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Lung Shan Restaurant

2234 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

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(415) 863-2800


  • Monday: 11:30 am - 10:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 11:30 am - 10:30 pm
  • Wednesday: Closed
  • Thursday: 11:30 am - 10:30 pm
  • Friday: 11:30 am - 10:30 pm
  • Saturday: 11:30 am - 10:30 pm
  • Sunday: 11:30 am - 10:30 pm

Cuisine: Delis

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4.5 of 5.0 from 234 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Lung Shan Restaurant in San Francisco, CA

Lung Shan Restaurant Reviews

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  • Colin RThere is legit, non-hipster Chinese food in this town. Every single plate of food came spicy. Don't get me wrong, I like me some spice but this was overkill. Spice shouldn't overpower the flavor.

    33333 by Colin R

  • Bikash M.Expect some heat in most things!! Cumin lamb, chicken wings and Ma po tofu for the win!!

    55555 by Bikash M.

  • ISC C.This is what Americanized-Chinese food should be. Plus, huge portions and socially responsible: win-win!

    55555 by ISC C.

  • ISC C.Most people are aware it's inside a different storefront; interesting no-frill decor

    55555 by ISC C.

  • ISC C.Westlake Rice Porridge (Dungeness crab, medium rare brisket, egg, cilantro)

    55555 by ISC C.

  • Iñaki TLamb ribs OMG, and do the green beans of course.

    55555 by Iñaki T

  • Kevin B.It's all about the kung pao pastrami.

    55555 by Kevin B.

  • Michael D.Interesting combos: we loved the pastrami, green beans, and all the various fried rice. Best Chinese food I've ever had.

    55555 by Michael D.

  • Ed VSalty!! Why so salty? Food is interesting but too expensive!

    33333 by Ed V

  • Jay BFantastic, tasty and tongue numbing! Pickled cucumber, kimchi and beijing greens were great..fried chicken with vinegar dip was amazing! Not your typical SF Chinese. Mission, grungy decor!

    55555 by Jay B

  • Jaakko CThe mapo tofu is delicious!

    55555 by Jaakko C

  • Deddy S.We ordered beef ribs....came out all bones. Very disappointed

    22222 by Deddy S.

  • Andrew B.Broccoli beef

    33333 by Andrew B.

  • Prateek MMarket Greens with cheese.. Genius

    55555 by Prateek M

  • Jowey WCop the kung pao pastrami. Delicious.

    55555 by Jowey W

  • Max W.Spicy chicken bowl was really good. Dumplings were bad. Not classic Chinese but super interesting.

    55555 by Max W.

  • Danni CHip and trendy Chinese Sichuan food with a twist. Non-greasy, non-authentic. Yes, deliciously spicy menus numb your tongue and mouth! I enjoyed their mapo tofu, cooked bacon, and kung pao pastrami.

    55555 by Danni C

  • Jole P.The pastrami dish is surprisingly delish. And the noodles w peanut sauce numb your mouth in a good way haha

    55555 by Jole P.

  • Hariharan V.Lots of delicious spicy food. Every dish was greqt

    55555 by Hariharan V.

  • Anthony JAbsolutely order the fried chicken with the tangy, vinegary sauce that accompanies it 👌🏽Easily some of the best in SF.

    55555 by Anthony J

  • Andres D.Amazing, authentic chinese food. Expect a wait. Food is spicy.

    55555 by Andres D.

  • Sydney @Beef broccoli

    33333 by Sydney @

  • Francesca 9Salted cod fried rice was fantastic. Liked the King pao pastrami but found it to be quite salty.

    55555 by Francesca 9

  • Anthony JCould easily eat the thrice cooked bacon and rice cake on s weekly basis 👌🏽. And the hamachi was too damn good not to come back for.

    55555 by Anthony J

  • Dakota cTheir Chow Mein is delectable.

    55555 by Dakota c

  • Brandon M.Thrice. Cooked. Bacon.

    33333 by Brandon M.

