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Gulu Gulu Cafe

247 Essex St
Salem, MA 01970

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(978) 740-8882

  • Sun - Tue 8:00am - 11:00pm
  • Wed - Sat 8:00am - 1:00am

Cuisine: Cafes

4.7 of 5.0 from 116 reviews

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Gulu Gulu Cafe in Salem, MA
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  • Gulu Gulu Cafe in Salem, MA
  • Gulu Gulu Cafe in Salem, MA
  • Gulu Gulu Cafe in Salem, MA
  • Gulu Gulu Cafe in Salem, MA
  • Gulu Gulu Cafe in Salem, MA

Gulu Gulu Cafe Reviews

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  • Sarah K.The ham apple brie crepe is excellent.

    55555 by Sarah K.

  • Sebastian S.Essjay wrap is delicious, try it with a pumpkin beer! WiFi password: gululovesyou

    55555 by Sebastian S.

  • Denise NCrepes, OMG crepes!

    55555 by Denise N

  • Sten SGood coffee and pastry!

    55555 by Sten S

  • Lauren JService was kinda kinda rude. Coffee was great! Crepes were over cooked and came WITH our sandwiches.

    33333 by Lauren J

  • Tracy AThey have a great selection of beer! The service is excellent!The food is always good! I'm a vegetarian they have some very good choices . Gulu-Gulu Cafe is always a place we goto when we are in Salem

    55555 by Tracy A

  • Nick B.Amazing sandwiches and coffee. Get the barcelona panini.

    55555 by Nick B.

  • Otto WGood beer selection

    55555 by Otto W

  • Dana CCrepes and lattes are amazing

    55555 by Dana C

  • Rafael OLa dueña una gran persona amena y una brújita muy simpática !!!

    55555 by Rafael O

  • KinaEnjoyed a flight of beer and a delicious sandwich

    55555 by Kina

  • Kapado F.Order a Barcelona sandwich, it is delicious and pairs well with any drink.

    55555 by Kapado F.

  • Matthias MTry the Patsy Breakfast Burger! Moussaka also very good!

    55555 by Matthias M

  • Glen C.Super weak. Half the things on the menu weren't available and we were told after 15 minutes that some of the things we ordered were out too. Also coffee was bad. Bah humbug.

    22222 by Glen C.

  • Nicole KastenGreat tap list. Friendly staff.

    55555 by Nicole Kasten

  • Nikki KThe special crepes

    33333 by Nikki K

  • John MaryanskiThe Munich

    33333 by John Maryanski

  • John MaryanskiThe beer selection and they have great sandwiches.

    55555 by John Maryanski

  • Billy F.Great crepes and panini. It's hard to go wrong. The cheese plate is amazing.

    55555 by Billy F.

  • Bill H.Vegetarian breakfast sandwich is wonderful

    55555 by Bill H.

  • Becki F.Orange cranberry rooibos ice tea is amazing 🍹 chicken salad wrap ADD strawberries!!!

    55555 by Becki F.

  • Anna TEating brunch yummy

    55555 by Anna T

  • Adam S.The crepes here were really goof. Cute place, nice atmosphere.

    55555 by Adam S.

  • Laura D.If you're in Salem you need to check this place out. Huge beer selection and awesome atmosphere.

    55555 by Laura D.

  • Cutter H.Clearly a top choice in Salem for beer lovers. Cask is often available. There serious about their live music too. Just look up at the ceiling.

    55555 by Cutter H.

  • Natalia PflegerLots of hipsters. Good beer.

    55555 by Natalia Pfleger

  • Jessica DThe salads are amazing but the service was very slow. Took over 35 mins just to get a salad.

    33333 by Jessica D

  • Amanda K.Everything is good here. But the Nice Panini rules all!

    55555 by Amanda K.

  • Michelle P.The crepes are amazing!!!

    55555 by Michelle P.

  • Blurpee B.The selection of foreign drinks

    55555 by Blurpee B.

  • Alana L.You really can't go wrong with the crepes.

    55555 by Alana L.

  • Jonathan H.A wild variety of foods and beers, this is a wonderfully eclectic place with a menu that spans the meal cycle. Friendly staff and consistently amazing food - a true local's paradise.

    55555 by Jonathan H.

  • Emily D.Pug decor everywhere--good enough for me!

    55555 by Emily D.

  • Oguz K.This place looks cool but the workers there really bad and pushy . Food is average.

    22222 by Oguz K.

  • Megan I.Love this place. Delicious crepes, meats, cheeses. Nice beer selection. Changing art display.

    55555 by Megan I.

  • Roman F.Отличное место для хипстеров :-)))

    55555 by Roman F.

  • lou s.I like just found out the open mike here is on Wednesdays, NOT Mondays

    55555 by lou s.

