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Mission Bowling Club

3176 17th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

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(415) 863-2695


  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Monday: 3:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 3:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 3:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Thursday: 3:00 pm - 12:00 pm
  • Friday: 3:00 pm - 12:00 pm
  • Saturday: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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4.6 of 5.0 from 125 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, CA

Mission Bowling Club Reviews

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  • OkCupid Daters' Choice BMission Bowling Club was voted the Best Date Spot for Friendly Competition by OkCupid users in the first-ever Daters' Choice Awards! Tap Read more for additional date spot categories in San Francisco.

    55555 by OkCupid Daters' Choice B

  • Rachel AOnly 6 lanes so book in advance!

    33333 by Rachel A

  • Jorge SThe Burger is a Lie. The meat is disgusting, everything else, the fries, bun and onions are very good, but the meat ruins everything, must be very low quality meat.

    22222 by Jorge S

  • alex r.$60/hr for a lane so like heads up.

    33333 by alex r.

  • Dustin S.Hipster bowling alley with beer and hella-good food. A wee bit on the spendy side.

    55555 by Dustin S.

  • Melli Bcall a week in advance for reservations didn't really like we couldn't + more time tomorrow visit but still had fun food was great but bartender that night messed up a # of our simple 2 part drinks

    33333 by Melli B

  • Ashley YueBest chicken and waffles I've ever had. They nailed the waffle!!! ❤️🔥

    55555 by Ashley Yue

  • Steep BeachWell liquors are well above average, and the staff are all kind and friendly.

    55555 by Steep Beach

  • Alexander KОпрятный боулинг-клуб с барной стойкой. Дорожек всего 5, но этого вполне хватает, чтобы насладиться игрой с друзьями.

    33333 by Alexander K

  • Mikahla VicinoIf you're a fool like me and forget your socks, they sell some pretty fun pairs at the desk for 4 bucks.

    33333 by Mikahla Vicino

  • Lucila SDelicious Vegan Burger! ❤️

    55555 by Lucila S

  • Melon L.Servers are extra bitchy if you're late. They'll tell you "this is San Francisco you know." Thanks, I didn't know where I was. 🙄

    33333 by Melon L.

  • Fiona MA lot of fun, great atmosphere, creative drinks and delicious food. I've heard brunch is really good here.

    55555 by Fiona M

  • Melon L.Make your life easier and make reserve your table online. Order the burger - it's amazing. The fried chicken sandwich is a bit overhyped.

    55555 by Melon L.

  • Hana iNice veggie Burger, really loud music, friendly staff.

    55555 by Hana i

  • Wayne P.Order the off the menu Double Barrel cocktail.

    33333 by Wayne P.

  • Ivan BurazinSo far the best burger in SF

    55555 by Ivan Burazin

  • Brian B.Above average burgers cocktails and beer.

    55555 by Brian B.

  • Tammy N.Awesome hipster bowling spot. It was about $20/person for two hours

    55555 by Tammy N.

  • tif had a wonderful time, great plane and friendly staff - have a drink and something to eat at the bar - recommend cider & fried chicken

    55555 by tif

  • Ashley YueLadies and gentlemen, this is the most epic fried chicken and waffles you'll ever have.

    55555 by Ashley Yue

  • Arturo BBeware the chicken and waffles come with hot sauce. Good otherwise but ask without if you don't like spicy food

    55555 by Arturo B

  • Garry ACool joint.

    55555 by Garry A

  • Stephanie C.Elote is delicious!!

    55555 by Stephanie C.

  • Vivian CBring cards and hang in the patio while you wait for your lane

    55555 by Vivian C

  • Marc E.Food Network's Top 5 Best Burgers: #5 Mission Burger

    55555 by Marc E.

  • Marshall S.If they have it that day, cinnamon toast topped with vanilla ice cream

    55555 by Marshall S.

  • Rem KoningCreative space and Bette beer than most bowling alleys.

    55555 by Rem Koning

  • Lee JohnsonBeef cheek fries are a must

    55555 by Lee Johnson

  • michael y.Great burger and fries (vegan burger surprisingly good too)

    55555 by michael y.

