

    33333 by Ashley F.

  • Danny W.best veggie burger ever!!!!

    55555 by Danny W.

  • Sean Z.Pickle Chips + Kolsch Beer = Perfect Appertizer

    55555 by Sean Z.

  • John H.They stop serving PBR at 10, so stop tipping at 10

    33333 by John H.

  • Zack D.Great place for a cheep beer. Very crowded on a weekend night but worth the wait. Amazing nachos.

    55555 by Zack D.

  • Brian P.Careful after 10pm on Saturday and Sundays, it becomes amateur hour. Nothing but pastel popped collars. Best nachos ever.

    55555 by Brian P.

  • The NSAGo to the very top and watch the entire city. I do it all the time.

    55555 by The NSA

  • Zatchmo R.Pbr fish n chips

    55555 by Zatchmo R.

  • Andrew C.The pork enchilada might be one of the single greatest food items on the planet.

    55555 by Andrew C.

  • Colin C.One of my favorite bars down. Nice draft and bottle selection. Outdoor seating on sidewalk and rooftop.

    55555 by Colin C.

  • Heather N.Check your keys at the door and clear your calendar.

    33333 by Heather N.

  • Mike F.I hate to go against the crowd here, but the pork nachos were a bit dry. They're good, but not 70 likes, 9 of the top 10 tips, good. Maybe get guac.

    33333 by Mike F.

  • Elizabeth H.$14 for a chicken Caesar salad at lunch is ridiculous !!!

    33333 by Elizabeth H.

  • Mattie Y.If you're looking for a place for consistently GOOD food, this is it.

    55555 by Mattie Y.

  • Chuck R.Make the climb to the rooftop.

    33333 by Chuck R.

  • Ryan T.All different varieties of beer!

    55555 by Ryan T.

  • Jon P.So many beers and the sangria is great on a hot day. Everyone here under 30 looks like they chair the Mumford and sons fan club though... Crowd trying so hard

    55555 by Jon P.

  • Tara H.Love, love, love this place! My fav Sunday brunch spot!

    55555 by Tara H.

  • Angie W.Best bleu cheese buffalo sandwich! Bloody Mary's w/ side of PBR was delish too! Great atmosphere!

    55555 by Angie W.

  • Courtney B.Chad is the coolest person ever. Nicest manager and such a legit person! He'll make your experience at the Times out of this world!

    55555 by Courtney B.

  • Paul M.Great fish tacos, pbr makes better!

    55555 by Paul M.

  • Ashley H.Best Bloody Marys!

    55555 by Ashley H.

  • DJ SpinBBQ Pork nachos and Carolina Pale Ale ... Yum

    55555 by DJ Spin

  • Donna E.Hello Heather! I couldn't figure out how to say to the mayor but I was here and thinking of you!!

    33333 by Donna E.

  • Jeremy P.$2 20oz PBR - never on the menu, always on draft.

    55555 by Jeremy P.

  • Susanna W.Someone stole my jacket. I'm crying.

    11111 by Susanna W.

  • Susannah B.Find Sirius Black in the giant photo.

    33333 by Susannah B.

  • Nikita M.Fried pickles are love!!!

    55555 by Nikita M.

  • erin t.Try the sangria with Four Roses bourbon added to it. Let your hangover melt away. Sit with Jimbo (smoking times) for friendly service.

    55555 by erin t.

  • Hilary L.For any Gluten Guru's : Green's Dubbel Dark Ale is deeelish!

    55555 by Hilary L.

  • John B.Sit in the church pew seats in the new extension.

    33333 by John B.

  • Katharine E.Try the German kolch beer it's awesome!

    55555 by Katharine E.

  • Kristen S.Fall spiced sangria.!!!

    55555 by Kristen S.

  • Alex S.try the alcohols!

    55555 by Alex S.

  • Melissa A.One of my fav places to either grab some beers or eat some dang good food...or both! Nachos hight recommended & the Cheddar, Tomato and Avocado sandwich..add bacon. Always a go-to place!

    55555 by Melissa A.

