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2-3 Domestic Terminals Departures Level
San Francisco, CA 94128

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(650) 821-8899

Cuisine: Japanese Restaurants

4.1 of 5.0 from 95 reviews

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Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA
  • Tomokazu in San Francisco, CA

Tomokazu Reviews

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  • Katerina AnnaAirport food is never gooood, so this was ok

    33333 by Katerina Anna

  • Cin TBrought me straight back to Tokyo! Authentic food and good selection. For hot food, try the Tonkatsu it was really delicious 👏

    55555 by Cin T

  • Alec FosterUdon tempura was okay

    33333 by Alec Foster

  • Maynard TannDon't waste your time at this place. Wouldn't expect great food but it's bad and service is even worse.

    22222 by Maynard Tann

  • Julien G.No offense. But I think this restaurant is running by Chinese. Which might be the reason why the foods here don't have authentic Japanese flavor.

    33333 by Julien G.

  • Ozlem SHavaalanindaki restorantları genelde sevmiyorum. Bunu sevdim. Küçük ve dolu. Dumplings harikaydı.

    55555 by Ozlem S

  • Fleur MartyReally good surprise for an airport restaurant. Didn't get to try the sushi but the Chicken Teriyaki was really good and the Tempura nice too.

    55555 by Fleur Marty

  • Stefan LHmmmm - extremely unfriendly waiters and only average food...

    11111 by Stefan L

  • Brian N.Decent food at normal Japanese restaurant prices. It's as though they forgot to tack on extra for being inside an airport. Udon is tasty.

    33333 by Brian N.

  • Ross jWATCH your credit card - they charged another meal to my card. They have NO Email contact to enable me to dispute this directly so will have to dispute this via my credit card company from New Zealand

    22222 by Ross j

  • まっふぃ C牛丼まぁまぁ美味しかったです(笑)吉野家のより甘くなくて

    55555 by まっふぃ C

  • Junji JAlways terrible service by Chinese staffs...I feel appreciated to go Japanese restaurant in Japan after visiting here

    33333 by Junji J

  • Vivian CBeef bowl! Pretty good gyoza too

    55555 by Vivian C

  • Robert HUEBNERCurry is the best thing before a long trip.

    55555 by Robert HUEBNER

  • Jole P.The one Asian place nearby this end of the airport. Not bad, but super tight seating

    55555 by Jole P.

  • Vincent I.Excellent airport sushi!

    55555 by Vincent I.

  • Thomas PajorIt's surpisingly good for an airport restaurant.

    55555 by Thomas Pajor

  • Fi AGood and fast service, nice food. The most affordable option at SFO Intl Airport! The beef udon is really good.

    55555 by Fi A

  • Cobra @Para ser un restaurante de aeropuerto está bastante bien y sobretodo barato, el trato muy atento y a pesar de la gente rápido.

    55555 by Cobra @

  • Iván hChicken Udon = Best noodles EVER!

    55555 by Iván h

  • Joe D.Entirely decent sushi and a way better ✈️ option than a huge sandwich, burrito, or pizza from the other nearby vendors

    55555 by Joe D.

  • Tim Want some Japanese food while you're stuck at the airport? Definitely come here, it's great! Udon is really good.

    55555 by Tim

  • David R.Crappy service and rude

    11111 by David R.

  • Soo A.Freshness is great. But half the portion of regular Japanese restaurants at the same price. And the waitresses are quite rude. No 'please's or 'would you's at all. "Move the line" "take the menu" etc.

    33333 by Soo A.

  • Silvia PBuena opción japonesa para comer dentro de la terminal, abundante y rico.

    55555 by Silvia P

  • Marikeishon DSabor auténtico japonés! Es un MUST si hacen escala o salen de este aeropuerto.

