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5010 Newport Ave
San Diego, CA 92107

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(619) 224-4623


  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Saturday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

Cuisine: Burger Restaurants

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4.6 of 5.0 from 205 reviews

price range:Less than $10


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Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA
  • Hodad's in San Diego, CA

Blogger Reviews of Hodad's

  • Cue The Critic on Jul 03, 2013

    The hamburger is a popular food staple amongst foodies. They are prepare many different ways but one worth noting is Hodad's. The meat is juicy and dripping. It can be argued that the most important element in a hamburger is the fixing, well, how about bacon? Not just any bacon though, Hodad's tops their burger with melted cheese, fresh veggies and what I would like to believe to be the holy grail of bacon, a full bacon-weaved patty.

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Hodad's Reviews

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  • Maria CReally good burgers and fries and a cool vibe.

    55555 by Maria C

  • Simon SDefinitely go for the full experience aka the double cheese burger. Very stylish interior - try to get a seat in the mini van.

    55555 by Simon S

  • zvuki EDon't order double - it's huge!

    55555 by zvuki E

  • Traci MThe Guido burger was our favorite. They also make an awesome shake. Great food and service. My favorite burger in CA.

    55555 by Traci M

  • Joseph LeOne of San Diego's staples

    55555 by Joseph Le

  • Maria JBurgers and milkshakes were amazing!!

    55555 by Maria J

  • Doug M.Love the entire area. Great being back showing off great burgers and the #FloatnThang

    55555 by Doug M.

  • Fei XiaoI came as a tourist and was expecting something amazing. It's basically an in n out burger minus the amazing thousand island dressing and it was served cold to us. Highly overrated given the long line

    33333 by Fei Xiao

  • Diana SBest burgers in the world full stop ❤️🙏🏼

    55555 by Diana S

  • Maryan SGreat food at Mission Beach. Lots to do.

    55555 by Maryan S

  • Micki DDelicious burger

    55555 by Micki D

  • Martha DYou need to eat blue cheese burger and chocolate milkshake awesome

    55555 by Martha D

  • Kristine BTasty albeit messy burger. Great onion rings. Awesome staff. If you eat your burger med well or well (gasp, I know), specify that.

    55555 by Kristine B

  • Amanda FoleyOld-school famous SD burger joint.

    55555 by Amanda Foley

  • Luis RAwesome burgers! Amazing fries on the side! My vanilla milkshake was huge!

    55555 by Luis R

  • Jorg ADon't mind the waiting line, it goes quite fast. The burgers are indeed fabulous, and huge ! The picture is the single cheeseburger with bacon

    55555 by Jorg A

  • Emily SGreat burgers with a great atmosphere!

    55555 by Emily S

  • Michael B.Another "DDD" spot. Love the burgers and the malts. Next time we're in town stopping by again for sure

    55555 by Michael B.

  • Chuck S.Try the Bacon Cheese Burger (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Chuck S.

  • Yoni RThe burgers are fine even if kinda overcooked. I wouldn't wait long for one. The vibe of the place is what makes it a winner. The staff is super down to earth and friendly

    55555 by Yoni R

  • JohnThe bacon cheeseburger was so good. Made the mistake of getting a double tho. Couldn't finish it.

    33333 by John

  • Brandy F.Seriously delicious burgers.

    55555 by Brandy F.

  • Tim E.Best bacon cheese burger ever. I get it minus tomato & onion.

    55555 by Tim E.

  • Ece CI think this place is quite overrated.

    33333 by Ece C

  • SalI'm sure they don't have the more healthy burguers but they are super tasty!! I love them!

    55555 by Sal

  • MuddyMy favorite is the mini burger, ask them to add bacon. The regular size burgers are huge!

    55555 by Muddy

  • Dan RiveraHow can something so simple be so damn good?

    33333 by Dan Rivera

  • Jeferson R.Double Bacon Cheeseburger with fries is amazing!

    55555 by Jeferson R.

  • Deidra Brown-ImpicciniBurgers, shakes, and fries oh my!

