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Saint Frank Coffee

2340 Polk St
San Francisco, CA 94109

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(415) 775-1619


  • Sunday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm

Cuisine: Coffee and Tea

4.8 of 5.0 from 169 reviews

price range:Less than $10

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Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA
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  • Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA
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  • Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA
  • Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, CA

Saint Frank Coffee Reviews

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  • Rio LGreat latte!

    55555 by Rio L

  • Carina N.Orange Julius latte is so Delicious! $5

    55555 by Carina N.

  • Avneesh K.Beautiful coffee shop with great espresso drinks and a good place to get some work done.

    55555 by Avneesh K.

  • Carola HDelicious latte, honey lavender latte! Yum.

    55555 by Carola H

  • Galina LCoffee is amazing!

    55555 by Galina L

  • SarahIced coffee tastes like water. Espresso is decent.

    33333 by Sarah

  • 67tara VAmazing latte and yummy flourless brownies!

    55555 by 67tara V

  • Liz D.Almond macadamia nut milk latte is dreamy 🌝☕️ friendly staff, too.

    55555 by Liz D.

  • Brittany SübersDecor is nice, staff is friendly, and there is outdoor seating. The cappuccino was a bit tart so I'd maybe try one of the blends instead next time.

    55555 by Brittany Sübers

  • Mads JThis is the cutest and cleanest coffee shop! Very modern, homemade granola and fresh pour over coffee ! Get the granola with burnt almond milk!

    55555 by Mads J

  • Kaitlin DOur opinions might be biased because of the ranking, but the lattes were absolutely on-point. The winter spice latte was perfect for a chilly day

    55555 by Kaitlin D

  • Leila TCappuccino is so delicious.

    55555 by Leila T

  • Lizzy AAwesome cappuccinos and pastries!

    55555 by Lizzy A

  • Kyle S.Knowledgeable, friendly staff! Wi-Fi is weekdays only.

    55555 by Kyle S.

  • Hai L.Sometime you just need to be creative

    55555 by Hai L.

  • Mighty T.Too much attitude but classy coffee and delicious pastries. There is an Xfinity WiFi signal which is much faster.

    55555 by Mighty T.

  • Chan CInspired cafe😎

    55555 by Chan C

  • Roderic C.Best espressos

    55555 by Roderic C.

  • Elynn L.Can get pretty loud on weekends and no outlets upstairs. Baristas are knowledgeable and drinks are good though!

    55555 by Elynn L.

  • Kevin G.Tasty cheddar biscuit - flaky with nice chive and sharp cheddar flavor

    55555 by Kevin G.

  • Nirnaya L.Probably one of the best coffee shops I've been to in the city. This is my new fav shhh don't want too many people going there but the almond latte ☕️ sooo good.

    55555 by Nirnaya L.

  • George ASTART: Small, clean, popular

    55555 by George A

  • Anette DBest Coffee I have ever had. The Cappuccino made on Saint Frank's homemade Almond Macadamia milk is my favorite! Not too sweet - perfect!

    55555 by Anette D

  • Chloe DThere's additional seating upstairs! Not many outlets for your laptop...

    55555 by Chloe D

  • Lizz PHouse almond milk and any coffee

    55555 by Lizz P

  • Nikki L.Those chocolate chip toffee cookies are worth death.

    55555 by Nikki L.

  • Jenna C.House almond milk is great

    55555 by Jenna C.

  • Christina G.Ok coffee.

    33333 by Christina G.

  • Luke B.A great coffee destination, with a beautiful interior and baristas in more proper/formal attire, serving up delicious drinks and a selection of pastries and made-to-order items like a granola parfait.

    55555 by Luke B.

  • Andrew C.Perfect macchiato, and the bagged beans might be my favorite in the city.

    55555 by Andrew C.

  • David G.Trendy, good music. A little bougie but in a minimalist way

    55555 by David G.

  • Katie AFantastic coffee, lovely airy room and great friendly staff

    55555 by Katie A

  • Lindsey K.Excellent, friendly baristas and delicious coffee in a beautifully designed space

    55555 by Lindsey K.