  • Nicole F.New menus with a few new items and a few taken off. Service is still hit-or-miss, though.

    33333 by Nicole F.

  • Jennifer S.Great beer, sandwiches but a little loud

    55555 by Jennifer S.

  • Ricky B.cool atmosphere, very weird regulars. great beer and food selection, slow (in my experience) service. always a trade off here for me

    55555 by Ricky B.

  • Cristina A.Really cool, low key place. Try the fruit parfait for breakfast or.the 'shroom sandwich for lunch. Excellent teas.

    55555 by Cristina A.

  • Joseph S.Great place! No tourist trap! Great beer selection and big sammies! Great eclectic feel!

    55555 by Joseph S.

  • Emily R.Love the veggie crepe!

    55555 by Emily R.

  • Steven W.The Istanbul and Barcelona sandwiches are amazing! They also have a GREAT beer selection.

    55555 by Steven W.

  • scott l.Home of the square crepe.

    55555 by scott l.

  • Kate A.Giddy cocktail is fantastic.

    55555 by Kate A.

  • Cheyenne J.Huge selection of beers. $3 more you get a sweet take home pub glass. Great entertainment.

    55555 by Cheyenne J.

  • Keiko Z.Red Dragon Mustard Ale Cheese is a must-have on the Meat & Cheese Coalition!

    55555 by Keiko Z.

  • Clay T.Come in and enjoy the great atmosphere and super friendly staff!

    55555 by Clay T.

  • Nicole F.If you want a wrap, just order it on wheat; that's what they're going to give it to you on, anyway.

    33333 by Nicole F.

  • Bob C.Fantastic be selection!

    55555 by Bob C.

  • Nicole F.Scones. Just scones.

    55555 by Nicole F.

  • Kristian K.I would recommend any combination of sweet crepes if you ever go there. Awesome environment. Great quality for a doable price.

    55555 by Kristian K.

  • Drew P.Not in the mood for a beer, try the orange cranberry rooibos iced tea.

    55555 by Drew P.

  • Chrissy H.Great place to linger over a cappuccino and study. Or just come for the beer flights and chat or play a game

    55555 by Chrissy H.

  • Jennifer F.Still my favorite place in town to duck into & sit for a spell.

    55555 by Jennifer F.

  • Jojal S.Verry good beer, good food and good coffee. Vraiment très bons cafés , nourriture et très bonnes bières locales et importées :-)

    55555 by Jojal S.

  • Sara M.Love this place. Very different than any other place, I've been to around Salem. It has great food, great brews, and a great atmosphere.

    55555 by Sara M.

  • Vicki Z.Just the tip.

    22222 by Vicki Z.

  • kerry m.Yummy Bloody Mary with salami, cheese and stuffed olive!!

    55555 by kerry m.

  • Jini M.Get the cheese & meat coalition! Beers are great but they also have great wines & specialty martinis!

    55555 by Jini M.

  • Jeremy G.Sit on the patio with your dog and have a beer

    55555 by Jeremy G.

  • Jackie M.Very friendly, attentive staff. Awesome smoothies!!

    55555 by Jackie M.

  • Debra H.The Barcelona panini was delicious. The mustard was light and not at all overpowering.

    55555 by Debra H.

  • Derrick K.Off to the side they have a bunch of different board games. Scrabble!

    55555 by Derrick K.

  • MeghanDelicious food and strong drinks

    55555 by Meghan

  • AngelaMango smoothie with citrus vodka .. Yum yum!

    55555 by Angela

  • HarryReally great vegetarian breakfast sandwiches

    55555 by Harry

  • Caitie R.Awesome wraps, really great service. If you unlock a special it doesn't apply! Just FYI.

    55555 by Caitie R.

  • Harlen W.Show up to be alone with your computer; it doesn't really happen that way. Lots of activities, lattes, conversation, shows, film and over all hi-jinx. Someone named his secure WiFi "Hipsters Suck."

    33333 by Harlen W.

  • Jamie S.Take advantage of the board games located in cabinet on the far corner.

    55555 by Jamie S.

  • Chase S.Grafton cheese plate rules!

    55555 by Chase S.

  • Tiffani M.LOVE the Istanbul and White Cloud mocha!

    55555 by Tiffani M.

  • Meghan H.The meat and cheese plate is the best! Get the prosciutto and marinated Brie

    55555 by Meghan H.

  • Lance E.Internet can be wonky

    55555 by Lance E.

  • Frank A.This is a well kept secret in Salem. Great beer selection of imported beers on tap and good food. Not too expensive.

    55555 by Frank A.

  • Chantelle M.Great Open Mic on Wednesday nights!

    55555 by Chantelle M.

  • Dan R.I work in the industry and this is always one of my fav places to stop. Expect relaxed service, great food, great beer...as it should be

    55555 by Dan R.