  • Paul N.Stop reading tips and just order anything on the menu

    55555 by Paul N.

  • Chloe DGreat price! Yummy dishes.

    55555 by Chloe D

  • SarahDon't get takeout or delivery. It'll be way too greasy.

    55555 by Sarah

  • Grace S.Ginger and scallion noodles!

    55555 by Grace S.

  • Frances JamesSolid shareable Chinese dishes.

    55555 by Frances James

  • Zi WangHoly **** this place is worth all the hype. We only had the Kung Pao Pastrami but it was straight up heaven.

    33333 by Zi Wang

  • Double DOver priced fusion food, expect half size on noodles.

    33333 by Double D

  • Hendrik JGreat food, amazing dumplings! Beware: spicy is spicy, though.

    55555 by Hendrik J

  • Marc CharbonneauYou might not think so, but the Chinese Burrito is actually really good.

    55555 by Marc Charbonneau

  • Aravind R.Schezwan peppercorn chicken wings is an oral rollercoaster

    55555 by Aravind R.

  • Scott R.Outstanding cuisine.

    55555 by Scott R.

  • Laurence B.Kung pao pastrami seems like a really weird idea until you take your first bite, and then it suddenly seems so obvious you'll wonder why nobody else is doing it

    33333 by Laurence B.

  • Sean M.Bacon. Weird salad thing

    33333 by Sean M.

  • Adam R.Ribs are fantastic

    55555 by Adam R.

  • Yaniv CBest Chinese I ever had !

    55555 by Yaniv C

  • Berk ZKung Pao Pastrami + Chicken Wings \m/

    55555 by Berk Z

  • Jiexi CaoTheir selling point is being tacky. Food is solid, but that atmosphere is not so appetizing... Would probably order take out from now on

    55555 by Jiexi Cao

  • Hei-Yu CStunning creative Chinese fusion food. Crispy pork ribs with coca cola sauce and the pork belly is freakin' awesome! Worth waiting a bit. Worst interior ever - in a awesome way.

    55555 by Hei-Yu C

  • Candid CuisineGet the thrice cooked bacon here! One of the few restaurants opened in Mission District late at night

    55555 by Candid Cuisine

  • Melis LAcı seviyosanız mongolian long beans kesinlikle denemelisiniz ayrıca et seviyorsanız beef with brokoli süperrr 👍👍 eti o kadar güzel pişirmişler ki yumuşacık, agzınızda eriyo 😉🍗

    55555 by Melis L

  • Mark IThe Sour Chili Chicken and the Fresh Rice Noodles!

    55555 by Mark I

  • Noah W.The best Chinese food hands down. Get everything so spicy you can't feel your lips. Thrice cooked bacon, Kung pao pastrami, ma pao tofu makes a perfect meal for two.

    55555 by Noah W.

  • Shannon C.the 3x cooked bacon is worth the hype. Schmaltz rice is also amazing.

    55555 by Shannon C.

  • RaynaAte so much here: Tea smoked eel, mapo tofu, egg noodles, chongqing wings, and Sichuan pickles!!

    55555 by Rayna

  • Morgan BMapo doufu was just as it should be: very spicy, lots of mala

    55555 by Morgan B

  • Derek PMa Po with mushrooms is a new staple in my Chinese dining

    55555 by Derek P

  • Kevin RipperI was very drunk here but I said, "This is the best Chinese food of my life," at least 10 times. Hard to have a bad choice here, but Ma Po Tofu with pork stands out for me

    55555 by Kevin Ripper

  • JackieThey put the Má in Má Pó Tofu.

    55555 by Jackie

  • Lauren MacNot just overrated, but downright bland. The fried rice fish dish everyone raves about is basically a huge plate of flavorless carbs. So overpriced, little flavor.

    22222 by Lauren Mac

  • Peiying WenMapo tofu with mushrooms is a genius invention. Must have!

