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Top of the Mark

999 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94108

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(415) 392-3434


  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 1:00 am
  • Monday: 4:30 am - 11:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 4:30 am - 11:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 4:30 am - 11:30 pm
  • Thursday: 4:30 am - 11:30 pm
  • Friday: 4:30 pm - 12:30 pm
  • Saturday: 4:30 pm - 12:30 pm

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Cuisine: American Restaurants, Bars, Soups and Salads

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4.4 of 5.0 from 99 reviews

price range:$26 to $50

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Top of the Mark in San Francisco, CA
  • Top of the Mark in San Francisco, CA
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  • Top of the Mark in San Francisco, CA
  • Top of the Mark in San Francisco, CA
  • Top of the Mark in San Francisco, CA

Top of the Mark Reviews

Add your review for Top of the Mark.

  • Alyssa WYou go for the view and to check it off your bucket list - not for the drinks or the (very surly) staff.

    55555 by Alyssa W

  • Rpmarks AUn lugar que no puede uno dejar de admirar por una de las visitas más bellas de San Francisco y con un refrescante cóctel..

    55555 by Rpmarks A

  • Achal ShahGreat views

    55555 by Achal Shah

  • Chan CNight View is Great~!!

    55555 by Chan C

  • Trae F.Great views of course! Usually a wait to get in on the weekends.

    55555 by Trae F.

  • Daniele Esperienza costosa ma molto bella. L'aperitivo al tramonto permette di vedere tutta la città dall'alto. Sono specializzati in Martini cocktail. Prezzi cari, ne vale la pena

    55555 by Daniele

  • Rustem AOrange canoles are very tasty and is a good addition to martini

    55555 by Rustem A

  • Rustem AGood Manhattan Martini

    55555 by Rustem A

  • Fiona MGreat martinis with a beautiful view.

    55555 by Fiona M

  • Andres D.Best view in the city

    55555 by Andres D.

  • Bonnie LScenic view, drinks

    55555 by Bonnie L

  • Jennifer CarterAmazing cocktails and great view!

    55555 by Jennifer Carter

  • Joseph JWhat happened here this mine city you nice tremendous

    55555 by Joseph J

  • Mark ChellisWomen. View. women.

    55555 by Mark Chellis

  • Jess BGreat place to grab a drink and take in the amazing view of SF

    55555 by Jess B

  • Thomas AI think is the best place to have a meal or dinner in all SF. The view is just breath taking. Reservations are very important so make one

    55555 by Thomas A

  • Michæl B.Get there for 4pm and enjoy a cocktail and the sunset. The elevator will not bring you up till 4, it's on a timer

    33333 by Michæl B.

  • John K.Come for the view and maybe the dancing. Don't come for the drinks unless you'd like to empty your wallet.

    33333 by John K.

  • TimFantastic all round view of San Francisco, good food d and great bar. What more could you want?

    55555 by Tim

  • Nicole @Beautiful views but extremely disappointing brunch.

    33333 by Nicole @

  • Alex NBeautiful views and wonderful cocktails.

    55555 by Alex N

  • Steven M.We weren't allowed to stay because my little sister was wearing shorts.

    22222 by Steven M.

  • Jen M.If you are wearing shorts, turn around and change. Strictly no shorts at the top level bar.

    33333 by Jen M.

  • Betty RubeIt's all about the views at this place. Extensive martini menu and small plates for pairing. Best for before dinner/outing drinks or as a dessert.

    55555 by Betty Rube

  • Ksenia SlavnikovaПочти единственный руф топ. Бронировать заранее нельзя. В очереди на закат минут 15. Зато еда вкусная. В основном закуски. Емли вы не постояле

    22222 by Ksenia Slavnikova

  • Konstantinos JReal bad hospitality service. They had me remove my hat because they said that was their policy. Even though their staff performing on stage they were wearing hats. "What a double standards"

    22222 by Konstantinos J

  • JoelView is worth it

    55555 by Joel

  • Stacytry lychee martini! show your key to bartender or pay a $15 cover fee.

    33333 by Stacy

  • Gabriele LNot a great place to take pictures. The view is great, but you have to shoot through the windows and there are tables all around them, so you should disturb other people in order to shoot all around.

