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Philz Coffee

748 Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA 94109

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(415) 292-7660


  • Sunday: 6:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Monday: 6:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 6:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 6:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 6:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 6:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 6:00 am - 8:00 pm

Cuisine: Coffee and Tea

4.7 of 5.0 from 179 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Philz Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Philz Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Philz Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Philz Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Philz Coffee in San Francisco, CA
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  • Philz Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Philz Coffee in San Francisco, CA
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  • Philz Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Philz Coffee in San Francisco, CA
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  • Philz Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Philz Coffee in San Francisco, CA
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  • Philz Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Philz Coffee in San Francisco, CA
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  • Philz Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Philz Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Philz Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Philz Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Philz Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Philz Coffee in San Francisco, CA

Philz Coffee Reviews

Add your review for Philz Coffee.

  • Karine SOs cafés são deliciosos!

    55555 by Karine S

  • Jennifer N.Too crowded to work

    55555 by Jennifer N.

  • AmandaThe mint mojito sounds like it wouldn't work, but it is refreshing and delicious

    55555 by Amanda

  • KidhackGet mint in your iced mocha.

    55555 by Kidhack

  • AnissaThere's a decent amount of seating available! Perfect for a coffee catchup with a friend

    55555 by Anissa

  • Holley A.Fresh black mint tea, iced with a little honey, so good

    55555 by Holley A.

  • Theo AMint mojito: yum

    55555 by Theo A

  • Shirley L.Mint Mojito is still my fave for a warm day, Philharmonic is a nice choice when you want a hot option

    55555 by Shirley L.

  • Alice H.Mint Mojito is still the best.

    55555 by Alice H.

  • Jans RCafés y tes ricos ricos

    55555 by Jans R

  • Angela R.Some great specialty coffee drinks: hot and iced

    55555 by Angela R.

  • Eric CPhill coffees is definitely quality coffee!!they Brew it fresh every cup and so far I love there Jacobs wonderbar and philtered soul! Both excellent cups of coffee!!

    55555 by Eric C

  • Dee WongIce mint mojito

    55555 by Dee Wong

  • @Cyclefilm M.Veeeeeery chilled place. Veeeeery chilllllled.

    55555 by @Cyclefilm M.

  • Colin P.Great brewed coffee! Made right when you buy it!

    55555 by Colin P.

  • Karsten McVayPhiltered Soul - with cream and sugar, it's like caffeinated hot chocolate!

    55555 by Karsten McVay

  • Eugene AeroMint Mojito Iced Coffee: Sweet but not saccharine, mint leaves add nice texture and taste 8.

    55555 by Eugene Aero

  • Les SimarMy favorite pour over coffee in the city. Several selections in each dark, medium, and light roast.

    55555 by Les Simar

  • Abrah SenigarTo high take all day for your coffee

    55555 by Abrah Senigar

  • Alfredo B.Mint mojito is always my go too it will give you the energy for the day!

    55555 by Alfredo B.

  • Daniel K.Aromatic Arabic is a good blend if you like a very rich dark brew.

    55555 by Daniel K.

  • Catherine L.Don't know how I feel about the creepy music here

    33333 by Catherine L.

  • Catherine L.Don't know how I feel about the creepy music heren

    22222 by Catherine L.

  • Ben CoffeeHerbal mint tea, FTW!

    55555 by Ben Coffee

  • Russell L.You can take your coffee next door to the cafe/eatery if you want to sit down.

    55555 by Russell L.

  • Celestine T.Mint mojito is the bomb. Too much ice though.

    55555 by Celestine T.

  • Chuck HanIced Mint Mojito. Almond Milk. No sweetener.

    55555 by Chuck Han

  • Andrey KlenBlack tea with honey and an apricot bar = win

    55555 by Andrey Klen

  • CrewPlugs. Free Wi-Fi.

    55555 by Crew

  • Bennett W.New Manhattan is another delicious beverage

    55555 by Bennett W.

  • Hard R.Great Turkish coffee.

    55555 by Hard R.

  • Wojciech ZalotVariety of good bagels and coffee

    55555 by Wojciech Zalot

  • Natalia BakerMade-to-order coffee using Philz own special pour over method. Tell them the flavors & strength you like and they will produce your own unique delicious cup of coffee. Gotta be done!

