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Coffee Bar 1

1890 Bryant St
San Francisco, CA 94110

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(415) 551-8100


  • Sunday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Cuisine: Bars, Cafes, Coffee and Tea, Dog Friendly Restaurants, Sandwich Shops

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4.6 of 5.0 from 225 reviews

price range:Less than $10

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Coffee Bar 1 in San Francisco, CA
  • Coffee Bar 1 in San Francisco, CA
  • Coffee Bar 1 in San Francisco, CA
  • Coffee Bar 1 in San Francisco, CA
  • Coffee Bar 1 in San Francisco, CA
  • Coffee Bar 1 in San Francisco, CA
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  • Coffee Bar 1 in San Francisco, CA
  • Coffee Bar 1 in San Francisco, CA
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  • Coffee Bar 1 in San Francisco, CA
  • Coffee Bar 1 in San Francisco, CA
  • Coffee Bar 1 in San Francisco, CA
  • Coffee Bar 1 in San Francisco, CA

Coffee Bar 1 Reviews

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  • Haoyang KOrder the horchata coffee - light on the agave nectar. Definitely skip their sandwiches.

    55555 by Haoyang K

  • Jessie TDon't know if I caught them on an off day or bad moment, but the staff serving were very abrupt and short, the coffee wasn't great, and they kicked everyone out pretty quickly before closing. Strange

    33333 by Jessie T

  • Jenny ECoffee is great, but food is solidly meh. Get here early for an outlet spot. You can forget about parking on the weekdays around here, weekends are easy though.

    55555 by Jenny E

  • Evan HGreat coffee, wifi and place to work. A lot of seating and outdoor patio. Bagel was bad but salads look really good.

    55555 by Evan H

  • Adil MajidThe cold brew horchata is 💯💯💯

    55555 by Adil Majid

  • Zhexin VGreat place

    55555 by Zhexin V

  • Carole AFirst time and I'm already hooked! Big space, great vibe and delicious Salad! (Seriously though: I never -EVER- get excited about salads and this 'Kalifornia' one is absolutely delicious) 🙌🏽🥗

    55555 by Carole A

  • SarahThe cortado is too milky, but the food is good

    55555 by Sarah

  • Joanna KHorrible cortado (they serve it with sugar without asking!!!), supermarket bread, no knife in the cutlery set to eat egg and avocado on toast. It this a joke? Avoid!

    22222 by Joanna K

  • Fiona MGreat selection of coffee and lots of outlets - perfect for a good working environment.

    55555 by Fiona M

  • Morgan LVietnamese cold brew: cold brew with condensed milk 👍🏻

    55555 by Morgan L

  • Sisko M.Even though I can easily make this at home, the avocado toast with boiled egg is delicious! As is the Havana coffee! Mmm.

    55555 by Sisko M.

  • EaterWith plenty of outlets, an extensive breakfast and lunch menu (a breakfast burrito and BLAT are just a few choices), good coffee, AND beer and wine, there's really no reason to leave until they close.

    55555 by Eater

  • Charlie MThis is definitely my favourite coffee shop in SF so far to do some work. It has lots of seatings, open area and comfortable deskspace. Also enjoyed their tea and tuna melt sandwich.

    55555 by Charlie M

  • MicheleHavana latte!

    55555 by Michele

  • Paul M.I'm normally a black coffee kinda cat, but I come here when I *need* the Havana Latte -- espresso + condensed milk = heavenly.

    55555 by Paul M.

  • Amy AThe sweet cold brew was truly the most amazing one I've ever had. Hands down. And I've had a lot of cold brews.

    55555 by Amy A

  • Mikahla VicinoLots and lots of of outdoor seating.

    55555 by Mikahla Vicino

  • Melissa E.Great place to settle in and work for the day. It does shut down around 4:30 though which is kind of limiting.

    33333 by Melissa E.

  • Peiying WenGreat place to get some work shit done. Hot breakfast can take a long time though.

    55555 by Peiying Wen

  • Hanah SThis place has a liquor license. If you're not in the mood for espresso you can order a glass of wine or beer.

