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341 Kearny Street
San Francisco, CA 94108

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(415) 757-0223


  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Monday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Thursday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Friday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Saturday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

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Cuisine: Coffee and Tea

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4.4 of 5.0 from 100 reviews

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Plentea in San Francisco, CA
  • Plentea in San Francisco, CA
  • Plentea in San Francisco, CA
  • Plentea in San Francisco, CA
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  • Plentea in San Francisco, CA
  • Plentea in San Francisco, CA
  • Plentea in San Francisco, CA
  • Plentea in San Francisco, CA

Plentea Reviews

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  • Kendal YNutella milk tea is extra sweet and a nice treat. Bring back your old glass bottle for a small discount.

    55555 by Kendal Y

  • Annie 🌺 LGood spot for bobs and they have WiFi and upstairs seating!

    55555 by Annie 🌺 L

  • Pavan CGet the avocado slush with taro

    33333 by Pavan C

  • Sergey S.Trendy as heck but not the best boba tbh

    55555 by Sergey S.

  • Matthew BThe milk tea is really good. Also, you get to keep the glass bottle!

    55555 by Matthew B

  • Arthur Leebrown sugar iced milk all the way

    33333 by Arthur Lee

  • SandeepRather pricey for what it is. $7 for a boba slush. Staff is nice though.

    55555 by Sandeep

  • George νcaramel iced milk is by far the best drink here

    55555 by George ν

  • Vincent L.Strawberry green tea is best fruit tea!

    55555 by Vincent L.

  • david IBlack tea with peach & they got good coffee. Best part is you get to take the glass bottle home!

    55555 by david I

  • Tiffany Zhongbig fan of iced sea salt tea w/ egg pudding @ 75% sweetness. almond milk tea w/ lychee jelly was alright - I don't rec.

    55555 by Tiffany Zhong

  • Ilya BEverything is fresh, natural and organic

    55555 by Ilya B

  • Warren L.Best Taiwanese milk tea place in SF! Premium imported tea, excellent crema and egg pudding, delicious snacks, and open late!

    55555 by Warren L.

  • Lisa DNutella milk with boba comes with cute bottle ❀️

    55555 by Lisa D

  • Jenya VSweet taro with almond milk, chia and grass jelly - yum!!! Also matcha with almond milk, egg custard or taro custard and aloe. Both not too sweet, but super tasty.

    55555 by Jenya V

  • Emily L.Classic milk black tea with boba is light and refreshing. You also get to keep the mason jars!

    55555 by Emily L.

  • Mu-An 🐝Too much ice.

    33333 by Mu-An 🐝

  • Cole C.Peach Slush & Lavender Lemonade πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

    55555 by Cole C.

  • Vincent L.Oolong milk tea is brewed in house. Delicious balance of flavors.

    55555 by Vincent L.

  • Peggy G$10 minimum for cards. On the pricier end at ~$5 for a standard milk tea with tapioca

    55555 by Peggy G

  • Danielle TThe black strawberry tea with boba and lychee jelly is my all time favorite

    55555 by Danielle T

  • Winnie W.Overrated. Also took 30 minutes to finally get my order taken and the drinks weren't special. Tapioca balls too small too.

    22222 by Winnie W.

  • Sandra JGreen milk tea😍😍😍😍

    55555 by Sandra J

  • Priyanka L.Good fresh fruit tea.

    55555 by Priyanka L.

  • Liana LOolong tea crema is my favorite so far

    55555 by Liana L

  • Gabrielle MSave the bottle for 10% off your next visit

    33333 by Gabrielle M

  • Emily EYou can get your drink in a plastic cup instead of the glass bottle with a 10% discount.

    22222 by Emily E

  • Ting AIt is my favourite milk/milk tea place in town, especially the toro milk, heavenly.

    55555 by Ting A

  • Jordan S.Those jars though

    55555 by Jordan S.

  • Laura ShumTry it with chia seeds

    55555 by Laura Shum

  • Carissa B.Ask for no sugar!

    22222 by Carissa B.

  • Peiying WenBring your bottle for 10% off.

    55555 by Peiying Wen

  • Carissa B.Matcha green tea with almond milk and egg pudding. Get it.

    55555 by Carissa B.

  • Charles NStrawberry green tea is the bomb!

    55555 by Charles N

  • Nicholas D.Reuse the glass bottle!

    11111 by Nicholas D.