  • Robert H.I really enjoy coming here when it's a slow night. If the place is packed I keep moving down the road.

    55555 by Robert H.

  • austinEnjoy the wonderful world of delicious ales, lagers, and porters

    55555 by austin

  • Ed D.The fried pork belly appetizer is heaven; i mix all of the sauces together. Cuban sandwich rocks. Pork enchilada is awesome and the house bloody mary has a nice bite to it.

    55555 by Ed D.

  • William H.New upper level outdoor sitting

    55555 by William H.

  • Amanda K.Great food, never been disappointed! Very cool atmosphere

    55555 by Amanda K.

  • Jonathon L.Pork Nachos!

    55555 by Jonathon L.

  • Amanda A.Get the Bloody Mary! Made from Times' house made mix, served with cucumber, pepperoncini pepper, olive, and a 6oz. PBR! One of the best I've ever had (note: I got mine with extra horseradish)

    55555 by Amanda A.

  • Nicole R.Amazing food.. Grumpy wait staff!

    55555 by Nicole R.

  • The News & ObserverWhat once served as the headquarters for the Raleigh Times now offers microbrews and imports, half-pound burgers, Reuben sandwiches made with house-cured corned beef and BBQ pork nachos.

    55555 by The News & Observer

  • M. Taylor B.Try the Pork Nachos and Chicharones

    55555 by M. Taylor B.

  • Shana S.burgers used to be better. go for the nachos!

    33333 by Shana S.

  • Sherry W.Barbecue Nachos & PBR!

    55555 by Sherry W.

  • Scott B.Mind eraser us great.

    55555 by Scott B.

  • Sherry W.Love the food and the staff! Pork Nachos are AhMazing!!!

    55555 by Sherry W.

  • Mike M.Fish tacos, and shotgun betty's

    55555 by Mike M.

  • Hannah A.Love their beer selection! Also, you've got to try their sangria. Delish!

    55555 by Hannah A.

  • Beth Y.You know, I love the food and "ambience" of the Times, but it comes down to service. And the service here is consistently awesome.

    55555 by Beth Y.

  • Jeff D.Pork Nachos, Fries, and PBR. DO IT.

    55555 by Jeff D.

  • Todd B.Great food, great drinks. The Bloody Mary is a local favorite - it's spicy and comes with a side of PBR.

    55555 by Todd B.

  • B. Nektar MeaderyTry the Margarita-style Mead from B. Nektar

    55555 by B. Nektar Meadery

  • Ella B.Pileid pork nachos the best

    55555 by Ella B.

  • Griffe Y.Angus burger is great. Wheat bun, avocado.

    55555 by Griffe Y.

  • Tom J.Imbibe Magazine recognized Raleigh Times Bar for being one of the Best Places for beer in the South in their March/April 2011 Southern Issue

    55555 by Tom J.

  • Ken H.Check out the crazy note behind the picture :-D

    33333 by Ken H.

  • Franz S.Right in downtown Raleigh. Has a great vibe inside, good for lunch, and the menu is printed on a fake newspaper.

    55555 by Franz S.

  • Griffith K.Founders Centennial IPA.

    55555 by Griffith K.

  • Joseph C.Cool space with brilliantly designed repurposing of a historic location.

    55555 by Joseph C.

  • Travis H.Try the pork bbq nachos!

    55555 by Travis H.

  • Kate D.The chipotle chicken tacos may be the most delicious thing I've ever eaten

    55555 by Kate D.

  • Penny P.I used to love this Raleigh icon but the food has really gone down hill. My service was bad and my homemade chips were all burned. The mojitos and ambiance are still great thought!

    33333 by Penny P.

  • Jacob T.Drink this.

    22222 by Jacob T.

  • David W.Be sure to talk w the manager Travis about his love for Phish and King Cobra brew.

    55555 by David W.

  • Ash S.Beware of the night time blonde bartender. She was quite rude and kind of a cunt

    22222 by Ash S.

  • julian t.OMG CHRESEFRIES

    55555 by julian t.

