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Alexander's Steakhouse

448 Brannan St
San Francisco, CA 94107

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(415) 495-1111

  • Sun - 5:30pm - 9:00pm
  • Mon - Sat 5:30pm - 10:00pm

Cuisine: Coffee and Tea, Seafood Restaurants, Steak Restaurants

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4.6 of 5.0 from 106 reviews

price range:more than $50

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Alexander's Steakhouse in San Francisco, CA
  • Alexander's Steakhouse in San Francisco, CA
  • Alexander's Steakhouse in San Francisco, CA
  • Alexander's Steakhouse in San Francisco, CA
  • Alexander's Steakhouse in San Francisco, CA
  • Alexander's Steakhouse in San Francisco, CA
  • Alexander's Steakhouse in San Francisco, CA
  • Alexander's Steakhouse in San Francisco, CA
  • Alexander's Steakhouse in San Francisco, CA
  • Alexander's Steakhouse in San Francisco, CA
  • Alexander's Steakhouse in San Francisco, CA

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Alexander's Steakhouse Reviews

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  • 板津 魁.Skip everything else except the steaks! There steaks are expensive but great quality, everything else is just okay.

    55555 by 板津 魁.

  • Eric S.Amazing cuts of cow that you can't get at Morton's or Ruth's Chris. Be prepared for the check, or have a salesperson take you there if you have to listen to a spiel.

    33333 by Eric S.

  • David JIncredible Wagyu steaks. Pricing can be $50/ounce or even more...but it was the best steak I've ever had. Hamachi shots and foie gras are great too.

    55555 by David J

  • Stefan HThe steak was OK, but not as good as the price would suggest. The heating was broken and we were freezing all evening.

    22222 by Stefan H

  • EaterAlexander's dry ages its Omaha prime beef for 28 days. If you really want to go all out, you can sit at the $300-per-head chef's table or the $248 "study of beef" dinner for seven very meaty courses.

    55555 by Eater

  • Jia DToo pricey & no more cotton candy.

    55555 by Jia D

  • Warren L.My wife and I were gifted a dinner here on our wedding night. Our server was so insightful, friendly, yet a consummate professional. The food was as great as you expect. An incomparable experience.

    55555 by Warren L.

  • Hazim1st Vamazing but very expensive 😭 average for 1 person 200$ .. and the no1 is trio steak 👍🏻

    33333 by Hazim1st V

  • Joanna F.One of the top steakhouses in SF. Very $$$$

    55555 by Joanna F.

  • JcrowleyMeh. I've had way better steaks for half the price. But if you're already here, order the Fluffy Cheesecake for dessert. It was the one bright spot.

    33333 by Jcrowley

  • Abdulhameed YBeautiful place , great food and extremely nice staff

    55555 by Abdulhameed Y

  • Sarah B.Asparagus salad! Yum!

    55555 by Sarah B.

  • Joshua TBone in rib eye

    33333 by Joshua T

  • JenGaEverything

    55555 by JenGa

  • Regina W.Not as good as the cuppertino location

    33333 by Regina W.

  • Jose Kporciones pequeñas, gran sabor!!!

    55555 by Jose K

  • Wilson JAn interesting twist on the classic steakhouse due to its Asian influences dotted through the menu. Good selection of cuts and wine list. Sky high prices, however.

    55555 by Wilson J

  • Jess BLove the cotton candy

    55555 by Jess B

  • ilyas tekerYou should try Filet Mignon. Best ever 😉

    55555 by ilyas teker

  • Chris P.The uni toast is downright amazing. Creamy texture from the uni mixed with oxtail is an unexpectedly great pairing.

    55555 by Chris P.

  • Christophe L.The Equinox of steakhouses. Completely overpriced. And when you pay that much money for a steak, at least it shouldn't be covered with sauce.

    22222 by Christophe L.

  • Tatsuo LTry the Flavors Of Fall Soup - Turkey confit / sweet potato / cranberry / sage (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Tatsuo L

  • Tatsuo LTry the Dry aged bone-in filet (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Tatsuo L

  • Tatsuo LTry the Cotton candy - スイカ味のわたあめ。なにを言っているのかわからねーと思うが (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Tatsuo L

  • Ivan S.Omaha style steak marvellous!

    55555 by Ivan S.

  • Jacqueline X.Truffle edamame, mango soup, shishito peppers, wild mushroom, and of course steaks. It's great for birthday celebration.

    55555 by Jacqueline X.

  • Nathan L.Great steaks!

    55555 by Nathan L.

  • Paulina M.Get the hamachi shooters. Omg. So good.

    55555 by Paulina M.

  • Annie Ochoa BenitezGreat meat, great service. Pricey.

