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511 Laguna St
San Francisco, CA 94102

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(415) 861-8887


  • Sunday: 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Monday: 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Thursday: 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Friday: 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm
  • Saturday: 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Cuisine: Bars, Japanese Restaurants, Sushi Restaurants

4.7 of 5.0 from 163 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Domo in San Francisco, CA
  • Domo in San Francisco, CA
  • Domo in San Francisco, CA
  • Domo in San Francisco, CA
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  • Domo in San Francisco, CA
  • Domo in San Francisco, CA

Domo Reviews

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  • Trucy P.Kobe beef roll is nice juicy and tender

    55555 by Trucy P.

  • Aadil HGreat sushi. Try the firecracker balls!

    55555 by Aadil H

  • Alexander K.They are open until 11pm but last call is at 10:30pm.

    33333 by Alexander K.

  • Alexander K.Great combination: miso soup, citrus salmon roll and castro roll.

    55555 by Alexander K.

  • Pavan CThe tuna spicy roll and veggie 🍣 were amazing . Nice cozy Hayes valley ambiance

    55555 by Pavan C

  • Mark TFantastic lunch special. Some of the best spicy tuna in the city.🌶🐟

    55555 by Mark T

  • Elizabeth B.Yummy and delicious, fireballs are great

    55555 by Elizabeth B.

  • Shelli ZGet the fried baby octopus! If it's not available, stuff on the board are usually better than the menu items.

    33333 by Shelli Z

  • Andrew C.Appetizer portions are generous and tasty. Get the firecracker balls and some nigiri and you're all set.

    55555 by Andrew C.

  • Rafal EVery good for lunch. Try spicy hulk

    55555 by Rafal E

  • Brooke AThe selection was slim and the rolls we did order were small and unimpressive. Locals: you guys have ranked this place #2 in the city... I am sure you can get out more to find better.

    33333 by Brooke A

  • Paul DThe butterfish is delicious!

    55555 by Paul D

  • Liza JOne of my favorite sushi spots in the city! Tiny space - you may have to wait.

    55555 by Liza J

  • Jennifer LInto this place! Amazing fresh sushi!! Great seaweed salad and the firecracker balls were so yummy!!

    55555 by Jennifer L

  • Christophe L.Order a chirashi without salad and salmon sashimi on the side.

    33333 by Christophe L.

  • Simon W.Busy in the evenings but a great spot for a weekday lunch, esp with the outdoor seating. Rolls are excellent - I particularly liked the Domo baked roll (pictured) and the Kobe Beef one

    55555 by Simon W.

  • Zoi JDomo, dragon rolls

    55555 by Zoi J

  • Raghav G.Killer for a casual sushi spot. Great presentation, great taste. Will be back many times. If you're looking for Tokyo level sushi, go to Tokyo. Or ju-ni.

    55555 by Raghav G.

  • Matt S.Worth the 30-40 minute wait. No omakase. Great sushi and sashimi. Skip the rolls.

    55555 by Matt S.

  • Alex PlutzerThe miso soup and nigiri specials are incredibles. Order off the board.

    55555 by Alex Plutzer

  • Travis R.Legit sushi. Affordable. Small.

    55555 by Travis R.

  • Mu-An 🐝Saba hit was amazing

    55555 by Mu-An 🐝

  • Miguel LQuiet place with excellent sushi

    55555 by Miguel L

  • Lene S.Salmon. Period.

    55555 by Lene S.

  • Jennifer Y.they are very generous with the spicy tuna roll if that's your thing 👌🏼

    55555 by Jennifer Y.

  • James LFirecracker Balls special were next level. That said everything is amazing.

    55555 by James L

  • Ruth BlidarThe wait is long but worth it! The nigiri was delicious!

    55555 by Ruth Blidar

  • Ryan LFood was wonderful.. Ate and drank with 5 people for less than $100.. Will come back again..

    55555 by Ryan L

  • KidhackGreat selection of fresh fish. Be sure to check the specials board for the freshest catch.

    55555 by Kidhack

  • Peiying WenSushi rolls are simple, unpretentious, but surprisingly delicious - my favorite kind. Perfect sake pairing goes to Cloudy Dreams.

