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Kokkari Restaurant

200 Jackson Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

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(415) 981-0983

  • Sun - 5:00pm - 10:00pm
  • Mon - Thu 11:30am - 10:00pm
  • Fri 11:30am - 11:00pm
  • Sat 5:00pm - 11:00pm

Cuisine: American Restaurants, Greek Restaurants, Mediterranean Restaurants

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4.9 of 5.0 from 222 reviews

price range:$26 to $50


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Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
  • Kokkari Restaurant in San Francisco, CA

Kokkari Restaurant Reviews

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  • Jenn M.Good food and fun times. I came for my birthday and had a reservation. Table was 30 min delayed but manager made up for it with us which was nice of him. Attentive service.

    33333 by Jenn M.

  • Derek LGrill lamb rib

    55555 by Derek L

  • Dr. Ahmad Dمن اجمل مطاعم الاستيك 😍👍 المكان رايق وهادي وفخم ❤️ الخدمة ممتازة ولايفوتكم اللقيمات 😋😋

    55555 by Dr. Ahmad D

  • Anton S.Also try the grilled rack of lamb with Greek flavors of oregano and lemon, roasted over the wood fire.

    55555 by Anton S.

  • Dave AGreat restaurant! Staff friendly & knowledgeable. Everything is fantastic, especially the desserts.

    55555 by Dave A

  • Ben KOrder the lamb riblet appetizer

    33333 by Ben K

  • Nick HZucchini cakes with tzatziki were delicious as was the octopus. My lamb shank was luke warm and even when heated up the orzo was way too salty. For such a high price and high rating I expect better

    33333 by Nick H

  • Athena C.Try the Grilled Octopus - (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Athena C.

  • Athena C.Try the Baklova - (via @Foodspotting)

    33333 by Athena C.

  • Brad T.One of SFs consistently great restaurants. Go for whatever fish they have that day and never look back.

    55555 by Brad T.

  • Reema NOctopus + moussaka + lamb chpos .. the greek salad was okay.

    55555 by Reema N

  • Omnia CNice place with good food👌🏽

    55555 by Omnia C

  • Jessica JIncredible, has a loyal customer following. Love the mezes, sampling more of everything. Book in advance or arrive just before 5pm and head straight for the bar to claim the much sought after spots.

    55555 by Jessica J

  • Neoshi C.Always worth the wait to get a table! Mezethes are delicious and the service is top notch. Save room for dessert.

    55555 by Neoshi C.

  • ReemzPretty much everything on the menu is amazing. Favourite appetizers include the zucchini cakes and grilled prawns

    55555 by Reemz

  • Nishant AThe zucchini cakes were delicious. The only vegetarian main course item (ravioli) was disappointing.

    55555 by Nishant A

  • Maria sOne of the best dining experiences. Lamb chops were tender and flavorful. Octopus was the best I've EVER had and I've had a lot of octopus. A must!

    55555 by Maria s

  • Doug d.As many have noted, the zucchini cakes are a fabulous appetizer. They're flavorful, creamy, cool, hot, savory, and have a wonderful crunch.

    55555 by Doug d.

  • Matt N.Amazing Greek spot in SF. Meatballs were perfect.

    55555 by Matt N.

  • michael t.Always awesome Greek Food. An SF institution.

    55555 by michael t.

  • Subhadra A.I've been here several times over the past few years and it's always incredible. Order as many apps and desserts as possible -- they're all amazing!

    55555 by Subhadra A.

  • Sam B.Holy zucchini cakes! Not to be missed, along with the lamb meatballs and the whole grilled fish of the day.

    55555 by Sam B.

  • Bryan HenryThe octopus and lamb souvlaki were amazing!

    55555 by Bryan Henry

  • Michael CZucchini cakes were great. The account ran out of Macallan and the manager sent out for a bottle and made for a great night.

    33333 by Michael C

  • Tom AEverything is good. Petrale sole is always my go to with spanikopita, zucchini cakes or meatballs as an appetizer. Oh and don't forget a side of roasted potatoes.

    55555 by Tom A

  • David M.Octopus salad is a must.

    55555 by David M.