  • Mike ScottGreat bar staff cheaper if you go early gets busy quick. Only 6 lanes.

    55555 by Mike Scott

  • Stephen W.Good food, near ODC

    55555 by Stephen W.

  • AFAR Media6 bowling lanes, a full bar, and delicious "technique-driven comfort food" await you at Mission Bowling Club. With indoor and outdoor seating, it's the perfect place to gather, and play with friends.

    55555 by AFAR Media

  • Derek 🐐🐙 HuntenHaven't bowled here, but the bartenders are awesome! Lindsey makes the blueberry tea honey herself 😋

    55555 by Derek 🐐🐙 Hunten

  • Ray L.The staff is super nice, and if you bowl you hand in your names and shoe sizes on a slip for quick start. If hungry, the burger is delicious and there's a great craft beer selection.

    55555 by Ray L.

  • Lauren StrehlowAlways fun to bowl, can be a bit crowded. Sit at the bar for a snack. Soggy fries but fits with bowling alley expectations.

    55555 by Lauren Strehlow

  • Frances JamesMore than just bowling, Mission Bowling has one of the best burgers in the city and great cocktails

    55555 by Frances James

  • Seth JYou don't always have to excel to win

    55555 by Seth J

  • andi g.Hamburger = delicious. Order it now and thank me later. 🍔

    55555 by andi g.

  • Rose J.Pricey but fun. I'm also not a fan of the location.

    55555 by Rose J.

  • Will B.A very chill, though less than exceptional brunch spot. Still, the Croquet Madame, with the salty ham, thick hollandaise sauce, and Dijon mustard is a great choice

    55555 by Will B.

  • Brian LongtinMaybe the tastiest fried chicken I've had in the city is at a bowling alley? Legit burger threat too? Who even needs to bowl?

    55555 by Brian Longtin

  • Bommy ChaGrab a mission burger for dinner. Elote is also tasty, especially when dunked in smoked miso aioli.

    55555 by Bommy Cha

  • Olinda HReally cute little bowling place with great burgers

    55555 by Olinda H

  • Sammie B.Everything is fantastic here! Such yummy food :)

    55555 by Sammie B.

  • Reed JonesThis burger!!! It's the only reason I go.

    33333 by Reed Jones

  • Agatha Y.Get the burger. It's done by following Heston Blumenthal's mince alignment approach!

    33333 by Agatha Y.

  • Serious EatsDinner and bowling! Mission Bowling combines the best of both worlds, with a delicious, thoughtful dinner menu, killer cocktails, and six lanes for your bowling pleasure.

    55555 by Serious Eats

  • Valerio SoldaniGreat bowling. Terrible food.

    33333 by Valerio Soldani

  • Angela H.Reserve a lane, but make sure to eat some food! Super delicious

    55555 by Angela H.

  • Tacia ColemanHad a love affair with brunch. Food was amazing and the sangria was delicious.

    55555 by Tacia Coleman

  • Joe L.Get the burger.

    22222 by Joe L.

  • Carla LayneCouldn't have asked for a better Bowling & Bruch date suggestion from How About We. French toast and mimosas are amazing!

    55555 by Carla Layne

  • Berk D.Burger connoisseur? Then you should judge their aged half pounder.

    55555 by Berk D.

  • Tacia ColemanFood. Super good food.

    55555 by Tacia Coleman

  • Micha H.They've got great cocktails here. Also, go bowling!

    55555 by Micha H.

  • Bommy ChaAmazing michelada and chilaquiles for brunch. Bowling is secondary.

    55555 by Bommy Cha

  • Amber LoweyFried Chicken during Happy Hour (3-6pm daily) $10 http://missionbowlingclub.com/dining

    55555 by Amber Lowey

  • Steve D.Amazing burgers, beer, and...bowling?

    55555 by Steve D.

  • Edward MGreat food. Abysmal service.

    33333 by Edward M

  • Kam AExpensive, but oh so fun.

    55555 by Kam A

  • Mike HarkeyThey speed up the start by dealing with the whole sign in your name mess for you.

