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608 South Washington Avenue
Royal Oak, MI 48067

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(248) 544-7900

  • Sun - Sat 9:00am - 2:00am

Cuisine: American Restaurants, Delis, Dog Friendly Restaurants

4.3 of 5.0 from 116 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Pronto in Royal Oak, MI
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  • Pronto in Royal Oak, MI

Pronto Reviews

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  • Kristeena S.Love coming here for live music Tuesdays with the Dynamic Duo or Julie D and Danny G. Friendly bartenders and good craft beer selection

    55555 by Kristeena S.

  • Brian JNice patio, good location, cool crowd.

    55555 by Brian J

  • Rebecca E.Pronto Punch baby!!

    55555 by Rebecca E.

  • KevinIf your at the bar and have an open tab, CHECK YOUR BILL! They have more than once put others ( the bar tenders friends ) drinks on my, and other friends tabs. These bartenders are notorious for this.

    33333 by Kevin

  • Anthony S.Amazing breakfast! Great service and a pretty decent dessert selection too!!

    55555 by Anthony S.

  • DevontaCute. Nice restaurant and club at night.

    55555 by Devonta

  • Lizzy KGonna drink and eat fancy Mac and cheese! Happy birthday Jessi! :)

    55555 by Lizzy K

  • Sarah KFood is delicious and the bar has a good vibe.

    55555 by Sarah K

  • Marlesa NGreat food and drinks

    55555 by Marlesa N

  • Dave H.The sandwiches are amazing, and the entrees are huge. Save room for dessert!

    55555 by Dave H.

  • David StraubThe Caramel Ripple Cake was amazing and light!

    55555 by David Straub

  • Jen OstafinskiNice place, but the service left something to be desired.

    33333 by Jen Ostafinski

  • MarieThe service is great

    55555 by Marie

  • Vic B.Great " Dads Favorite" sandwich...& Torpedo on tap!

    55555 by Vic B.

  • Marquis A.Get the first booth you see when you walk in the front door. Best booth in the place see everything. King Kong

    55555 by Marquis A.

  • Marc D.I always have a blast here drinks on me!

    55555 by Marc D.

  • Tokyo S.The Pronto pasta is a delicious quirky Mac n cheese! It's a must have!

    55555 by Tokyo S.

  • William T.The walls are dirty, the carpet looks like crap, there's been a hole in the dining room ceiling for 2+ years now covered by a thin piece of wood, and the water tastes bad. Owner on autopilot?

    22222 by William T.

  • Katie S.Nothing says fall better than baked sweet potato and butternut squash soup...yum!!

    55555 by Katie S.

  • Hailey R.The Pronto Pasta is awesome!!

    55555 by Hailey R.

  • GenoThe waiters are ADORABLE!

    55555 by Geno

  • Anne C.Went there for lunch and the salmon pepper salad was great but the service was very sub par that day.

    33333 by Anne C.

  • Suzie M.Back patio very nice seating

    55555 by Suzie M.

  • Ali R.Get the #36 vegetarian Reuben! Thank me lata.

    55555 by Ali R.

  • Jess M.Normally a great meal. Today the service was less than satisfying. The sweet potato fries are awesome, though!

    55555 by Jess M.

  • Ryan W.Chicken pot pie was just heaven =D

    55555 by Ryan W.

  • Jacob B.Don't get the coronarita....

    22222 by Jacob B.

  • Elicia K.Sweet potato fries

    55555 by Elicia K.

  • Mary H.Great food, drinks, and atmosphere

    55555 by Mary H.

  • Lauren A.This restaurant is always accommodating to any group size. Service is quick and the staff is so nice! Love the Pronto! Pasta

    55555 by Lauren A.

  • Nick S.Eskimo kisses are delish.

    55555 by Nick S.

  • William F.They can't make a Manhattan or Old Fashion, no bitters, sad face

    33333 by William F.

  • AndreaThe holiday Egg Nog Cheesecake is crazy good!

    55555 by Andrea

  • Eddie M.Kurt, Chelsea, & Peter are the BEST!

    55555 by Eddie M.

  • Leah L.2nd time in a row my carry out was terrible service!!! NOT going back

    11111 by Leah L.

  • Jared K.It's simple. Be nice, respectable and tip well and you'll have no problem getting great service. Remember that tips stands for To Insure Prompt (Proper) Service!

