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The Pit

328 W Davie St
Raleigh, NC 27617

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(919) 890-4500


  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Monday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Thursday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Friday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Saturday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Cuisine: Barbecue Restaurants, Bars, Thai Food Restaurants

4.6 of 5.0 from 226 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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The Pit in Raleigh, NC
  • The Pit in Raleigh, NC
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  • The Pit in Raleigh, NC
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  • The Pit in Raleigh, NC
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  • The Pit in Raleigh, NC
  • The Pit in Raleigh, NC
  • The Pit in Raleigh, NC
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  • The Pit in Raleigh, NC
  • The Pit in Raleigh, NC
  • The Pit in Raleigh, NC
  • The Pit in Raleigh, NC
  • The Pit in Raleigh, NC
  • The Pit in Raleigh, NC
  • The Pit in Raleigh, NC
  • The Pit in Raleigh, NC
  • The Pit in Raleigh, NC
  • The Pit in Raleigh, NC
  • The Pit in Raleigh, NC

The Pit Reviews

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  • avid reviewvery nice
    especially when you go there with free ride from Lyft app
    I applied the code 902pi in the payment section and requested a ride.

    55555 by avid

  • Frank ETerrible service waited over 30 minutes after placing order. Never saw the waitress after getting drinks and apps. No one seemed to care our food never showed up. 1st and last time at this restaurant

    11111 by Frank E

  • Rory P.Pro tip - you can get a half order of an appetizer as one (or both) of your sides

    33333 by Rory P.

  • Candice aBBQ, collard greens, fried chicken are all good.

    55555 by Candice a

  • Spencer S.The fine folks very capably hosted our party of 10. The food was so gush durn delicious I dream about it to this day.

    55555 by Spencer S.

  • Jessi MThey ran out of an appetizer, so we were offered free dessert- carrot cake was great & bourbon ice cream. Would definitely go back when in Raleigh again. Good bbq-- chopped bbq and brisket are good

    55555 by Jessi M

  • George LeeFried chicken no doubt. The rest is also good.

    55555 by George Lee

  • Marky Ethe ribs were even better than the chopped BBQ

    55555 by Marky E

  • Richard C.the BBQ is killer!

    55555 by Richard C.

  • Charlie S.Carolina Ribs have delicious juicy tang

    55555 by Charlie S.

  • Dylan SThe food wasn't anything to write home about, considering how much it was

    22222 by Dylan S

  • Nils D.The name says it all!

    33333 by Nils D.

  • Emma KDelicious meatloaf despite being a BBQ place!

    55555 by Emma K

  • Gabriella AKevin is the best waiter! So charismatic, helpful, and kind! The Carolina ribs and chopped pork are delicious, and the candied yams are a MUST !

    55555 by Gabriella A

  • Carmen R.everything is really good but if you have chance try the fried chicken, really delicious!!

    55555 by Carmen R.

  • Tom I.Really good NC-style barbecue in a vinegar-based sauce. Loved the hush puppies too.

    55555 by Tom I.

  • Melanie W.I was skeptical this would live up to the hype, but it totally does. Pulled pork and Mac and cheese for the win.

    55555 by Melanie W.

  • Max W.Fried okra and Brussels sprouts were awesome sides. Cornbread is a great appetizer. Don't over-order because you get hush puppies and biscuits. I'd avoid baby back ribs.

    55555 by Max W.

  • Shecorie DEverything was AMAZING! Nobody can touch my grandmother's mac and cheese, but The Pit is the first place I can say put up a challenge! The BBQ Chicken and the Carolina Ribs are fall off the bone good!

    55555 by Shecorie D

  • patrickIt's pretty good but I'd recommend going to Clyde Cooper's. It's not far from The Pit. It's better and half the price.

    33333 by patrick

  • Pattie HoflandJust order a bit of everything...especially the brisket

    33333 by Pattie Hofland

  • Francela M SFried okra. All the appetizers

    33333 by Francela M S

  • Francela M SGreat Southern barbecue and service. Totally recomended.