    33333 by Mike Harkey

  • Steph DGet the Orchard Sour! Created by one of the bartenders!

    33333 by Steph D

  • Serious EatsMission Bowling Club combines bowling fun with a great dinner menu and killer cocktails. Reserve a table for dinner and a lane or two to follow.

    55555 by Serious Eats

  • ken baldwingreat burgers and cool mission bowling joint. must make reservations.

    55555 by ken baldwin

  • Andras GHorrifying french fries. Terrible. Really.

    11111 by Andras G

  • Abel LinThe white chocolate cheesecake with pickled blueberries and pretzel crust is insane. Worth the earth.

    55555 by Abel Lin

  • Barton S.Used to be my favorite vege burger in the city. But it's not so great these days :(

    55555 by Barton S.

  • Sandra S.Ask for the Mission Burger (off menu$

    55555 by Sandra S.

  • Adrian B.Come here for the Mission Burger and stay for bowling. No, seriously. The burger and fries are possibly the best in the city. This place is my go-to for burgers and vodka martinis.

    55555 by Adrian B.

  • Adrian B.Quite possibly the best burger and fries in the city. My go-to for a burger and vodka martinis. Sit upstairs near the railing for great people watching.

    55555 by Adrian B.

  • Will B.Food, cocktails, activities! How can you go wrong?

    55555 by Will B.

  • David H.Watch out! Pitchers only pour 3.5 beers, so buying them individually is actually cheaper!

    55555 by David H.

  • Salima M.The fried chicken was amazing, I would probably go back for that alone.

    55555 by Salima M.

  • Abner B.The Mission Burger is a half pound of beefy deliciousness. Do yourself a favor and get one.

    33333 by Abner B.

  • Kristin O.Mission's brunch secret. I've been here twice for brunch on a Saturday and there's never a wait. The seasonal seafood benedict is great. I had it with lox and have tried it with crab before.

    55555 by Kristin O.

  • TristanBloody Mary is amazing!

    55555 by Tristan

  • Kelly H.The Mission burger is one of the best burgers you'll ever have.

    55555 by Kelly H.

  • Moupali D.Fried chicken was amazing!

    55555 by Moupali D.

  • Nicholas R.Sony is an amazing drink slinger, and the food is great too!

    55555 by Nicholas R.

  • aariaaa MTry French toast. Awesome!

    55555 by aariaaa M

  • Stephanie L.Fun for parents and kids alike. Tasty food and drinks while you bowl in a nice setting. Kids allowed only during certain hours so check ahead.

    55555 by Stephanie L.

  • EaterLucky Peach Managing Editor Rachel Khong: "Reasons why this burger is the best: the patty is granulated, the buns have their tops cut off to perfect bun-to-ratio size."

    55555 by Eater

  • EaterIt's not all bowling and Mission burgers at Mission Bowling Club. The bar up front means serious business with nine beers on tap, perfect Manhattans and the TBD with mezcal and jalapeno jam.

    55555 by Eater

  • Emmanuel H.Chicken and waffles do not disappoint.

    55555 by Emmanuel H.

  • Brian B.Get the Blind Pig IPA

    33333 by Brian B.

  • Brianne H.Real cool!!!

    55555 by Brianne H.

  • Anton S.Mission Burger is on 7x7's Big Eat 2013.

    55555 by Anton S.

  • David EstesThe burger is still pretty damn good, but not as amazing as it was in 2012: http://sanfrancisco.grubstreet.com/2012/12/mission-bowling-club-new-chef-menu-new-years.html

    55555 by David Estes

  • Jessica C.Good burger, friendly staff, intimate bowling lanes. What's not to love?

    55555 by Jessica C.

  • Joel A.Mission Burger

    55555 by Joel A.

  • Sarah DWouldn't recommend going to the bar, EXPENSIVE as fuck and not even that good

    22222 by Sarah D

  • Brad L.The burger is made using Heston Blumenthal's method of aligning the strands as they come out of the grinder, and then slicing them into patties. Order the burger.

    33333 by Brad L.