    55555 by Gabriele L

  • Stan A.Have a drink. Bring camera and money!

    22222 by Stan A.

  • FunCheap SFEnjoy the complimentary wine tastings and watch Father of the Bride at Top of the Mark this summer night. First come, first served so be there early. Tue, 7/8, 5:30-7:70pm.

    55555 by FunCheap SF

  • Sebastian OstmanDated, old fashioned and underwhelming space upstairs ...but, the view is worth a drink.

    55555 by Sebastian Ostman

  • Sebastian OstmanDoesn't open til 4:30pm on a Sat

    33333 by Sebastian Ostman

  • Ilya Z.They've never heard of the 'Ward Eight' - the discounted cocktail on the check-in special. The cocktail is served at the 'Top of the Mark' restaurant on the rooftop. Lunch there is $79!

    55555 by Ilya Z.

  • c p.The 4square special is a sweet martini. Their CEO (Chopin Extra Olive) is legit.

    55555 by c p.

  • Java D.The "special foursqare martini". Is on the menue it is 14 dollars snd it is gross!!!

    33333 by Java D.

  • GeoffSkip the Foursquare Special if you like to taste alcohol in your drink. It's only good for little girls.

    33333 by Geoff

  • Richard H.Don't forget to check out the view.

    55555 by Richard H.

  • Jonathan B.The special you unlock is lame!!

    33333 by Jonathan B.

  • Patricija V.Go there to see the view and then have cocktails somewhere else. I ordered Berry Delight and got just red coloured vodka with water for 15$. No berries.

    33333 by Patricija V.

  • Saumil M.Amazing drinks, amazing views. Not douchey at all, which is an added and non-commodity benefit in this part of town. What's not to love?

    55555 by Saumil M.

  • Andrew H.A bar with ghosts from the past and great views.

    55555 by Andrew H.

  • Jerry H.Decent drinks with a great view! Ask for a window seat.

    55555 by Jerry H.

  • Sarah V.Really enjoyed the views here! Mussels were amazing! (Although about 1/4 of them weren't opened which I felt was a waste.) Also had the quesedilla sausage cheese dip thing, pretty tasty too.

    55555 by Sarah V.

  • Alice F.Try the Sparkling Wine

    55555 by Alice F.

  • Alice F.Try the Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    55555 by Alice F.

  • Alice F.Try the Beef Brisket Sandwich

    55555 by Alice F.

  • Lisa H.Don't bother with the 4square special but the pisco sour martinis are lovely

    55555 by Lisa H.

  • Jim A.Try the The "Real Grilled Cheese"

    55555 by Jim A.

  • Jim A.Try the Dirty Chopin Martini - It's nice to have another client in northern California..

    55555 by Jim A.

  • Jennifer P.Great martinis, good views. But...horrible service and inconsistent pricing in drinks - every Martini is $13 whether its Skyy or Grey Goose.

    55555 by Jennifer P.

  • Mehmet O.Live swing music on Thursday nights

    55555 by Mehmet O.

  • SammieLychee or Green Apple Martini.

    55555 by Sammie

  • EmeryTuesdays through September have wine tastings + movies!

    55555 by Emery

  • Leslie Q.I can't believe that people actually rate this place. It's the most dowdiest; frumpiest and staid place I've ever been to. The only redeeming factor is the great view of the city.

    33333 by Leslie Q.

  • Alison L.Great place for a drink and a view.

    55555 by Alison L.

  • Shirley H.On a low fog day you can see above the fog from this venue - super cool! Perfect for an after work drink, or two...

    55555 by Shirley H.


    33333 by Mike D.

  • Jaime R.Try the 85th anniversary Pisco martini

    55555 by Jaime R.

  • getmejeffThe Lychee Martini is refreshing!

    55555 by getmejeff

  • Andre H.One of the most beautiful views of San Francisco, hands down. Try the $9 4Square martini

    55555 by Andre H.

  • Radhika B.Great view. Terrible service. So check out the view and grab a drink someplace else!

    33333 by Radhika B.

  • Anna D.view of san francisco

    55555 by Anna D.

  • Nads DGreat view and delish (but expensive ) breakfast buffet.

    55555 by Nads D

  • Chuco t.High motherfucking tea

    33333 by Chuco t.

