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Morac Restaurant and Lounge

3122 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

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(415) 553-8966

Cuisine: Mediterranean Restaurants

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4.7 of 5.0 from 72 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Morac Restaurant and Lounge Reviews

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  • Damian BayonaCoffee is a very light blend with strong floral and fruit flavors best for milk based drinks. A cup of black coffee is too acidic for human consumption 🤢

    55555 by Damian Bayona

  • Luke B.Management changed, new owners and management are focused 100% on profit (even at the expense of quality). Unfortunately, Stanza is far from it used to be. Go to Four Barrel, Verve or ritual instead.

    33333 by Luke B.

  • JS1Lattes are good as is the pour over coffee.

    55555 by JS1

  • Roberto Cosenzafree wi-fi

    55555 by Roberto Cosenza

  • Roberto CosenzaCozy coffee place with good coffee. Their pastries may be a bit dry but I like the coffee. Not many tables, often busy. Perfect for a shot of espresso on the way to work

    55555 by Roberto Cosenza

  • Rob DPlenty of seating and passable coffee, although there are better options in the area. Espresso was a bit sour

    33333 by Rob D

  • Grace DCute, cozy, yummy and sweet mocha. Plus outdoor seats at both front and back of the shop!!!

    55555 by Grace D

  • Peiying WenGreat pour over coffee! Internet is pretty slow though.

    55555 by Peiying Wen

  • Amber L.The coffee is amazing! The staff is the typical unapproachable coffee snob, but they know what they're talking about when they do talk

    55555 by Amber L.

  • Kunal P.I come here more for the seating than I do for the coffee or pastries.

    55555 by Kunal P.

  • Nana ZReally quiet place, great for working!

    55555 by Nana Z

  • Chloe DCool back patio seating area.

    55555 by Chloe D

  • Luke B.Recent renovation makes the cafe more spacious and welcoming to visitors; Also makes socializing privately easier. Worth checking out!

    55555 by Luke B.

  • Luke B.For wifi, the password is electric sheep; If the internet is slow (or broken), use the Pork Store's wifi (password: ilovebacon)—If you're going to use the wifi, buy something and tip for good service.

    33333 by Luke B.

  • Mikahla VicinoLots of room to work. Grab a chai and get comfortable.

    55555 by Mikahla Vicino

  • Alyssa B.a laptop nation

    55555 by Alyssa B.

  • Emily M.It'd be one thing if the baristas were singing and it sounded good. But yodelling baristas made me want to die.

    55555 by Emily M.

  • kev/nullThey have outdoor seating in the back.

    55555 by kev/null

  • Ashley M.They use different roasters, both local ones and ones that are just good regardless of how far they're shipped. There's an outdoor space that's quiet. Use the wifi from the place next door.

    55555 by Ashley M.

  • Eunice Kokornice place to work, though coffee and slightly overpriced pastries are sub-par

    55555 by Eunice Kokor

  • SarahGreat pourovers! There's usually a few seats open. Great for working.

    55555 by Sarah

  • The Mini John VI live the open backyard space <3 cool place to chill, drink your coffee and get some work done

    55555 by The Mini John V

  • Danielle DavisIced almond chai !! So nom.

    55555 by Danielle Davis

  • Dogs Gone HappyOutdoor seating and wifi. Not to mention the coffee, which is also pretty good. I only had a batch brew, but it was worth the money.

    55555 by Dogs Gone Happy

  • Ben R.Iced Coffee is fantastic.

    55555 by Ben R.

  • Brad FriedmanGreat coffee carefully prepared and served. Nice place to sit and get some work done. Awesome patio in the back!

    55555 by Brad Friedman

  • William D.If you can deal with the sexually graphic paintings and drawings on the walls, its a sweet little place for Thai Tea

    55555 by William D.

  • Daniel AronWhen the line at Four Barrel is rediculous this place does perfectly great coffee

    55555 by Daniel Aron

  • Lydia K.om nom nom scones

    55555 by Lydia K.

  • CrewPlugs at every booth. Wi-Fi password: ilovebacon

    55555 by Crew

  • Nitasha T.This place is lovely. Good (if pretentious!) coffee, they're playing Modern Lovers, the quiche was not too heavy, and there are plugs and wifi. I live here now.

    55555 by Nitasha T.

  • Schlomo R.Dirtiest Coffeeshop in the Mission. Always.

    33333 by Schlomo R.

  • Jared R.There are couches on the back patio. Also plenty of space work.

    55555 by Jared R.

  • Jenny Q.Lovely outdoor area in the back. Come here to get some work done or read a book on a sunny day

    55555 by Jenny Q.