    55555 by Peiying Wen

  • Rem KoningEverything! But the chicken heart and peanut salad is especially tasty. Order in to avoid long lines.

    55555 by Rem Koning

  • Rebecca W.Everything is good. Squid ink noodles delicious. Tiki pork belly crisped outside tender inside to perfection. Tea-smoked eel mix of textures amazing.

    55555 by Rebecca W.

  • Alex JGood food but really salty. Great service

    55555 by Alex J

  • Kim P.Worth the hype to try at least once! Must order: the salted cod fried rice and pork belly. Skip: the eel rolls.

    55555 by Kim P.

  • Yusun ChungI liked it but I don't think it's worth the wait. It's overpriced hip modern Chinese food. I would only go if it's late enough to avoid waiting.

    55555 by Yusun Chung

  • Jeshua B.It's terrible in all the right ways.

    22222 by Jeshua B.

  • Frost L.Good if order online but I won't wait in line for it.

    33333 by Frost L.

  • Nikolai SkoglundGeneral tso's veal rib is amazing. But beware it's a lot of food

    55555 by Nikolai Skoglund

  • The Tastes that Make the CityThe kung pow pastrami is the best pastrami in SF, making our list of "The Tastes That Make the City: SF Edition."

    55555 by The Tastes that Make the City

  • SFistThis popular Chinese spot has an array of delicious choices including some signature ones like the salt cod fried rice, tea-smoked eel, and kung pao pastrami.

    55555 by SFist

  • Frances JamesBe prepared to wait (although, as of Jan '15 I heard they're taking rezzies??) Solid shareable Chinese dishes.

    55555 by Frances James

  • Eatosaurus RexYeah, the Salt Cod Fried Rice is probably the most popular item on the menu, but if you want to shit fire order the Ma Po Tofu. I don't know why I said that like its a good thing.

    33333 by Eatosaurus Rex

  • Reesa KashukCod fried rice and the rice cakes were out of this world good!

    55555 by Reesa Kashuk

  • Runqiu CaiAmazing chicken wings, mapo tofu, braised pork with pork rinds

    55555 by Runqiu Cai

  • Diana WongEel roll, tiki pork belly, spicy beef chow mein

    55555 by Diana Wong

  • StefanMSG shakers if you eat in!

    33333 by Stefan

  • Max B.thrice cooked bacon is the bomb. the rice cakes inside are perfect.

    55555 by Max B.

  • Justin W.The mapo tofu is my favorite. Order as many dishes as you can for family style, they're all awesome and most of them have Sichuan peppercorn. Delicious.

    55555 by Justin W.

  • Henry WuWorst "chinese" food I've had in awhile. Kung pao pastrami tastes like leftovers cooked by a clueless chef

    22222 by Henry Wu

  • Jennifer O.Everything was so good! But beware of the spice. Just one "fire" was a lot more spicy than I can handle. Next time I'll stick with the dishes with no "fire".

    33333 by Jennifer O.

  • James PadenSeems overrated, but still good

    33333 by James Paden

  • LuckyNo idea what the hype is about MCF ?! Worse food we have had last 2 yrs! Dumplings avg, wings overfried (lil meat), broccoli&brisket cheap meat AND Fresh Rice Noodle made 2 of us 3 literally vomit!

    22222 by Lucky

  • Nicole M.Best Chinese food I've had in the bay!

    55555 by Nicole M.

  • Nicole AptekarOddly enough, the vegan version of the spicy bacon&rice cakes is unbelievably delicious.

    55555 by Nicole Aptekar

  • Kevin L.The wings have a dusting of Szechuan pepper, which is like taking a taser to the mouth but more addictive.

    55555 by Kevin L.

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Mission Chinese Food as seen on Heat Seekers , Unique Eats

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Ken TThe thrice-cooked bacon and rice stick is to die for. The salt cod fried rice as a good staple.

    55555 by Ken T

  • Florian K.The squid inked noodles with house chorizo lamb is unique and delicious

    55555 by Florian K.

