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Cha Cha Cha

1801 Haight St
San Francisco, CA 94117

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(415) 386-7670

  • Sun - Thu 11:30am - 11:00pm
  • Fri - Sat 11:30am - 11:30pm

Cuisine: American Restaurants, Cuban Restaurants

4.6 of 5.0 from 149 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Cha Cha Cha in San Francisco, CA
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Cha Cha Cha Reviews

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  • Odile D11.30 am not before !

    22222 by Odile D

  • Patrick PComida boa, atendimento péssimo. Paella muito boa, arroz com Polli e steak. Vale a pena pedir a sangria

    55555 by Patrick P

  • Srikanth R.Awkward service, wine served in rocks glasses, can skip

    55555 by Srikanth R.

  • Rachel N.Great tasty food. I had their jerk chicken and pieya. Service is really really friendly

    55555 by Rachel N.

  • VarunNice tapas; jerk chicken was tasty as a main course. Long wait times on the weekend, which is not surprising.

    55555 by Varun

  • PoojaGood portions, great to share. Jerk chicken over rice was well-spiced and tasty! Super crowded on weekends, long waits.

    55555 by Pooja

  • Wolfgang Lgreat place for dinner & drinks. Usually very busy.

    55555 by Wolfgang L

  • Miles ALove their Chicken!! So good!

    55555 by Miles A

  • Nirnaya L.What others said >> Cajun shrimp is deeeelicious, arroz con pollo is really good and the portions are huge. And the sangria 🍷🍷🍷🍷

    55555 by Nirnaya L.

  • David G.Papas bravas man, bravas!

    55555 by David G.

  • Alex S.Always get the sangria, and then cancel your plans for the next day. Staff is great.

    33333 by Alex S.

  • Jessica TaylorSangria is good, many options to choose for tapas

    55555 by Jessica Taylor

  • Leah Bthe sauce on the Cajun shrimp is so so good. be sure to ask for extra bread. and the warm spinach salad with bacon is another favorite. wash them down with sangria.

    55555 by Leah B

  • MoDi ALDossaryI Loved the Atmosphere of the restaurant, but I wasn't Really Happy with the food. The Cha Chicken was not bad.

    55555 by MoDi ALDossary

  • Jonny RCajun shrimp

    55555 by Jonny R

  • Bill K.The paella and warm spinach salad are must-haves.

    55555 by Bill K.

  • Ting AThe Cajun Shrimp omg, an excellent beginning.

    55555 by Ting A

  • Amy B.Don't let the word "tapas" fool you. Portions are large.

    55555 by Amy B.

  • Murat KSangriaaa is perfect.

    55555 by Murat K

  • Mark H.An institution in the Haight. Always have the shrimp.

    55555 by Mark H.

  • Andrey EСангрия! Много сангрии!!!

    55555 by Andrey E

  • Jen JJerk Chicken is amazing

    55555 by Jen J

  • Brandy Q.Anything you order here is good. Most friendly and talented staff. Made some amazing friends here. Will always come back when I'm in San Fran! 💙💚💙💚

    55555 by Brandy Q.

  • Siden YRude waiter, overbilled, never receive our dinner but was billed for it other peoples tab was put on ours. Glass of water had a lipstick stain but served to us with plain tap water from the sink.

    11111 by Siden Y

  • Elena V.Like the fun, kitschy space but let's be honest- food is very average. Sangria is subpar-think people rave about it as its only $5... Guess it's ok for price but nothing special, cheap ingredients.

    55555 by Elena V.

  • Chris S.Jerk Chicken, Spanish rice w black beans, seafood paella, Cajun shrimp, ceviche. Great portions. Service could be a little more attentive.

    55555 by Chris S.

  • Marshall S.Cajun Shrimp with Sourdough

    55555 by Marshall S.

  • Rachel K.The back bar smells like a frat house - sweaty people and stale beer.

    11111 by Rachel K.

  • Ksenia PotrapelioukVery nice mexicain food.

    55555 by Ksenia Potrapeliouk

  • Jessica TaylorGood sangria, fun place to share tapas with friends.

    55555 by Jessica Taylor

  • SFGateThis packed restaurant is popular with diners who want sangria and tapas in a lively place. Good fried new potatoes.

    55555 by SFGate

  • Josh W.You'll come for the sangria. Don't miss the Chile glazed wings, smoky rich flavor fitting for a Spanish king. Cha cha cha also has the best guacamole you can get. Great balance of flavors.

    55555 by Josh W.

  • Cristina GKitchen is closed from 4pm to 5pm. However, you can enjoy a delicious glass of Sangria while you wait for kitchen to open.