  • Joshua UYour rare FRESH Taro milk, find it here! Some top picks for me: Crema Oolong milk tea with tapioca, brown sugar milk with red bean, or a hot nutella milk with tapioca.

    55555 by Joshua U

  • Elynn L.The salted crema oolong tea is my new favorite! It's amazing. The crema offers a lovely balance to the oolong and, when mixed together, it's amazing and creamy. They have lids for the bottles, too!

    55555 by Elynn L.

  • Aura ZThe taro pudding is the best

    55555 by Aura Z

  • Runqiu CaiThis might be my new favorite bubble tea place. I got the taro milk with egg pudding and grass jelly (yum) and the sea salt crema oolong with honey boba. Ask for 30% sweet.

    55555 by Runqiu Cai

  • Keith S.Must Try: Green Ice Milk Tea with Grass Jelly, Strawberry Fresh Fruit Tea with Lychee Jelly, and the Sea Salt Crema Oolong Tea.

    55555 by Keith S.

  • Esther JTry the sea salt crema oolong! Its unique and tasty. You can get 10%off if you bring your own bottle.

    55555 by Esther J

  • Matt LewThe boba is a hit or miss. If you want a discount, ask for a plastic cup instead of the glass bottle. Crema Oolong Seasalt Caramel is the best.

    55555 by Matt Lew

  • Caroline DengWe ordered the regular Ice Milk black tea and the Crema Milk Tea. I thought the black tea was a little on the sweet side, but the Crema was just right. They have free wifi + upstairs seating!

    55555 by Caroline Deng

  • Danny S.Sea Salt Caramel πŸ™Œ

    55555 by Danny S.

  • Alex K.Don't think the quality of drink is worth the price. Some Downtown luxury tax on this.

    33333 by Alex K.

  • Stephanie C.Their teas are super sweet; tried Matcha milk tea and fruit tea.

    55555 by Stephanie C.

  • Tim H.Tasty tea but long lines. Consider Boba Guys instead.

    55555 by Tim H.

  • Jennifer Y.the boba here is on point!

    55555 by Jennifer Y.

  • Samantha C.No bathrooms, cash only under $10, overpriced, and many drinks don't even have tea in them! Am I missing the hype...?

    33333 by Samantha C.

  • Mike C.Love the custom jars!

    55555 by Mike C.

  • Allison Y.Taro pudding is bomb

    55555 by Allison Y.

  • Tera Doanthe upstairs lounge is nice but super noisy

    55555 by Tera Doan

  • Jennifer Y.no bathrooms in this place πŸ˜‘

    33333 by Jennifer Y.

  • Kelly WongHoney lemon tea with aloe is delicious. All the other flavors are not bad either. Comes in a glass jar

    55555 by Kelly Wong

  • JiniThe best milk tea boba I've had, ever.

    55555 by Jini

  • Katie LeavensMatcha milk tea with tapioca: Yum!

    55555 by Katie Leavens

  • Nicholas W.Ridiculously slow...

    11111 by Nicholas W.

  • Gene GalanterBoba Tea and Provectus IT

    55555 by Gene Galanter

  • Nhung KSea salt caramel ooloong tea with tapioca and egg pudding...da best

    55555 by Nhung K

  • Elynn L.You get to keep the bottle! Bring it back for a discount. The black milk tea was good and had a nice tea flavor. The salted crema oolong tea that my friend had was awesome.

    55555 by Elynn L.

  • Karsten McVayCaramel milk tea. The glass bottles are great!

    55555 by Karsten McVay

  • Clara SPlentea wifi not for customers. Soy option 50Β’ extra. Drink appears smaller than average but glass bottle good for 10% off next order. Caramel ice milk is caramel-y, sea salt caramel crema even more.

    33333 by Clara S

  • Gilda MansourYummy, but service is slow.

    55555 by Gilda Mansour

  • Liz D.The weekend ambiance is that of a suburban shopping mall.

    55555 by Liz D.

  • Timmon L.Trying this place for the first time. Lavender lemonade with honey tapioca

    55555 by Timmon L.

  • SarahThe fruit teas are great. Crema tea isn't for the sugar-averse nor those who are overly fond of classic milk tea.

    55555 by Sarah

  • Shirley L.Get the iced milk tea with egg pudding and grass jelly or a fruit tea with boba

    55555 by Shirley L.

