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Soto Mare

552 Green St
San Francisco, CA 94133

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(415) 398-3181

  • Sun - Closed;
  • Mon - Sat 11:30am - 9:30pm

Cuisine: Italian Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants

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4.7 of 5.0 from 170 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA
  • Soto Mare in San Francisco, CA

Soto Mare Reviews

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  • Heba-I-am LBest seafood risotto ever!! It was so delicious and it's a huge portion. You can tell everything was fresh. I absolutely loved it. Highly recommended!!

    55555 by Heba-I-am L

  • lephtTake it from an actual New Englander: the New England Clam Chowder is delicious, and holds its own against Boston’s finest!

    55555 by lepht

  • Massi MStop going there! Seafood is mostly frozen and the service sucks except if you come there as a compliant and admirative. Their pasta is pre-cooked, so never proper. Maybe the crab is ok, oysters too.

    33333 by Massi M

  • Massi MBut pasta, just forget it. Sauce tastes like garlic only.Time for critics instead of blind praising.They charge18% service w/o question.They don’t mind you, nor quality, they just wanna make dough.

    33333 by Massi M

  • G RHouse salad

    55555 by G R

  • G RInside kinda cramped but so worth it

    55555 by G R

  • lula MCrab cioppino a MUST!!!

    55555 by lula M

  • G RSand dabs with spinach

    55555 by G R

  • Curtis S.Ciopino cioppino cioppino. Oysters are eh

    55555 by Curtis S.

  • Gustavo R.Oh yeah! The risotto!

    33333 by Gustavo R.

  • Sandra PThe cracked crap was really good and we even retreated ordering just half order for two. The risotto was to die for!!! One of the best I've ever had!! Enough for two!

    55555 by Sandra P

  • Eloise ECiopinno was delicious. Lots of crab. Salmon pasta tasty,copious salmon. Sauce rich & good. Friendly & helpful waitress. Outside seating uninviting. Glad we persevered. All food we saw looked good.

    55555 by Eloise E

  • João Bosco LComida excelente. Vale a pena conferir.

    55555 by João Bosco L

  • João JGood seafood in a the right place to eat it.

    55555 by João J

  • Chris IDinner Reco. #3 (North Beach 'hood is amazing)

    55555 by Chris I

  • Helio NThe ciopino is ammmmmmmazing!!!

    33333 by Helio N

  • Brodie WBest damn cioppino in San Francisco.

    55555 by Brodie W

  • John R.The sautéed scallops and shrimp was fantastic!

    55555 by John R.

  • Alena T.Не пишу негативных отзывов. Но место перехваленое. Паста перевареная, к салату из овощей и холодного краба приносят кетчуп. Но в хорошей ком

    55555 by Alena T.

  • mira SCioppino is simply delicious!

    55555 by mira S

  • Chay YMy favorite meal while in San Francisco. The cioppino was amazing. Place gets really busy so plan ahead. It is a little cramped inside but well worth the food! Staff was great also.

    55555 by Chay Y

  • Thatiana AThe Chioppino was really good!! But try to make a reservation, my husband and I had to wait one hour and a half for a table. Worth it though!

    33333 by Thatiana A

  • Jennifer LThe scallops are everything you ever want!

    55555 by Jennifer L

  • Ronald d.Great atmosphere and perfect for single traveller. Eat at the bar and absorb the buzz of the place along with some great seafood.

    55555 by Ronald d.

  • Erik BrokThe cioppino is great and contains a lot of seafood. Plenty for two persons! Expect to wait if you don't have a reservation

    55555 by Erik Brok

  • Colin SBest Cioppino in the World

    55555 by Colin S

  • Carly OThe Best Damn Cioppino! at this family owned joint. They take reservations for any group more than 2 people so call ahead

    55555 by Carly O

  • Dennis C.Scallops were amazing, in a crack-based lemon butter sauce.

    55555 by Dennis C.

  • Song-My T.Cioppino is delicious!

    55555 by Song-My T.

  • Natalie M.Ah may zing! Seriously amazing seafood. Get here at opening to avoid the long wait. This place is a SF must!

    55555 by Natalie M.

  • Lisa DDo yourself a favor and order the crab cioppino!