  • Ioannis GNo power outlets.

    55555 by Ioannis G

  • Dallin B.Try the single origin flight. You won't regret it.

    55555 by Dallin B.

  • Bon Appetit MagazineTry the Kaffe Tonic, a bittersweet creation that adds a little fizz and brightness to your shot of espresso.

    55555 by Bon Appetit Magazine

  • Dana KGet the specialty drinks.

    55555 by Dana K

  • Rachel hAlmond macadamia milk cappuccino. The best non-dairy cappuccino I've ever had. Hands down.

    55555 by Rachel h

  • Jennifer Y.Wifi is turned off during the weekend.

    33333 by Jennifer Y.

  • Jamie aGet the hot link sweet pepper croissant for a tasty, savory breakfast!

    55555 by Jamie a

  • Anthony JNeutral, bright and minimal interiors. One of my favorite cafes to work in. Very solid drinks on all accounts and the baristas are always friendly and engaging when busy

    55555 by Anthony J

  • Steve GBeautiful coffee shop (reminds me of Seattle's latest wave of cafes) with great espresso drinks.

    55555 by Steve G

  • Al B.A modernistic, chill, cafe that is a must to try. Try the Winter Spice Latte if it's available!

    55555 by Al B.

  • Selen APastries are delicious!!! Especially their muffins are super fresh!!!

    55555 by Selen A

  • Per CSka ha väldigt bra kaffe.

    55555 by Per C

  • Hanah STry the $8 single origin flight. My barista was nice enough to provide verbal tasting notes!

    55555 by Hanah S

  • Clara BayarriNice coffee

    55555 by Clara Bayarri

  • Jeff KThis was my go-to spot for being productive...great coffee, tea, food but they just removed the only outlet in the whole place

    33333 by Jeff K

  • Anton S.The Kaffe Tonic is a shot of espresso is poured over a glass of ice and Fever Tree Tonic.

    33333 by Anton S.

  • Mei C.Pleasant atmosphere. More spacious than I expected

    55555 by Mei C.

  • Steven KThe best quality espresso expertly prepared by engaging, friendly staff in a gorgeous setting. What's not to like? My favourite espresso bar in SF

    55555 by Steven K

  • Sonny R.Try the Kaffe Tonic -- a unique Scandinavian drink that they do exceptionally well

    55555 by Sonny R.

  • Julie GeremiaToo hot Americano with macaroon. Ask for an ice cube.

    55555 by Julie Geremia

  • brian TValhrona Mocha

    55555 by brian T

  • Matt D.Great coffee, nice modern interior. No sockets and wifi is pretty slow though, so not great for working.

    55555 by Matt D.

  • Scott Kennedygreat upstairs area to get work done.

    55555 by Scott Kennedy

  • Adrian AI like it, but some coffee flavours are a little bit odd...

    55555 by Adrian A

  • m TTech guys working on the upstairs.

    33333 by m T

  • Ting ABeautiful space for reading, meeting friends, and having great coffee.

    55555 by Ting A

  • Tania TLong queues on a Sunday but the macadamia nut latte is worth the wait

    55555 by Tania T

  • Yera H.Great iced coffee, but if you're looking for a change of pace I can't recommend the honey lavender latte enough. Fragrant and tasty!

    55555 by Yera H.

  • Ted G.One of my favorites. Everything is good

    55555 by Ted G.

  • Jillian KTheir house made macadamia/almond milk makes the most perfect lattes! My favorite coffee in SF.

    55555 by Jillian K

  • Linda LHoney lavender latte ❤️☕️😋

    55555 by Linda L

  • Katie MEverything

    55555 by Katie M

  • Dee WongIce almond milk latte

    55555 by Dee Wong

  • Pierre A.Get your almond macadamia cappuccino served by Chris Pratt lookalike

    55555 by Pierre A.