  • Rich K.Don't be fooled. They don't do the 4square martini any more!!!

    33333 by Rich K.

  • Matthew HaylesDon't get the off-menu Foursquare martini. #radiationblue

    55555 by Matthew Hayles

  • Craig M.Unparalleled views coupled with a heightened sense of self - but really, no better view of the city!

    55555 by Craig M.

  • Jeremy H.Visit the secret rooftop bar for an even better view!

    55555 by Jeremy H.

  • Teri R.Great $9 4^2 check-in martini deal, but check your bill -- is was charged at regular $13 pricetag.

    22222 by Teri R.

  • @DavidCruiseSFA gorgeous and historic location to enjoy a fine cocktail...

    55555 by @DavidCruiseSF

  • Florian R4sqnmartini really sucks! should have read the comments before... how can u guys call this a martini?? ;( shame on the one named it like this! sorry 4sq, but this is nothing! ;(

    22222 by Florian R

  • Patrick S.Have a French 75 while watching the sunset over SF, good times guaranteed!

    55555 by Patrick S.

  • Brian M.Be sure to have breakfast and check out the view.

    55555 by Brian M.

  • Santiago C.Exciting Spot for sunset. Normal (to bad) Martinis

    55555 by Santiago C.

  • Camille C.9:30PM-Wed through Sat: There's a pianist & band playing.

    55555 by Camille C.

  • Katie D.If you like this head over to XIX next time ur Philly

    33333 by Katie D.

  • Jenn W.Four Square Martini!

    55555 by Jenn W.

  • Erik C.They don't honor their 4sq special. The manager says it's only valid Mondays which is the Twitter special.

    22222 by Erik C.

  • Tom H.The special "Foursquare Martini" is tasty, but it is NOT a martini. More like a grasshopper. If you at the Mark you want a martini.

    55555 by Tom H.

  • Jared KThe check-in special ($9 martini) seems only to apply on Tuesday nights, fyi.

    33333 by Jared K

  • Brendan A.Friday night music! Black Market Orchestra rocks this place. Highly recommend them for live music & dancing!

    55555 by Brendan A.

  • Brian E.Skip the tea. Not worth it. Otherwise the best place for a snack and a drink.

    55555 by Brian E.

  • Michael W.Dim Sum for breakfast. Nom Nom!

    55555 by Michael W.

  • ConciergeQWhat drink best reflects San Francisco? John Morris, Andy-"Toy Story": "A gin and tonic...The Top of the Mark at the Mark Hopkins hotel! It has a spectacular view of downtown San Francisco..."

    55555 by ConciergeQ

  • Patricio WThey are offering a wine and food tasting this month featuring Cuvaison Winery. I had the cabernet sauvignon paired with slow braised beef cheeck and it was amazing.

    55555 by Patricio W


    33333 by Obie F.

  • Greg W.Great views! Try to get there before 7PM

    55555 by Greg W.

  • LindseyGreat spot to watch the Fleet Week aerial displays. The service isn't incredible but the view is, and there's a good selection of reasonable wines by the glass.

    55555 by Lindsey

  • Jenny M.Go up at night time and listen to some great hotel style jazz. Sneak past the guy at the front, seat yourself and skip the cover.

    55555 by Jenny M.

  • @marycrayGotta remember to go with out of town pals.

    55555 by @marycray

  • Eric S.Great jazz

    55555 by Eric S.

  • Geo A.Excellent bar/restaurant with live music and the best views of San Francisco.

    55555 by Geo A.

  • Robert R....enjoy a drink on the 19th floor of the InterContinental Mark Hopkins with panoramic vista of the City! Cheers...

    55555 by Robert R.

  • Ekaterina JAwesome goat cheese plates-must try!!!

    55555 by Ekaterina J

  • Sarah B.Arrive a tad early to secure a prime table with a west-facing window for sunset martinis

    55555 by Sarah B.

  • LesleyGo for the view of the city, not for the service - worth one drink though.

    55555 by Lesley

  • Jolie O.The Mambo King has a silly name, but it's a delightful and delicately fruity champagne cocktail

    55555 by Jolie O.

  • apple r.Try the top of the mark martini classic with chopin vodka.

    55555 by apple r.

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