    55555 by Francela M S

  • Vanessa MartiniCame here because of the reference, and they were right... Amazing food, amazing beer

    55555 by Vanessa Martini

  • Marion J.Great service, solid brisket

    55555 by Marion J.

  • Shane KHad the pulled pork and beef brisket. Both were tasty. Also gotnot try one of the ribs - tender and delicious.

    55555 by Shane K

  • Katherine M."Ed Mitchell, the legendary master of the eastern North Carolina art form of whole hog cooking... Dig into pilgrimage-worthy chopped or pulled pork... with two sides and hush puppies." --NYT

    55555 by Katherine M.

  • Summer DLove this place!! We met and talked to the head sous chef and he let us try a new recipe he is trying. They always have fun things on the menu. The carrot cake is to die for!!

    55555 by Summer D

  • Amber MFried and bbq chicken

    55555 by Amber M

  • Charley T.They give you FREE hush puppies and biscuits while you wait.and they're good, damn good.

    55555 by Charley T.

  • Savanna JPulled pork was kind of bland. Mac & cheese was great as was the corn. Not really worth the price though.

    33333 by Savanna J

  • Laura PIt's all good. Green beans and BBQ 😍

    55555 by Laura P

  • Denzell SmithYou CANNOT leave without experiencing the BBQ pimento cheese fries...THE BEST!!!!!!

    55555 by Denzell Smith

  • Sawdust RegimeEverything, I've been here on several trips. Try the meatloaf!

    55555 by Sawdust Regime

  • Andy PBanana Cream Pudding

    55555 by Andy P

  • Brandon S.Awesome place for lunch. Great food and not too expensive.

    55555 by Brandon S.

  • Miss D JThe ribs are awesome and that sauce on the table... I put that %$#& on everything!

    55555 by Miss D J

  • Kelly K.Have never had a meal that disappointed.

    55555 by Kelly K.

  • Issam N.$2.99 for a kid's cup of milk is absurd!

    22222 by Issam N.

  • Justin B.The team service is a joke, most of the time nobody knows who is paying attention to you so nobody is. Service at the bar during lunch is extremely slow.

    33333 by Justin B.

  • Randy S.Carolina spare ribs, heirloom cabbage callards, fried green tomatoes. Great beer list. Fantastic BBQ - a national treasure!!!

    55555 by Randy S.

  • Kelli W.If you order just drinks and dessert at the BAR the waitress will be full of attitude.

    33333 by Kelli W.

  • Brian V.Good stuff. Has the chopped BBQ, Carolina ribs, fried ocra, and collared greens. All fantastic.

    55555 by Brian V.

  • RoycerEverything

    55555 by Roycer

  • Charles S.The barbecue fries are awesome! They come as an appetizer but are enough to be a main dish.

    55555 by Charles S.

  • Mitchell C.Excellent southern comfort food. Good luck leaving without an empty plate and a full stomach.

    55555 by Mitchell C.

  • Mark NixonPulled pork, brisket, hush puppies, baked beans.

    55555 by Mark Nixon

  • Tom F.Everything!

    55555 by Tom F.

  • Christopher TPimento cheese app and deviled eggs! Love this place!

    55555 by Christopher T

  • Ramona KCatfish. Hush puppies. Yep. #J360

    55555 by Ramona K

  • Andrew AAuthentic barbeque, this place is great.

    55555 by Andrew A

  • Colby M.This is the best barbecue place in town to introduce visitors to North Carolina barbecue! Get the sweet potato fries!

    55555 by Colby M.

  • Mary B.Everything is delish. Service is good.

    55555 by Mary B.

  • David NThis is a damn good BLT. The bacon is jowl, cured in house. Nothing ordinary about it.

    55555 by David N

  • Todd WilliamsThose ribs combined with all those craft beer on tap choices. The fried Okra. And THE BEST (sorry mama) banana pudding EVAH! Phenomenal restaurant.

    55555 by Todd Williams

  • TV Food MapsCheck out The Pit as seen on America's Best , Man vs Food , Throwdown with Bobby Flay , Unique Eats

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Nilesh PawarLove their draft beers and chicken sandwich.

