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2518 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94110

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(415) 550-6970


  • Sunday: 5:30 am - 11:00 pm
  • Monday: 5:30 am - 11:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 5:30 am - 11:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 5:30 am - 11:00 pm
  • Thursday: 5:30 am - 11:00 pm
  • Friday: 5:30 am - 12:00 pm
  • Saturday: 5:30 am - 12:00 pm

Cuisine: American Restaurants

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4.8 of 5.0 from 213 reviews

price range:$26 to $50

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Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA
  • Lolinda in San Francisco, CA

Lolinda Reviews

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  • Bobbie KEmpanadas we're delicious if not a bit small. Happy hour old fashions for $7 was solid !!!!

    55555 by Bobbie K

  • Chris H.Hit or miss. The last time was a miss - poor and slow service, small portions, forgettable taste to everything.

    22222 by Chris H.

  • Polina DThe flat iron and skirt stake are delicious. Also great flourless chocolate cake.

    55555 by Polina D

  • Anne AWood fire grilled meat

    55555 by Anne A

  • Ashley M.My party sat down, but we had one never still on the way. Managers response "the next party will be here in two hours, just so you know." Uh excuse me? Did I just receive a time limit to eat?

    22222 by Ashley M.

  • Pueblo Viejo Tequila CCome to Lolinda and ask for Pueblo Viejo Tequila.

    55555 by Pueblo Viejo Tequila C

  • Thomas VLovely place and the food is delicious

    55555 by Thomas V

  • Bogdan aNice setting, good empanadas

    55555 by Bogdan a

  • EaterRestaurateur Adriano Paganini (Beretta, Super Duper Burger) puts his spin on the Argentinian steakhouse, offering top-notch fare at fair prices, in a very sexy, boisterous room.

    55555 by Eater

  • Jeff M.Meats here are amazing! I love the Ribeye, it don't ignore the pork chop, it's amazing as well.

    55555 by Jeff M.

  • Cain VAwesome variety of everything. The steaks a huge!

    55555 by Cain V

  • Erika L.Get an Old Fashioned. Best in the city.

    55555 by Erika L.

  • Laurie JA great space with great atmosphere. Empanadas, pork belly and flat iron steak all delish.

    55555 by Laurie J

  • Sara M.If no tables -- go up to the bar upstairs, order drinks, and food while you wait. Generally bar space is tight, but you can find something. Host will get you when a table frees up. Restaurant hack.

    33333 by Sara M.

  • Kevin G.Service can be slow, but good cocktails and apps in the bar

    55555 by Kevin G.

  • Joanna F.My favorite restaurant and rooftop bar! Lolinda is an Argentinian steakhouse and El Techo is the rooftop bar on top that serves really good apps and margs.

    55555 by Joanna F.

  • Ann MChicken skewers and pork chop. 😍very nice staff 🙏

    55555 by Ann M

  • Armand DAmazing short rib.

    55555 by Armand D

  • Thom AYou can't go wrong here. Very tender and delicious pork shank. Get the ribeye.

    55555 by Thom A

  • Chris H.The pork belly appetizer is amazing

    55555 by Chris H.

  • Jacy LTry the tomato braised beef!! Also pork belly is very yum!

    55555 by Jacy L

  • Chris B.Rib eye done medium

    33333 by Chris B.

  • Da ARib eye steak

    55555 by Da A

  • Ty CThe shishito peppers are a delicious starter.

    55555 by Ty C

  • Chloe DGreat ambiance. Get the peppers appetizer.

    55555 by Chloe D

  • Fiona SThe pork belly was dry.

    33333 by Fiona S

  • Zach NegreyTapas style Mexican steakhouse. Everything is great.

    55555 by Zach Negrey

  • Vivian CCookies and milk, cookies and spiked milk

    55555 by Vivian C

  • Ana KCarne riquísima, postre de chocolate espectadular

    55555 by Ana K

  • Danielle DavisBeef tar tar blew me away!