    55555 by Deidra Brown-Impiccini

  • Alfred A.It's definitely worth the wait and the line actually moves pretty quick! The burgers are huge and unless you are really hungry stick to a single and you can split a shake with someone bc it's huge ❤️

    55555 by Alfred A.

  • Matt JGreat burgers that came out quick! The scene is awesome. 9 out of 10.

    55555 by Matt J

  • Muhannad JBest burger i've ever had

    55555 by Muhannad J

  • Ahmed BLove there burger

    55555 by Ahmed B

  • JenniferAsamiThis place is such a disappointment! It smells, the kitchen looks dirty and the burgers aren't anything special.

    22222 by JenniferAsami

  • Marco E.Superb burgers and "frings" (basket with onion rings and fries). The one in the picture is the "simple" bacon cheeseburger - so you can measure your hunger

    55555 by Marco E.

  • Marco E.Highly suggested "frings" basket with onion rings and potatoes fries!

    55555 by Marco E.

  • Gabriella MThe burgers! I had the California burger!

    55555 by Gabriella M

  • Abdallah AlemranRegular taste for burger, and huge onion inside the burger!

    55555 by Abdallah Alemran

  • Dylana B.Of course the burgers are great, but so is everything else here. Love the malts!

    55555 by Dylana B.

  • Isaias PalomequeCrab & Bay Shrimp combo sandwich

    55555 by Isaias Palomeque

  • Samuel PadillaGuido's Burger

    55555 by Samuel Padilla

  • Jess S.Sub Onion Rings! You won't regret it!

    55555 by Jess S.

  • Nina OttavianoDelicious burgers but long waits. Very cool inside if you have the time to sit down.

    55555 by Nina Ottaviano

  • Viviana Delgadilloburgers, milkshakes, fries

    55555 by Viviana Delgadillo

  • Samuel S.All about the frings!

    33333 by Samuel S.

  • IlariaGood burger in a very nice "Californian" bar

    55555 by Ilaria

  • ahmet g.Woooooov it was goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

    33333 by ahmet g.

  • Erick JWow! Go with an empty stomach!

    33333 by Erick J

  • Natasha LoomisAs featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives! Great burgers and amazing malts! The line will be longer than Costco on game day, no not that long, but long on the weekends! #worthit

    55555 by Natasha Loomis

  • Karin Daileymeh. not a bad burger. a total dive. hippie burger at burger lounge was 100x better.

    33333 by Karin Dailey

  • Samantha BarryCall it in and eat your burger by the ocean

    33333 by Samantha Barry

  • Cesar Bdouble bacon cheeseburger!

    55555 by Cesar B

  • Mario CastilloThe double bacon cheese burger with fries or onion rings & chocolate milk shake or a Pepsi is my favorite option for a nice price!

    55555 by Mario Castillo

  • Cindy RyanOnion Rings. Frings. Wow.

    55555 by Cindy Ryan

  • Russell H.A must when in San Diego. Cant go wrong with the Pastrami burger or the classic.

    55555 by Russell H.

  • Food NetworkHodad's burgers don't simply have bacon strips on top. Instead, this funky joint adds an entire bacon patty to the mix. Order the Guido Burger, inspired by Guy Fieri himself.

    33333 by Food Network

  • Chris S.Solid burgers and amazing history. Mandatory stop in SD for sure

    55555 by Chris S.

  • Natalie L.All da burgers! And the fries

    55555 by Natalie L.

  • Patty NuecaThe Bluejay with Karl Straus red trolley. The best Friday night

    55555 by Patty Nueca

  • Alex CalderonOnion rings, the best!

    55555 by Alex Calderon

  • David C.The Shake and Burgers here were sooooooo gooooodddd!!!

    55555 by David C.

  • Luciana RMelhor hambúrguer da minha vida!!

    55555 by Luciana R

  • Tom K.The double burger is way too much unless you haven't eaten in days. Otherwise, hands down, best burger on earth.

    55555 by Tom K.

  • KooterEverything is good here! This has to be the first place you visit whenever you come to San Diego. The atmosphere is great, but music is a bit loud. Either way, Food is delicious.

    55555 by Kooter

  • Sean M.Try a double cheeseburger with fries! I highly recommend it!

    55555 by Sean M.