  • Zorg DAmbiente, atención y calidad. ¿Qué más se puede pedir en este sitio? Las costillas de cordero son casi un "must".

    55555 by Zorg D

  • Melanie M.We started with the baked feta and the grilled, stuffed calamari (both delicious). We had 3 people, so we chose 2 entrees - the chicken and ribeye, & they sliced it for us to share!

    55555 by Melanie M.

  • Wilson JElegant space and delicious Greek fare though sitting squarely on the high end of the scale. For those who know and love Greece and its simplicity it feels a bit chichi.

    55555 by Wilson J

  • Adnan M.Love this place. Order a few appetizers to share, the calamari and zucchini cakes are excellent, also the grilled cheese. For the main course, the Moussaka is amaaaaazing. Great wine options.

    55555 by Adnan M.

  • Lauren MacYou can't order wrong here. From the roasted carrots & grilled prawns, to the lamb ... Everything is impressively flavorful & cooked perfectly. New favorite. Get the Sokolatina for decadent dessert!

    55555 by Lauren Mac

  • Lada KGreek salad

    55555 by Lada K

  • Elias @Try ordering a lot of small dishes to share to get the most out of it like the spanakotiropita, Saghanaki and octopus. For desert the loukomades and Greek yoghurt are solid Greek originals as well.

    55555 by Elias @

  • Odile DLamb and tzatziki. Octopus. Book in advance

    55555 by Odile D

  • Ryan M.Great service and amazing food!

    55555 by Ryan M.

  • S K.This place is very vegetarian friendly. Lots of great dishes!

    55555 by S K.

  • Nikos B.DONT MISS THIS PLACE! perfect ambassador of Greek cuisine and hospitality. The lamb chops and galaktoboureko dessert are to die for. Make a reservation. Sister restaurant of Evvia in Palo Alto.

    55555 by Nikos B.

  • Craig V.Beautiful atmosphere and people.

    55555 by Craig V.

  • Jason K.Amazing grilled fish and appetizers

    55555 by Jason K.

  • Kamran M.Lamb chops were fantastic

    55555 by Kamran M.

  • Miles MThe Moussaka is delicious,

    55555 by Miles M

  • David MoranCame here by recommendation. I normally don't order the top sellers but in this case I must say the grilled octopus as a starter + lamb chops as entree + any dessert and coffee is a sure bet. Enjoy!

    55555 by David Moran

  • Adam P.Considering the ratings, the food was good, but not great. Dessert was the best part of the meal. Cocktail was also disappointing.

    55555 by Adam P.

  • Drew 5.the octopus is ecstacy

    55555 by Drew 5.

  • Kattia H.Excellent wine selection and appetizers to have a nice start for a night. Freshly made bread with amazing Greek olive oil to accompany.

    55555 by Kattia H.

  • Megan KFried smelt!!

    33333 by Megan K

  • Alyssa R.Daria is amazing

    55555 by Alyssa R.

  • Drew TAll the meats are fabulous!

    55555 by Drew T

  • Gayle cGoose was amazing ! Great appetizers and outstanding main courses.

    55555 by Gayle c

  • Zi WangHonestly where do you start... Food? 10. Ambience? 10. Service? 10. The smelts and the octopus, the lamb chops and the baklava... Come here and never see food the same way again.

    55555 by Zi Wang

  • Christopher B.Ask for pikilia.

    55555 by Christopher B.

  • Sara PBest lamb chops !!!

    55555 by Sara P

  • Nicole AGoat stew is amazing

    55555 by Nicole A

  • Vanessa GonzalezAntes que nada. Reserva vale la Pena. For starter Zucchini cake and octopus. Main course the sea bass with lemon, and the lamb chops.

    55555 by Vanessa Gonzalez

  • Azzam VPerfection

    55555 by Azzam V

  • Azzam VEverything!

    55555 by Azzam V

  • Brendan CurranIf the goat stew is available, you would be doing yourself a huge disservice not to order it.

    55555 by Brendan Curran

  • Jessica CFine dining at its best! The Lamb Shank is succulent & flavorful, goat stew is a favorite among celebrity guests and the desserts.. let's just say you have to try the Baklava or the Galaktoboureko!

