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1104 Locust St
Saint Louis, MO 63102

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(314) 241-8118


  • Sunday: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Cuisine: Breakfast and Brunch

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4.6 of 5.0 from 180 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Rooster in Saint Louis, MO
  • Rooster in Saint Louis, MO
  • Rooster in Saint Louis, MO
  • Rooster in Saint Louis, MO
  • Rooster in Saint Louis, MO
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  • Rooster in Saint Louis, MO
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  • Rooster in Saint Louis, MO
  • Rooster in Saint Louis, MO
  • Rooster in Saint Louis, MO
  • Rooster in Saint Louis, MO
  • Rooster in Saint Louis, MO
  • Rooster in Saint Louis, MO
  • Rooster in Saint Louis, MO
  • Rooster in Saint Louis, MO
  • Rooster in Saint Louis, MO
  • Rooster in Saint Louis, MO

Rooster Reviews

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  • Carl DirksWe all loved our brunch. Scramble, sweet and savory crepes

    55555 by Carl Dirks

  • Jordan AWe visited for Sunday breakfast. Our experience was not good at all. Literally every table in our section had issues and requested a manager. Nothing went right.

    22222 by Jordan A

  • Greg MEat local!!! Great atmosphere, food and service. Do it!

    55555 by Greg M

  • Saba MThe goat cheese crepes were great. Our table tried a couple drinks (the house Bloody Mary, Sunburnt White Russian, French 75) but none were a hit.

    55555 by Saba M

  • Ethan A.Super-busy for weekend brunch, but they do to-go orders. Take it out and head to a local park if it's nice!

    55555 by Ethan A.

  • Jason K.Killer coffee. Magnificent micheladas. I've only had the slinger because it's the best brunch meal I've ever had. Add your name to the wait list via Yelp on your walk over. Worth the wait.

    55555 by Jason K.

  • Frank L.Rooster slinger and a house Bloody Mary.

    55555 by Frank L.

  • Bero AThe chicken crape with guacamole was great! But I don't like the chocolate crape since it was little bit dry

    55555 by Bero A

  • Jim S.Breakfast, Bloody Mary, crepes

    55555 by Jim S.

  • Joe T.Place was crowded, but we were seated fast. Parking located across the street in pay lot ($5). The Banana Nut French Toast was great, although maybe a few too many nuts. German 2 Crepe was great too!

    55555 by Joe T.

  • Maki LAmazingly delicious cocktails specially beef broth Bloody Mary! Both savory and sweet crepes are delicious!

    55555 by Maki L

  • Mitzi Y.Really enjoyed the food here. Just FYI, The Slinger was COVERED in gravy, which is good (and bad for some people) but just thought you should know.

    33333 by Mitzi Y.

  • Annie SHot crepes

    55555 by Annie S

  • Ivy JRooster Slinger

    55555 by Ivy J

  • Ashley R.Diverse breakfast selections, delicious crepes, satisfied the adults and kids.

    55555 by Ashley R.

  • StevenVegan sausage

    55555 by Steven

  • Pilgrim 🐱👾I had the bacon #2 crepe with a side of chicken sausage and it was just fantastic. $4 for a small OJ turned me off a bit though.

    55555 by Pilgrim 🐱👾

  • Zara P.The goat cheese #1 crepes were excellent. Also, if I could have a sunburnt white Russian every day that would be fine, thanks. (Dark rum, cold brewed coffee, falernum, coconut milk.) 😍

    55555 by Zara P.

  • Carmelo C.Slingers with French toast on the bottom.

    33333 by Carmelo C.

  • Michele MurphyVERY disappointed. HORRIBLE cuI stomer service. Food was ok. But we certainly won't be going back.

    22222 by Michele Murphy

  • Aaron GThe pancakes are very good. Fluffy, but fried top and bottom to perfection right off the griddle. No hash browns, but country potatoes. Good coffee.

    55555 by Aaron G

  • Aleksis DBreakfast!

    55555 by Aleksis D

  • Kate Tnutella crepes with bailey's ice cream--WOW. i also had the brie #1, with roasted spiced apples--i think i would have preferred the apples be fresh with brie.