    33333 by Lisa D

  • jon h.Everything is delicious, but the Cioppino (seafood stew) is their specialty. Get that and a pasta, oysters to round out a dinner for 2.

    55555 by jon h.

  • Justin AGood risotto

    55555 by Justin A

  • DanielGreat Italian seafood restaurant! The ciopinno for two is delicious and has plenty of seafood.

    55555 by Daniel

  • EaterRun by the OG of North Beach, this sliver of a restaurant tucked away on Green Street is a destination among locals and tourists for its cioppino, which some attest is the best in the city.

    55555 by Eater

  • Andrey CCiopinno, chowder, oysters

    55555 by Andrey C

  • Tiffany ZhongLinguine w clams and Fettucine w scallops were super good though quite creamy and fills you really quickly.

    55555 by Tiffany Zhong

  • Christian F.One of if not my favorite restaurant. Seafood pasta with pink sauce. Clam chowder, Sand Dabs. Also the crab salad is good

    55555 by Christian F.

  • Andre VClam Chowder is terrific! And Crab cioppino!!

    55555 by Andre V

  • Roman DThe best swordfish!

    55555 by Roman D

  • Анастасия DОчень было вкусно все! Цены приемлемы, краб потрясающий, латучинни выше всех похвал!

    55555 by Анастасия D

  • Zornitsa DFresh seafood,great family run place...order the Cioppino

    55555 by Zornitsa D

  • Stephen R.Best oysters in town

    55555 by Stephen R.

  • Suzie KronbergerHuge portions.

    55555 by Suzie Kronberger

  • Anderson  gBons pratos e preço justo.

    55555 by Anderson  g

  • Sam HaskelCioppino was out of this world

    55555 by Sam Haskel

  • Jane CCioppino is out of this world

    55555 by Jane C

  • Katsu G.A nice seafood restaurant in a nice neighborhood. Risotto or pasta, that is the question.

    55555 by Katsu G.

  • Nancy KA great place for seafood in North Beach. The best cioppino. We had the baccala and clams too, which were good.

    55555 by Nancy K

  • Mikael W.The lady at the front desk is a seafood nazi of San Francisco. You really need to know how to handle her or else - get out! The food is excellent by the way.

    55555 by Mikael W.

  • Jones HThat's awesome!!

    55555 by Jones H

  • Byron AThey were not kidding when they claimed that this is the best damn crab cioppino.

    33333 by Byron A

  • Vincent CPour les fans de fruits de mer, adresse incontournable en Californie !

    55555 by Vincent C

  • Mike CVery tasty! You'd probably have to wait 30-40 minutes before you have a table but it definitely worth visiting.

    55555 by Mike C

  • Vladie BDelicious, friendly and cosy. Do try the chowder. The Best Damn Crab Cioppino is a great dish for two offering so many tastes and types of sea food so you won't need more. Great wine of the house.

    55555 by Vladie B

  • Travis JBest Italian seafood I've ever had. The half carafe of white wine is an awesome deal.

    55555 by Travis J

  • Matt JBest risotto

    55555 by Matt J

  • Andy F.Great atmosphere in North Beach. I had a delicious seafood pasta and everyone at our table enjoyed their meals, too. The owner came by and we could tell he really loved his place.

    55555 by Andy F.

  • Gediminas MDelicious sea food, worth trying!!!

    55555 by Gediminas M

  • Богларка ACioppino's no.1

    33333 by Богларка A

  • Carmen IbarraOne word and a San Francisco original--Cioppino!

    55555 by Carmen Ibarra

  • Amanda C.Everything is amazing!

    55555 by Amanda C.

  • Jessica BeavisThe scallops are seriously the best I've ever had.

    55555 by Jessica Beavis

  • Melissa ChaiSeafood cioppino 👌

    55555 by Melissa Chai

  • Celestine T.They don't take any more guests 40 minutes before closing wtf :(

    11111 by Celestine T.

  • Stephan RGreat and fresh seafood. Recommend the crabs.

    55555 by Stephan R

  • Emilio MartínezOrder the cioppino. It is utterly delicious!! Service is great and very friendly.

