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Burma Love Restaurant

211 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

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(415) 861-2100


  • Sunday: 11:30 am - 3:00 am
  • Monday: 11:30 am - 3:00 am
  • Tuesday: 11:30 am - 3:00 am
  • Wednesday: 11:30 am - 3:00 am
  • Thursday: 11:30 am - 3:00 am
  • Friday: 11:30 am - 3:00 am
  • Saturday: 11:30 am - 3:00 am

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4.8 of 5.0 from 116 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Burma Love Restaurant in San Francisco, CA

Burma Love Restaurant Reviews

Add your review for Burma Love Restaurant.

  • Oded LAmazing catfish soup

    55555 by Oded L

  • Bikash M.Try the mint chicken and the lamb kebat. The samusa soup is solid too. The tea leaf salad is a miss here as is the platha. If you want either, go to Burma Superstar or Mandalay.

    55555 by Bikash M.

  • Melon L.Come here for the lunch specials!

    55555 by Melon L.

  • GS Raju EDon't miss Tea leaf salad and platha. Visited after two years. Maintaining excellent standards.

    55555 by GS Raju E

  • Roshan STea Leaf salad is an absolute must if you are here for any meal at any time.

    55555 by Roshan S

  • Rachel ATea leaf salad is addictive!

    55555 by Rachel A

  • Sandeep JTea leaf salad, obviously.

    55555 by Sandeep J

  • Craig V.Chicken mint thingy was awesome

    55555 by Craig V.

  • Meaghan JGarlic noodles, tea leaf salad, samusa soup, dip platter

    55555 by Meaghan J

  • Leila SThe best ever! This Place os unique

    55555 by Leila S

  • Tim RYummy lotus chips!

    55555 by Tim R

  • Tim RThe shrimp Burmese curry is HEAVENLY!!

    55555 by Tim R

  • AvaAll food was so good

    55555 by Ava

  • SarahGet platha and tea leaf salad for sure. Avoid the noodles.

    55555 by Sarah

  • Anthony M.Garlic noodles.

    55555 by Anthony M.

  • AJ ASamusa soup is A+.

    55555 by AJ A

  • Mike W.This Burmese hotspot serves all of the classics you know & love from sister restaurant Burma Superstar, but in a more elegant space. Don't miss the Tea Leaf Salad or Rainbow Salad. WinstonWanders.com

    55555 by Mike W.

  • Henry WuOverpriced and catering to non Asians. Not authentic.

    33333 by Henry Wu

  • Iris WThe coconut rice is amazing! I also really enjoyed the fiery beef.

    55555 by Iris W

  • Mikahla VicinoI'm all about the garlic noodles.

    33333 by Mikahla Vicino

  • Alberto MThe tea salad is spectacular

    55555 by Alberto M

  • Pamela O.The pick up window is key for a night when you just wanna Netflix and chill.

    55555 by Pamela O.

  • Melanie M.Get the tea leaf salad - you'll love it! Just the right amount of delicious crunch. 😊❤️

    55555 by Melanie M.

  • Jonny L.Tea leaf salad is to die for. Also, chicken with basil and coconut rice are great bets.

    55555 by Jonny L.

  • Charlotte CQuick and friendly service, good lunch deals, food is okay but a little bit greasy.

    55555 by Charlotte C

  • Derek 🐐🐙 HuntenI've tried to like this place twice, but it's just over hyped Basic food. 👎

    33333 by Derek 🐐🐙 Hunten

  • Andres GThe Burma Margarita offers an interesting twist! The secret is in the tamarind added to it!

    55555 by Andres G

  • Andres GOf course you can't go wrong with the tea leaf salad but the Catfish Chowder stands out as well!! Shrimp Superstar, Eggplant Curry, and their Chili Lamb are all superb entree choices!!

    55555 by Andres G

  • Brian JGet the superstar vegetarian noodles and the tea leaf salad!

    55555 by Brian J

  • Pavan CLoved the ambience. Definitely try the tea leaf salad and spicy noodles. Loved the Burma sunrise beer

    55555 by Pavan C

  • Erica L.Tea leaf salad, rainbow salad, fiery tofu, and coconut rice!

    55555 by Erica L.

  • Gayle cTea leaf salad and pumpkin pork stew

    55555 by Gayle c

  • Sam S.Unexpectedly good cocktails - get the Raven's Fall.

    55555 by Sam S.

  • Christian V.Get any salad. They are good.

    55555 by Christian V.

  • Amit IThe samusa soup is great (although beware the chicken broth -- I can't have it anymore). Plenty of good veggie options still

    55555 by Amit I

  • Esha DThe tea leaf salad is such a different flavor, but super delicious. You have to try it. Also, even if you normally don't like coconut rice, give theirs a try because it's somehow tastier.

    55555 by Esha D

  • Sally PCoconut rice!

    55555 by Sally P

  • Alexander K.Actually closes at 10pm on Wed

    55555 by Alexander K.

  • Peggy GSpicy noodles are good but 1) not particularly spicy 2) quite reminiscent of pad thai.