    55555 by Danielle Davis

  • Johanna F.Pork chop was amazing. To start try the chicken empanadas, maduros & pork belly. All delicious.

    55555 by Johanna F.

  • Diana NToo expensive for what it is. The entraña is tooooo small and doesn't taste like entraña. Bife de chorizo again is tasty but doesn't taste like in Argentina or a good argentinian restaurant.

    55555 by Diana N

  • Erica GMy fav ceviche in the city and an amazing burger that you can only order at the bar.

    55555 by Erica G

  • Max W.Chorizo is amazing

    55555 by Max W.

  • Tiffany ZhongGet the grilled peppers, ceviche (corn is super super good), bone marrow, and New York steak

    55555 by Tiffany Zhong

  • Doug B.Order "The Last Word" at the bar. Very refreshing!

    55555 by Doug B.

  • Luciano DavidsonThe entraña was so good you could slice it like butter. Everything was perfect. Portion sizes need improvement, though.

    55555 by Luciano Davidson

  • Karen BSimply delicious. Great for big groups.

    55555 by Karen B

  • Mu-An 🐝Food was all delicious, pork belly and octopus in particular. Mocktails were very bad, don't do it. Floor was greasy/slippery.

    55555 by Mu-An 🐝

  • Pueblo Viejo Tequila CClose with a flourish this spring break and enjoy a refreshing Pueblo Viejo Cocktail here at Lolinda.

    55555 by Pueblo Viejo Tequila C

  • Jes C.Really good empanadas. Great steaks and for dessert you should try the malteada y dulce de leche cookies

    55555 by Jes C.

  • Jen JEverything

    55555 by Jen J

  • Fran HPork belly, yum!

    55555 by Fran H

  • Keith JThe cocktails are really good and the steak is even better

    55555 by Keith J

  • Pueblo Viejo Tequila CIf you want to freshen up with a delicious cocktail at Lolinda, try a Paloma mixed with Pueblo Viejo Blanco.

    55555 by Pueblo Viejo Tequila C

  • Yogini AReally good, but I don't like how they serve one thing @ a time.

    55555 by Yogini A

  • Pueblo Viejo Tequila CWhen you visit Lolinda, start by ordering a delicious cocktail mixed with Pueblo Viejo Blanco.

    55555 by Pueblo Viejo Tequila C

  • Paul T.Hearts of Palm and avocado salad is delicious!

    55555 by Paul T.

  • Sabina S.The ceviche mixto may be the best ceviche in the city

    55555 by Sabina S.

  • Lucifer NiggerbastardThe ceviche is really good. I wasn't really impressed with the steak though.

    55555 by Lucifer Niggerbastard

  • George ASteaks, any kind are good here! (9/10). Good wine choices too.

    55555 by George A

  • Chona G.Try the Camaron A La Vara (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Chona G.

  • Pueblo Viejo Tequila CIf you are in Lolinda, try a Margarita with Pueblo Viejo Blanco.

    55555 by Pueblo Viejo Tequila C

  • Adrian PhillipsStart with empanadas and the ricotta croquettes. The croquettes were so smooth and puffy we ordered two servings. The NY Strip is a solid steak to split between a few people. Try a cocktail too.

    55555 by Adrian Phillips

  • Andrew JSuper meat and wine

    55555 by Andrew J

  • Deborah TDelicious eggplant escabeche and yummy cheese flan

    55555 by Deborah T

  • Laurence B.Meat. All the meat.

    22222 by Laurence B.

  • Aykut Mbest steak ever

    55555 by Aykut M

  • Spencer H.Eat all the things.

    33333 by Spencer H.

  • Allison K.Amazing meal!! Get the ribeye steak, skirt steak, croquettes, hueso. Get the Shanghai athleti and Juan rosado drinks

    55555 by Allison K.