    55555 by Jessica C

  • Helenhow do you spell octopus salad? D E L I C I O U S.

    55555 by Helen

  • Yogesh KKalamata pita is pretty good safe option for first-timers.

    55555 by Yogesh K

  • Montserrat oSimply delicious! Highly recommended the Kolokithokeftethes !!

    55555 by Montserrat o

  • Jenny Q.Giant beans, smelt, goat stew, roast pork (or whatever the daily roast is)

    55555 by Jenny Q.

  • Siahou JFrijoles gigantes, costillas de cordero, branzino

    55555 by Siahou J

  • JoAnne K.Okay. Too pricey for the food.

    33333 by JoAnne K.

  • CristinaThis place is absolutely amazing. From the pita and tzatziki to the lamb to the yogurt sherbet with strawberry granita (life changing) everything was amazing. And Michael was the best waiter ever!

    55555 by Cristina

  • Christopher rThe whole fish is my go to.

    55555 by Christopher r

  • Bandar Eمطعم يوناني جميل عندهم القهوة والمصقعه والستيك شي ثاني

    55555 by Bandar E

  • Michael SThe Greek coffee is perfect

    55555 by Michael S

  • Marshall S.Baklava Ice Cream

    55555 by Marshall S.

  • SFGateKokkari is a grand restaurant in the old style, with wide-planked wood floors and a fireplace with a rotisserie big enough to cook haunches of meat and a dozen chickens at one time.

    55555 by SFGate

  • Lena Y.EVERYTHING here is delicious. I'd recommend the whole fish, the octopus salad, or the souvlaki. And be sure to save room for the baklava too - you won't regret it!

    55555 by Lena Y.

  • Carson C.Get the rotisserie. It's different daily and always amazing.

    55555 by Carson C.

  • megan m.I almost wish the menu were smaller since it was so hard to decide what to get!

    33333 by megan m.

  • Amir BehbehaniTop spots in SF. Everything is good here; you can't go wrong. Staff is great, too!

    55555 by Amir Behbehani

  • Mark DanielTres fantastique

    55555 by Mark Daniel

  • Daniel SchierbeckThe lamb chops are amazing!

    55555 by Daniel Schierbeck

  • Christian T.All of the appetizers are great. I recommend the Zucchini cakes and baked feta

    55555 by Christian T.

  • The Tastes that Make the CityThe hearth-grilled lamb chops are the best lamb chops in SF, making our list of "The Tastes That Make the City: SF Edition."

    55555 by The Tastes that Make the City

  • Katherine L.Zucchini cakes are a must

    55555 by Katherine L.

  • Anna C.Citrus salad

    55555 by Anna C.

  • John Melas-KyriaziThe octopus here is phenomenal.

    55555 by John Melas-Kyriazi

  • Elina ✈The food is unreal. Just go because no amount of reviews online can describe just how good the food is here. The service is impeccable and everyone that works there is extremely nice and knowledgeable

    55555 by Elina ✈

  • Rob BrosnanExquisitely prepared Mediterranean food and a voluminous wine selection with plenty of old world wines. The cuisine is less adventurous than I had hoped.

    55555 by Rob Brosnan

  • Mustafa Ferhan AkmanOrdekli manti ve Balik yemenizi (levrek veya cipura) siddetle taviye ederim. Bu ikisini helal yiyecem olarak degerlendirdik.mojito virgin diye istediginizde mojitonuzu alkolsuz getiriyorlar, muhtesem.

    55555 by Mustafa Ferhan Akman

  • Rosanne A.Mangiare😍

    55555 by Rosanne A.

  • Xanthe TravlosLamb chops!

    55555 by Xanthe Travlos

  • Dana V.Baklava ice cream is delicious!!

    55555 by Dana V.

  • James J.So freaking amazing good. The whole fish was excellent as was almost everything else we had. Top it off with the rice pudding.

    55555 by James J.