  • Trevor F.What's not good here? Love the thrice cooked bacon, beef brisket & broccoli, egg-egg noodles, squid ink noodles, shrimp pea dumplings and basically everything else. Toss it down with a few Tsing Taos.

    55555 by Trevor F.

  • Exklu SiwFast service, typical Chinese, good price

    55555 by Exklu Siw

  • Ty W.The food is good, but the dragon decor is the best.

    55555 by Ty W.

  • Stephen L.Sweet looking place

    55555 by Stephen L.

  • Amber LoweyKung Pao Pastrami $13 http://missionchinesefood.com/sf/

    55555 by Amber Lowey

  • Jeffery W.This place. I will be back.

    55555 by Jeffery W.

  • Demetrius B.Awesome vegan options per Camella!

    55555 by Demetrius B.

  • Carollyn P.Deliciously creative food. Not your grandmother's Chinese food.

    55555 by Carollyn P.

  • Andy MatuschakOne of the most interesting restaurants in the city. Incredible value.

    55555 by Andy Matuschak

  • Patrick W.The food has seen better days. Without Danny Bowien at the helm, the quality has dipped and you either get spicy without depth or not spicy at all. There's better Chinese to be had in Outer Sunset

    33333 by Patrick W.

  • Timothy C.General Tso's Veal Rib is fantastic; fav dish was prob the Squid Ink Pasta with Lamb Chorizo. Wow.

    55555 by Timothy C.

  • ken baldwinthe place everyone in SF talks about - get there early or go for lunch. the line usually fills up quick for dinner. I never waited bc my roomie was the chef haha

    55555 by ken baldwin

  • Alisson X.Try the tiki pork belly and the breakfast fried rice which is new on the menu!

    55555 by Alisson X.

  • Lily T.The odd thing about this place is, you need to completely ignore the name of the restaurant to enjoy it.

    33333 by Lily T.

  • Jordan YoungAlways go with the Kung Pow Pastrami

    55555 by Jordan Young

  • Vindu G.A big disappointment after trying the amazing NY outpost. Great pork belly, though.

    55555 by Vindu G.

  • Geo C.The smoked tea eel is actually a roll, and a very awesome one at that. The mapo tofu is unique and one of the best ma po tofus I've had.

    55555 by Geo C.

  • Ajesh S.Thrice cooked bacon (vegan) version is to die for!

    55555 by Ajesh S.

  • ShabeebMa po tofu is a must,

    55555 by Shabeeb

  • Kyle M.Awesome Szechuan fusion food.

    55555 by Kyle M.

  • John T.Wow. There should be a Mission Chinese in every city.

    55555 by John T.

  • Lauren C.Best Chinese food I've ever had.

    55555 by Lauren C.

  • Vikas V.Anyone who liked the Ma Po Tofu, please tell me whats good about it? It looked good, except it had an aftertaste of cleaning fluid.

    33333 by Vikas V.

  • Lynn H.Thrice cooked bacon and cumin lamb ribs are awesome! Better food and shorter wait than the one in NYC.

    55555 by Lynn H.

  • Travel + LeisureDespite the hour-long wait, the food is worth it. Founding chef Danny Bowien calls his cuisine “Americanized Chinese food”; think fiery kung pao pastrami and a cardamom-laced beef brisket soup.

    55555 by Travel + Leisure

  • Seth B.Popular as fuck. If you have no time but really want the excellent food, order out.

    33333 by Seth B.

  • Marc M.The comments don't lie: salt cod fried rice + pork belly.

    55555 by Marc M.

  • Guillaume L.Get the pork belly!

    55555 by Guillaume L.

  • Taran A.Get there by 5pm for instant seating. Try the explosive chicken wings, the thrice cooked bacon, and the tiki pork belly. You will SO thank me.

    55555 by Taran A.

  • A B.Find the flavor of happiness in Grandma's Spicy Lamb Dumplings.

    55555 by A B.