    55555 by Peiying Wen

  • Steve GLunch special- the chirashi. They accommodated my shellfish and avocado allergies admirably.

    55555 by Steve G

  • Omer Z.Nothing fancy, but great fish with quick service and reasonable prices.

    55555 by Omer Z.

  • Theo AGet the fish tacos and the fire tuna balls! :)

    55555 by Theo A

  • Bea BCozy & delicious. What more could you ask for?

    55555 by Bea B

  • Leroy J.Hamachi carpachio

    55555 by Leroy J.

  • Keith TDelicious sushi

    55555 by Keith T

  • David J.I really enjoy the lunch special. Get that and share a roll and you'll have a filling lunch.

    55555 by David J.

  • Jan Michael NFire Cracker Ball are the bomb!

    55555 by Jan Michael N

  • Becca JDomo is really cozy and trendy. Cute spot in the heart of Hayes Valley. Pretty small and doesn't take reservations, so not good for big groups.

    55555 by Becca J

  • Julius T.All the apps are amazing

    55555 by Julius T.

  • DSquirrelyI forgot how tasty this place is. Monday night was not crowded so we were able to sit down right away

    33333 by DSquirrely

  • Ashwaq VFire tuna roll & Red Dragon are THE BEST!!!

    55555 by Ashwaq V

  • Jade PMonday to Friday lunch special is great and varied

    55555 by Jade P

  • Jess NThe domo and the alpha rolls were by far my favorite. The fish tacos were only ok.

    55555 by Jess N

  • Yera H.If you're looking for something with a kick, the fish tacos are insanely good and likely to be one of the most unique things you'll eat in SF.

    55555 by Yera H.

  • Yera H.$13 lunch special includes soup, salad and entree. Try the Chirashi. Beautiful and simple, but so fresh and delicious.

    55555 by Yera H.

  • Leysan AThis place's just too overpriced

    33333 by Leysan A

  • TollefIf you like fish tacos, don't get the fish tacos.

    33333 by Tollef

  • Jo MLove this little sushi spot! Delicious fish tacos (fried nori!), dragon rolls and the Old School Hama (was that the name?) was amazing!

    55555 by Jo M

  • Henri LirianiFish tacos are really interesting and tasty!

    55555 by Henri Liriani

  • Coralie NCrunchy California roll and Temptation were my favorites. Edamame is great too!

    55555 by Coralie N

  • Michael DuckerBest sushi in Hayes valley!

    55555 by Michael Ducker

  • Vivian CCute place. Fish is super fresh. Try the jalapeño wasabi roll if you are looking for a kick

    55555 by Vivian C

  • John M.service at lunch can be slow, but the sushi is great

    55555 by John M.

  • Jordan F.I've had pretty amazing salmon sashimi here. The place is tiny, so get there when they first open or be prepared to wait a bit. It's worth the wait!

    55555 by Jordan F.

  • Brian S.Underrated and fairly typical sushi menu, but the execution is so good. The fish is phenomenal -- especially the specials written in the mirror. Get kenmadai nigiri!

    55555 by Brian S.

  • Melon L.Very good, very fresh sushi but very limited seating. Get here early or plan to wait at least an hour. When you get seated, order everything, especially the sexy mama, fiesta roll and jalapeño hamachi

    55555 by Melon L.

  • Kevin M.Fish tacos and Domo rolls are great.

    55555 by Kevin M.

  • Judy AFireballs are amaze-balls;)

    55555 by Judy A

  • Kelly WongBest thing here were the fish tacos but not worth the price. The rest of the sushi rolls are really disappointing. Would pass and eat and o-toro down the street.

    33333 by Kelly Wong

  • Dave CummingsFantastically fresh, especially the butterfish

    55555 by Dave Cummings

  • Mu-An 🐝All things awesome, order whatever. A++ would come again.

    55555 by Mu-An 🐝

  • Danielle DavisFish tacos tacos fish tacos. You'll regret it if you don't.

    55555 by Danielle Davis

  • Andrey KlenPerfect sushi spot, 100 health score.