  • Jocelyn KinseyBest lamb I've ever had

    55555 by Jocelyn Kinsey

  • Elina ✈The BEST Greek restaurant in San Francisco! Great atmosphere, delicious food. Try the Grilled Octopus, the Chicken Souvlaki, Spanakopita, Stuffed Grape Leaves (λαχανοντολμάδες), and Zucchini Cakes.

    55555 by Elina ✈

  • HHOrder the Arnisia Paidakia, grilled lamb chops (medium rare) and Kokkari potatoes. Succulent, filling, and delicious.

    55555 by HH

  • EaterGet the zucchini cakes, hearth-grilled lamb chops, and baklava ice cream.

    55555 by Eater

  • Raphael M.Most amazing food I've ever had. Not overstating it. No contenders.

    55555 by Raphael M.

  • Ethan C.Best lamb chop

    55555 by Ethan C.

  • Chefs FeedMarisa Churchill, chef of Author of Sweet & Skinny cookbook, eats here on her nights off. She loves the Marithes tiganites.

    55555 by Chefs Feed

  • Renato HoyleLamb, fish, wine

    55555 by Renato Hoyle

  • Kelly WongKnown for their lamb dishes, but also try their sea bass!

    55555 by Kelly Wong

  • Carlos ErustesFantastic food and atmosphere. Worth to try. You will come back

    55555 by Carlos Erustes

  • Ashok L.Amazing atmosphere, great for romantic dinners and also for small groups. This is Greek/Mediterranean restaurant but very different food from what we come to expect from a Greek place but awesome food

    55555 by Ashok L.

  • Nishchaie hZucchini cakes are to die for!

    55555 by Nishchaie h

  • Madhu M.I liked the appetizers more than the mains. Watermelon salad w feta, octopus and lamb chop were all great.

    55555 by Madhu M.

  • Alexander P.Everything. Such a great decor and so delicious foods. Try the specials.

    55555 by Alexander P.

  • David K.The cheese appetizer will blow your mind.

    55555 by David K.

  • MelAmazing lamb. Excellent dining experience.

    55555 by Mel

  • Steve AndroulakisAmazing place. The lamb is to die for.

    55555 by Steve Androulakis

  • Chelsea D.#FabuLIST #DubiDO lamb riblets, saghanaki, zucchini cakes, and greek salad. Just order a bunch of appetizers and have a tapas style meal

    55555 by Chelsea D.

  • Shane B.Great zucchini, asparagus, & goat stew!

    55555 by Shane B.

  • Ericão MLoved the atmosphere. I recommend.

    55555 by Ericão M

  • Melissa EdgarLamb skewer.

    55555 by Melissa Edgar

  • Fulya KThe Lamb Shank is to die for!!!

    55555 by Fulya K

  • Chris SA whole lot of deliciousness! Can't go wrong with anything on the menu

    55555 by Chris S

  • JesseIf you are from the east coast do not waste your time at this place. It is mediocre Greek food at upscale prices. Super disappointed.

    33333 by Jesse

  • Meghana D.Appetizers: zucchini cakes, lamb meatballs, prawns won't disappoint. Main: lamp chops!!

    55555 by Meghana D.

  • Murat SoyupakLamb chops, branzino, lamb riblets

    55555 by Murat Soyupak

  • iMshaari ALTryyyy their moussaka 😍😍😍

    55555 by iMshaari AL

  • Ashley Jiwon JooGreat place. Have to make the reservation and be on time to be seated without waiting in lines. Food and the service was awesome!!

    55555 by Ashley Jiwon Joo

  • Van SLamb chop yummy :)

    55555 by Van S

  • Murat SoyupakLamb riblets

    55555 by Murat Soyupak

  • Michelle K.Lamb chops!!!

    55555 by Michelle K.

  • MehrnazBest Greek restaurant in SF.

    55555 by Mehrnaz

  • Lena Y.Grilled octopus salad... Get it! I usually don't even like octopus but this was delicious. Also- save room for dessert. You won't regret it.

    55555 by Lena Y.

  • AnthonyStart with the saganaki, then move on to the whole fish or the lamb chops

    55555 by Anthony

  • Demitri P.Marithes (fried smelt) are a must!

    55555 by Demitri P.