    55555 by Nilesh Pawar

  • Ashley T.Beef brisket

    55555 by Ashley T.

  • Alexey NEverything is great!

    55555 by Alexey N

  • Jack SCarolina Classic Combo. Soooooo good.

    55555 by Jack S

  • Jeremy W.Overpriced and overhyped. Service is good so makes for an OK spot to dine with colleagues or friends. But if top-notch BBQ is what you're after, The Pit is NOT the place.

    55555 by Jeremy W.

  • LaDonna HuntBrisket!!!

    55555 by LaDonna Hunt

  • Christy S.The BBQ is so good!!

    55555 by Christy S.

  • Katrina LDelicious barbecue but be sure to make a reservation! Long waiting times, and there isnt a good waiting area in the restaurant so be prepared to be outside for a bit

    55555 by Katrina L

  • Americo G.Want good BBQ when in Raleigh go to the Pit.

    55555 by Americo G.

  • StaciIf your whole group agrees, do the family style(19.99 per person & you get 2 starters, 2 entrees, 2 sides, 1 dessert) make 1 starter the BBQ fries, an entree BBQ turkey and banana pudding!!!

    55555 by Staci

  • Molly EGet here early if you don't want to wait!

    55555 by Molly E

  • Ken P.EVERYTHING is EXCELLENT. Brisket was to die for.

    55555 by Ken P.

  • Anna E.Soul rolls, brisket, & chocolate cake were my faves in the family style meal!

    55555 by Anna E.

  • B.B. pRibs were pretty good, almost had an asian flavor - citrusy and sweet. I'd skip the banana pudding. Service was good

    55555 by B.B. p

  • B.B. pNice place with younger crowd. The carolina ribs were tasty... sweet with a hint of citrus... but missing any smokey character. Still good. Waitress was kind and compd me some banana pudding.

    55555 by B.B. p

  • Andrew W.Eat the food here; it is good.

    55555 by Andrew W.

  • Marty L.Not sure what was going on the night of March 5...must have been a conference...very crowded...but food was not good compared to previous visits

    33333 by Marty L.

  • Signe B.The BBQ tofu is incredible! Who knew!?!

    55555 by Signe B.

  • Signe B.The BBQ tofu is delish!!!

    55555 by Signe B.

  • Josh L.Very large portions!

    55555 by Josh L.

  • Mollyann R.The Pit offers private dining and catering services. Call 919.829.0833 to book a room or to place an order. You won't be disappointed!

    55555 by Mollyann R.

  • Phillip E.Carolina short ribs are legen--wait for it--dary! Get the short ribs and the BBQ baked beans.

    55555 by Phillip E.

  • Christina H.The wait staff is really friendly and the food is really good.

    55555 by Christina H.

  • Chris K.Great food. Beef brisket is on point.

    55555 by Chris K.

  • Lindsay B.Fried green tomatoes were delish! I enjoyed the hush puppies and the chop plate. Cold slaw was also tasty! Id go back!

    55555 by Lindsay B.

  • Jason A.Show up early (1130) or later (315) for lunch to avoid the crowds. For the price, food is great. Get a booth near the kitchen to enjoy the great grill smells (smoker).

    55555 by Jason A.

  • Jennifer D.Portion sizes are out of control!

    55555 by Jennifer D.

  • Neka B.The BBQ is awesome!

    55555 by Neka B.

  • Anh N.Make reservations! Or try to grab a seat in the bar area, which is first-come, first-served. The full menu is available in the bar area too. Try the fried green tomatoes!

    55555 by Anh N.

  • Noremac N.Be careful if you order tofu.... It might be a dead bird instead.

    33333 by Noremac N.

  • Ileana G.Just try BBQ :)

    55555 by Ileana G.

  • Mo BI'm not a big NC bbq fan but I must admit this place is a B. I prefer the western over the eastern style bbq but to each his own. Collards & mnc were A-. Very busy for a Wed but that's a good thing.

    55555 by Mo B

  • Jim W.Ask if you can have the catfish blackened!

    33333 by Jim W.