  • Robb SchillerThe guy with long hair, I think his name is Tim, he's great at pouring the milk. Wish he could pour me one every morning at home.

    33333 by Robb Schiller

  • Drew S.Kaffe Tonic. Crisp, refreshing, bitter, sweet, different. Drink it in layers or mix it all together. DEFINITELY worth a try!

    55555 by Drew S.

  • Jiexi CaoGood coffee, but no wifi on weekend

    55555 by Jiexi Cao

  • Avano outlets, but free wifi on weekdays and excellent coffee

    55555 by Ava

  • Kevin B.Ask for a coffee flight.

    55555 by Kevin B.

  • Cole RBanana Bread 😋

    55555 by Cole R

  • Rem KoningMission quality coffee outside the mission!

    55555 by Rem Koning

  • Anna J.Orange Julius latte, tidbit orange flavored sweet, very good.

    55555 by Anna J.

  • Ted G.Try the single origin tasting!

    55555 by Ted G.

  • Alan G.😍decadent cookies!

    55555 by Alan G.

  • Joe M.Almond macadamia milk cappuccino is as excellent as the atmosphere and service at this cafe

    55555 by Joe M.

  • Tim J.Really busy, not that much space.

    55555 by Tim J.

  • Pamela O.For $7 you can get a tasting flight of espresso, espresso with milk, cold brew, and a hot pour over.

    55555 by Pamela O.

  • Kelly McCarthyshould feel more intimidating than it actually is. nestle up on the crow's nest landing where the light and outlets are plentiful.

    55555 by Kelly McCarthy

  • Lisa ChenThe coffee is good and the baristas are so nice but why does everyone here look like this

    55555 by Lisa Chen

  • Grace LAlmond latte and beautiful space to read.

    55555 by Grace L

  • JJ VenturiniBest pour over coffee in the nation. Ask for Las Nieves. You won't be sorry. Ethiopian Hama too

    55555 by JJ Venturini

  • Brittany B.Their flavored & seasonal coffee's are delish! Expensive but oh so good.

    55555 by Brittany B.

  • Michael O.The homemade almond macadamia latte is phenomenal. A really nice treat that doesn't need any thing else.

    55555 by Michael O.

  • Claire PedersenLove this space! Try the Kaffe Tonic for a totally new way to experience coffee.

    55555 by Claire Pedersen

  • kenan akbasNot only do I come here for some of the best pour over in SF but the staff just make it that much better- kind, knowledgeable, and passionate about the magic bean we all love.

    55555 by kenan akbas

  • Jono HaysomBest coffee shop in SF. Excellent baristas! Ask for a flat white for a better coffee experience

    55555 by Jono Haysom

  • Tera Doangreat working place upstairs. unlimited hot water refill for tea pot!

    33333 by Tera Doan

  • Chris SincoSlick coffee shop with a nice variety of milks to choose from for your favorite espresso drink

    55555 by Chris Sinco

  • Chris A.Get the coffee flight! You won't be disappointed!

    55555 by Chris A.

  • Pavan RachakondaCoffee was cold and took forever to make. Fail

    11111 by Pavan Rachakonda

  • Michael M.I love this place.

    55555 by Michael M.

  • Mark G.Super chill place. Great coffee. Get a double espresso and taste the brilliance :)

    55555 by Mark G.

  • Francisco A.The coffee is good. But the bright clean and comfortable place to enjoy it is what really made it stand out.

    55555 by Francisco A.

  • Ashley M.Try the Carbonated espresso drink and other specialty drinks, it's the only place you can get artisanal espresso drink combinations this well thought out.

    55555 by Ashley M.

  • ashley t.Great coffee, great service. Good spot to get some work done - usually not that crowded.

    55555 by ashley t.

  • Carissa B.No wifi on the weekends

    55555 by Carissa B.

  • Josh P.The baristas here really know their stuff. They roast their own beans and make their own delicious almond-macadamia milk.

    55555 by Josh P.

  • Julia Q.Best coffee shop in the city. Get the off menu flat white and passion fruit creme curd donuts!