  • Daniel AytesDouble bacon cheeseburger😁

    55555 by Daniel Aytes

  • Anita LLove the burger and frings

    55555 by Anita L

  • Lyndsi W.Home made bacon make this BLT like no other! You might need a triple bypass after but, it's totally worth it!

    55555 by Lyndsi W.

  • Lyndsi W.I just get their Mini Bacon Cheeseburger basket. It's plenty for me as an average eating girl and I can share the fries with my BF! You can also SAC your burger with three kinds of cheese!

    55555 by Lyndsi W.

  • Francesca SomainiBest burgers in San Diego

    55555 by Francesca Somaini

  • Tyler TremellingHuge burgers great onion rings

    55555 by Tyler Tremelling

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Hodads Restaurant as seen on Best Thing I Ever Ate , Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Gabriel HernandezBlue Jay Burgerbacon cheeseburger served with blue cheese and grilled onions best ever

    55555 by Gabriel Hernandez

  • jon f.Obviously the burgers are famous. If you're feeling extra hungry, challenge yourself to the double bacon cheeseburger. So big but so good. Best onion rings I've had as well.

    55555 by jon f.

  • JD LauiganBlue Jay burger - heaven on a bun!

    55555 by JD Lauigan

  • MuddyThe burgers are huge! Unless you're starving, get a mini burger - it's still big and has everything on it.

    55555 by Muddy

  • MelissaI don't get the hype...it tastes like a mom 'n pop In-n-Out burger IMO...

    55555 by Melissa

  • MuddyOrder to go and miss the huge lines

    55555 by Muddy

  • Benjamin BannerThe best burger in California.

    55555 by Benjamin Banner

  • Benjamin BannerTheir ice cream shakes are top-notch.

    55555 by Benjamin Banner

  • Kenny U.Awesome bacon burger and fries! Worth the wait in line.

    55555 by Kenny U.

  • Food NetworkInspired by Guy himself, this pastrama burger is served with ketchup, pickles, Swiss cheese, grilled onions, and spicy brown mustard.

    55555 by Food Network

  • Kelly C.Friendly staff and good food!

    55555 by Kelly C.

  • James S.I went because it was on Triple D, well worth it.

    55555 by James S.

  • Robert C.That's a burger brotha......

    33333 by Robert C.

  • Foodlover SDblue cheese hamburger tastes great and unique. remember, mini hamburger is big enough for girls!

    55555 by Foodlover SD

  • Trisha C.Small hole in the wall. Good Guido's burger! 😋

    55555 by Trisha C.

  • Clay JWorth it. Great classic burgers.

    55555 by Clay J

  • Abdullah I.Extremely awesome

    55555 by Abdullah I.

  • Caitlin LAmazing burgers!

    55555 by Caitlin L

  • Andrew V.Guido burger is great!

    55555 by Andrew V.

  • Josie C.Come early, come hungry!

    55555 by Josie C.

  • Edgar R.Be ready to be on a waiting line for at least 15 mi

    33333 by Edgar R.

  • Angela F.Get bacon!

    33333 by Angela F.

  • Varya Ч.Отличное место, супервкусная еда. Но большие очереди)

    55555 by Varya Ч.

  • Erin H.Found license plates from all 50 states plus Washington DC and several countries. See if you can find Louisiana! There is only one ( as far as I can tell) and it's some what hidden.

    55555 by Erin H.

  • Farrah S.Guido Burger recommended by Guy Fieri!

    55555 by Farrah S.

  • Sydney O.Incredible veggie burger, the patty itself isn't much more than a Garden burger, but it's beautifully built. I love when the burger is hot and the condiments are cold, and this place nailed it.

    55555 by Sydney O.

  • Andrew Y."Boy, this burger is really good!" - my grandma

    55555 by Andrew Y.

  • Jason Z.Small basket of fries more than enough for 2-3 people. Shakes are massive.

    55555 by Jason Z.

  • BradDouble cheeseburger is almost the size of my head! it is huge! Delicious too.

    55555 by Brad

  • Tina S.Totally worth the hype and it's super affordable too!

    55555 by Tina S.