  • Tanya G.The BBQ fries are a must. Ribs fall right off the bone, what more could you want? I'd go back in a heartbeat.

    55555 by Tanya G.

  • Richard S.Ribs yes, brisket yes, chicken yes... can't go wrong here!

    55555 by Richard S.

  • Trak E.The bbq fries and soul rolls are amazingly delicious.

    55555 by Trak E.

  • Willie A.The BBQ is excellent. Skip the fried chicken; it's dry and not all that tasty (or at least it wasn't when I went).

    33333 by Willie A.

  • Michael L.At the bar. Biscuits and hush puppies. WOW. Can't wait to try the pork and ribs

    55555 by Michael L.

  • Ben B.The honey butter is seriously addicting!

    55555 by Ben B.

  • Aliya M.See Christina @ the bar.

    33333 by Aliya M.

  • David C.Great food. Love brisket, pulled pork, banana pudding, sweet tea. Watch out for the flies though. I always feel like the Lord of the Flies!

    55555 by David C.

  • Dale R.Over-priced

    11111 by Dale R.

  • Brendan B.Don't fill up on the hush puppies

    33333 by Brendan B.

  • Mike A.Good beer? Amazing fried chicken? What? All the BBQ is awesome? Must. Have. More.

    55555 by Mike A.

  • Home Sweet BeerThis place is designed for those who loves NC craft beers and the brisket. Come starving, because the amount of food is immense and come thirsty, because the quality of the beer is really high!

    55555 by Home Sweet Beer

  • L Troy A.Maaaan! Those Soul Rolls...That is some serious goodness going on there...So many flavors coming together...Man those things are tasty.

    55555 by L Troy A.

  • Diemmi P.Really disappointed with the pulled pork. Meat was tender but the eastern BBQ sauce has no flavor.

    33333 by Diemmi P.

  • Shaun S.Ate lunch here the other day. Didn't blow my mind like I was expecting. Food was good though and staff polite

    33333 by Shaun S.

  • Michael D.Enjoy the awesome food. It makes up for the sketchy service.

    55555 by Michael D.

  • Beth S.The skillet-fried pumpkin corn bread is to die for!

    55555 by Beth S.

  • Geoff G.Carolina combo is a must for lunch, fried chicken and chopped bbq

    55555 by Geoff G.

  • Kenny B.Ask about the veggie of the day, if you're lucky it will be corn on the cob

    33333 by Kenny B.

  • John H.Going on a wknd? Be sure to make a reservation. . . everything, i mean everything is great here! Enjoy!

    55555 by John H.

  • Kelly M.Mm good barbecue and a GF menu!

    55555 by Kelly M.

  • LaurenThe front staff is very rude and not accommodating. The food may be good but service is not up to par :-/

    33333 by Lauren

  • Joshua K.Great Gimlets!!!

    55555 by Joshua K.

  • Ralph G.Rachel is the best!

    55555 by Ralph G.

  • Myron C.Food and service was Excellent!!!! If you're a dessert connoisseur, GET THE BANANA PUDDING!!

    55555 by Myron C.

  • Milton G.Best ribs I've ever eaten besides my own!

    55555 by Milton G.

  • Myron C.You know it's a real BBQ joint if you hear soul music over the speakers... Awesome!!

    55555 by Myron C.

  • Tom B.How could anyone possibly have room for dessert?!

    55555 by Tom B.

  • Pam C.Baby back ribs are to die for

    55555 by Pam C.

  • David B.Sanitation Score: 98.0

    11111 by David B.

  • Newman N.Damn good BBQ

    55555 by Newman N.

  • David W.BBQ fries are awesome, get them!

    55555 by David W.

  • Jeff A.Great joint! Make sure to leave room for the killer banana pudding with the high top meringue..it will not disappoint.

    55555 by Jeff A.

  • Sharon M.BBQ fries are a must!

    55555 by Sharon M.

  • Sara E.Best BBQ in the triangle area. Get the pulled pork for a meal with sweet potato fries; get pimento cheese balls as an app!

    55555 by Sara E.

