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Penny Ann's Cafe

1810 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

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(801) 935-4760

Cuisine: Cafes

4.6 of 5.0 from 30 reviews

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Blogger Reviews of Penny Ann's Cafe

  • SLC Food Radar on Aug 12, 2013

    I was scrolling through last week’s Groupon offering and one stood out for Penny Ann’s Cafe. It had a picture of tasty looking sandwich and was $6 dollars for $12 dollars worth of food. It was well worth the purchase...

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Penny Ann's Cafe Reviews

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  • Dennis M.Great place for breakfast on a Sunday. Huge choice of omelet options.

    55555 by Dennis M.

  • GuidoEverything is awesome!

    55555 by Guido

  • BluSeriously yall I've traveled everywhere and it's the best breakfast on the face of the planet. The chili Verde burrito is amazing, and the pies. Oh my god, the pies.

    55555 by Blu

  • Heather F.Excellent pancakes!

    55555 by Heather F.

  • Julia LightThe pancakes are legitimately amazing.

    55555 by Julia Light

  • Penny BlackPancakes and biscuits and gravy

    55555 by Penny Black

  • GuidoThe "Heavenly Cakes" and biscuits & gravy

    55555 by Guido

  • Seth ShoemakerThe food is fantastic, but the wait is awful. Just know your priorities before going- if you are frustrated easily by having to wait more than twenty minutes in a cramped area, it may not be worth it.

    33333 by Seth Shoemaker

  • Kevin R.Limited Parking is available in the back. Make sure you park against the building.

    55555 by Kevin R.

  • Marty M.Up to a 45 min wait on Saturday and Sundays.

    33333 by Marty M.

  • Curt R.Pancake sandwich. Seriously. The pancakes that come on the sandwich are WAY bigger than the ones that come as a side. Well worth it if you're the type who likes it when your syrup touches your bacon.

    55555 by Curt R.

  • Matt A.The pie is other-worldly. Even if the family-made, home cooked food leaves you full, get a slice to go for later!

    55555 by Matt A.

  • Nate B.The coffee and pie are amazing!!

    55555 by Nate B.

  • Jaimie MyerAsk for sugar free syrup so you don't feel as guilty enjoying their aaaaamaaaziing hot cakes.

    33333 by Jaimie Myer

  • Tom K.Great new spot for breakfast or lunch.

    55555 by Tom K.

  • Curt R.It's more expensive to add mushrooms, peppers, and onions to the breakfast bowl than it is to get the pot of gold and remove the meat and cheese.

    33333 by Curt R.

  • Justin T.Gotta try the hot cakes! Dee-luscious :D

    55555 by Justin T.

  • Curt R.The owner was here today. He seemed to make an effort to speak to everyone except the couple with long black hair, piercings, etc. He was even giving out free pens! I want free pens!

    22222 by Curt R.

  • Curt R.Best, simple, inexpensive breakfast I've had. Try the hotcakes. They are more flavorful than most hotcakes.

    55555 by Curt R.

  • Michael C.Very yummy breakfast. Recommend getting a scone to share. Only negative? Service is lacking. Food? Not at all!!!

    55555 by Michael C.

  • Aaron GaudinAnything you eat here is the best you'll ever have.

    55555 by Aaron Gaudin

  • Hang W.Getting the best cheesesteak? Ask for the secret "Cindy Way"

    55555 by Hang W.

  • Tye ClipVery best breakfast in town, lunch is great too.

    55555 by Tye Clip

  • Now Salt LakeBest scrumptious pie - Selections change often, but staples like the utterly decadent peanut butter and chocolate or the out of this world citrus and creamy Key lime.

    55555 by Now Salt Lake

  • Penna Powers B.Great Philly cheesesteaks and the best chicken parmesan we've tasted. This is a family-owned affair and they put the love into their food. Also excellent pies!

    55555 by Penna Powers B.

  • j37hr0The breakfast is average, but the sandwiches and entrĂ©es are awesome. And save room for pie.

    55555 by j37hr0

  • Now Salt LakeSimple, well-executed American and Italian comfort foods. Come for the great sandwiches like the Reuben but stay and linger over the exceptional made-from-scratch pies.

    55555 by Now Salt Lake

  • MariaThe pies. So good!!!

    55555 by Maria

  • Hang W.They have Utah scones!

    55555 by Hang W.

  • Courtney A.Their ceaser salad is one of the best I've had, the homemade dressing is clutch

    55555 by Courtney A.

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