    55555 by Peggy G

  • Well + Away RTea salad, tea salad, tea salad. And a cocktail with sloe gin.

    55555 by Well + Away R

  • Peiying WenPut down your name and head to zeitgeist for a drink or two and your table will be ready!

    55555 by Peiying Wen

  • Kunal P.Tea leaf salad reminds me of chaat - fun combo of wet and dry ingredients and sauces. Makes for interesting flavors and textures.

    55555 by Kunal P.

  • Ranu R.Delicious, even if the service is a bit slow. Get the tea leaf salad, crispy whole fish, and coconut rice. A side of the bread + any curry will do you good too.

    55555 by Ranu R.

  • Mansi PGreat food especially the vegetarian noodles. Always a long line though so I recommend small groups and going early

    55555 by Mansi P

  • Danielle DavisRoyal Arrangement cocktail, Platha and Dip, Spicy Noodles. DO IT.

    55555 by Danielle Davis

  • Jake K.Mango chicken good with a tiny hint of spice. Spicy noodles were not spicy and kinda "ketchup-y".

    55555 by Jake K.

  • Jake K.Lunch service was painfully slow. Food was still good. Get the tea leaf salad.

    33333 by Jake K.

  • Dominic YTea leaf salad is great! Go for lunch, since they don't take reservations, and it was be easy to walk in.

    55555 by Dominic Y

  • Robyn QTea leaf salad! The spicy noodles taste like pad thai :)

    55555 by Robyn Q

  • Mario B.Cocktails are very good: order Raven's Fall if you like gin based drinks and mango lassi. Duck curry and mango chicken

    55555 by Mario B.

  • David Eoh my god the coconut rice is too good, spicy noodles a+

    55555 by David E

  • Fran DTea leaf salad

    55555 by Fran D

  • LanCatfish chowder noodle soup is amazing!! I was sad I had to share.

    55555 by Lan

  • TollefTasty if you've never had Burmese food before—but nothing here is particularity spicy or interesting. Not worth a 1.5 hour wait on a Friday.

    55555 by Tollef

  • Alex AThe place to go after Zeitgeist.

    55555 by Alex A

  • Neha ReddyRobusto: scotch, lemon, honey, mezcal, ginger & sage

    55555 by Neha Reddy

  • Diana A.Had such high expectations, left disappointed. Bread felt pre-made and dry yet too oily. Beef curry & okra seemed really salty, meet was very soft. Place was modern & clean, but food could be better.

    33333 by Diana A.

  • Alexander Stea leaf salad is the bomb

    55555 by Alexander S

  • Yulia AJust perfect

    55555 by Yulia A

  • Sophia ZikanovaGet the tea leaf salad, eggplant curry and coconut rice!!

    55555 by Sophia Zikanova

  • Daniel SchierbeckTasty Burmese inspired food.

    55555 by Daniel Schierbeck

  • Ryan W.Tea leaf salad, spicy noodles with tofu, chicken with mint... All absolutely delicious! As far as drinks go, the Raven’s Fall was trying a little too hard, but the Ground Ivy was spot on.

    55555 by Ryan W.

  • Ben JTea leaf salad, chicken platha, curry noodles

    55555 by Ben J

  • Trevor PCoconut Chicken Noodle Soup

    55555 by Trevor P

  • Akshay J.THEY GAVE US MEAT WHEN WE ORDERED VEGETARIAN FOOD. Didn't tell us until we found out.

    22222 by Akshay J.

  • Maya ShanmugamGreat vibes- Burma superstar's chic little sister

    55555 by Maya Shanmugam

  • Arthur Leethe spicy garlic noodles were good, but pretty similar to a pad thai

    55555 by Arthur Lee

  • Vansi V.FYI: The spicy noodles are very similar to Pad Thai.

    55555 by Vansi V.

  • Ty CThe tea leaf salad and garlic noodles are great.

    55555 by Ty C

  • Charlotte MLunch deal with one choice of protein, salad and rice for $16 is nice! The salads here are much more than just salads.

    55555 by Charlotte M

  • Angel FuI have been to the other location in SF, and I definitely like the interior design a lot better, and especially this location is a lot more spacious. Got the catfish chowder noodle soup, love it!

    55555 by Angel Fu

  • Katarina LTried the lamb curry, chicken with mango and tea leaf salad with coconut rice. Sooooo delicious!!!

    55555 by Katarina L

  • ClareSpicy noodles and garlic shrimp! Tea leaf salad isn't spicy enough though

    55555 by Clare

  • S CIf you never experienced Burmese food, and want to hang around a cool place, then this is the place to go. It get's crowded and noisy at night and calm during the day.

    55555 by S C

  • Christine WuLove the tea leaf salad, samosa soup, and garlic noodles!

    55555 by Christine Wu

  • Abogado DTodo! Rainbow salad y una bebida de Chai.

    55555 by Abogado D

  • matt k.Tea leaf salad, coconut rice, and chili lamb are amazing. I like their curry too.

    55555 by matt k.

  • GS Raju EFood is very good. Enjoyed.

    55555 by GS Raju E

  • GS Raju EAll items are good. Particularly Platha&dip and Tea leaf salad are excellent.