  • Taran A.Get there by 5 for instant seating. Try the chicken wings and the thrice cooked bacon. It's just the best food.

    55555 by Taran A.

  • Bryan Y.Unique take on Sichuan Chinese food with dishes like kung pao pastrami and thrice-cooked bacon. Both are excellent and spicy. Don't miss the tiki pork belly or the chicken wings!

    55555 by Bryan Y.

  • Tara R.LOVED THIS PLACE. Ma po tofu was good (a lil hyped) but the Thrice Cooked Bacon?! WOW. Well deserved hype. So glad we ordered. Unassuming front, got inside and it was full. Best meal of my vacation.

    55555 by Tara R.

  • Lamar G.This place stole my heart first when I heard the music, then when I started to grub. The cumin lamb is fire!

    33333 by Lamar G.

  • Aileen S.Horrible waitress and service!!! After she purposely spilled food on us and we asked for a compensation she said "thats fucking ridiculous" and later she said "I can say whatever the fuck I want"

    11111 by Aileen S.

  • Gerardo C.The General Tso's Veal Rib and the Pork Belly are absolutely amazing.

    55555 by Gerardo C.

  • norm p.Bathroom is straight through the kitchen at the back of the restaurant.

    22222 by norm p.

  • Kelly R.UNF. Get the pork belly, veal ribs, and thrice cooked pork! My company really enjoyed the cumin lamb as well.

    55555 by Kelly R.

  • Adama very creative american take on chinese food, in a good way. but pastrami for instance is in things. and i highly recommend those thigns.

    55555 by Adam

  • Bfortch F.wings are mouth-tingly crazy. you might be thinking about them days later.

    33333 by Bfortch F.

  • Elliot C.Best food I've ever had!!

    55555 by Elliot C.

  • Mark C.Thrice Cooked Bacon is wonderful and superhot, the General Tso veal just melts in your mouth. The perfectly selected music help to make this a don't not miss location

    55555 by Mark C.

  • ConiGeneral Tso's Veal Rib has the most drool-worthy sauce.

    55555 by Coni

  • Dan D.Be prepared to sit at the communal table, especially if you have fewer than 4 in your group.

    55555 by Dan D.

  • Joy J.Rocked my world

    55555 by Joy J.

  • Tom B.Make sure you have not eaten before you go here, as you really should appreciate all the food they have on offer.

    55555 by Tom B.

  • Brian T.Anthony Bourdain recommends the Kung Pao Pastrami for a spicy Hangover cure

    55555 by Brian T.

  • Nathan M.The new Rosé from Santa Rosa (no pun intended), is amazeballz!

    55555 by Nathan M.

  • Bel R.It was a mission to the bathroom afterwards because the 3x cooked bacon was hella greasy.. but it was good tho! yeah, really liked the porridge too.

    33333 by Bel R.

  • mcldiebelTry the tiger salad - always the first thing to order (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by mcldiebel

  • mcldiebelTry the Braised Watercress With Azuki Beans And Pumpkin (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by mcldiebel

  • mcldiebelTry the Stir-Fried Pork Jowl & Winter Radishes (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by mcldiebel

  • KrisPork belly, yum!

    55555 by Kris

  • Donny P.Salt cod fried rice is SUPER good. Tea smoked eel is also great!

    55555 by Donny P.

  • Tinna H.Make sure to get the tea smoked eel!

    55555 by Tinna H.

  • Valentina S.Easily the coolest place to eat. The tiki pork belly is to die for. You are going to want to put that spice on everything!!

    55555 by Valentina S.

  • Zachary R.They do both takeout and delivery. Beat the wait for a table.

    55555 by Zachary R.

  • Pamela S.Order the congee if you want some flies in your soup...

    33333 by Pamela S.

  • Aaron C.The General Tso's veal rib is the kind of dish that's delicious enough to convince you to utterly compromise any vestige of dinner table etiquette you may have been foolishly maintaining until now.

    33333 by Aaron C.

  • Jessica V.This place is da BOMB.