    55555 by Andrey Klen

  • Irina LeonidovnaSashimi is extremely fresh!

    55555 by Irina Leonidovna

  • Irina LeonidovnaSashimi is amazing, high quality, fresh. The fish tacos are different than I have ever tried, loved it!

    55555 by Irina Leonidovna

  • Lea Dessi-OliveBest sushi around, very knowledgable about what is gluten free and what isn't

    55555 by Lea Dessi-Olive

  • SFGateThis charming Hayes Valley spot focuses solely on seafood. Start with bites of crudo like salmon or uni, and don't miss cooked dishes like the firecracker balls and broiled salmon belly.

    55555 by SFGate

  • Megan DeWittThe shiitake roll is out of this world. Trust me.

    55555 by Megan DeWitt

  • Runqiu CaiSeared tuna tataki, hamachi carpaccio, hulk roll, chef's seasonal sashimi. Really melt in your mouth, sizable pieces of sashimi!

    55555 by Runqiu Cai

  • Ana LadygazpachoDifferent japanese food. Try the sushi suggestions that are on the board and not in the menu

    55555 by Ana Ladygazpacho

  • Hillary L.Super fresh sushi for a good price. Great service too!

    55555 by Hillary L.

  • Jan GemrichChefs special is good choice!

    55555 by Jan Gemrich

  • KaylanSAlways delicious, especially the Hey Girl roll

    55555 by KaylanS

  • Zoheb ViraniGreat place for a sushi date night

    55555 by Zoheb Virani

  • Yaron SExcellent sushi. Come early or put your name on the list with a phone number and go grab a drink around the area

    55555 by Yaron S

  • Aaron CFish tacos are bomb

    55555 by Aaron C

  • Danielle F.Best kept secret. Great sushi and the salmon sashimi melts in your mouth. VERY small inside with only a few tables, so come early for a cocktail while you wait or enjoy the outdoor seating

    55555 by Danielle F.

  • Karsten McVayCalifornia roll, spicy tuna, Domo roll, and of course, firecracker balls

    55555 by Karsten McVay

  • Jean-Michel HoffmanThe nigiri is awesome. Sit at the sushi bar and order the specials of the day. Reasonably priced for a good sushi restaurant in Hayes Valley.

    55555 by Jean-Michel Hoffman

  • Zaid BFish Tacos and Fire Cracker Balls are excellent.

    55555 by Zaid B

  • Alex M.Definitely recommend: sake nigiri, the Castro, Alpha, Dragon, and Domo rolls. So fresh and perfect for 2 people. Delish!

    55555 by Alex M.

  • Raj S.So happy with this neighborhood sushi spot. Their sake sashimi is so fresh it literally melts in your mouth.

    55555 by Raj S.

  • Jennifer Y.get every single one of the crudos!

    33333 by Jennifer Y.

  • David S.Look at that salmon!

    33333 by David S.

  • Sean GarrettThe fish tacos live up to the hype. Temptation roll was a good time.

    33333 by Sean Garrett

  • Frank W.Very generous portions of ankimo. Tasty hawaiian poké. Highly recommend both.

    55555 by Frank W.

  • Ty W.Ankimo crudo and whatever is fresh, ask.

    55555 by Ty W.

  • Mike W.This minuscule, relaxed spot serves up some seriously excellent sushi. Don't miss the Uni Crudo or Castro Roll & make sure to check out the specials board. Read all about it on WinstonWanders below!!

    55555 by Mike W.

  • Ju Hae L.Really great food but prepare to spend $$$

    55555 by Ju Hae L.

  • Kevin B.Like everyone else, I recommend the sushi fish tacos.

    55555 by Kevin B.

  • Nishant B.Ben Willis knows how to leave good tips. Tacos.

    33333 by Nishant B.

  • Andrew H.Look for Ben Willis' tip.

    55555 by Andrew H.

  • Gaurav B.The firecracker balls were just good. The domo and alpha rolls are awesome! Expect a bit of wait. Also, since its a small restaurant, its recommended to take post-dinner conversation outside.

    55555 by Gaurav B.