  • Laura C.Fried pickles guacamole pbr. But go early because it gets douchey.

    55555 by Laura C.

  • Gracie S.Don't mind the bums creeping around the patio.

    33333 by Gracie S.

  • Vince E.Chicken nachos and a sweet josie!

    55555 by Vince E.

  • Lumina Clothing Co.Rotating tap give you the perfect selection of craft brews.

    55555 by Lumina Clothing Co.

  • Ray G.The new Cuban bread is amazing!

    55555 by Ray G.

  • Oscar P.The country French salad is amaz

    55555 by Oscar P.

  • Kat ABloody Mary with a mini PBR !

    55555 by Kat A

  • Michelle H.Josh is hot! Chicken fried pickles are awesome!

    55555 by Michelle H.

  • Cindy B.Quickest service, ever!

    33333 by Cindy B.

  • Ethie RodriguezPork nachos are probably the most popular menu item; get them! Also, we have a pretty baller team of chefs so make sure to ask about the lunch/dinner specials. Beer is always excellent so try some :)

    55555 by Ethie Rodriguez

  • Ira W.Really crowded on the weekend.

    55555 by Ira W.

  • Kristel P.Try the veggie burger. It's dangerously delish.

    55555 by Kristel P.

  • David B.The pork nachos are incredible, same pork from the Pit restaurant!

    55555 by David B.

  • Diego R.Awesone fish and chips!

    55555 by Diego R.

  • Andy S.Sad to discover that RT can't do medium-rare burgers anymore. :(

    22222 by Andy S.

  • Brittany L.Mother Earth please

    55555 by Brittany L.

  • Kristal K.I don't even know where to start. Try the beers on tap - all of their food is amazing, but get the burger med. rare with pepper jack - ALSO THE PORK NACHOS.

    55555 by Kristal K.

  • Nation H.A fail safe option when downtown.

    33333 by Nation H.

  • Cliff I.mas women with huge wads of money to spend on us men

    33333 by Cliff I.

  • Susannah B.Try the vegetarian nachos! So delicious with sangria if you're looking for something other than beer!

    55555 by Susannah B.

  • Chris W.Pork. Nachos.

    55555 by Chris W.

  • NikhilRude bartenders. Have fun.

    33333 by Nikhil

  • Jeff H.Always leave a note

    55555 by Jeff H.

  • Alecia R.In total awe! The food comes with NO included sides. We're leaving!

    22222 by Alecia R.

  • JessDon't sit on the side where Smoking Times used to be. The servers and bartenders over there are super crabby.

    33333 by Jess

  • DanielThe Shrimp Burger is excellent.

    55555 by Daniel

  • Katie V.Some of the best bartenders work here! Shout out Johnny Bob Jamie woot!

    55555 by Katie V.

  • E R.Fried pickles are a MUST!

    55555 by E R.

  • Adam S.Get the burger, nuff said!

    33333 by Adam S.

  • Matt C.Pork nachos and PBR=Bliss.

    55555 by Matt C.

  • Jared W.Half nachos, half cheese fries, and side salad w ginger soy dressing... perfect meal for two!

    55555 by Jared W.

  • Ashley P.loaded fries - only way to go

    55555 by Ashley P.

  • Jarrod E.pitchers of pbr outside is my go-to at this joint

    55555 by Jarrod E.

  • Brandon M.Stout on tap is delicious

    55555 by Brandon M.

  • LifeIcing.com h.Found this bar by mistake and loved it. It is a must stop!

    55555 by LifeIcing.com h.

  • AlisonReally impressive beer selection.

    55555 by Alison

  • Carolee B.Jimbo aka The Best Bartender in Raleigh!

    55555 by Carolee B.

  • Brian TWatch out for this guy they call Perry. He likes to swoop in and steal your nachos.

    33333 by Brian T

  • Abby D.The crunchy taco option at lunch is absolutely amazing.

    55555 by Abby D.

  • Wesley M.Fried pickles and cucumber dill salad are the jam!

    55555 by Wesley M.

