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Blanco BBQ

13259 Blanco Rd
San Antonio, TX 78216

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(210) 251-2602


  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Monday: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Saturday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

Cuisine: Barbecue Restaurants, Bars

4.5 of 5.0 from 68 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Blanco BBQ in San Antonio, TX
  • Blanco BBQ in San Antonio, TX
  • Blanco BBQ in San Antonio, TX
  • Blanco BBQ in San Antonio, TX
  • Blanco BBQ in San Antonio, TX
  • Blanco BBQ in San Antonio, TX
  • Blanco BBQ in San Antonio, TX
  • Blanco BBQ in San Antonio, TX
  • Blanco BBQ in San Antonio, TX
  • Blanco BBQ in San Antonio, TX
  • Blanco BBQ in San Antonio, TX
  • Blanco BBQ in San Antonio, TX
  • Blanco BBQ in San Antonio, TX
  • Blanco BBQ in San Antonio, TX

Blanco BBQ Reviews

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  • j84south reviewBlanco bbq is catering our wedding outside of sa. I went to pay my remaining balance and was surprised when they tried to charge me $300 more then my remainder. I talked to the catering sales rep Stephanie Medelez and she stated that because of the venue and guest list they had to add additional servers. She then emailed me a different contract then we initially signed. It even had a different meat choice. I explained to her that we already agreed on the venue, guest count, and price when we signed contract and gave a $1500 deposit. The wedding venue works with blanco often. I emailed her the contract and receipt and she refused to honor it. So if the customer backs out then blanco bbq keeps your deposit, but apparently they are not required to honor their contracts. Terrible business.

    11111 by j84south

  • Robin W.Try a smoked turkey po boy, it's packed with meat and taste great - nice change from brisket or sausage (those are great too!)

    55555 by Robin W.

  • Viola PGet the chicken fried steak two sides and toast. $11.99 and so good!! Lots of parking, large tables. A large fan outside makes it comfortable on the entire porch area and there is a large playground.

    55555 by Viola P

  • Katie KAmazing Mac and cheese!

    55555 by Katie K

  • David MThe bbq is great, and the kids have a blast outside. Last Saturday there was a huge tortoise, a rooster,and a couple of peacocks on display

    55555 by David M

  • andrea RSmoked chicken, brisket and sausage!

    55555 by andrea R

  • Nate TRibs are great. They have a playground so it's awesome for kids.

    55555 by Nate T

  • Ted MShaping up to be the best BBQ in SA!!

    55555 by Ted M

  • Kim P.Decent BBQ. Rude cashier.

    11111 by Kim P.

  • Ted H.Great BBQ for a reasonable price!

    55555 by Ted H.

  • Trevor C.Hard to find good pulled pork, po boy is solid here

    55555 by Trevor C.

  • Silvia ReusensCole slaw and ribs. Pulled pork was great as well.

    55555 by Silvia Reusens

  • Robin W.Best sauce around - always get extra so you can get it all over ya' !

    55555 by Robin W.

  • Marce AltamiranoI love the brisket potato!!

    55555 by Marce Altamirano

  • Dale B.Order the baked potato and pulled pork. Shread the potato, stuff with cheese, mix in pulled pork, and top with cream cheese. You don't know what you are missing!

    55555 by Dale B.

  • Greg S.Pulled pork and fried mushrooms were really good

    55555 by Greg S.

  • Stephanie CruzAwesome place to hangout with friends and family.

    55555 by Stephanie Cruz

  • Joseph M.Wish the pulled pork was not cooked in the sauce. But it's still good. Better than most.

    33333 by Joseph M.

  • Roger WillisSolid tejas bbq. Don't bother with the pulled pork, it's all turkey or brisket...or both.

    33333 by Roger Willis

  • Kathryn R.Mixed plate is so much food! Best ribs of my life! Pulled pork also great.sausage&brisket nothing special, dry. Best BBQ sauce! Mac& cheese not bad, cream corn ok doesn't compared to Rudy's corn

    55555 by Kathryn R.

  • Alex S.The sausage and ribs are good, the turkey is alright. Good BBQ, a little pricy. Worth the try.

    55555 by Alex S.

  • George T.Pulled pork is pretty amazing, never too long of a wait. Play area in the back for the kids, TV in the back party room and a pretty decent beer selection.

    55555 by George T.

  • Lydia HernandezWe got the Variety Plate with 2 sides. Comes with Beef Brisket, Beef Ribs, Chopped BBQ Beef, Sausage, Ham. Really good!

    55555 by Lydia Hernandez

  • Jax S.I can't wait to try this place

    55555 by Jax S.

  • Ann MartínezTiene q venir es muy bueno

    55555 by Ann Martínez

  • francesca l.Do not waste your time! Just go to Franklins in Austin, but get there early!

    22222 by francesca l.

  • Michael RakowAwesome pulled pork - tender and full of flavor!

    55555 by Michael Rakow

  • Mike D.After reading all these reviews, I'm beginning to wonder who's on drugs - me or everyone else - the food here is very average - certainly NOT the best ever! Y'all need to get out more ;-)

    33333 by Mike D.