    55555 by Julia Q.

  • Noah L.Best coffee in the area, hands down. Gorgeous latte art, friendly baristas, great space.

    55555 by Noah L.

  • Ashok L.Really good coffee of the link kes of Blue Bottle, Four Barrel and other barista places. Very lively and in a very lovely neighborhood, Russian hill.

    55555 by Ashok L.

  • Rafaela Figueredo de OliveiraA melhor cafeteria de San Francisco! Cafés deliciosos (tanto coados como espresso). Ambiente aconchegante e preço justos.

    55555 by Rafaela Figueredo de Oliveira

  • Lilo FluAlmond milk latte

    55555 by Lilo Flu

  • Kaleb W.They turn off the wifi during the weekends. 🔥💻🔥

    33333 by Kaleb W.

  • Matthew M.Great light, donuts, tea and espresso.

    55555 by Matthew M.

  • M H.Great cappuccino

    55555 by M H.

  • Sean McGrathGive yourself a few minutes for the people pour over coffee especially if they are busy. Great coffee!

    55555 by Sean McGrath

  • Colin C.Almond milk. Macadamia milk. Unique stuff, nice coffee, great environment. Go pick up a magazine or two from the street across (Smoke Signals), and enjoy yourself here.

    55555 by Colin C.

  • Mike D.Iced latte is tremendous

    55555 by Mike D.

  • Olof MoriyaGreat coffee and a nice place to sit for a while while drinking it.

    55555 by Olof Moriya

  • Ryan S.Spring for the single origin espresso - I think it's the best in San Francisco. But don't tarnish it with milk or sugar!

    55555 by Ryan S.

  • Justin S.Almond milk with macadamia milk for the best almond milk in town.

    55555 by Justin S.

  • Mischa LumiereYummy coffee in the Marina. Beautiful, airy, light filled space. Super expensive though.

    55555 by Mischa Lumiere

  • Geoff R.Arguably the best coffee in SF. Get the more expensive pourover coffees- it's worth it.

    55555 by Geoff R.

  • Nikolaus CDer Kaffee wird , warum auch immer, per Digitalwage abgewogen und mit Liebe und Zeit zubereitet.

    55555 by Nikolaus C

  • Maykel LoomansTheir twists on classic lattes are great.

    55555 by Maykel Loomans

  • Frank D.Clean design and serious coffee

    55555 by Frank D.

  • Scott S.They have iced pour overs which, quite Frankly, taste amazing.

    55555 by Scott S.

  • Scott S.They have some berry good gluten-free raspberry muffins.

    55555 by Scott S.

  • Amelia KwanAwesome coffee and they make their own almond milk!

    55555 by Amelia Kwan

  • James G.Toro toro toro!

    55555 by James G.

  • Vi TranAmazing coffee with a cool atmosphere.

    55555 by Vi Tran

  • Andrew Rauh$3 drip coffee is easily as good as most cafe's pour overs

    55555 by Andrew Rauh

  • Chris H.Iced almond milk latte is excellent

    55555 by Chris H.

  • David K.Amazing coffee. Extra space upstairs to get work done.

    55555 by David K.

  • Andrew RauhVery cool place, great service, and good place to work

    55555 by Andrew Rauh

  • Andrew H.Kaffe Tonic: a shot of espresso poured over a glass of Fever-Tree tonic and ice. It tastes like a refined take on the Fernet-Branca and soda you drink in the afternoon in Buenos Aires.

    55555 by Andrew H.

  • Carina N.Get that homemade Almond macadamia nut latte!

    55555 by Carina N.

  • Catherine G.Super friendly no-attitude pour-over bliss.

    55555 by Catherine G.

  • Colleen D.Architecture. Nut milk. Beats. LIVE IT.

    55555 by Colleen D.

  • Scott S.They have a large menu. Spend some time pouring over it.

    55555 by Scott S.

  • Alyssa FooteSomehow this place captured and trained a pack of lumberjacks to make lattes and say "house made nut milk" out loud, so I will absolutely be back.