  • EaterIt's hard to deny its appealing meld of Cal-Greek fare, a wood-burning hearth, and urban vibe. The zucchini cakes, hearth-grilled lamb chops, and baklava ice cream are all perennials.[Eater 38 Member]

    55555 by Eater

  • Katherine L.grilled octopus pls

    55555 by Katherine L.

  • Majo J.Ask for the octopus and the zucchini cakes!

    55555 by Majo J.

  • Kunal M.Loved the dolmathes and the zucchini cakes!

    55555 by Kunal M.

  • Viki B.Hands down the best bone in rib eye in town

    55555 by Viki B.

  • Jack H.Soda refills are not free unlike the Palo alto location

    55555 by Jack H.

  • mohammed A.Best restaurant where I ate in my life

    55555 by mohammed A.

  • ShawnFucking AMAZING! Don't overthink what you order.

    55555 by Shawn

  • Jennifer  K.Best damn restaurant for real deal Greek. Rustic, stylish -- the apps are the main draw: cheese , dips, octopus. Start there and share mains. Highlight was the baklava ice cream!

    55555 by Jennifer  K.

  • Sherin J.The food was amazing with a huge variety to select from. The service was very friendly and professional

    55555 by Sherin J.

  • Sonya N.Jillian was the best waitress we have had in awhile. So attentive and gave us great service. We would go back just because of her. Food was really good.

    55555 by Sonya N.

  • Kris K.Get the "Psari Psito" (traditional grilled whole fish)

    55555 by Kris K.

  • Yazeed A.The best resturant in san francisco. Try the lamp chops amd the grilled octopuse.

    55555 by Yazeed A.

  • Sam F.Order the Lamb Burger and forget all of your worries.

    55555 by Sam F.

  • Salim M.Meatballs starter is excellent. As are the prawns. Greek salad also delicious

    55555 by Salim M.

  • Ami D.Dessert was amazing!

    55555 by Ami D.

  • Adamfancy. awesome.

    55555 by Adam

  • HeatShould the agency and a client need a private dining experience, Kokkari has the perfect room, and cuisine that brings a group together. It’s all delicious, you can’t order wrong.

    55555 by Heat

  • Lauren S.Not a bad dish on the menu!! Excellent service. Great sommelier. Eat a few small dishes and few entrées family style at the table.

    55555 by Lauren S.

  • Andrew L.I daresay this is the best restaurant in SF. The staff make you feel like family at every turn. You must try: octapodaki, arnisia plevrakia, moussaka, souvlaki, rizogalo. NB make a reservation!

    55555 by Andrew L.

  • Catie C.Gorgeous spot!!! Take a date. Get some wine. Sit by the fire or by the kitchen... But every seat is good.

    55555 by Catie C.

  • Cornelius J.The lamb chops are awesome!!

    55555 by Cornelius J.

  • Ben R.Order whatever is on roasting on the spit.

    33333 by Ben R.

  • Serhiy Z.Reservations - the useful tip

    33333 by Serhiy Z.

  • Mohamed R.It's a good restaurant but not much variety really. The prices are ok.

    55555 by Mohamed R.

  • JuliaExcellent service. The owner was amazing and so was the atmosphere. Try the watermelon salad and the zucchini cakes are to die for!

    55555 by Julia

  • Jason L.You can't go wrong with the zucchini cakes and smelts appetizers.

    55555 by Jason L.

  • Eirini P.The best galaktoboureko

    55555 by Eirini P.

  • Michael G.The lamb dishes are among the best in the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

    55555 by Michael G.

  • Benjamin W.don't miss the octopus, fried cheese, whole brazino, and goat stew

    55555 by Benjamin W.

  • Agnes SBest Greek place in SF!

    55555 by Agnes S

  • Soosie C.I made my own "greek" version of surf & turf: start off with lamb meatballs then enjoy the halibut as your main course. End the night with the sundae with extra whip cream.

    55555 by Soosie C.

  • Kim A.2 words: fried cheese. yum! saghanaki was awesome as were the lamb kabobs! comfy and classy - a great place!

    55555 by Kim A.

  • StavrosThe food is excellent and very Greek. Don't know which one to pick. Try the feta and the pantzaria. Fish is fresh and imported from the Mediterranean. Amazing restaurant. Highly recommend it.