    55555 by Jessica V.

  • timoni w.Thrice-cooked bacon and basically anything else.

    33333 by timoni w.

  • Nika V.Waiting is long And The food is over rated

    33333 by Nika V.

  • Susie D.Try the Sliced Peanut Noodles - #vegan #vegetarian #delicious #coldnoodles #bestchinesefoodinsf

    55555 by Susie D.

  • Chris B.Veal is huge at $18 bucks....

    55555 by Chris B.

  • Stephen DTry everything

    55555 by Stephen D

  • Kaeisha SFood is worth the wait!!

    55555 by Kaeisha S

  • Olivia K.first rate Chinese in a low key traditional decor. don't forget to try the rice porridge !

    55555 by Olivia K.

  • Shiree D.Try the Mongolian Long Beans

    55555 by Shiree D.

  • Dona W.Smoked Beef Brisket in Cardamom broth. Like I died and went to flavor Heaven...

    55555 by Dona W.

  • Adam L.It's been said 100 times before, but get the thrice cooked bacon...Immediately. Seriously.

    33333 by Adam L.

  • Colin L.Good music including the Rolling Stones. Something you don't normally hear at a Chinese restaurant.

    55555 by Colin L.

  • Iris C.salt cod fried rice is the best. stir-fried sweet peas has a nice spicy kick to it.

    55555 by Iris C.

  • Adrian B.Try the salt cod fried rice...it's #1 on 7x7's Big Eat SF 2012

    55555 by Adrian B.

  • Ros d.The chilli wings here are devastating. I'm sure they firebombed cities with them once.

    33333 by Ros d.

  • Manisha M.Salt cod fried rice is delicious! The chicken wings have an interesting kick to them.

    55555 by Manisha M.

  • Thom P.Watch out! Everything in this place is spicy. Nice that they keep the water carafe full.

    55555 by Thom P.

  • Dhruv B.Ma po tofu, lamb, and thrice cooked bacon are fantastic. Chicken wings are way too salty, inedible by our entire group. Great place overall for food, ambiance, and music.

    55555 by Dhruv B.

  • Ziyan C.wings are way too salty! even after we sent it back for a replacement

    22222 by Ziyan C.

  • Zachary R.They do local delivery; fast and easy!

    55555 by Zachary R.

  • Ryan J.Cumin lamb is stellar.

    55555 by Ryan J.

  • Abe T.The Kung Pao Pastrami was amazing!!!!

    55555 by Abe T.

  • Ada B.Yummi! Best food I had in the last month. We had Szechuan Pickles, Blabla Tofu and Sizzled Lamb. Very hot and very well. Go on, guys! Love it here.

    55555 by Ada B.

  • Bobby K.Take out sucks big time. Might not come here again. Was a usual.

    22222 by Bobby K.

  • VegNews MagazineCritics' darling Mission Chinese Food has A+ vegan options, but the Tiger Salad always wins. This roll packs Chinese herbs and crunchy lettuces, drizzled with hot chili oil and turnip vinegar.

    55555 by VegNews Magazine

  • Daniel L.I don't always go for Chinese food, but when I do, I prefer lamb face, chicken hearts and gansta rap. This place is pretty unique :) great food :)

    55555 by Daniel L.

  • Larry C.Try the Kung Pao Pastrami (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Larry C.

  • Adam F.The thrice cooked bacon, general tso's veal rib, and salt cod fried rice are not to be missed. Also, the mix of 90s rap and Beatles/Hendrix/Queen is pretty unbeatable.

    55555 by Adam F.

  • Lenka F.Totally loved this place. Both soup and cod fried rice were delicious. Only the chicken wings were not so great but the overall impression was just great.

    55555 by Lenka F.

  • Felix S.Never full at lunch!

    55555 by Felix S.

  • I C.Menu changes every month

    55555 by I C.

  • Stephanie A.If you don't want to wait in line, they deliver! Ma po tofu FTW

    55555 by Stephanie A.