  • Terry SSea bass, empanadas, *however the Moscow Mules didn't have copper mugs.

    55555 by Terry S

  • Brian S.Very tasty meat. Smokey cocktails. Cavernous space.

    55555 by Brian S.

  • Kemp M.I love all the entrées but the Maduro (ripe plantain, burrata, chimichurri, jicama salsa) is amazing!

    55555 by Kemp M.

  • Merve RSteak cocktails fish

    55555 by Merve R

  • Kevin X.Delicious beef tartare

    55555 by Kevin X.

  • Shu Uesugicroquette, bone marrow, skirt steak

    55555 by Shu Uesugi

  • Ruth DThe pork chop

    33333 by Ruth D

  • Angela W.Everything is amazing.... Seriously

    55555 by Angela W.

  • Heléne CGreat Latin place, drinks and service

    55555 by Heléne C

  • Heléne CGreat Latin place, drinks and service and plus for the roof top bar

    55555 by Heléne C

  • Dima JВкусно, много необычных блюд, которые вряд ли часто встретите. Милое обслуживание. Цены для такого уровня вполне адекватные. Вечером всегда

    55555 by Dima J

  • Frank D.La lengua! Es la mejor! Si po

    55555 by Frank D.

  • Fernando CovasHigh quality meats, but can serve them overcooked... Try their corn empanadas: so good! Service can be slow, as they seem to get pretty busy.

    55555 by Fernando Covas

  • Mike O'Sullivanflank steak with chimichurri is one of the best I've had. Chicken empanadas are delicious - don't be turned off by the raisins.

    55555 by Mike O'Sullivan

  • Doug L.The rooftop bar is a must during sunset. Amazing food and wine selection!

    55555 by Doug L.

  • SFGateThe grilled globes of artichoke at this Latin-inspired steakhouse are some of the best around. The char plays off the natural flavor of the vegetable, and is smoothed out by a squeeze of lemon.

    55555 by SFGate

  • Jessy EThe steak is good... The ambience also super cozy and everything is lovely..

    55555 by Jessy E

  • Dave CummingsThe octopus is incredible

    55555 by Dave Cummings

  • Trucy P.The bone marrow, artichoke with aioli, and peanut butter mousse dessert are a few of my favorite dishes!

    55555 by Trucy P.

  • Jessica L.I wish I could have tried all the meat!!! Had ceviche, ribeye, short rib, and bone marrow, which were all excellent and perfectly flavored. Meyer lemon panna cotta was also bomb.

    55555 by Jessica L.

  • Cassandra LightBurrata plantain yum!

    55555 by Cassandra Light

  • Cassandra LightAmazing rooftop !

    55555 by Cassandra Light

  • Kim P.Book brunch in advance and enjoy the rooftop view. The chicharrónes are perfection!

    55555 by Kim P.

  • Arash NarchiThe view is amazing and the food and drinks are great too. Get the margaritas

    55555 by Arash Narchi

  • YJ CAmazing meat... Superb service: Sherry with bone marrow recommendation was absolutely fantastic. Thanks! I enjoyed lovely time and food very much!

    55555 by YJ C

  • Nate B.Really fun roof deck with great views and a cool, laid back atmosphere

    55555 by Nate B.

  • Jeshua B.Rooftop bar

    55555 by Jeshua B.

  • Geoff R.Awesome steak for a great price. Shishito peppers are also incredible.

    55555 by Geoff R.

  • Lauren MacCome for the rooftop views! Still love it every time I go here

    55555 by Lauren Mac

  • Jimmy LuDrinks and tapas

    55555 by Jimmy Lu

  • Luis Eduardo Castro MorenoReally cool place. Awesome view of the city. Get early because it gets really crowed at late hours. Order Platano Maduro. You will love it.

    55555 by Luis Eduardo Castro Moreno

  • Nate B.Three small plates, a steak, and a side is good for two. Everything I had was unbelievably good. Get the Ceviche.