    55555 by Stavros

  • Lia DimasPsiti feta and beets with yogurt and pistachios are amazing mezedes (appetizers). Wonderful atmosphere!

    55555 by Lia Dimas

  • Hugo B.Zagat 28, one of the best in SF

    55555 by Hugo B.

  • Anton S.Katsiki youvetsi is on 7x7's Big Eat 2013.

    55555 by Anton S.

  • Jennie C.The Kotopoulo Souvlas- lemon-oregano chicken roasted with winter vegetables was THE BEST!!!

    55555 by Jennie C.

  • Matt S.Get the Greek food!

    55555 by Matt S.

  • Danny N.Get the Greek foods!

    55555 by Danny N.

  • Christina C.Had an amazing experience with my dining partner - excellent food, service, and ambiance. Perfect place for a lovely date night.

    55555 by Christina C.

  • Renata A.For a gentle portion ask Moussaka - traditional casserole of spiced lamb, eggplant, potato & yogurt béchamel. Recommended for ladies.

    55555 by Renata A.

  • Amy C.Omg! Had the new appetizer DUCK DUMPLINGS with yogurt sauce... Yum!! Must get. We ended up ordering a 2nd helping!

    55555 by Amy C.

  • John P.Ask for a Purity Martini and prepare to be amazed!

    55555 by John P.

  • Malte G.Really really good fish.

    55555 by Malte G.

  • Nichole M.Lamb meatballs. Do it.

    55555 by Nichole M.


    55555 by Leanne P.

  • The Bold ItalicGet the octopus salad! You won't regret it!

    55555 by The Bold Italic

  • Hamdi A.Try the traditional Turkish coffee here (they call it Greek coffee; no problem).

    55555 by Hamdi A.

  • özgün ö.Taste and service is top but porsions are small compared to any restaurant in greek islands..

    55555 by özgün ö.

  • Jessica C.Lamb chops are a must

    55555 by Jessica C.

  • Joe M.finally found a restaurant in SF worthy of being called Greek. excellent. don't leave without trying the pistachio ice cream and Greek coffee.

    55555 by Joe M.

  • Rachel S.Zucchini cakes and tzatziki with pita are both awesome appetizers

    55555 by Rachel S.

  • FatimaI think Sakis Rouvas would eat here. Ola kala, ola kala!

    55555 by Fatima

  • Marc F.Everything was fabulous, but especially the Moussaka. Try it!

    55555 by Marc F.

  • Anthony T.Get the lamb chops. Amazing (4 of 4 petals via Fondu)

    55555 by Anthony T.

  • Svend H.You take an elevator to the bathroom. Cool.

    22222 by Svend H.

  • Kim C.Grilled whole fish specials are delicious!

    55555 by Kim C.

  • Rob T.Best Mediterranean food I had thus far!!

    55555 by Rob T.

  • JoAnne K.Try the Dessert - Loved. Don't know the name. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by JoAnne K.

  • JoAnne K.Try the Pork Dish - Delicious (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by JoAnne K.

  • JoAnne K.Try the Grilled Mediterranean fish - Delicious (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by JoAnne K.

  • JoAnne K.Try the Fava Beans - So good (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by JoAnne K.

  • susan m.Get the Rotisserie Lamb if it's on the menu... best lamb I've ever tasted!!!

    55555 by susan m.

  • Baran E.Kalamari is great. You should also check out moussaka

    55555 by Baran E.

  • Peter R.Leap lunch today

    55555 by Peter R.

  • Tal T.Moussaka is the go-to dish!

    55555 by Tal T.

  • Kosuke H.I love this place. I never leave here without the lamb meatballs & zucchini cakes. The portions are small enough that you can order them like tapas.

    55555 by Kosuke H.

  • Joshua N.The lamb chops - it's worth it. One of the fanceh places on this list, but it's just fine dining without fuss - good sourced ingredients, well salted and expansive flavors.

    55555 by Joshua N.

  • Jim S.You'll want to pay full attention when they're talking about the specials here. Been here 5 times now and everytime is beyond words amazing. Had the veal special tonight and can't explain how good

    55555 by Jim S.