    55555 by Natalia Baker

  • squeaselGingersnap or mint mojito iced coffee on a warm day. Get the largest one, or get two, because they're delicious and gone too quickly.

    55555 by squeasel

  • Simon Buret de LongagneThe pastries are only $1 after 5:00pm!

    55555 by Simon Buret de Longagne

  • Kelly WongOne of the best coffee shops around the block. If you're not sure what to get, let the staff know your taste and they'll give you a good recommendation!

    55555 by Kelly Wong

  • Dottie G.The gingersnap iced coffee is what dreams are made of. Use the Order Ahead app and skip the line!

    55555 by Dottie G.

  • Kevin S.Seating is available across the hall at Delish deli. Deli counter closes at 3 pm but seating, like Philz, is available until 8.

    55555 by Kevin S.

  • Andy J.A cutie named Darlene works here. Say hi to her!

    55555 by Andy J.

  • Chris JoGet the iced mint mojo to coffee!

    55555 by Chris Jo

  • Nino E.Mojito iced coffee is what's up.

    55555 by Nino E.

  • James TShares seating with the sandwich page next door.

    33333 by James T

  • Jeremy J.So many different options!! The staff was great and talked me through everything and helped me pick one out!

    55555 by Jeremy J.

  • Sam G.Chill at Philz and get caffeinated while you wait for Brenda's.

    55555 by Sam G.

  • Jane H.Friendly service despite the crowded place. Of course, the mint mojito is a must try!

    55555 by Jane H.

  • GilIf you like drip coffee and you are used to Hario/Chemex: do not even think about going there. You will be highly disappointed about that stuff they call coffee! Seriously!

    33333 by Gil

  • Eva FröhlichGo to Sightglass Coffee (270 7th St; btwn Howard & Folsom St) for good brewed coffee with flavory taste!

    55555 by Eva Fröhlich

  • GilPlace is overhyped, at least for their normal coffee. Both roasts we chose tasted average. If you like coffee and want to honor the beans during the brewing process, do not go here.

    33333 by Gil

  • Eva FröhlichLots a beans to chose from. Barista makes only decent tasty filter coffee out of it.

    55555 by Eva Fröhlich

  • Jamie CAmerican has Zero idea about coffee, this is sewage water.

    22222 by Jamie C

  • Auzzie YazdIt's a chain, but their cold brew still beats about half in the city

    55555 by Auzzie Yazd

  • Casey K.Come in the morning. Order a large mint mojito. Go next door and grab a bacon and egg bagel. Life is awesome. 😎☕️

    55555 by Casey K.

  • Cornelius G.Get the coffee

    33333 by Cornelius G.

  • Jeff W.Really fast wifi compared to other cafés & clean bathroom. Spend the afternoon sipping on the the Mint Mojito Iced Coffee & more: http://foodmento.com/place/2583

    55555 by Jeff W.

  • Patrycja T.Best coffee in san francisco! If you like bland roast, try 'sooo good' with cream, mint and a little bit of sugar - amazing taste! Real slow coffee that you literally wont find anywhere but here.

    55555 by Patrycja T.

  • Elizabeth G.They add the fixings.... cream, etc. for you. Some like that. Some don't.

    33333 by Elizabeth G.

  • Case L.Check out lounge first if getting non-coffee drink or substantial food.

    55555 by Case L.

  • JoycottThe best drip coffee EVER!

    55555 by Joycott

  • Dan CDelicious!! 😁😁

    55555 by Dan C

  • Jenny W.Mint mojito iced coffee!!

    55555 by Jenny W.

  • Carissa B.Ask for a philtered cinnamon -- it's a philtered soul with cinnamon added in. Perfect fall and winter drink!

    55555 by Carissa B.

  • Don J.Plan extra time around 7:30 even if you order ahead. They are short staffed during this time and can't handle the customer flow.

    33333 by Don J.

  • Marissa B.Mint mojito iced coffee. That is all.

    55555 by Marissa B.

  • Jessica H.Try the mint mojito iced coffee

    55555 by Jessica H.

  • Jason S.Fastest free Wi-Fi on the planet is here.

    55555 by Jason S.

  • LilyRestroom code is 3922. Heaven forbid you need to ask the rude baristas or the rude cashiers

    22222 by Lily

  • Lorenza FBellissimo posto x fare colazione

    55555 by Lorenza F

  • Ria M.Try to Mint Mojito Iced Coffee

    55555 by Ria M.