  • ChadTry the Kung Pau Pastrami - Super spicy! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Chad

  • Ori S.Another hole in the wall... haven't ate there but heard great things. The sign outside could be miss leading though

    33333 by Ori S.

  • Tristan H.Don't sit under the peppers in the window unless you want to cough and sneeze a lot!

    22222 by Tristan H.

  • Erin N.Ma Po Tofu, Mongolian Long Beans (spicy!) and Salt Cod Fried Rice

    55555 by Erin N.

  • Clara K.they don't have ice. the restaurant is called lung shan.

    33333 by Clara K.

  • Bkwm J.General Tso's veal rib - pretty amazing!

    55555 by Bkwm J.

  • Bkwm J.Trifried bacon - pretty interesting combo of ingredients!

    55555 by Bkwm J.

  • Bkwm J.Wings r little too dry...

    33333 by Bkwm J.

  • VEVOChef Danny Bowen's take on regular Chinese food using more interesting combos. It's a balance of fine dining technique and value.

    55555 by VEVO

  • Ellie R.Pork belly, shrimp lo mein, and the fried bacon stuff. Yes.

    55555 by Ellie R.

  • Kelly P.Everything is too salty

    55555 by Kelly P.

  • Chito P.They have some good good authentic original cuisine from the far east, it's a must to visit place when in town and craving yum yum Chinese

    55555 by Chito P.

  • The Bold ItalicGet the Kung Pao Pastrami. Bold Italic writer Beth Pickens would walk a hundred miles to have her mouth scorched by it. Pretty high praise!

    33333 by The Bold Italic

  • MimiBroccoli beef cheek, a genius take on an American classic

    55555 by Mimi

  • EvaRight on...Ma Po Tofu for days. Thrice cooked pork belly for years. Don't forget a trip to the restroom for some Chinese techo tunes.

    55555 by Eva

  • Behrad B.The dishes served here are simply amazing! I highly recommend the Chicken Wings with Explosive Chili Pepper, the Sizzling Cumin Lamb and the Ma Po Tofu.

    55555 by Behrad B.

  • Lokkju B.Not impressed - skip the line, go somewhere else. While the spices are perfect, the meat is all low quality and extremely fatty.

    33333 by Lokkju B.

  • Brian Y.Definitely have the salt cod fried rice! Ma po tofu is delicious but beware it's very spicy!

    55555 by Brian Y.

  • Alex C.I have one suggestion and one suggestion only; VEAL. VEEEAAAAAALLLLLLL (avoid punching hipsters in the face as well)

    33333 by Alex C.

  • Jessica H.cold sesame noodles - $8

    33333 by Jessica H.

  • Brian S.7x7's Big Eat 2012 says the salt cod fried rice is delicious. Yum!

    55555 by Brian S.

  • Brian S.7x7's Big Eat 2012 says the salt cod fried rice is delicious. Yum!

    55555 by Brian S.

  • Chang Hui C.Salt cod fried rice is delicious! Authentic yang chow style fried rice with a twist. Horribly bad service though

    55555 by Chang Hui C.


    55555 by Michael G.

  • jonathan g.Vegetarian - Thrice cooked "bacon"

    55555 by jonathan g.

  • Ernie H.This place is open for lunch, which means less waiting for dinner!

    55555 by Ernie H.

  • 99designsIt's a hipster Chinese food restaurant! They have a more eclectic selection than a typical Chinese place, and everything is deliciously spicy. - Kaitlyn Ellison, Community Intern

    55555 by 99designs

  • Travel ChannelServing classic Chinese recipes and some of Chef Danny’s own creations. As recommended by Travel Channel host, Anthony Bourdain.

    55555 by Travel Channel

  • Joel A.Ma Po Tofu is hot and spicy!

    55555 by Joel A.

  • Doc P.Try the Szechuan-style cucumbers - Great appetizer to split with friends.

    55555 by Doc P.