  • Tal T.Fireplace in the front room with the spit roast is where you will always ask for seating.

    55555 by Tal T.

  • Daniel A.Best Greek restaurant in SF. Try the octopus and the real moussaka

    55555 by Daniel A.

  • Mike B.Reservations!!!!! This place is packed every night of the week.

    55555 by Mike B.

  • Henriette K. M.They have amazing fish her!!

    55555 by Henriette K. M.

  • PersonalTraining S.If it's your 1st time here the grilled lamb chops should be your 1st order. I'd you order dessert than visit me on www.personaltrainingSF.com ;)

    55555 by PersonalTraining S.

  • Stewart A.Try the Goat Stew - Wasn't on the menu but it had goat, soft cheese, artichoke hearts and a killer sauce. I love goat stew at Kokkari, and not just because I'm a Capricorn! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Stewart A.

  • Stewart A.Try the Kalamari - Grilled calamari with a feta-pear sauce and beet chips. My companion liked the old version, but I thought the sauce was a perfect complement. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Stewart A.

  • Greg K.Hopefully Josh is bar tending. He will definitely take care of you. Tip him big!

    55555 by Greg K.

  • Michelin Travel & LifestyleAfter a cathartic Greek meal, enjoy a Greek coffee cooked over hot sand, but leave that last sip for the gods. Oh, and you could probably stand up in that fireplace, but don’t try it. - Inspector

    55555 by Michelin Travel & Lifestyle

  • Pete S.feta tziki pita olives etc, all delicious.

    55555 by Pete S.

  • Chris C.For lunch, reservations good unless you're willing to sit at the bar.. Must try the lamb burger. Perfectly cooked ground lamb in a pita with mint, cucumber and taziki...oh and best spanikopita ever!

    55555 by Chris C.

  • InExileDessert? Try galaktoboureko which is a nice warm pastry that goes well with a frappe!

    55555 by InExile

  • Stewart A.Try the Fava Beans - Early season fava beans, not on the menu. Get them if you can: tender and tasty! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Stewart A.

  • Dan S.Phenominal food. Try the artichoke skewer appetizer. And the Lamb. Oh the lamb.

    55555 by Dan S.

  • Phillip K.The lamb shank here is very tasty! Bring your own wine if you like, $20 corkage fee.

    55555 by Phillip K.

  • RyanNot hungry for dinner? Grab drinks and desserts at the bar. You will be pleased you did.

    55555 by Ryan

  • Hana N.Holy moly! Consistently delicious and perfectly crisp, thick, Zucchini cakes with a dollop of Tziatziki. A must to start your dining experience :)

    55555 by Hana N.

  • Valen CTry the Special Meyer Lemon Custard wrapped in Filo & House Made Pistachio Ice Cream

    55555 by Valen C

  • Erol L.Lamb chops, the atmosphere and the service is absolutely superb!

    55555 by Erol L.

  • Michele G.The flat bread with a trio of dips is amazing! Lamb is to die for!

    55555 by Michele G.

  • StephenOverrated.

    11111 by Stephen

  • Mark B.Best place in San Fran.

    55555 by Mark B.

  • Tyler JamesHeard good things about their fine Greek cuisine

    55555 by Tyler James

  • Steven W.Finest restaurant anywhere. Just let the waiter select for you. Gordy Bless owner Kenny. Waiter Max is fabulous

    55555 by Steven W.

  • Shirin O.Get the Frappé coffee w/light-to-medium sweetness. It's a yummy frothy iced coffee drink.

    55555 by Shirin O.

  • David SMust make reservations. Trust the sommelier- ask if they have anything special in the cellar. The food is off the charts good.

    55555 by David S

  • jenny s.Great service & great food.

    55555 by jenny s.

  • char z.Start with the Gigantes, followed by Moussaka and a glass or three of Chateau Julia, Merlot. Try to have enough room left for Sokolatina for dessert!

    55555 by char z.

  • Aiden HYou have to try the Oktopodaki (grilled octopus)--It's amazing!

    55555 by Aiden H

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