  • Dara O.Does not have reusable mugs.

    33333 by Dara O.

  • Don J.They can do coffee service at your office now too

    55555 by Don J.

  • Helen O.Iced philtered soul tastes like Nutella. Yum

    55555 by Helen O.

  • Najeed K.Hazelnut Philtered soul. Word.

    55555 by Najeed K.

  • Don J.This location now has 'OrderAhead'

    33333 by Don J.

  • Vanessa W.Friendly service with great recommendations on pretty much everything espresso or tea with mint! Refreshing!

    55555 by Vanessa W.

  • Vanessa W.Friendly service with great recommendation on pretty much everything espresso or tea with mint! Refreshing!

    55555 by Vanessa W.

  • GIannis A.Whrres fil

    33333 by GIannis A.

  • ThrillistHit Philz Coffee for an iced mint mojito or large Tesora. Note: the mint mojito, while delicious, doesn’t actually contain alcohol.

    55555 by Thrillist

  • Esther JiGet the sooogood light roast!

    33333 by Esther Ji

  • RTWgirl A.The Jacobs Wonderbar is amazing if you like dark roasts

    55555 by RTWgirl A.

  • Alexis M.The mint mojito and gingersnap iced coffees are a must. So addictive. The philtered soul is also a delicious medium roast.

    55555 by Alexis M.

  • Rachel B.No espresso drinks here.

    55555 by Rachel B.

  • Tez A.I love the coffee here,of course, but the staff are nice too!

    55555 by Tez A.

  • Laura Z.Hierba Mate ❤❤❤

    55555 by Laura Z.

  • Joseph T.The large is a bit small, especially for $4.5. But I've never in my life had mint latte (mint mojito) with actual mint leaves in it. Gives it an awesome flavor!! Definitely worth a try!

    55555 by Joseph T.

  • Patricia RosselloYerba Mate ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    55555 by Patricia Rossello

  • John X.Strong azz coffee

    55555 by John X.

  • JS1Try the Philzharmonic or Tantalizing Turkish for a more bold flavor. Cream and sugar will mellow the taste some if it is too harsh for you.

    55555 by JS1

  • J V.I live for so good

    55555 by J V.

  • Ramon S.wow. the chamomile tea here is exceptional. try it.

    55555 by Ramon S.

  • H K.If you like hazelnut, try philtered soul!

    55555 by H K.

  • Matthew A.Get the Philz Bagel.

    55555 by Matthew A.

  • Carollyn P.Nicest staff. Great coffee.

    55555 by Carollyn P.

  • Troy NThe Organic Peru Light is like heaven in a cup. :-)

    55555 by Troy N

  • Ramon S.try the ginger snap iced coffee just added to the menu for the holidays. solid.

    55555 by Ramon S.

  • Ramon S.fyi. seems like they changed the wifi setup to check in with facebook in order to connect. you can if you want to but you still get access even if don't.

    33333 by Ramon S.

  • Ramon S.I don't drink coffee but the ice mint mojito here is ridiculous. Also the lounge is separate from the coffee shop which makes it a great place to do work. Plus, free wifi no questions asked.

    55555 by Ramon S.

  • Linh NguyenI've tried everything on their menu, so it's all good. Yerba matte tea has the most caffeine, and to have it Philz way means with cream (manufacturing which is the extra heavy one) and sugar. YUM!!!

    55555 by Linh Nguyen

  • Anna dTry coffee cake, it is always fresh and delicious!

    55555 by Anna d

  • Ashley M.Glorified Starbucks doused with heavy cream and sugar

    33333 by Ashley M.

  • Kron EI want to go there again...its a nice place

    55555 by Kron E

  • BradyGet an ancho burrito with your coffee. And don't forget tapatio sauce!

    55555 by Brady

  • Melissa O.Coffee Mojito is a life changer!

    55555 by Melissa O.

  • Lynn Cambrosia and terosa if it's your first time here! medium cream medium sugar . if it's a hot day, get the mint mojito iced coffee .

    55555 by Lynn C

  • matt j.Try the Mocha Tesora! Yum!

    55555 by matt j.