  • KaitlynThe wait takes forever!

    22222 by Kaitlyn

  • Ranjun C.Try the Baby Back Ribs (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Ranjun C.

  • Jeffy G.Great food. Great waiters. I'll definitely come back.

    55555 by Jeffy G.

  • Kathryn F.chopped bbq, carolina ribs. and this banana cream pie....OMG.

    55555 by Kathryn F.

  • Angelina K.Barbecued tofu is phenom

    55555 by Angelina K.

  • Dee B.Get the Soul Rolls. Delish!

    55555 by Dee B.

  • edsaveBeef brisket! Gotta have it! I didn't know what I wanted for a last meal until tonight.

    33333 by edsave

  • Laurie O.Get the pimento cheese balls...amazing!

    55555 by Laurie O.

  • Tom R.Sweet potato fries are wonderful!

    55555 by Tom R.

  • Jon LeeEd Mitchell (BBQ pitmaster) is no longer with the company but the food is still delicious. Tried the Carolina spare ribs with the Mac and cheese as recommended by the server and was not disappointed.

    55555 by Jon Lee

  • Marquita M.The turkey BBQ is delicious!!!!

    55555 by Marquita M.

  • The News & ObserverThe Muscat Canelli wine pairs well with chopped whole hog, mac n cheese, coleslaw and collard greens.

    55555 by The News & Observer

  • Lizz J.The pulled pork platter is not to be missed and the fried okra is soo tasty! And to drink? Blackberry Smash, for sure!

    55555 by Lizz J.

  • The News & ObserverWant some veggies with your BBQ? Try the cucumber and tomato salad, pickled okra, succotash, or summer squash with zucchini, vidalia onions and green peppers.

    55555 by The News & Observer

  • David F.The bbq is not that good, but everything else is ok.

    33333 by David F.

  • Cece G.They have da best food in raleigh by far

    55555 by Cece G.

  • Leah B.Food was outstanding but the service was lacking

    55555 by Leah B.

  • BenHigh on atmosphere, low on substance. The beer selection is good, but the barbecue is just OK.

    55555 by Ben

  • Meredith M.Get the chopped bbq plate, and ask for some of their bbq sauce, they bring you out two different kins, and they're both delicious!!

    55555 by Meredith M.

  • James R.My favorite BBQ spot in Raleigh. The brisket is sooo good.

    55555 by James R.

  • Laura G.Overrated if you ask me, but I'm biased as I grew up eating truly authentic NC BBQ. Only thing worth the trip is banana pudding. Decent but not deserving of all the hype that it seems to get.

    55555 by Laura G.

  • Audrey A.Great biscuits and hush puppies, but skip the creamed corn.

    55555 by Audrey A.

  • Alex W.Get the sweet tea!!!!! Its sooooooooooo good

    55555 by Alex W.

  • Alex M.Try the BBQ.

    55555 by Alex M.

  • Mark S.Try the Double Meat Combo - Meatloaf, beef brisket, mac and cheese and black-eyed peas! One word.......EXCELLENT! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Mark S.

  • James R.My favorite BBQ spot in Raleigh - the pulled pork is very good and the Mac and cheese is phenomenal.

    55555 by James R.

  • Kory W.Do not park on commerce street after 9 pm or you will get a ticket from the city.

    33333 by Kory W.

  • Tom J.Imbibe Magazine recognized The Pit for being one of the Best Places for beer in the South in their March/April 2011 Southern Issue

    55555 by Tom J.

  • Montinique W.The baby back ribs are to die for!

    55555 by Montinique W.

  • Heather L.Traveled here from WI and were told it was the best BBQ around. Words can't do this place justice!!! Absolutely made our trip!

    55555 by Heather L.

  • Michael T.OMG - the mac n cheese and creamed corn are to DIE for!

    55555 by Michael T.

  • AfricanRyan O.Rihen is the best server!!

    55555 by AfricanRyan O.

  • Linda Craft  & Team R.You have to try the fried okra!

    55555 by Linda Craft & Team R.