    55555 by Kate T

  • Kat NBeautiful place. Great enviroment and food. Try the coffee and crepes

    55555 by Kat N

  • Rob S.Slingers, coffee, crêpes, coffee, scrambles, did I say coffee? Service has always been excellent even when very busy.

    55555 by Rob S.

  • CamilleFrench toast! Crepes!

    55555 by Camille

  • Maya Greally good hot cocoa and crepes!

    55555 by Maya G

  • Chris DavisCool breakfast place on south grand. Love the settup inside. Okay alcohol selection. Great diverse menu for breakfast

    55555 by Chris Davis

  • Josh M.You need a Bloody Mary after last night. This place has the best, take that Aspirin too.

    55555 by Josh M.

  • BérengerYummy yummy! The scrambled eggs are just the best!

    55555 by Bérenger

  • Angie H.The Slinger was AMAZING!

    55555 by Angie H.

  • Brandon N.Omg that was incredible! Farmer's platter was great!

    55555 by Brandon N.

  • David Todd B.What a great place for breakfast and lots of options for brunch.

    55555 by David Todd B.

  • TL YGreat food and service. Offer wheat free crepes! Delish!

    55555 by TL Y

  • Em DaggsBreakfast cocktails! They use Kaldi's espresso - yum. Decent crepes, great service. Family style seating can get awkward.

    55555 by Em Daggs

  • Torzin SLovely place to have breakfast. Try the Slinger and found that it was very delicious. The chai was also nice.

    55555 by Torzin S

  • Ricky S.I loved the "Rooster Slinger" with steak. Be sure to try their homemade granola.

    55555 by Ricky S.

  • Cordell LawrenceRooster Slinger. Order it. Eat it. Love it.

    55555 by Cordell Lawrence

  • Dani AnniGood breakfast options and very unique style

    55555 by Dani Anni

  • Idara U.Too pricy.

    55555 by Idara U.

  • Chris V.Bring your walking shoes & get a pre-meal calorie burn working!

    55555 by Chris V.

  • BrkgnyMekan büyük ferah menü çeşitli lezzet idare eder

    22222 by Brkgny

  • Chai O.Their Bloody Mary selection is unprecedented!

    55555 by Chai O.

  • David B.They have 34 different crepe options on the menu! I would have eaten here every morning I was in town if I could have. Can't wait until I return.

    55555 by David B.

  • Stefanie M.Omg amazing menu! Bacon #2 and scramble #5 were really good. Nutella crepe for dessert. Yum. Very generous portions!

    55555 by Stefanie M.

  • Inessa L.The mo. made sausage crepe, with sliced apples, cheddar sauce and a light apple single syrup was amazing!

    55555 by Inessa L.

  • Annie FosterDelicious crepes. A great spot for brunch.

    55555 by Annie Foster

  • Sos JifriGreat cozy nice food and service

    55555 by Sos Jifri

  • Thomas O.Woah! HUGE portions! If you want bang for your buck, go w/ the egg sammy. Tomatoes, egg & romaine. Your choice of breads. Do yourself a favor & opt for the added guacamole. A million fried spuds too!

    55555 by Thomas O.

  • Bridget J.The bloody ell! Do it! Great local vibe here.

    55555 by Bridget J.

  • Nicole JBloody good Bloody Mary.

    55555 by Nicole J

  • Matt W.The slinger's always a good choice for indecisive customers.

    55555 by Matt W.

  • Anthony AtencioI get the rooster slinger, the fried egg sandwich or a savory crepe.

    55555 by Anthony Atencio

  • RFTStreetThis charming crêperie brings a little bit of Paris to downtown. Savory crêpes feature both the hearty (sausages, bacon, roasted sirloin) and the delicate (Brie with roasted apples, egg with Gruyère).

    55555 by RFTStreet

  • Bary K.I've previously complained about a bad breakfast I had here but I gave them a second chance. Lunch was much better. Service was good, food was excellent. If I come again it'll be after noon.

    33333 by Bary K.