    55555 by Annie Ochoa Benitez

  • The Tastes that Make the CityThe hamachi shooters are the best hamachi in SF, making our list of "The Tastes That Make the City: SF Edition."

    55555 by The Tastes that Make the City

  • Kristen S.Yum the $28 burger

    55555 by Kristen S.

  • Michæl B.Service and atmosphere here are very good. Food is excellent but it is expensive.

    55555 by Michæl B.

  • Les EHad the 140oz prime rib, marble potatoes, blue lake beans, and wild mushrooms. Thought they were ALL great!

    55555 by Les E

  • Yisus MEverything we tried was fantastic... I will return gladly in the future

    55555 by Yisus M

  • Marc M.Best $315 6oz steak I've ever had. Tastes as good as an 8oz $60 steak for sure.

    55555 by Marc M.

  • squeaselBone marrow, pork belly, hamachi shots, and tasty red meats the price of small cars. Sometimes it's fun being a carnivore, and this is a decent place to celebrate it.

    55555 by squeasel

  • Brad T.18 years in the city and I can easily say one of the best (if not the) best steak in the city.

    55555 by Brad T.

  • Daniel SchierbeckYou'll get fantastic steaks at this upscale place. If you're lucky they'll have actual Kobe beef.

    55555 by Daniel Schierbeck

  • Ashley Jiwon Joo엄청 맛있는 스테이크...

    55555 by Ashley Jiwon Joo

  • Paul S.What @naveen said + *egg* salad and cotton candy

    55555 by Paul S.

  • Miel V.The apple pie thingy was really awesome!!!

    55555 by Miel V.

  • Steve S.Most overrated restaurant I've ever been to in my life. Sorry.

    22222 by Steve S.

  • TOMIChief if your reading this ❤️ I'm ready for a proposal like now 😁✌️ PleASe

    33333 by TOMI

  • TOMINow that's a restaurant that you really really REALLY feel good after .!! Lavender cotton candy is a MUST..!! 😍❤️

    55555 by TOMI

  • YaSaCotton candy to die for , I'm in love with the chief 😻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    55555 by YaSa

  • Amir M.Hamachi shots, tomahawk rib eye for two, brussel sprouts. All epic.

    55555 by Amir M.

  • Alexa (@ladylexy) A.Try the Hyogo A5 Grade 11 Kobe Ribeye - Nothing says true love like true Kobe beef. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Alexa (@ladylexy) A.

  • Bennett W.I've tried steak at Outback Steakhouse, Applebee's and Elephant Bar. I have yet to try out the steak meal here.

    55555 by Bennett W.

  • JeremyBone marrow so good!

    55555 by Jeremy

  • Raj S.Impeccable service and brilliant steaks. Medium rare was perfectly executed on the filet. Side portions may be a bit small for some, so generally speaking order a side per person at the table.

    55555 by Raj S.

  • Greg C.You want to try the Pork Belly and the New York steak. I get them every time I'm here.

    55555 by Greg C.

  • 布鲁诺Not impressed by the food, my steak was just average. Lot of smell coming from the open-air kitchen in the dining room. The service at least was good.

    33333 by 布鲁诺

  • Eugene W.Spendy but mostly worth it

    55555 by Eugene W.

  • Edgar R.Good dinner and nice meat selection. Although service was super slow (1-2 hrs to get dinner) and is on the expensive side (for a steakhouse)

    33333 by Edgar R.

  • mathias s.Where to start! Bonita sashimi. Beet and cauliflower salad. Gangsta Dry aged ribeye! Say what up to Justin at the bar! Try a Bullfighter!

    55555 by mathias s.

  • Jorge J.the ambiance the food the waiters top notch top class man everything about alfreds was phenomenal - expect to pay for all of this, although what is money if you cant enjoy the finer things.

    55555 by Jorge J.

  • Shirley L.Get the hamachi shooters, truffle edamame, and Tomahawk chop to share

    55555 by Shirley L.

  • allenAwesome food, awesome dining experience, awesome service !!

    55555 by allen

  • Nuno G.The Burger is one of the best in SF. Not on the dinner menu anymore, but you can still order it

    55555 by Nuno G.

  • S C.Ask about their special menu; only before 7!

    33333 by S C.

  • JJNiman Ranch steaks are great!

    55555 by JJ

  • Daniel S.Happy hour Hamachi shooters!

    55555 by Daniel S.

  • BanuYou can share the side dishes with a friend of yours, no need to order separately. You might receive well done steak if you ordered medim or very dry steak if you ordered well cooked.

    33333 by Banu

  • Carol L.The side dishes and Hamachi Shots were AMAZING.

    55555 by Carol L.