  • Aaron K.I always get the salt cod fried rice but you really can't go wrong. If there is a long wait, get take-out.

    55555 by Aaron K.

  • lenny n.Salt cod fried rice and tiger salad. Good god.

    55555 by lenny n.

  • Jérôme T.Chicken wings are hawt!

    55555 by Jérôme T.

  • Sf I.Bring a flashlight!!!

    33333 by Sf I.

  • Bon Appetit MagazineThe cumin lamb belly? Fiery and addictive. Warm egg custard with duck confit and sea urchin? Brilliant. Hot-and-sour pork dumplings made to order? Further proof that MCF is no accident.

    55555 by Bon Appetit Magazine

  • Ryan K.Amazing kung pao pastrami!

    55555 by Ryan K.

  • EaterTry crossing the studied, Sichuan-laced creations of a workhorse young chef with a kickback dive atmo pumped up by ghetto rap and a 60-foot dragon. [Eater 38 Member]

    55555 by Eater

  • Cherylynn N.Don't be shocked if you're the ONLY Asian person in there...

    22222 by Cherylynn N.

  • Cherylynn N.Hybrid of Old Muslim, Spices and Beijing. Get the Trice Bacon, Pork Belly and Beef Cheeks w/ Broccoli.

    55555 by Cherylynn N.

  • SF WeeklySF Weekly’s Best Of 2011 Winner – Editorial Pick – BEST NEW RESTAURANTA raucous Chinese restaurant with a hip-hop soundtrack and a paper dragon stalking diners from the ceiling...

    55555 by SF Weekly

  • SF WeeklySF Weekly's Best Of 2011 Winner - Reader's Poll - BEST CHINESE RESTAURANT

    55555 by SF Weekly

  • SFGateThe dining room may not be much, but dishes like salt cod fried rice and lion's head meatballs are amazing. 75 cents of each main course goes to charity.

    55555 by SFGate

  • Grub CrawlThe pork belly is to die for. www.grubcrawl.com

    55555 by Grub Crawl

  • joannelet timoni order.

    22222 by joanne

  • Jason PTingly Lamb Soup, get it, you've never had anything like it

    55555 by Jason P

  • Patrick W.Ma po tofu is spicy good and a big order. Mongolian beef cheek, thrice cooked beef, and sizzling cumin lamb are other reasons why this is a top Chinese eat

    55555 by Patrick W.

  • youngmi m..75 of every item you order goes to charity.

    33333 by youngmi m.

  • Tim V.Stealthily enclosed within Lung Shan Restaurant, if offers "insanely tasty" "updated Sino small plates" (thanks Ramon C)

    55555 by Tim V.

  • jean tU will see sidney or bin here if not u just missed them...

    33333 by jean t

  • AskMenTry the Peking duck "chinito" or a succulent whole roasted chicken in ginger & wine sauce. Eat-in, take-out or have it delivered - no matter how you get it, the food is crazy good.

    55555 by AskMen

  • Christian A.Starting July 5, it's Mission Chinese Food

    55555 by Christian A.

  • Darwin D.Every Thursday is Homage Series night when they honor a different iconic chef weekly. A MUST!

    55555 by Darwin D.

  • John C.Went for French "hommage" night. Everything except the cold raw clams was awesome. Lamb with black curry, and olive oil cake were favorites

    55555 by John C.

  • Jason PDon't bother getting the Lung Shan vegan delight, nothing special, always available at Lung Shan on non-MSF days.Bring your own wine or beer to save cash.If they have a Pork Belly _______, get

    55555 by Jason P

  • Ryan JSeared foie gras.

    55555 by Ryan J

  • Adam S.Go to Mission Street Food. Sit in Adam's section. Overuse the "f" word when speaking to him.

    22222 by Adam S.

  • Oliver ESpecial gourmet night with Aza and Craig Mod

    55555 by Oliver E

  • Molly O.Secret. Breakfast.

    55555 by Molly O.


    55555 by Josh S.

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