    55555 by Hanah S

  • Stephanie WeiThe Havana latte is extremely sweet. Was way too much after half a cup

    33333 by Stephanie Wei

  • Alice H.I dont know what would happen if you tried to have a chat with your friend in here instead of intently staring at a laptop

    33333 by Alice H.

  • Greg MGood coffee. Love their avocado toast. Great place to work with your laptop. Can get pretty packed on Sundays.

    55555 by Greg M

  • Logan CNitro brew is head-spinningly good.

    55555 by Logan C

  • Priyanka L.Went there at 5:30pm today(Saturday) and found it closed.Timing on foursquare shows open till 6pm.Needs to be corrected.What a waste of time!

    22222 by Priyanka L.

  • John D.One of my favorite spots to work from in SF.

    55555 by John D.

  • KathleenFood and drinks are on the pricier end but good place to knock some work out.

    55555 by Kathleen

  • Frank D.outside table right at the corner of Mariposa & Florida St

    55555 by Frank D.

  • Brennan S.The WiFi times out every hour which is maddening. If you suddenly find your computer is not able connect go to a different website and wait for the gateway to come up.

    33333 by Brennan S.

  • Justin JDark roast nitro brew tastes like a nice frosty guiness taken for an ashtray - wish it was light! Cool space, designated computer-free tables makes everyone feel at ease in this difficult wi-di era.

    55555 by Justin J

  • Logan COrder the nitro because 1. It tastes amazing, 2. It packs a punch, 3. It's called the nitro.

    55555 by Logan C

  • Taylor LapeyreIt you plan to work here, get there really early. It's always really crowded.

    55555 by Taylor Lapeyre

  • Matthew C.Espresso toast is just as good with an iced coffee as it is with an espresso.

    55555 by Matthew C.

  • Vivian CIf you can find a spot at the communal table it's a great place to work!

    55555 by Vivian C

  • Dave Z.Legit breakfast burritos. The outside tables are less likely to be taken. Upstairs is usually full of MacBooks.

    55555 by Dave Z.

  • Renee V.Try the nitro coffee!

    55555 by Renee V.

  • Frank D.Best/most outdoor seating at any coffee shop in mission

    55555 by Frank D.

  • Boshika MMulti grain toast with avocado.

    55555 by Boshika M

  • Jakob DGreat relaxed vibe for working on your next start-up 😜

    55555 by Jakob D

  • Liz DIced vanilla latte is seriously the best I've ever had. The environment is really nice, the perfect place to work for a few hours. Slowly becoming a regular.

    55555 by Liz D

  • Nico P.Horchata cold brew!

    55555 by Nico P.

  • Julia Q.One of the best coffeeshops in all of SF

    55555 by Julia Q.

  • c JThe Cobb salad is tasty but a little expensive

    55555 by c J

  • Milan DAvocado Toast with sesame seeds .. Simply awesome !!

    55555 by Milan D

  • Erik OlesundGood place to work. Coffee is okay.

    55555 by Erik Olesund

  • Alice O.Good coffee and a great workspace with lots of outlets and deskspace!

    55555 by Alice O.

  • Russell L.Very tasty non-sour coffee (they are an outlet of a roaster across the bay). Good for laptop-working, but if you don't have a Mac, be prepared to stand out.

    55555 by Russell L.

  • Brenna MarketelloGreat place to get some work done. Good coffee. Also, they serve wine.

    55555 by Brenna Marketello

  • KatyHearty and healthy salads!

    55555 by Katy

  • Wendy L.Cortado cortado

    55555 by Wendy L.

  • Evan IGood coffee, good food, good vibes. Grab a seat and get some work done or just enjoy the airy indoor space or outdoor patio. Definitely my favorite cafe to get some work done on a Sunday

    55555 by Evan I

  • Misha NIt's a challenge to find good coffee in America. This place is cozy but not more.

    55555 by Misha N

  • Nikki D.Service is so slow. First time I came here they lost my order. I had to ask where it was. Today, the barista is just chatting with his friend while I sit here waiting with no one ahead of me. Lame.

    22222 by Nikki D.

  • Jonny KSit both outside and inside. Slow wifi. Great vegetarian burrito. Lots of space. Pretty warm inside.