    55555 by Nate B.

  • Mark DanielGet the flat iron steak!

    33333 by Mark Daniel

  • Kristen RochelleGo at night for the best views!

    55555 by Kristen Rochelle

  • SFistThe happy hour here runs from 4 to 6pm on weeknights. It includes $5 guacamole, beef empanadas, fried green plantains, and fried chicken thighs with habanero salsa. Also try the $7 margaritas.

    55555 by SFist

  • Dave H.The empanadas and croquetas were the highlights of my meal - definitely get some.

    55555 by Dave H.

  • Shirley L.Great rooftop bar/restaurant. Try the ceviche, guac, and a pitcher of sangria!

    55555 by Shirley L.

  • Pawel P.Love their steaks. Good cocktails.

    55555 by Pawel P.

  • The Tastes that Make the CityThe rooftop has the best outdoor seating in SF, making our list of "The Tastes That Make the City: SF Edition."

    55555 by The Tastes that Make the City

  • Alex PlutzerCaperenia (spelling) and incredible empanadas

    55555 by Alex Plutzer

  • Viviana de MicheliRooftop bar, perhaps the only one in Mission

    33333 by Viviana de Micheli

  • SFGateIf brunch had a nightclub, this would be it. Latin American-inspired brunch items like poached eggs served atop jalapeno cornbread — are satisfying, but the dish to beat is the chicharrones de carne.

    55555 by SFGate

  • R NArgentino, meat! South SF

    55555 by R N

  • Amélie BeerensReally good restaurant! Try the chuleta!

    55555 by Amélie Beerens

  • Caio BambergA caipirinha é muito boa! O melhor lugar é o rooftop.

    55555 by Caio Bamberg

  • Jenny Q.Nice view + good drinks, but it takes a very long time to get a drink.

    55555 by Jenny Q.

  • Mohit ShewaramaniThe caipirinhas are surprisingly fantastic. The empanadas are also a solid bet, which isn't surprising given they're coming from Lolinda's kitchen.

    55555 by Mohit Shewaramani

  • N MGreat rooftop with views of downtown

    55555 by N M

  • Iris H.Steak and empanadas are sooo good! Their chimichurri sauce hmm. Reservations recommended and be prepared for some tasty tapas and steak in dimly lit/kinda noisy restaurant.

    55555 by Iris H.

  • Arlynne S.The quesadillas are amazing.. I think they may only serve it upstairs though /:

    55555 by Arlynne S.

  • Vaibhav P.The empanadas and ceviches were sublime! Excellent service.

    55555 by Vaibhav P.

  • Josh P.Great spot for a sunny brunch with a view. I enjoyed the Chorizo scramble.

    55555 by Josh P.

  • Brad T.One of SFs best. Try it all and take advantage of the fantastic cocktail menu.

    55555 by Brad T.

  • Roem B.Steak is perfect. Authentic.

    55555 by Roem B.

  • Ana LadygazpachoAmazing views to the Sf skyline. Perfect to have a beer after-work

    55555 by Ana Ladygazpacho

  • I A.Happy-hour snacks are delicious and a great deal, especially the fried chicken.

    55555 by I A.

  • Matt M.Great roof deck with pitchers of sangria and margaritas

    55555 by Matt M.

  • Rafael mThis is a really expensive place considering the portions. Food is ok though. Price is underrated in foursquare.

    55555 by Rafael m

  • Noah W.Great rooftop cocktail bar with views of downtown SF. Huge and good for groups. The pisco cocktail was perfect.

    55555 by Noah W.

  • Analucia RDLindo lugar, buena vista, variedad en tragos y ambiente bueno! Like ;)

    55555 by Analucia RD

  • Clara BayarriGreat rooftop, the views are great and the Margarita El Techo was really good.

    55555 by Clara Bayarri

  • Matthew P.Roof top views of SF with dope mescals

    55555 by Matthew P.