  • Andrew P.Great food. Worth the stop.

    55555 by Andrew P.

  • Ryab DAmazing. The yummy food made up for the 30-45 minute wait to be seated, which I assume is caused by the high demand for said yummy food. Try one of the "scrambles" combinations or the Rooster Slinger.

    55555 by Ryab D

  • Tim M.Love the slinger, BELT and the creeps but the French Toast is incredible.

    55555 by Tim M.

  • Tamy N.The Rooster Slinger is amazeballs

    55555 by Tamy N.

  • Brandy M.Favorite breakfast place in St. Louis, plus they serve breakfast all day long for those late risers. Everything we had was amazing! Must try the Rooster slinger and banana nut French toast!

    55555 by Brandy M.

  • Natalie M.Our waiter was so nice I got the bblt and a banana smoothie was delicious my mom got the croque monsieur soooo good!!!

    55555 by Natalie M.

  • Charles F.Two words: bacon jam

    55555 by Charles F.

  • Pamela E.Awesome savory crepe!

    55555 by Pamela E.

  • Aaron W.Only breakfast restaurant in town that will tell you they don't know how to make a poached egg & never made one! "It will take quite a while to boil the water & to have them learn how to cook it." :-(

    33333 by Aaron W.

  • Gloria C.10+ kinds of bloody marys to choose from!! get the rooster slinger, finnish pancake, caramelized bananas french toast or pancakes

    55555 by Gloria C.

  • Megan J.The tomato jam is unique and very delicious!

    55555 by Megan J.

  • Renée H.What can I say about the Steak and Eggs--pork steak, that is--with potatoes and homemade bread and jam? Best. Brunch. Ever.

    55555 by Renée H.

  • Anke R.Delicious crepes and coffee! It's the perfect quaint coffee place for you week and weekend getaways!

    55555 by Anke R.

  • Reanna P.Gluten free Crepes were amazing!

    55555 by Reanna P.

  • Reggie W.This spot is great, if you love cheese or chocolate. The four cheese Savory Crepe was awesome! Great bacon and house-made sausage.

    55555 by Reggie W.

  • Gardiner A.Kid friendly, great kids menu, booster seats, etc.

    55555 by Gardiner A.

  • Sam '.Wait is very long, place is packed. Floor and tables were dirty. Expensive! $2.50 for a piece of bread! Entrees average around $9, a lot for some bacon and eggs. Loud! Customers have to yell to hear.

    33333 by Sam '.

  • Matt D.Can not go wrong with the apple and sausage crepe!

    33333 by Matt D.

  • Josh B.Great spot! Even with a crowd, the wait is bearable and worth it. Free coffee while you wait. Staff is friendly and food is delicious.

    55555 by Josh B.

  • Jamey D.Just had the worst service ever! Watched four tables come in after us and get food before us!! Food was not good when we finally got it!!

    11111 by Jamey D.

  • Mollie T.Try one of the Bloody Mary concoctions! And be sure to get bacon and cheddar olives!! Mind blowingly awesome

    55555 by Mollie T.

  • Chad H.Was in town for the Cardinals game and found this gem! Awesome atmosphere, food, and service. Highly recommend!

    55555 by Chad H.

  • Steve Ole O.Pretty impressive service levels and loved my Scrambler #6 in-and-out in 30 minutes on a Saturday at 9:30am

    55555 by Steve Ole O.

  • Abbie S.The hostesses had the worst attitude I've ever seen in the service industry. Omelette was bland, crepes were ok. Best part was their wheat toast with butter and jam.

    22222 by Abbie S.

  • Alex G.Food and atmosphere were awesome! Only complaint would be TWO toilets in the entire restaurant is ridiculous. For a restaurant as popular as this, the bathroom situation needs an upgrade

    33333 by Alex G.

  • TreeGoat cheese crepe #1, house Bloody Mary or mimosa... Heaven.

    55555 by Tree

  • Garry C.The bacon #2 is amaaaaaaazing! Make sure to get a few mermosers to wersh her dern with though!

    33333 by Garry C.