  • Filbert W.Reg order of rings is huge! Enough for my family of six. All fries are seasoned potato wedges. Better than the rings.

    55555 by Filbert W.

  • Wendy E.A must when in San Diego! The bacon cheeseburger will make you dislike any other burger you ever ate. The staff is just amazing!

    55555 by Wendy E.

  • Debbie F.Yummy add pastrami!

    55555 by Debbie F.

  • Andres S.Show up around 8pm to avoid lines

    33333 by Andres S.

  • Pradyumna A.The fries are to die for!

    55555 by Pradyumna A.

  • Matt G.Totally worth the wait. There was a blockbuster line, BUT we got windows seats. Recommend ordering the Mini. It is plenty. Also recommend a half order of fries/rings. The whole order is too much food.

    55555 by Matt G.

  • Taylor C.Mini burgers are still enough for a grown adult! Loved ever bite

    55555 by Taylor C.

  • Mehmet Y.Harika hamburgerler...30dk sıra beklemeye değer...:)

    33333 by Mehmet Y.

  • Serious EatsThe bacon cheeseburger here is top-notch, as are the thick-cut steak fries, onion rings, and giant milkshakes.

    55555 by Serious Eats

  • Charollite C.Omg..this place rocked...pple there r so nice ..well worth the wait...and u will wait but so worth it ..not expensive at all...

    55555 by Charollite C.

  • Mallory B.Go there hungry.... And get the chocolate shake, it's ridiculous

    33333 by Mallory B.

  • William B.Expect a line to get in and have the Blue Jay. Only good beer their is Red Trolley ;(

    33333 by William B.

  • Mike V.There's a line all day for a reason!

    33333 by Mike V.

  • Craig N.The double cheeseburger is fricken huge... and very tasty.

    55555 by Craig N.

  • Craig N.The malts are great and big

    55555 by Craig N.

  • El S.this place is the shizzzznit!!!! if you like... slash that, if you LOVE burgers, you HAVE to come here and try one... i recommend the Bacon cheeseburger...

    55555 by El S.

  • CrissyMust have the Bacon Cheeseburger absolutely delicious!

    55555 by Crissy

  • Steven H.Service is always bad.

    55555 by Steven H.

  • D B.Get the mini

    33333 by D B.

  • Victoria C.Skip the onion rings, get the fries! Dip in a shake, life is good.

    33333 by Victoria C.

  • Louis B.Try the Bacon Cheeseburger - #burger (via @Foodspotting)

    33333 by Louis B.

  • Fengquan Z.Their shakes are the best! Chocolate shake anyone?

    55555 by Fengquan Z.

  • Keneilwe M.Get the strawberry shake! It's worth your money

    33333 by Keneilwe M.

  • Madison P.Hodad's bacon cheeseburgers are the best there is!

    55555 by Madison P.

  • Scott K.Best burger in San Diego (double bacon).. The shakes are too bad either.

    55555 by Scott K.

  • Michael D.Lunch w/Dad

    55555 by Michael D.

  • Jenny R.mini burgers are the size of a 'normal' one. Order that if you don't feel like stuffing your face.

    55555 by Jenny R.

  • Roger M.Double bacon cheese burger with a basket of fries is always my #1 choice!

    55555 by Roger M.

  • Scott G.Guido burger!

    33333 by Scott G.

  • Andres S.order the half fringes

    22222 by Andres S.

  • Isin Gizem C.Best burger ever!!!!

    55555 by Isin Gizem C.

  • Troy S.Sit in the volkswagen!

    33333 by Troy S.

  • Derek V.The Blue Jay Burger was fantastic! Great burger worth the price. A bit messy but that's how I like it. hahaha!!!

    55555 by Derek V.

  • Rachel B.From what we heard, it's always crowded; so be ready to wait in line for a bit. It went pretty quickly though. It's SO worth the wait! And be prepared to get messy while eating. The burgers are HUGE!

    55555 by Rachel B.

  • Andy Y.The only place in the world to get milk shakes

    55555 by Andy Y.

  • Jack K.A burger place with one of the most massive burgers I have seen. Order a malt for some cold and delicious malty goodness. Expect a long wait, but its well worth it.

    55555 by Jack K.