    55555 by Marikeishon D

  • Nicolas SSurprisingly nice sushi for an airport. The sushi combo is a good choice

    55555 by Nicolas S

  • Artem SSpicy tuna maki оказался весьма spicy. А в целом все хорошо

    55555 by Artem S

  • Zach K.The salmon teriyaki bowl is good and fast.

    55555 by Zach K.

  • Bryan TService here really sucks.

    22222 by Bryan T

  • Shrey D.I love the little tables and chairs.

    55555 by Shrey D.

  • Heewon ChoiPlease don't waste your time and money here. They gave me a receipt before my food arrived which they completely forgot about. And no sign of apology at all.

    11111 by Heewon Choi

  • Eric A.Definitely a must-visit if you're waiting in SFO's International Terminal. Sushi and hand rolls are fresh and delicious. Authentic place.

    55555 by Eric A.

  • Eric A.The Sushi Combo is a good selection for a decent price

    55555 by Eric A.

  • Eric A.Drink sake…hot of course!

    55555 by Eric A.

  • JeannieThe sushi roll menu could have a better variety, however it feels like a legit sushi restaurant in an airpot. Not bad :)

    55555 by Jeannie

  • Michael SBest Sushi and Sashimi ever

    55555 by Michael S

  • Dominik PDon't eat here. Service is horrible

    22222 by Dominik P

  • Dominik PDon't eat here service is horrible!

    22222 by Dominik P

  • supermonaka R混雑時は頼んでからが時間かかるので、早めに行く方はいいと思います。

    55555 by supermonaka R

  • Tanya R.Best tempura udon anywhere !

    55555 by Tanya R.

  • Cheng Wei L.Frankly, not even close to Japanese ramen at all. Not worth the wait and money. But not much of a choice for food. Tested more like Chinese noodles. Even the egg is done wrongly.

    33333 by Cheng Wei L.

  • PaisitTry Sushi instead of noodle.

    55555 by Paisit

  • Scott SGood beef udon, but horribly slow service. Especially for an airport.

    33333 by Scott S

  • Sharif R.5$ for Sake is prolly best booze deal within confines of SFO

    55555 by Sharif R.

  • Alex L.Service is kinda slow. Place is run by Chinese (Cantonese) folks. Prices are reasonable for airport & what u get. Fish is fairly fresh.

    55555 by Alex L.

  • Tran N.I was actually surprised how good the sushi was!

    33333 by Tran N.

  • frauhausListen to the staff chatter in Cantonese

    33333 by frauhaus

  • Leo JThe worst ramen in the history of ramen. Don't try it...even if you're curious.

    33333 by Leo J

  • Stanislav ANice and cozy, food tastes great!

    55555 by Stanislav A

  • Sunny FBeef & Veg Udon is good and a hearty portion

    55555 by Sunny F

  • Kevin F.Perhaps the best fast food Gyoza this side of the pacific.

    55555 by Kevin F.

  • Angela W.MSG filled soggy udon :( eat the rice plate.

    33333 by Angela W.

  • Johanna VTry the vegetarian ramen, it's not on the menu.

    55555 by Johanna V

  • Yi-Chiao L.Teriyaki chicken is nice. Perfect rice, nice and tender chicken but mine is bit burnt

    55555 by Yi-Chiao L.

  • George BI would hate traveling without this place... I stop here every chance I get

    55555 by George B

  • Edgar 1.Está bien, ya que aunque no sepas taka taka, en el menú vienen fotos de todos los platillos

    55555 by Edgar 1.

  • Philippe fStay close to the entrance to get Wifi access

    55555 by Philippe f

  • Raul LSushi chef is all business... ramen is delicious...

    55555 by Raul L

  • Butter S.The sushi is good as any other downtown place.

    55555 by Butter S.

  • Dan RVery good tempura.

    55555 by Dan R

  • Marvin MakCantonese run Japanese restaurant, but surprisingly very good! I recommend the house ramen, and spider roll. They give you an entire soft shelled crab!