  • Nicole F.If you like douchebags, you'll like gulu

    55555 by Nicole F.

  • Vicki Z.Try the burritos

    55555 by Vicki Z.

  • William M.Bunch of weirdos here.

    33333 by William M.

  • Aaron W.Try the Mississippi Mud

    55555 by Aaron W.

  • Alessandra O.You have to try the Strawberry Nutella crepe! ITS SURREAL

    55555 by Alessandra O.

  • Rebecca H.Wear clothes you won't mind smelling after you leave. The cafe is great, but the ventilation is terrible.

    33333 by Rebecca H.

  • Michael Scott H.Beer beer beer beer beer!!!!!!

    55555 by Michael Scott H.

  • John M.Breakfast crepes and good coffee.Wine & Cheese Coalition is splendid.Best beer menu on the north shore.I could live here.

    55555 by John M.

  • Kapado F.I came back to try that new raspberry & Pear ale with champagne wonder of its good .

    55555 by Kapado F.

  • Jon M.Forget the Witch Trial sideshow and make a beeline for Gulu-Gulu Cafe. The Meat and Cheese Coalition is amazing and the cafe has an awesome Beer selection.

    55555 by Jon M.

  • Rebecca H.On Wednesday nights, because of open mic night, table service ends before 7. All food has to be ordered from the bar, and the line gets incredibly long. Avoid on Wednesdays unless you love open mic.

    55555 by Rebecca H.

  • Kapado F.Do not try the French Kiss the name is very misleading,you won't want this in your mouth for 1 second The Black Death is more appropriate name for it.

    55555 by Kapado F.

  • Rachel P.Crepes are delicious!

    55555 by Rachel P.

  • Lisa J.This place is my favorite place to be in Salem. Not only is it in a great location, but the food, drinks and service are always top notch. Wonderful beer selection!

    55555 by Lisa J.

  • Dave W.Favorite crepes; lemon, smore, and mushroom.

    55555 by Dave W.

  • Dave W.Excellent WiFi connection, yummy Crepes and a full bar, baby!

    55555 by Dave W.

  • Alex W.Banana Boat Crepe and a Mimosa

    55555 by Alex W.

  • Bryan O.Beer and cheese.

    55555 by Bryan O.

  • Barbara G.They have the most interesting beers! This weekend we shared a Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale (which our server called ferocious!) and a Dale's Pale Ale. (via Scoville)

    55555 by Barbara G.

  • Amanda P.Annoying hipsters who do nothing but sit on their *ss and drink coffee all day and don't get up for people who actually want to eat! Lazy people

    33333 by Amanda P.

  • Justin S.Chicken Cordon Bleu is amazing!!

    55555 by Justin S.

  • Moni L.Awesome!!! What place do you know that sells craft beer and good coffee all in one spot!? Great vibe and good food.

    55555 by Moni L.

  • James DBrooklyn Black Chocolate Stout.

    55555 by James D

  • Sarah R.Get the Sarah special. It's a grilled feta cheese sandwich. Have Brian make it if he's working!

    55555 by Sarah R.

  • Christopher MFor meat and cheese coalition, I suggest: habanero cheddar, boursin, and salami ..

    55555 by Christopher M

  • paula w.Cream of Brocolli ans Monterey Cheese soup with bread!!!!

    33333 by paula w.

  • Jacqueline K.Wednesday night open-mic! Sign ups start at 7:30. Party on till 1am!

    33333 by Jacqueline K.

  • Brian NThis musician sounds like shit. I can't hear the vocals.

    22222 by Brian N

  • Jason M.Love their tuesday night movies

    55555 by Jason M.

  • Drew M.Cask beer tapped every Thursday at 6pm. Get some before it runs out!

    55555 by Drew M.

  • Amanda V.Come in on a rainy day and play one of the bored games

    33333 by Amanda V.

  • Chesley W.Their "meat & cheese coalition" is awesome: choose from a variety of imported meats & cheeses (best is the marinated brie!) served w/grilled panini. Also, their savory crepes are amazing.

    55555 by Chesley W.

  • Eric JThis is by far the best non commercial bar in the area...if you want import beers or just that cool coffee shop groove then this is the place for you

    55555 by Eric J

  • Diane W.Great vibe, great drinks, wonderful entertainment. Eclectic beer selection while keeping touch with genuine coffee drinks. Crepes? Paninis? Marinis? Perfect!!!

    55555 by Diane W.

  • Josh A.The panini here is amazing! Also check out the smoothies if you like 'em!

    55555 by Josh A.

  • Steph K.Lunch date! Beers!

    55555 by Steph K.

  • Tommy C.Try the Weihenstephaner. 'Nuf said.

    33333 by Tommy C.

  • Hugh CBelgian beer galore. And try the Hearty Vegetarian wrap, it's incredible.

    55555 by Hugh C

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