  • Brooke F.Great food and beach town atmosphere.

    55555 by Brooke F.

  • Paul M.Order a milk.

    22222 by Paul M.

  • Chuck S.Try the Bacon Buger And Fries (via @Foodspotting)

    33333 by Chuck S.

  • Avery C.Now thats ones big burger! Grab some onion rings and a starwberry milkshake to wash it all down.

    55555 by Avery C.

  • Edwin  O.Try the Chocolate Shake - #yummy #delish #plenty #reallygood #smooth (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Edwin  O.

  • Meredith M.eh, this place is good, but it's not worth the hype at all.

    33333 by Meredith M.

  • Thomas H.Got there at 3:30pm, waited less than 5 minutes.

    22222 by Thomas H.

  • Andrew P.Come for the double bacon cheeseburger, stay for the shakes. The fries are some of the best you'll have. Period.

    55555 by Andrew P.

  • Andrew C.If the line's too long, walk across the street to Bravo's Mexican. Way better than waiting for Hoodad's!

    33333 by Andrew C.

  • NilTry the Guido Burger, amazing is an understatement!

    55555 by Nil

  • Jennifer Y.Order the frings! It's enough food to feed three people.

    55555 by Jennifer Y.

  • Cathy S.One of my favorite burger spots, ask for extra pickles and you will get EXTRA pickles, yum! The half order of frings can feed 4 people easily and the shakes are always overflowing.

    55555 by Cathy S.

  • Jason W.If you like burgers and you like bacon, you've found the place

    55555 by Jason W.

  • Jordana U.the best bar or restaurant in Ocean Beach.. Great food and cheap!!!!!

    55555 by Jordana U.

  • Mubarak A.amazing onion rings, always order your burger without onions tho. they put way too much onion!!

    55555 by Mubarak A.

  • Quang N.greatest burger in the world!

    55555 by Quang N.

  • Katie G.Possibly best burger in SD. Milkshakes, onion rings and fries also a must.

    55555 by Katie G.

  • Jennifer M.Best cheeseburger you will ever eat and they have Shiner Boch on tap.

    55555 by Jennifer M.

  • Roger M.Bets burgers in SD, go for the double cheeseburger!

    55555 by Roger M.

  • Michelle W.Ocean beach location is far more rad than the downtown location.

    55555 by Michelle W.

  • Chris Z.Soooo good

    55555 by Chris Z.

  • Jedidiah M.Hit a shake and some frings. You won't be disappointed

    55555 by Jedidiah M.

  • Angela H.Onion rings!!!!!

    55555 by Angela H.

  • Jason B.Don't Unrap your burger if u get bacon and yes you must get bacon!!! Reason is it drips out all the goodness so keep it wrapped. Onion rings n shakes are also amazing.

    55555 by Jason B.

  • Annie S.Worth the wait!

    33333 by Annie S.

  • CTBlueJay Burger is awesome!!

    55555 by CT

  • PlinyThe3rdBest Thing: Bacon Burger.

    55555 by PlinyThe3rd

  • Dante C.Amazing burgers and, if it's Guy Fieri's favorite place, it must be amazing!

    55555 by Dante C.

  • Humberto R.Put their garlic hot sauce on every thing!

    55555 by Humberto R.

  • Melissa B.One of my most fave burger places. love their burgers. juicy and the buns are to die for. mass amount of fries. lively, yet chill atmosphere.

    55555 by Melissa B.

  • Rebecca K.The frings and the shakes are to die for. Single bacon Cheese is outta this world.

    55555 by Rebecca K.

  • Sindie H.Wow! The milkshakes are huge! And the onion rings are awesome.!! Can't wait for my burger!

    55555 by Sindie H.

  • Jason H.Get half orders and mini burgers unless u wanna feel like your in an eating competition. Eat in the bus.

    33333 by Jason H.

  • Jasmine D.Chocolate malts are so delicious

    55555 by Jasmine D.

  • Ray E.I once ate the big burger there. OMG it is 5 inches tall

    33333 by Ray E.

  • Charles MGet the Bacon Cheeseburger and SAC it.