  • Scott BalesGrab yourself a Margarita or two

    55555 by Scott Bales

  • Amir M.Everything is amazing. Get the ceviche, the pulpo, palm heart salad, pork belly, the outstanding pork chop, the gaucho rib eye, the peanut mousse and a daiquiri anejo.

    55555 by Amir M.

  • LuckyBife de Chorizo was amazing with side Acelga (perfect touch of side spice) --> will come again just for that!             Top floor more quiet, dark and private than the hectic open space

    55555 by Lucky

  • Nathan SampimonBit of a wait, but once in the views are great, the food solid and they have cocktails by the carafe.

    55555 by Nathan Sampimon

  • SFistStop by El Techo in the Mission after work for their happy hour, which runs from 4- 6, but includes $5 guacamole, beef empanadas, fried green plantains, and fried chicken thigh with habanero salsa.

    55555 by SFist

  • Linda F.People talk about rooftop, scenic views, and margaritas. Check, check, and check! Oh and pork belly quesadillas!!!

    55555 by Linda F.

  • Angie H.Not many rooftop bars in the city. It's a nice change of scenery!

    55555 by Angie H.

  • Florian K.The chicken empanadas are exceptional, the croquetas are amazing too. Bone marrow is delicious too but very rich - not for the faint of stomach.

    55555 by Florian K.

  • Christophe L.Order a bone marrow or a tartar, some croquetas, and a plate with different kinds of meat. Go downstairs, upstairs is usually too noisy.

    55555 by Christophe L.

  • Madhu M.I love the asado mixto here. The blood sausage is great, the shishito peppers are a perfect compliment.

    55555 by Madhu M.

  • Scott T.Best pork chops in the city.

    55555 by Scott T.

  • stew tongNew York, ceviche, corn empanadas, and the pork belly! Best pork belly ever

    55555 by stew tong

  • LeeThe pork chop is the single most delicious one of my life. And I happen to love pork chops.

    55555 by Lee

  • Sigge GöranssonArgentina in San Fransisco

    55555 by Sigge Göransson

  • Sarah S.With its combination of “Latin American flavors with Californian sensibilities,” Lolinda puts most Argentinian steakhouses to shame. Every single dish on the menu is absolutely perfect.

    55555 by Sarah S.

  • Marvin C.Ceviche and octopus salad were delicious. Highly recommended. Great atmosphere for a fun night out. Bone Marrow (pictured) was a favorite by other but not me :)

    55555 by Marvin C.

  • Katrina Y.Ojo de bife, ceviche, croquetas, lengua, pulpo, lone palm, alfajores + spiked milkshakes and the trombone version of "Sexual Healing." Say hi to Khalid

    55555 by Katrina Y.

  • Grace S.Sea bass skewers, pork belly, pork chop, and Babel red wine for sure. Bone marrow is overrated. Good but tastes like any other bone marrow.

    55555 by Grace S.

  • KidhackGetting a drink? Sit up at the mezzanine bar if open for a more intimate night.

    55555 by Kidhack

  • KidhackThe pescado ceviche is a must; you'll devour the corn fritter garnish.

    55555 by Kidhack

  • Alanya AtatekinThe spinach empanadas were incredible! The quinoa salad, chorizo and skirt steak are also very solid recommendations

    55555 by Alanya Atatekin

  • Allen R.one word. swank.

    55555 by Allen R.

  • Grace S.One of my favorite restaurants in SF. Pork chop and the Tera (braised short rib) are the bomb.

    55555 by Grace S.

  • Brian C.Don't miss the wood fired pork chop - it's spectacular

    55555 by Brian C.

  • Stephanie T.Get the milk and cookies with the spiked milk!

    55555 by Stephanie T.

  • meganEmpanadas for dayz

    55555 by megan

  • Dan D.Don't pass up the croquetas - they're so good, we just ordered a second plate.

    55555 by Dan D.