    55555 by Cristina G

  • mary nahTout est très très bon, ambiance ultra cool. Ne pas oublier de prendre un gros pichet de sangria

    55555 by mary nah

  • Linda B.Overrated. Food used to be really good. Today was only so so.

    22222 by Linda B.

  • Ali A.Fried plantains, shrimp, and the deadliest sangria in town. One of my favorite spots.

    55555 by Ali A.

  • Tye ChaitGet a pitcher of sangria and split some small plates for a good time

    55555 by Tye Chait

  • Ros d.The chicken paillard. Save your bread rolls for the sauce!

    22222 by Ros d.

  • SFGateHead to this Caribbean restaurant tonight for dinner and feast on their outstanding fish tapas, calamari, plantains and other dishes influenced by cuisine from Africa, Spain, Louisiana and Brazil.

    55555 by SFGate

  • Amure SilvaAmazing Tapas!

    55555 by Amure Silva

  • TheEnigmatistToo tiny of a space. The bar in back is even more cramped. They have a good beer selection + tapas but it's hard to enjoy them when you have people waiting for you to finish.

    55555 by TheEnigmatist

  • James TThe better Cha Cha Cha.

    33333 by James T

  • Chantal ReemstGreat food, nice & crowded place

    55555 by Chantal Reemst

  • Alyssa FooteGood lord it gets crowded up in here. Get here early if you're coming with lots of friends and definitely get the sangria!

    55555 by Alyssa Foote

  • Chelsea F.Sangria! Cha-cha-cha! Olé!

    55555 by Chelsea F.

  • Homan T.Chicken Paillard and Cajon Shrimp!!

    55555 by Homan T.

  • Lalys M.It was delicious! Food is so tasty and the staff is very friendly.

    55555 by Lalys M.

  • Stacey Z.Tapas are amazing! Such a fun atmosphere in here too!!! Good times. Great eats.

    55555 by Stacey Z.

  • Andrew MelnichenkoThis place does not take reservations. It's on first-come-first-served basis

    33333 by Andrew Melnichenko

  • Yezel R.The Cajun shrimp sauce is so amazing, along with the rice & black beans & you can't forget the plantains. So delish!

    55555 by Yezel R.

  • Anastasia CoussoulisThe kitchen is closed from 4-5pm daily so plan accordingly. They'll let you grab a table and drink until the kitchen reopens.

    55555 by Anastasia Coussoulis

  • Single Man P.Fantastic Sangria, good selection of draft beers, and delicious eats. The atmosphere, decor, service, and music are fantastic; very clean restrooms. Great place in the heart of Haight St!

    55555 by Single Man P.

  • Akuba_TEverything I ate was good...down to the sauce. Try it all. This is a rare recommendation from me.

    55555 by Akuba_T

  • HayleyFunky place for a meal. Sangria and small plates were great.

    55555 by Hayley

  • Anna H.I love the crazy wall decorations. The Sangria was a bit like mulled wine. We had main meals instead of tapas. The pork with beans is good and hearty.

    55555 by Anna H.

  • Ziyun P.Potatoes and mushrooms are so goooood

    55555 by Ziyun P.

  • Lili B.mushrooms, plantain cakes and cajun shrimp were delicious. A bit loud, so you have to be in the mood for some exotic music!

    55555 by Lili B.

  • KeithTry the mushrooms

    55555 by Keith

  • SarahThe chicken paillard and the platanos madernos are orgasmic, definitely must haves with a pitcher of sangria.

    55555 by Sarah

  • Jillian S.Platanos and paella are must haves. Paired with a pitcher of Sangria, of course.

    55555 by Jillian S.

  • Nel M A.I totally love this place. There is one located in the Mission but energy is totally different. This is the place to be. It's still get crowded but we'll worth the wait.

    55555 by Nel M A.

  • ChelsaurFantastic food. Mussels were delicious, and the sauce they were in went well on some plain rice. Great little place.

    55555 by Chelsaur

  • Najeed K.Two bronze colored cupids hanging from the ceiling above the marble bar! Other interesting decor as well!

    55555 by Najeed K.

  • Firecat L.You have to taste the Guacamole!! The best One I ever had!

    55555 by Firecat L.

  • Mitch W.Fried plantains are the best

    55555 by Mitch W.

  • Franci C.The BEST Cajun Shrimp!

    55555 by Franci C.

  • kelly f.cajun shrimp is spicy! too hot for me to really enjoy. sangria helps cool your mouth off. the warm spinach salad is good.

    55555 by kelly f.

  • Sarah S.Has a very Cuban feel! Food came out very quickly and piping hot. Try the plantains, they were a group favorite!!