  • Jimmy B.Rooster slinger is the bomb!!!

    55555 by Jimmy B.

  • John L.Best breakfast I've had in years. Everything homemade with local ingredients all the way down to the ketchup. Outstanding

    55555 by John L.

  • Vanessa W.Long wait on a Sunday but SOOO worth it! Virtually all of their food items are from local vendors which is awesome. Best part: you can turn any crepe into an omelette!

    55555 by Vanessa W.

  • Joe L.Food was great, service was too. Wait is long!

    55555 by Joe L.

  • Luis G.Get the slinger :) banana pancakes are also pretty good :)

    55555 by Luis G.

  • Dan B.Awesome food and service!

    55555 by Dan B.

  • Dan P.Unbelievable slingers. Fantastic Bloody Mary's. Secret bathroom in the back of the dining room on the right.

    55555 by Dan P.

  • Christina M.Chris was very rude and dismissive to us from the moment we sat down. Food was only ok, mocha was good. Like the concept but it's def overrated.

    22222 by Christina M.

  • Lauren D.The French toast with carmelized bananas is a MUST.

    55555 by Lauren D.

  • Danielle C.Delicious!!

    55555 by Danielle C.

  • Samantha B.Long wait , but bloody bull is amazing! Drinking my breakfast so far!!!

    55555 by Samantha B.

  • Chris V.Ask for Roger's section: he rocks!

    55555 by Chris V.

  • Matt V.Serious vegetarian biscuits and gravy...

    55555 by Matt V.

  • Andrew M.The G.B.L.T. Is the greatest dish ever!!!

    55555 by Andrew M.

  • Kelly B.Three things you need to try in order: 1) the rooster slinger. 2) the bacon, cheddar asiago French toast 3) everything else on the menu. Amazing spot. My wife and I come here every time were in STL

    55555 by Kelly B.

  • John H.Awsome Biscuits & Gravy !!

    55555 by John H.

  • Althea S.Try the Finnish pancake, a baked custard. It is different and delish. It's like dessert for breakfast.

    55555 by Althea S.

  • Amber D.Bacon #2 and the Brie # 2 crepe are amazing! Yummy mimosas too!

    55555 by Amber D.

  • Mooney M.Scramble #1 is delicious! The Bloody Mary is also.

    55555 by Mooney M.

  • Jim G.Bloody Mary? Yes please? Delicious brunch? Don't mind if I do!

    55555 by Jim G.

  • Andrew B.Awesome nutella crepes!

    55555 by Andrew B.

  • Shandy S.Definitely try a breakfast crepe, they are wonderful!

    55555 by Shandy S.

  • Ryan S.Everything is better with Bacon.

    55555 by Ryan S.

  • Amanda I.Worst Bloody Mary of my life. Tastes like iced bland tomato juice--totally over-hyped.

    22222 by Amanda I.

  • Perez M.ask for the sirloin scrambler perhaps they'll put it back on the menu

    33333 by Perez M.

  • Aaron W.This place has the most cheerful hostess, Lindsey, who makes the sun shine on a wintry day.

    55555 by Aaron W.

  • Go! magazineBest of '12: Slinger at Rooster, 1104 Locust Street, downtown. Submitted by @DChen0407

    55555 by Go! magazine

  • Franz S.Great breakfast place in downtown St Louis, especially if you like crepes.

    55555 by Franz S.

  • Terry F.Friday at 10:30. Painfully understaffed.

    22222 by Terry F.

  • Hannah M.Lindsey Hilton is the best server! Ask for her - She makes you feel welcome. I'm definitely coming back!

    55555 by Hannah M.

  • Jeff C.Gotta try the French Toast with bacon, cheddar and asiago!

    55555 by Jeff C.

  • Amy S.Try the French Toast Sticks - With warm maple syrup & a fresh fruit cup (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Amy S.

  • Amy S.Try the fried egg sandwich - With deliciously spiced breakfast potatoes (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Amy S.

  • Amy S.Try the Brie #2 - Cherry Chutney, Arugula, Apple & Nuts :) (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Amy S.