    55555 by Emilio Martínez

  • ChristineOyster are fresh and big! Locals come to this place to :)

    55555 by Christine

  • ChristineWow! 😍The food is delicious👌& fresh, the service is good and it's a real bargain!! I would definitely go back. Wear casual clothes! Better to reserve, if not they'll give you a buzzer: worth waiting

    55555 by Christine

  • Staff PicksOne word: cioppino! This Italian Seafoodery is known for this delicious dish, we won't tell you what to go for on your visit...but...cioppino.

    55555 by Staff Picks

  • Kirill JRisotto , mussels , vine!!!

    55555 by Kirill J

  • Rose J.Amazing seafood selection. Small place so there may be a wait..

    55555 by Rose J.

  • Erik W.The seafood risotto is... how you say? ... bellissima!

    33333 by Erik W.

  • Lena Y.You can't go wrong with the seafood pasta or the seafood risotto. Warning - huge portions!

    55555 by Lena Y.

  • ChrisVery enjoyable dinner! Friendly staff and a great show sitting at the bar watching the chefs.

    55555 by Chris

  • Nick J.The best dam cioppino I've ever had. Don't even bother ordering anything else unless it is a bottle of wine and loaf of bread to soak up the cioppino goodness.

    33333 by Nick J.

  • Marc R.Among the best seafood restaurants in SF, fresh fish everyday, pasta with it is always a great choice, as well as the smoked salmon

    55555 by Marc R.

  • Krakatau B.Come here at 11am,no line,no wait

    55555 by Krakatau B.

  • Liang S.Holy moly the cioppino is the BEST thing I've tasted involving seafood. Skip the spaghetti. Unless you plan on throwing cioppino on it. Just throw cioppino on everything.

    55555 by Liang S.

  • Brian T.Cioppino is the best I've had anywhere in the US.

    55555 by Brian T.

  • Helena L.Get "the best damn crab cioppino" and Benita's baccala! and wine.👌🍷

    55555 by Helena L.

  • cristina c.Steamed mussels and clams, the clam chowder delish!!!

    55555 by cristina c.

  • Frank C.Everything!

    55555 by Frank C.

  • Frank C.Great seafood and service

    55555 by Frank C.

  • Daniel P.This is my happy place. Fresh seafood, great family-run service, and house white wine. Order the seafood linguini with "pink" sauce. You will not be disappointed.

    55555 by Daniel P.

  • Tasting TableWe never skip the affordable West Coast oysters on the half shell ($1.50 each) and the by-the-book Crab Louis ($23).

    55555 by Tasting Table

  • Emily O.AMAZING. must visit - try the risotto and cioppino!

    55555 by Emily O.

  • Andrea MCioppino was amazing! Great atmosphere as well!!

    55555 by Andrea M

  • Danika BDo NOT be late for your reservation and don't show up without the whole group.

    22222 by Danika B

  • Mike W.Simple seafood dishes executed to perfection. Absolutely do not miss the SF specialty seafood stew they call The “Best Damn Crab Cioppino” and read all about my visit on WinstonWanders below!!

    55555 by Mike W.

  • Rafael PThey have the best "best damn crab copertino" of all

    55555 by Rafael P

  • Larry V.Get there early ... there are lines to get in!

    55555 by Larry V.

  • MeikiAmazing food!!!

    55555 by Meiki

  • Nicolas T.Exceptional cioppino! Cheap wine! What's not to love?

    55555 by Nicolas T.

  • CynthiaLove the oysters!

    55555 by Cynthia

  • Kate O.Sit at the counter and split the cioppino!

    33333 by Kate O.

  • NorthBeach U.Try the crab cioppino - it’s awesome! Tip: take an Uber in North Beach for FREE (up to $20) anytime between now until Friday 12/20/13 using the promo code NorthBeachSF. (Excludes TAXI). #NBSF

    55555 by NorthBeach U.

  • Ibnu S.Their Monk fish was awesome

    55555 by Ibnu S.

  • Meg M.no frills. fish ok. but damn they aren't lying when they say they have the best cioppino in the city

    55555 by Meg M.

  • Andrea B.My very first cioppino. It was amazing!

    55555 by Andrea B.

  • Sherry S.Delicious risotto!

    55555 by Sherry S.

  • Amy V.Tried sand dab for the first time and very well done. Fresh generous blue cheese with wedge.