    55555 by Sarah S.

  • Alan B.Cubans sandwhich is to die for

    55555 by Alan B.

  • David M.If you live here then this is a "duh" statement. Hit Amoeba Records before or after your meal. While here at Cha Cha Cha, try the Cuban. Perfect!

    55555 by David M.

  • Olya L.Best fried calamari

    55555 by Olya L.

  • JaylinThe ceviche is amazing. Get it.

    55555 by Jaylin

  • CIO S.Always lively even at 9:15 on a Monday!

    55555 by CIO S.

  • Sherilynn M.The warm spinach salad is one of the best things on the menu. Seriously. I know it sounds crazy, but you have to try it!

    55555 by Sherilynn M.

  • Sherilynn M.The muscles are basically all shell. Not really worth it other than to dip your bread into the broth!

    55555 by Sherilynn M.

  • Marisol B.Definitely love the sangria!!

    55555 by Marisol B.

  • Carlos L.Go for the seafood paella . So yummy!

    55555 by Carlos L.

  • Aaron T.Chicken paillard is insanely good

    55555 by Aaron T.

  • Pascal H.Absolument delicieux!

    55555 by Pascal H.

  • Aaron S.The warm spinach salad, the Cajun shrimp, the wings, and the sangria are musts.

    55555 by Aaron S.

  • IvotikFried platanos with beans great dish!!!

    55555 by Ivotik

  • Andres C.Muy buena sangría y el pollo con salsa de chulo espectacular

    55555 by Andres C.

  • Todd B.Its all about the shrimp sauce!

    33333 by Todd B.

  • Rose V.Yes! Listen to everyone and get the sangria! !its actually made right. Strong but tasty!

    55555 by Rose V.

  • Eric W.Stick to the Cajun shrimp, ceviche and mushrooms. Plus a pitcher of sangria. Decently priced and tasty. Good atmosphere.

    55555 by Eric W.

  • Tobi W.Come early, there will be a wait. The sangria is worth it.

    55555 by Tobi W.

  • Pacific Union InternationalFull of youthful energy. Great sangria and tapas!

    55555 by Pacific Union International

  • Gregori P.Jerk chicken is pretty damn good

    55555 by Gregori P.

  • Shiloh S.Food is amazing! Service sucks! Sunday nite, took more than 10 minutes to be acknowledged at the bar. Kelly gave crappy service, 18% grat and didn't even say thanks, and only checked on us twice.

    22222 by Shiloh S.

  • Bill K.Try the Ceviche - Chock full of seafood. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Bill K.

  • Bill K.Try the Seafood Paella (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Bill K.

  • Mitch L.Get the garlicky mushrooms and a pint!

    55555 by Mitch L.

  • Grace C.Cajun shrimp and fried chicken wings mmm :)

    55555 by Grace C.

  • Alix B.Sangria and Cuban sandwich were awesome. Great environment. worth the wait.

    55555 by Alix B.

  • Connie C.leave no cajun shrimp sauce behind! get the special paella too!

    33333 by Connie C.

  • Caroline W.NOT GOOD FOOD

    33333 by Caroline W.

  • Carlos A.chicken pillard is the best tapa ever

    55555 by Carlos A.

  • Matthew W.Excellent fare; had the cajub shrimp, pork quesadilla, chicken pailliard, and a mini pitcher of sangria. Perfect combo! As you can; TASTY!

    55555 by Matthew W.

  • Alex S.Cajun shrimp and fried new potatoes.

    55555 by Alex S.

  • Julian B.Sit at the bar. It's marble!

    33333 by Julian B.

  • EmilyPostsThe other tips are right. The sangria is delicious! And dangerous!

    55555 by EmilyPosts

  • Summer E.Sangria was A-MAZE-ING!!

    55555 by Summer E.

  • Taras H.Kitchen closes at 4pm :(

    33333 by Taras H.

  • JanelleCaking shrimp & wings are a must; also dip your bread in the cabin shrimp sauce

    55555 by Janelle

  • Katie B.Pretty much the same as the one in the mission except with sticky floors and less space.

    33333 by Katie B.

  • Abby F.Oh my.... so, so good! Start with the sangria...

    55555 by Abby F.

  • Charlie Anne C.Hugh and Kelly are really sweet. Staff is extra accommodating. :)

    55555 by Charlie Anne C.

  • April R.Get the diarrhea

    11111 by April R.

  • Jesus S.Share some sangria with an enemy

    22222 by Jesus S.

  • travelpologyGreat sangria and brunch. Perfect stop on your way to Golden Gate Park.