    33333 by Charles M

  • MOMfia M.Bacon Double Cheeseburger. #thatsall #SDMOMfia

    55555 by MOMfia M.

  • Cora L.One of my favorite places for hamburgers, a definite twist from In-n-out.

    55555 by Cora L.

  • Soo Y. L.맛있어맛있어맛있어맛있어...버거도 양피링도 맛있어 ^^

    55555 by Soo Y. L.

  • Michelle H.Get the cheeseburger with BACON!! Basket of fringes and shake is a MUST!! Beat burger joint in OB!

    55555 by Michelle H.

  • Sarah MLove Love Love but if there is a long line order To-Go then eat it at the beach! I can't stand to wait for that incredible tasty burger!

    55555 by Sarah M

  • Sebastian M.this place is simply the dark BEST!!!! it changed my life

    55555 by Sebastian M.

  • John R.I am now a convert to the religion of Bacon Cheeseburger and Onion Rings! Excellent excellent excellent burger!

    55555 by John R.

  • Derrick SThe bacon cheeseburger was huge and very good. Definitely worth the small wait.

    55555 by Derrick S

  • Conor M.Double Bacon Cheeseburger is on point! Love it!

    55555 by Conor M.

  • Nicole R.Walked right in.

    22222 by Nicole R.

  • Herb A.Their bacon double cheeseburger and onion rings is a must

    55555 by Herb A.

  • HoneyB P.Best chocolate shakes!!!

    55555 by HoneyB P.

  • chRisto R.Gotta get a malt- comes with ice cream in it - mmmmm

    55555 by chRisto R.

  • Em R.Everything is good here! I am so excited for the new location Downtown.

    55555 by Em R.

  • kathy SGood lord the burgers are huge (but delicious). Don't get a double unless you like a challenge.

    55555 by kathy S

  • David POrder a hamburger and "SAC" it - Swiss, American, Cheddar! Fries are great but onion rings are a must - one basket feeds 3-4 persons. Don't miss antique shops and VFW Thrift shop up the street!

    55555 by David P

  • Lexington ITry to get in earlier in the day to avoid the long line to get in. If you have to wait, that's okay, because it'll be worth it. Stick with the single until you're more experienced.

    33333 by Lexington I

  • David KThey do take credit cards.

    33333 by David K

  • Amanda BStand in line for half an hour and then have an awesome burger.

    33333 by Amanda B

  • Maria NBest San Diego burger! standing in line is worth the wait. Order a side of "Frings" (onion ring/fries combo) and get a chocolate shake... Don't come here if you are on a diet :-)

    55555 by Maria N

  • BauzenCame here from NYC to see if the TV hype was true... Had the Bacon Cheeseburger. It's a great burger, everything I expected. The novelty of a bacon patty atop my beef patty was pretty epic.

    55555 by Bauzen

  • SkiptinkAs amazing as the Bacon Cheeseburger is... skip it and have an order of Onion Rings! Seriously someo f the best I've EVER HAD!!!

    55555 by Skiptink

  • Karen N.Hodad's is where it's at. However ever since they've been on national TV a few times the line gets longer and longer. Get there when you are almost hungry not when you are starving.

    33333 by Karen N.

  • Kat F.Famous Hamburgers, awesome decor. If you go to OB, San Diego a Hodad's trip is MANDATORY. Anyone you talk to that's been here will ask if you ever had a burger from Hodad's. The answer should be YES!

    55555 by Kat F.

  • Claire B.Eat cheeseburgers.

    33333 by Claire B.

  • Jason MThe double cheeseburgers are awesome but too big. Stick with the single it will satisfy most anyone.

    55555 by Jason M

  • Luis NIf in O.B great place to relax and have one of the best burgers in the area.

    55555 by Luis N

  • Missie B.When in O.B. you must stop by and grab a burger and basket of fries.

    55555 by Missie B.

  • EdgarGotta have the bacon cheeseburger and onion rings every time I go. The milk shakes are so good, they are handmade and my favorite is strawberry.

    55555 by Edgar

  • Amanda PAMAZING BURGERs! (enough said)

    55555 by Amanda P

  • Rock B.Get the Frings - one basket can feed four people easily

    55555 by Rock B.

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