    55555 by Amy V.

  • Andrea F.The Cioppino is truly amazing!!

    55555 by Andrea F.

  • Gliano C.Si va sul sicuro. Senza orenotazione si fa un pondi coda, ma si viene ricompensati dalla qualitá del cibo decisamente ottimo in una bella location. Da non perdere

    55555 by Gliano C.

  • Sheli R.Awful customer service! Nasty old lady that takes the reservations! No customer service skills at all!

    11111 by Sheli R.

  • Carlo A.Hands down one of the best Italian seafood restaurant in SF! You must order "the damn best crab cioppino"ohhh my mouth is watering now! :)

    55555 by Carlo A.

  • Amy G.This is my favorite cioppino of all time. Every time I'm in the Bay Area, I have to come here. Plus they are super friendly!

    55555 by Amy G.

  • JoAnne K.Try the Linguini with Clams - Omg ! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by JoAnne K.

  • Amy P.Best cioppuno EVER.

    55555 by Amy P.

  • Vincent E.Fish is good, but service outstanding?? Not sure. Seen the waitresses touching the dog of a client and then serving the food. Don't like that.

    33333 by Vincent E.

  • Sarah C.The sole is delicious! Loved this place when visiting SF.

    55555 by Sarah C.

  • Jim A.Try the Seafood Linguini - Great dinner with @KPFA GM Andrew Phillips @onUnderCurrents Gregg McVicar & @aliceferris #NFCB2013 (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Jim A.

  • Jim A.Try the Seafood Linguini - Great dinner with @KPFA GM Andrew Phillips #NFCB2013 @undercurrentsradio & @aliceferris (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Jim A.

  • Holly H.sit at the bar and watch the cooking live and in person- its wonderfully camp and the food is bonissimo!

    55555 by Holly H.

  • Ray Y.$1.50 seasonal oysters all the time.

    55555 by Ray Y.

  • Mariana F.The cioppino is just amazing!

    55555 by Mariana F.

  • Eduardo O.100% recomendado! Muy bueno, además mientras esperas te dan vino!!

    55555 by Eduardo O.

  • MigelThe best seafood in SF.

    55555 by Migel

  • Andrew R.Ask for Shelli - she's amazing!

    55555 by Andrew R.

  • Vishal J.Ask for the dessert menu!

    33333 by Vishal J.

  • Matt O.This place is the BOMB. Seafood Risotto is the best I've had.

    55555 by Matt O.

  • Dionne W.Try the Sol Y Luna Especial - Delicious! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Dionne W.

  • Pamela P.Order the cioppino! The best in town!

    55555 by Pamela P.

  • Matthew C.Sit at the bar to see the action. Plus if you're waiting for a table they offer you free wine. Great place.

    55555 by Matthew C.

  • Eric A.The pasta with seafood is excellent…as is pretty much everything here. Wow!

    55555 by Eric A.

  • Eric A.Have a wait? They might offer you a glass of wine!

    55555 by Eric A.

  • John C.Get your name in early and grab a drink at one of the bars next door.

    55555 by John C.

  • Desa F.Linguine with clams was amazing. I love the employees sassy attitudes. :)

    55555 by Desa F.

  • schneidermike s.The cioppino broth is elite if you like it a tad sweet. It doesn't get better.

    55555 by schneidermike s.

  • Grace S.Cioppino & seafood linguine are solid! Remember to ask for bread to dip and add extra hot sauce to the cioppino for a kick! $1.50 Reyes oysters they had as a seasonal special were out of this world!

    55555 by Grace S.

  • Joe R.Get anything but the Cioppino... Just kidding!

    33333 by Joe R.

  • Scott C.Ask for the pink sauce.

    33333 by Scott C.

  • Gulgun DBest seafood i've ever had! Perfect people and perfect food.

    55555 by Gulgun D

  • BonobosBring a friend and share a pot of the cioppino. It's a must for seafood lovers.

    55555 by Bonobos

  • Phil L.Please stop coming, the lines are outrageous and that makes me sad

    33333 by Phil L.

  • Josh T.The seafood risotto is amazing. I would also recommend the clams here. Both dishes are great for sharing! And the service was top notch.