    55555 by Jonny K

  • CrewPlugs everywhere. Free Wi-Fi, ask for password at the counter.

    55555 by Crew

  • Clément KGreat place to work, tech sanctuary, first truly fresh orange juice I drink in SF

    55555 by Clément K

  • Lauren TThey rent their space for parties and events. Super reasonable and now they have a wood burning oven for pizza to enjoy at your event, along with their food and drinks.

    55555 by Lauren T

  • Max B.with currently 56 macbooks, 4 ipads, 26 iphones and only 4 books this is an incognito apple store with great coffee.

    55555 by Max B.

  • megan m.Home of stickered Apple computers, tech hoodies & really delicious coffee. Eavesdropping on your neighbor might include such topics as her hot, scandalous sex life.

    55555 by megan m.

  • Ros d.Startup dude / laptop central. While not a bad place to work on your laptop, it does get very busy as the day progresses. On the upside, the food is great.

    55555 by Ros d.

  • Nancy T.Nitrogen coffee? It's new and dangerously delicious.

    55555 by Nancy T.

  • Renee V.Sandwiches, coffees, pizzas. I don't know how this place can be topped!

    55555 by Renee V.

  • Ian L.really good pizza

    55555 by Ian L.

  • Anna u.Dont go upstairs without à Mac 😉

    33333 by Anna u.

  • Nancy T.Food takes a while to make, but the wait is worth it! I esp. like the ham & brie sandwich in the morning.

    55555 by Nancy T.

  • Dmitri SkjorshammerThis place fills up quickly but there's always room at the communal tables. Great WiFi and espresso.

    55555 by Dmitri Skjorshammer

  • Kyle M.They now have an enormous wood-fired pizza oven! The downside is it takes up a big portion of their outdoor seating. No bother, tho. They just expand to the sidewalk!

    55555 by Kyle M.

  • Victoria O.Best vanilla bean latte!!

    55555 by Victoria O.

  • Justin L.Bust out your MacBook Air and earphones. It's time to get some work done!

    55555 by Justin L.

  • daniel chenGood location. Free wifi - can stay here as long as u want. Cool people.

    55555 by daniel chen

  • Josh A.Veggie breakfast burrito is a zeppelin of delicious. Bring a friend as this thing packs enough avocado, tomato & potato for a #miniveggieparty

    55555 by Josh A.

  • Noah T.Vietnamese iced coffee is bomb

    55555 by Noah T.

  • MaartenVanilla bean coffee

    55555 by Maarten

  • Karina v.Lots of good natural light. Ham & cheese croissant with a vietnamese iced coffee is one of my regular weekend breakfasts.

    55555 by Karina v.

  • Peggy C.Get the Havana latte!

    33333 by Peggy C.

  • Venessa bGreat place for coffee, food, wine and work!

    55555 by Venessa b

  • Spencer S.Vietnamese iced coffee is amazing

    55555 by Spencer S.

  • Bommy ChaGreat place to get work done! Plenty of counter seats, sofas, and communal tables.

    55555 by Bommy Cha

  • Victoria O.Vanilla Bean latte is off the chain!

    55555 by Victoria O.

  • Pedro Pereira BogadoEveryone have a laptop here. If you don't have one you feel out of place.

    55555 by Pedro Pereira Bogado

  • Levi KTheir Vietnamese iced coffee is amazing on a hot day!

    55555 by Levi K

  • Jeff W.An overwhelming scene with good coffee and $5 blazing internet. Neighboring conversation can be hilariously intolerable at times so bring your headphones or just chuckle.

    55555 by Jeff W.

  • Danny R.Love this place but there's always a line to the bathroom.

    55555 by Danny R.

  • KeitaDrinking Havana latte and it's really good. Sweet condensed milk.

    55555 by Keita

  • Ken B.Nice WiFi café.

    55555 by Ken B.

  • Christina O.Try the Nutella bun: crunchy candy shell and soft amazingness inside.

    55555 by Christina O.

  • Chase L.bring a mbp

    55555 by Chase L.

  • Brittany A.It feels like the first day of school trying to find a lunch table to sit at, except this time everyone is oblivious to you awkwardly sitting down next to them because they're on their MacBook.

    33333 by Brittany A.