    55555 by Jared K.

  • Kiki K.Miss charged me for my meal. Food was ok. Bar side was fun.

    22222 by Kiki K.

  • Kenny T.The guys are hot on saturday nights ;)

    55555 by Kenny T.

  • Sonya S.Try the Ultimate Grilled Cheese w/ Sweet Potato fries!!

    55555 by Sonya S.

  • Jesse A.Been here 20 plus times. Always had great service. Great food. Amazing bakery. Only complaint is they have pretty mediocre coffee for brunch. Wish they'd upgrade their coffee!

    55555 by Jesse A.

  • Ashton A.Prices went up, someone please proof read this menu before you publish it next time. Or use spell check...

    33333 by Ashton A.

  • Angel P.Best 7 layer bar evahhhhh

    55555 by Angel P.

  • Shana E.The Stowe Grill

    33333 by Shana E.

  • Adam C.For being called Pronto the service is painfully slow

    22222 by Adam C.

  • John G.The price is different with every bartender.

    55555 by John G.

  • Ashton A.The food was amazing! And service was pefect.

    55555 by Ashton A.

  • Kenneth C.RESTAURANT-excellent food,BAR SIDE bad service.Been ignored by bar staff every time. Try jumping up & down waving money,you just MIGHT get noticed! Same goes if you want to meet a guy!!

    33333 by Kenneth C.

  • Kaylin E.I miss watching Will & Grace here. Yeah, I just dated myself!

    33333 by Kaylin E.

  • Nadja ૐ.TJ is an EPIC waiter!!!

    55555 by Nadja ૐ.

  • Lauren G.Mike Bush is HAWT!!!!

    55555 by Lauren G.

  • Gail G.Love this place

    55555 by Gail G.

  • Nick P.Ask for Kurt!

    55555 by Nick P.

  • Nicole M.Not fond of potato products, but the challah grilled cheese is amazing.

    55555 by Nicole M.

  • Urvi M.Breakfast is awesome!

    55555 by Urvi M.

  • Mike B.The cooks here are aweso

    33333 by Mike B.

  • Chad B.Chicken Pot Pie is very good! Also love the fact that they have Pepsi products here!

    55555 by Chad B.

  • Connor V.Tip Cassi, the cashier! She's a sweetie!

    22222 by Connor V.

  • Todd P.Shy is a great hostess

    55555 by Todd P.

  • Eric V.Don't let john put in for a raw turkey burger ... Lmao

    33333 by Eric V.

  • Charles B.Pronto is alway and always will be a great place to hang out and meet new/old friends. The staff is great. and the food is alway good.

    55555 by Charles B.

  • David L.Ask for Bret!

    55555 by David L.

  • Jes89-potabello mushroom FTW

    55555 by Jes

  • Todd P.Talk to the girls behind the dessert counter.. they rock and will never point your sweet tooth in the wrong direction.

    33333 by Todd P.

  • Michael S.Wingless buffalo sandwich is very tasty. Onion rings as a side are delicious, but you only get 5.

    55555 by Michael S.

  • Tara P.Pronto pasta and red velvet cake!! The best!!

    55555 by Tara P.

  • Bryan P.Dinner and cocktails

    55555 by Bryan P.

  • Keri B.This is my most favorite place EVER!!!!!

    55555 by Keri B.

  • DBT D.Southwest pasta and garlic roll - leave happy!

    55555 by DBT D.

  • Eric V.Come get serviced by brad ... He's the best

    55555 by Eric V.

  • Todd P.Ask for brad he is the best server they have.

    55555 by Todd P.

  • Eric V.BRAD is the best ... ;)

    55555 by Eric V.

  • Brad B.Marc Vandeberg is the REAL mayor of Pronto!

    55555 by Brad B.

  • Rick G.Where the men are men and the women are not allowed

    22222 by Rick G.

  • Carmen Y.Yummy Mini Beers

    55555 by Carmen Y.

  • Travis R.Pretty good pizza...interesting atmosphere.

    55555 by Travis R.

  • Jana S.Not amazed and definitely not impressed. Go to the grocery store and make your own sandwich at home. Then go meet ppl

    33333 by Jana S.

  • Eddie K.Great sandwiches and awesome soups! Their dill pickle soup is a favorite!