  • Liana LCrema Oolong Tea w/ boba. Great flavor. If you go, do it once for the bottle as a souvenir. Drinks aren't worth the price.

    55555 by Liana L

  • Kim RGet the caramel milk tea with honey tapioca!

    55555 by Kim R

  • Gavin S.Brown sugar and caramel ice milks are amazing!

    55555 by Gavin S.

  • Hope W.During most of the day this place has a line like nobody's business. If you hate waiting but have to try it, come by after work hours.

    33333 by Hope W.

  • Hope W.The Matcha Slush is creamy and not too sweet. Great on a hot summer's day.

    55555 by Hope W.

  • Hope W.If your tea gets finished before your food they'll bring it out while you wait.

    33333 by Hope W.

  • Hope W.Their logo glass bottles are way too cute! At what amounts to $1 each I've gotten extra just to use around the house.

    33333 by Hope W.

  • Hope W.Their Smoked Salmon Waffle Sandwich has a strong tangy flavor. Not for the faint of heart.

    55555 by Hope W.

  • Hope W.If you ask *really* nicely you can get them add crema to drinks other than the oolong (for an extra topping charge.) That said, I don't recommend it. Their crema is only good on their oolong...

    33333 by Hope W.

  • Khoa MaThe best boba tea in SF? Yes! Get the taro milk with taro pudding.

    55555 by Khoa Ma

  • Hope W.They now use wider-mouth bottles. For a while they continued to offer small-mouth caps, but now they don't and won't exchange the older-style bottle for the newer one. Don't lose your caps!

    22222 by Hope W.

  • Nicole AptekarTaro milk tea with soy is delicious!

    55555 by Nicole Aptekar

  • Jole P.The mango oolong with boba is AMAZING. Expensive, but hey, you get a nice, reusable glass bottle too.

    55555 by Jole P.

  • Patrick WangSo far all the Fresh Fruit teas have been amazing. Real fruit is actually in the teas!

    55555 by Patrick Wang

  • Jenn N.Bottle discounts do not stack. Each drink can get you one 10% off discount.

    33333 by Jenn N.

  • Ashley M.Taro milk tea with honey tapioca in cute glass jars? I love it.

    55555 by Ashley M.

  • Ess S.The sea salt crema oolong tea with egg pudding and tapioca is my heaven ❀️

    55555 by Ess S.

  • James G.Thai iced tea is just very average. Watered down and not sweet enough (for my taste). Boba is average as well, not "honey tapioca" enough.

    55555 by James G.

  • Liang S.Get the salted oolong crema with egg pudding. Get addicted and come here back to back to back... to back. No regrets.

    55555 by Liang S.

  • Jackie L.Caramel Ice Milk Tea with egg pudding is delicious here!

    55555 by Jackie L.

  • Liana L.The iced milk with caramel and egg pudding is the best! Better than purple kow. Tastes like a yummy blended milkshake.

    55555 by Liana L.

  • Mish B.They stop serving in glass bottles after hitting their daily 300-bottle limit!

    55555 by Mish B.

  • Alok PDidn't really enjoy the tea... Seemed to be too hyped...

    33333 by Alok P

  • Elaine CI saw a note (when I was there on May 31,2014) that they offer 300 glass Plentea bottles per day. If they run out you can get a drink with plastic container plus 20% off.

    33333 by Elaine C

  • Elaine CMenu on May 31,2014

    55555 by Elaine C

  • HayzBring back your clean glass so they can refill it. You'll save $1 off your bill for doing so.

    33333 by Hayz

  • Angelica DongalloThe sea salt oolong crema oolong tea reminded me of See's butterscotch or Werther's Original! yum.

    55555 by Angelica Dongallo

  • Jenny Y.Overpriced drinks covers the glass bottle that they serve your drinks in.

    22222 by Jenny Y.

  • Dominic T.Soy milk is effing $.50 extra now. That's whack!!!

    33333 by Dominic T.

  • Dominic T.Ask for less sugar and/or soy milk.

    55555 by Dominic T.

  • Faith Y.Be prepared for a bit of a wait as they work out new biz kinks. But fresh fruit tea and crema oolong are worth it. They also have sweet or savory waffles!

    55555 by Faith Y.

  • Ryan L.$5+ for drinks. 10% off basically pays for one topping.

    22222 by Ryan L.

  • Graham H.Bring back your bottle for a 10% discount.

    55555 by Graham H.

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