  • Jesús G.Café muy rico

    55555 by Jesús G.

  • Melissa G.Brendan is the best coffee creator ever.

    55555 by Melissa G.

  • Teresa B.Ditching the caffeine today and getting tea

    33333 by Teresa B.

  • JoycottTry the Havana latte! Also, make sure you pay attention to the 11:30-2 no laptop rule. Some tables are reserved for lunch guests. 2:01, and you're golden!

    55555 by Joycott

  • Justin B.The veggie breakfast burrito is massive and delicious. My morning staple for a long bike commute or anything that requires a lot of energy.

    55555 by Justin B.

  • Carl F.Curious about the mind-boggling MESSAGE of 'The Landmark Forum' buy not the theatrical experience? This book~ "EST: Playing The Game The New Way"~tells all! Go to www.carlfrederick.org click Free Read

    55555 by Carl F.

  • Carl F.Interested in the transforming MESSAGE of 'The Landmark Forum' but not the theatrical experience? This book~`"EST: Playing The Game The New Way"~Radical! Go to www.carlfrederick.org click Free Read

    33333 by Carl F.

  • Tony J.Try the veggie burrito, also big enough to share!

    55555 by Tony J.

  • Yejin Y.They should rename this place Apple Bar. Or Macbook Bar.

    33333 by Yejin Y.

  • Will K.Have the guys and behind the bar order something for you. I finally went away from a pure coffee drink and tried the Havana Latte. Awesome!

    55555 by Will K.

  • Erin C.Took me 20 minutes to get my veggie burrito that was not worth the wait..

    22222 by Erin C.

  • KidhackYou could always pay for the "Premium" WiFi at $10 a month or save $10 by adding tethering to your cell phone plan.

    33333 by Kidhack

  • KidhackCheck out the free dial up modem WiFi access. Not only is it slow, but also unreliable!

    55555 by Kidhack

  • Danny S.A historic landmark? The first version of Instagram was built here over the course of 4 weekends.

    55555 by Danny S.

  • Jonathan W.Get the Cobb Salad. One of the best in San Francisco.

    55555 by Jonathan W.

  • Melissa G.Vanilla bean latte. Brendan is the best!

    55555 by Melissa G.

  • Vincent T.Love the Vietnamese coffee and the juices. Try all of the juices!

    55555 by Vincent T.

  • Jonathan L.Turkey club is out of this world.

    55555 by Jonathan L.

  • Bernat U.Really god Chai!

    55555 by Bernat U.

  • LanVietnamese iced coffee here is on point. For real.

    55555 by Lan

  • Sean H.Bacon & Onion croissant is amazing.

    55555 by Sean H.

  • Tom M.They no longer support Square wallet...

    22222 by Tom M.

  • Alex L.Vanilla bean latte was delicious. Smooth, flavorful. Personally, I could take it a tad less sweet. Yumm nevertheless!

    55555 by Alex L.

  • Carl F.Interested in the mind-blowing MESSAGE of 'The Landmark Forum', but not the theatrical experience? This book: "EST -Playing the Game The New Way"=tells all! Go to www.carlfrederick.org Click Free Read

    55555 by Carl F.

  • Kyle M.Busy even on a Tuesday, CB is an airy spot to WFH, or to have some good coffee and eats that are about 75% better than they have to be. I mean... they have free WiFi. See also: outdoor seating.

    55555 by Kyle M.

  • Mark B.Wifi here is wack

    22222 by Mark B.

  • Zach H.AWESOME spot for work. Plenty of outlets, staff is super friendly, wifi is pretty good. Chai is great—really spicy but enough sweetness too. Definitely coming back.

    55555 by Zach H.

  • Stephen T.The free Wifi is SLOW, but there's a "Premium" option available. :

    55555 by Stephen T.

  • Julia S.Chicken Chorizo Breakfast Burrito: Gave it a shot but a breakfast burrito isn't a breakfast burrito without bacon. Not a fan.

    55555 by Julia S.

  • Nathan M.Grab a table outside and a bottle of wine!

    55555 by Nathan M.

  • Neil P.Outlets crazy busy but at least they exist. Get the iced coffee. So good.

    55555 by Neil P.