    55555 by Eddie K.

  • Frankenmuth BreweryDitch your normal drink order and taste all that Frankenmuth Brewery has to offer!

    33333 by Frankenmuth Brewery

  • TreasureI don't have much luck here with food, but i got the burrito and it was pretty delish.

    33333 by Treasure

  • JulieDuring the summer order, the gazpacho soup... Best in the area!

    55555 by Julie

  • Connor V.Red velvet cake is not only the specialty, but is amazing. Be prepared to split and talk about it forever.

    55555 by Connor V.

  • Matthew L.Horribly slow

    11111 by Matthew L.

  • Erica M.One of the best places for lunch in Royal Oak. Motown Meltdown is life-changing. Service is friendly but slow as molasses, so beware if you're crunched for time.

    55555 by Erica M.

  • RosalynnPomtini is a revelation!

    55555 by Rosalynn

  • Teri C.Come here for dessert and drinks. The cakes are amazing!

    55555 by Teri C.

  • Gabrielle H.Alex G. is a fantastic server and bartender! :)

    55555 by Gabrielle H.

  • Tanya I.SUPER margaritas. I loved the pomegrenate!

    55555 by Tanya I.

  • Nick P.Kurt at the bar is the best. Ask for vodka soda. Yum!

    55555 by Nick P.

  • Elena B.Pronto pasta is the best mac and cheese I've ever had

    55555 by Elena B.

  • Tim C.The food is awesome especially the giant slice of cheesecake!

    55555 by Tim C.

  • Brian T.Get Kurt for your bartender! He's the beat here.

    55555 by Brian T.

  • Daniel E.Really thinks the wait staff should be topless!!

    33333 by Daniel E.

  • Kelly B.Pot Roast was amazing. Tender and with a generous portion of mashed potatoes.

    55555 by Kelly B.

  • Carlos G.Great service and the Mediterranean platter is awesome. The deserts are amazing! I try to amaretto and it's soooooo good

    55555 by Carlos G.

  • Kyle P.#71 The Motown Meltdown. Try not to pass this one up!

    33333 by Kyle P.

  • Fiat V.muscle milk and top shelf?! you definitely know what kind of place this is....

    55555 by Fiat V.

  • Kevin O.Good food, terrible service.

    22222 by Kevin O.

  • Christopher M.Overpriced for horrible service

    11111 by Christopher M.

  • Michelle W.Don't eliminate items from a salad, and then ask for extra of another item and expect an even swap. They will charge you lol

    33333 by Michelle W.

  • michael TNicest gay folks in town!

    55555 by michael T

  • Steve P.Not so pronto

    33333 by Steve P.

  • angieeffieYam fries are really yummy. Ask for honey mustard for dipping.

    55555 by angieeffie

  • Kelly KThey have amazing cakes and cupcakes!

    55555 by Kelly K

  • Jessica CCHIPS AND SALSA PLZ!!!!!

    55555 by Jessica C

  • Matthew K.When you're at Pronto!, get the Pronto Pasta with Chicken. It's to die for

    55555 by Matthew K.

  • Andrew I.The Carmel bumpy cake is insanely good. Beware the sugar coma

    55555 by Andrew I.


    33333 by Aren A

  • Shelly D.I love this place, They have amazing food and good drinks!

    55555 by Shelly D.

  • Carl W.Three numbers: 608 (club sandwich)!

    22222 by Carl W.

  • Michelle CThree words: Farmers Market sandwich.

    55555 by Michelle C

  • Gabe A.Stowe Grille for veggie lovers great choice.

    55555 by Gabe A.

  • Aaron V.Order the 608 sandwich. It's the best one on the menu.

    55555 by Aaron V.

  • Keri B.Go to Pronto! Order the chili and the Farmer's Market sandwich. I have dreams about that sandwich. I would marry it...seriously, order it.

    55555 by Keri B.

  • Stacy L.They have awesome sandwiches and a potato salad that is TO DIE FOR. You gotta try it!

    55555 by Stacy L.

  • Ashley Catherine W.go to pronto! for lunch. split the chopped salad with a friend and an extra big bowl of soup for yo'self.

    55555 by Ashley Catherine W.

  • Brian EHad the Club 608 Sandwich. If you like chicken & bacon, you'll like this

    33333 by Brian E

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