    55555 by Alyssa Foote

  • dina k.They make their own nut milk! Love that.

    55555 by dina k.

  • Nimalan MDon't get any of the almond-based drinks, because they're gross.

    22222 by Nimalan M

  • Chito P.great coffee, nice location.

    55555 by Chito P.

  • Friðþjófur Högni JGreat coffee

    55555 by Friðþjófur Högni J

  • Wade S.Try the Café Tonic for something different.

    55555 by Wade S.

  • Carl F.These guys are doing amazing things w/coffee. IMHO best coffee in the City and the Bay Area.

    55555 by Carl F.

  • Helen S.Sit up in the loft with the fantastic skylights!

    55555 by Helen S.

  • Priya S.Modern and open vibe with heigh ceilings and much needed wifi. And the almond latte is great!

    55555 by Priya S.

  • James Cody PittmanCappuccino everytime...

    55555 by James Cody Pittman

  • Misa PAlmond latte is the best!

    55555 by Misa P

  • Dan H.Barista didn't rally know what a flat white was but did a good job anyway. Nice place, friendly staff, top joinery, blinding pumpkin and bacon quiche.

    55555 by Dan H.

  • Amy M.The almond latte here is perfection. And that's coming from someone who doesn't like coffee. It's smooth flavor is absolutely divine.

    55555 by Amy M.

  • Zac W.The old tree red tea is very good

    55555 by Zac W.

  • Brittany A.The mocha is delicious. The music is always great, no need for headphones.

    55555 by Brittany A.

  • Meghana D.How do they not have stevia or Splenda, wtf?

    22222 by Meghana D.

  • Paul S.Great cappucino

    55555 by Paul S.

  • Michael MDelicious pre made drip

    55555 by Michael M

  • Levi RI've been on the hunt for a world class Americano since I moved to San Francisco. I finally found it.

    55555 by Levi R

  • Ana OBeautiful interior design.

    55555 by Ana O

  • Yulia JVery, very good coffee!!! Nice neighbourhood spot! Some selection of pastries. Grab the table at the front window. It's a bit too loud inside otherwise.

    55555 by Yulia J

  • Bradley GamblingOff menu flat white.

    55555 by Bradley Gambling

  • Graham H.Public Cuppings Tuesdays and Fridays at 1pm.

    55555 by Graham H.

  • Bozhao Y.wi-fi password: saintfrankcoffee - via 4sqwifi.com

    33333 by Bozhao Y.

  • Chad W.Their above-average-priced $3 drip coffee is sometimes worth the extra dollar.

    55555 by Chad W.

  • Forbes HustedWifi pw: saintfrankcoffee

    55555 by Forbes Husted

  • Ted G.Great Espresso

    55555 by Ted G.

  • LaurynThey clearly care about the art of coffee, which is a nice change from my usual Starbucks experience. But man! It comes at a price. $3.50 for an itty bitty cappuccino!

    55555 by Lauryn

  • LahiniThe almond latte is amazing.

    55555 by Lahini

  • Vincent T.It's super clean and bright in here and the baristas are amazing. The window seats are great for people-watching. They also carry Worthy Granola! That seals the deal.

    55555 by Vincent T.

  • Justin EReal loud in here

    33333 by Justin E

  • Barbara RBeautiful and relaxing cafe with killer coffee. The chocolate croissant is fantastic.

    55555 by Barbara R

  • Teresa B.Good coffee, hours are a bit inconsistent since they recently opened.

    55555 by Teresa B.

  • Gabe B.Great space that really encourages you to interact with the super nice baristas. And the coffee is some of the best I've ever had

    55555 by Gabe B.

  • Graham H.They serve Little Brothers Espresso and Finca Las Manos Espresso from Santa Barbara, Honduras. Roasted in partnership with Ritual Coffee Roasters in SF.

    55555 by Graham H.

  • Charissa S.Tasty coffee and pastries!

    55555 by Charissa S.

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