  • Kenneth B.Screw the coffee, they have one of the best pastry collections in the city here: the killer scones from Sandbox Bakery, and wonderful pastry from Starter Bakery. Don't miss the kouign amann, sinful.

    55555 by Kenneth B.

  • Magnus B.If you are even hesitant, stop! Go in an grab something to eat or just that good ol coffee. They also do good cortados!

    55555 by Magnus B.

  • Michael K.Try a cortado. Strong, bitter, sweet, creamy, awesome.

    55555 by Michael K.

  • Michael K.Arguably the best working coffee shop in SF since The Summit closed. Good coffee, good food, great space, reasonable balancing of the needs of laptoppers and other patrons. Nice.

    55555 by Michael K.

  • Bill W.Try the Havana Latte

    55555 by Bill W.

  • Tom S.Too many Apple minions taking up space, hard to find space to actually have a conversations or meeting.

    55555 by Tom S.

  • Maybelle M.There are some tables designated as "laptop free" between 11:30am-2:30pm for lunch patrons.

    55555 by Maybelle M.

  • Hillary H.The cold pressed juice is made fresh every morning and is delicious.

    55555 by Hillary H.

  • Tuhin K.The espresso (I got the golden gate blend) is good! Also hella Laptops!!

    55555 by Tuhin K.

  • Vaishnavi R.Their Havana latte is little sips of heaven

    55555 by Vaishnavi R.

  • Christina L.Excellent people watching on the bar.

    55555 by Christina L.

  • Kyle M.Can be difficult to find a 'laptop approved' table to work from, especially during lunch hours. Power outlets are a bit difficult to get a hold of as well.

    55555 by Kyle M.

  • Tommy L.Get the breakfast burrito. It has a poached egg in it. Plus delicious.

    55555 by Tommy L.

  • ashley t.Melmac sandwich. Yum.

    55555 by ashley t.

  • Vahe H.count(customers) = count(macbooks)

    55555 by Vahe H.

  • Paul F.Courtesy Jesse Vincent (Wifi + Coffee + Power)

    55555 by Paul F.

  • Andres D.Wifi and outlets

    55555 by Andres D.

  • Eric S.Bacon maple apple scone is pretty damn good.

    55555 by Eric S.

  • Ting K.amazing Viennese coffees! one of the best spots to actually get work done and get great coffee + food! highly recommend.

    55555 by Ting K.

  • mary june b.Try the Vacpot Coffee (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by mary june b.

  • Prishil P.Vietnamese Iced Coffee.

    55555 by Prishil P.

  • Lexie T.I can't get over the fact that I get SO much stiff done when I'm here! I believe it's the coffee.

    33333 by Lexie T.

  • Jenny C.Lots of plugs everywhere. Be sure to look under counters too. Get here early for a good seat

    55555 by Jenny C.

  • Brad G.The total package. Great coffee, great people watching, great music, great place to work.

    55555 by Brad G.

  • CarolineGood coffee and great place to work for an afternoon

    55555 by Caroline

  • The Bold ItalicOrder a straight espresso from barista Harold McGovern and ask him what Thom Yorke likes to order, he'll love you for it.

    55555 by The Bold Italic

  • Phil T.You need to get an iced coffee. It's delicious.

    55555 by Phil T.

  • Gabriel S.The almond croissant is very good!

    55555 by Gabriel S.

  • Jeremy L.Boffice = Bar + Office

    55555 by Jeremy L.

  • Eli F.Great desserts.

    55555 by Eli F.

  • Andreas E.Probably the best laptop cafe in the world. Or maybe that's Sankt Oberholz...

    55555 by Andreas E.

  • Chipper N.They now take @square!

    55555 by Chipper N.

  • Trucy P.The caramel lattes are excellent if you're feeling decadent.

    55555 by Trucy P.

  • Motorola MobilityStop by this Friday 3/30 from 1 - 4pm to get free coffee & see our Business Ready devices. Get up to $200 for your old phone plus we’re giving away a DROID 4 & DROID XYBOARD tablet!

    33333 by Motorola Mobility

  • Raul K.New poached salmon sandwich is great (2/29/12)

    55555 by Raul K.