  • Melissa H.AMAZING!!!! I have never been more impressed with a restaurant, staff, atmosphere, but most importantly THE FOOD!!!

    55555 by Melissa H.

  • D ..Great BBQ...Get the double combo!!!

    55555 by D ..

  • Megan N.Food is good but now it is ok, because Ed left!

    33333 by Megan N.

  • Brandon F.Great bbq. Make a reservation tho. Its always busy.

    55555 by Brandon F.

  • Jesse S.Fried Green Tomatoes are perfect and the sauce with them is scrumptious!

    55555 by Jesse S.

  • Jesse S.Try a bloody Mary! Seems like they do there own Mary mix from scratch and it's delicious!

    55555 by Jesse S.

  • JamesEverything is good! <3

    55555 by James

  • Reid T.Cool atmosphere great place for a business lunch

    55555 by Reid T.

  • Lisa J.The vinho verde is a killer $6 glass of wine!

    55555 by Lisa J.

  • Michael RIf you are looking for Ed and his food neither one are here. Bring Ed back!!

    33333 by Michael R

  • Matthew K.Beware of all the hipsters. They're everywhere!

    33333 by Matthew K.

  • Asfrika KGreat TP BBQ good specials....Yumm....Yummy

    55555 by Asfrika K

  • Sarah N.Fabulous! Amazing inside.

    55555 by Sarah N.

  • Travel ChannelDon’t miss a whole-hog barbeque. As seen on Travel Channel’s Man v. Food Nation.

    55555 by Travel Channel

  • Kevin S.Vegetarians note, they have BBQ Tofu on the menu!

    55555 by Kevin S.

  • Joe L.Past 2 visits haven't been so good, I loved it when Ed Mitchell was here. The plates just got really small, and the BBQ is forgettable.

    55555 by Joe L.

  • Anna H.About to try some east carolina bbq! Supet excited...

    55555 by Anna H.

  • SmartiGet in pit and love someone.

    55555 by Smarti

  • Bryan Y.Get the chopped BBQ or the brisket. Probably the 2 best things on the menu.

    55555 by Bryan Y.

  • Matt JThis is by far the worst BBQ I have ever tasted! I wouldn't waste my time. Go somewhere else........

    22222 by Matt J

  • Alan P.they put homemade pimento cheese and a fried green tomato on a burger...YUM

    55555 by Alan P.

  • Denise R.Make reservation on OpenTable.com to avoid the long wait.

    33333 by Denise R.

  • Fredo A.Brisket wins!!

    55555 by Fredo A.

  • Kim P.Carolina ribs here are so good they should be illegal!

    55555 by Kim P.

  • NightFlightsRDU ~.Fun, down to earth atmosphere.

    55555 by NightFlightsRDU ~.

  • Janet F.Great BBQ but skip the veggies. Do get the banana pudding though.

    55555 by Janet F.

  • Blair G.Brunswick stew is to die for. Best I've ever had.

    55555 by Blair G.

  • Jason C.The beer was great..the food was not all that..the chicken was dry along with the babyback rib..this was the second time eating at the pit..both times not good..will not return..

    33333 by Jason C.

  • Amanda L.The baked beans are made with more than one type of bean and the banana pudding made me cry. Put the sauces that are on the table on everything. Pit is perfect

    55555 by Amanda L.

  • Ange C.Get the Great Divide Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti!

    55555 by Ange C.

  • Tiphereth G.It's a genuine Southern BBQ - with variations in sauce and delicious pulled pork, ribs, great local beers. Big atmospheric old warehouse space with great service

    55555 by Tiphereth G.

  • TiffanyThe absolute best dessert!!! Banana pudding...has nilla wafers, meringue, and marshmallow...un-be-lievable!!!

    55555 by Tiffany

  • Anna B.Make a reservation to avoid the wait. Try the turkey bbq!

    55555 by Anna B.

  • The Daily MealBarbecue is religion in the South, and without question, pitmaster Ed Mitchell is one of its patron saints. The Pit specializes in North Carolina-style whole hog, pit-cooked 'cue.