  • magrookI wouldn't recommend to take sashimi here (very average, better to take it somewhere else), but all the other things are great

    33333 by magrook

  • Bev Y.Weekend:: if they tell u the wait is 30mins, it's truly 90 mins.

    33333 by Bev Y.

  • Arianna S.Great lunch special: $13 for miso soup, lettuce salad, and chirashi (two items over rice!)

    55555 by Arianna S.

  • Mario S.Firecracker balls. Oh my god! Will blow your mind. This is the fried American version of sushi! Wow.

    55555 by Mario S.

  • Mario S.Best fish tacos in the city!

    55555 by Mario S.

  • John-Henry B.Awesome place, everything was good, next time I'll try the fish taco everyone was raving about.

    55555 by John-Henry B.

  • Vien N.Domo falls apart, tastest great

    55555 by Vien N.

  • Meghana D.They're carb-y, but you won't regret the firecracker balls. Order as an appetizer

    55555 by Meghana D.

  • AlexTry the fish

    55555 by Alex

  • Mihnea M.Firecracker balls showcase why this sushi chef is a true sushi ninja

    55555 by Mihnea M.

  • Austin S.Uni crudo FTW!

    55555 by Austin S.

  • RachelJust get the fish tacos. Trust me.

    33333 by Rachel

  • Takeshi O.fish tacos is AWESOME

    55555 by Takeshi O.

  • Rose A.Don't pass up on the crudo. I recommend the scallop & salmon. So good! And the Spicy Hulk is a delicious alternative for a roll without rice.

    55555 by Rose A.

  • Stuart C.Firecracker balls are dope

    55555 by Stuart C.

  • Narendran T.Awesome fish tacos

    55555 by Narendran T.

  • Ryan J.Fish tacos are a must have.

    55555 by Ryan J.

  • Blake S.Fish Tacos are amazing

    55555 by Blake S.

  • Garret S.This is a less well known sushi spot that is top notch. Domo roll, walu nigiri, fish tacos, hamachi Kama and you are set. Hope it doesn't get too popular

    55555 by Garret S.

  • Arturo V.Best sushi in the area.

    55555 by Arturo V.

  • Jeff W.Ryo will treat you right. Try the sushi fish tacos and any roll with trout.

    55555 by Jeff W.

  • Christopher A.Everyone says Domo Roll, but it's all about the Mac Daddy. Super delicious. And of course, the fish taco is amazing.

    55555 by Christopher A.

  • Sam X.Love this tiny sushi place. Price is reasonable and good for first date !

    55555 by Sam X.

  • Benjamin W.Crudos, fish tacos and shiitake are great variety and value.

    55555 by Benjamin W.

  • Peter K.Firecracker Balls. Off the hook. Also owner / sushi chef is awesome, and plays excellent hip hop .

    55555 by Peter K.

  • Liliana V.This is a really small restaurant. If you have finished your meal and you see people waiting out in the cold, please be courteous ans take your after dinner conversation to a local bar.

    33333 by Liliana V.

  • Shannon C.Contrary to foursquare this sushi spot is open for lunch and has fantastic choices - great and tasty Hayes Valley lunch option

    55555 by Shannon C.

  • Ro B.They use real crab in their California rolls.

    55555 by Ro B.

  • Armand G.owe-dah the fish tacos & fire cracker balls!

    33333 by Armand G.

  • Eric W.Try everything. Fish tacos are amazing. Tuna crudos too.

    55555 by Eric W.

  • Sara R.This is the best sushi I've ever had. And I've had a lot of sushi.

    55555 by Sara R.

  • Angie L.One of our favorite places for sushi in the city

    55555 by Angie L.

  • MichelleArrived at 5:15pm on Sunday when dinner service starts at 5:30pm. The sushi chef was very rude when telling us to come back in 15 minutes. We gladly spent $80 at Suppenkuche instead.

    22222 by Michelle

  • Sandeep A.Sit by the sushi chef... He is awesome and very friendly. Get the Dynamite Mussels, Fish Tacos and pay attention to the Nigri Specials on the board.

    55555 by Sandeep A.

  • Clarisse B.the firecracker was good but a little too heavy for me since they are legit deep fried. sashimi was so fresh.