  • Jessica S.Great tea, coffee, donuts.

    55555 by Jessica S.

  • Amber R.Bring a blanket on cold days. No heat.

    33333 by Amber R.

  • TravelgoatDelicious #coffee with multiple roasts. Beautiful latte art as well. Big tech industry meeting space. (4 of 4 petals via Fondu)

    55555 by Travelgoat

  • Jess K.Wasn't impressed with their coffee: also, the dudes weren't that friendly.

    33333 by Jess K.

  • Ed D.Order the Corrado. This is old school Cuban style coffee. Awesome!

    55555 by Ed D.

  • Matthew M.If you punch a hipster and knock their MBA off the table you'll get a free Pellegrino from the girl with the short hair behind the counter.

    33333 by Matthew M.

  • Doc P.Try the Salad Nicoise - Not sure which is better, their Nicoise salad or the Cobb. Both are so good here. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Doc P.

  • Isabelle P.Need a solid breakfast? the breakfast sandwiches are awesome, coffee strong and the granola/yogurt/fruit parfait is a good option. Afternoon time? Remember- this place has "bar" in its name!

    55555 by Isabelle P.

  • Jason R.Eating sausages at a "sausage throwdown" at coffee bar. Love and sausage.

    55555 by Jason R.

  • Erik M.There are hidden power outlets under the bar upstairs.

    55555 by Erik M.

  • Emily L.A coffee bar with wine too? Perfect.

    55555 by Emily L.

  • Simon B.Ask for a Flat White

    33333 by Simon B.

  • Andy S.Watch out for falling hammers.

    33333 by Andy S.

  • Natasha W.Go before 9am to get a seat with an outlet

    55555 by Natasha W.

  • Liza S.You will stand out if you are not hip, but don't let that stop you.

    55555 by Liza S.

  • Jeremy L.The cob salad is always a safe choice there.

    55555 by Jeremy L.

  • Rachael E.breakfast sando is delish!

    55555 by Rachael E.

  • Mario Q.Like a genius bar that serves coffee. And caffe fanny granola to boot!

    55555 by Mario Q.

  • Jordan P.Great coffee, plenty of outlets, strong wifi, friendly people, spacious environment. Could not ask for more!

    55555 by Jordan P.

  • j2yunIn the mood for something short, sweet and yummy? Get the cortado!

    55555 by j2yun

  • Willo O.Good god, the tomato soup here is straight up HEALING it's so damn delicious.

    55555 by Willo O.

  • Andrew r.Christ on a stick. There's more Macs here than at 1 Infinite Loop. Hipster douchebag heaven.

    33333 by Andrew r.

  • Frozen K.Frozen Custard today at Coffee Bar in San Francisco from 2-730. There is also a BBQ throwdown with beer garden from 4-730. 1890 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 94110. Tell friends n fam

    55555 by Frozen K.

  • Food & WineThis three-year-old high-ceilinged café serves stellar coffee and charcuterie from Fra'Mani and La Quercia.

    55555 by Food & Wine

  • Tony CParking is a bitch. Be prepared to circle and circle and circle

    55555 by Tony C

  • Simone L.Have the tuna salad! So delicious, fresh and healthy.

    55555 by Simone L.

  • Andry H.Potato Madness is really good. A little too much potato, but still tastes incredible.

    55555 by Andry H.

  • Ross S.The iced coffee is very good. Unique!

    55555 by Ross S.

  • Sarah M.Best soy latte I've had in a looong time.

    55555 by Sarah M.

  • Grantland C.11:30-2 no laptop rules apply

    33333 by Grantland C.

  • Grantland C.I thought I was in a apple store that served awesome coffee

    55555 by Grantland C.

  • Rita C.Their soy mochas are some of the best and they carry Pâtisserie Philippe pastries! Good breakfast combo!

    55555 by Rita C.

  • brad m.The chai here is easily the best you'll ever have.

    55555 by brad m.

  • Karen N.Steel cut oats are filling and delicious. Ask for honey instead of brown sugar if you don't want the refined stuff.

    55555 by Karen N.

  • Jeremy S.WiFi is free but struggles to reach outer patio area with a decent signal. Best latte I've had in SF.