  • Megan S.They have the best crepes

    55555 by Megan S.

  • AngelaThe pulled pork on sourdough is great with a bloody Mary. Nice atmosphere and wonderful, friendly service!

    55555 by Angela

  • Zanah M.Got here today around 12:00 on Saturday...got seated immediately! Food and drinks were delicious!!

    55555 by Zanah M.

  • Raphael J.First visit and the service was poor, with the exception of one server who tried make things a little better. The steak sandwich was really good, but the salad needed to be cleaned first... (ugh)

    33333 by Raphael J.

  • Jenna N.This is a great breakfast and lunch hotspot for egg sandwiches (BELT is awesome) and crepes. The kids menu got two (sticky) thumbs up for its crustless pbj’s and large bowl of fresh fruit.

    55555 by Jenna N.

  • Dave R.Charley Judy is right the Slinger is worth every calorie!

    55555 by Dave R.

  • Mary B.I hate breakfast food,but love this place. Never would have guessed I'd fall in love with a crepe.

    55555 by Mary B.

  • DJ B.Mo. Made sausage #2 & bloody samuraiExcellent combo.

    55555 by DJ B.

  • Scott D.Get the "Grace Slinger" it's not on the menu, but it's awesome!

    55555 by Scott D.

  • Angie T.Food is delicious. Bloody Mary is a must. But you will leave smelling like grease.

    55555 by Angie T.

  • Terrencethe Sirloin Asiago Onion Mushroom w/ horseradish is outstanding

    55555 by Terrence

  • JB F.very very very good

    55555 by JB F.

  • Neil R.Bloody Irishman

    55555 by Neil R.

  • Micah H.Really good soy latte

    55555 by Micah H.

  • Todd J.side of potatoes

    33333 by Todd J.

  • Todd J.Ham Crepe was quite good.

    33333 by Todd J.

  • Todd J.Pumpkin Spice Coffee. Any crepe.

    55555 by Todd J.

  • Aaron W.First rate ingredients, excellent breakfast items, good coffee and very good service. Place can be packed on weekends but worth the wait. A nice indulgence.

    55555 by Aaron W.

  • Karen F.Like the atmosphere and enjoyed my goat cheese & arugula crepe. I sat at the bar for breakfast and would come back anytime.

    55555 by Karen F.

  • BestOfWe always get sidetracked by Rooster's mimosa menu. Or, if we've carried with us the fuzziness of the previous night's overindulgence, the bloody marys

    55555 by BestOf

  • Bary K.Got the scrambler everybody was raving about. The flavors were great... but the potatoes were cold and undercooked and my overheard eggs were over easy... poor showing Rooster.

    22222 by Bary K.

  • Angela L.Goat cheese crepe is amazing

    55555 by Angela L.

  • Allison H.4.5 stars. Bacon #2. starts out with a cheesy kick, finishes with sweet oniony flavor! Try it!

    55555 by Allison H.

  • Kathy S.We though the slinger was awesome ...also the scramble #4! Excellent for breakfast!

    55555 by Kathy S.

  • Britt S.Roasted sirloin #3 is to die for and bloody mary is a must!

    55555 by Britt S.

  • Phantomluvr L.This place is Awesome. Order a drank.

    55555 by Phantomluvr L.

  • Allan C.Amy is nice, and patient. Try the Bacon!!!

    55555 by Allan C.

  • RFTStreet2011 RFT Best of St. Louis Winner - Best Sunday Brunch.

    55555 by RFTStreet

  • Go! magazineIf you are going to indulge on game day, go for the good stuff — crepes stuffed with goat cheese and basil, Missouri sausage and spiced apple or sirloin steak and blue cheese. (Diane Toroian Keaggy)

    55555 by Go! magazine

  • James A.Go to Starbucks if you're in a hurry. Where is a dunkin donuts when u need one??!!

    33333 by James A.

  • Mark NThe Rooster Slinger was the perfect hangover breakfast orgy.

    55555 by Mark N

  • Jennifer M.Just a chocolate crepe. You will be happy.

    55555 by Jennifer M.