    55555 by GS Raju E

  • Giuseppe EThis is my Second Time in this Restaurant. Absolutely Love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    55555 by Giuseppe E

  • Paul FarrellOf course the tea leaf salad, but yellow tofu, aubergine/eggplant curry were all great. Save space for Platha thousand later dessert with coconut ice cream.

    55555 by Paul Farrell

  • NickTea leaf salad, chicken with fresh mint. Unique and delicious calamari. Best sesame chicken ever

    55555 by Nick

  • Chris H.Everything is amazing. Favorites include eggplant with shrimp, garlic noodles with pork, and of course the tea leaf salad.

    55555 by Chris H.

  • Noah B.Went here on a whim. Was not disappointed! Delicious Chicken with Fresh Mint!

    55555 by Noah B.

  • Trisha JFor the vegetarians, the okra and egg curry is delicious and definitely comes with some heat.

    55555 by Trisha J

  • Max K.The eggplant & shrimp with garlic sauce is great.

    55555 by Max K.

  • Sherry L.More spacious than the Richmond restaurant. Tea leaf salad, chicken and mint, steamed rockfish are awesome.

    55555 by Sherry L.

  • Randy WongCatfish, lamb, ice cream

    55555 by Randy Wong

  • Runqiu CaiTea leaf salad, coconut rice. They don't cut open the young coconut. It's also LOUD (very bad acoustics and metallic)

    33333 by Runqiu Cai

  • Noah W.Great Burmese food. Standouts: platha and coconut chicken curry dip, shrimp Burmese curry with coconut rice, and of course the tea leaf salad.

    55555 by Noah W.

  • Joshua HaftelI need to come back a few more times. So far, the dishes they have that are the same as superstar are not as good. Nice to not have to wait to sit though.

    55555 by Joshua Haftel

  • Rem KoningWonderful sour, sweet, spicy flavors. Go with a group so you can order the menu.

    55555 by Rem Koning

  • Karan CGood food but long waits

    55555 by Karan C

  • Justin C.Basically a more expensive version of Burma Superstar.

    55555 by Justin C.

  • SFGateBurma Love's menu has some overlap with its older sibling Burma Superstar (like the tea leaf salad, shown here), but there are plenty of dishes unique to the Mission, too.

    55555 by SFGate

  • Lea Dessi-OliveGreat spot! Gluten free friendly! Try the superstar noodles with rice noodles instead

    55555 by Lea Dessi-Olive

  • nils j.Their website doesn't say it but they do takeout. If you've got a craving for Burmese food, place your order when you leave the office and pick it up on your bike commute home.

    55555 by nils j.

  • Andrew SheppardSamusa Soup, Garlic Noodles, OMnomnom!!!

    55555 by Andrew Sheppard

  • Rachel P.Buy a t shirt to solidify your cult status!

    33333 by Rachel P.

  • Kevin SpencerRainbow salad

    55555 by Kevin Spencer

  • Edward K.You're allowed to call 30 mins prior to your arrival to put your name on the waiting list! #efficient

    33333 by Edward K.

  • Yuki k.Tea leaf salad!

    55555 by Yuki k.

  • Kris C.The fiery chicken was good, but it did not live up to its fiery name.

    33333 by Kris C.

  • Vincent T.A little difficult for vegans since they use fish sauce and shrimp powder on a lot of dishes. That being said, make sure you try the Superstar Vegetarian Noodles!

    55555 by Vincent T.

  • cami j.menu is very similar to Burma superstar. love the chicken kebat, coconut rice, and, of course, the tea leaf salad.

    55555 by cami j.

  • Nico P.Samusa soup, tea leaf salad, fiery beef all delicious, will get again. Whitefish in banana leaf very bland. Eggplant curry solid, tho no texture diversity.

    55555 by Nico P.

  • Srikanth R.Burmese style fish curry was exquisite. Their platha divine.

    55555 by Srikanth R.

  • RishitaHighly recommend the samusa soup

    55555 by Rishita

  • Frances JamesThe mission version of Burma Superstar

    55555 by Frances James

  • Jiong LiuThe rainbow salad and samusa soup were the stars of the night! Also, $21 for a bottle of prosecco in the mission? What a steal!

    55555 by Jiong Liu

  • Kelly WongThe tea leaf salad is still my favorite. Quality is not as good as the other Burma superstar's in the city or the east bay.

    55555 by Kelly Wong

  • c0uPSamusa Soup to start/split. Tea Leaf Salad to have all to yourself.

    55555 by c0uP

  • Jonathan EatherlyThe chili beef with coconut rice was a great fusion of Burmese, Thai, and Middle Eastern flavors. Loved it!

    55555 by Jonathan Eatherly

  • erinsauceOrder the signature tea leaf salad and samusa soup. Heavenly.

    55555 by erinsauce

  • Eman ACool spot and brand new to Valencia! Try the spicy noodles and coconut rice 😋

    55555 by Eman A

  • Brielle CThe duck curry and tea leaf salad are delicious! Great space and delicious food from the owner of Burma Superstar

    55555 by Brielle C

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