    55555 by Clarisse B.

  • Rachelle P.Fish Tacos and Monkfish Crudos!!

    55555 by Rachelle P.

  • Mark H.Black snapper is off the hook.

    55555 by Mark H.

  • Ben R.Leave the soy sauce alone - nothing here needs it. Try the fantastic tacos, or the Fiesta Roll. Or anything else.

    55555 by Ben R.

  • Adam S.Fish...Tacos. omg.

    55555 by Adam S.

  • Heather F.Fire Cracker Balls are excellent! Finish with some strawberry mochi.

    55555 by Heather F.

  • Curtis C.The fish tacos might be one of the greatest things I've ever tasted

    55555 by Curtis C.

  • JesseFish tacos. Wow.

    55555 by Jesse

  • Delfina J.Best sushi in SF. Try the firecracker balls

    55555 by Delfina J.

  • Shaina E.Haven't eaten yet but they were so rude...didnt even greet us...we almost turned around and left

    22222 by Shaina E.

  • Leanne V.The best little sushi spot in SF. It's tiny; best to come alone or with a +1.

    55555 by Leanne V.

  • Aaron F.no takea the amex ;,,-(

    22222 by Aaron F.

  • Jon D.Sit at the bar and eavesdrop on some terrible first date conversations.

    33333 by Jon D.

  • Heather L.Firecracker balls and salmon lemon roll are the best!!!

    55555 by Heather L.

  • Loren S.Amazing! Always so fresh and delish! The crunchy spicy tuna is yummy!

    55555 by Loren S.

  • Michelin Travel & LifestyleThis Hayes Valley fave offers a modern take on sushi. The little spot makes goldfish bowls seem spacious. Get there early, or expect a bit of a wait. - Inspector

    55555 by Michelin Travel & Lifestyle

  • Charlie S.Fire cracker balls - as good as they sound.

    55555 by Charlie S.

  • Brunchaholics N.Try the Fish tacos and Domo roll!

    55555 by Brunchaholics N.

  • Ben R.Firecracker balls.

    55555 by Ben R.

  • Danny T.The Domo Roll falls apart most of the time but is delicious.

    55555 by Danny T.

  • Sarah L.Fish tacos! Way better than you think they'll be.

    55555 by Sarah L.

  • Jen A.Try the Sapporo And Sake - Fish tacos - get out of town. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Jen A.

  • Trisha F.Some time have the chef order for you- it's an amazing treat. Also hamachi cheek is unbelievable.

    55555 by Trisha F.

  • Grub CrawlLoved the firecracker and the domo. www.grubcrawl.com

    55555 by Grub Crawl

  • SFConciergeSo delicious, great vibe, nice service. Firecracker balls are a fave, but it's all super yum!

    55555 by SFConcierge

  • Darya P.The fish tacos are the best, most interesting thing on the menu.

    55555 by Darya P.

  • Jason S.Enjoy your sushi, it's delish!

    55555 by Jason S.

  • Kevin R.Try the sushi fish tacos, trust the mayor!

    55555 by Kevin R.

  • Mark G.Gotta love the green hulk - spicy tuna, cucumber, avocado and wrapped in cucumber - also there's no rice if you're watching your carbs!

    55555 by Mark G.

  • Kathleen B.Delish; albacore, veggie roll

    55555 by Kathleen B.

  • Victoria A.Crunchy California roll and Domo roll are the best.

    55555 by Victoria A.

  • Robert A.Grab your own bottle of sake from True Sake on Hayes before coming to Domo ($7-$15 corkage fee). Once there, I recommend the crunchy spicy tuna roll. Incredible.

    55555 by Robert A.

  • Chris U.sit at the bar if you can and talk shop with the brothers- kuo and rick.

    55555 by Chris U.

  • Jason SOwner Kuo Hwa is a great guy. Definitely get to meet him and bring your friends. Awesome sushi bar experience.

    55555 by Jason S

  • Angelo S.luke sung (owner) also owns Issa. Great sushi. Sit outdoors on balmy nights. Get a bottle of Orion and make sure to hit the Ankimo. P.s. they don't take amex--bah.

    55555 by Angelo S.

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