  • Scott H.Hey bagel guy, less time rapping off time and more time makin bagels.

    33333 by Scott H.

  • Michael B.Jede Tasse Kaffee wird einzeln gebrüht und schmeckt absolut genial. :)

    55555 by Michael B.

  • Shannon MMINT MOJITO ICED COFFEE. that is all.

    55555 by Shannon M

  • Michael B.soooooo gooood!

    55555 by Michael B.

  • MichelleThe Ballpark location has way better service than the Van Ness store (nicer, friendlier and more helpful.) Don't think I'll be going to this Philz location again.

    33333 by Michelle

  • Carol L.New manhattan ftw!

    55555 by Carol L.

  • Constance C.Fuck yes!!

    11111 by Constance C.

  • Roberta RBagels are to die for! Feta-stic is a must try.

    55555 by Roberta R

  • Julia K.Hangover cure = mint mojito iced coffee (and a bagel, of course)

    55555 by Julia K.

  • Daniel JTry there dark Turkish roast amazing.

    55555 by Daniel J

  • NatashaThey make real coffee - the way it should be & with passion. The best coffee eva!

    55555 by Natasha

  • Blake S.Great coffee. Try the Tantalizing Turkish or Silken Splendor with a bacon breakfast burrito.

    55555 by Blake S.

  • Anna K.They run out of food fast. Also, order the Mate's!

    55555 by Anna K.

  • Blake S.Get a Tantalizing Turkish coffee and a breakfast burrito

    55555 by Blake S.

  • Stephanie T.Aromatic Arabic - the best thing since sliced bread.

    55555 by Stephanie T.

  • Kristin CTry the mint mojito iced coffee - phenom! For something hot, I recommend the silken splendor, julie's ultimate, or ether.

    55555 by Kristin C

  • Ti C.Philz bagel is absolutely delicious!

    55555 by Ti C.

  • Cherylynn N.MINT MOJITO!!!!

    55555 by Cherylynn N.

  • JeanyBest Coffeeever.

    55555 by Jeany

  • Rachael C.Order the Jacobs Wonderbar Brew, you won't be sorry!

    55555 by Rachael C.

  • Danny S.mint mojito iced doesn't taste like coffee - more like a chocolate-y dessert drink.

    55555 by Danny S.

  • Nikki D.The aromatic Arabic with cream and sugar--AMAZING!

    55555 by Nikki D.

  • Marie A.Get the mint mojito iced coffee and add cocoa powder. YUM!!

    55555 by Marie A.

  • Eunice M.Ecstatic iced coffee with a touch of cream and no sugar

    55555 by Eunice M.

  • Derek W.Walk right up to the people brewing the coffee to order, they'll ask about cream and sugar. Pay after ordering. Can't go wrong with Jacob's blend.

    33333 by Derek W.

  • Austin CHave an Iced philtered soul.

    55555 by Austin C

  • Teresa B.Try the perfect ecstatic iced coffee

    55555 by Teresa B.

  • Elie K.Best coffee I've had in San Francisco!

    55555 by Elie K.

  • ChristineIf you're a newbie like me, don't piss people off by paying first and then cutting people off in line to put in your order.

    22222 by Christine

  • jenni e.Iced yerba matte with light honey will prepare you for anything.

    55555 by jenni e.

  • dreaBreakfast burritos are amazing!!

    55555 by drea

  • Kate ALove the black Turkish with a mint leaf.... YUM!

    55555 by Kate A

  • Emmet EArabic with cream and mint - every morning. :)

    55555 by Emmet E

  • Heather W.Philtered Soul is heavenly. :)

    55555 by Heather W.

  • Devon B.Amazing coffee, as you'd expect, but this place has the WORST layout ever. Where do I order? When do I pay? Where do I pay?

    33333 by Devon B.

  • Lynnet S.18th Street has a blend called the Brian Wilson which is delicious. Go Giants!

    55555 by Lynnet S.

  • Dave C.Try the iced coffees. They are amazing. And I am not generally an iced coffee fan. Both the ginger snap and the mint mojito are worth straying from your usual philz order to try something new...

    55555 by Dave C.

  • Richelle CBeware: if you get iced coffee here, you won't want iced coffee from anywhere else.

    55555 by Richelle C

  • Derek K.Ginger Snap Iced Coffee!