  • Fabian P.Order like 5 plates of bone marrow

    33333 by Fabian P.

  • Karlyn N.The food here is amazing! Try the pork & croquettes.

    55555 by Karlyn N.

  • Bernat U.Go for lengua! It was delicious!

    55555 by Bernat U.

  • Brad T.Pork chop is way juicy, ceviches are great and the service was an outstanding group effort.

    55555 by Brad T.

  • John G.Great rooftop bar.

    55555 by John G.

  • Verna D.Get the grilled short rib and anything from their invective cocktail menu. My personal favorite is the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.

    55555 by Verna D.

  • Paul W.Slightly awkward to have the best vegetable skewer I've ever had considering this is a steak house.

    55555 by Paul W.

  • Jennifer P.Excellent unique cocktails!

    55555 by Jennifer P.

  • Sherry B.Order the bone marrow! Ask for specialty cocktail recommendations (delish). Don't ask about Medjool.

    55555 by Sherry B.

  • Adrienne O.The ceviche with fried corn is incredible! This is a must eat.

    55555 by Adrienne O.

  • Luke A.Excellent cocktails and, even on a busy night for the restaurant, it's possible to get a seat at the upstairs bar. 50/50 Martini is nearly perfect. Did I mention the food is really good too?

    55555 by Luke A.

  • Kenny K.Flank steak

    55555 by Kenny K.

  • Steven BGo on the Rooftop!

    33333 by Steven B

  • petegThe New York strip steak is amazing, grilled to absolute perfection and served with a grassy chimichurri. I can't stop thinking about it.

    55555 by peteg

  • Sammie🍸Bossa Nova!

    55555 by Sammie

  • Nic M.Gluten free? Ask for the off-the-menu Flourless Chocolate Cake. It's absolutely delicious!

    55555 by Nic M.


    55555 by Nic M.

  • Yasi G.The grilled artichoke👌

    55555 by Yasi G.

  • Irving G.What a great experience! Nearly ate the whole menu! Everything I expected and hoped for.

    55555 by Irving G.

  • Irving G.The Mexican Firing Squad margarita makes it all the better for the long wait to be seated. But the views are outstanding!

    55555 by Irving G.

  • Adam NPork chop is a must

    55555 by Adam N

  • Ben M.Service here is awful. 2/5 expect for dinner to take a while

    22222 by Ben M.

  • Suzanne H.Delicious! Share small plates. Favorites were the pork belly, bone marrow, croquetas and artichokes. Cocktails also good, service very friendly!

    55555 by Suzanne H.

  • Rick D.Rooftop is open and toasty, even on cold nights.

    55555 by Rick D.

  • Mitch A.Don't miss the pork chop!

    55555 by Mitch A.

  • Alexander W.1st off, the food is AMAZE. The cocktails are DELECT. But what sets this apart is the beautiful rooftop space with gorgeous views and friendly, smiley staff.

    55555 by Alexander W.

  • Victor C.Tasting Table recommends the off the menu Tequila Negroni

    55555 by Victor C.

  • StephanyGet the skirt steak or porkchop to balance out the ceviche you should start with. The corn fritter thing in the ceviche is amazing.

    55555 by Stephany

  • Sam H.Carpenters hand is tasty!

    55555 by Sam H.

  • Travis S.Chicken empanadas are amazing. Highly recommend the Rock and Rolla cocktail as well.

    55555 by Travis S.

  • Natasha W.Croquettas and ceviche are musts. The wine list is overwhelming but well priced. We had a great wine from Portugal and a carmenere from chile. Just ask your server for assistance!

    55555 by Natasha W.

  • Gustavo P.Try the Empanadas de Espinaca and the Entraña!

    55555 by Gustavo P.

  • Liz N.Four words: get in my pork belly

    55555 by Liz N.