  • Justin S.Come for the cozy booths up front.

    55555 by Justin S.

  • Charlotte BlommestijnBest coffee on the block, and great place to work. Pastries are good but overpriced

    55555 by Charlotte Blommestijn

  • Mark D.Nice enclosed patio in front. Perfect for people watching.

    55555 by Mark D.

  • Jordan F.They have soy milk.

    55555 by Jordan F.

  • Kylor HallGreat espresso.

    55555 by Kylor Hall

  • Scott JBest third-wave coffee prep in the area. Their cappuccinos are better than Four Barrel and the French press is cheap and usually made on demand.

    55555 by Scott J

  • Ian BallardGet the cappuccino. Do it. You won't regret it. Maybe.

    55555 by Ian Ballard

  • Elliot L.Free coffee & $4 cup of wifi

    55555 by Elliot L.

  • Jasmine S.Be nice. The staff here is kind. Sit out back if you can.

    55555 by Jasmine S.

  • Jake K.This place has come a long way since they first opened. Gone from my-first-pourover to a great cafe with a awesome space

    55555 by Jake K.

  • Alayna R.Just discovered their great back patio space. Super cozy and sunny.

    55555 by Alayna R.

  • Bikash M.When ordering the cappuccino, ask for it dry otherwise it shows up as a latte.

    33333 by Bikash M.

  • Andrew Creally nice baristas!

    55555 by Andrew C

  • Will BrownSlow as hell. Faster to walk to Four Barrel and wait in line.

    33333 by Will Brown

  • Jeff T.A pour-over coffeehouse where craft & quality are paramount. Techniques from Japan, beans from Kenya & Ethiopia. Served by locals who love their work. Spacious + wifi. Jazz playing. Outdoor tables.

    55555 by Jeff T.

  • Henry W.Great chai if you like it spicy. Don't pass up on the banana bread. The crunchy topping and icing make it phenomenal.

    55555 by Henry W.

  • Ayush K.They like to play their music really LOUD for some reason. Not a good place to take calls.

    55555 by Ayush K.

  • Mike B.Limited tea selection :( not for tea lovers.

    55555 by Mike B.

  • Marie S.Barrista is a prick...it's just coffee

    55555 by Marie S.

  • Jeff EPumpkin bacon quiche. NOMS.

    55555 by Jeff E

  • Michael P.This place is like a punchline for how stupid San Francisco has become. $4.00 for literally the smallest coffee I have ever purchased. Complete ripoff. Go to Philz or Rogers. Way better coffee there.

    33333 by Michael P.

  • Veronica P.They make a good chia and they back out door seating with heaters. Great for a private small party.

    55555 by Veronica P.

  • BernardPretty good coffee. Up there with blue bottle and four barrel although 4B is still my fav

    55555 by Bernard

  • Joseph CohenWeak service, good enough coffee, beautiful space with wifi and courtyard.

    55555 by Joseph Cohen

  • Stefanie S.Black Jet pastries; a perfect place to work.

    55555 by Stefanie S.

  • Eddie C.The fancy pop tarts are quite amazing.

    55555 by Eddie C.

  • Tom P.The long table across from the counter is a perfect height to use as a standing desk. If you're into that kind of thing.

    33333 by Tom P.

  • Christina M.Less interior pull than the Haight St. location but coffee is just as strong//delicious. $8 cup is worth a try, once.

    55555 by Christina M.

  • Ro B.Quiet patio in the back.

    55555 by Ro B.

  • Sefi K.One of the prettiest espresso machines you'll ever see

    55555 by Sefi K.

  • Charissa F.Walked in and stood for several minutes at the counter, but no one ever appeared. Someone was clucking like a chicken in a back room. I left - the cookies looked good, though!

    22222 by Charissa F.

  • Michael K.The outdoor space out back is pleasant and has couches and headlamps. A rare find and not obvious.

    55555 by Michael K.

  • Paul M.They also do tea.

    55555 by Paul M.

  • Meghana D.Stylish, laidback ambience, perfect for work / study. Wifi network / password: PorkStoreCafe / ilovebacon

    55555 by Meghana D.

  • Camille B.Shared wifi with Pork Store. Password is: ilovebacon

    55555 by Camille B.

  • Lindsay E.The latte is great, but the place lacks ambience. It looks like they're still using the furniture from the old hookah place?

    55555 by Lindsay E.

  • Sachin A.Hipsters who just learned how to do pourover from a YouTube video. But there are plugs at every booth and the coffee's pretty good.

    55555 by Sachin A.

  • ben CNot a bar! A coffeehouse. Strong lattes.

    55555 by ben C

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