  • Ian D.Try any of the Bloody Marys

    55555 by Ian D.

  • Katrina A.Coffee and crepes are incredible. Don't be discouraged by a wait as it is worth it and the food comes out fast!

    55555 by Katrina A.

  • Burnell G.Get there before 9am if you don't want to wait for a table!

    33333 by Burnell G.

  • Alex W.If you're looking for a veg option try the breakfast burrito crepe. Awesome!

    55555 by Alex W.

  • Chip S.Pro tip: don't wait till you're hungry to get here, you're going to have a wait. But it's worth it!

    55555 by Chip S.

  • Grant M.Get the vesper. Oh wait! That's mostly what they serve! Had Finnish pancake. Good portion and tasted like bread pudding. Yum!

    33333 by Grant M.

  • StacyWorst customer service ever. we had to grab our own menus, had to grab a waiter. then I didn't even get a drink until after I was done with meal. Breakfast burrito was just weird and rubbery. awful

    22222 by Stacy

  • Jim H.Excellent breakfast crepes, there can be a wait on the weekends so go early or be patient.

    55555 by Jim H.

  • Craig V.An hour wait for Saturday breakfast of a Slinger and Bloody Mary - and it was worth every minute!!

    55555 by Craig V.

  • xxxxxxxbloody bull = awesome

    55555 by xxxxxxx

  • Ross P.Beacon #2 is great!

    55555 by Ross P.

  • Jamie L.I agree. The Slinger and House Bloody Mary are both excellent! Thanks for the tip :)

    55555 by Jamie L.

  • Kimberly C.Make sure to look at the drink list for breakfast. Many different types of bloody marys and mimosas!

    55555 by Kimberly C.

  • Chip S.Wow, that's some really good bacon! If you don't order something with bacon in it, then order a side of bacon. I mean, that is some seriously awesome bacon.

    55555 by Chip S.

  • RFTStreetRFT Best of St. Louis Winner - Best Bloody Mary

    55555 by RFTStreet

  • Kevin K.Again.. slinger, slinger, slinger. The house Bloody Mary is also one of the best I've had.

    55555 by Kevin K.

  • Jameson O.Excellent scrambles and service was good. And our coffee was free (!) and they offered us to-go cups (!!) and refills.

    55555 by Jameson O.

  • JanicePoor service. Food came out cold for a couple of friends. Crepes are good!

    33333 by Janice

  • Eric SMight have been a bad day, but service was sub-standard here, but the food made up for it.

    22222 by Eric S

  • Mike H.Get the Slinger. So good!

    55555 by Mike H.

  • Michael B.Ask for potato pancakes. Let's get them on the menu.

    33333 by Michael B.

  • Chris R.Madagascar Vanilla coffee FTW

    55555 by Chris R.

  • Rose JGerman sausage #2...definitely will not disappoint!!

    55555 by Rose J

  • ChrisTasty crepes. 4realz.

    55555 by Chris

  • Mike F.Thre words. Slinger slinger slinger! For lunch the bblt is a good choice. Locally sourced ingredients and unusual combinations make this a great spot for breakfast lunch or brunch.

    55555 by Mike F.

  • MarkI have to visit St. Louis again just for The Slinger. This place has character. The banana nut pancakes are to die for as well.

    55555 by Mark

  • Charlie J.The Slinger is worth every single calorie...

    55555 by Charlie J.

  • Mark S.This is the only place I know of that offers a Bloody Caesar on the drink menu. The clamato juice smooths out the thicker bloody Mary mix...

    55555 by Mark S.

  • Seth T.Try the "Bloody 'Ell" bloody mary. It's f-in' excellent, super tasty.

    55555 by Seth T.

  • Dave B.Great brunch and the Bailey's Chocolate Ale is a great breakfast beer.

    55555 by Dave B.

  • Ron C.Had breakfast here last Sunday before the Rams game.

    55555 by Ron C.

  • Weintraub A.Rooster is a great place for a downtown brunch scene. Take advantage of the smaller more trendy hot spots in St Louis.

    55555 by Weintraub A.

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