    55555 by Derek K.

  • jasmine p.Soooo Good!

    55555 by jasmine p.

  • Rahul KAsk for the "First Blood". It's a mix of the Organic Peru Light and Sumatra Vienna. Delicious!

    55555 by Rahul K

  • Lynnet S.The new Ginger Snap iced coffee is amazing!

    55555 by Lynnet S.

  • Laura M.My favorite is Peru Light - packed w caffine and great flavor; always go cream and light sugar

    55555 by Laura M.

  • Paula Mae P.My go to blend would have to be the new manhattan

    55555 by Paula Mae P.

  • SF WeeklySF Weekly's Best Of 2011 Winner - Reader's Poll - BEST COFFEEHOUSE

    55555 by SF Weekly

  • Rika P.If you like yerba matte, ask for a stronger dose. So worth it!

    55555 by Rika P.

  • Mel N.Brewed one cup at a time so you really can't go wrong with anything. The Mint Mojito Iced Coffee and Ambrosia Coffee of the Gods are uh-mazing!

    55555 by Mel N.

  • Morgan Elaine M.The Arabic with just a touch on cream and sugar is the perfect way to start your day

    55555 by Morgan Elaine M.

  • Lynnet S.Greater Alarm will get you up and going!

    33333 by Lynnet S.

  • FatimaPHILTERED SOUL!!!!

    55555 by Fatima

  • SF WeeklySF Weekly's Best of Winner 2010 - Reader's Poll - BEST COFFEE

    55555 by SF Weekly

  • Rachel TTesora medium cream n sugar awesome!

    55555 by Rachel T

  • Ash P.The best coffee I have ever had, period. Starbucks is dead to me. Try the Mint Mojito Iced Coffee -- it's heaven.

    55555 by Ash P.

  • Min L.It pays to bring in your own mug. You get large for the price of small.

    55555 by Min L.

  • Rika P.do the wonderbar with light cream n sugar, top notch!

    55555 by Rika P.

  • MazdaPhil Jaber and his son Jacob spent several months developing each blend. Phil's Tesora or "Treasure" blend took 7 years to find the perfect combination of beans.

    55555 by Mazda

  • Daniel M.Try the Jamaican Blue Mountain. Black.

    55555 by Daniel M.

  • Anthony B.Philz secret: They use actual cream! No half-and-half or milk in their coffee.

    55555 by Anthony B.

  • Carlynn DPhiltered soul

    55555 by Carlynn D

  • Avagail PIf you get tea, get the cream and/or honey in it. Too bitter without!

    33333 by Avagail P

  • FatimaPhiltered soul. Jacob's. Yerba maté. All amazing.

    55555 by Fatima

  • VanessaMocha tesora is my fave...I bought a jug and a 1lb of coffee! =)

    55555 by Vanessa

  • Keelay SMocha tesora = crack (that means good) lol

    55555 by Keelay S

  • Alex V.Go enough and be enshrined on the Mug Shot wall of fame.

    55555 by Alex V.

  • David N.New Manhattan, cream, no sugar.

    33333 by David N.

  • Rahul KHave to add another tip: Eithiopian Yirgacheffe is not on the menu but amazing. Another recent favorite is a half ambrosia / half greater alarm mix!

    55555 by Rahul K

  • Christine L.Austin in awesome. Get a mint iced coffee yo.

    55555 by Christine L.

  • BravoThe best cup of coffee I have ever had! Phil roasts and grinds on site with passion and zeal. He adds spices like cardamom to the grounds so the coffee has this incredible aroma and flavor. -Gail Simm

    55555 by Bravo

  • Pinayrish F.The best Iced Coffee EVER!

    55555 by Pinayrish F.

  • Mike LGo to Philz -- If you like caffeine then you need to get the large Philharmonic!

    55555 by Mike L

  • Rahul Kmocha tesora......amazing!

    55555 by Rahul K

  • LibbyNew Manhattan blend at Philz Coffee on Van Ness.

    55555 by Libby

  • Charles W.Best coffee on Van Ness!

    55555 by Charles W.

  • Ian W.get a beef samosa with your coffee

    55555 by Ian W.

  • suki b.check out the new Philz on Van Ness!!! get an iced Philtered Soul!

    55555 by suki b.

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