  • CarolineIt's like they went into my dreams and made the perfect menu. Delicious steak, ceviche, empanadas, grilled artichokes, dulce de leche, malbec, bourbon-based drinks.

    55555 by Caroline

  • MarikoWe particularly enjoyed the choripan, pulpo, and ceviche mixto. Don't forget to try their tres leches for dessert too! So moist and delicious!

    55555 by Mariko

  • James G.The ribeye is fantastic!

    55555 by James G.

  • Bryson W.I especially liked the artichoke and short ribs

    55555 by Bryson W.

  • Andy P.Great Argentine cuts of beef and very nice, reasonably priced wine list.

    55555 by Andy P.

  • Bryan H.That tongue though!

    33333 by Bryan H.

  • Karin B.Very trendy restaurant with great food! A perfect place for bigger groups.

    55555 by Karin B.

  • Jacob G.Start with the Carpenter's Hand cocktail. Order the empanadas and the lentil salad and share the Asado Mixto. Drink a Malbec and finish with the peanut butter mousse. Amazing.

    55555 by Jacob G.

  • Nick C.The Sea Bass Skewers are amazing.

    55555 by Nick C.

  • Lan N.I am very particular about red meats and the skirt steak was truly amazing paired with their pickled vegetables. Great ambiance and delicious.

    55555 by Lan N.

  • Alexander W.Oaxacan Cross is a delicious smoky mezcal cocktail here. Their Chimichurri is delectable! And their ceviche with fried corn (I don't even like fish usually)

    55555 by Alexander W.

  • Mario E.The food is delicious. The croquets are not to be skipped.

    55555 by Mario E.

  • esbeeIf you get the asada mixto plate but don't like blood sausage, ask and they'll switch it out for more chorizo!

    33333 by esbee

  • Ludwig P.Be sure to try the ribeye, it's incredible.

    55555 by Ludwig P.

  • Priya S.I'm in love with this tapas-style steakhouse. Order the Croquetas, Carne Empanadas, Pork Chop, Flank Steak and a side order of the Papas. Pair it with one of their signature cocktails & you're golden!

    55555 by Priya S.

  • Neniita PThe Ceviche is so delicious !

    55555 by Neniita P

  • Milton STry the bone marrow, lengua and the Gilda.

    55555 by Milton S

  • Bryce R.Argentinian steakhouse - very cool atmosphere and concept

    55555 by Bryce R.

  • Emma T.everything is amazing, but definitely don't miss the croquetas and the bone marrow.

    55555 by Emma T.

  • Mike C.There is no coat check so plan ahead.

    33333 by Mike C.

  • Gabriela F.Chicken empanada, corvina, molleja and tira. Amazing!

    55555 by Gabriela F.

  • Kelly P.18 oz ribeye with the best chimichurri sauce ever. Get a side of potatoes... Or two. Get a baby octopus app while you're at it, you're welcome

    55555 by Kelly P.

  • Moupali D.Omg! Como Argentina!

    55555 by Moupali D.

  • katie n.The croquetas, empanadas de maiz, and hanger steak skewer are awesome. Add a glass of the Chilean Alcance.

    55555 by katie n.

  • Phil H.Marrow. Do it.

    55555 by Phil H.

  • Noah W.The bone marrow and grilled artichoke are both sneaky good.

    55555 by Noah W.

  • Noah W.I can't remember which of the individual drinks were particularly good because they were all so boozy, but I know they were all very good.

    55555 by Noah W.

  • Borden O.don't you dare try to order a gin and tonic, anything-and-soda, or a mojito here when the cocktail list and bartender knowledge is exceptional.

    55555 by Borden O.

  • Adam F.Sweetbreads.

    55555 by Adam F.

  • Sherry L.They leave half the seats for walk-ins...so don't be afraid to walk in on a Friday night!

    33333 by Sherry L.

  • Sherry L.This is the old Medjool space. Rumor has it that they will re-open rooftop this winter!

    55555 by Sherry L.

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