  • Emil E.The fish and seafood dishes are excellent, especially the crudos.

    55555 by Emil E.

  • Joshua R.The burgers are now more expensive and not as good as before.

    33333 by Joshua R.

  • ricky l.Great atmosphere, great service, great food...but the steak itself.was slathered with too many sauces and toppings. Cooked perfectly, but "less is more" when it comes to great steaks in my opinion.

    55555 by ricky l.

  • Allen A.The bone in New York strip is not 24oz of meat... The weigh in includes the bone.

    55555 by Allen A.

  • Allen A.The hamachi shooters are like sushi without the rice in a little shot glass. You must try half a dozen.

    55555 by Allen A.

  • Debra E.Bring lots of $$$ ... Free gourmet candy floss (that's cotton candy for you Yanks)

    55555 by Debra E.

  • Alec P.Try the hamachi shots (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Alec P.

  • Jane N.Go on Sundays, $40 for hamachi shot and prime rib!

    55555 by Jane N.

  • Daniel JBest steakhouse in town

    55555 by Daniel J

  • Joe K.Not your traditional steak house, it's good, but doesn't offer things you'd find at other steak houses, like a loaded baked potato.

    55555 by Joe K.

  • Joe K.Oh and the alexander's cuvee us awesome!

    55555 by Joe K.

  • Rachael C.The hamachi shooters are MUST!

    55555 by Rachael C.

  • Ryan S.The Shiso Bomb is a good, refreshing cocktail

    55555 by Ryan S.

  • Chris sCaesar salad is pretty good. A little salty though.

    55555 by Chris s

  • naveenstart with the shooters. and then the porterhouse will be the softest, most delicious thing you'll ever have

    55555 by naveen

  • Patrick W.Get the Cesar Salad. You won't be disappointed!

    55555 by Patrick W.

  • Ryan S.The Hamachi shooters are fantastic. Get one for everyone to start

    55555 by Ryan S.

  • Dave R.Hamachi shotters

    55555 by Dave R.

  • Jeff G.Were orphans here. Service is weird

    55555 by Jeff G.

  • Spencer S.I don't eat steak, yet this steakhouse made it on my list of amazing restaurants. Yes, it's that amazing. They give you cotton candy after your meal. The lobster is delicious. Also the asparagus side.

    55555 by Spencer S.

  • Seema K.Try caramelizing your cotton candy in the candle on your table. Just don't let the waiter see!

    33333 by Seema K.

  • Raul K.Tempura short ribs were tasty, Porterhouse with mashed potatoes and mushroom sides a winner. Neal Cabernet - thumbs up

    55555 by Raul K.

  • Cat D.hamachi shots to start + bone-in dry-aged filet mignon

    55555 by Cat D.

  • Marcel M.The hamachi shooters are really tasty. The Jalapeño gives it a nice small kick.

    55555 by Marcel M.

  • Marcel M.The Hummingbird cocktail (gin based) is BAD ASS.

    55555 by Marcel M.

  • martina s.ohmygosh the hamachi shots? to DIE for!

    55555 by martina s.

  • LTThe cotton candy at the end of the meal is fun and tasty. Otherwise, not super impressed by much of anything here. There are better steaks in the city and the prime rib is definitely better at HOPR.

    55555 by LT

  • VienBlack table cloth means VIP

    33333 by Vien

  • FoodspottingTry the Banana Cotton Candy

    55555 by Foodspotting

  • FoodspottingTry the Dry aged bone-in filet

    55555 by Foodspotting

  • FoodspottingTry the Dessert Cookies

    55555 by Foodspotting

  • Alexa (@ladylexy) A.Try the Dry aged bone-in filet - With truffle fixins

    55555 by Alexa (@ladylexy) A.

  • Soraya D.Try the Cotton candy - Mmmm. raspberry.

    55555 by Soraya D.

  • John H.Toms potatoes are awesome

    55555 by John H.

  • Paul D.If you get a steak get The Tomahawk, you won't be disappointed

    55555 by Paul D.

  • FoodspottingTry the Chocolate Mousse

    55555 by Foodspotting

  • FoodspottingTry the Red Velvet Cake

    55555 by Foodspotting

  • Clarissa J.Try the Roasted brussels sprouts

    55555 by Clarissa J.

  • Simonette L.Forget the over priced meats...just get the burger...it's so much more flavorful

    33333 by Simonette L.

  • Gary TCheck out the insane prices for a good laugh!

    33333 by Gary T

  • Andy AHamachi shots...YUMMY!!

    55555 by Andy A

  • AskMenGet ready for steak-centric dining with a dash of Japanese flair. Good news when the head chef promises a bar program worthy of this cocktail-crazy city.

    33333 by AskMen

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