    55555 by Jeremy S.

  • David B.here's a tip, don't use skype or gchat and giggle like a half-wit while the rest of us suffer on the dregs of whatever bandwidth is left over

    22222 by David B.

  • annie l.Ogle the succulents. It's the most diverse collection I've seen in any retail establishment

    55555 by annie l.

  • Jonathan C.I really like their chocolate croissant!!

    55555 by Jonathan C.

  • Tristan Choi S.Weekend Breakfast Sandwich!!!!!!! Must try

    55555 by Tristan Choi S.

  • Derek D.If you are driving here parking is easiest before 830a

    55555 by Derek D.

  • Christopher U.Order online so you don't have to wait forever.

    33333 by Christopher U.

  • CarolineLots of natural light and many outlets make this a good place to get some work done. Definitely try the Vietnamese Iced Coffee.

    55555 by Caroline

  • Brenden M.Best chicken sandwich I've had in SF

    55555 by Brenden M.

  • annie l.Beautiful display of succulents in front of the cafe. Enjoy the plants by drinking your coffee at one of the red tables on the terrace

    55555 by annie l.

  • Martin W.Wireless got very flaky recently. My computer won't stay connected to the network. Bring your own internet if you need to get work done.

    33333 by Martin W.

  • ECavaThe portobello sandwich is delectable. Mozzarella, hot & melty. And wifi, coffee and sunshine all day.

    55555 by ECava

  • Reichel KWi-fi is reeaaaally slow here :\

    55555 by Reichel K

  • Seth L.Slooow

    11111 by Seth L.

  • Cristina BThis place has a great atmosphere. Perfect for meeting with friends, working, or just grabbing a cup of coffee. I can't go there without getting an almond croissant and an iced havana coffee.

    55555 by Cristina B

  • Keith EBest times to come with your computer are before 12pm or 2pm - 5pm (they start reserving tables for diners during the other times)

    55555 by Keith E

  • P AIf you can't decide between sandwich or salad, you should know that all sandwiches come with a small side of dressed greens.

    55555 by P A

  • Alison B.Go to Coffee Bar and try the soup of the day - always yummy. Check out their great events too!

    55555 by Alison B.

  • Chris H.Major props for the edamame hummus from Radio Africa & Kitchen, holding fort here on Fri night

    55555 by Chris H.

  • KikithedinosaurSeating available for those with macs. PCs standing room only.

    55555 by Kikithedinosaur

  • Catherine B.Good Vietnamese coffee.

    55555 by Catherine B.

  • David A.If you're having a sweet moment, go for a financier.

    55555 by David A.

  • P AOrder almost anything to eat and you'll be pleased, but call ahead if you're in a hurry. Quality like this takes time.

    55555 by P A

  • Tim Cbring your Mac if you want to blend in with the crowd...

    55555 by Tim C

  • Moore PGet there before lunch -- or all of the outlet seats are taken.

    33333 by Moore P

  • Gercek K.they will not let you know if there is a special event that day when you step in.. but then will just ask you to leave right after you order. still great atmosphere and should be open till midnigh

    33333 by Gercek K.

  • KidhackThe best iced mocha in SF.

    55555 by Kidhack

  • Daniel L.work all day with other movers and shakers in SF while enjoying the ambiance of a clean, light-filled, and well-furnished space.

    55555 by Daniel L.

  • Mike Jsandwiches are great, especially the tricolore. also try their almond croissant

    55555 by Mike J

  • Christopher B.get the iced coffee.

    33333 by Christopher B.

  • James Y.Great place to work -- inviting atmosphere. The ham and brie sandwich is also very good.

    55555 by James Y.

  • Gabe B.awesome Cobb salad and Vietnamese coffee

    55555 by Gabe B.

  • Gilbert EMmmm... Coffee Bar... I don't think there was a single person there without a laptop. This is the cafe that does not pretend. And the expresso is good and strong.

    55555 by Gilbert E

  • Tom W.Wifi, outlets, lots o space. A haven.

    55555 by Tom W.

  • neil c.They make a top tier cafe americano. Good food too.

    55555 by neil c.

  • Whit S.have the cob salad again.

    33333 by Whit S.

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