    55555 by Marvin Mak

  • James Emiso is pretty nice, as well as the spider roll. take a look at their health inspection doc near the register for an interesting read.

    33333 by James E

  • Len P.For a few dollars more you can get all shrimp tempura w/your udon if your not crazy w/the 4 vegetables than come w/the 2 shrimp.

    33333 by Len P.

  • Marina C.Potstickers are good. Sushi is gross. Slow service.

    33333 by Marina C.

  • Diego B.Beef was dry, gyoza cold and tasteless and veggies older than some buildings... Bypass the place unless you have no other choice!

    22222 by Diego B.

  • Ashley C.Okay for airport food. Great service. Friendly and quick!

    55555 by Ashley C.

  • elisa o.Pork cutlet is tasteless and hard. Similar to eating cardboard. Their sushi or curry isn't bad.

    22222 by elisa o.

  • john a.Pork cutlet was perfect with the cold sake (ozeki dry)

    55555 by john a.

  • Katherine G.Ask for gluten-free sushi options and GF tamari sauce.

    55555 by Katherine G.

  • Jun NSushi combo is average. But it cost more than $15! Service is awful.And cooker is unfriendly.

    22222 by Jun N

  • Powen S.Avoid, if possible. Decent hot food but seems to be Chinese people running a Japanese restaurant.

    33333 by Powen S.

  • Shazia JTempura udon is yum!!

    55555 by Shazia J

  • Brian C.Do the combo with a spicy tuna roll substitute $1.50 adder.

    55555 by Brian C.

  • Dr.Oto e나베야끼우동이 10.5달라

    33333 by Dr.Oto e

  • Jill CMiso soup was delicious, sushi was also very good. Prices were very reasonable.

    55555 by Jill C

  • Matt C.The chicken teriyaki bowl is as dry as the Spirit Temple.

    33333 by Matt C.

  • Nico A.Perfect for bulimics: bathrooms are right next door!

    55555 by Nico A.

  • Chris H.living proof that all airport sushi is NOT scary

    55555 by Chris H.

  • Matt H.Expected bad. Got worse.

    11111 by Matt H.

  • Jen F.The "Chicken" in the udo is a little questionable.

    33333 by Jen F.

  • Sonnie JPot stickers and teriyaki chicken came out to us luke warm. We returned the pot stickers and heard them being reheated in the microwave. Not a risk we wanted to take before a 12 hour flight...

    22222 by Sonnie J

  • Ria D.Spider roll was yumm! Sushi combo at 13.95 is a great deal!!

    55555 by Ria D.

  • Peter B.Fried oysters app is nice. Try squirting the lemon into the plum sauce and blending in some wasabi. Rainbow roll was okay, certainly decent for airport food.

    55555 by Peter B.

  • Sheldon S.The chicken curry and the pork cutlet are great... The sushi leaves alot to be desired...

    55555 by Sheldon S.

  • Joel B.The pork cutlet is to die for. Try the eel roll

    55555 by Joel B.

  • Sam Z.check out the awesome sushi rolls and edamame.

    55555 by Sam Z.

  • Zac S.This place has $3.50 domestic beers, not bad for the airport.

    33333 by Zac S.

  • Matthew KJust had the chicken special - very nasty.

    22222 by Matthew K

  • Mac JTry the sushi combo. Delicious and affordable. You'd never guess you were at an airport.

    55555 by Mac J

  • Mike ASushi special for $13.95 is very tasty. Add tempura for a full meal

    55555 by Mike A

  • Shuhei SUdon here are good.

    55555 by Shuhei S

  • Catarina L.large sushi combo is a good choice ($11.95) for a quick meal

    55555 by Catarina L.

  • Reza mEat here before your flight. Beat on board food by a grand mile!

    55555 by Reza m

  • Scott F.The Bento Box Deluxe is a great and very filling choice. Matched with an Asahi and you almost forget you're traveling.

    55555 by Scott F.

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