  • Mike D.My review: nice casual dining environment, very average barbecue, tad over priced, friendly staff

    55555 by Mike D.

  • Mike D.Cinch up your Bermudas and talk with a twang then shmerkle down some ribs and let out a "yeehaw"! If they don't throw you out, it'll make you wanna come back and do it again

    55555 by Mike D.

  • Amelia W.Great play area for young kids!

    55555 by Amelia W.

  • April HuntLove the baked potatoes with chopped bbq!!!!

    55555 by April Hunt

  • Jonathan H.Not bad I think there trying to be like Rudy's BBQ they serve all the same things. Overall not bad but the plates come with plenty of food so don't order too much.

    33333 by Jonathan H.

  • Darlene F.Chopped BBQ and chicken were tasty. Grab some spicy pickles at the pickle bar.

    55555 by Darlene F.

  • Gabby V.Service is horrible! Then when you finally get your food it's cold!! I'll never go back!

    11111 by Gabby V.

  • Dave H.Great food !

    55555 by Dave H.

  • Sean A.The pork is really good.

    55555 by Sean A.

  • Adam M.Exceptional food. Exceptional service.

    55555 by Adam M.

  • AllenGreat food, good selection of beer, friendly and very helpful staff, and the atmosphere is very inviting! Try the brisket, chicken, and Churro beans!

    55555 by Allen

  • Robin W.Love the sauce here

    55555 by Robin W.

  • Robin W.Wow! Poorboy was huge! And the brisket was great - so is the sauce. I'll be back to try more…

    55555 by Robin W.

  • Maricela IronsI'm picky about brisket but I gotta say this is great food. Price is good. Great family, friendly atmosphere

    55555 by Maricela Irons

  • Maricela IronsI'm picky with bbq and this is a great place! Meat is awesome. Great family, friendly atmosphere!

    55555 by Maricela Irons

  • Joseph I.Excellent Ribs! Get the mixed plate enough for two people...first bbq place I have been to that the meat sercings are bigger than the side servings!

    55555 by Joseph I.

  • Shawn J.Hands down the best BBQ around.

    55555 by Shawn J.

  • Stacy T.The food was awesome! Great customer service! We will be back!!!

    55555 by Stacy T.

  • Shawn J.Incredible BBq

    55555 by Shawn J.

  • Jenn A.Great brisket! And fun, low-key atmosphere.

    55555 by Jenn A.

  • Robert M.Definitely a do over...great!

    55555 by Robert M.

  • Marshall F.Delicious food. Huge portions. Great patio. Overall a 9+!

    55555 by Marshall F.

  • Phillip M.Like the breakfast! Nice selection!

    55555 by Phillip M.

  • Kristen B.Really good! BBQ has a bit of a kick to it, sweet tea was delicious and the macaroni and cheese is awesome. Get the house platter to try a little of everything. The ham is incredibly tender.

    55555 by Kristen B.

  • Barbra O.Well shaded kids area!! Kids meal is a good size too. Prices are not too bad. Tea is sweat and bbq sauce is nice and spicy. Coming back for sure!

    55555 by Barbra O.

  • brenna w.Worst service, definitely not worth the long wait. So over this place....don't plan on coming back. Terrible.

    22222 by brenna w.

  • Laura T.Yummy BBQ , a little pricy and I don't recommended the cream corn Rudy's much better .

    55555 by Laura T.

  • Megan W.Awesome bbq! Brisket rocks, try the mixed platter. Enough food for 2 people.

    55555 by Megan W.

  • Ryan MReally good BBQ and a fantastic atmosphere. Worth the visit.

    55555 by Ryan M

  • Sandy P.Order your brisket moist cut! Very good!

    55555 by Sandy P.

  • Karen E.Water tastes really weird....

    33333 by Karen E.

  • David U.Kicks Rudy's @$$ big time! The chop BBQ is awesome and the ribs!!!!

    55555 by David U.

  • JasonSome of the best BBQ on that side of town. And the venue is inviting. Tap beer is the only thing it is missing.

    55555 by Jason

  • Ariel N.Pretty good barbeque, but we had to wait 45 minutes just to order and our food was served about room temperature.

    22222 by Ariel N.

  • James M.Brisket is awesome! So are the ribs...Looking forward to becoming a regular! Awesome atmosphere and lots of room...

    55555 by James M.

  • George T.Finally some decent BBQ on blanco.

    55555 by George T.

  • Michelle A.Long lines inside and in drive thru. Make sure to double check drive thru order and you have to ASK for BBQ sauce!

    33333 by Michelle A.

  • Chris G.Food was really good...and yep, they really did run out! I'll be back to try the brisket & ribs. Love the atmosphere! Looking forward to being a regular!

    55555 by Chris G.

  • Jennifer MDelicious Pecan Pie!

    55555 by Jennifer M

  • Chaise JAwesome food. So good they ran out

    55555 by Chaise J

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