  • Magic M.Jay Winfrey is one of the best bartenders in Raleigh. Let him concoct a cocktail or suggest a beer that will blow yer mind.

    55555 by Magic M.

  • Jeremy P.I don't always hang out in Raleigh, but when I do, I prefer Raleigh Times.

    55555 by Jeremy P.

  • Kenneth Y.Buy Lindsay the nachos. She'll say she doesn't want them but will thank you later!

    33333 by Kenneth Y.

  • Sedric B.Only good if Lindsays there

    22222 by Sedric B.

  • gabriel g.French Dip is excellent. Great beer menu, & you can't go wrong with Pabst.

    55555 by gabriel g.

  • Topher A.Watch out for them bums after your smokes.

    33333 by Topher A.

  • Elyse H.Soy patty dish is delish, but I wouldn't go on a Friday night...

    55555 by Elyse H.

  • ElisaBBQ Pork Nachos = Yums!

    55555 by Elisa

  • @Kamboni S.The Shrimp burger is the best in town, you won't be disappointed trust.

    55555 by @Kamboni S.

  • Ivy AWhen I get back in town...

    55555 by Ivy A

  • Rob J.Good beer selection...unfortunately the wait staff are infinitely more pretentious than the patrons. Great spot if you want to be treated like a jerk. (im looking at you james)

    55555 by Rob J.

  • Chris L.Hayden is no longer a bachelor, you can stop looking for him now hA

    33333 by Chris L.

  • Stephanie TLoaded fries are amazing. Patio seating is a must.

    55555 by Stephanie T

  • Richard H.If dan gives me a pbr sweatband, I swear to everything alcoholic that I will self table top at the times 6 times a week

    33333 by Richard H.

  • Mike W.Had the banana pudding!

    55555 by Mike W.

  • Chris A.Asian Tuna Salad is bombtastic. Seriously ridonkulous. Eat it. Now. Eat it. Eat. It. All.

    55555 by Chris A.

  • Carolina Nightlife: Raleighwen there and got a beer while bar hopping, when it is nice outside the outdoor patio is the place to be.

    55555 by Carolina Nightlife: Raleigh

  • Trey WMake sure to try the BBQ Pork Nachos. They are amazing!

    55555 by Trey W

  • Abby L.Finally got around to trying that Asian Tuna Salad, and it's sooooo good. It's $10.95, but man, was it worth it. Highly recommended!

    55555 by Abby L.

  • David Keat the Bar-B-Que pork nacho's. wash it down with a cheap beer.

    55555 by David K

  • Emory JWell kinda a easy choice. If you live in Raleigh likely have been here. But it bears repeating one of the best places in town.

    55555 by Emory J

  • Melissa B.If you are a fan of NC BBQ, get the pork BBQ nachos. Definitely the most amazing thing on the menu.

    55555 by Melissa B.

  • Abby L.The Pork BBQ Nachos are really good if you ask them to replace the pork bbq with the chicken mix from the chicken tacos. I know it sounds crazy, but srsly. It's GOOD! My friend Prachi suggested it!

    55555 by Abby L.

  • Penny A.Best veggie burger in Raleigh. Ask for avocado:-)

    55555 by Penny A.

  • holly a.Kill two birds - Grab a Ska IPA at Raleigh Times after shopping next door at Stitch.

    55555 by holly a.

  • Sean W.Great place to try craft brews and the food is top-notch as well. Best burger in raleigh, and check out the mantle on the bar wall that displays a pint glass that Obama drank a PBR from.

    55555 by Sean W.

  • Matthew JGet the chicken stew + biscuit if it's the soup of the day. It's amazing.

    55555 by Matthew J

  • tim l.The loaded fries are real good. Order a side of buffaloe sauce to make it 7-10 times better.

    55555 by tim l.

  • Stephanie W.Don't spoil the delicious food by drinking PBR when they have the best Belgian beer selection in town! Ask your server for a recommendation.

    55555 by Stephanie W.

  • Stephen E.I do wonder who Archie is though...

    33333 by Stephen E.

  • Alex LPBR & pork nachos.

    55555 by Alex L

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