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International House Of Pancakes

3.9 of 5.0 from 20 reviews

price range:Less than $10

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International House Of Pancakes Reviews

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  • Kristen B.Sign up for emails on their website to get a free Rooty Tooty Fresh & Frooty for your birthday.

    55555 by Kristen B.

  • Nicky ViciousCame in for a late night snack. Manager harassed/cruised our entire party. WILDY inappropriate. Only go to this location during the day, trust me.

    33333 by Nicky Vicious

  • Colleen C.Horrible service. Bathrooms are disgusting.

    11111 by Colleen C.

  • Jamie C.here's a tip... look both ways before you cross the street. ;P

    33333 by Jamie C.

  • Krista M.So the cooks don't know how to cook eggs or hash browns.... But service was great

    33333 by Krista M.

  • Melissa V.Ask for Beka!!!

    55555 by Melissa V.

  • Myra ContLong time waiting to be seated and no sodas uffff , the machine isnt working , never come back again

    11111 by Myra Cont

  • Pawpaw R.Lindy doesn't work at this ihop anymore. :(

    33333 by Pawpaw R.

  • Beka B.Lindy transferred, btw.

    55555 by Beka B.

  • Therese MartinIf you come at night ask for becca or one of the joshs! Mornings ask for Terry! Theyre the shit!

    55555 by Therese Martin

  • Patrick RobinsonDon't be too loud, they might get upset

    22222 by Patrick Robinson

  • Juju R.Nicest IHOP ever

    55555 by Juju R.

  • Cody S.Lindy and Tiffany are the shit!!!

    55555 by Cody S.

  • Megan HamiltonDon't get Virginia. She will ignore you for 20 minutes then ask if someone else got your order. This place sucks.

    11111 by Megan Hamilton

  • BackFire R.Lindy is epic. She will get stuff done. Ask for her. >^=^<

    55555 by BackFire R.

  • Mizrik T.Lindy is great and getting anyone else (like april...) just sucks

    55555 by Mizrik T.

  • Mizrik T.Lindy is freaking awesome!!!!! And she rocks my world

    55555 by Mizrik T.

  • Cody A.Lindys the best.

    55555 by Cody A.

  • Mizrik T.Lindy will take care of you!!

    55555 by Mizrik T.

  • Josh S.If you show up after midnight ask for Lindy. She will take care of you.

    55555 by Josh S.

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