  • Lauren S.Drinks are good. Burgers are tasty. Bowling is fun. Don't order the carrot cake.

    55555 by Lauren S.

  • Sam S.Get the fried chicken. Second only to Willie Mae's Scotch house in New Orleans

    55555 by Sam S.

  • Jenni HwangBowling 1 hour on a Friday night $55

    33333 by Jenni Hwang

  • Ros d.You can skip the bowling, but definitely stay for their vegetarian burger and fried chicken skewers.

    55555 by Ros d.

  • 7x7 M.The lemony Hollandaise goes perfect with the dungeness crab benedict. Simple and delicious.

    55555 by 7x7 M.

  • Shay F.Definitely get the fried chicken fried in... chicken.

    55555 by Shay F.

  • Jennifer P.Great food, but get ready to lay down the $$$ for a couple hours of bowling. Fun though either way.

    55555 by Jennifer P.

  • Ben G.The food here really sucks. (except for the burger)

    33333 by Ben G.

  • Benny S.The burger

    22222 by Benny S.

  • Tasting TableHang out on the covered patio and try Chef Anthony Myint’s tasty fried chicken and seven-bean salad. For an even greater meal, though, try his burger, its patty a work of both science and art:

    55555 by Tasting Table

  • todd e.Try the mission burger - Rich & delicious.

    55555 by todd e.

  • Sean G.For brunch - awesome vegan Bloody Mary, they serve the vegan burger if you ask

    55555 by Sean G.

  • Darwin D.Try the Buttermilk Panna Cotta

    55555 by Darwin D.

  • Darwin D.Try the Cinnamon Crunchy Toast With Vanilla Ice Cream

    55555 by Darwin D.

  • Darwin D.Try the fried chicken

    55555 by Darwin D.

  • Darwin D.Try the mission burger

    55555 by Darwin D.

  • SF WeeklySF Weekly’s Best Of 2012 Winner – Editorial Pick- Best Bowling Alley. Since January, San Francisco has jumped from a one-bowling-alley town to one boasting three. One of the newcomers is truly a...

    55555 by SF Weekly

  • ThrillistIn between knocking down pins, knock back some drafts of Russian River & the infamous Mission Burger (a 1/2-lb of beef that's hard-fried in beef fat w/ caramelized onion, Monterey jack & caper aioli).

    55555 by Thrillist

  • Tasting TableYou can't go wrong with the Mission Burger. It's a righteous, juicy burger, almost too rich, generously anointed with caper aioli and Monterey Jack.

    55555 by Tasting Table

  • Cameron M.Pretzels suck. Manhattans and bowling rock!

    55555 by Cameron M.

  • Doc P.Try the Bloody Mary - Not a bad vegan bloody Mary.

    55555 by Doc P.

  • Barton S.Best vege/vegan burger I've ever eaten.

    55555 by Barton S.

  • Ben R.Make reservations for the lanes. Or get there early.

    55555 by Ben R.

  • Kayvon T.The lanes have some sweet hardware installed: it measures the speed of your bowl and shows you an instant replay

    55555 by Kayvon T.

  • Scott B.Actually open till 11pm on Sunday. Family bowling is till 7pm.

    55555 by Scott B.

  • Adrienne A.The mission burger is awesome! As for cocktails, I highly recommend the Corpse Reviver!

    55555 by Adrienne A.

  • Niki B.Great for a group! Delicious food. Loved the burger (as usual) fried chicken and the cinnamon toast. Favorite drink (the pick up - I think) had great cardamom flavor.

    55555 by Niki B.

  • robert e.This is the swankiest Bowling alley I've ever been! The drink menu is like blackbird/churchill so you can't go wrong!

    55555 by robert e.

  • AskMenWith six lanes of bowling, a restaurant that serves Mission Burgers alongside other local faves, and a full bar that includes cocktail service, throwing strikes never felt so good.

    55555 by AskMen

  • Mai L.Get the Mission Burger!!!

    33333 by Mai L.

  • Karen M.Guiness is poured perfect!

    55555 by Karen M.

  • Kat TButtermilk Pannacotta is a must!

    55555 by Kat T

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