    55555 by The Daily Meal

  • Carlos M.Excellent service, the baby back ribs were excellent. On a side note the company I was with Sandra and Dan made the experience even more special

    55555 by Carlos M.

  • jimmy Joh yeah and they dont even recognize their "mayors

    33333 by jimmy J

  • jimmy Jjust dont order food w drinks food might beat that awesome 8 dollar pint out

    55555 by jimmy J

  • jimmy Jshiiiiiiiit bes dam eastern they was out n deeeeez necks

    33333 by jimmy J

  • jimmy Ji think all the people on here are in the biz hence all the bogus hype

    33333 by jimmy J

  • Rob RobersonThe sauce is the star my chopped BBQ is a little tough. That tells me It wasn't cooked long enough, and there isn't much smoke flavor on the meat.

    22222 by Rob Roberson

  • Charles T.The ribs are amazing. If they could combine the tenderness of the babyback with the flavor of the spare rib, then that would be the perfect rib. Definitely try the ribs!

    55555 by Charles T.

  • AlisonBaby back ribs. All day. Extra bonus: well-curated selection of local brewery options

    55555 by Alison

  • BridgetAsk for Colin to be your server if you like Zach Galifinaikis... he's a great server and super entertaining! Love him!!

    55555 by Bridget

  • Suzy D.The chopped bbq is phenomenal! Along with banana pudding for dessert! I'm more than impressed!

    55555 by Suzy D.

  • Robin S.The chicken wings are not to be missed.

    55555 by Robin S.

  • james s.Try everything!

    55555 by james s.

  • Bryan CMake sure to go on an off weekend night so the brisket is slow cooked.

    55555 by Bryan C

  • Dennis G.Hush puppies! Yum. The micro brews are awesome.

    55555 by Dennis G.

  • Kate SEverything's great, but the baby back ribs are heaven.

    55555 by Kate S

  • Mike A.PBLT's make for a great Southern appetizer.

    55555 by Mike A.

  • Avatar R.Baby Back Ribs + Iced Tea in the Southern Heat

    55555 by Avatar R.

  • Don C.Bring a big appetite

    55555 by Don C.

  • Eric MThis foodie favorite has even better beer choices! Check out the list!

    55555 by Eric M

  • Beth H.All the veggies are awesome!

    55555 by Beth H.

  • Don C.Try the ribs.

    55555 by Don C.

  • Brian M.Try the collard greens. Best I've ever had. Try them on New Years Day and get mo money!

    55555 by Brian M.

  • TJ N.Get your picture taken with The Pitmaster

    33333 by TJ N.

  • RtownChuckAMAZING food but come early or make a Rez on Saturdays. 2 Hr wait but worth it. Try the smoke and coke.

    55555 by RtownChuck

  • Anne RBest fried chicken on the planet!! And, if you're a fan of collards...you're gonna love 'em!

    55555 by Anne R

  • Erika R.This place rocks. Great atmosphere, nice people. Try the pimento cheese dip, delish.

    55555 by Erika R.

  • Greg W.Wings...best I've ever had.

    55555 by Greg W.

  • Adam H.The sweet tea is the best in town &Don't miss the sweet potato fries. Reward yourself with a combo platter. I recommend chopped BBQ & Beef Brisket.

    55555 by Adam H.

  • Jason H.Try the BBQ turkey!!

    55555 by Jason H.

  • Sandra/Snad P.I'm a vegetarian, but I'll eat at The Pit with my meat-eating friends because they are cool enough to have BBQ tofu!!!

    55555 by Sandra/Snad P.

  • David JOrder the triple combo.

    55555 by David J

  • Sonja F.Carolina short ribs are legen--wait for it--dary! Get the short ribs and the BBQ baked beans.

    55555 by Sonja F.

  • John L.Whatever you get for the main dish, get the fried okra side.

    55555 by John L.

  • Glenn G.If you like great BBQ and great craft beer as well, you need to check out The Pit. Really good selection of local and other craft beers on tap.

    55555 by Glenn G.

  • Mike W.The grouper is the best in the city. I know this is a bbq joint but try the grouper!

    55555 by Mike W.

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