    55555 by Josh T.

  • Jeremy L.Best seafood in town! Say hi to Gigi, he's amazing.

    55555 by Jeremy L.

  • Rick C.The seasonal wild king salmon sauteed with garlic is heavenly!

    55555 by Rick C.

  • Mark W.Chefs choice with linguine - you cannot go wrong. Great atmosphere, great staff.

    55555 by Mark W.

  • Dee P.The seafood cioppino was definitely worth the wait! Wonderful staff and warm environment..

    55555 by Dee P.

  • Shannon M.Cioppino h8rs shd die. Best SF cioppino hands down, NO "crap fish" just sheer fresh, local, daily seafood love.

    55555 by Shannon M.

  • Anna C.Best cioppino in town!

    55555 by Anna C.

  • Timberly E.Best Boston clam chowder outside Boston!

    55555 by Timberly E.

  • Brian C45 min wait on a sat night. Park at north beach parking lot

    33333 by Brian C

  • Matt JThe cioppino is worth every penny.

    55555 by Matt J

  • Christine B.$1.50 oysters ALL THE TIME!

    33333 by Christine B.

  • Sasha H.The cioppinp was off the chizzo fo shizzle! Enough to share between 2 people, and we licked the plate clean. ;)

    55555 by Sasha H.

  • Laura D.Order the cioppino...the best I've ever had!

    55555 by Laura D.

  • Mike CFrom wine while you wait to a veritable vat of delicious cioppino... Definitely an experience worth having. Staff are a hoot.

    55555 by Mike C

  • Daniel A.Its definetly a must go in SF! Incredible italian sea food cuisine... You must come early or you will be standing a long time outside

    55555 by Daniel A.

  • Cherylynn N.Get the Cioppino w/ TONS of bread for dipping!!!

    55555 by Cherylynn N.

  • Clair K.Not a fan of the cioppino...found it tasteless, but share with someone if ur going to get it as it's huge and filling. The clam chowder and the scallop pasta are yummy though.

    55555 by Clair K.

  • Daniel MGreat seafood and great place to dine with your dog!

    55555 by Daniel M

  • Lynnet S.Best fresh seafood in SF!!!

    55555 by Lynnet S.

  • Frau FeliWow! This place is such an honest thing!!! Love it!

    55555 by Frau Feli

  • Jacquelynne S.Best Cioppine I've ever had. Really good service. Huge portions.

    55555 by Jacquelynne S.

  • Jason P.Dint be rude like the jack a$$ who was sitting behind me. Order ANY thing is is great. Staff is great. This is not your napkin sit down dinner. This is good home cooking fun!!! Good flair great food!

    33333 by Jason P.

  • Chip J.They are not lying about the Cioppino. This place is amazing!

    33333 by Chip J.

  • Jonathan D.Try the ciappino. It is amazing and huge. Don't go it alone :)

    55555 by Jonathan D.

  • Maricar KIt really is the "best damn cioppino". The clam chowder is a close second. Benita's Baccala (salted cod) served with bread is a delicious appetizer. Glenn, the server, will even tie your bib for you!

    55555 by Maricar K

  • Frank C.Gigi and the gang IT is The best Seafood and Service in North Beach415-398-3181

    55555 by Frank C.

  • The Parkcioppino with friends = mmmm

    55555 by The Park

  • Dave S.You MUST get the crab cioppino. The service is outstanding as well.

    55555 by Dave S.

  • Kathleen C.It's all seafood and so fresh. Our server was very knowledgeable about the diff. types of seafood. The place is small, so expect to get seated at the bar. Great place for oysters!

    55555 by Kathleen C.

  • Kate OlsonBest crab ever. Get the crab cioppino.

    55555 by Kate Olson

  • Catarina L.if u love seafood, u got to order crab capriccio

    55555 by Catarina L.

  • Mark H.Local crab.

    55555 by Mark H.

  • Tony M.Probably the best Italian Seafood I've ever had. Get the cioppino and you will die a happy person.

    55555 by Tony M.

  • JeremySaw someone eating here in a vid online, want to check it out.

    33333 by Jeremy

  • Vinit P.share a pot Cioppino (bib mandatory)

    55555 by Vinit P.

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