    55555 by travelpology

  • Tom D.The Cajun Shrimp and Chicken Paillard have the most amazing sauces!!!

    55555 by Tom D.

  • Mary A.Don't bother ordering the entrees, get a variety of tapas plates and share. Don't forget to get extra bread for the broth with the mussels!

    55555 by Mary A.

  • Liz B.Black beans & plantains will change your life!!

    55555 by Liz B.

  • Hathanh N.Extremely mediocre food.. almost like drunk food. Really bad service as well. Try coming here without drinking the sangria and see what you think.

    33333 by Hathanh N.

  • Hatien N.Wow... four stars on yelp for this? Presentation was so bad and I'm pretty sure everyone loves this place because they drink too much Sangria and think everything tastes good when they're drunk.

    55555 by Hatien N.

  • @SocialJulioSangria, shrimp and maduros!

    55555 by @SocialJulio

  • Elke D.Pepper and Cheese sandwich could do with some spices.

    33333 by Elke D.

  • Seaera M.Always get the sangria with bread ,

    55555 by Seaera M.

  • AdrianalalesbianaAlways Listen to Mr. Cha Cha Cha. He knows the best!

    55555 by Adrianalalesbiana

  • Alexis N.get the shrimp and order extra bread.. Do it!

    33333 by Alexis N.

  • Jonathan F.Everything is good just order it all! lol

    55555 by Jonathan F.

  • Sharon R.calamari and sauteed mushrooms kick ass!

    55555 by Sharon R.

  • Chuck EThe guava wings x sangria = money!

    55555 by Chuck E

  • Mélanie***Sangria*****, Calamari, Jerk Chicken, and the Platanos Maduros

    55555 by Mélanie

  • Jen V.don't be scared to ask for some extra bread to dip into your cajun shrimp sauce! they know what's up :]

    55555 by Jen V.

  • Jesse BSeating and eating is weird in bar area.

    55555 by Jesse B

  • Kelli P.Sangria is a must! Get there and be prepared to wait, NO reservations made here!

    55555 by Kelli P.

  • Baron SChicken paillard...off the hook!

    33333 by Baron S

  • Marlena M.Skip the line and head straight to the bar for some sangria and order some fried potatoes while your at it! Yum!!!

    55555 by Marlena M.

  • Olivier L.Essayez le tapas : Shrimps in Cajun sauce! C'est trop Bon et addictive. Tout est Bon en fait! On se croirait sur le plateau à Montreal!

    55555 by Olivier L.

  • Coleen H.The Sangria here is potent! Share with an enemy or friend. ;)

    33333 by Coleen H.

  • Adam C.Try dancing here

    55555 by Adam C.

  • Donal C.If you like steak, get the excellent steak + black beans and chimichurri (It may be a special, but it always seems to be on the menu -- very tasty!)

    55555 by Donal C.

  • Charles M.Get the fried platanos maduros. One plate is good for 2 people. The chicken paillard is also epic.

    55555 by Charles M.

  • Kathy Gettytapas, veggie paella and a pitcher of sangria. si, por favor.

    55555 by Kathy Getty

  • JRo R.Have the chicken it's amazing

    55555 by JRo R.

  • Jennifer Vtry the cajun shrimp sauteed in a spicy cream sauce. the shrimp is good but the sauce it comes in is AMAZING.

    55555 by Jennifer V

  • SaiofreliefHave the Sangria and Calamari

    55555 by Saiofrelief

  • Omaid H.Order the Sangria, enough said!

    33333 by Omaid H.

  • Esther N.Grab a couple friends and head to Cha Cha Cha in the Haight for pitchers of sangria. Order a variety from the tapas menu and share. Cajun shrimp and calamari are must haves.

    55555 by Esther N.

  • Leslie B.thanks to @MissMarisol for taking me here. I loved the food, including jerk chicken, plaintains... Delish!

    55555 by Leslie B.

  • MarisolChicken wings are delish. And ordering sangria is a must.

    55555 by Marisol

  • Hollie S.The fried potatoes are amazing. Gotta do it.

    55555 by Hollie S.

  • Alex W.The jerk chicken is not overwhelming, and they do a good job of making you feel unwelcome while you wait. The plantains are almost worth it, though.

    55555 by Alex W.

  • joyce k.Do not get the bald waiter on his bad days!

    22222 by joyce k.

  • Julia M.More Sangria please.

    55555 by Julia M.

  • Kahinu P.Get the paella!!!

    33333 by Kahinu P.

  • Eric L.and be prepared to wait a good 30min

    55555 by Eric L.

  • Paul COrder Cajun Shrimp and a pitcher of Sangria!!!

    55555 by Paul C

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